CoD 4 downloadable content incoming

Infinity Ward community manager, Robert Bowling, has confirmed that downloadable content for Call of Duty 4 will be available this spring.

Speaking toGametrailers TV, Bowling demoed one of the four multiplayer maps available in the so named Variety Map Pack in the pipeline for the 360 and PS3 (via XBL and PSN).

The new map, Chinatown, based on the popular Carentan level from Call of Duty 2, depicts the San Francisco area as rain-soaked and lit only by the moon and the neon glow of the city.

The pack also includes a wide-open village ravaged by combat called Creek, an enemy communications building named Broadcast and a desolate training warehouse filled with a variety of building mock-ups, labelled Killhouse.

Unfortunately, there's no word yet on whether PC users can expect to see the content in the near future.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 17, 2008