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Codemasters teases 'new' rally game using very familiar imagery

Legendary driving game developer Codemasters is planning to reveal another rally game tomorrow, if Twitter teases are to be believed. What's more, the 'new' game appears to have close ties to the early days of the UK studio's much-loved Colin McRae branded series.

Appearing on the Twitter feed of Codemasters' Rich Eddy today, the simple teaser image in question consists of a rally car and the text "thursday | june | 27". But if that typography seems both off-kilter and a little familiar, then it's probably not an accident.

Series fans have noticed that the font, presentation and featured car are all identical to those used on the cover of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 on the PS1 and PC. It's interesting that the imagery harks back to the original series rather than the later Dirt continuation, but whether this means that the game revealed tomorrow will be a follow-up, a remake or a re-release is anyone's guess at the moment. All three are definite possibilities.

More news as we get it. Which will probably be tomorrow.