Second Extinction, the co-op dino shooter, is hitting Steam Early Access this September

(Image credit: Avalanche Studios/Systemic Reaction)

Second Extinction, the three-person co-op dino shooter, is hitting Steam Early Access in September 2020. Yes, that's next month. Check out the latest trailer below.

In Second Extinction, you and two other resistance fighters will need to team up to take back Earth from a ton of mutated dinosaurs. By mutated dinosaurs we mean electric raptors and gargantuan T-Rexes - these are quite literally not your grandma's dinosaurs. Second Extinction is giving me Jurassic Park meets 2001's Evolution vibes (you know, that David Duchovny movie).

The trailer begins with a robotic voice announcing: "Welcome to the war effort. Dinosaur threat level at one. Prepare for deployment." As you can probably guess, that threat level will continue to rise in Second Extinction - it hits three before the trailer ends, so expect to be fighting off hordes of mutant dinosaurs until you can't see straight. 

But remember as the trailer says: "players win battles" but "communities win wars." This references Second Extinction's global metagame: the War Effort. By completing missions, shooting raptors in the face, and taking on additional activities worldwide, you'll impact threat level designations and help decide the level of challenges you'll face as a dino-killing community. Developer Systemic Reaction writes that "Your actions, together with the rest of the community, will shape the course of the war against the dinosaurs."

As far as the three-person co-op goes, you'll be able to use your team's "unique weapons and abilities for explosive results against overwhelming opposition in challenging combat set pieces." From the trailer it seems the environment will lend itself to your dino battle, as well. 

You can add Second Extinction to your Steam wishlist by heading here.

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