Check out Pokemon Sun and Moon's psychedelic Muk and a plant with great stems

Pokemon Sun and Moon are just a month away and that means it's time for Nintendo to really start cranking out the weirdo Pokemon. The latest trailer for the game does not disappoint, featuring rock star lizards, coquettish plants, and a trippy regional variant for everyone's favorite fightin' ooze. Take a closer look:

Silvally changes its secondary type based on the item it's holding

 Jangmo-o becomes Hakamo-o, which becomes Kommo-o, which looks like Bret Michaels 

Bounsweet becomes Steenee, which becomes Tsareena, which has some killer thigh-highs

Cutiefly becomes Ribombee, which wears an adorable scarf

You wanna trip? I got the good Alola Muk

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