Clash of the Titans 3 not planned

If you're looking forward to a third outing of Sam Worthington's mythological beastie-bashing action series, you could be disappointed.

The producer of both Clash and Wrath of the Titans (opens in new tab) has said there are no plans to resurrect the franchise.

Talking to IGN , Basil Iwanyk didn't completely rule out its return, but he was far from positive either when questioned on whether fans can look forward to Clash of the Titans 3 .

"Not at this point, but you never know," he said. "In terms of Clash of the Titans 3, it's one of those situations where we've seen it a million times; a movie will kind of float away and then come back when it's supposed to come back."

"I think it's, "Okay, what's the new idea? How do you make it fresh?"

Still, with Worthington busy on Avatars 2, 3 and (opens in new tab) 4 (opens in new tab) in the near future, it's unlikely he'd be available to return in the near future anyway.