every level!</p>

SSSS U U PPPPP EEEEEE RRRRR MMM MMM A NN N S U U P P E R R M M M M A A N N N S U U P P E R R M M M M A A N N N SSS U U PPPPP EEEE RRRRR M M M AAAAA N N N S U U P E R R M M A A N N N S U UU P E R R M M A A N NN SSSS UUU U P EEEEEE R R M M A A N N RETURNS: The Videogame Intro: Yes this game follows the movie VAGULY. It was a fun little ditty, and you can definatly enjoy one of the best superman games ever made thanks in part to EA. I don't usually play EA adventure games, but this was a realativly pleasent suprise. Contents: Walkthrough.................[wkt] Combo List..................[cls] Trophies....................[trs] Credits.....................[crt] Legal.......................[lgl] Notes: General Tips- If you find yourself 'dying' too many times during the chapter you can/should save inbetween each 'event'. That way if/when you do die, you can just select "load game" and it'll be at the same exp. point but with the city's full health. If you're not getting an event just standing around, if you superspeed fly and randomly stop, that will trigger an event at times. Don't waste your time 'saving up events' (ie: having more than one on the screen before you start one. They'll disappear as soon as you finish an event, they reset basically. Abbreviations- SS = Super Speed SSF= Super Speed Flight (these 2 only used when you could plausably do both) SSR= Super Speed Run SM = Superman O = Circle [] = Square /\ = Triangle FB = Freeze Breath SB = Super Breath HV = Heat Vision Story Walkthrough: [wkt] "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's flaming astroids!!!" This is the opening level, that doubles as a introduction to the controls. Take the instructions and change the controls around if they don't fit your 'feel'. You'll have to save a couple of buildings from fires and destory a couple of places where meteors land with the right type of power. Soon you'll need to intercept the meteors falling from the sky, some are icy others are flaming. Use your opposite elemental attack to destory them. My advice is to fly superspeed (SS) toward them WHILE using whatever power you need to destory it. IE: SS toward a flaming astroid while using your cold/freezing breath. This way you can save on running back and forth from meteor to meteor. And trust me you won't run out of energy, it replenishes very quickly the moment you rest, even if you're airborn. Now soon the astroids will be done, but for some odd reason a fire breaks out just below you. SSF down to it, put it out then return upward somewhat. Now a HUGE meteor is about to hit, but if you collide with it, you're SURE to destory it. So SSF right into the sucker. BOOM, gone. Unlocked/Obtained- KRYPTONIAN COMBO 'Superman Returns' Costume 'Meteor Mayhem' Trophy "Royal Galatic Rumble!!!!" If you've yet to learn by now SM is invicible ("YAY!" i know), so how can you lose?? Well it's all about crowd favor....ok AND your opponts health. So either get the crowd COMPLETELY on your side, OR deplete all their health. Your first opponent is pretty much a joke, but this level teaches you, more or less, about fighting. So practice your newly aquired combo, dodging, and blocking. Listen/follow the onscreen prompts and you'll get through all of them. Now when you really start to whoop him down, he'll split into 8 clones. More like 'clowns', but whatever. Some will hover in air and try to fire at you, others will jog after you, and the rest will just sit and wait for their demise. Two Square attacks will finish them off, yes i'm serious he's that easy. Just watch the air attacking guys, they may get a lick in. If you haven't started by now, use L2 to lock on to a nearby baddie. this helps will all targeting and even punching. After you beat all the mini-me's up, he'll come back to the middle as 1. Just repeat what you did before he split and in no time he'll go down. More than likely you'll deplete his health before the crowd's fully on your side. Planhtune like a ballon tied to a rock in the ocean. /cheesy Wow, just one 'gladiator' and you're already facing the 8-time champion? Well you ARE Superman. So here's Overcast, that's right, not 'cloudy' just overcast. /lame joke. You'll see why he's called "larger than life" soon. The first part is pretty much like the last goon, just circle around him to dodge his attack and then lay into him with a combo. As soon as he goes down hold O, cuz as he gets up he'll do a sonic-purple-pulse that'll hurt your rating and knock you back, we don't want that. Soon enough he'll transform to GIGANTO....well it's more like a bigger, more psychadelic, version of himself. Fly, up high, now. Remember that sonic-purple thing I mentioned earlier? Yea he's gunna do it here now repeatedly and without enough warning, but if you're high enough it won't hit you. But now you have to watch out for purple-homing-energy-spheres (what's up with this guy and purple??). If you SSF around the room enough you can outlast them, and if you're good enough, you can pick up an object and throw it at him before they hit you. So yes, as it says throw large objects at him. Well since you're flying this can be tricky, but you'll get it. You pickup stuff with X, so fly into an object (yes those pointy things on the pillers will work) and just before you run face first into it, press X, you'll lift it while flying, this way you can circle back around, target him and throw it. After about 3 hits, he'll shrink back down, now repeat what I said before, and don't forget to block, and more often this time cuz he will do random attacks this time around. Now rinse and repeat this process till he's done for, this will be another health victory, cuz the crowd is REALLY hard to please. Unlocked/Obtained- "Up in the sky" popup combo Well of COURSE Mongul is the "best of the best". Yea whatever, I'm Superman, bring it! This is mostly and out and out 'fight'. Make sure to block though. He'll do 2 quick strikes then 1 big one, as soon as you blocked all that, lay into him with a combo (I prefer the kypton one, the first one you got). His other attack is to do a short, but noticable, charge and then dash at you. You should notice the charge as well as the ring that emites fromt he ground right before he launchs. Block this and he'll be open. As soon as you get about 3 combos off he'll call in some trustly reinforcments. These little guys blow up when you hit them, just target them, though it can be tricky at time to target them and not Mongul, and use either your laser eyes or freeze breath. Do that when they're at a distance, and they'll be harmless. Just watch out cuz Mongul will use this time to dash in and nail you. Just start blocking and when he's open, lay into him again. Soon he'll go down. Best warriors in the Galaxy and there's 4 of us?? uhh ok. Unlocked/Obtained- Burst Superpowers "Home sweet home...." Walk forward to check out the cute kitty cat. Ok so it just triggers some old, short, weird, trickery guy, but it's worth it. Now look for those cats all over and once you collect enough, you'll unlock things. Ahh and don't forget to walk up to the doors that you found the cat next to, for whatever reason they give the city some boosted life. Metallo-one of your "interest" points will be to him. He's kinda like a mini boss, beat him and his 2-3 minions asap, they'll put the hurt on some people, but not much damage to property. Unlocked/Obtained- '1000 Fists' combo Now it's time to beat Metallo's 3 crews. After a few seconds of not being in a "battle" it will start an event where you will either fight the large robots, the lite ones, or the FAST ones. And by fast I mean FAST. They are the most dangerous of the bunch. They create a lot of distance and can do damage on the move. The key is to get close enough to one and target it and SSF following it, you'll quickly catch up, just continue to hold R1 and you'll ram it with your fist damaging it, but it'll still move. Just keep ramming it and it'll go down or stop and you can lay a combo down. The 'lite' and 'big' groups are easily taken care of with a few combos, most of the minor enemies here though, one hit will down them, it's the mini- bosses you just should worry about. There should be 2 groups of the speed guys, one without any bosses in them, just SSF into them until they blow up, hardest part about this one is not getting hit by them when they superspeed and catching/finding them. Just don't hesitate. Now it's time for a new chapter. Unlocked/Obtained- Freeze Breath lvl 2 "Come to the Dark Side Superman!" Ahh time for some air combat. This can be tricky cuz these guys move quite a bit, so use your upgrade and freeze them :D. Now it's just a matter of finding them all. The next one is more of the same, but you'll have 2 minor baddies on the ground, just SSF into them and they're gone. Ahh more speedsters, but now you can freeze the tires off of 'em. Ok about 3 more random groups, you've already faced 'em so just keep it up. Once you fill you exp bar you should head to the red "?" and trigger the next scene and chapter. Unlocked/Obtained- 'Supernova' combo Heat Vision lvl 2 "Infernal machines..." Go to the event indicator, and here comes Matello. This time don't focus on his goons unless he's pulsating that greenish cloud. Only cuz you can't get near him to attack with that thing. Once a few are down he'll drop the barrier and you need to open up a can of galatic beatdown! Once he falls all his goons will to. Now it's time to run around fighting random baddies again. You should be getting the hang of things now, if you see a citizen try to rescue them as it's the Superman way of doing things, oh and it'll also restore some of the city's health. Once you've done MORE of those it's powerup and big event time, so head to the "?" again. Unlocked/Obtained- Super Breath lvl 2 "Robot Roundup?? As long as there's no ho-down." A whopping 10 random events to get to the next section here. From personal experience don't let the city die when you're on number 9! They will switch it up even more on you, combining the fastest robots with the big bulky fighting ones. You may also run into a few fires here and there. Nothing special to finish off this Chapter, just do the 10 events and it's over. Unlocked/Obtained- Stamina lvl 2 "SOME assembly required.....riiiiight" Ahhh Matello is back. Time to do it again but this time instead of spawning those annoying tankies, he'll spawn the speedsters. Which means you have to SS around and find them before you can attack him again (remember his invincible green cloud will drop when you defeat them all). Don't worry TOO much, but get those speedsters cuz you know they can deal damage quickly. That's it! End of this chapter, see easy compared to before. "Blue Screen of DEATH!!!!" Wow, big Metallo, kinda reminds me of Matrix: PON, the end boss....well whatever. Now fly back allll the way to the Daily Planet, as you approach, another cutscene. Ahh time for the FINAL fight, really, no I'm serious. Now totally ignore the choppers, they really don't affect anything, they may do SLIGHT damage to the city, but you much more worried about Metallo. Don't try any direct attack, he's got some sort of kryptonite barrier and you won't be getting through it...yet. Just focus on picking up vehicles that are sitting around the square he's rampaging in. Now focus on him (L2) and throw them (X). Rinse and repeat till his life bar is empty. Now you'll notice that he walks back and forth demolishing buildings, well after each building he downs, he'll look at you and kryptonite-laser-beam you. Which will knock you down and deplete all your energy. As soon as he's done, just tap /\ and it'll replenish some and you'll get up. Ok, once his life bar is out, another cutscene. Now just catch up to the rocket, easy. You don't have to do anything special there'll be another cutscene (see how you know it's the final battle now? so many cutscenes!). Now SM will fly back to Metallo and say "I gotta hit him with a direct attack" but Metallo uses his laser eyes again, but this time you won't be denied. Now you'll begin a little "mini game" type fight. It's like a tug-of-war with you vs the laser. Just rapidly tap what button they tell you to press. It'll be one of the 4 right side buttons, nothing fancy here. He'll go down pretty easy now. CONGRATS on your first REAL boss! Unlocked/Obtained- Heat Vision lvl 3 'Up in the sky: it's a bird' combo "DNA huh?" Well it seems that monsters wrecking havoc in Metropolis is pretty norm. O_o Ok. Hey don't forget to save, you're almost half way there, don't wanna lose it now. Bizzaro?? He's like SM's dumb-zombie-twin brother! This is a realitivly easy fight. He usually uses 'Earthquake' or the the whole EQ combo. He will block your attacks somtimes, but if you keep attacking he may let his guard down. You can freeze him with the artic ice combo. If he gets a few licks in and knocks you down, he usually runs over to hit a pedesterian or trys to destory a car. Use this time to open up a combo on him, cuz he will not block it now. Another nice attack is the 'Suprise exchange' he'll usually miss blocking that. Keep it up and he'll soon flee. Ok now it's 7 more events fought till the next chapter, yea sorry no more Bizzaro for now. You will find new baddies though. They flying beasts, they kinda look like mini-dragons. They're actually 2 kind in the groups they send. One dragon will blow blue mystical stuff on you, that depletes your energy bar, those are very quickly killed by your laser eyes, so use it. The other are just as quick but they're two-fold. First freeze them, as they sit for a sec frozen, use R1 to fly right into them and 'air ram' 'em. One hit like that will kill them. They're new, but still not the hardest, you really don't have to worry much about them. "Don't be a menace to society while playing superman in your house" Metropolis and menacing baddies??? Noooo. O_o Ahh yay, Bizzaro again. Much more of the same from last time, but this time he'll hover at times. I say hover cuz he really doesn't flay high at all, he flys about as low as the game will let you. If he does knock you down with 'supernova' or 'earth- quake' he'll run away and try to damage buidlings or people, once you get up use your laser or freeze breath as you walk up to him cuz he'll block it but he'll stop attacking. This battle should really help replenish the city's health if it's hurting. Make sure to recuse injured people afterwards, don't need a lawsuit for neglet. Now own to more random fights. The will mix it up even more. You encounter the fire beasts, accompianed by a buidling fire! *gasp* Relax you can do it, you're Superman remember! Hint, use your super breath, not freeze breath, for fires, it does better. Ok once you've done about 8 events we'll move on. Unlocked/Obtained- Super Breath lvl 3 "Air combat fighter" An air raid I'LL say. You'll have both the laser-weak and freezing-weak fliers in this. The Freeze-weak ones will attack the blimps, and try to set them on fire. The others will attack you, seeing as how they can drain your energy finish them off quickly. IF they do actually drain your energy just tap /\ like a madman and you'll recover in air. If a blimp does catch on fire, just use your super breath to put it out. Near the end of their journey you should have the chance to rest if you'd like, and to also preemptivly strike the fliers approaching. Just remember freeze, and dash. Unlocked/Obtained- Freeze Breath lvl 3 "Cousin from a different planet? No, just a mutant." Mutant tankies, these are kinda like the big robots you fought with Metallo, but harder. You can freeze them and laser them to death. Well sorta, when they "die" they'll turn to statues that you have to punch till they explode (non-damaging), freezing dosen't do that much for you here, so I suggest the laser, it's quicker than fighting. They'll also use a radius blasts, which can move you back and damage surrounding cars and people. Kind of a pain. Ok you'll need to beat 10 events (again) for the next chapter. The 'baddie combo' to watch out for is "Clones and Drones", that's the new mutant tanks and the helichoppers that drain your energy. It's almost impossible to tank out the tanks BEFORE the heli's as they'll continually drain your energy and you'll be tapping /\ way too much to fight. Go beat the heli's quickly and you should have no problem taking out the tankies. "One on one, with yourself" Yay, finally Bizzaro! This battle may feel like it goes on forever, as if you simply can't end it, well after 3 'stare downs' it will end. First you will fight on the ground, like before. But once he takes enough damage it's time for a whole new ballgame. He'll fly off, go chase him, and start laser'ing building, SS air ram him, then lay into him with your own laser eyes. Once he takes enough damage he'll move to a nearby, but different, spot and start again. Just repeat till you go into the 'stare down'. 'Stare Down' is kinda like the laser block thing from Metallo, simply tap whatever button pops up on the screen repeatedly till it changes then change buttons soon (1 or 2 buttons changes later) you should 'win' the stare down. Now Bizzaro will fly off and start back at the top, go find him on the street and fight some more, but this time, as his health lowers, he'll bring in some backup. Remember your fire breathing dragons? They're here to help. Just jump up and fly, freeze them, air ram them all and go back to Bizzaro. He'll fly off, catch him, hurt him enough, stare down time. Now just before your 3rd 'stare down', Bizzaro should be laser'ing the statue of SM. Just keep air ramming and laser'ing him and it'll be the final stare down time. Long, but not that hard. Unlocked/Obtained- 'Rising Son' combo Stamina lvl 3 "Parole without trial? YESSS!" Well you can tell Lex is up to somthing, it's dark, cloudy and all around crappy! But you've got bigger fish to fry, for now that is. Yes it's time for randomness!! But there's a little somthing more now. Minibosses, again. First up is "Riot" the trouble with him as soon as you punch him he'll bring out two more of himself (the highest total baddies count I've seen was 8, so he won't if there's about that much already out). And he quickly dodges your laser eyes and freeze breath, so how does one defeat him?? Well double up your freeze breath, that's right use the upgraded, enhanced, ultra (whatever you wanna call it) version (where you press right twice to make the blue target bigger). Now hold down R2 and release after a couple of secs. It'll freeze everyone around you. NOW switch to your regular laser eyes and target one that's frozen and blast him till he's done for. Rinse, lather, repeat as desired. Just remember to NOT punch him or he'll multiply again, and you DON'T want that. Now you'll have about 12 events, 1 of them being the miniboss 'Riot'. Somewhere before your 10th event you should get Phot Finish Trophy (defeat 500 baddies). Unlocked/Obtained- Super Breath lvl 4 "Riots?? Looks like a job for.....the riot police!" Warworld, here?? I don't think so. Mongrul is looking to settle the score between you, let him know it's already settled. But just when you think you've gotten the best of him yet again, he brings in backup, and it's Overcast, though it's actually cloudly.....oh nevermind! You'll have to carefully attack between blocking Overcast's pink energy attacks and Mongrul's fists. It'll be tricky but get it done. Now that it's you and Overcast 1v1 again, just use the same tactics as before, block his 1 punch then lay into him with a combo. Soon enough he'll "go big" on you. As soon as you see him start to this, go grab a car and fly up. Remember how annoying the big radius blast he used to do was? Well replace that with the annoying homing pink energy spheres. He will still do the radius blast but not nearly as much. Just go get a car, and throw it at him from up high so he doesn't catch you with a blast, and make sure no spheres are close either. This should be easier than the first time you fought him. Once he shrinks back down 1 and 1/2 combos later he'll go down for good....again. This is one jam packed chapter. Your random encounters will include fires, Plahtune, Overcast, those crab looking guys (purple and yellow ones) and some older beasts you've fought before. The crabs will block your special attacks so you'll need to combo them (don't forget about your artic combo). Fires, of course super breath. Plahtune is actually harder this time around, cuz all of the clones will activly attack you, but >1 combo will put them down. Overcast will only grow once here, so make sure to grab a car and drop it down on him, almost litterally, fly just above him so the car can't fall short and miss. There should be about 8 events in all. Unlocked/Obtained- 'Corkscrew' combo "L.O.D. Legion of Destruction, sound familer...?" Well get ready for 10 rounds of randomness, but remember you're gunna start to see just about everything you fought so far mixed up and paired up with each other. Perhaps the toughest will be Plahtune and Overcast. Lots of blocking to start out with, block Overcast's shots and inbetween nail Plahtune's clones, it'll be slow going at first but soon enough it'll be just you and Overcast, and you should know how to deal with him pretty easily by now. (Hint-make sure when you pickup a car to SSF away and up so as not to be caught off guard by his radius blast) Once you're done with the 10 events it's the end of this "little" chapter. Unlocked/Obtained- Heat Vision lvl 4 "Gruge? I've got no gruge for for whooping Mongrul..." Ahhh Mongrul, at long last we meet again....and again, and AGAIN! Geez when will you leave me alone?! Ok first part, good 'ol hand to hand beat down. Make sure to block when needed, and when there's an opening combo him. After about 1/4 of his health is gone he'll call down meteors (that's new!) they fall quickly so target and ice them before they land, there's about 3-4 of them now. After that time to go back to beating him down. He'll, again, call upon some help. This time it's Plahtune(s). Not really much of a challange, Plahtune/Overcast pair is harder than this. Just get rid of Plahtune ASAP and then go back to focusing on Mongrul again. He'll use both of his "helpers" 1 more time each and then should be done for good. Unlocked/Obtained- Freeze Breath lvl 4 "Twist and shout" Wow, for the first time Superman doesn't seem so "super". These tornadoes will be tough. You gotta position yourself so that you use your SB to blow it back towards the water. Once over the water you can then switch to your FB. Just watch your energy, don't let it run out and let the tornado push you out of position. Be ready for a lot more building fires too, just SB them out. Once you finish with a few of the 'small' tornadoes things will pick up, litterally, the BIG DADDY of all tornadoes will come through. No use trying to blow this thing away, you can only hope to get some people out of harms way and put out some fires (though I have no clue why you're putting out fires when a giantic tornado is about to dismantle the whole building, but oh well). Ahh time to go IN the torando, and suprise there's a tornado IN the tornado (is that even POSSIBLE??). Well you'll actually be switching between your laser vision and freeze breath to damage the inner-nado. There will also be debris flying around in side (duh!) that will knock you for a loop, you can block them but it's really hard to tell when it's coming. The key here is to see what the outer-nado's color is. When it's red use your FB on the inner-nado, when the outer is blue use your laser vision. If you started this with a pretty good amout of city health you shouldn't worry too much about the debris hitting you, if you didn't though, this could be troublesome, but just do your best to block when you see debris or when a piece hits you. Unlocked/Obtained- 'Golden Age Superman' Costume "Everything that has a begining, has an End....or does it?" What could possibly be left after saving the earth from Luther? How about hundreds of random events to boost your EXP from @140k to 500k. Doing this will help unlock concept art, but you have to also collect the kittens. Is it worth it? Well that's up to you to decide, keep in mind that getting ALLLL that exp will take some serious time out of your life. Congrats, that's it! Yes you've finally beaten the game, although it took nearly 2.5 times as long as the movie, it seems very abridged doesn't it? Oh well, still it's the best SM game ever made, and seeing as how many there have been that's saying a lot. I'm not saying it's the best, nor the worst, but there is some definate fun to be had here. Combo List: [cls] These are the aquired combos from completing missions or getting enough exp. KRYPTONIAN COMBINATION - [] [] [] /\ [] /\ 1000 FISTS - tap [], /\, tap [] EARTHQUAKE - [] [] [] /\ [] hold /\ SUPERNOVA - Hold /\+O UP IN THE SKY - hold []+X UP IN THE SKY-IT'S A PLANE - hold []+X, /\ UP IN THE SKY-IT'S A BIRD - hold []+X, [] CORKSCREW - R1 []+X THE SUN SHINES - [], /\+O RISING SON - [], hold []+X Trophies: [trs] Globe Bowling Trophy - go the the Daily Planet at any time, and press X to pick up the big globe up top, now either press O to place it back down nicly, or X to heave it away. Bizarro Championship Trophy - complete all Bizarro mini-games. Photo Finish - defeat 500 villians. Outstanding Valet Trophy - pick up 500 vehicles. Kitten Finder Extraordinaire - find all 100 kittens. Meteor Mayham - obtained after the opening/training level by destorying the giant meteor. Credits: [crt] First off big 'ups' to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gives purpose to my life and meaning to my actions. Thanks to my wife for being there for me when I wanted to give up. And DEFINATLY thanks to CheatCC.com for having such a great place to go find and post guides, FAQs, walkthroughs and codes. Plus love the msg boards, great way to share info. Legal: [lgl]</p>