Clive Barker's Jericho - hands-on

So if you want to handle all the strange terrors, take this squad of elite Diablo assasins. You’re going to be entering each of their bodies, so you can become the appropriate warrior for the appropriate cause. You might want to scout the area, so dive into Captain Jones. See, now you’re a slinky spy. Or maybe choose Seargent Delgado - he’s got a devil chilling in his arm that he likes to unleash, plus a mini-gun artillery, so use him to barge into those oceans of villains.

Or burst into Seargent Church, so you can slice your wrists opentolaunch abracadabra attacks, likesetting fools aflame with your witch blood.Magic blood time, go! Or maybe access your telepathic sniper Lietenant Abigail, so you can fire a round and steer the bullet into your most favorite body part to mutilate. And… oh noes, did one of your platoon members die? Well switch to Father Paul, the priest who besides having a pair-of-pistols fetish, also salivates when he’s got the opportunity to resurrect.