Chris ODowd on being a Hollywood outsider

Chris O’Dowd features in issue 207 of Total Film magazine as part of our Future 100, a celebration of the most exciting stars, trends and movies heading your way.

Inside the issue, you’ll get the lowdown on the most exciting happenings in movies, with O’Dowd more than earning his spot after jumping from much-loved TV actor to a regular member of Judd Apatow’s gang.

There’s even room for a blockbuster cameo – in upcoming Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World . “It felt just like a normal film,” he told us. “There was no lightning hitting the table or anything.”

On his Hollywood status, he told us: “I still feel a bit like an outsider.”

“I think that if there’s a house that Judd Apatow built, I’m the window-cleaner looking in, masturbating. But I’m glad I’m being employed in some capacity!”

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