The best Christmas gifts for Xbox gamers

Put down the Xbox One pad for just a minute because, if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s almost Christmas. You’re going to need to put something under the tree and for Xbox One fans there’s plenty of awesome tech and merch that could be poking out of stockings and wrapped up with a big ol’ bow come Santa Day. Here’s our pick of the best Christmas gifts for Xbox One gamers:

Xbox One X

If you want to futureproof yourself for the inevitable onslaught of Xbox One games next year  or simply want to get the best visuals for your existing games as possible, you’re going to need an Xbox One X. Microsoft’s latest console is a stunning slab of grey filled with all the latest tech to make sure all your games run in 4K with HDR turned to max. This is the best Xbox gaming you can get. 

Buy it US: $499 from Amazon
But it UK: $449 from Amazon

Xbox One S

If you’re not so bothered about 4K gaming, but really, really want a 4K Blu-Ray player and better gaming storage options, the 1TB Xbox One S is a brilliant buy. It’s the same design as the Xbox One X but in white, and is quite the treat for your entertainment setup. You do unlock HDR gaming with the Xbox One S too, and for us that widened colour spectrum is much more important than some extra pixels for making your games look awesome.

Buy it US: From $249 in a bundle from Amazon
Buy it UK: From £249 in a bundle from Amazon

Xbox One Elite Controller

There’s something about the cool touch of the metal buttons on the Xbox One Elite Controller that make it feel even more premium than its premium price tag. For your money, you’re getting the most customisable controller ever, with interchangeable D-Pads and joysticks to boot. Adjust the fall of your triggers, tweak the haptic feedback and rumble, heck even add rear paddles and assign them to the buttons of your choice. Extra special Xbox gamers deserve to have the best pad.

Buy it US: $149 from GameStop
Buy it UK: £119 from GAME

Xbox Design Lab controller

Not everyone wants customisation in the sense of the Elite Controller though. Extra buttons and multiple joystick options can be lost on some. Having your gamertag on your controller though, is another matter entirely. Pick your colour scheme, add your gamertag and get your very own controller sent straight to your door. Embrace your gaming individualism. 

Buy it now US: From $79.99 at the Xbox Design Lab
Buy it now UK: From £59.99 at the Xbox Design Lab

Xbox One media remote

Why not make your Xbox One the very centre of all your entertainment by feeding your TV content straight through your console with the whole input passthrough features. Pull all your viewing pleasures through the Xbox and keep your remote control situation under wraps by literally needing just one. Your Xbox One media remote. Sleek, simple and black to match.

Buy it now US: $49.99 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £20.81 from Amazon

Master Chief hoodie

We can’t all be jacked-up Spartans, but this hoodie will certainly make you feel like you’re as warm as one of those super-human soldiers when they’re out on tour. Mind you, the design is subtle in stylish greys and blacks so you can wear it down the street without everyone knowing that you’re a complete and utter devotee to Master Chief. The zip is a tiny Master Chief helmet, though. Which is enough to make any grown gamer squee in delight. 

Buy it UK/US: £29.99 from EMP

Seagate 2TB Game Drive external hard drive

With games getting bigger and bigger, it’s not going to be long before your Xbox One hard drive is totally full. Before you start deleting your precious games, why not try out an Xbox One external hard drive instead. Just plug in and start installing more games without having to worry. And when they look as stylish and on brand as this 2TB Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One, you’re getting the best for your extended gaming library.

Buy it now US: $89.99 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £79.99 from Amazon

Marcus Fenix action figure 

Those of you who just can’t get through the day without reminding yourself that things could get a lot, lot worse surely can’t go wrong with this figurine. This Marcus Fenix statue is a reminder of how difficult life could be, meaning it’s basically encouragement to carpe all the diems. At 7 inches tall it’s perfect for putting next to your Xbox One or bedside table (if you’re into that), and is fully posable. Meaning that he can either be standing like a respectful statue, or looking like he’s ready to fight, or...well, you get the idea. 

Buy it UK: £19.49 from Amazon
Buy it US: $14.99 from Amazon

Cuphead Funko Pop

Hi-de-ho! Anyone who loves taking gambles (metaphorical, we should point out) will love this Cuphead figurine. As his battle with the Devil ultimately proved successful, you could say that it’s imbued with luck and will help you in your daily trials and tribulations. Plus it looks exactly like Cuphead’s in-game model (except this version is in 3D. Obviously). Look to him for motivation when you’re fighting that final, creepy Devil boss, or just follow his lead and start talking all old-timey-like, as if you just stepped out of a 1920’s cartoon. 

Buy it UK: £19.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $10.99 from Amazon

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box

Who says you need an Xbox to enjoy Minecraft? Well, a lot of people. But that’s not the point! Now you can also build your very own worlds in real life - not with bricks and mortar, though. No, with small lego bricks shaped like Minecraft’s famous cube blocks. The kit includes a Steve figurine so you can gallivant around it and pretend to punch wood to your heart’s content. Or you can play the villain and take control of the dastardly Creeper...which in this case means that you have free reign to destroy as you please. Making explosion noises with your mouth at the same time is optional. 

Buy it UK: £60.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $65.24 from Amazon

Tracer Nendoroid

Cheers, love! Here comes the cavalry! If those two phrases are automatically said in your head in an English accent, the likelihood is that you’re probably familiar with Tracer from Blizzard’s Overwatch. Now you can own the speedy character complete with her pulse pistols and even her ultimate pulse bomb ability. The figurine comes with a variety of faces and is fully posable, meaning that no matter how you like to play her in all those matches, you’re sure to find one that reminds you of all of those glorious Play of the Games. 

Buy it UK: £36.59 from Amazon
Buy it US: $41.65 from Amazon

The Art of Assassin’s Creed Origins

Every now and again you just have to take a break from assassinating people. Unpopular opinion in a game as stunningly beautiful as Assassin’s Creed: Origins, but true. When it is time to sit back and remind yourself that you’re not in 49BCE, this book is the answer. Filled with concept art, hidden lore, and little hints about the rich story hidden behind Bayek’s own tale, it’ll delight anyone who loves a good hidden long as it’s in their hands and not their throat. 

Buy it UK: £29.99 from Amazon
Buy it US: $26.60 from Amazon

A subscription to Official Xbox Magazine

Some gifts aren’t just for Christmas. No, we’re not talking about dogs. We’re talking about magazine subscriptions! Why just give a gift that you can open on Christmas day, when you can get a magazine to read every month, bringing you all the latest and greatest of Xbox games, news and more? Sounds good, right? You can even save up to 40% by over the monthly cost and get a digital only version. 

Buy it US/UK from MyFavouriteMagazines

Cortana figurine

Way before she was a real AI on all windows phones and laptops, Cortana was Master Chief’s wisest advisor and tactician. Now she’s a bit of plastic moulded to look like the unmistakable blue character from the Halo games we love so much. Regardless, you can now have her close by and pretend that you’re Master Chief, asking her to look up something in her vast database of knowledge! If that blue screen is bothering you, it can be removed too so Cortana just looks like she’s elegantly poised. 

Buy it UK: £12.95 from Amazon
Buy it US: $15.95 from Amazon

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