================================================== Battlestations : Midway Challenge Missions Guide for Xbox360 Email : Humanvegetableonline2002@yahoo.com Aim: Humanvegetable02 Gamertag : Humanvegetable Website : geocities.com/humanvegetableonline2002 Forums : Http://s4.invisionfree.com/humanvegetable Copyright 2004 Humanvegetableonline Version 0.7 - 2/4/07 Version 1.0 - 2/6/07 - 2/8/07 Version 1.1 - 2/9/07 ================================================== Dedication This guide is dedicated to Aurelio for making me lose what little hope I had in humanity and mankind. He sent me a voice message saying, "Hey dumbass! My microphone doesn't work! That's why i can't chat with you." Think about it. In a match, he was going, "OH MY GOD MY CARRIER!!!" because he had a destroyer along side it shooting at it. So I sent like 6 dive bombers after that destroyer and I dropped bombs at it and kamikazed into it right after bombing. My friend's carrier had 1-5% of HP left. My teammate said, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! That was insane." My friend sent me a text message a second later because his microphone didn't work. It said, "thanx". When I came back his ship was gone. A submarine got it. I don't understand how he could have not seen that destroyer coming or that submarine or those planes that kept coming at him. Introduction This guide will help you beat the challenge missions! The challenge missions are easily frustrating and will take you multiple tries to get them right. About this game The game has a really short single player campaign but it's still good. Copyright Stuff Do not use this guide unless you ask me. If you wish use it then you know what to do. My Email and AIM are up there. These websites are allowed to use this guide. - http://Neoseeker.com - http://Gamefaqs.com - http://wogaming.com - http://cheats.de - http://faqs.ign.com Version 0.7 Some challenge solutions. Version 1.0 All challenge solutions. Version 1.1 Fixed some stuff. =================== Table of Contents =================== 1.0 - Basic Stuff 2.0 - Ship Challenge 2.1 - Strike on the Monster 2.2 - Battle of Java Sea 2.3 - Hunt or the Cruiser 2.4 - Might of Yamato 3.0 - Plane Challenge 3.1 - Shortage of Reinforcements 3.2 - Saving Tulagi 3.3 - Attack on Force Z 4.0 - Submarine Challenge 4.1 - Crucial Cargo 4.2 - Periscopes Threatening 4.3 - Coup de Grace 5.0 - Frequently Asked Questions 6.0 - Credits =================== 1.0 - Basic Stuff =================== If you don't know the controls then you shouldn't be attempting to do these missions. Finish the naval academy, read the manual or beat the game. ====================== 2.0 - Ship Challenge ====================== You have to be able to direct artillery fire from like distances. To do so, you must zoom in a certain amount with your binoculars. I prefer max zoom or line up the ship's heigh with those lines on the binoculars. I also shoot at certain points depending on enemy's ship's future location, my ship's current location, enemy ship's speed and my ship's speed and distance between us. That is when you bomb a certain area over and over and adjust according to where your fire hit. Certain ships have weaknesses like exposed magazines that catch on fire when you hit them. I believe that they are in the front and/or back of the ships. Fire from the side. T <--- Target ^ | | <--- Targetting through your binoculars. | | <------> Your ship ---------------------- | | | | T | | | T | | |...^.... | Aim a little bit in front of the ship. | | | If you have to, aim a little bit more left or | | right while aiming a little bit in front. ---------------------- There are many ways of shooting. When you are close and side to side with a slow ship, you can simply just aim at the very tip of the ship and shoot. When I shoot, I aim where the ship is going to be in the future and fire without moving my right stick. This creates a wall of artillery fire. ============================= 2.1 - Strike on the Monster ============================= Primary Objective *Reach the evac point to escape the area *The fuso must survive. Secondary Objective *The Yamashiro must survive Hidden Objective *Eliminate every allied wave You will have to play this mission over and over again until you can direct artillery fire to the point where you will hit 90% of the time you fire all your artillery at one point. Set all your crewmen to work on "Water" damage. Sail toward the point and stop when you have met up with the Yamashiro. Kill everything or die. Use the island as a shield if you want but it's not needed. You can take out a destroyer in one shot if you hit it in the right place You should zoom to the max with your binoculars and aim a bit to the right when you are targeting the first wave of destroyers. How far right or left you should move the binoculars from the target depends on which direction you are going, the enemy ship's direction and speed of your ship and their ship. When you reach the prince of wales, you should be at 50% HP and the other battleship should be at 90% Use your range advantage. Let your other battleship take most of the damage. If that one sinks, it's ok. You can also move far away so that you can separate certain boats like destroyers. I recommend you to just wait until the battleships head towards you so that you can easily shoot them from afar. See diagram below. B B<--- Their ship. B ^ | | <--- Targetting through your binoculars. | | <------> Your ship From afar, it'll look like a huge tower and that is easier to hit as compared to the side which is 1/5 of the tower's size. Use the secondary battleship as a shield by setting the formation. You can set the formation simple by holding X and pressing down. In the end, you will have 50% and your allied battleship will have 90%. ========================== 2.2 - Battle of Java Sea ========================== Primary Objective *The Nachi must survive. *Eliminate the USS Houston If you can beat the first level then you know what to do. For orders, set free fire, torpedo avoidance and torpedo to ON. Do not set free move to on or else you will not stick in formation. Set all your crew to work on "Water." This level is made up of 5 waves of ships. Each wave consists of 2 destroyers and 1 light crusier. The last wave will contain the USS Houston. You should have at least 60% hp at this point and two destroyers with a combined total of 150% hp. First, move away from the incoming ships so that the destroyers come at you. When they are at a distance of 1.3, turn your ship so that it's side is facing them. Then you pound them with your artillery with range advantage. After you destroy both destroyers, the last cruiser should be barely within range. Use your artillery range advantage to damage the last ship. Repeat this for every wave. The fifth wave contains the USS Houston. This boat is a cruiser. You should have 2 ships remaining. At this point, individually send your destroyers to attack the Houston. Use the side of your ship to fire more artillery at a time. Remember that Destroyers are not good against your cruiser. They are good against your destroyers. So protect your destroyers from their destroyers. ============================ 2.3 - Hunt for the Cruiser ============================ Primary Objective *Find and destroy the Nachi *RV with the reconnaissance plane Secondary Objective *All of your destroyers must survive. Hidden Objective ? ? *Destroy all enemy destroyers. This mission is pretty short. I got this one the first try but I am guessing I was lucky because the Nachi appeared like that. Set all your ships to prepare for "water" damage. Head towards the plane. For your other ships, set "free fire" to on, set "torpedo" on and "torpedo avoidance" to on. First destroy the first two destroyers coming after you. Just blast them with your artillery and avoid their torpedos. More ships should respawn and head your way. If they do, just take them out as fast as possible. A Cycle through your ships occasionally for fire damage or other types of damage. Look at your map everytime you kill a ship to see if the Nachi respawned. If the Nachi respawned, head towards the Nachi. All you have to do is kill the Nachi and thats it. The Nachi will be guarded by one destroyer. Attack the Nachi directly with all three ships. The Nachi is a crusier. Your artillery won't do much to it. You need to fire some torpedos at it. I got really close to it and fired torpedos and artillery. In the end, I lost 2 out of 3 ships but I won. from the mouth of isitidiosyncrasy "#3 started out with both enemy DDs to my left i went full speed to the big island to my right.. then the CL and other DD spawned.. i went past the island to prevent the 2 DDs from torpedoing me and turned left and used the DDs speed to reach the plane.. it took off and the CA that u have to kill spawned i send all 3 DDs after it enabling torpedos on the order screen.. i fired all my torpedos and hit it 3 times... lost a DD then sunk it with on of the other 2 mission over...." from the mouth of donkeydoopoo290 "To tell you the truth for ship challenge 3, it requires a lot of luck for spawn placement of enemies. The only strategy I used besides the lucky spawns was for each enemy spawn, tell your 3 destroyers to surround them. So you can box them in and launch torpedoes at them. Then once the Oil/Oi spawns, run like hell to the plane. Once at the plane, run like hell to the Nachi and torpedo it quickly. I can never take out the Oi without severe casualities." ======================= 2.4 - Might of Yamato ======================= Primary Objective *The Yamato must survive the battle *Locate the carrier group to the north before they escape *Destroy the Hornet and the Enterprise before they escape The Yamato was the biggest ship during it's time. It can do things like shoot over the horizon. I think... In simple, you will be able to kick some major ass. How did the Yamato Sink? They were air-bombed to crap. PBS makes you learn more. This is the best mission of all the ship missions because you get to control the Yamato! The most powerful ship produced during its time. Set all your ships to "free fire" on, "torpedo" on, "torpedo avoidance" on and head straight forward. The first and only wave of ships are easy to destroy because they are only made up of destroyers and crusiers. The Yamato, which is a battleship, can basically just wipe them out. Especially at close range. After you have obliterated the wave of ships, head straight towards the carrier until you have it in your sights and then your range. During the journey to the carriers, you should face a lot of enemy dive bombers and torpedo bombers. I really mean A LOT. No worries! The Yamato can take pounding after pounding. Be warned though. It is not invincible. You don't even need any strategy to beat this mission! Just head straight for the carrier and when it is within range, shoot it from afar. Instant victory. ======================= 3.0 - Plane Challenge ======================= If you're shooting, you have to shoot where the plane is going to go. You also have to see if your reticule has changed from a circle to a circle that looks like it's opening up. That means you are shooting near its kill zone. It should only take a short burst to damage planes. ================================== 3.1 - Shortage of Reinforcements ================================== Primary Objective *Destroy all cargo ships. *Your squadron must survive! Secondary Objective *Your plane must sink half of the cargo ships Hidden Objective *All squadron members must survive This level is the easiest challenge mission out of all the challenge missions. Just make sure you don't let one the cargo ships reach the edge of the map or else thats it. When you approach a cargo ship, cut off the engine. Aim for your target and shoot the surface. You have to shoot the surface. Spread your fire around the surface of the ship. It should sink after about 10 seconds of fire. You should face light resistance. Just shoot down those planes that come after you. That's it! ===================== 3.2 - Saving Tulagi ===================== Primary Objective *Protect the airfield *Protect the destroyers *Protect the jetty buildings *Eliminate the landing fleet This missions is annoying but pretty straight forward. Use fighters to defend your objectives. Make sure you have a maximum amount of planes in the air and as many planes in one squadron at a time. For orders, set free fire and Combat Air Patrol to ON. For the airfields, build your planes. Make sure you put as many planes into one squadron. You do this so that you can make more planes if some of your planes (some as in like 3) have been destroyed. You should have your fourth squadron empty unless you can build 3 or more. Shoot down the bombers or kamikaze them if they get too close. Issue orders on your map. For the destroyers, Set a squadron of planes to circle around a mile west of the destroyers. Set another squadron of planes to circle around a mile south-west from the destroyers. Manual control another squadron and shoot down the closest plane over and over again. Kill a squadron, press A to target the nearest enemy and then kill them. I usually lose one destroyer but it doesn't matter. For the jetty buildings, set two squadrons to circle around a mile south of the jetty buidlings and then choose another squadron and manual shoot down any planes that come near the buildings. This one mission is annoying and you will die several times over. For the landing fleet, select the weakest squadron available and destroy the closest big boat and then the other big boat. You can do so by cutting off your engine and spreading fire on it's surface just like in planes mission 1. While your planes are heading to the landing fleet, let the other squadrons kill off any landing boatings that are going to your island. Except to lose planes because there will be a lot of anti-air fire from the little boats. You can easily pick them off one by one. If you are to lose planes, quickly replace them for you will be screwed. ========================= 3.3 - Attack on Force Z ========================= Primary Objective *Destroy the Prince of Wales and the Repulse Hidden Objective *Destroy the allied Carrier Send a set of fighter planes to distract the enemy fighter planes. About ten should do. Then send as many bombers, equipped with torpedos, to sink the Carrier. Once the carrier is out, send out fighters to destroy the remaining air forces. After that, return your fighters. Once all air resistance is gone, gang up on one battleship with bombers equipped with torpedos. Once one battleship is gone, get the other battleship. Do not let the ships reach the other side of the map. =========================== 4.0 - Submarine Challenge =========================== Stay away from destroyers unless directed otherwise. Level 1 Depth For air. You can use the AA guns and the artillery. You will never use this during the challenge missions because they are so weak. Level 2 Depth For periscope use and torpedo use. Level 3 Depth For evasion of depth charges but not protection. You cannot use the periscope. You cannot use the periscope or the torpedos Level 4 Depth For invisibility and protection from depth charges. This damages the hull. Check Repairs menu on hull status. ===================== 4.1 - Crucial Cargo ===================== Primary Objective *Identify and report the two important cargo ships *The destructive of these two cargo ships are crucial Hidden Objective *? *? This mission is pretty easy. All you have to do is sink 2 ships that only need to be hit twice. Head towards the ships at level 2. Use the periscope to find the two cargo ships. Once you see one of the mission objectives, head towards it. Avoid the destroyer coming to you by sinking to level 4 depth. When you are near your objective, rise to level 2 and fire only 2 torpedos. Find the other cargo ship by using the periscope and then sink him. You win! If you need air, rise for only 5 seconds at most. ============================== 4.2 - Periscopes Threatening ============================== *Destroy the entire retreating fleet This mission will take you a couple of tries. Head towards the fleet at level 1. When you face artillery fire, submerge to level 2. head towards the eastern-most destroyer at level 2. When you are at a distance of 2.0, fire 4 torpedos to sink it. To sink a destroyer, you must be set up like this. You both must be coming at each other. -----> <----- submarine destroyer If you miss, it is because the destroyer is very skinny. The torpedos will miss by like 2 inches. It happens. _____ | | | | | | O\___/O ^ ^ Torpedos that missed by 2 inches. Once you destroy the eastern-most destroyer, target the destroyer in front of the battleship and move backwards while facing it. It will turn right and then come towards you. Once it is at a distance of 2.0, fire 4 torpedos. Once you destroy that, go after the destroyer behind the battleship and destroy it. Do not attack it from the side or else it will go forward at full speed to dodge it or move backwards. If at anytime, you can get air, go surface for 1 second. You should take damage if you are at a distance of less than 0.8 from the battleship. I recommend being at a distance of 0.7 from the battleship when you have taken out all the destroyers and you are about to get the battleship. Just surface for a second and then go down. Destroy the battleship with about 8 torpedos and then the cruiser with whatever you can shoot it with. ===================== 4.3 - Coup de Grace ===================== Primary Objective *Destroy the USS Enterprise! Secondary Objective *Destroy the enemy cruiser Hidden Objective ? I couldn't get both of the objectives but I know that they are possible to get. Southern submarine to cruiser and western submarine to carrier. As soon as you have the cruiser down, surface to level 2 to destract everyone with radar to go there while your western submarine at level for gets even closer to the carrier and hits it multiple times. Send your western submarine to level 1 and set a direct course for the carrier. As for your southern submarine, go for the carrier as well at level 1. As soon as your western submarine is taking fire from a destroyer, sink to level 3 and then level 4 when the destroyer is very close. As soon as your southern submarine sees airplanes, sink to level 3. Both submarines should never have to surface for air. Alternate from level 3 to level 4 depending on any enemies nearby. When your western submarine is at a distance of 0.6, you better go to level 2 and send torpedos into the side of the enterprise. Then sink to level 3 to get to the other side of the enterprise. Follow diagram below. C SSS C C C Get to level 2 and fire torpedos into the carrier. C SCS C C Go under the Carrier while turning towards where it is going. CS CS CS C When you are parallel to the ship, fire torpedos into it's side. Watch out for patrol boats. You can use your southern submarine to lure them. You can do this by moving at level 2 while your western submarine moves at level 4. ================================== 5.0 - Frequently Asked Questions ================================== Ask me a question and I'll find the answer! Humanvegetableonline2002@yahoo.com ================ 6.0 - Credits ================ Credits to... CjayC for Gamefaqs. Aurelio for being bait. And you people for the supporting my guide. "I bet you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!" -Gunnery Sergeant Hartman |HH| |HH| __ |HH|_|H\V\ /V/ |HHHHHHH\V\/V/ <- O_o |HH| |HH|\VV/ |HH| |HH| \/</p>