Comic Heroes 13 ON SALE NOW


Our lucky number 13 brings you a FREE giant poster of Before Watchmen and Spandex , a Batman pin badge and Sidekick magazine (that’s FREE previews of six sizzling hot new comics).

This one is the BAD GIRLS ISSUE , so brace yourself for a countdown of the 30 sexiest, slinkiest sinners in comics. Packed full of dazzling visuals and tantalizing trivia, we'll fill your head with comic-y lady-knowledge. For instance, did you know on what day Jenny Sparks was born? Or where Red Sonja got her name from? Or what Catwoman eats for breakfast (Ok, maybe not that, but the rest we can definitely tell you)?

We also bring you all of our coverage from KAPOW! 2012 , keeping a watchful eye out for celebrities and catching up with head honchos from Marvel, DC and Image amongst others.

In case you hadn't noticed yet, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is out this month, and we list our 20 reasons why we're excited for its arrival. We’ve also conducted some thorough research on BANE , and taken a look through BATMAN'S SIDEKICKS over the years.

But it’s not all about Batman though. We also look at DC's controversial prequels BEFORE WATCHMEN , and take a stroll through the life-story of THE SILVER SURFER .

Elsewhere, we chat to WALTER SIMONSON to find out his biggest influences, and take Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars to task in the COMICS COURTROOM , MATT WAGNER tells us about Grendel, Mage, Trinity and his other elegant creations, and we admire his finest work.

We also head off to Switzerland, where the versatile graphic novelist FREDERICK PEETERS reveals how he keeps his new ideas fresh and original, and why he doesn’t like using pencils.

In the ever-packed REVIEWS section we have, among others, The Wolf Man, Lucky Luke, Six Guns, Supercrooks and much, much more.

So, while the British weather is still deciding whether it’s autumn or summer after all, why don’t you treat yourself to a healthy dose of comic indulgence? You know you want to...

Comic Heroes 13 is on sale next Monday 25 June. You can order the mag online from My Favourite Magazines (where you can also subscribe and have a crisp copy delivered to your personal Batcave every two months.). If all this paper malarkey isn’t your cup of tea, remember you can also subscribe to our mags via Apple Newsstand (or Zinio if you’re not an iOS user).

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