Civ IV goes to war

Wednesday 24 May 2006
2K Games is releasing Warlords this July, the first expansion pack to the hugely popular PC real-time strategy Civilization IV.

The game will feature six new scenarios that pay homage to some of the greatest leaders and military conflicts in history. The new scenarios are:

Chinese Unification
Take charge of one of the ancient Chinese kingdoms in 350BC

Peloponnesian Wars
Participate in the scrap for Greece between Athens and Sparta

Alexander's Conquests
Sweep through Asia as Alexander the Great

Rise of Rome
Battle for control of the Mediterranean as Rome, Carthage, Greece, Gaul or Egypt

Loot your way across Europe

Genghis Khan
Terrorise the whole of Asia as one of history's greatest military leaders

As well as these scenarios there will be six new civilisations, two new leader traits and several other gameplay tweaks.

It will also include all the patches and upgrades that have been made available since the release of Civilization IV last year.