Check out the first trailer for the new Paul Thomas Anderson flick Licorice Pizza

The first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie Licorice Pizza is here, and it's a trip back to one of the main settings of the director's breakthrough movie Boogie Nights: 1970s San Fernando Valley.

Licorice Pizza, which was previously titled Soggy Bottom, stars Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Alana Haim, and Cooper Hoffman, son of late Boogie Nights star and frequent Anderson collaborator Philip Seymour-Hoffman.

The plot involves high school student Gary Valentine (Hoffman), who on his way to becoming an actor is forced to navigate the complexities of late adolescence. Along the way he meets and befriends Jon Peters (Cooper), a real-life American movie producer known for Batman (1989) and Barbra Streisand's remake of A Star Is Born. Curiously, Cooper himself directed and starred in the 2018 A Star is Born remake. The trailer also puts a lot of focus on Gary's complicated relationship with Alana Kane (Haim).

Just a few of Anderson's most well-known movies are Hard Eight, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Inherent Vice. Production on Licorice Pizza was originally scheduled to begin in the spring or summer of 2020, but the project was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. The movie was filmed in the fall of 2020 in Los Angeles and entered post-production in November.

Licorice Pizza will premiere in limited venues on November 26, with a full theatrical release slotted for Christmas day.

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