Chris Taylor: Interview

What can you tell us about what's next then?

Unfortunately I can't talk about too much stuff but we do have a bunch of projects and I can tell you that we're working on some console titles.

We're very excited about the titles we're working on because one of them in particular is not a specific genre - it's very different. Although it shares and has genetic routes in a lot of different areas it's not one specific thing.

It's exciting because it's taken me many years to get to the point where I make something that different and non-genre specific. In our industry it's hard to sell a concept that's outside an established genre.

Where did you get the inspiration for this new title?

CT: My inspiration came from watching my boys play. There was a real inspiration there and I'm excited to put them down in front of the game when it's far enough along to see what they do. That's the litmus test for me.

Then I want to put it down in front of older gamers and put it down in front of both sexes. I really want to see how broadly we can take the concept by applying the theory that games should be fun and it shouldn't exhaust you, tap you out until you go to bed and the images of the game are still in your head.

I want games to be like listening to music, or watching a good television show or reading a book. It's getting a little more complex as time goes on but I think it's really starting to become a real concept.

Why can't we create videogame entertainment that restores and refreshes instead of just takes and exhausts?

It sounds like a massive departure. How does it feel to break out of the RTS and RPG genres and PC games after all these years?

I did a bunch of console titles in the early part of my career, I worked on the Sega Genesis and 3DO. I did various sports games; boxing, baseball, driving and so forth.

I'm not all about RTS and RPG. It's easy to stereotype and plot someone into a category but I'm very happy to be moving outside of those but it's not like we're going to leave RPG and RTS; we're still doing those types of games and will continue to indefinitely because we love them.

What do you think of PlayStation Home?

CT: From what I heard it sounds great. If I've got a 3D avatar, a world, a house and all this kind of stuff - that sounds awesome! First I'd like to see it myself with my own eyes before I give you a final opinion but conceptually from what was described to me it sounds cool. It sounds really cool.