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Check out a couple of new Crackdown 3 shots

Oooh, look some new Crackdown 3 (opens in new tab) images. First up: the important stuff beards!

This is one of two images posted (opens in new tab) by community manager Kieffer Bryant. It's actually part competition and part survey as Kieffer's giving out prizes for submitted examples of "your favourite facial hair on a fictional character." Check that link for more on that.

The second image (opens in new tab) is a little more mysterious, showing some sort of weapon. The only information there is that this was "found on Sr. Art Director Dave Johnson's computer."

Suggestions here include everything from lasers, to plasma rifles and something that can shoot electric bullets. There's also some discussion as to whether it could be some sort of car attachment or weapon.

It's been pretty quiet for a while so it's nice to see something new. We know there's a Crackdown 3 multiplayer release (opens in new tab) coming in summer, apparently due to the amount of cloud computing power needed to make all the buildings blow up good - basically, the online version of the game is the definitive take (opens in new tab) on the series' city flattening gameplay.

Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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