Co-op dino shooter Second Extinction hits Xbox Game Preview in Spring

Systemic Reaction is bringing the wild three-person co-op dino shooter Second Extinction to Xbox Game Preview in Spring 2021. Check out the latest gameplay trailer up top and prepare to do battle with superdinos in glorious 4K 60FPS on Xbox Series X.

Second Extinction launched on Steam Early Access in October, allowing up to three players to group together and take back the Earth from a gang of dinosaurs long thought to be extinct. But the revelation that dinosaurs are still around is the least of your problems in Second Extinction, as these dinos have developed some absolutely bonkers mutations that give them the ability to spit acid, protect themselves with advanced plate armor, and generate electricity for shock attacks.

Just by playing the game, you'll influence Second Extinction's community-driven global metagame, called the War Effort. Every time you complete a mission, show an electric raptor who's boss, or engage in another activity, you're directly influencing the level of challenge Second Extinction players will face.

Game Director Simon Vickers says since its Early Access launch, Second Extinction has been improved and expanded with new features and tweaks to existing content. The full version will include new dinosaur mutations, regular community events, new Emergence Events produced by The War Effort, seasonal content, new weapons and payloads, "experimental game modes" including a horde mode, and more.

Xbox Game Preview is essentially Microsoft's version of Early Access, giving eager players the chance to try out in-development games and offer feedback to the studio while we wait for a full release. Systemic Reaction has yet to reveal a release window for the full version.

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