Chibi-Robo review

Hello Kitty meets her match


  • Original concept
  • Devastatingly cute characters
  • Challenging puzzle elements


  • Baffling story
  • Slow pacing
  • When do we get to drive the hotrod?!

The toxically cute Chibi-robo reminds you that the GameCube is more about quality gameplay than gory violence. Sure, it provides more fodder for Xbox fanboys to point and shout "kiddy" at Nintendo's flagging console, but jogging a miniature robot around in search of stains is absurdly fun, so who really wins that argument? Maintaining a household's harmony with only your tiny metal pincers and sheer force of will challenges even the most hard-core monster-gamer.

More Info

DescriptionFrog costumes, toothbrush mops and teddy bear stickers: Chibi-Robo's sweet flavor is enough to give you diabetes
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date6 February 2006 (US), 26 May 2006 (UK)