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Chris Taylor: Interview

Sitting down with Chris Taylor is never a dull interview; his always-enthusiastic approach and politically incorrect jokes are a far cry from your average PR dribble, plus he managed to burn our throats last year with his dangerous French liquor, which was fun.

We recently sat down with the RTS legend to talk about his new console project, which he says is different from everything out there and will appeal to everyone from his kids to old folk.

So Supreme Commander's finally out the door. You must be quite pleased to finally finish it? How many years were working on it?

Chris Taylor: It was the middle of 2003 when I started talking to publishers. But we actually started before that. It's been well over three years, maybe even closer to four, but it officially started in January of 2004.

You've always said Gas Powered Games is a family company without the 'sleeping under the desk' attitude. With that in mind, how troublesome was the last crunch to get the game out the door?

We weren't crunching late and we don't crunch Sundays - so we still weren't going seven days a week because you need that day of rest. Everybody went through it very well and was quite - not freshed, but not burnt out.

When we got it finished on a Friday we had celebration, popped some champagne open, gave some speeches and had some laughs. Then on Monday morning we came in and went to work on the next thing. No time off to recover from extreme burnout or any of that - we just rolled right into the next thing because we were in a good place.