Classic DC hero Amazing-Man returns to punch Nazis in latest Tom Taylor tease

(Image credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (DC))

The classic DC hero Amazing-Man has returned to punch '40s German dictator Adolf Hitler in the latest teaser image from writer Tom Taylor.

This is the fourth teaser in as many days for Taylor, but this time it's not a letter of the alphabet - unless you count that big "A" on Amazing-Man's chest.

(Image credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (DC))

"To remind us tyranny often starts with the words we want to hear," the writer tweeted alongside the image. "That promises can be eroded and corrupted by power. That criticism should be heeded and amplified, never silenced. To remind us what we stand for."

Previous DC teasers from Taylor had the letters 'I,' 'N', and 'Z', with the latter being accompanied by a portion of a comics page featuring a classicly-drawn Superman swooping in to help Batman, Robin, and Nightwing fight some individuals amidst a burning cityscape.

So how does Amazing-Man and Adolf Hitler factor into this? Well, we're not 100% sure.

But for those unfamiliar with Amazing-Man, he is a legacy hero created in the '80s as a previously-unknown superhero that fought during World War II. For a time, he was a member of the All-Star Squadron - a WWII-era superhero team that operated as a precursor to what would become the Justice Society of America, and later the Justice League. 

After the war, the hero became involved with the American civil rights movement - in DC comics lore, he led freedom marches and was the person who apprehended James Earl Ray, the man who in real-life was convicted of Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder.

Amazing-Man became a mantle, as several of his descendants took up the mantle in more modern times.

While initial speculation was that this new project would be related to the Injustice video game franchise, the teasers over the last few days have given doubt to that.

Regardless, expect it to still be a digital-first series. DC editor Jessica Chen has retweeted Taylor’s teasers adding, "Get hype. Coming sooner than you think."

With the DC October solicitations just released, the earliest a print comic book could go on sale is likely November. DC, however, prefers to announce new digital-first series when the first issue/chapter is available for sale, so "sooner" likely means digital-first.

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