Civilization Revolution announced - first images

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners partial to a bit of empire building aren't exactly spoiled for choice, so today's announcement that celebrated game maker, Sid Meier, is currently "handcrafting" an all-new Civilization game for the two consoles - as well as DS and PSP - will come as welcome news indeed. Take a gander at thefirst Civ Rev images right here (opens in new tab).

Titled Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution and scheduled for release in spring 2008, Meier's latest project is being completely created from scratch, although the core gameplay - as enjoyed by millions of PC players - of nurturing and developing a civilization through the ages is still the main focus.

Would-be rulers of the world will have 16 civilizations to lead into advancement and history buffs will be able to name check some of yesteryore's most important figures, who they'll be able to play as, or pit themselves against, through the course of time. Sociable types will be able to take their conquests online, either joining forces to establish a mighty empire, battling head-to-head or wading in to a free-for-all match. Integrated video and voice chat options should make those imperious victories all the sweeter.

And if you think this sort of game is for beards and old people - don't write it off too hastily. To ensure console gamers don't nod off before they've emerged from the Stone Age, an ADD-friendly streamlined time scale will allow for speedier games, while "intense combat and constant action" are also promised.

June 28, 2007

Matt Cundy
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