Clerks coming to Blu-Ray

Kevin Smith has announced that Clerks and Chasing Amy will be coming to Blu-Ray this November.

Of course, Clerks has already arrived in boosted-extras form with the Clerks X release, while Amy has been out for years on a Criterion Collection with its own share of goodies.

But what makes these new releases much more anticipated is Smith's tweeted confirmation that both will boast huge, previously unseen documentaries.

Clerks will feature the legendary, near-three hour-long Oh What A Lovely Tea Party, shot during the making of Jay %26 Silent Bob Strike Back, and originally intended for that film's DVD, but cut for its sheer length.

And the Amy disc will sport a hefty retrospective on the movie, plus hopefully the Q%26A shot at a reunion screening a couple of years back and attended by's man in LA (hi, folks!).

So while neither film is exactly the perfect release for Blu-Ray's clarity, they both sound like solid purchases for the Smith aficionado.

Heck, we've been waiting to gawp at Tea Party for years now...

[Source: Kevin Smith ]

Excited to see the new docs? Plan to buy the discs?