ClassicRadar: Console cameos in videogames

Console cameo: Nintendo's biggest and best

Melee is cram-jam-packed with Nintendo fan service. That's part of the reason why it was GameCube's biggest title. But nothing in-game compares to the trophy room's collection of every Nintendo system that matters. They even bothered to differentiate between Game Boys. Not sure about the gravity-defying N64 controller though.

Oh, did we say Melee was cram-jam-packed with Nintendo heritage? Brawl trumps it with ease, even without a special trophy room displaying the company's entire history. Not much in the way of console appearances, but there is this stage based on the ancient Game & Watch. See it in actionhere.

Beautiful Katamari

Console cameo: Xbox 360

You'd think a series involving hundreds of household items lying about would have more console shout outs. Unless we missed something, only Beautiful has a system in its sticky sights, and it's an Xbox 360. Well, tons of Xbox 360s. And controllers.

Console cameo: Xbox 360

Most of the Achievements in Condemned involve collecting rotting birds and finding as many blunt instruments of death as possible. Then there are a few completely out of place Xbox units plugged into malfunctioning TVs. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Bonus nerddom: the 360s actually have Condemned faceplates.

Console cameo: Sony PSP

Not-too-bad RPG Brave Story has a cameo right away, and actually becomes part of the main plot. Due to the main character's intense PSP gaming, a series of events are set into motion that ultimately lead to grand adventure, chatty party members and all of that wonderful JRPG junk.

Console cameo: Sony PSP

"Hey, what should the interface for Home look like?"
"…w..what? Sorry, I was taking a nap. Hm, can't we just put a PSP in there?"

Console cameo: Sony PlayStation

After beating Ninja and talking for god damn ever to Otacon, you'll find this... thing on a shelf next to a TV. It's supposed to be an original PlayStation, but that might as well be a Saturn. Or a briefcase.

Six years later, the Twin Snakes remake for GameCube replaces the PS1 for Nintendo's purple box.

The ambiguous PlayStation is replaced with a GameCube and wireless Wavebird controller, plustheCube's startup menu on the TV. And thanks to actual graphics, you can tell what everything is supposed to be.

Before we go, we have to acknowledge titles we didn't have a chance to dissect. Toy Commander apparently has a Dreamcast. DOAX has some kind of prototype Xbox too (or so we hear). Even with a four page list, there are bound to be plenty of instances we missed. But if you're still in the mood for remembrance, how about a quick recap of everything we've seen?

Originally posted Feb 20, 2008

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