NOTE: PLEASE do not e-mail me about technical problems with this game. My fortÈ is in solving the problems the programmers intended for you to have, not those they didn't. Any technical-related question will be deleted. NOTE 2: So far, the walkthroughs only cover the Normal difficulty. The only thing difficulties change that require me to write about are the number of enemies. You'll find more enemies on Hard/Expert and less on Easy. NOTE 3: Although I haven't finished writing the walkthroughs, I have finished the game, so if you have any questions about completing missions, feel free to ask. I may not have all the answers (especially those loot-related), however. Still, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE FAQ BEFORE ASKING. ****************************************************************************** | _________________ | | | | | | | _____________ | | | | ________ | | | | | / | | ____|________| | _/________ _|____ | | | | \ | | | | | \ | | | | | \_______ | | | | | D E A D L Y S H A D O W S ****************************************************************************** Thief: Deadly Shadows (PC Version) A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ Version 0.8 E-mail: cyricz42 at ****************************************************************************** Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. FAQ 2A. Simple FAQ 2B. Thief Series FAQ 2C. Game Tip FAQ 3. Basics 3A. Keyboard/Mouse Interface 3B. Menus/Displays 4. Garrett: Master Thief 4A. The Story So Far 4B. Basic Movement/Interaction 4C. The Art of Stealth 4D. Equipment 5. The City 5A. City Areas 5B. Fences/Shops 5C. Factions 5D. Enemies 6. Walkthrough 6A. Basic Hints and Tips 6B. Mission 1 - Checking Inn - Cashing Out 6C. Mission 2 - End of the Bloodline 6D. The City, Day One 6E. Breaking Out of Pavelock 6F. Mission 3 - St. Edgar's Eve 6G. Mission 4 - Into the Pagan Sanctuary 6H. The City, Day Three 6I. Mission 5 - The House of Widow Moira 6J. Mission 6 - The Sunken Citadel 6K. The City, Day Five 6L. Mission 7 - Killing Time 6M. The City, Day Six 6N. Mission 8 - Of Brethren... and Betrayers 6O. The City, Day Seven THE REST COMING SOON! 7. Standard Guide Stuff 7A. Legal 7B. E-mail Guidelines 7C. Credits 7D. Version Updates 7E. The Final Word ****************************************************************************** 1. INTRODUCTION ****************************************************************************** Hi, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough on Thief: Deadly Shadows, the third game in the incredible Thief series. With the dissolution of Looking Glass Studios a few years back, the hopes of a new Thief game seemed worthless, until Ion Storm took the reins, assembling members of the original Thief teams and putting together this game, chronicling the further adventures of Garrett. ****************************************************************************** 2. FAQ ****************************************************************************** ================ 2A. Simple FAQ = ================ Q: What is Thief: Deadly Shadows? A: This is the latest in the series of the truest stealth series ever created. Originally designed by Looking Glass Studios, the series has been picked up by Eidos's Ion Storm studio. Q: What is the rating for this game? A: This game is rated M for Blood and Violence. It can also get really freakin' scary. Q: What are the technical requirements for this game? A: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: WINDOWS 2000/XP (ADMIN RIGHTS REQUIRED)(95/98/ME/NT NOT SUPPORTED!) INTEL PENTIUMÆ IV 1.5GHZ (AMD ATHLON XPô EQUIVALENT) 256MB SYSTEM MEMORY 100% DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE SOUND CARD 3GB FREE HARD DISC SPACE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD CD-ROM DRIVE REQUIRED EAX Advanced HD Supported - requires SoundBlaster Audigy range of soundcards. ****LAPTOPS ARE NOT SUPPORTED!**** SUPPORTED GRAPHICS CHIPSETS: ATI RADEON 8500 ATI RADEON 9 SERIES (9000,9200,9600,9700,9800) NVIDIA GEFORCE 3TI SERIES NVIDIA GEFORCE 4TI SERIES NVIDIA GEFORCE FX SERIES NVIDIA GEFORCE 6 SERIES GRAPHICS CARD MUST SUPPORT PIXEL SHADER 1.1! UNSUPPORTED GRAPHICS CHIPSETS: NVIDIA GEFORCE 4MX (460, 440 & 420) NVIDIA GEFORCE 4 GO NVIDIA QUADRO FX GO NVIDIA GEFORCE NFORCE2 & NFORCE3 ====================== 2B. Thief Series FAQ = ====================== Q: How does the new "body awareness" engine work? A: There are a few things to be aware of with this new setup. One, your body now casts its own shadow, which can be as big a giveaway as your mortal form. For another, you can only move as your body allows. It will take some getting used to. Q: How does the new City Hub work? A: After your second mission, you'll be able to wander around the City, with new areas opening up to you as the game progresses. While there are no missions in this area, you can still pick up loot from several locations. Missions can be found by going to the proper areas, and you can find little sidequests if you know where to look. Q: What about loot and stores? A: You now have to go out and sell your loot for cash and buy from stores on your own. There's no loadout screen this time. Search the City for a red handprint mark, which will lead you to shops and fences. Q: Is the same guy still playing Garrett? A: YES! Stephen Russell reprises his role as Garrett, as well as other voices, including the "comedy guard", often known as "Benny"... ================== 2C. Game Tip FAQ = ================== Q: I've nocked an arrow, but I don't want to fire it! What do I do? A: Press the Jump button (Default: Space Bar) or the ESC button. Q: I'm having trouble with my lockpicks. Can you help? A: Even though you can rotate the pick across the entire half-sphere. The "sweet spot" is always on the outer circle, and always on one of the eight compass points, most often on the four main points. Once you hit the sweet spot, Garrett will stop raise his right pick to signify that you found it, and you can either wait for the tumbler to spin or press the Attack button to spin it quickly. Q: Why can't I blackjack a seated guard? A: I don't know, some weird bug. You can blackjack sleeping guards, no problem, but this is always an issue. Either gas him or get his attention and wait until he settles down. Q: How do I get the Chalice in Mission 3? A: You need the holy symbol from the High Priest's Quarters (it's a small hammer) and a stamped gear from the factory (read around the notes to find out how to do that). Put those in the mechanism and the Chalice will lower. Q: How do I put blood on the Giverings Altar in Mission 4? A: Drop a dead body on it. Unconscious bodies won't work. If you're trying not to kill, then use the body next to the entrance to the Taproot Cave. Q: Where's the secret switch in the mansion in Mission 5? A: Beneath the desk in the study, which is in the Overlook Proper part, in the southeast corner of the first floor. Q: I'm trying to enter Mission 8, but I can't get back into the Keeper Library. How do I do it? A: There's a window above the glyph you normally use. Q: I'm in Mission 9. How do I find information on the Hag? A: To put it shortly, in the past, in the Nursery, on the podium. ****************************************************************************** 3. BASICS ****************************************************************************** ============================== 3A. Keyboard/Mouse Interface = ============================== Here are the controls for the game: --- Movement - Forward (Default: W) - Moves Garrett forward. Backward (Default: S) - Moves Garrett backward. Strafe Left (Default: A) - Slides Garrett to the left. Strafe Right (Default: D) - Slides Garrett to the right. Walk Modifier (Default: Shift) - Garrett will walk slowly and more quietly while moving. Creep Modifier (Default: Ctrl) - Garrett will creep very slowly and silently while moving. Lean Left (Default: Q) - Garrett will slide left a little bit without moving his feet. Lean Right (Default: E) - Garrett will slide right a little bit without moving his feet. Crouch (Default: X) - Drops Garrett into a crouch, giving him a smaller profile and allowing him to move slowly and more softly. Flatten (Default: R) - Press while standing and touching a wall to press up against it, which will make you harder to see and less likely to run into enemies. Interaction (Default: Right Mouse Button) - If near enough to an item (a blue aura surrounds it), you will activate or pick up the item. If the item is junk or a body, press again to set it down. View - Viewpoint (Default: V) - Toggles between first-person and third-person view. Look Around (Default: Mouse Movement) - Rotate view or tilt camera angle. Zoom (Default: Up and Down Arrows) - Zoom in and out with Garrett's mechanical eye. Weapons - Weapon Select (Default: Mouse Wheel) - Scrolls through your available weapons. Weapon Attack (Default: Left Mouse Button) - Uses your equipped weapon. Unequip Weapon (Default: =) - Puts the current weapon away. Bow Zoom (Defaults: Z) - Zooms in and out with the bow automatically. Blackjack (Default: 1) - Equips the Blackjack. Dagger (Default: 2) - Equips the Dagger. Broadhead Arrow (Default: 3) - Equips the bow with a Broadhead Arrow. Fire Arrow (Default: 4) - Equips the bow with a Fire Arrow. Gas Arrow (Default: 5) - Equips the bow with a Gas Arrow. Moss Arrow (Default: 6) - Equips the bow with a Moss Arrow. Noisemaker Arrow (Default: 7) - Equips the bow with a Noisemaker Arrow. Water Arrow (Default: 8) - Equips the bow with a Water Arrow. Items - Item Select (Default: [ and ]) - Scrolls through your available items. Use Item (Default: I) - Uses the currently equipped item. If you're carrying a junk item, you will throw it. Unequip Item (Default: -) - Puts the current item away. Flash Bomb (Default: F1) - Equips Flash Bombs. Explosive Mine (Default: F2) - Equips Explosive Mines. Health Potion (Default: F3) - Equips Health Potions. Holy Water (Default: F4) - Equips Holy Water. Oil Flask (Default: F5) - Equips Flasks of Oil. Gas Bomb (Default: F6) - Equips Gas Bombs. Gameplay - Go to Menu Screen (Default: Esc) - Pauses the game and goes to the menu. Map (Default: M) - Displays the mission map. Objectives (Default: O) - Displays the current mission objectives. Quick Save (Default: F10) - Create a quick save. Quick Load (Default: F12) - Load up the quick save. ==================== 3B. Menus/Displays = ==================== Title Menu - New Game: Start a new game with the pre-mission screen for the first mission. Load Game: Access the loading screen, to load up an old saved game. Options: Mess with the game's settings. Credits: View the game credits. Exit to Desktop: Quit the game and return to Windows. --- Options Menu - A/V: Adjust the audio and visual aspects of the game, sacrificing graphics for performance. Controls: Invert Mouse Look: Reverses the up/down function of the mouse. Look Spring: If turned on, returns your view to front and center if you start moving. Auto Bow Zoom: Will automatically zoom in with your bow if you nock an arrow for a period of time. Inputs: Use this function to remap the keys to your taste. --- Pre-Mission Menu - Abort: Don't accept this mission and return to the streets (only available after the second mission). Briefing: A textual description about what you're supposed to do. Difficulty: Shows you your "standard" mission objectives (loot-related) and allows you to change them (Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert). Goals: Shows you, specifically, what you have to do that's special in this mission. Gear: Takes you to a screen that shows all your items. Right-click on an item to get more info on it. Click on Garrett's portrait to see your current upgrades. Also, you can click on the Loot button to see your current loot, the Items button to see special mission items, and the Map button to see the mission map. Start: Begin the mission. --- Pause Menu - Gear: Takes you to a screen that shows all your items. Left-click on an item to equip it, and right-click on an item to get more info on it. Click on Garrett's portrait to see your current upgrades. Also, you can click on the Loot button to see your current loot, the Items button to see special mission items, and the Map button to see the mission map. Goals: Shows you all your goals in this mission, both standard and special. A checkbox and yellow text mean you've completed the objective. A struckout goal means the objective's been cancelled. Also, you can see several Notes for help in the mission, and Restrictions about what you can do to people. Save: Go to the save menu and either create a new save, overwrite an old one (by clicking on it), or click the Restart button to start the mission over. Load: Click on a game to load it up. All unsaved data up to that point will be lost. Faction: This will only be accessible if in the City, and after your first two missions for the Keepers are complete. Click it to find how you stand with the Hammers and Pagans, and any recent changes. Title Menu: Click to return to the Title Menu. You haven't lost your game data at this point. You can press Esc to return to the game. --- Post-Mission Menu - Load: Click on a game to load it up. All unsaved data up to that point will be lost. Debriefing: Click to view a textual description of what just happened. Stats: Checks your stats, including mission time, how much loot you found, any knockouts, combatant kills, non-combatant kills, stealthy kills, times discovered, and locks picked. Goals: One last look at the objectives you just completed. Gear: Takes you to a screen that shows all your items. Right-click on an item to get more info on it. Click on Garrett's portrait to see your current upgrades. Also, you can click on the Loot button to see your current loot, the Items button to see special mission items, and the Map button to see the mission map. --- In-game Heads-up Display The HUD in this game is pretty light... Lower-left Corner - This area shows your Health Gems. When you run out, you die. Also, you can see your currently equipped item in this corner. Lower-right Corner - This area shows your currently equipped weapon. Bottom middle - Here is your Light Gem and Compass. The Compass shows which direction you're facing (which makes writing this FAQ easier when you can use directions), and the Light Gem will show you how "in the dark" you are. A dark gem means you're in the shadows, and a white gem means you're sticking out like a sore thumb. ****************************************************************************** 4. GARRETT: MASTER THIEF ****************************************************************************** ====================== 4A. The Story So Far = ====================== An orphan on the street, little Garrett had no other way to live than by picking pockets and stealing bread to make his living. One day, he saw a man resting on the sidewalk dressed in a black cloak. Despite his odd appearance, no one paid any attention to him as they passed. Garrett made a pass for his purse. The man caught his hand before it hit the purse, saying that it wasn't for him. To Garrett's surprise, the man didn't harm or scold him. Instead, the man offered Garrett a new life, one where Garrett's skills of seeing those who didn't want to be seen would be put to good use. And so, the Keepers took Garrett into their fold, and he learned their ways well into his twenties; the ways of combat, sneaking, archery, spying, and infiltration. On the eve of his initiation into the Keeper ranks, Garrett decided that his time and skills could be spent in a better way than the way the Keepers had in mind for him, so he fled the Keepers and decided to pursue life as a thief. Garrett, using both his latent abilities and those taught to him by the Keepers, quickly became a very well-known thief. His skills were saught after by many people looking to acquire items of great wealth. Garrett earned his living this way for some years. One night, Garrett was contacted by a woman named Viktoria. She requested that he infiltrate the mansion of a collector named Constantine and steal a sword. Garrett did this job, even as he marvelled at the mansion's haphazard, if not insane, layout. When he returned to Viktoria, he found that she was asking his help under Constantine's orders. Constantine had a job for Garrett that would pay a fortune: steal an artifact called "The Eye". Garrett invaded a walled-up and abandoned portion of the City and found that The Eye was sealed up in a Hammerite Cathedral to contain the evil power. The Eye itself speaks to Garrett, telling him that the Keepers shut it up, and to retrieve four Talismans to release it. In missions that take him to many strange places, Garrett recovers the four Talismans and takes The Eye out of the cathedral. Upon returning to Constantine and Viktoria, Garrett presents The Eye to them, only to learn that it's "defective". Viktoria changes into a being of plant- life, and Constantine into the Trickster, the Woodsie Lord of the Pagans. Viktoria ensnares Garrett with vines and plucks his left eye from its socket, to be placed within The Eye. The Trickster intends to use The Eye to bring his dimension, the Maw of Chaos, onto the world so that darkness would rule. He leaves Garrett for dead. Keepers come to the mansion and free Garrett. Furious and vengeful, Garrett turns to the only people that could potentially help him, the Hammers. Under siege themselves from the Trickster's minions, the Hammers agree to help Garrett and give him a fake The Eye to foil the Trickster. Garrett sneaks into the Maw of Chaos, finds the Trickster performing his ritual, and swaps Eyes. Once the ritual was complete, The Eye explodes, taking the Trickster with it. Following the incident, Garrett receives from the Hammers a replacement mechanical eye. A Keeper visits him. Garrett express his desire never to be involved with the Keepers again, but the Keeper warns him of the coming Metal Age... This was the story as told in "Thief: The Dark Project" and "Thief Gold". Time passed, and Garrett returned to his trade as before. With the Pagan cult somewhat pacified, the Hammers gained a slight advantage of power in the city. With this power came new leader figures. A Hammerite high priest named Karras had a revelation from the Builder, and he formed his own offshoot order of the Hammers, called the Mechanists. Renouncing the wooden-shafted hammer for the fully-metal mace, the Mechanists were far more dependant on machinery than their brethren, creating mechanized wonders, including "Watchers", that could track the movements of anyone in its vision, and "Combots", metal beasts that could fire cannon shot at their enemies. Garrett mostly ignored all this, dismissing as petty politics that would resolves themselves, until he found Keeper Artemus at his door. Garrett was taken to hear Interpreter Caduca spin a new prophecy, one that would herald the coming of the Metal Age, and that Garrett needed to play an important part in it. Despite his lack of desire to participate, events were set in motion that required him to get involved, not the least of which was a new Sheriff of the City Watch, Gorman Truart. Working to subvert Truart and get him off the chase, Garrett was to confront him with incriminating evidence, when he found the sheriff murdered by a Pagan assassin. Chasing the Pagans, Garrett found himself returning to the Maw, where he found Viktoria, still alive. Using her powers of nature, she threatened Garrett into working for her, as the Mechanists had a horrible plot in mind. In his investigations, Garrett uncovered the plot, that Karras, in his insanity, found himself to be the judge of the Builder, and would destroy all the imperfect organic lifeforms of the world. Using a half-mechanical, half- human monstrosity called a "Servant", Karras would gift these to the wealthy families of the City. Contained within the Servant was a deadly surprise: a gas that, when coming into contact with organic material, would dissolve it, and multiply. With all the gardens, plant life, and people in the city, a release of the gas would destroy all the life in the city, save for Karras, holed up in his airtight cathedral, Soulforge. Viktoria and Garrett prepared to assault Soulforge. Viktoria would use her powers to cover Soulforge in plant life, then Garrett would sabotage the Servants to return to Karras, and then discharge their gas. Viktoria was killed in the process, but Garrett was successful in the mission, and when the gas was released, only one soul died from the catastrophe: the madman Karras. Soulforge soon fell into disrepair, and the influence of the Mechanists was soon almost completely removed from the City. This was the story as told in "Thief II: The Metal Age". More time has passed. The Hammers and the Pagans continue to operate in the city, but neither side seems to gaining serious ground in influence. Garrett and the Keepers no longer have as serious a distrust of each other, a feeling that will be tested to its limits in this new chapter of the saga... ================================ 4B. Basic Movement/Interaction = ================================ Running/Walking/Creeping Use the movement keys to move Garrett. The game is set on "auto-run", so if only using the movement keys, Garrett will run at top, noisy speed. Holding the Walk modifier key will slow Garrett down to a leisurely walk, sort of a halfway, and holding down the Creep modifier key will slow Garrett down even further, making his footfalls silent. --- Crouching Press the Crouch key to lower yourself. You will move about as fast as creeping and will be silent when you move in this mode, and can slow yourself down even further with the walk and creep modifier keys. You will also present a smaller profile. --- Leaning Press the left and right lean keys to lean out. Use this to peek around corners. Be careful leaning into light, because you can be seen. --- Climbing/Mantling Climbing ladders is a simple matter of moving into them. You'll automatically start looking up and can use the forward/backward movement keys to climb. Mantling means to mount on top of a low barrier in front of you. Jump into the barrier and continue to hold the jump key and push forward to scale it. --- Wall Flattening Press the Flatten key when standing and adjacent to a wall to press against it. You will hide better like this, and people can pass VERY close to you and not discover you. --- Viewpoint The default view for the PC version of the game is first person, like the old Thief games. This view is good for aiming, looking distances, and really getting into the character of Garrett. Press the Viewpoint key to switch to the third-person view, which can give you a better sense of the things around you. --- Interaction Anything you can interact with in the game will glow blue when you get close enough to interact with it. Press the Use key to interact with that object, whether its to open a door, pick up an object, or flip a lever. Sometimes you can pick up an object that's useless. It will sit in the middle of your heads-up display and blink. This means that you're carrying it and can't really do anything else with your hands. You can drop it to the ground with the Use key, or throw it with the Item Use key. --- Swimming Uh, you can't in this game. I know, it's a shame, but you can't evade your enemies in the water. If you fall off the Docks into the ocean, you're fragged. ======================== 4C. The Art of Stealth = ======================== Unlike some other stealth series, Thief puts you at a serious disadvantage, physically. If you want to make it through the game in one piece, you'll have to learn how to sneak. --- Light This is your #1 enemy, because its the one thing that will get your enemies after you, short of running into them yourself. Your problem of light is addressed by the Light Gem at the bottom of the screen. How much its lit determines how visible you are. When it's mostly dark with a small gray center, you're as hidden as you can be. When it's reddish with a yellow center, you're in half light, and if you get in anyone's line of sight, they'll grow suspicous. A fully yellow Gem means you're lit up like a Roman Candle. Naturally, your best bet is to stick to the shadows; dark areas in the field. Move along them and you won't be spotted. Also, there are several light sources you can extinguish to create more pools of darkness. Top on that list are open flames. Candles can be extinguished by hand (press the Use key near them). Torches and open gas lamps need to be extinguished with Water Arrows. Enclosed lanterns, electric lights, and magical blue flames cannot be extinguished, but sometimes you can find switches to turn off electric lights. New to this game are the dynamic light sources, such as people carrying torches or candles. You have to be careful because what's a safe dark spot may not be forever. Also new to this game are the shadows cast by light. It's no use hiding from an enemy if your shadow's sticking out, because they will spot it. --- Sound Naturally, silence is the best policy. Running and jumping make loud noises that will attract attention, so move slow near enemies and don't make any unnecessary sounds. To that end, also be careful where you walk. Floor surfaces have varying degrees of sound produced. Moss created by Moss Arrows produces no sound. Rugs are very soft, followed by bare ground, then wood and stone (about equal), then metal as the loudest. Avoid moving fast on these surfaces, if you have to move on them at all, and use Moss Arrows to dampen the sound. Now, while sound can be a harsh mistress, it's also a valuable ally. Be sure to use your ears to listen to pacing guards. The volume of the sound can indicate how far away they are. Also, listening to a guard's speech can tell you how they feel. If it's stuff like "Nice night out tonight" or whistling, you're in good shape. If it's "Stop, you!" or "Come here, taffer!", you know you're in trouble... --- Evidence Just as incriminating as a black-clad fella wandering around is the evidence he can leave behind. Certain things can make people slightly suspicious, such as missing loot, missing people, moved items, open doors, and extinguished flames. Certain other things can make people start actively looking for you, such as bodies lying in plain view and bloodstains (clean those up with a Water Arrow). Always make sure to hide all evidence that you were ever there, for best results. --- Enemy Reaction Normal: In normal circumstances, your enemies will either be standing guard in an area or pacing around on patrol. Don't think that just because they're sauntering around, mumbling and whistling, that they're not alert. However, they're not necessarily expecting trouble, so this is the best time to sneak attack them, with the Blackjack, Dagger, or an arrow. Suspicious: This will happen if you make a noise, or if a guard notices you in dim light, or if you do something else that could be thought of as weird. The enemy will walk over to where he/she heard the noise and inspect the area. If they find nothing awry, they'll just walk back to whatever they were doing and resume their duties. Alert: This happens when you do something particularly intrusive, such as attack an enemy, use a Noisemaker Arrow, put out a torch that an enemy is carrying, or leave a body in sight. Your enemy will not yet have seen you, but they will draw their weapons and start systematically searching the area. You cannot sneak attack them in this condition, but as long as you stay out of their way, they will eventually give up and go back to Normal. Attack: This is when an enemy definitely spots you or bumps into you while searching. They will draw their weapons, close in, and strike, or hang back and use their ranged weapons if that's an option. Hiding in shadows is useless as they have a bead on you and know to look for you. Best bet is either to fight them with your weapons and tools, or run away. If you run away, they will chase. If you manage to duck into a corner and hide without them seeing you, they'll go into Alert Mode and search for you. Enemies cannot climb, jump, or mantle, and they're reluctant to drop a distance, so if you can evade them using those tactics, you'll be able to escape. Warlike: This is a strange mode that can happen in missions sometimes. You'll get situations where your enemy will have his/her weapon out and be in a battle ready position, but will not be doing anything specific. In this mode, you can sneak attack them, so check to make sure to see if they're actively looking for you. If not, they're no different from a normal enemy. Blind/Choking: This is when you drop a Flash Bomb or when you hit your enemy in the face with a Moss Arrow. They're momentarily incapacitated and won't chase you, but they will get out of this mode in a matter of seconds, after which they'll be in Alert Mode. Unlike past games, you cannot sneak attack an enemy that is incapacitated in this way. You'll just strike as normal. Prone: Your enemy has succumbed to your attacks and his lying on the ground. If an enemy is unconscious from a Blackjack or gas, they will remain that way for the rest of the mission. A dead enemy is dead. If a Zombie is prone, however, they are still active. If you get close, they will spring up and attack. =============== 4D. Equipment = =============== As always, our boy Garrett has his set of implements of DEATH to use if the locals get ugly. Not all of these weapons are lethal, some are just used to make your trade a bit easier. --- Blackjack - This is now your primary weapon. It's a simple club, really. Its only real use (although it is a useful use) is to clout unsuspecting enemies to knock them out. - To properly be able to whack someone, they must not be aware of your presence, nor can they be actively searching for you (with weapon drawn). Get behind them with the Blackjack equipped and get close enough so that Garrett raises his arm. Press the Attack button and you'll send your opponent to dreamland. - There really is no other use for this weapon, though. It causes a pitiful amount of damage in actual combat. Also, in the first two games, you could take out a non-combatant even if they were aware of you. This is not the case in this game. - The Blackjack can only be used on living enemies. The undead will only get pissed. --- Dagger - This is your lethal close-combat weapon, that replaces the sword from your previous two games. Naturally, a big bulky sword doesn't fit the thief's persona. - Pressing the Attack button will cause Garrett to swing the blade, causing a decent amount of damage to your enemy. Different types of enemies require a different amount of slashes to kill. - Also, just like the Blackjack, you can sneak up behind your enemy and attack. As before, they must not be aware of your presence, nor can they be actively searching for you (with weapon drawn). Get behind them with the Dagger equipped and get close enough so that Garrett raises his arm. Press the Attack button and you'll send your opponent to the pearly gates. --- Shortbow and Arrows - Garrett's Bow is his long-range weapon. To use, first select your arrow, then hold down the Attack button to nock an arrow. Release the Attack button to fire the arrow. If you choose not to fire the arrow, press the Jump button or the ESC key. - The Bow is equipped with a sight, which you can use to target your shot. As you hold your string back, you'll zoom in closer to your target. You can only hold your shot this way for so long before you get tired and lower the Bow. - You have six different types of arrows to use in this game. = Broadhead Arrow = - This is Mr. Basic Arrow. There are two uses for this thing: causing a small amount of noise to attract attention, or making holes in bad guys. Different enemies take different numbers of Broadheads. - If the enemy is unaware of your presence, you can try to snipe them with a single arrow. Shoot them in the head or the chest, and they'll be immediately killed. - If your arrow ends up embedded in wood, you can retrieve it. - You can carry a maximum of 30 Broadheads. = Fire Arrow = - This elemental arrow is made from a red Fire Crystal. You can often find these in fires, hot coals, and other warm places. - This explosive arrow has great power. Using them against enemies tend to drop them in one or two shots. - You can use this arrow to set fire to unlit torches or candles. - Once you nock this arrow, you'll generate a lot of light, and the explosion's pretty loud, so be careful. - This weapon can dust Zombies if you connect cleanly with one hit. - This arrow no longer flies in a straight line like in the old games. It arcs like all other arrows. - You can carry a maximum of 15 Fire Arrows. = Gas Arrow = - This elemental arrow is made from a yellow Air Crystal. They're tough to find, but check air vents and high places. - This arrow has no attack power. - Shoot this arrow and a three-foot spread of knockout gas will cover the area. Any living thing caught in the gas will pass out. - This arrow no longer flies in a straight line like in the old games. It arcs like all other arrows. - You can carry a maximum of 5 Gas Arrows. = Moss Arrow = - This elemental arrow is made from a green Earth Crystal. You can often find them in areas of plantlife, like bushes. - This arrow has no attack power. - Shoot this arrow and a cloud of moss will explode from the impact point. This moss will spread to a wide area. Walking on this moss will produce no sound, no matter how hard or fast you run or jump on it. - Shoot this arrow at an enemy's face (not just the head) and they'll start choking on the moss. They'll be temporarily incapacitated and won't be able to make noise. - You can carry a maximum of 20 Moss Arrows. = Noisemaker Arrow = - This mechanical arrow is tough to find in the wild, but can be purchased from every shop in the game. - This arrow has no attack power. - Shoot this arrow and a little gizmo will start sparking and whistling. Such a display will attract anyone in the area (hostile or not). Once it burns out, your enemies will be suspicious. - You can carry a maximum of 5 Noisemaker Arrows. = Water Arrow = - This elemental arrow is made from a blue Water Crystal. They can be found in just about any area that has small amounts of water in it, so not the ocean... - This arrow has no attack power. - Shoot this arrow and it will break into a sheet of water. Any nearby natural flames will be extinguished. This is probably your most useful arrow, as it will allow you to move in the shadows. It can only extinguish open flames, however. Any encased lanterns or electric lights will not be affected. - Water Arrows can also be used to clean up bloodstains on the ground. - You can carry a maximum of 25 Water Arrows. --- Flash Bomb - This mechanical device, when thrown, creates a brilliant flash of light on impact. Anyone who can see this flash will be blinded for several seconds. Use this if you need to make a run from an enemy that found you. - There are two things about Flash Bombs that are changed from the first two games. The first is that the flash will not blind you at all, even if you look right at it. The second is that even if blinded, enemies are not helpless. You'll will not be able to make sneak attacks on them. - Oddly enough, the bright flash of light can damage and destroy undead. - You can carry a maximum of 20 Flash Bombs. --- Explosive Mine - This floor emplacement can be placed on the ground in front of you. If anything steps on the mine, including you, it will explode violently, causing a lot of damage. The mine has a small red light to remind you its there if you set it. - This item will be sold in stores once you complete your first two missions for the Keepers. - You can carry a maximum of 5 Mines. --- Health Potion - This red potion will restore your health crystals. The amount restored is different depending on the difficulty level. - You can carry a maximum of 10 Health Potions. --- Holy Water - This flask full of blue water has holy properties. It can be thrown to create a puddle of water on the ground, which will last for about half a minute. Any undead that steps on the puddle, or is hit when the flask is thrown will be instantly destroyed. You can use the puddle to deter undead from chasing you as well. - This flask is not sold in any store, but you can find them Hammerite- controlled areas, such as Fort Ironwood. - You can carry a maximum of 5 Flasks of Holy Water. --- Oil Flask - This flask full of yellow oil can be thrown. It will burst into a puddle of yellow oil. Anyone (besides yourself) that walks across the puddle will slip on the oil. When things slip on the oil, they can potentially slide into dangerous situations, such as, say, off a cliff. - Shoot a Fire Arrow into a puddle of oil to cause it to burst into flames. Enemies will be reluctant to tail you across such a burning pool, and if they're caught in it, they'll be damaged. - This item will be sold in stores once you complete your first two missions for the Keepers. - You can carry a maximum of 5 Flasks of Oil. --- Gas Bomb - This is (for lack of a better term) a more expensive, but more effective version of the Gas Arrow. It can't be shot, only thrown, so it won't go as far, but it will still explode in a cloud of gas, except this cloud of gas covers about an eight-foot spread, which will knockout any living thing caught in it. - It's good for dropping groups of enemies clustered together. One of my favorite tactics is to shoot a Noisemaker at a random spot, and let them all congregate, then drop the lot of them with the bomb. - This item will be sold in stores once you complete your first two missions for the Keepers. - You can carry a maximum of 5 Gas Bombs. --- Mechanical Eye - You have this item from the beginning of the game (from the beginning of last game, in fact). Press the Up or Down Arrow Keys to zoom in and out using the eye to scout ahead. You received this item from the Hammerites after you lost the first one in a rather ugly confrontation in the first game. --- Lockpick - You have your picks from the beginning of the game, and can use them to pick open any visible locks on doors and chests. Press the Use button near a locked item and you'll automatically go into "picking mode". - Lockpicking may seem complicated at first, but it's actually quite simple, and with practice, you can snap them open in seconds. When you're in "the mode", you'll see anywhere from three to six tumblers in the lower right corner. What you need to do is find the "sweet spot" on the tumbler. Use the mouse to move your left pick around. Although you can manuever the pick in a full half-sphere, the spot is only on the outer circle, and only on the eight compass points. Once close to the proper spot, the tumbler will jiggle. Once you're on the spot, you'll start spinning the tumbler through its hole. Either wait for it to spin all the way, or press the Attack button to quickly spin the tumbler. You'll then automatically jam your right pick into the hole and you can get to work on the next tumbler. Once all tumblers are spun, the lock will be open. - You can purchase Practice Locks at certain stores to practice your skills, but I think these are a waste of money, as there are plenty of locks in the City to practice on without fear of being caught. - Despite all the sound you appear to be making, picking locks will not attract attention. The only thing people may notice is if you're working in the light. --- Keeper Door Glyph - Once you are allowed into the Keeper Library, you'll receive this power, which will allow you to open doors in areas marked with a blue glyph. These can lead to new areas, little hidey holes, or escape routes. --- Builder's Blessing - Once you read Inspector Drept's note in the Keeper Library, you'll be able to use your Broadheads to destroy Rust Mites that wander around the City. --- Pagan's Blessing - Once you read Dyan's note in the Docks outside the Pagan stronghold, you'll be able to grow things on cornerstones using your Moss Arrows. --- Climbing Gloves - "The Undercurrent" (the store in the Docks) has these gloves on sale for 2000g. You can use these gloves to climb stone or brick walls. To climb, jump towards the wall and you'll automatically grab on. Press Jump again to let go. You can climb up, down, left, and right. --- The Glyph of Unbinding - Once you enter your enemy's "Lair", you can find this in the secret room in the back. Once you have this glyph in your possession, you can use your Blackjack to defeat the living Statues. Four frontal smacks or one sneak attack will crumble them. ****************************************************************************** 5. THE CITY ****************************************************************************** The Windy Apple. The Big Stinky. Call it what you will, most missions in the game take place here, and it will behoove you to become familiar with getting around, as you'll spend much of the game wandering the streets, heading to your next mission. If you keep to yourself and don't cause trouble, the Citizens will leave you alone. ================ 5A. City Areas = ================ South Quarter - This is your home area. It never has very many watchmen, or people, for that matter. The north area has a fountain plaza, which has your apartment building and a gate leading north to Stonemarket. The southern street area has a well in the eastern corner, a gate leading to the Docks in southeast corner, Pavelock Prison on the south end, a guard station west of that, and a food stand on the north side of this area. The west road in this area leads to Black Alley, which has Heartless Penny the fence, and The Well-Equipped Thief shop. --- Stonemarket - This marketplace area has two separate areas. It has more people and Watchmen than other areas. The west end is Stonemarket Plaza, with a Tavern that takes up most of the southern area (which is closed when you're about). There's a gate leading back to the South Quarter on the southe end. There are passages and alleys around which lead to the north section, where you'll find Terces Courtyard (marked by a gargoyle statue), and the Clocktower, which requires climbing to enter. Also, you'll be able to access the Keeper Library from here. The east end is Stonemarket Proper. This area is mostly St. Edgar's Church in the center. In the southwest area is a guard station and a cell. Behind the church (east side) are both Black Market Bertha the fence, and Marla's Shop. The north end of the area has a gate leading to Old Quarter, as well as Cothron's Armory and the Stonecutter's shop. --- The Docks - This is the poor section of town, and you cannot enter until the Keepers allow you to do so, as it's quarantined off. The gates leading to South Quarter and the Old Quarter are in the northeast corner. A passage in the east leads to Dahlia the fence, then further on to the Pagan territories. It's advised not to go there unless you're friendly with them. West of the gates, you'll find The Undercurrent store, then further on to the actual docks and a small rowboat. West through some small passages are a Tavern (which is open 24), and more piers, where you'll find the ship Abysmal Gale has docked. --- The Old Quarter - This area is, naturally, one of the oldest in the City. You'll involuntarily come here at some point in the game. There's a gate to Stonemarket at the northwest end of the area, a gate to the Docks at the southeastern corner, and a gate to Auldale in the northeastern corner. Major landmarks include the Keeper Compound at the west end, Fort Ironwood in the southwest corner (which is the Hammers' headquarters, take care going there). There is also a guard station in the center of the area, and Carmen's Store at the northeast end. Finally, in the far east is the abandoned Shalebridge Cradle. --- Auldale - The ritzy section of town, with most of the city's rich people. The only way in is the gate on the west side from the Old Quarter. Landmarks include the Plaza on the west side, the Pump House near to that, the Museum in the northeast corner, and the park on the east side, which has turned into a Pagan camp. Also, you can find the Auldale fence in the southern area, and Inspector Drept keeps his office near the pub in the southeast corner. ================== 5B. Fences/Shops = ================== Unlike previous games, that gave you a loadout screen and allowed you to buy stuff automatically with whatever loot you'd acquired in the last mission, this game requires you to first go to fences in the City to sell your loot and then find shops to buy stuff from. Fortunately, they're pretty easy to find. Look for a red handprint, both on your map and on the street, and you'll be able to find your contacts. --- Fences These folks will take your hard-stolen loot out of your hands and give you cash you can use. For some odd reason, you also have to fence any coins you steal as well. Possibly so that they won't be traceable... Anyway, loot is broken down into three basic categories, which you can see on your Loot Screen: Metal, which is comprised of gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals. Gems, which are rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and items made from them. Artwork, which is stuff that has more collector value than material. Sometimes, things that you might think are gem or metal are artwork, for instance, Copper Glasses are artwork. Go the fence and you can pick specific items to sell, or you can just click the Sell All button at the bottom of the screen to dump it all. Each fence will take two types of loot off you. One type they won't touch. Here are each of the fences: Heartless Perry - Found: South Quarter, in Black Alley, on the far west side. Buys: Metal and Gems Black Market Bertha - Found: Stonemarket Proper, behind St. Edgar's Church Buys: Metal and Gems Dahlia - Found: The Docks, on the east side, through a small passage. Buys: Gems and Artwork Auldale Fence - Found: Auldale, in the southeast corner, near the pub. Buys: Metal and Artwork --- Shops Most shops are pretty similar. Once you enter the shop, select an item you wish to purchase, then select the amount. All shops have a "standard" set of items they sell: Broadhead Arrow: 100g Noisemaker Arrow: 225g Flash Bomb: 100g Health Potion: 200g Once you complete your first two missions for the Keepers, the shops will carry more items: Explosive Mine: 275g Gas Bomb: 375g Oil Flask: 175g Each shop also has special items you can only purchase there, such as Elemental Arrows. Here are each of the shops: The Well-Equipped Thief - Found: South Quarter, in Black Alley, on the far west side. Special Items: - Water Arrow: 100g Marla Madison's Shop - Found: Stonemarket Proper, behind St. Edgar's Church. Special Items: - Moss Arrow: 125g - Iron Practice Lock: 500g The Undercurrent - Found: The Docks, west of the gates, down the stairs. Special Items: - Fire Arrow: 225g - Silver Practice Lock: 750g - Climbing Gloves: 2000g Carmen's Place - Found: The Old Quarter, in the northern area, west of the Auldale gate. Special Items: - Gas Arrow: 325g - Gold Practice Lock: 1000g ============== 5C. Factions = ============== This is a new addition to the series. Although it doesn't really affect the end outcome of the game, playing nice to the factions can make life easier. There are two prominent factions in the game, and two (what I call) lesser factions, who you can't really affect your standing with, but it's reasonable to point them out. Once you have performed your first two missions for the Keepers, you'll receive missives from the prominent members in the factions, who will pretty much spell out that you're currently on their evil list, but there are things you can do to improve your standing and possibly become friendly. There are three standings for the two main factions: Hostile - You are attacked on sight by any members of the faction. Neutral - You are not attacked on sight, but you are not allowed to enter the faction's headquarters. Allied - You are allowed to enter and use the facilities of the faction's headquarters. Also, if in battle, spellcasters will aid you with their spells. You only need to worry about factional reputation while running around the City. During missions, EVERYONE is hostile to you, regardless of how nice they were just outside. On the plus side, anything you do to them in that mission doesn't affect your standing outside. --- Hammers In the beginning, there was the Builder, and he created man to toil on the earth. The Builder blessed man with the Hammer and the Chisel, with which man would create, and make himself worthy in the Builder's eyes, These religious men are always seen wearing red. Their warriors wield warhammers. Their base of operations is in Fort Ironwood in the Old Quarter. This fort is one of the only sure places where you can get Holy Water, so it behooves you to befriend the Hammers early on. To increase Hammer standing: - Find Rust Mites (golden beetles) wandering the city and fire Broadheads at them (careful, it's pretty loud). - Destroy any undead, Zombies or Hammer Haunts. - Perform other special tasks for the Hammers. To decrease Hammer standing: - Kill, harm, or knockout a Hammer. - Pickpocket Hammers or get caught stealing from Fort Ironwood. Rust Mite Locations: 1. South Quarter, near the Stonemarket gate. 2. South Quarter, due southeast of the fountain. 3. South Quarter, near Pavelock Prison and the Docks gate. 4. Stonemarket Plaza, in Terces Courtyard, up the long flight of stairs that seem to go nowhere. 5. Stonemarket Plaza, in the center of the area, in front of a Door Glyph. 6. Stonemarket Proper, near Marla's store. 7. Docks, near Dahlia's place. 8. Docks, near the rowboat in the south end. 9. Docks, on top of a ladder near the Tavern in the southwest corner. 10. Old Quarter, just east of the Keeper Compound. 11. Old Quarter, just north of the Docks gate. --- Pagans Although destroyed in the flesh, the Woodsie Lord continues to watch over these people of the woods. They continue their tireless efforts towards bringing nature back to dominance, and to live as one with it. Naturally, these guys are the enemy of the progress-driven Hammers. You'll find these men and women walking around in brown rags. Sometimes, they'll be tattooed or painted. They'll always speak a strange dialect of the common tongue, focused around "S"'s. They have a camp set up on the east side of the Docks, and another camp in the plaza in Auldale. To increase Pagan standing: - Find cornerstones (black blocks at the corners of walls) and fire Moss Arrows into them. - Find Pagan Cocoons (crescent-shaped things in their bases) and fire any elemental arrows into them (can do so once per day). - Perform other special tasks for the Pagans. To decrease Pagan standing: - Kill, harm, or knockout a Pagan. - Pickpocket Pagans or get caught stealing from any Pagan Camps. Cornerstone Locations: 1. South Quarter, at the spot where Lady Elizabeth and her thugs were waiting. 2. South Quarter, right near Pavelock Prison. 3. South Quarter, in Black Alley between the store and the fence. 4. Stonemarket Plaza, the northwest corner of the tavern. 5. Stonemarket Plaza, just south of the gate to Stonemarket Proper. 6. Stonemarket Proper, west of the gate to the Old Quarter. 7. Docks, just south of the South Quarter gate. 8. Docks, northeast of the Pagan Sapling, in the small corner alley. 9. Docks, east of the Tavern. 10. Old Quarter, just north of Fort Ironwood. 11. Old Quarter, west of the Auldale gate. 12. Fort Ironwood, in the graveyard. 13. Auldale, east of Inspector Drept's window. 14. Auldale, south of the museum entrance. 15. Auldale, in the Plaza, beneath the sign about it. --- Keepers Your reputation with the "third" faction cannot be changed by minor actions, only throughout the story. The Keepers are a very old society that may have been around as long as the City itself. No one knows for sure because the Keepers refuse to keep a history. The Keepers oversee all that goes on and the city and work subtley to maintain the balance, never having too much order, too much chaos, too much light, too much dark. They use the magic of glyphs in their work, and read ancient texts to determine prophecies so that they can foresee coming events. In general, the Keepers are nonviolent, preferring to let others fight their battles for them. Of course, there are certain things that the Keepers would need to keep secret. For this, the Keepers employ a cadre of Enforcers to do their dirty work. --- City Watch Finally, we have these bozos. The Watch has been on your case for years. They're the ones that put up all those handsome posters of you in the City. You cannot make nice with the Watch ever. They will always attack you whenever they see you. If they manage to kill you (or if you die while they chase you), they'll throw you in Pavelock Prison. That's your "second chance". If you manage to escape, they will try to kill you, instead of capturing. ============= 5D. Enemies = ============= Seems like everyone hates Garrett these days. Just like all other games, he'll have no shortage of bad guys who'd like to see his hands removed. --- Humanoid Enemies These guys are all *basically* the same. They all carry weapons, and all can potentially be your enemy. They can be blackjacked, backstabbed, or taken down with any more conventional means. They will work together with other members of their running crew. The only thing that truly sets them apart is what they can do to and what it takes to bring them down should it come to combat. Hired Guard - These are the independents that look after the houses and mansions of rich people. If they discover you, they'll tend to shout out your location to other guards so that they can help. They can be armed with either swords or bows. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Thug - These are the guys and gals wandering the streets armed with weapons, lumped into one category. They won't generally be hostile towards you, unless you get hostile first. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 City Watchmen - These guys wear gray uniforms and wander the streets, and they're always hostile towards you. Learn to work around their patrols to avoid combat. They can be armed with either swords or bows. If they catch and kill you, you'll be taken to Pavelock Prison. Escape, and they'll show no mercy the next time you're found. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Hammerite - Always wearing red and carrying warhammers, you'll find them in Hammer-controlled areas. See Factions for info on how hostile they'll be relation to your standing. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Hammer Priest - These spellcasters carry red wands that shoot fire. If allied, they may bless you in battle so that you can cause more damage and harm undead with normal weapons. If you can pickpocket their wands, they won't be able to use them should you run into them. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Pagan - Simple soldiers of the Pagan cult are armed with swords. You'll find them in Pagan-controlled areas. See Factions for info on how hostile they'll be in relation to your standing. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Pagan Shaman - The Shamans carry wooden wands that can fire green clouds that can damage. If allied they may cast a speed spell on you in battle to move faster. If you can pickpocket their wands, they won't be able to use them should you run into them. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Ratmen - Beasts working for the Pagans, Ratmen are quick buggers armed with swords. You'll find them on missions that lead into Pagan territory. They'll never really be friendly. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Kurshok - These are amphibious beings that live in the Sunken Citadel. They were considered servants of the Trickster god until something happened and they were cast below ground. They're pretty large and hardy, and they carry large swords in battle. Dagger: 9 Broadheads: 4 Fire Arrows: 2 Mine: 1 Keeper Enforcer - The assassins of the Keepers are (seemingly) always on the hunt when they get their orders. They stalk around, searching for their quarry. They're generally hated and attacked by anyone in the City (Watch, Pagans, Hammers). They're armed with special blades that will home in on their target when thrown. Also is the (particularly cool) fact that they communicate through telepathy, which you can hear. Of course, since it's echoing in your head, you can't really tell where they are from the sound. Dagger: Broadheads: Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Keeper Acolyte - These low-level Keepers are assigned with simple tasks, such as guarding sensitive areas. There's little to distinguish them from your average guard. Dagger: 6 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Keeper Elder - Assigned with delegating tasks in the Keeper Compound, these robed folk are also accomplished mages. Their icy blasts will hurt like heck, and they can also bless their allies to make them invisible. Dagger: 5 Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 --- Undead Enemies These creepy ghoulies inhabit damned, cursed, and otherwise haunted areas. They can be hid from just like normal enemies (despite apparent lack of eyes and ears), but some cannot be attacked like normal enemies. One thing common is that none of them can be knocked out with the Blackjack. Zombie - These shambling corpses are slow but persistent. Sometimes they won't be wandering, but may be lying on the ground instead, but they will be "alive" nonetheless. If you get close, they'll spring up and start slapping you. Using the Dagger or Broadheads will drop them to the ground, but not destroy them. They'll be ready to spring up again should you return. The following described methods will turn them into dust. Dagger (knockdown only): Broadheads (knockdown only): Fire Arrows: 1 Flash Bombs: 1 (must be direct hit, otherwise 2) Holy Water: 1 Mine: 1 Hammer Haunt - Yeah, baby! These guys are my favorite enemies from way back. They resemble your basic Hammers in casual appearance, until you look at the face and see a bloody skull. They also clink chains as they walk, whisper, shriek, and howl, so those are means to tell if they're Haunts. Despite their disconcerting appearance, they can actually be destroyed through conventional weapons. They won't dust, but will be your average corpse. Dagger: 6 Broadheads: 6 Fire Arrows: 1 Flash Bombs: Holy Water: 1 Mine: 1 Puppets - I'm not quite sure what these are, or more precisely, what they were. I do know that they're covered in brown wrappings, and they have wire mesh around their heads and hands. I consider these inhabitants of the Cradle as super-Zombies. They cannot be killed conventionally, they take more hits than normal Zombies, and they're pretty fast. They also don't dust, nor will they be a normal corpse, but once they shriek, fall, and grow silent, they're done. One really useful aspect about these enemies is that wherever they go, electrical disturbances (in the nearby light fixtures) seem to follow, so use that as a telltale sign that they're around. Dagger (knockdown only): Broadheads (knockdown only): Fire Arrows: 2 Flash Bombs: 2 (must be direct hit, otherwise 4) Holy Water: 1 Mine: 1 --- Other Enemies Wisp - These little creatures appear as nothing but floating balls of green gas. They're indestructible, cannot attack, and cannot summon help. So, why bring them up? Because everywhere they go they give off light, so they're a mobile light source. You'll learn to hate them when trying to hide. Ents - These large, wooden beasts are in the employ of the Pagans. They're generally tasked to guard watery areas. They have no weapons, just claws. They're also pretty fast, even when patrolling, and will take more damage than your average guy. Close-combat weapons (including sneak attacks) are useless against this monster. Broadheads: 3 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Statue - A product of a certain enemy's magics, this statue has come to life and seeks only to destroy. They're fast, mean, and solid. Use caution and ingenuity when going up against them. If you have to fight, use your high- powered weapons, or you're sunk. Late in the game, you'll come across a Glyph that can make mincemeat out of these guys. Glyph-powered Blackjack: 4 (1 if Sneak Attack) Fire Arrows: 2 Mine: 1 Giant Statue - This big fella is hardier than human-sized Statues. It's a good thing there's only one of him in the game. Glyph-powered Blackjack: Fire Arrows: Mine: 2 Asylum Staff - Not really humanoid enemies, and not really undead, either. These apparitions exist only in the "Cradle's Memory". They're black figures that sometimes shimmer white. They don't have an attack, per se. If they discover you, one of two things can happen. If you've come to the "Memory" through a toy, then you'll be sent back to the present right there. If you've come as yourself, you're dead. In the former situation, you have no defense against these guys, so you can only sneak. As yourself, you can use your weapons as normal, but close-combat is not suggested. Sneak attacks do work, though. Broadheads: 6 Fire Arrows: 1 Mine: 1 Final Enemy - You are not required to fight the game's last enemy at all. All you have to do is complete the last objectives while evading it. For the sake of spoilers, I won't describe what it is; you'll know it when you see it. What I will say is that it's immune to gas, Moss Arrows, and Flash Bombs. I want to say it's invulnerable, but I don't think that's quite true. What I've seen happen once is that it'll take a lot of damage and fade away to an outline and not attack anymore. I don't know how many hits it takes. Anyway, if it catches you, it'll fling speedy fireballs at you that cause massive damage, so try not to get in its way. Oh, and it will attack ANYTHING else, too, so if you can lure anyone over to it, you'll have a break while it makes mush out of the little people... ****************************************************************************** 6. WALKTHROUGH ****************************************************************************** ========================== 6A. Basic Hints and Tips = ========================== General Tips The most basic tip of all: Keep to the shadows and don't make noise. Life is a lot easier this way. Don't forget your Quick Save (F10) and Quick Load (F12) buttons. They're time-savers. If you see a candle, pinch it out. The walkthroughs assume that you pinch out every candle you find (sometimes, I'll point out the candle if it's important). When trekking around, it's worth it to point out that both the city and often your missions are separated into areas. These areas are connected by "misty" doorways or corridors. What this basically means is that going through these doorways will bring up a "Loading" screen, and you're in a different area. The good news is that no one can follow you through these doorways. The bad news is that when you return, everyone is exactly as you left them. Bit of an oversight, really... Loot always has a specific sparkle to it. If you're unsure if something is Loot, then just stare at it to see if there's a sparkle on it. Be sure to poke around, not just for Loot, but other supplies, as well. Standard and mechanical items can be found in armories and workshops. Elemental arrows can be found near their respective element. Knocking someone unconscious puts them out for the rest of the mission, or until you enter a mission. Killing someone does the same, but killing is a lot more noisy and leaves messy bloodstains. When trying for sneak attacks, watch for Garrett to raise his arm. If that happens, you're assured a hit when you strike. If you take a piece of equipment and are already carrying the maximum amount allowed, that piece is lost forever. This is more valuable advice for the City than missions, because returning to places in the City will still have the stuff you left behind. Water Arrows are definitely one of your most valuable items. Be careful, though, because you have a finite amount, and there are generally more torches than arrows. Look to see if the area is clear or not before firing a Water Arrow. Once you get the Climbing Gloves, DON'T FORGET YOU HAVE THEM. Climb everywhere you can, both in missions and the City. You'll find quite a bit of cool stuff. --- City Tips You're relatively safe in the City, but remember to keep an eye out for the City Watch. They don't like you one bit. No stats are kept for the city interim parts, so unless you need it, you don't HAVE to go out of your way to find extra Loot, or to knock people out. Exploring is a lot of fun, though. Be sure to check your Maps to find fences, stores, City Watch outposts, and faction-controlled areas. Fences and stores are marked by red handprints. City Watch outposts are eagles on a shield. Faction-controlled areas are marked by the hammer for the Hammers, and a fish beneath a crescent for the Pagans. Remember, you can't swim, so be careful walking around the Docks and the Auldale canal. Some citizens have purses on them. These can be picked right off them. Some citizens also wear jewelry. You cannot pick this off. You can lay them out and pick it off their body, or you can "mug" them. To do this, threaten them with a weapon (like drawing the bow in their face). Do it a number of times and eventually they'll drop their stuff. In the latter half of the game, you'll get situations where you'll be hunted. Most of these "hunters" aren't liked by anyone, so try to lure them towards other combatants, preferably towards City Watch or factions that are hostile to you. --- Mission Tips You only get one trip to every mission. If you miss getting something, then leave the mission, you won't have another chance to get it. Every Mission from the 2nd one on has a Loot requirement, which differs depending on the difficulty level. You have both a certain percentage of Loot to find and, on Normal and up, you have to find one or more "Special" Loot Items, which still count towards your overall percentage. Here's the break down of what each difficulty entails: Easy - Find 30% of the mission's Loot. Opponent Sensory Acuteness: Low Opponent Combat Ability: Low Number of Opponents: Low Player Damage Resistance: High Normal - Find 40% of the mission's Loot. Find at least 1 Special Loot Item. Opponent Sensory Acuteness: Normal Opponent Combat Ability: Normal Number of Opponents: Normal Player Damage Resistance: Normal Hard - Find 60% of the mission's Loot. Find at least 2 Special Loot Items. Opponent Sensory Acuteness: High Opponent Combat Ability: High Number of Opponents: High Player Damage Resistance: Low Expert - Find 90% of the mission's Loot. Find all 3 Special Loot Items. Opponent Sensory Acuteness: Very High Opponent Combat Ability: Very High Number of Opponents: High Player Damage Resistance: Very Low Do not kill any non-combatants. ============================================ 6B. Mission 1 - Checking Inn - Cashing Out = ============================================ Briefing - I got a tip last night from my fence, Heartless Perry. A nobleman named Lord Julian had some quarrel and showed up at a local inn well after nightfall, and in a foul mood. He's carrying a velvet bag, about the size of a mna's fist, and it never leaves his sight. Sounds likely to be valuable, but I'll know for sure when I steal it from him. Perry sent over a floor plan of the place, the Blue Heron Inn. Finding His Lordship won't be hard, his room number will be in the guest register, if I can get to the front desk to read it. The inn will have guards, but not as many as a private estate. That should make things easy, which is one of the reasons I'm willing to try it without knowing for sure what the take will be. Lord Julian is so protective of that bag, there's got to be something of value in it. Objectives - - Break into the Inn. - Find out what room Lord Julian is staying in. - Steal Lord Julian's velvet bag from his room. - Leave the Inn once you have the velvet bag. Loot - 6 pieces totalling 200. Enemies - Hired Guards Starting Equipment - Dagger, Blackjack, 10 Water Arrows --- Mission Notes This is a tutorial mission, and is tailored around easing you into the game. Just follow the directions and you'll do fine. You cannot fail the mission, nor can you die. If you mess up an objective, you'll be required to try again. There's also only one difficulty for this mission: Normal. ***************** Begin Walkthrough Outside - You'll have footprints showing you where to go throughout the mission, so follow them here to the first circle, where you'll learn about keeping to the shadows. Simply follow the footprints and stay out of the light. Keep moving to the next circle, where you'll learn about patrolling guards. The path will move you into and out of the shadows, so make sure that you're moving only when the guard isn't facing you. Moving further on, you'll come a "sound check". Use the Creep modifier to slow down on the metal floor so the guard doesn't hear you. Now, you'll get a refresh about objectives. Press the Crouch key to hunker down and head into the inn. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Break into the Inn. Basement - The grate will shut behind you to block off your exit. Walk down the stairs if you wish to learn (through experience) what happens when you bump into movable objects. Your objective is the door, so press the Use key to open it. Moving through the basement, you'll receive a short lesson on the highly invaluable Water Arrows. Shoot one at the nearby torch, and snag the Water Arrow below it if you wish. Move on towards the boxes to learn about mantling. Jump at the boxes to climb over them. Proceed up the stairs and down the long passage to the door at the end. You need to lockpick this door. It may seem confusing and difficult at first, but when I tell you that the sweet spots are up, right, then left, it doesn't seem so hard, does it? Remember for lockpicking that, despite the fact that you can move your pick in a full half-sphere, sweet spots will ALWAYS be on the circle. Climb up the ladder in the next room. Inn - The innkeeper is facing away from you as you exit this basement. Press the Blackjack key to arm it, then creep up to his back, wait until Garrett raises his arm, and clout him. Next, you'll be taught about hiding bodies. Click the Use key when the innkeeper is highlighted to pick him up, then carry him over to the ladder room and toss him down the hole. Don't worry, he'll survive. Your next task, as the game will tell you, is to check the guest register on the desk. Do this by clicking the Use key. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find out what room Lord Julian is staying in. NEW NOTE: Lord Julian is staying in the Peony Suite. Now, follow the prints to the staircase leading up to the second floor. Note that glint on the cup in front of you on the landing. Take the SILVER GOBLET (50, 1%). It says 1%, but it's actually 25%. I don't get it either. Anyway, there's nothing else in this area, so follow the prints. In the next room, practice wall-flattening, then move on to the hallway outside the Peony Suite. There's a guard standing right in front of it, and he won't patrol or anything. The game tells you to take one of your new Noisemaker Arrows (which you were just bequeathed with from above) and fire it to distract the guard. You can fire it over to the opposite room, but I actually suggest firing it behind you, then flattening yourself against the wall. He'll chase after the noise, and you can run past the Peony Suite into the lit room. In this room, open the chest and grab the COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 37%), then you can run back to the Peony Suite before the guard gets back, or you can just wait in the room until he resumes his position and fire another Noisemaker. Either way, get in Julian's room. Take the COPPER PLATE (50, 62%) on the nearby table, then head over to the bed to find that the velvet bag isn't there, and to learn one of the most harsh lessons of Thief: that things rarely go the way you want them to. Take the COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 75%) on the nightstand and read the note: OBJECTIVE CANCELLED: Steal Lord Julian's velvet bag from his room. NEW OBJECTIVE: Find Lord Julian in the Lancaster Room, and steal his velvet bag from him. Exit the Peony Suite by the other door and continue down the hallway. Take the COPPER GOBLET (25, 87%) on the table at the corner turn, then proceed to the next area, and down the stairs. The game will tell you to get the bag without the guard spotting you. Keep to the shadows and use Water Arrows on the torch and gas lamp if you wish. Before grabbing the bag, head behind the bar and grab the COPPER GOBLET (25, 100%). If you wish, you can listen in on the conversation going on here between Julian and Morris. Stay in the shadows that the chairs cast and grab the bag. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find Lord Julian in the Lancaster Room, and steal his velvet bag from him. Now, head to the lit doorway into the kitchen. You'll be told about dealing with being caught. A portcullis will slam down right behind you and a guard will appear out of nowhere. You'll notice you now have four Flash Bombs. Toss one to the ground to daze your enemy (or just cut him up with the Dagger) and head through the far door on your right. Head to the next door to end the mission. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Leave the Inn once you have the velvet bag. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - Nothing like mixing in society, especially if it comes with good loot. The velvet bag turned out to hold a bronze medallion stamped with a griffin... valuable enough... but more interesting was the conversation I overheard between Lord Julian and the cook, especially the part about a huge opal, and a conspiracy for stealing it. I'd hate to have anyone but me get a stone like that, but I need a better idea where to start looking. If I show the medallion to my fence, I'm sure he'll know more. Heartless Perry always does. --- Loot List 1. Silver Goblet (50) - The game points this out to you on the inn's second floor landing. 2. Copper Candlestick (25) - This is in a chest in the brightly lit room next to Julian's room. 3. Copper Plate (50) - On a table in the Peony Suite. 4. Copper Candlestick (25) - On the nightstand next to the bed in the Peony Suite. 5. Copper Goblet (25) - On a table in the hallway between the Peony Suite and the Lancaster Room. 6. Copper Goblet (25) - Behind the bar in the Lancaster Room. --- Cutscene - (Ink drips on a parchment. A pen is thrust onto the parchment, dragging ink in the form of some strange symbol, a glyph. An old woman in a black cloak sits a desk, scribing in a tome. Whispers surround her. As she writes, the glyph she just wrote changes form to another glyph right on the paper. Her eyes widen as this happens. She then shifts her eyes to either side, then sets down her pen. She grabs the page the glyph appeared on and rips it from the tome. She opens a drawer in her desk. View from inside the desk as she drops the crumpled page inside and shuts the drawer, the only light coming from the keyhole, the symbol of the Keepers.) ====================================== 6C. Mission 2 - End of the Bloodline = ====================================== Briefing - I had my fence take a look at Lord Julian's medallion. Perry says the crest belongs to the Rutherfords, one of the oldest so-called Great Families, with a castle in South Quarter and a street named after them. They've got a lot of wealth, and a nasty reputation for turning on each other. Based on the conversation I overheard, Julian is definitely carrying on the family traditions. Lord Ember, Julian's cousin, currently resides in the castle, and Julian wants revenge. Julian had a good plan -- hide inside a supply cart and ride in after dark. Then, signal the cook to open the side door by putting out the lion's head torch in the courtyard. A good enough plan for me to use myself. That "Bloodline Opal" sounds valuable, and it's better off with me than sitting around in their vault. But, I can't get lazy -- Ember will have his personal guard, and doubtless a few other family tricks in store for anyone who comes after the opal. Objectives - - Break into Rutherford Castle. - Find a clue about how to locate and open the vault. - Steal the Bloodline Opal from the vault. - When your other objectives are complete, leave the castle grounds the same way you came in, the front gate. Note: The cook is waiting for the signal. Put out the lionhead torch, and he'll open the side entrance located above the torch on the castle ramparts. Loot - 36 pieces totalling 2125. Enemies - Hired Guards Starting Items - Dagger, Blackjack, 20 Broadhead Arrows, 25 Water Arrows, 5 Noisemaker Arrows, 8 Flash Bombs, 1 Health Potion --- Mission Notes This is a pretty basic mission in the Thief style, with plenty of guards, several servants, torches dotted all over the place, but still plenty of shadows, lots of Loot, and a few secrets. ***************** Begin Walkthrough NOTE: Despite the fact that the bag last mission had a bronze medallion, you don't have it, nor did you get any cash for it. --- Castle Front - You'll start right away facing your mark, the lionhead torch. The servant who brought you in will start talking to the guard (who has a torch). After a quick conversation, the servant will head inside and another guard will come out and stand guard near the main door. You have three ways into the castle from here. There's the front door, which will require you to take down the two guards here (pretty tough if you don't want to kill them). There's also a window to the west of the door. Sneak by the patio on the west side, and you can mantle up the low wall and through the window inside. For this walkthrough, we'll take the way we're supposed to: shoot a Water Arrow into the torch, then climb the ladder to the west and walk around the ramparts. The door up here is open, now. Before you enter, grab the COPPER GOBLET (25, 1%). OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Break into Rutherford Castle. Head down the passage (don't worry about the torches here). At the end, grab the Health Potion and read the note: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find a clue about how to locate and open the vault. NEW OBJECTIVE: The vault is protected by a portcullis. Search Lord Ember's chambers to figure out how to open the portcullis. NEW NOTE: The vault is in the basement. You're in the guards/servants chambers, now. In the southeast corner is a chest with a COPPER PLATE (50, 3%) in it. Head north a room to find a sleeping guard. He can wake up if you make enough noise, so it's best to clout him with the BJ. The locked chest (open with pick at L, R, L) on the north wall of this room has a COPPER GOBLET (25, 4%). You have two direction choices from here. West is kinda tough, because there's a patrolling guard in the south hallway, and a guard who pivots around on the skylit landing near there. So, instead, leave by the northwest exit and you'll reach the armory. Sneak up and clout the torch-carrying guard here. In the armory are six Broadhead Arrows if you wish to load your quiver. Head west to leave the armory by its other exit. To the north from here is a misty doorway leading to the Inner Quarters, but we'll ignore that for the time being. Continue west and you'll reach a room with some paintings and that servant who was outside earlier. Pinch the candle, then sneak up on him and knock him out. Leave the room and head south. To your right (west) as you go down this hallway is the room leading to the vault. There's a guard standing at a post. Use the shadows to trace a path to him, then bash him. There's no need to go down to the vault right now, so continue further south. In a side hallway is a locked door (U, R, L) which leads to a small dining room. Bash the guard who never turns from the window and take the TWO SILVER CANDLESTICKS (50, 7%; 50, 9%) on the nearby shelf. Open the locked chest (L, R, L) in this room to get a COPPER GOBLET (25, 10%). Read the note on the table if you wish, then head east to a small study. There are TWO COPPER COINS (25, 11%; 25, 13%) on the desk, as well as a Health Potion and a note. This room is where you would have ended up had you climbed through the window to enter the castle. Anyway, leave these rooms and head south to get to the other side of the hallway with the patrolling guard I had you avoid earlier. Sneak up behind him as he turns to walk back down the hall and take him out. Now, you're free to take out the guard in the skylit landing that was pivoting in place. Wait until he turns away before knocking him out. Once he's down, look at the statue he was standing in front of. Reach up and grab the JADE (100, 17%) in its hands. Now, it's time to enter the great hall you've been circling around for a while. There's a guard in here who patrols the landing with the big lion statue. Put out the chandeliers if you think it will make it easier, then knock him out. On a table next to the lion statue is a piece of JADE (100, 22%). Climb up the next set of stairs. See that big painting sparkling out of reach on the north wall? We're gonna go get it. Enter the hall at the top of the stairs. To the north is a second misty doorway that leads to the Inner Quarters. We're still avoiding that for now. Circle around the hallway to the next room, which has a servant facing away from you. They make it too easy, really. Knock him out, then continue to the next room, grabbing a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 23%) on the way, then pick open the locked door (R, L, L, R). In the chest in this room, grab the SILVER GOBLET (50, 25%). Now, start pushing the crate on the wall to reveal a hole. Crawl through it, and you'll find yourself on a balcony that passes close to the painting in the great hall. Grab MORTIMER THE MAD (200, 35%) for your first Special Loot. Now, retrace your steps and head for one of the misty doorways at the north end. For this walkthrough, we'll go through the one at ground floor level. Inner Quarters - Continue down this hallway to find the inner courtyard. There's one guard on patrol down here, so wait for an opening to bash him. Down here are two doors and an elevator. We'll get to the elevator in a moment. The two doors lead to the same basic area, but the one on the south wall leads to a more favorable situation, so, naturally, it's locked (L, R, L). Once you enter, you'll hear two serving girls gabbing. Once they finish, the one in green will enter the dining room, while the one in purple will gaze out the window. Take that purple girl out. Sneak into the dining room and wait for the other girl to walk by and bop her. Now, there's a guard here, but he doesn't move, and is placed so that he can't really see much in the dining room, so keep it quiet, and clean out the dining room, which has a COPPER GOBLET (25, 36%) on an end table, TWO COPPER GOBLETS (25, 37%; 25, 38%) on the main table, and TWO COPPER CANDLESTICKS (25, 40%; 25, 41%) on the mantle above the fireplace. Now, head back to the hallway with the purple girl and head in the other direction. The cook who was so nice to open the door for you is wandering around the kitchen, so reward him with a blackjack to the noggin. Just outside the kitchen is a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 42%), and inside on the cutting table, next to the mutton is a COPPER GOBLET (25, 43%). Further in the kitchen is a Health Potion, and further on are the cook's quarters, which you can also access from the locked door in the hallway. In the chest in the cook's room is a SILVER PLATE (75, 47%), and on the table is his journal, where he describes the switch in Lord Ember's chamber to open the vault. OBJECTIVE CANCELLED: The vault is protected by a portcullis. Search Lord Ember's chambers to figure out how to open the portcullis. NEW OBJECTIVE: Find and activate the secret switch in Lord Ember's chambers to open the vault portcullis. NEW NOTE: The cook's journal said there's a secret switch to the vault portcullis in Lord Ember's chambers. You're done on the ground floor, now. Exit and head back to the courtyard. Hop in the elevator and push the button to ride to the second floor. If you head left, you'll find the second floor misty doorway. Heading right will take you where you want to go. Open the door. A guard with a torch patrols this hallway. To your left, you'll hear a conversation between another guard and a chambermaid. Also, Lord Ember is here. He mostly hangs out in his room, but sometimes leaves to walk around this floor. First, head through the left passage once the two there are done talking. Turn left and knock out the girl, then continue down this under-stair passage and at the end, crouch and turn right to find a little rat hole with a COPPER GOBLET (25, 48%). Watch the guard's patrol on the spiral staircase here, then follow him and knock him out. At the top, you'll find the door to Lady Elizabeth's chambers (R, L, L, R). Head up either spiral staircase to her room. The chest in front of her bed (U, R, L) has the GILDED HELM (300, 62%), your second Special Loot. Also in her room are two notes and a journal which speak of her motives, and on her bookshelf are TWO COPPER COINS (25, 63%; 25, 64%) and a SILVER COIN (50, 67%). Lastly, hop on the nightstand to the left of the bed, then jump up. On top of the canopy is a JADE NECKLACE (50, 69%) to grab in midair. Now, head back downstairs to the hallway. Knock out the guard with the torch here, and you're ready to assault Lord Ember's chambers. There are three ways to do it: 1. You can do it the direct way and pick open his door and either scare, knock out, or kill him. 2. Wait until he comes out of his room. He has the key on his belt, which you can pick off him. After that, you can leave him, knock him out, or whatever. 3. The nearby window leads to a ledge which runs under another window leading into a back part of the chambers. I generally choose 2. The key you take from him will open his door, so enter his room. The journal on his table will tell you that the switch is near his desk. That's near the fireplace. To the right of the desk is an unlit torch. Use it to activate the switch. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find and activate the secret switch in Lord Ember's chambers to open the vault portcullis. Now, it's time to clean out the chambers. On his table is a COPPER GOBLET (25, 70%). On a bookshelf to the left of the fireplace is a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 72%). Above the fireplace is your third Special Loot, the other RUTHERFORD MEDALLION (150, 80%). On the desk is a SILVER COIN (50, 82%) and a COPPER COIN (25, 83%). In the chest in the back behind his table is a piece of JADE (100, 87%). Finally, hop out the window either near his back bookshelf, or outside his door to the ledge and you'll find a JADE RING (50, 89%). That's this place cleaned out. You can hop down from the ledge here if you wish and make your way back to the Castle Front. --- Castle Front (part 2) - Head towards the vault on the west end, taking out the guard if you haven't already, then head downstairs. Provided you opened the portcullis, you should just be able to press the button on the vault to open it up. In the vault is another Key (which you don't really need now), TWO JADES (100, 95%; 100, 100%), and the Bloodline Opal. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Steal the Bloodline Opal from the vault. Now, it's all just a simple matter of making your way back to outside, either by hopping out the window in the little study, or by the door the cook opened. Head to the main gates outside to finish this mission. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: When your other objectives are complete, leave the castle grounds the same way you came in, the front gate. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - The Bloodline Opal's mine now, and based on the size of this thing, I'd say it was worth it. But, something tells me this Lady Elizabeth character had her own plans for the Rutherfords. I'd better get thi opal to Perry soon. He can cut it into smaller stones that are easier to move, and we'll both make a tidy profit. --- Loot List Castle Front - 1. Copper Goblet (25) - On the ramparts outside the door that the cook opens for you. 2. Copper Plate (50) - In the sleeping rooms in the southeast corner of the castle, in a chest in the southeast corner of the room. 3. Copper Goblet (25) - In the sleeping rooms in the southeast corner of the castle, in a chest in the north side of the room. 4. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the small dining room in the southwest corner of the area, on a bookshelf. 5. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the small dining room in the southwest corner of the area, on a bookshelf. 6. Copper Goblet (25) - In the small dining room in the southwest corner of the area, in a chest. 7. Copper Coins (25) - In the small study in the southwest corner of the area, on a desk. 8. Copper Coins (25) - In the small study in the southwest corner of the area, on a desk. 9. Jade (100) - In the hands of a statue just east of the great hall, under a skylight. 10. Jade (100) - In the great hall, on a table next to a lion statue. 11. Copper Candlestick (25) - On the second floor, beyond a small library in the southwest corner of the area. 12. Silver Goblet (50) - On the second floor, behind a locked door in the southwest corner of the area. 13. Jade (100) - In the Rutherford Vault. 14. Jade (100) - In the Rutherford Vault. Inner Quarters - 15. Copper Candlestick (25) - In the entry area just outside the kitchen. 16. Copper Goblet (25) - In the kitchen on the cutting table. 17. Silver Plate (75) - In the cook's room in the chest. 18. Copper Goblet (25) - In the dining room on an end table. 19. Copper Goblet (25) - In the dining room on the big table. 20. Copper Goblet (25) - In the dining room on the big table. 21. Copper Candlestick (25) - In the dining room on the mantle. 22. Copper Candlestick (25) - In the dining room on the mantle. 23. Copper Goblet (25) - Below the stairs to Lady Elizabeth's room, in a little rat hole. 24. Silver Coins (50) - On the shelf in Lady Elizabeth's room. 25. Copper Coins (25) - On the shelf in Lady Elizabeth's room. 26. Copper Coins (25) - On the shelf in Lady Elizabeth's room. 27. Jade Necklace (50) - On top of Elizabeth's bed canopy. Jump from the nightstand. 28. Copper Goblet (25) - On the table in Lord Ember's chambers. 29. Silver Candlestick (50) - On the bookshelf near Lord Ember's bed. 30. Copper Coins (25) - On the desk near Lord Ember's bed. 31. Silver Coins (50) - On the desk near Lord Ember's bed. 32. Jade (100) - On the chest behind Lord Ember's table. 33. Jade Ring (50) - On the ledge outside Lord Ember's window. Special Loot - 34. Mortimer the Mad (200) - In the Castle Front, go to the second floor, southwest corner, and pick open the door there. Push the box and crawl through the space. 35. Gilded Helm (300) - In the Inner Quarters, in the chest in Lady Elizabeth's room. 36. Rutherford Medallion (150) - In Lord Ember's room, above the fireplace. ======================= 6D. The City, Day One = ======================= NOTE: From here on, I don't intend to provide you with directions for the locks. You should have practice enough now that you can open them on your own, even as they get more complicated. Briefing - South Quarter... one of the City's most crowded residential districts, in the center of town, near the river. It's not wall-to-wall nobility, like Auldale, but there's money here... if you know where to look. South Quarter's where I live, so I guess this is home. As long as I behave myself, I can go anywhere and do as I please, and the residents won't give me any trouble. But, the City Watch will. The entire force knows what I look like, and they'll attack me on sight. If I don't stay out of the way of their patrols, I might be looking at some jail time, or worse. First thing I need to do is see my fence, Heartless Perry -- his shop is down in Black Alley. I'm bringing Perry the Bloodline Opal. I don't want to hang onto this stone any longer than I have to. Something about that job has left me with a bad feeling. Enemies - City Watchmen, Thugs --- Mission Notes For the rest of the game, you'll start every new part of the game with all the equipment you had when you left the last part. Your first trip to the City won't have too many enemies, particularly in the South Quarter. Once you get to Stonemarket, the resistance picks up. ***************** Begin Walkthrough Garrett's Building - NEW OBJECTIVE: Go see your fence, Heartless Perry, in Black Alley to sell him the Bloodline Opal. You now have the Opal (500) in your inventory as a Loot item. It's not a specific type of Loot item. Anyway, here we are in your crib. To your left is a practice dummy, an archery target, and a practice lock (you can buy more from certain stores). To your right is your living room. Two Flash Bombs are here, as well as a Broadhead Arrow on the table, and a Noisemaker Arrow in the chest. Leave your apartment and head down the short flight of stairs. You'll now experience indesputable proof that not everyone in this game hates your guts. The guard will greet you. Of course, your first friendly guy and you have to blackjack him. The reason you have to do this is so you can break into your neighbors' places. The first room has a guy asleep in bed. Take his TWO COPPER CANDLESTICKS (25, 25) and the PURSE OF COINS (25) off his belt, then leave. The second room has a girl up and about, so club or avoid her. Take the JADE GOBLET (75) and read the fairy tale on the bed, if you wish. Now, head back and to the Landlord's office (as marked by the sign), and break in. Take the RUBY GOBLET (100) on his desk, and the two Broadhead Arrows in the chest. Also, read the journal on his desk to learn an interesting fact: NEW NOTE: Your landlord has been hiding blackmail money under a sewer gate in Black Alley. Well, that's all there is to do here. Let's go play outside and take in some of that crisp night air, shall we? --- South Quarter - Right in front of you is the fountain. Inside are two Water Arrows. Also ahead are two gents talking about the recent quarantine in the city. Currently, you're confined to this area. Note how the guy on the left is rather sparkly. Once the guys are done, you can wait until he's alone and club him and take his COPPER BRACELET (25) and COPPER GLASSES (25). He'll also drop a Key. This key (naturally) opens the door to his house. Once you've hidden his body, head south through the alley to another area of South Quarter. The house of the sparkly man is to your left (east). You can either use the key, pick the lock, or head around to the right and climb in through the window. At any rate, in the main room is a SILVER KNIFE (50) on the table, and your first Fire Arrow in the fireplace. Head to the room on your right and open the chest to find a Flash Bomb and a Healing Potion. Head up the stairs to the second floor and you'll find a Healing Potion on the mantle and a JADE NECKLACE (75) in the chest. Finally, there's a DIAMOND (150) in the chandelier in the main room. You can either jump up from the table, or go to the second floor and push the chair away from the hole. Crawl out onto the rafters and get it from there. That's it for this house, so head outside. Also of interest in this area is a food stand to the west. There are THREE COPPER COINS (25, 25, 25) on the stand, and these reappear every day. Just be careful the guy at the stand doesn't see you do it. Further west is a guard post (and your first City Watchman). If you're daring enough to get in the post, you'll find two Broadheads. Anyway, keep to the shadows so the Watchman doesn't see you and follow the red handprints into Black Alley. First things first. In front of you and to the right is the sewer rate with the PURSE OF COINS (50) that the landlord left for his blackmailer, as well as a Water Arrow. This purse reappears every day. Further down the alley, in the bushes to your right, is your first Moss Arrow. There are two buildings here with the red handprint on the door. The one you want is on the right. That's Heartless Perry's. He'll tell you that Lady Elizabeth found out about the job and roughed him up. He dropped your name, too. He'll take your Metal and Gems, but not the Opal, but he suggests Black Market Bertha in Stonemarket as a viable fence for it. NEW OBJECTIVE: Deal with Lady Elizabeth and her thugs so you can get into Stonemarket. NEW OBJECTIVE: Sell the Bloodline Opal to Black Market Bertha, the fence in Stonemarket Proper. Now, head in the other door with the red handprint to find "The Well-Equipped Thief", a store that sells Broadheads, Noisemakers, Water Arrows, Health Potions, and Flash Bombs. I suggest having a good stock of Water Arrows. The rest aren't so essential. Head back through Black Alley and back north to the fountain area. You'll see a group of three people standing at the north end. It's Lady Elizabeth and her two thugs. They banter a bit, and mention the thug's payment. I'll tell you right now that the payment is in the house to the south. You can enter through the door, but there's a better route: a tunnel underneath the porch at the adjoining house, which is easier to get to. In that house is a letter by Elizabeth and TWO PURSES OF COINS (50, 50). What happens after the conversation is that Elizabeth heads into the house and stands next to the purses. One by one, her thugs will walk into the house, take the payment, and walk back out for the next one. If a thug doesn't come back from getting his payment, the other gets suspicious. You can take the purses from the table, or pick them off the thugs. Either way, get past the thugs using the shadows, Flash Bombs, the blackjack, or Broadheads and continue north. You can't open the big main doors to the next area, but there's a shadowy doorway to the right of it which is your actual passage. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Deal with Lady Elizabeth and her thugs so you can get into Stonemarket. --- Stonemarket Plaza - Briefing - Well, I made it past Lady Elizabeth and her thugs... and now here I am in Stonemarket. This district's known for commerce and corruption, with plenty of both for everybody. Most people come here for the stores, but I tend to do my shopping after everything's locked up for the night. There's the Clocktower, one of the tallest buildings in the City, a good landmark, day or night. And finally the Stonemarket Plaza. More vendors, more people. No doubt the City Watch will be keeping an eye out for pickpockets like me, though... being a thief is never as easy as it sounds. Anyway, it's time for me to find this Bertha character and get rid of the Opal once and for all. I hope Perry was right about her. This area can get confusing the first time, because the map shows the main streets all right, but there are several small alleys in the west portion of the area that can get you turned around easily. There's more Watch on the patrol here, so stay hidden as much as possible. If you're in the mood for goods, start with the Tavern, which is right in front of you and to the right. You can pick open the main door, or head down the adjacent alley and pick the door there for a little privacy. In the first main room (if you went through the alley, head straight ahead and then to the left down the stairs), you can find a patrolling guard and TWO FINE WINES (100, 100) behind the bar (you'll need to climb over to get it), and TWO COPPER COINS (25, 25) on the table nearby. Head up the stairs, then keep climbing to reach the upper floor. You'll see a small alcove to your left with a seated guard. Sneak up and grab the FINE WINE (100) from his table without him batting an eye. Now, head further in and you'll end up on the balcony above the main room. There are two guards up here, but time your movements and you can sneak right behind them and grab the TWO COPPER COINS (25, 25) on the shelf there. Next stop is Brent's place. To get here, enter the small alleys in the west side of this area. Explore them and it shouldn't take too long to find one with a set of stairs leading up. This will lead to a Watchman (club him), and then head left. You'll hear an interesting conversation between Brent and "Garrett": NEW NOTE: A thug has been hired to steal a valuable dagger from Cothron's Armory tonight. He will be paid if he drops it into the donation box outside St. Edgar's. Once those two are done, you can sneak into Brent's room and grab the PURSE OF COINS (50) in his chest, then leave quickly before you're spotted. You've done all you can here, for now. Head east and you'll eventually find the entrance to Stonemarket Proper. --- Stonemarket Proper - Right in front of you are two wannabes discussing pulling a job at St. Edgar's. NEW NOTE: The thugs hanging outside St. Edgar's Church have a map of the church with them. Either pick it right off the guy, or club him and take it. Now, head south and you'll find a guard post. Club the guard and take the two Broadheads on the shelf and the TWO SILVER COINS (50, 50) on the table in front of him. Walk around the post to the front of the cell and the creature inside will start talking at you: NEW NOTE: There's a strange creature locked in a cell in Stonemarket Proper who wishes to be freed. He has a map in his cell with him. Open the door to let him loose, then grab the map. Head back north, then continue on, noting the Watchman facing east. Go behind his back and pick your way into the shop here. This is the Stonecutter's place. On the table in front of you is SILVER COINS (50) and a RUBY (125). Head up the stairs in the back (don't mind the sound of the door opening behind you) and up to the guy's living quarters. There's a COPPER BRACELET (25) on a table in the den. In the next room, inside the chest, is a SILVER GOBLET (50), and a JADE GOBLET (75). Head back downstairs and you'll see three men in the entrance area. They'll start talking about the gems that are owed. From this conversation, you'll get a new note: NEW NOTE: Crowley, the stonecutter, hid some gems in Terces Courtyard. There will be some rough-housing afterwards. Just stay hidden and things should eventually quiet down. If you wish, you can go right now and back to Stonemarket Plaza. Go to the courtyard in the northwest corner, and search behind the gargoyle to find a HANDFUL OF GEMS (200). Your next stop in SM Proper is the apothecary just north of the stonecutter's. Pick it open and take the two Health Potions and the COPPER RING (25) inside. Lastly, Cothron's Armory is right next door, and "Garrett" is already inside. Club him to silence the amateur. Open the chest for SILVER COINS (50) and a JADE NECKLACE (50). The wall safe has SILVER COINS (50). Head up the stairs and find a COPPER RING (25) on the landing. Head further up and you'll reach Cothron's room. Take the COPPER RING (25) next to him and open the chest to find the Golden Dagger. It's not loot, so head out to St. Edgar's Church and drop it in the donation box out in front. Go back to the plaza, then head right back to Proper and you'll find THREE GOLD COINS (75, 75, 75) in the box. Well done. Finally, head around behind the church. The print-marked door that's north- most is Bertha's place. Unload your stuff on her (minus Artwork). She'll hand you a letter. As soon as you leave her place, you'll automatically read it: NEW OBJECTIVE: Meet with the Keepers in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza. There's a store in this area, too, run by Marla Madison. She sells the same stuff as the shop in South Quarter, minus Water Arrows, and plus Moss Arrows and a Practice Lock. Buy what you need from her, then head back to the Plaza. The Terces Courtyard is in the northwestern part of the plaza. Head up to the gargoyle... --- Cutscene (Garrett walks into the courtyard. He stops suddenly.) Garrett: I don't like being followed... (He casts his eyes behind him to see a robed, hooded figure step into view.) Garrett: Cryptic notes, secret meetings. Haven't you Keepers outgrown this stuff yet? Artemus: It was not our intention to be... cryptic... Garrett: What was your intention? Don't I have friends on the Keeper Council anymore? Artemus: More than you know... Garrett... May I speak? Garrett: Sure. Talk. Artemus: The Keeper Council has agreed to allow you access to the prophecies as they are read by our Interpreter, Keeper Caduca. Garrett: Huh, that's Keeper talk for, "Something bad has happened, and we want your help", right? Artemus: But, there is something they require of you, first. Garrett: Go on. Artemus: Two objects. One with the Hammerites, the other with the Pagans. We wish to study them further. We need you to acquire them for us. Garrett: You mean steal them. Are you sure those are the only hoops your Keeper friends need me to jump through before I'm allowed to hear the prophecies? Artemus: (pauses) It's true that through this, you will have proven your are trustworthy. None of this is... my choice... Garrett: I'll get you the trinkets. You just make sure your Keeper buddies come through on their end of the bargain. (He steps back towards the shadows) Artemus: I will... Garrett... Garrett? --- NEW OBJECTIVE: Steal the Chalice from St. Edgar's Church in Stonemarket Proper. NEW OBJECTIVE: Use the South Quarter well to enter the Pagan tunnels, and steal the Paw from them. NEW RESTRICTION: You're working with the Keepers for now. Don't attack them or get caught doing anything that will cause them to attack you. Okay, you have two missions to complete, now, and they can be done in either order. If you wish to tackle the Hammerite mission, go to Stonemarket Proper and Use the glyph on the front door of St. Edgar's Church. If wish to enter the Pagan mission, go to South Quarter, then to the well, which is marked on your map. Use the glyph on the well to enter. Once you complete the first mission, you'll go to Day Two and be back in your apartment. You can go make the rounds for daily loot, fence, and shop, and then head for the next mission. Oh, and there's a CAT STATUETTE (75) in your Landlord's room on Day Two. For info on the two missions, go to Section 6F for the Hammerite mission, or go to Section 6G for the Pagan mission. Once you've completed both missions, go to Section 6H. ============================== 6E. Breaking Out of Pavelock = ============================== NOTE: You may not have to tackle this at all, if you never get taken down by the City Watch. Objectives - - Break out of your cell. - Your equipment is locked up in the Confiscation Depository, south of your cell. Get it back. - Escape from Pavelock Prison. Enemies - City Watchmen, Warden Stout --- Mission Notes I've described Pavelock in a separate part of the guide based on the fact that you can go there just about at any point in the game, depending on when and if you lose a fight to the City Watch. Also, if you fall in the water in the City, you'll be taken to the prison, as well... --- ***************** Begin Walkthrough Well, looks like getting slammed by the Watch isn't the end of the world, after all. Of course, you're completely devoid of any of your equipment. Just sit tight and wait for Stout to show up. He'll throw words at you for a bit, then walk off. Sit a while longer, and you'll start hearing the jingly sound of freedom. A guard will show up with a shiny key ring on his belt. He'll taunt you for a bit. Press your face to the door and keep pressing the Use key and you'll pluck it off his belt, eventually. Wait until the guard walks away, then open the door. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Break out of your cell. Head south and watch the guard's movement. Wait for an opening, then head west into a drain area. If you follow this drain all the way to the end, you'll find a Health Potion. Turn south at the junction and you'll come out next to a light switch. Flip it to kill the lights. This will probably disturb the first guard, and the other seated at the desk. Once they're settled down, head over to the bars. On the shelf on the left side of the bars is the key to the depository. Use it to open the bars. Immediately grab your gear, the pile of stuff on the right side. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Your equipment is locked up in the Confiscation Depository, south of your cell. Get it back. Now that you're a night warrior again, club the two guards on this floor. Go back to the depository and grab the RUBY GOBLET (100) on the shelf, then bust open the safe and grab the SILVER COINS (50) and the FINE WINE (100). There's also a Flash Bomb in here, as well as another in the chest just outside. Head back to the main cells. If you wish, you can let the prisoners out. It will cause confusion and distract the guards so you can sneak by, but I prefer the quieter method. It's up to you. Head for the north stairs and pick open the door. In the second room is a guard near a torch. You can ignore him if you wish. In here are four Broadheads on the barrels, a Flash Bomb also on a barrel, a Health Potion near the guard, and a Noisemaker Arrow on the table in the corner. Continue on to your left. In the third area is more cells and another guard. Continue on to the fourth area, which I like to call the Pits. There's a guard on either side here, two Broadheads in front of you on a desk, and in the back right corner is an Oil Flask and a Noisemaker Arrow. Now, to leave this room, open the portcullis using the switch to the left of it. Head through and up to the last area. Warden Stout is pacing around the ground floor here. Deal with him as you wish; he's really no more special than a regular guard. There's another guard patrolling the second floor above, and a third seated in a room on the second floor to your right. Deal with them as appropriate. Now, to loot the area. On the ground floor is a Water Arrow in the drainpipe, a Flash Bomb on a barrel, and a COPPER KNIFE (25) on the floor near the drain. On the second floor is a Broadhead on a small table near your lovely picture, and in the guard room is a JADE GOBLET (75) on the table. Also, pick open the chest to find a PURSE OF COINS (50) and a few more Broadheads. Now, you can leave. There are two ways. Climb up the stairs to the main gate (and watch out for the guard standing there) or go through the drain near the stairs and climb out the ladder through the sewer grate. Either way, once you leave the prison, you'll be back on the streets in South Quarter, ready to get back to your mission. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Escape from Pavelock Prison. So, it's really not worth it to make the trip, intentionally, to prison. There's only 400 loot. There's quite a bit of gear, though, but it's mostly the cheap stuff. Also, now that you've escaped once, the City Watch is now just looking to kill you, as opposed to capture you. End Walkthrough *************** ================================= 6F. Mission 3 - St. Edgar's Eve = ================================= Briefing - St. Edgar's Church. This is where the Hammerite fanatics keep the Chalice, a so-called holy relic. It's what the Keepers asked me to steal, if I want to see their prophecies for myself. The Chalice might not be worth much on the street, but every Hammer church has a nice pile of wealth stashed away -- no reason not to fill my pockets while I'm here. This particular temple holds the crypt of some long-ago Hammerite hero, St. Edgar. Today was his holy day, so there's an all-night service. That might work in my favor, if they're all sitting down praying instead of looking for sinners to smite. Chances are, they'll have anything they think is holy locked up pretty tight. I'll have to make sure they don't the same to me. I'm not interested in the Hammerite brand of justice. Objectives - - Break into St. Edgar's Church. - Find and steal the Builder's Chalice. - Once you have completed all your objectives, return to your entry point, the Front Courtyard. Loot - 33 pieces totalling 2850. Enemies - Hammerites, Hammer Priests, Zombies Recommended Items - Plenty of Water Arrows and a few Flash Bombs. --- Mission Notes The Church is a pretty dark and sparsely populated place. The central area is the main church hall. The western area is the factory (a must in any Hammerite place of worship), storage area, and reliquary. The eastern area is the barracks and the high priest's quarters. --- Cutscene - (A hand grips a lever, starting gears up in the background. A door to a smelter opens up, and molten metal begins sliding down a chute. The chute leads towards a massed congregation of worshippers in red. The molten metal spills onto a mold, filling it in. A priest stands above the mold and raises his arms in reverence. Cut to the hardened metal being dropped from the mold. The relief created by the mold is that of a godlike figure, holding a hammer aloft. Focus on the hammer as it turns white and all else turns black, forming the symbol of the Hammerites.) ***************** Begin Walkthrough Cathedral Grounds - All right. Right before you is a Hammerite who got the unlucky job of outside duty. Conk him. There's another Hammerite on the balcony with a candle, but he'll take off shortly. Head to the west side of this courtyard is a statue, and a collection plate in front of it, inside of which is TWO SILVER COINS (50, 1%; 50, 3%). There are two ways inside. The first way is the front door, the key to which is on the Hammerite that patrolled the grounds here. You can also climb up on the crates to the pipes to the balcony. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Break into St. Edgar's Church. If you entered by the door, take the west door, which will lead up to where you would be had you entered by the balcony. In this room, you'll find a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 4%) on the shelf. The nearby gate is locked from this side, so head up the stairs. Keep going straight to end up on a ledge overlooking the courtyard, where you can take a Fire Arrow from the big torch. Next, head back west down the stairs, then up the north stairs to the upper passages of the main church hall. There are two Hammers up here, one on the west side, and the other on the east side. The one on the west side has a PURSE OF COINS (25, 5%). Take them both out. From here, you can listen in on what's going on down in the main church hall: NEW NOTE: If the High Priest hears the church bell, he will leave his room and go to the church to bestow a blessing. Also up here, above the northeast side of the church hall, on a stack of boxes is a GOLD CANDLESTICK (75, 7%). There are also two chapels. The one on the east side has COPPER COINS (25, 8%) in a bowl on one of the pews. The chapel on the west side has the CODEX OF THE ADMONITIONS (100, 12%), which is Special Loot #1. Now that this place is cleaned out, you can head back to the south stairs and down to the first floor. Head into the main church hall and take out the Hammerite pacing around the hall. Take the TWO DIAMOND GOBLETS (150, 17%; 150, 22%) on the altar. Also, read the note on the altar. It tells you about Griedus' holy symbol: NEW OBJECTIVE: Steal the high priest's Holy Symbol from his chambers. Head up past the pulpit and grab the GOLD BOWL (125, 27%) on the bench. You're done here, so head east to the eastern courtyard. Take out the Hammerite pacing around here. Take the Water Arrow from the well and the Moss Arrow from the bush. Head up the stairs and grab the RUBY GOBLET (100, 30%) from atop the barrel. The door here leads to Griedus' chambers. Now, you could just slide in and take him and his guard out, if you wish, but that wouldn't be very thiefy. If you go to the southeast corner of the second floor, you can ring the bell from there. Griedus and his guard will head over to the main church hall (make sure there are no bodies waiting for him). Once they're both in the church, make a beeline for his chambers. Take the Holy Symbol from his desk (which is the small hammer). OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Steal the high priest's Holy Symbol from his chambers. Also, grab the SILVER GOBLET (50, 32%) on the desk, take the TWO GOLD CANDLESTICKS (75, 35%; 75, 37%) from the bookshelf, and pick open the chest and grab the CAT O' NINE TAILS (350, 50%) from it. Also, read the note on the table for a new objective: NEW OBJECTIVE: Acquire an unstamped gear in the factory, then stamp it using the Stamping Machine. Time to book it from this room before the bad guys come back, so leave the way you came in (taking the other door could run you into a bad guy). Hop the railing and hide until Griedus and the guard head back inside. Now, head into the barracks, which is the door on the east wall on the ground floor. Head inside and wait for the conversation to your right to finish. One of the guys talking will head upstairs, while the other stays down here. Take him out, then head for the stairs to the east. There's a Health Potion on the shelf near the stairs if you need it. Head up the stairs and take out the patrolling guard. There's also another Hammerite puttering around a workbench nearby. Take him out, too. There's a Gas Bomb on the workbench, and on the nearby barrel is another Gas Bomb and a GOLD PITCHER (175, 56%). Head out the nearby doorway. Behind the southeast statue is a RUBY (125, 60%). Now, head back to the stairs and check out the grate. Crawl through the tunnel and you'll end up in the bedroom. There's a Hammerite pacing about this area, and a Priest sleeping on a bed. Club both of them. On the desk in the bedroom are TWO SILVER COINS (50, 62%; 50, 64%). In the chest nearby is an EFFIGY OF ST. EDGAR (50, 65%), and on the west wall is a painting of a red guy that sparkles, so take the FINE PORTRAIT (150, 71%). Also, in the small library west of here is a Health Potion. That door on the west wall leads back to Griedus' room, so don't bother. Just retrace your steps back to the east courtyard. Now, head over to the west courtyard through the church hall. You'll hear a conversation about Inspector Drept between two Hammerites. While one is a Priest, he's armed with a hammer. Anyway, once they're done, take out the uniformed guy who's pacing around. Then, douse the torch so the Priest can't see you, then sneak around the boxes, pickpocket his PURSE OF COINS (25, 71%) and club him. Now, head through the door he was guarding. --- Factory - Okay, you'll almost immediately hear a conversation. You'll probably want to douse the torch here to move around these guys better. There's a Hammerite patrolling to the north, one to the west, and an unarmed worker to the south. Club all of them when you get openings. In the room you started in is a Gas Bomb, and in the chest is three Broadheads. Once the place is quiet, read the note in the room where the worker was: NEW NOTE: Unstamped gears are in the factory Storage Area. Head north and through one of the two doors here to enter the Reliquary. The Chalice is suspended above you in the cage, but you can't get to it, yet. Head up the stairs and open the chest and grab the two Oil Flasks inside. Pass through the door up here and take out the Priest pacing around. Continue on down the next set of stairs, and you're right outside the Storage Area. Enter and take the two Broadheads, the Gas Bomb, the Oil Flask, the Unstamped Gear on the shelf, and the TWO SILVER NUGGETS (100, 75%; 100, 78%). Inside the chest is another three Broadheads. Now, leave the Storage Area and head west to the next room. The switch on the wall here will turn off the light, so do that, because there's a Priest in the room north of you. Take the SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 80%) on the end table here. Enter the south door. This is Inspector Drept's room. There's a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 82%) on the shelf, and inside the chest is SILVER COINS (50, 84%), TWO GOLD COINS (75, 86%; 75, 89%), and a Flash Bomb. Also, you can read the journal on the shelf and a torn page beneath his chair leg for some interesting info. Head back outside and north. Watch as the Priest roasts a Zombie in the furnace. Club him. You can try this yourself, if you wish. Just hit the door switches on the cells to release the Zombies. Try to lure them in the furnace, then leave by the grating and turn it on. It's fun. Oh, and in the furnace, on the ground, is a JADE RING (50, 91%). Continue north, and place the Unstamped Gear on the Stamping Machine. It will automatically become the Stamped Gear after a few seconds. Take it, and head east, then north back to the Reliquary. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Acquire an unstamped gear in the factory, then stamp it using the Stamping Machine. NEW OBJECTIVE: Attach the stamped gear and the holy symbol to the mechanism protecting the Chalice. Use the two pieces of machinery here, first the holy symbol's spot, then the gear's spot. The cage will lower to second floor level. Inside is a GOLD BELL (150, 96%), TWO SILVER CANDLESTICKS (50, 98%; 50, 100%), and the Builder's Chalice, your mission objective. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find and steal the Builder's Chalice. Now, you just have to leave. If you wish, you can head to the northwest part of the factory (where the worker was), and climb the stairs to the exit, which will lead back to the gate you couldn't open before, but can from this side. Head to the front door and walk towards the main outer doors to end the mission. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Once you have completed all your objectives, return to your entry point, the Front Courtyard. End Walkthrough *************** --- Debriefing - Now that I have the Chalice, I'm one step closer to the books in the Keeper library. Those prophecies had better be worth the trouble -- my little raid isn't going to endear me to the Hammers. --- Loot List NOTE that the Purses say 50 when you get them, but it's only 25. Cathedral Grounds - 1. Copper Coins (25) - In the collection bowl in the outer courtyard, west side. 2. Copper Coins (25) - In the collection bowl in the outer courtyard, west side. 3. Copper Candlestick (25) - On the second floor in the southwest corner of the church, on a bookshelf. 4. Purse of Coins (25) - On a Hammerite patrolling the west side of the second floor of the main church. 5. Gold Candlestick (75) - On some crates in the northeastern corner of the church hall, second floor. 6. Copper Coins (25) - In the eastern chapel on the second floor of the church. 7. Diamond Goblet (150) - On the altar in the center of the church hall. 8. Diamond Goblet (150) - On the altar in the center of the church hall. 9. Gold Bowl (125) - On a bench behind the pulpit in the church hall. 10. Purse of Coins (25) - On a Hammer priest in the western courtyard, guarding the factory door. 11. Ruby Goblet (100) - On a barrel outside the door to the high priest's room. 12. Silver Goblet (50) - On the desk in the high priest's room. 13. Gold Candlestick (75) - On the bookshelf in the high priest's room. 14. Gold Candlestick (75) - On the bookshelf in the high priest's room. 15. Gold Pitcher (175) - On the second floor of the barracks, next to the workbench on a barrel. 16. Ruby (125) - On the second floor of the barracks, behind a statue in the southeast corner. 17. Silver Coins (50) - On the second floor of the barracks, on a desk in the bedroom. 18. Silver Coins (50) - On the second floor of the barracks, on a desk in the bedroom. 19. Fine Portrait (150) - On the wall west of the bedroom. It shows a man in red. Factory - 20. Silver Nugget (100) - On a shelf in the Storage Area. 21. Silver Nugget (100) - On a shelf in the Storage Area. 22. Silver Candlestick (50) - On an end table in the room outside Drept's room. 23. Silver Candlestick (50) - On a shelf in Drept's room. 24. Silver Coins (50) - In the chest in Drept's room. 25. Gold Coins (75) - In the chest in Drept's room. 26. Gold Coins (75) - In the chest in Drept's room. 27. Jade Ring (50) - In the charnel furnace near the cells. 28. Gold Bell (150) - In the Chalice's cage. 29. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the Chalice's cage. 30. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the Chalice's cage. Special Loot - 31. Codex of the Admonitions (100) - On the second floor of the church, in the western chapel. 32. Cat O' Nine Tails (350) - In the High Priest's room, in the locked chest. 33. Effigy of St. Edgar (50) - In the chest in the barracks' bedroom. ========================================== 6G. Mission 4 - Into the Pagan Sanctuary = ========================================== Briefing - The Keepers want me to steal an object from the Pagans called the Jacknall's Paw. It's a mummified hand -- charming. But then, what should I expect from a strange cult of unpredictable primitives who worship the ancient Trickster god? No one's heard much about the Pagans lately, but Artemus gave me a tip about this South Quarter neighborhood, and I've heard rumors of break-ins and howling in the night. This tunnel is going the right way. I can smell it -- vegetation and rot. Stealing from the Pagans is never easy, or smart. They and their creatures don't have any love for me. When I'm done, the Keepers better come through on their part of the bargain. I don't like risking my neck for nothing. Severed hands don't pay the rent. Objectives - - Steal the Jacknall's Paw from the Pagans. - When your other objectives are complete, leave by way of the Pagan tunnels. Note: It would be helpful to have a map of this Pagan territory. Loot - 25 pieces totalling 2575 Enemies - Thugs, Wisps, Pagans, Pagan Shamans, Ents Recommended Items - Lots of Water Arrows, maybe some Moss Arrows --- Mission Notes Cave missions in Thief games are always a pain if you're looking for loot, because the loot could be just behind that rock, and you'd never know it unless you looked in every nook and cranny. Anyway, with the introduction of Ents, we're getting into bigger and badder enemies that can't be taken down through normal means. This mission has more torches than electrical lights, so a lot of Water Arrows will make progress easier. Also, be wary of Wisps floating around (little green clouds). They're mobile light sources, and if you're hiding from someone, you'll find that your shadows may not be that way for long. There are also luminous crystals in the cave area, which cannot be put out in any manner. --- Cutscene - (A drop of blood falls on a blade of grass, peeking out from a cobblestone street. More join it. A clutched fist with a strange mark on the back hangs over the grass. The fist belongs to a man clothed in the trappings of the wild, with an elongated skull perched on his head. He raises a staff as he kneels in before the blood he shed. Suddenly, red plant life begins to form between the cracks of the cobblestones. The stones begin to crack and give way under the strain. Cut to a plant shooting up from the ground and a side view of it blossomming into a crescent shape. The blossom turns white and spins, forming the crescent-shaped insignia of the Pagans.) ***************** Begin Walkthrough Pagan Tunnels - This tunnel area is sort of a figure eight on its side. You're currently on the west side. In front of you are two Thugs with mattocks, talking about valuable nuggets hidden down here. Once they're done talking, one will head off to start walking up and down the middle of the figure eight, and the other will hang out near the campfire. First things first. You know how people toss coins in wells for good luck? Look right under your start point and take the COPPER COINS (25, 1%). Now, take out your nearest Thug. In the campfire is a Fire Arrow. Also perched on top of a stack of crates here is a Health Potion. Head just south of your starting point and scout the floor for a GOLD NUGGET (150, 6%). Now, head north around the corner to eastward. Take out the Thug that's wandering here, as well. Further south and east down the passage is a Pagan wandering around. Sometimes he'll meet the wandering thug, with bloody results. Less work for you, if that happens. In the north middle area of the tunnels is a crate with a RUBY (125, 11%) and a COPPER SPOON (25, 12%). Don't go east just yet, because there's a Pagan Shaman there facing your way. Instead, head south and east (take out the Pagan pacing around here if the Thug didn't do it). Continue heading east and search the southeast corner for a SILVER NUGGET (100, 16%). From this corner, head north a bit, taking the three Broadheads on the crate. In the next open area, you'll find two Pagan ladies talking about their high priestess, Dyan. Once they're done, one will leave to patrol the sewers ahead (you can take her out before she gets there if you wish) and the other will circle around the area you found them. Definitely take the second one out. Near the campfire, you'll find a COPPER FORK (25, 17%) near the fish, and in the chest is a piece of JADE (100, 21%). Now, read the note on the wall. NEW NOTE: The Pagan, Leafer, has a map with him, and he may be in the sewers. Continue back west and take out that Pagan Shaman I mentioned earlier, who's now facing away from you. Search the tunnel in this north area for a SILVER NUGGET (100, 25%) on the floor. Finally, now that your opposition is too out or far away to hear you, go back to the crate that had the ruby and the spoon. See that wooden platform suspended above you. Jump up and mantle onto that. Keep climbing up and moving forward and you'll eventually find, on a stack of boxes, a RUBY GOBLET (100, 29%). Now, head to the northeast end of the tunnels and you'll find a passage leading to the sewers. Pacing around on the ledges above the water is the lady Pagan that was talking earlier back in the tunnels, if you didn't already deal with her. Head up the ramp to the north. The chest on the east wall has a RUBY RING (75, 32%) inside. Make your way west and south along the ledges and you'll reach some crates that have two Explosive Mines and a JADE GOBLET (75, 35%). Now, head west, preferably by the ledges, because the water down there has an Ent stalking around (who you can largely ignore). There's a female Pagan Shaman wandering around this part of the sewers, so deal with her, but watch out for Leafer, who's just beyond the northwards turn of the sewers. Take him out, as well, when the opportunity presents itself. The chest near Leafer has a RUBY (125, 39%) and the map of the area. Also, if you need it, there's a Health Potion on a ledge above the water below, which you can reach from the ledges. You're done here, now. Head south of Leafer's spot, then east along the northern ledges. You'll find a tunnel turn to the north which leads to a ladder. Climb it. --- Pagan Sanctuary - This sanctuary is comprised of houses that Pagans worked in as servants, and then took over. Right in front of you is a note which reveals a new objective: NEW OBJECTIVE: Learn the Ritual of the Root to gain access to the Jacknall's Paw. The shaman knows the Ritual, so search his area. In this open area (SW corner of the Sanctuary) are two Pagans wandering around. Douse fires and silence them. Just west of the fire is a RUBY (125, 44%). Also, note the broken floor above you. Jump up and mantle onto its lowest point and climb the slope to reach a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 46%). While up here, creep around the rafters and you can find some Broadheads, a Noisemaker, and a journal that gives some clues as to how this area became so Pagan-controlled. Head south to leave this room. There's a female Shaman patrolling the main hallway out here, so club her. To the east is a factory and training grounds. There's a female Shaman patrolling that general area. In addition, there are three Pagans practicing combat manuevers in the training ground, and another two just north of that area talking on a bridge (when done, one will head north to the northern area, and the other will patrol the general area south). The good news is that there's only one real thing you need from that area, and it's just inside the first door. On a shelf is a SILVER URN (150, 52%). If you wish, you can cause havoc in the area, but it's not necessary. There's something that is unplesant, but necessary, however, and that's going down into the creek where the Ent is pacing around. Fortunately, if you hide in shadows as he passes, he won't notice you, so head north to the west bridge and hop over the side to get down into the creek. Head east and at the far end you'll find a GOLD BOWL (125, 57%). Now, head back west, where you can find two Water Arrows on the way. There are two ways out of the creek, and we'll be using both. First, jump and mantle up to the broken staircase. Climb up to the top, then follow the stone ledge, and mantle up another level, where you can walk onto a pipe. Follow this pipe all the way and you'll end up above the factory. In the very room you end up in, you'll find an ANCIENT STATUETTE (50, 59%) which is Special Loot #1. Incidentally, there's a second way to this statue, and that is to enter the training ground area, climb up the stairs in the southwest corner, and creep along the rafters to a hole in the upper wall, which leads up to the same spot, but it's easy to be spotted from there. Anyway, head back onto the pipe and make your way back to the creek (or just jump down to it if you can manage it without damage or attracting attention from the Ent). Go to the west end of the creek, again, and climb up the ladder at the end and you'll reach the north half of the Sanctuary. Actually, if you came in this way, you're in the Shaman's room right now. From up here, read the journal next to the bed to learn about a comb. Check the rafters above the head of the bed to find the PRECIOUS COMB (125, 64%), the second piece of Special Loot. Also, in the opposite corner of the room, still in the rafters, is a DIAMOND GOBLET (150, 70%). Before you get that, you may wanna drop down and deal with the Shaman in the room (you can climb back up to the rafters easily enough). On the ground floor of the room is a chest with a RUBY TIARA (100, 74%) and a Health Potion. The book on the bed is your target: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Learn the Ritual of the Root to gain access to the Jacknall's Paw. The shaman knows the Ritual, so search his area. NEW NOTE: To complete the Ritual of the Root, make offerings of moss, water, and blood on the markings on the "Giverings Altar" in the Taproot Cave. My Note: The Note declares these out of order, actually. You're supposed to go water, then moss, and blood. All right, just outside of the room to the east is a female Pagan patrolling the ground floor, as well as one patrolling the rafters with a good view of the Shaman's room. Make sure that one isn't looking before taking out the ground floor Pagan. You can't reach the second floor from here, so just head east to a room with a campfire and a male Pagan. Deal with him and take the Fire Arrow in the campfire. Just to get your bearings here, taking the southwest exit from this room leads to the western bridge across the creek. What you want to do, though, is take the southeastern exit to a room with a torch, which perfectly sets off the beauty of the GOLD DAGGER (50, 76%) beneath it. Continuing along here would lead to the eastern bridge across the creek back to the factory, which we don't need to go to, so head north past the campfire room. This next room has a male Pagan patrolling around, so deal with him. There's a Moss Arrow in the northeast corner of this room. Now, read the note next to the door to learn about more treasure. The treasure's in that room, which you can access either by using ledges to climb up to the window, or just picking open the door. Inside this room (the "Sleepsie"), pick open the chest to take the BRONZE BEETLE (350, 90%), the third piece of Special Loot. Now, head back to the room to the west, then climb the steps. There's a female Pagan up here that I mentioned before, so be careful. Also, in the rafters area to the west is a BIRD STATUETTE (125, 95%). From here, you can hop down to the ground floor, and just north of you is the passage leading to the Taproot Cave. Note that there's a dead body (not one of yours) right next to the entrance. Grab it and head down the stairs. There's a Water Arrow on the way. At the bottom of the steps, deposit your new friend out of sight, then take out the male Pagan patrolling this cave. Once he's pacified, search the shelves on the south wall for TWO JADE GOBLETS (75, 98%; 75, 100%). Now, grab the dead body and continue on to the end of the cave. At the very end, you'll see your target, the Paw, encased in a tree. There's also an Ent circilng the room. Remember, you can only kill them, but it could be helpful if you need room to breathe. Flanking the altar is a Water Arrow and a Moss Arrow if you're in short supply. Use the Water Arrow on the left symbol of the altar, then the Moss Arrow on the right symbol of the altar. Finally, drop the dead body you've been lugging around on the middle symbol. ONLY dead bodies will work for this, not unconscious ones, unless you plan to stab the poor guy while he's on the altar (how barbaric)... Anyway, once the altar's open, grab the paw: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Steal the Jacknall's Paw from the Pagans. Now, spin on your heel, head out of the cave, and south across the creek, and back to the first room. Drop into the hole leading back to the tunnels and you'll automatically end the mission from there. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: When your other objectives are complete, leave by way of the Pagan tunnels. Note: If you wanted to go back to the Tunnels for anything, make sure you don't grab the Paw, yet. Once you grab the Paw, the mission's over, and you won't be able to return to the Tunnels. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - So, this is the Jacknall's Paw. The Keepers will be happy, but I doubt the Pagans will be as pleased. There are more of them in the City than anyone knew, and now their secret's out. I just hope that when they go hunting for their property, they don't come loking for me, too. --- Loot List Pagan Tunnels - 1. Copper Coins (25) - Right beneath you as you start the mission. 2. Gold Nugget (150) - South of your entry point. 3. Ruby (125) - Northeast of your entry point, on a crate. 4. Copper Spoon (25) - Northeast of your entry point, on a crate. 5. Silver Nugget (100) - In the southeast corner of the tunnels. 6. Silver Nugget (100) - Northeast of Loot 3 and 4, on the floor. 7. Copper Fork (25) - Near a campfire that is just before the sewers. 8. Jade (100) - In a chest near a campfire that is just before the sewers. 9. Ruby Goblet (100) - Climb the rafters near Loot 3 and 4. 10. Ruby Ring (75) - In a chest in the east end of the sewers. 11. Jade Goblet (75) - On a stack of crates on the ledge above the sewer entrance. 12. Ruby (125) - In the chest near Leafer in the northwest part of the sewers. Pagan Sanctuary - 13. Ruby (125) - West of the fire in the first room. 14. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the rafters above the first room, northeast corner. 15. Silver Urn (150) - Just inside the "Hammerfool Factory" on a shelf. 16. Gold Bowl (125) - In the creek at the east end. 17. Ruby Tiara (100) - In the chest in the Shaman's room. 18. Diamond Goblet (150) - In the rafters above the Shaman's room, northeast corner. 19. Gold Dagger (50) - In the north half of the sanctuary, south of the campfire, beneath a torch. 20. Bird Statuette (125) - In the rafters above the entrance to the Taproot Cave. 21. Jade Goblet (75) - In Taproot Cave, on a shelf on the south wall of the main room. 22. Jade Goblet (75) - In Taproot Cave, on a shelf on the south wall of the main room. Special Loot - 23. Ancient Statuette (50) - In a room high up in the "Hammerfool Factory". There are two ways to this. One is by climbing the broken staircase on the west side of the creek, then climbing walls and crossing pipes to reach the room. The other way is by climbing the stairs in the training room and crossing the rafters to the hole in the wall, which lead to the room. 24. Precious Comb (125) - In the Shaman's room, in the southwest corner of the rafters, just above the head of the bed up there. 25. Bronze Beetle (350) - In the "Sleepsie", in the locked chest. ========================= 6H. The City, Day Three = ========================= Objectives - - Deliver the Chalice and Paw to Artemus in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza. Enemies - City Watchmen, Thugs, Hostile Factions, Zombies --- Mission Notes This city run will lead you into a new area, the Docks. There's aren't that many enemies here, but a lot less room to run around in. Also, you'll get your very first look at the Keeper Library (or at least the first look Garrett has had in years). ***************** Begin Walkthrough As with Day Two, you'll begin in your apartment. Daily loot and equipment is reset, now. Also, head into your Landlord's place to find a PURSE OF COINS (50). Head to Black Alley to dump your stuff and restock on items, then make a beeline for Stonemarket Plaza. Head over to Terces Courtyard to find Artemus standing there. He'll walk south from the courtyard, then northwest to a tucked-away corner. He'll push a glyph on a wall, which will open a door. Go through it. --- Cutscene - (Pan across a candlelit desk. A cut apple on the desk begins to wither and decay.) Caduca: ...the repetition of these three glyphs, here and here -- Now is "termanus embolia di annuin, verbanus nil"... Gamall (translating): The Times Unwritten, the end of words... (Old and blind, Interpreter Caduca sits at her desk, running her hands over glyphs. The child Translator Gamall, looking ever pale and impassive, stands at her side, facing those gathered in shadow.) Caduca: ...and here again, the mark of the "fratel i tradeus"... Gamall (translating): Brethren and Betrayer... Caduca: ...yes... warnings... terrible... "An vesagin sa faller. Dei kardum porta animun potentium"... Gamall (translating): My hand falls useless to my side. Doubly cursed in living death. Keeper #1: The prophecies are clear. There is much to be wary of. Interpreter Caduca, your words are most useful to-- Garrett: Clear as mud. (The Keeper turns and glares at Garrett.) Exactly *what* will happen, and what are we supposed to *do* about it? And I still want to see a *useful* book... Artemus (from Garrett's side): We must first understand the Unwritten Times. If we are to prevent them. (Another Keeper appears from behind the group.) Keeper #2: First Keeper Orland demands an immediate audience. (Scene begins to shimmer and pulls back to show a viewing pool. Pan up to see First Keeper Orland bent over the pool, concentrating. Garrett appears in his doorway.) Garrett: You've moved up in the world, Orland. Nice view... (Orland raises an eyebrow and casts his eyes behind him as Garrett speaks.) Orland: Yes, I have. (Orland turns and straightens up to face Garrett.) Orland: It's "First Keeper Orland" now, Garrett. Within these walls, you answer to me. Garrett: You called me here to remind me you're in charge? The job must not keep you very busy. Orland: You inquired about books? *Useful* books? Garrett: That's right. You must have something here worth reading. Orland: You think you might shape events more skillfully? Read the signs more closely? (As Orland speaks, the camera focuses on a parchment sealed in what appears to be blood.) Orland: The prophecies-- Garrett: "Shape events"? Interesting way to put it... I'm here, now. Do you want my help or not? Orland: Very well... (Orland turns and takes something from behind him. He holds it before Garrett; a piece of paper with a glyph on it.) Orland: This will admit you to certain areas of the library. Do not venture further. You will not ply your trade here, thief. If anything happens, you will be held accountable. Is this clear? Garrett (snatching the glyph from Orland): Perfectly. Perhaps you should translate for Caduca... (Garrett spins on his heel and walks off. Orland stares after him as he leaves, his face set in stone...) --- The Keeper Library OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Deliver the Chalice and Paw to Artemus in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza. NEW OBJECTIVE: Search around the Keeper Library for clues about the Dark Age. NEW OBJECTIVE: Speak to Keeper Artemus before you leave the Library. NEW OBJECTIVE: Speak to Keeper Isolde before you leave the Library. This is where your Restriction really applies. Here is what you cannot do in the Keeper library: Have someone see you in a forbidden area. Steal anything and have someone see you. Damage anyone physically. Knock anyone out. Kill anyone. You'll find yourself just outside Orland's quarters. You're pretty much allowed to go anywhere except the "Forbidden Library". We'll get to that in a moment. Head down the hallway and to the library proper. On your left, you'll hear a conversation about what the Keepers are looking for. Walk around these two people and to the right you'll see an open book. Read it: NEW OBJECTIVE: Search the Sewers in the Docks to located the entrance to the Sunken Citadel, in order to find the missing Glyph Key that the Keepers are searching for. Head over to the elevator and push the button to ride down (or just climb down the adjacent ladder. Turn left once out and you'll hear another conversation. This one will give you another objective: NEW OBJECTIVE: Enter the ship called the Abysmal Gale in the Docks to see if its related to the Compendium of Reproach that the Keepers are searching for. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Search around the Keeper Library for clues about the Dark Age. Now that you have a purpose, it's time to speak to your fellows. Artemus is in the room to the right when you step off the elevator. He'll tell you that both the Pagans and the Hammers have found out about your little escapades into their territories, and are rather miffed at that. It is from here on out that your "Faction" status will come into play. Artemus says that there are things you can do to improve your faction standing, and there are two letters that you can read: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Speak to Keeper Artemus before you leave the library. NEW OBJECTIVE: Read the letter the Hammerite Inspector Drept has left for you. It is on the table in front of Artemus. NEW OBJECTIVE: Go to the Docks' Pagan stronghold and read the letter left for you by the Pagan priestess, Dyan. Well, the first letter's right in front of you, so scope it out: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Read the letter the Hammerite Inspector Drept has left for you. It is on the table in front of Artemus. NEW NOTE: The Hammers have requested favors to improve your faction status with them. Kill Rust Mites with broadhead arrows. Kill any undead. For more information on making the Hammers happy, go to the "Factions" section further up in this guide. Now, head over to Keeper Isolde. She's straight ahead from the elevator, in the sunken area. She'll give you the powers of an Acolyte, and allow you to use Door Glyphs. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Speak to Keeper Isolde before you leave the library. NEW OBJECTIVE: Use the plaque on the wall near Keeper Isolde to receive the Keeper Door Glyph. Walk over to the glyph on the wall and Use it to get the upgrade. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Use the plaque on the wall near Keeper Isolde to receive the Keeper Door Glyph. Well, you're all set here, for now, unless you want to do some real exploring. Oh, you do? Well, if you don't just skip down a paragraph, because it's not necessary and pretty dangerous, but if you're the type for action, walk behind Artemus and check the note to learn about a map of the Keeper Compound in the Forbidden Library. Now, to access said library. Go to the room behind the note. Except for the GOLD GOBLET (75) on a shelf, this seems like an innocuous room, except for that pressure plate on the floor near one of the bookcases. Step on it and shwip, a Door Glyph! Use it and then use the one in the next area as well and you're in the library. Listen to the two Keepers for the moment, then wait for one to leave. Take the RARE BOOK (100) on the nearby desk, then head for the passage the lady Keeper went to (don't go to the other door, it leads to the normal entrance to the Forbidden Library, where an Acolyte is standing diligently). Shortly up this passage is another RARE BOOK (100), and the Keeper lady is patrolling this circular stairwell area. Follow her at a safe distance, then break off at the top of the stairs to reach the second floor. Here, there's an Acolyte with a torch, and a PURSE OF COINS (50) on him. Make your way around this area, avoiding the Acolyte and dousing torches. On a nearby desk, you'll find the Map to the Keeper Compound (something you'll need later on, but not now), and you'll also find, on a shelf, two Flash Bombs and a Gas Bomb. Head up the next stairway and keep climbing to find a seated scribe. Sneak behind him and grab yet another RARE BOOK (100) near him, then head out onto the third floor, where there's another Acolyte patrolling. On the south end of this room is a SILVER STATUETTE (50), and on the north end is a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50). Just east of that door is a COPPER URN (100) on a bookshelf. Head through this north door and you'll come upon Interpreter Caduca. She has a very small patrolling area, so you'll have to wait until she stops to dart behind her. Once you do so, you'll be in a nice room, with a GOLD GOBLET (75) on the desk. Hear that humming behind the empty bookshelf? Hmm. Go to the bookcase on the south wall that's furthest to the west and press the button found on it. The shelf will slide open and you can enter a secret room, which, in addition to having some juicy info about later game events, also has a desk with a GOLD GOBLET (75) and TWO SILVER STATUETTES (50, 50). Now, you just have to leave the way you came in. When you're done with all you wish to do here, head for the glyph in the area behind Isolde's section and activate it to exit. Now, head to South Quarter, then to the gate to the Docks. It's still shut down, but head to the left of the gate to find a Door Glyph. Activate it to find your own way into the Docks. --- The Docks Briefing - The Docks... the poor part of town... full of cramped tenements and surly residents. I wouldn't come here looking for a helping hand, but it's the right place to hire a few murderous thugs. Or for those who're in the market for something rare and exotic, precious imports from ships are stored here until they're moved to more wealthy districts. So, the Docks can be a good place to rob... as long as you keep an eye out for fishy characters and, of course, the City Watch. The quarantine still has the Docks cut off from the other districts, but the Keeper Door Glyph got me past the gate. Working with the Keepers isn't all bad, I guess. And I have a hunch I'm in the right place to return the favor. If the Keepers are right, and there's a dark age coming -- then the Docks is where to start searching for it. It's about as dark as this city gets. So, your right on the main (read: only) thoroughfare in this district. There's a watchman patrolling down west a bit, and he'll make his way over here, so watch out. Your first stop should be south, through the little twisty alley. The door on your right as you leave is Dahlia's place, and here you'll finally be able to unload all the Artwork you've scrounged together since you started. Also, further south, is the entrance to Pagan territory. You'll eavesdrop on a conversation between two of them as one leaves the letter you've been looking for. Wait until they assume their usual duties, then sneak behind the two of them and read the letter: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Go to the Docks' Pagan stronghold and read the letter left for you by the Pagan priestess, Dyan. NEW NOTE: The Pagans have requested favors to improve your faction status with them. Shoot moss arrows into cornerstones marked with green symbols. Shoot any elemental arrows into their Elemental Cocoons. For more information on making the pleasing Pagans, go to the "Factions" section further up in this guide. Speaking of elemental arrows, there's a Water Arrow in the grate on the east wall, and a Fire Arrow in the torch. Now, head back to the main street, then head west on it, avoiding the Watch. At the end, enter the store here, the Undercurrent. In addition to selling Fire Arrows, you can also find the Climbing Gloves here, for 2000g. You will not need them until after your next two missions are complete, but having them will be a help to you in these missions, so I suggest buying them. With your new gloves, go back east and look up. You should be able to see a door near the end of the street, so climb the wall and hop up onto the balcony. Open the door and take the SILVER BRACELET (100) and the COPPER COINS (25) in this small apartment. Head south from the store (Fire Arrow in the nearby torch) and you'll happen upon two Watchmen discussing a sapling sitting on some crates. It belongs to the Pagans, and they want it planted in their stronghold. The Hammers want it burned. Once they finish talking, you may take the plant, yourself. Whoever you perform the task for will get an increase in faction status. If you wish to burn it for the Hammers, go to the Tavern on the west part of this district and use it on the fireplace. If you wish to plant it for the Pagans, then sneak into their stronghold without them knowing. Head north once in their territory and enter the house. You'll see a glowing patch of ground in the center of the main room, so use it on that patch. Alternatively, you can just ignore the whole thing... Anyhoo, there are two passages heading west from this small dock, which lead to the main dock. This is where the Abysmal Gale is docked. There are also two guards in the area, and they're somewhat tough to deal with, because of their patrols and the citizen who's also walking around. If you have to, don't be afraid to use Gas Bombs on them, but it is possible to sneak up and club them. Anyway, on the southeast part of the pier are COPPER COINS (25). Also, enter the Tavern (they won't mind, they're open). The lady here has a PURSE OF COINS (25). Behind the bar is a COPPER GOBLET (25). On a nearby table is a COPPER COMB (50). Up the stairs and on a shelf is a COPPER FORK (25), and inside the room up here, in a chest, is a JADE RING (50). So, once this place is cleaned out, you're pretty much set for the Docks area, and may begin your missions. Let's start by heading for the Abysmal Gale. It's not the actual mission, but it's a lead-in to it. --- Abysmal Gale NEW OBJECTIVE: Get to the cargo hold down below, then find and read the Ship's Manifest for clues about the Compendium of Reproach. Yes, the rumors are true. This place is haunted by Thief's classic brand of creepy Zombies. If you're well-loaded with Flash Bombs, this place is a piece of cake, because a direct hit with a Flash Bomb, or two indirect hits, will dust a Zombie. Fire Arrows and Mines work, too, but attract attention. Well, as you enter, on your right is the best (but rarest) weapon against undead: Holy Water. In front of you, patrolling the area, is a Zombie. In the first room to your left is a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25). The first room to your right has another flask of Holy Water. The last room on your left has a prone, but still active, Zombie, so don't get too close or he'll spring right up. In that room also are a Health Potion and a JADE RING (50). Now, head to the west side of this deck, then north to the captain's quarters, where there's another Zombie prancing around. Deal with him, then open the chest to find COPPER COINS (25) and a RUBY RING (75). Looking at the log will only show you that this incident seemed to happen abruptly. Anyway, head south to the stairs leading down to the second deck. There's a Zombie patrolling right in front of you, down here. To your right (east) is a hole that we'll get back to. Head north to the last room on your right to find another prone Zombie, plus, inside a chest, a COPPER BRACELET (50) and a COPPER RING (25). Go to the room on the west side and drop down the hole here. This area's inaccessible except by the holes. Down here, you'll find another flask of Holy Water, and a JADE NECKLACE (50). Head back up to the second deck, then head south and down the hole to the hold. There's a Zombie down here, and another patrolling the passage to the east. The chests in this room have a COPPER COMB (50) and COPPER COINS (25). Head east out to the passage, then north to find a cabin with yet another flask of Holy Water. Head south and open the door, then follow the passage to find a prone Zombie, and the ship's manifest behind it. Read it: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Enter the ship called the Abysmal Gale in the Docks to see if its related to the Compendium of Reproach that the Keepers are searching for. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Get to the cargo hold down below, then find and read the Ship's Manifest for clues about the Compendium of Reproach. NEW OBJECTIVE: Find a boat in the Docks and take it to Captain Moira's seaide mansion to steal the Compendium of Reproach. --- Okay, now that you have that info, you can leave by the ladder to the south. You'll be back on the dock outside the ship. Now, you're free to tackle either of your missions: 1. Go to the boat on the south side of the docks (near the sapling) to get to Widow Moira's mansion. (Section 6I) OR 2. Go just west of the locked gate to South Quarter to find the entrance of the sewers, and find the entrance to the Sunken Citadel down there (something you could have done from the moment you arrived in the Docks, but hey, we're thorough)... (Section 6J) Once you complete one of the missions, you'll start Day Four in the Keeper Library, and you can head back to the Docks to tackle the other mission. After which, you'll go to Day Five. (Section 6K) In Day Four, you can once again go to your Landlord's room, this time to find a JADE GOBLET (75). Also, if you go to the Forbidden Library, you'll hear even more interesting conversations, and you can find Gamall wandering around upstairs. ========================================== 6I. Mission 5 - The House of Widow Moira = ========================================== Briefing - The lead from the Abysmal Gale has brought me here -- to the captain's seaside mansion. Well, former captain. Ol' Moira and most of his crew didn't survive their final voyage, but luckily for me, the ship's manifest did. It talked about a golden slab, which sounds like the Compendium of Reproach the Keepers have been looking for. The log said Captain Moira brought it home for safekeeping. I doubt he knew what he had -- probably just wanted it for the gold. My stolen rowboat got me here in one piece. Now, I just have to find and steal the Compendium. There's no way to know how many of the Captain's loyal men are guarding the place, but the household wll probably be in an uproar over the Captain's death. With luck, no one will notice me sneaking around. The widow Moira might know where her late husband kept his treasures. Maybe I'll start by paying her a little visit. Objectives - - Find a way into the Overlook Mansion. - Find and steal the Compendium of Reproach. - Leave the Overlook Manse grounds. Note: The Widow Moira may know where her husband kept the Compendium of Reproach. Loot - 34 pieces totalling 4200 Enemies - Hired Guards Recommended Items - Several Water Arrows, nothing else really necessary --- Mission Notes Despite the macabre way you got here, this mission has naught but the standard contingent of guards and servants, much like Rutherford Castle, only this place seems a touch more decadent. Also, it's important to point out that (unlike previous missions thus far) the main entrance to the mansion is on its *west* side. Most missions so far have had their main entrance to the south, so, if you're going towards the back of the place, you're going east, in this case. ***************** Begin Walkthrough Overlook Grounds - You'll begin in the secret boathouse beneath the mansion. Head forward and onto the elevator, and press the button to ride up. In this passage, you'll have a guard patrolling the area, so club him. In the next room, you'll have two guards playing a game at a table. When they're done, one will get up and head upstairs. The other remains seated. On the table are TWO GOLD COINS (75, 1%; 75, 3%), and in the chest is a Flash Bomb. Head upstairs to find that you're in a shed near the mansion. The mansion grounds has the guard that was downstairs pacing near the gate, and another standing guard near the door. You have three ways into the house from here: 1. The front door, which really isn't that bad of an idea, so this walktrough will go that way. Also, if you don't have Climbing Gloves, this is your only option, anyway. 2. Climb up the wall to above the main door to find a secret passage in. We'll come back to this, later. 3. Climb up the southern (right) wall to reach a balcony leading to a guest room. As previously stated, we'll just use the front door. Head inside and you'll find two guards in here. One will quickly leave to go south, though, and the one will be left, so take care of him. On the north wall of the main hall (to your left, remember) is a FINE PORTRAIT (150, 7%). Head south to find a guard seated at a table. Take the LARGE FINE PORTRAIT (200, 11%) behind him, then head west through the glass doors to find a dining room with another guard. The only thing worth taking in this room is the LUCKY COIN (25, 12%), which is Special Loot #1. Now, head back to the main hall, and this time, go north. You'll find a parlor with a young lady walking around. On the fireplace mantle are TWO SILVER CANDLESTICKS (50, 13%; 50, 14%). On the couch is a DIAMOND GOBLET (150, 18%), and on the desk at the north wall is a GOLD URN (175, 22%). Head west up the stairs to find a storage room with another guard. Take the RUBY NECKLACE (75, 24%) in the chest, and the FINE PORTRAIT (150, 27%) in the northeast corner of the room, on the floor. Head east to a hallway. The room to the east has nothing but a note, so head south to find another room. This room has a sleeping lady. Next to her on an end table is a DIAMOND RING (100, 30%). Also, on the mantle above the fireplace is a DIAMOND GOBLET (150, 33%), and there are TWO COPPER BOWLS (100, 36%; 100, 38%) on a hutch in the northeast corner. Now, take either of the doors south to reach a parlor room. The chest here has a RUBY NECKLACE (75, 40%). Also, scour the floor along the west wall to find a metal panel set in the floor. Open it to find a secret room. Take the Key here and the GOLD NUGGET (150, 44%). There's another metal panel in the wall. Open it to find that this was Entry #2 from above. Anyway, head back to the parlor, then take the door south. There's a guard here, but he's tipsy, so he's not all that alert. Head into the bathroom to the east, and behind the screen, you'll find a DIAMOND RING (100, 46%). Now, head west to find a guest room. Inside are two people plotting to steal from the Widow Moira. Geez, who could think of such a thing? Wait for them to finish talking and to walk around a bit. The woman will leave the room after a bit, so take her out then, then head inside to take out the man. The only thing useful in this room is the PURSE OF COINS (50, 47%). Now, it's time to head to the next area of the room. I feel the best way to do this is to head back to the ground floor, and take the main door. --- Overlook Proper - This area has several rooms. Remember, you start on the west side. In front of you is the Rotunda. To the north is a Gallery. To the northeast is the kitchen, and the dining room to the east. The southeast corner has the study, and the south area has the stairs to the second floor. The second floor has guest rooms in the east and southeast. The northeast is a staircase leading up to the cupola, and the northern area has the master bedroom. Okay, so you start in the Rotunda, and Ginny the head servant is berating a younger servant. The younger one will rush from the room, and soon Ginny will speak to a guard, before heading south. Head around the north part of the Rotunda for a good place to take that guard out (and while you're at it, take the guard out in the hallway north of here, since you're there). Also, Ginny will be walking back to the Rotunda, eventually, so knock her out now. Once everyone's silent, take the NEREID TELESCOPE (400, 57%) on the desk in the Rotunda. This is Special Loot #2. Head north to the Gallery. In the chest here is a RUBY GOBLET (100, 59%), but not much else. Head east from the Gallery to find the kitchen. Knock out the cook. You can take the Fire Arrow in the oven if you want it. Also, on top of the shelf in the south corner of the kitchen is a RUBY GOBLET (100, 61%), which you may have to climb on a nearby barrel to reach. Head south to find a dining room with a serving girl and a seated guard. There's also a cat near the fireplace, so stay away from him until everyone's out in this room. On the fireplace mantle is a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 62%). On the large table are a JADE GOBLET (75, 64%) and a RUBY GOBLET (100, 66%). Head south from this room and you'll find locked doors. If you've taken the key from the secret room back on the grounds, you can just unlock this door, otherwise you'll have to pick it open and enter the study. Alternatively, you can go west to the stairwell and use the vents. There are SILVER COINS (50, 67%) on the desk, and in the chest are a Health Potion and a DIAMOND RING (100, 70%). Head west from the study to the stairwell. I already mentioned the vents earlier, but now explore them more thoroughly to find a rat hole with a GOLD NUGGET (150, 73%). Head up the first flight of stairs and grab the COPPER URN (100, 76%) on the table, then head up to the second floor. There are two guards up here, one on the north side of the rotunda, and one on the south side. Deal with them, then head east from the south side of the rotunda to reach some more guest rooms. There are three people in one room, but after a short conversation, one will rush out. Take advantage of her foolish desire to be alone, then wait for the other two to separate, one heading to the south room. Once all three are silent, you can explore. The southeastern guest room has a RUBY RING (75, 77%) in the chest, and an Oil Flask on the shelf. Now, head to the other guest room and climb the spiral staircase to the cupola, where the widow sits. Sounds like someone's a few prawns short of a galaxy. Listen to her as she raves about her husband and she'll drop a hint: NEW NOTE: Lord Moira left a message for his wife on the viktrola in the master bedroom. Also, walk up to her. At least being nuts has made her mellow to strangers: NEW NOTE: The widow would like some wine. To get this wine, head down to the kitchen. On the northern table is a bottle. Grab it. It's a "junk object", but take it anyway to the cupola and drop it on the table. She'll thank you and tell you something that may seem slightly chilling, but it will clear you of a headache later (I'll explain in a bit)... Anyway, to the real reason you're here, head back down to the rotunda (second floor). Go to the west end of the rotunda and grab the LARGE FINE PORTRAIT (200, 82%) off the wall. Head north to Moira's private chambers. Pick open the north door (mind you, this lock is tough, the first one so far to require you to find the sweet spot at odd angles). Open the chest by the bed to find a DIAMOND NECKLACE (100, 85%). Play the viktrola to listen to Moira's last message: NEW OBJECTIVE: Use the hidden switch in the study. Then get to the North Gallery before it closes. The North Gallery is on the first floor of the Overlook Proper, directly below the Master Bedroom. Before we do that, head east into the bathroom. Grab the WIDOW'S MIRROR (125, 88%) on the shelf, to get Special Loot #3. Now, head to the study. In case you've forgotten, the study is in the southeast corner of the first floor of this Overlook Proper area. Go to the study and peek under the desk. Use the button there. You now have about 40 seconds to rush up to the North Gallery and hop into the now-open bookshelf on the east wall. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Use the hidden switch in the study. Then get to the North Gallery before it closes. The North Gallery is on the first floor of the Overlook Proper, directly below the Master Bedroom. Ride the elevator down by pushing the lower button. Hop off and enter the secret room. In front of you is the Compendium of Reproach. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find and steal the Compendium of Reproach. Now, read the note on the table with the Compendium: NEW NOTE: The widow needs the money in the chest in the captain's secret room to survive, but she doesn't need the Compendium. Bit of a moral dilemma, eh? The choice is yours whether or not to take the COURIER BAG (500, 100%). If you do take the bag, then the next day, you'll find a thug hanging around outside your building waiting to cut you down for your foul deed. On the other hand, if you gave the widow some wine, then she'll consider you a friend and won't bat a batty eye about it. Open the other door in this room and you'll be transported back to the Overlook Grounds, into the very passage you started in. Either head down to the boat using the elevator, or leave the mansion by the main gate outside. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Leave the Overlook Manse grounds. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - I've stolen the Compendium, but I can't read it any more than Captain Moira could. I'll have to bring it back to the Keepers. Besides, I want to see the look on their faces when I hand it over. They've been searching for years, and I found it in one night. --- Loot List Overlook Grounds - 1. Gold Coins (75) - In the boathouse passage area, on the table that the two guards are gambling on. 2. Gold Coins (75) - In the boathouse passage area, on the table that the two guards are gambling on. 3. Fine Portrait (150) - In the main central hall, on the north wall. 4. Large Fine Portrait (200) - South of the main central hall, in the room prior to the dining room. 5. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the parlor north of the main central hall, on the fireplace's mantle. 6. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the parlor north of the main central hall, on the fireplace's mantle. 7. Diamond Goblet (150) - In the parlor north of the main central hall, on the couch. 8. Gold Urn (175) - In the parlor north of the main central hall, on the shelf at the north wall. 9. Fine Portrait (150) - In the northwest corner of the second floor, propped up against the wall. 10. Ruby Necklace (75) - In the northwest corner of the second floor, in the locked chest. 11. Diamond Ring (100) - In the northern of the two central rooms on the second floor, on the end table near the sleeping lady. 12. Diamond Goblet (150) - In the northern of the two central rooms on the second floor, on the fireplace mantle. 13. Copper Bowl (100) - In the northern of the two central rooms on the second floor, on the hutch in the northeast corner. 14. Copper Bowl (100) - In the northern of the two central rooms on the second floor, on the hutch in the northeast corner. 15. Ruby Necklace (75) - In the southern of the two central rooms on the second floor, in the chest. 16. Gold Nugget (150) - In the southern of the two central rooms on the second floor, under a secret panel. Alternatively, you can get here by climbing on top of the main door's awning. 17. Diamond Ring (100) - In the bathroom on the south side of the second floor. 18. Purse of Coins (50) - In the guest room in the southwest corner of the second floor, on a table. Overlook Proper - 19. Ruby Goblet (100) - In the North Gallery in the chest, first floor, north side. 20. Ruby Goblet (100) - On the first floor, in the northeast kitchen, on top of a shelf (north of the door to the dining room). 21. Copper Candlestick (25) - On the first floor, in the east dining room, on the fireplace mantle. 22. Jade Goblet (75) - On the first floor, in the east dining room, on the table. 23. Ruby Goblet (100) - On the first floor, in the east dining room, on the table. 24. Silver Coins (50) - On the first floor, in the southeastern study, on the desk. 25. Diamond Ring (100) - On the first floor, in the southeastern study, in the chest. 26. Gold Nugget (150) - On the first floor, in the vents beneath the southern stairwell. 27. Copper Urn (100) - On the landing in the southern stairwell. 28. Ruby Ring (75) - On the second floor, in the southeastern guest room, in the chest. 29. Large Fine Portrait (200) - On the second floor, on the west wall of the rotunda. 30. Diamond Necklace (100) - On the second floor, in the chest in the master bedroom 31. Courier Bag (500) - In Captain Moira's secret room, in the chest. Special Loot - 32. Lucky Coin (25) - In the Overlook Grounds, in the southwest corner of the first floor, on the dining room table. 33. Nereid's Telescope (400) - In the Overlook Proper, on the table in the first floor of the rotunda. 34. Widow's Mirror (125) - In the Overlook Proper, in the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom. ==================================== 6J. Mission 6 - The Sunken Citadel = ==================================== Briefing - Looks like I found the entrance to the "Sunken Citadel" Keeper Rafe talked about in his journal. According to him, the Glyph Key disappeared underground some time too long ago to think about. Rafe also mentioned caves "swarming with strange creatures". Guess that's why the Keepers put a glyph lock on the entrance. It would be nice to know what sort of creatures, but the Keepers have never been much for useful detail. Turns out, not only did the Glyph Key disappear down here, but so did Rafe. The Keepers never sent anyone after him, but I don't expect he's still exploring the place. I don't have any good leads on where to start looking for the Key, but I can start by looking for Rafe's remains. Objectives - - Find the Keeper Glyph Key. - Get back to the surface by returning to your entry point. Note: Searching for Keeper Rafe might be a good start. Keepers on excursions often mark their trails with glyphs. Loot - 41 pieces totalling 4100 Enemies - Kurshoks, Ratmen, Pagans, Pagan Shamans Recommended Items - Several Water Arrows, maybe some heavy artillery, too... --- Mission Notes The map for this mission is found in Stonemarket Proper. In the southwest corner of that area is an imprisoned Kurshok. Free him and you'll find the map in his cell. This mission introduces you to the hardy Kurshoks. It's also a cave mission, how joyous... Reminds me a lot of the Lost City from the first two games. This area has torches, but a lot of the light here comes from either the glowing minerals in the walls or unnatural blue flames in big bowls. Neither of these can be extinguished. ***************** Begin Walkthrough Outer Citadel - Head down the passage. You'll notice some red markings on the walls and floor. These are the markings Rafe left to mark his trail. Head southwest down this passage. Right before the entry plaza is a RUBY (125, 3%). Head into the entry plaza. There are two Kurshoks patrolling here. I suggest heading west behind the boulder and taking out the one patrolling here first, because he's not as easily seen as the one on the east side. Once both are down, you can take the Water Arrow in the pool of water on the east side, then take the BIRD STATUETTE (125, 6%) on the slab on the on the south wall. Read the journal, too, to learn about the fall of the Kurshok. Head west, then south to a passage. In this passage is a DIAMOND (150, 9%). You'll soon reach a small clearing, with a Ratman patrolling around. They're faster than humans when patrolling, and they can hear pretty well, but they go down with a blackjack like the best of them. In the Ratman's room is a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 10%), as well as a note. Read the note: NEW OBJECTIVE: Steal the Kurshok Crown from the former throne room. You now have a choice here, go east to the Arena (Nursery) or south to the Theater. Either way has its dangers and loot, so I'll break it down for you. Go east: You'll find a corner turning south, and a SILVER NUGGET (100, 13%) at this corner. Down the stairs, you'll hear two Ratmen talking about the Kurshok eggs. They'll rush into the nursery and start fighting Kurshok there. Go down the stairs into their prep room and take the GOLD GOBLET (75, 15%) in the room. Wait until the noise settles down and head into the nursery. There are two Kurshoks in this room, who were fighting the Ratmen. With luck, only one of your enemies will be left, so deal with him. Now, to loot the place. Go to the above walkway and look at the east window to find a GOLD URN (175, 19%). Head down into the pit and look for a Moss Arrow in the southwest corner. Underneath the walkway is a Kurshok patrolling this area. In the nearby chest is a GOLDEN DAGGER (50, 20%). Head north into the burial room to find a PAGAN BATTLE HORN (50, 21%) on the slab. This is Special Loot #1. Head back out into the nursery, then south along the walkway. In the next room with the blue flame is a SILVER NUGGET (100, 24%). Head west into a well-lit room with TWO SILVER CANDLESTICKS (50, 25%; 50, 26%). Head north and climb behind a fallen pillar to find a piece of JADE (100, 29%). To the northwest is a room with a Ratman patrolling between that room and another to the west. Head to the first room and deal with the Ratman, then look into the open sarcophagus here and take the RUBY TIARA (100, 31%) inside. Head south into the water and poke around to find a COPPER BRACELET (75, 33%) on the floor. Also, on the nearby slab is a SILVER URN (150, 37%). Now, head west and you'll reach the "connector room" of the two paths. To the south is the doorway to the next area. Go south from Plaza: In the passage leading to the theater is a GOLD NUGGET (150, 40%). Continue on the path to the theater. There are two Pagans talking to each other on a raised platform. It's worth it to take them out, because just to the north of them is a crystal on the wall that appears to be just a normal crystal, but is actually a LARGE DIAMOND (500, 53%), which is Special Loot #2. There are also two chests in this area. The north chest has a Health Potion and three Broadheads. The south chest has THREE GOLD COINS (75, 54%; 75, 56%; 75, 58%) inside. Now, head south and you're in the aforementioned "connector room". Head south to the next area. --- Citadel Core - To the east of your entry point is the bath house. Just north is a small burial area. In an open sarcophagus is a Health Potion. In the bath house itself are two Kurshok speaking. To take them both out, I suggest dousing the torch on the west wall and sneaking into the southwest corner. Once they finish speaking, one will leave the bath and start patrolling around it. Take that guy out when he comes near your hiding place, then hop down in the bath when the other is looking away and club him. Inside the bath on the south end is a RUBY GOBLET (100, 60%), and in the northeast corner of this room is a CAT STATUETTE (100, 63%). Head south into a crossroads room, with a Kurshok patrolling. East of here is the throne room, and south is the library. Rafe's marks lead off to the library, so let's head that way. First, though, head west into a little side room and take the PURSE OF COINS (50, 64%) off the skeleton. Head south down the stairs. In the library entryway (in the beginning) are two Pagans and two Kurshok. They will, of course, have killed each other by the time you get here and, with luck, there will be only one left. Take out the remaining guy. On the table in front of the big torch (it's red, mind you, so you can douse it) is a COPPER BOWL (100, 67%) and a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 68%). Head up the stairs and look out the window to the south to find a SILVER URN (150, 71%) sitting in the window. North, in the actual library, is a Kurshok wandering around. Once he's down, you can loot the place: a RARE BOOK (100, 74%) on the northeast wall, another RARE BOOK (100, 76%) on the west wall, and TWO COPPER COINS (25, 77%; 25, 78%) on the south wall. Head through the door in the southwest corner to find poor Rafe, or what's left of him: NEW OBJECTIVE: Read Rafe's journal for a clue about how he died. Actually, reading the journal is just another way learn about the crown... OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Read Rafe's journal for a clue about how he died. Under Rafe's hand is your main objective: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find the Keeper Glyph Key. Lastly, take the GOLDEN DAGGER (50, 79%) lying next to him. Now, you can leave and we'll see about that crown. Head north into the library entry. Now, if you have the Climbing Gloves, climb the east wall and you'll have entered a back way to getting the crown. If you don't have the gloves, you'll have to take the east road at the crossroads. The Kurshok facing south doesn't move, so you'll have to move slowly through the shadows and south to the back way. Anyway, in the first room of the back way is a Kurshok, as well as a piece of JADE (100, 81%) in the southeast corner. Leave through the northeast door to find another room with a Kurshok. Deal with him, then look in the northeast corner of this room for a SILVER NUGGET (100, 84%) and in the southwest corner's wall for a small KURSHOK TAPESTRY (50, 85%), which is Special Loot #3. Now, head north to the throne room. You're on the second floor here, and the crown is suspended above the throne on the first floor. There's a Kurshok standing in front of the throne, and another pacing around the room, and let's not forget the third down the stairs facing out. Before you go too nuts with your attacking, let's explore up here. Just west of you (on the south wall) is a ledge that's about six feet above the one you're on. Jump up and mantle onto it, then walk over and mantle onto the broken piece of pillar. Lastly, jump over to the tipped pillar and grab the DIAMOND (150, 89%) on it. Hop down to the main floor without being seen, then club the patrolling Kurshok, then the one in front of the throne, and finally, the one facing outside. Open the chest on the east wall to find TWO GOLD COINS (75, 90%; 75, 92%). Open the chest on the north wall to find TWO SILVER COINS (50, 93%; 50, 95%) and a HANDFUL OF GEMS (200, 100%). Now, hop onto the throne and take the crown from its suspended place in space. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Steal the Kurshok Crown from the former throne room. Now, it's a simple matter of returning to the Outer Citadel and to your entry point. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Get back to the surface by returning to your entry point. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - Well, I didn't make any new friends, but I found the Glyph Key that the Keepers have been searching for. Plus, I picked up a little something extra for myself -- not really my style in hats, but the gold it's made of should be worth a fair bit. According to Rafe's journal, the Keepers lost the Key decades ago. Only took me one day to find it. --- Loot List Outer Citadel - 1. Ruby (125) - Just southwest of your entry point. 2. Bird Statuette (125) - In the entry plaza, on a slab near a journal. 3. Diamond (150) - In the passage between the entry plaza and the first Ratman. 4. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the crossroads room with the first Ratman. 5. Silver Nugget (100) - East of the crossroads room with the first Ratman. 6. Gold Nugget (150) - South of the crossroads room with the first Ratman. 7. Gold Goblet (75) - In room north of nursery (where Ratmen plot stealing the eggs). 8. Gold Urn (175) - In the walkway atop the nursery, in the east window. 9. Golden Dagger (50) - In the chest beneath the walkway in the nursery. 10. Silver Nugget (100) - In the room south of nursery. 11. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the room south and west of nursery on a table. 12. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the room south and west of nursery on a table. 13. Jade (100) - In the room south and west of nursery, on the north side behind a fallen pillar. 14. Ruby Tiara (100) - In the room east of the room before the passage to the Citadel Core, in an open sarcophagus. 15. Copper Bracelet (75) - In the room east of the room before the passage to the Citadel Core, in the water. 16. Silver Urn (150) - In the room east of the room before the passage to the Citadel Core, on a shelf in the southeast corner. 17. Gold Coins (75) - In the theater, in the southern chest on the floor. 18. Gold Coins (75) - In the theater, in the southern chest on the floor. 19. Gold Coins (75) - In the theater, in the southern chest on the floor. Citadel Core - 20. Ruby Goblet (100) - In the bath house, in the south side of the bath. 21. Cat Statuette (100) - In the bath house, in the northeast corner of the room. 22. Purse of Coins (50) - West of the crossroads connecting the bath house, throne room, and library, near a skeleton. 23. Copper Bowl (100) - In the room just north of the library, on the shelf. 24. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the room just north of the library, on the shelf. 25. Silver Urn (150) - In a window just north of the library door. 26. Rare Book (100) - In the library in the northeast corner. 27. Rare Book (100) - In the library on the west wall. 28. Copper Coins (25) - In the library on the south wall. 29. Copper Coins (25) - In the library on the south wall. 30. Golden Dagger (50) - In the library near Rafe's body. 31. Jade (100) - In the room up the wall on the east side of the library, or southeast of the Kurshok guarding the throne room, in the southeast corner. 32. Silver Nugget (100) - In the room leading to the second floor of the throne room (east of the normal entry room), in the northeast corner. 33. Diamond (150) - From the second floor of the throne room, climb the ledge on the south wall, then jump onto the bent pillar out over the room. It's on the pillar. 34. Gold Coins (75) - In the eastern chest in the throne room. 35. Gold Coins (75) - In the eastern chest in the throne room. 36. Silver Coins (50) - In the northern chest in the throne room. 37. Silver Coins (50) - In the northern chest in the throne room. 38. Handful of Gems (200) - In the northern chest in the throne room. Special Loot - 39. Pagan Battle Horn (50) - In the Outer Citadel, in the passage beneath the nursery, in the small crypt on the slab. 40. Large Diamond (500) - In the Outer Citadel, in the theater, on the wall behind the two Pagans. 41. Kurshok Tapestry (50) - Head due southeast of the main throne room, then northeast, to a room that leads to the second floor of the throne room. In this room, look on the southwest corner of the wall. The tapestry doesn't sparklet, but it looks small enough to be carried. ======================== 6K. The City, Day Five = ======================== Objectives - - Visit the Forbidden Library to hear Caduca read from the Compendium of Reproach Enemies - City Watchmen, Thugs, Hostile Factions --- Mission Notes This is just a little ditty between this and the next mission. Nothing truly new to report. Just don't get so caught up in finding the next mission that you forget to stock up on supplies. ***************** Begin Walkthrough You'll begin in the room you began the last mission in. Head to the Forbidden Library (no need to sneak), which is the area near Keeper Isolde, guarded by an Acolyte. --- Cutscene - (Caduca places the Glyph Key on the Compendium, and it opens.) Keeper: For this book to be found now... surely it's a bad sign. Orland: Silence. Caduca is about to begin. (Cut to Caduca at her desk. Gamall standing near her. Garrett, Orland, Artemus and others are standing before her.) Caduca: This passage here speaks to us now... very powerful. "Sovart temporalis... nundamay, cor mallus reportora im visitablum"... Gamall (translating): When the progress of time ceases... the one... will be appointed... Caduca (annoyed): No... no... "cor mallus reportora im visitablum." Gamall: Erm... the evil will be... pointed out... for all to see... Keeper: When the progress of time ceases... what could it mean? Orland: We must wait and watch. The meaning of the prophecy will become clear, in time. Garrett: Wait? After I found your precious book? No... when time stops... "the evil will be pointed out" or whatever she said... Don't you want to know what we're up against? Orland: What would you do? Stop time with your bare hands? You cannot make the prophecies come to pass, thief. It is folly to think so. Garrett: You can't, but maybe I can. I could break into the Clocktower in Stonemarket. Find some way to... stop the clock from running. (As Garrett speaks, the massed Keepers on walkways above being to murmur...) Orland (over the murmuring): Perhaps the Stonemarket clock could be considered a symbol of time. But, if you are suggesting sabotage. Keeper: You would accomplish nothing, except further enraging the Hammerites. Artemus: With Caduca so close to discovering the Brethren and Betrayer, Garrett... Garrett: I'm not going to sit around and do nothing. That's your job. Orland: Fool! I forbid you to go to the Clocktower, or interfere with the prophecy in any way. Garrett: You forget... I don't take orders from you. (Garrett turns and departs.) Keeper: He has left, First Keeper Orland. Orland: Yes, I can see that... --- NEW OBJECTIVE: Break into the Stonemarket Clocktower via an upper story access pipe in Stonemarket Plaza to sabotage the clockworks. Now, you're back outside the library in Stonemarket Plaza. There's no real need to go back to the Library for now (no new things to be heard or seen in the Forbidden Library). First, I suggest going to your fences and stores, unloading and stocking up. If you wish, you can also go to your Landlord's room in South Quarter to steal a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25) from his room. When all's done, go to the northeast corner of Stonemarket Plaza and start looking up for a pipe with a blue glyph on it. Once you find it, move into the alcove underneath it and climb the west wall. Inch along the wall and drop onto the small pipe, then head and Use the big pipe to enter the mission. End Walkthrough *************** ============================== 6L. Mission 7 - Killing Time = ============================== Briefing - The Keepers are waiting for time to stop on its own, but I think their prophecy needs a little push. The Stonemarket Clocktower is so tall you can see it from Auldale. If there's a way to stop time, this is it. I made it inside the tower, now I just have to figure out how to sabotage it. It's centuries old, and they say its gears have killed more men than the City's guillotine. It'll be full of Hammerites, too -- some of them spend their whole lives here, maintaining it. They're not going to let me throw a wrench into their clockworks, not without a fight. I'll be making my way down from the top. With a little luck, along the way I can figure out how to turn this thing off. Let's just hope my way of dealing with the prophecies is more... productive... than the Keepers', or this could be a big waste of time. Objectives - - Locate a mechanical plan of the clockworks. - Reach the basement of the Clocktower, where the furnace is. - When all your other objectives are complete, sabotage the clockworks in the furnace room to stop the clock. Loot - 33 pieces totalling 2450 Enemies - Hammers, Hammer Priests Recommended Items - Plenty of Water Arrows, and a few Moss Arrows for metal floors, and some Gas Bombs for well-positioned enemies. --- Mission Notes This mission is pretty cramped. You won't find many open areas to hide in, should you be spotted. Like the briefing says, you'll be starting at the top and going down, so always look for paths down. Also of note is the fact that you don't need to make an escape as an objective. Doing your duty in the basement will be enough to end the mission. ***************** Begin Walkthrough Upper Clocktower - Head straight out of the pipe, then head for the back right of this first room to find a ladder down. Follow the passage, which will open up in a large room with two swinging pendulums. Be careful, now, because those can turn you into mashed thief in no time if you get in their way. As you enter the room, look to your right (east) to find a chest. Take the SILVER STATUETTE (50, 2%) inside. There's a Hammer patrolling the center of this room, and another at the far wall. Take care of the two of them. In the hole on the west side of the room (under the window) is a Holy Water (which you won't need in this mission, but it's always good to stock up). Also, look up on the wall in the northwest corner of the room and you'll see a shiny gear. Climb up to it and grab the DIAMOND GEAR (400, 18%), which is Special Loot #1. Now, head to the northeast corner and drop down the ladder. There's a Hammer patrolling this hallway. Drop him, then head to the south end of the room. The chest has a Health Potion and a PURSE OF COINS (50, 20%). The desk to the north has a GOLD GOBLET (75, 23%) and a GOLD CANDLESTICK (75, 26%) on it, and FATHER DEBOLE'S SOLACE (150, 32%) underneath it, which is Special Loot #2. Also on the desk is a plan: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Locate a mechanical plan of the clockworks. NEW NOTE: To sabotage the clockworks, pull both the Coal Dispenser and Steam Release levers. Lastly, activate the Halting Mechanism. NEW NOTE: The mechanical plan of the clockworks can be found on your map page. Head east to a door and open it (or just jump through the nearby window). Follow this passage to a dormitory, where an unarmed worker is walking around. Once he's put down, you can raid this room, starting with the PURSE OF COINS (50, 34%) on the worker, the Holy Water and PURSE OF COINS (50, 36%) in the chest on the east wall, the COPPER COINS (25, 37%) on the top bunk of the middle bed, the Mine on the west table, the SILVER GOBLET (50, 39%) on the west shelf, the COPPER COINS (25, 40%) in the chest at the foot of the bed, the SILVER SPOON (50, 42%) and SILVER FORK (50, 44%) on the northwest table, the COPPER COMB (50, 46%) and Oil Flask in the northwest chest, and finally, the PURSE OF COINS (50, 48%) in the northeast chest. Phew... The east window leads an overlook of a room below. I suggest going back to the room where you found the plan and take the southeast door to the stairs and sneaking down. In this room are two Hammers, and one patrols the rather well-lit stairs, so wait for him to walk away before attacking. Once they're down, head to the northwest corner to find some vents. Crawl inside and grab the GOLD BRACELET (125, 54%) inside. In a chest in the southeast corner of the room is a Mine and TWO COPPER CANDLESTICKS (25, 55%; 25, 56%). Head to the room in the northeast corner of this area (either door will get you there) and open the chest to find a COPPER URN (100, 60%) and SILVER COINS (50, 62%). Now, to head down, you can either take the elevator in the northwest corner, or the ladder in the center of the room to the vent. In this next tall area (the height of which Garrett will comment upon), you'll have to get down to the ground. At the east, south, and west points of the room (descending, in that order) are platforms where Priests are stationed. There are also quite a few platforms usable to descend down, or you could just latch onto the wall and climb down from there. It also just happens that here in this room is the WORST LOOT PLACEMENT EVER. From your perch up here on the north side of the room, leap over to the east side of the platforms. Douse the torch so you're not seen by the Priest here. Now, look down into the southeast corner of the room. See that sparkle on that tiny ledge? That's your destination. Now, to get there. From your eastern perch, run off the platform and land on the pipes on the south side. Walk over to the platform. You should now be opposite the platform with the Priest on the south side. You'll need to take him out, I suggest gas, and hop onto his platform. Now, mantle onto the east rope near the door, crouch and slowly walk off and land on the ledge below you (if you crouch and slowly drop off, you may not lose health). Now, the only thing separating you from your loot is a vertical bar. Fortunately, snuggle right up to the bar and you can reach across and grab the GOLD COINS (75, 65%). Wasn't that a pain? Quick note: If you want to go back, it can be done by climbing the walls and mantling onto ledges, but it's very tough. --- Lower Clocktower - Careful on these early parts of this half of the tower, because almost all floors are metal. This passage curls counter-clockwise around the tower, and there's a Hammer patrolling it. Once you reach the northeast corner, you'll see a metal walkway veering off to the north. Follow it to find a chest with Holy Water and GOLD COINS (75, 68%). Head further down the stairs to find a locked side door and a ladder down. Open the door and open the chest beyond to find GOLD COINS (75, 71%). You can take the ladder here, or go back through the door and take the other one. I suggest the latter, as it allows you to completely bypass the Hammer down in the center room. However, there is another Hammer patrolling the outer hallway, so take care of him. Along the north wall is a little side storeroom. Behind the vent is a GOLD CANDLESTICK (75, 74%), which is positioned so that the vent bounces off it when it falls. Head to the southeast corner of this area to find a Priest and, behind him, the BUILDER'S INGOT (50, 76%), Special Loot #3. Head to the northeast corner of this area to find an elevator. Head down a floor. On this floor are two Hammers patrolling the first passage, then the passage heads to the center of the tower, then you'll see two Hammers near a large door (the main door, which you can't use). They're tough to get the drop on, so I suggest gassing them. There's a third Hammer southwest on patrol. Once they're all down, go to the desk near the door and grab the SILVER GOBLET (50, 78%) and the PURSE OF COINS (50, 80%) on it. In the chest behind the desk is a PURSE OF COINS (50, 82%) and an Oil Flask. Follow the passage to an elevator and ride it down. Head out the passage into the main room. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Reach the basement of the Clocktower, where the furnace is. Patrolling up here on the upper floor are a Priest to your right and a Hammer to your left. The Hammer has a PURSE OF COINS (50, 84%). Head through the door the Hammer was near and you'll end up at the Coal Dispenser, with another Hammer standing nearby. Also near this area is the Foreman's Office. There's a plan on the shelf behind the desk if you missed it the first time. On the desk itself are a GOLD GOBLET (75, 87%) and a GOLD PITCHER (175, 94%). Open the nearby chest to grab a Mine and GOLD COINS (75, 97%). Head out into the main room and to the staircase on the west wall. Walk down to the lower floor and take out the two Hammers down here and the worker. The worker has a PURSE OF COINS (50, 100%). Now, it's time to throw your wrench. Head back up to the upper floor, to the Coal Dispenser in the northeast, near the Foreman's Office and flip the lever. Now, head through the nearest door to the southeast and find the Steam Release lever. Turn that. Finally, drop down to the Halting Mechanism in the center of the room and flip that. Boom... Uh... Oops...? OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: When all your other objectives are complete, sabotage the clockworks in the furnace room to stop the clock. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - Those noises mean bad news. Time may have stopped, but this is looking more destructive than I had planned. And while I made some profit, I didn't notice any prophecies being fulfilled. I would hate to admit the Keepers were right after all. The best thing to do now is to return to the Library until the dust settles. Maybe Caduca's finally ready to tell us who the Brethren and Betrayer is. --- Loot List - Upper Clocktower - 1. Silver Statuette (50) - In the top room (with the pendulums) in a chest in the southeast corner. 2. Purse of Coins (50) - In the chest near the desk on the floor below the pendulum room. 3. Gold Goblet (75) - On the desk on the floor below the pendulum room. 4. Gold Candlestick (75) - On the desk on the floor below the pendulum room. 5. Purse of Coins (50) - On a worker patrolling the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 6. Purse of Coins (50) - In a chest on the east wall of the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 7. Copper Coins (25) - On the top bunk of the middle bed in the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 8. Silver Goblet (50) - On a shelf on the west wall of the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 9. Copper Coins (25) - In a chest at the foot of the middle bed in the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 10. Silver Fork (50) - On a table in the northwest corner of the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 11. Silver Spoon (50) - On a table in the northwest corrner of the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 12. Copper Comb (50) - In a chest in the northwest corner of the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 13. Purse of Coins (50) - In a chest in the northeast corner of the dormitory on the floor below the pendulum room. 14. Gold Bracelet (125) - In the vents in the control room just above the tall room. 15. Copper Candlestick (25) - In a chest in the southeast corner of the control room just above the tall room. 16. Copper Candlestick (25) - In a chest in the southeast corner of the control room just above the tall room. 17. Copper Urn (100) - In a chest in the northeast room of the control room just above the tall room. 18. Silver Coins (50) - In a chest in the northeast room of the control room just above the tall room. 19. Gold Coins (75) - In the southeast corner of the tall room, on the ledge. See the walkthrough for full description on how to get the Worst Loot Placement Ever. Lower Clocktower - 20. Gold Coins (75) - On the north side of the first floor in a chest, on a small metal path that shoots off from the northeast corner of the stairs. 21. Gold Coins (75) - In a chest in the central room one floor down from the top floor in this area. 22. Gold Candlestick (75) - In a storeroom on the north wall of the floor two floors down from the top floor. 23. Silver Goblet (50) - On a desk west of the main door. 24. Purse of Coins (50) - On a desk west of the main door. 25. Purse of Coins (50) - In a chest west of the main door. 26. Purse of Coins (50) - On a Hammer patrolling the northwest corner of the upper floor in the basement. 27. Gold Pitcher (175) - In the Foreman's Office in the northeast corner of the basement. 28. Gold Goblet (75) - In the Foreman's Office in the northeast corner of the basement. 29. Gold Coins (75) - In the Foreman's Office in the chest. 30. Purse of Coins (50) - On a worker near the Halting Mechanism. Special Loot - 31. Diamond Gear (400) - In the room with the giant pendulums, above the northwest corner of the room. Climb to get it. 32. Father Debole's Solace (150) - Under the desk one floor below the pendulum room. 33. Builder's Ingot (50) - In the southeast corner of the floor two floors below the top floor in the Lower Clocktower. ======================= 6M. The City, Day Six = ======================= Objectives - - Return to the Keeper Library to see if Interpreter Caduca has discovered the identity of the Brethren and Betrayer. Enemies - City Watch, Thugs, Hostile Factions, Keeper Enforcers --- Mission Notes Once you hit the Library, the hunt will be on. If possible, lure your pursuers towards other combatants to keep them busy and buy yourself some time. Beyond that, you can pretty much consider this a normal city romp. ***************** Begin Walkthrough If you wish to head back to your place, you'll find a SILVER BOWL (125) in your Landlord's room. You'll begin in the northeast corner of Stonemarket. You made a nice mess of the Clocktower, and it has collapsed on the northern part of the area, including Terces Courtyard. That part is inaccessible now, but you can still get to the Keeper Library glyph by going west through the little alleys and entering from the south. Tap the glyph and head inside. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Return to the Keeper Library to see if Interpreter Caduca has discovered the identity of the Brethren and Betrayer. --- Cutscene - (A finger, the nail cracked, rests on a glyph, which appears to be made of embers, glowing reddish. The camera pans back to reveal the rest of the hand with pieces of the skin missing, exposing bone. A knock at the door. Another knock.) Keeper (muffled, from outside): Interpreter Caduca? (The door opens.) Keeper: Caduca?! (A gust of wind blows out the lit candle, shrouding the scene in darkness.) (Cut to inside the wreckage of the Clocktower, pieces still falling off. Through the wreckage, a window is visible, with a figure standing at the balcony, and another just behind it.) Keeper (babbling, feverish): Keeper Orland! Caduca is dead! Murdered! I went to bring her the copy of Marand she requested, but her door was open -- she never leaves it open -- and I looked in, and... and... Orland (composed): Garrett has killed Interpreter Caduca, you say? Seize him, and bring him to the Council Room. (The Keeper nods and departs. Orland's scene fades to him standing in the Council Room, before the statue of a Keeper with outstretched hands, one holding a scroll, the other a key.) Orland: This is the only murder in our ranks since these halls were founded by the first of our ancestors... (Garrett is seated in the center of the Council Room, alone. The massed Keepers are in attendance in their alcoves above. The following statements are run together, to simulate the passing of time and confusion of the arguments.) Keeper: But, Garrett had no reason to kill Caduca. Has he not walked in line with the prophecies before? Have we not... Keeper: ...and yet some say the prophecies point to him as the Brethren and Betrayer. Surely he knew that the interpreter was about to name... (As they speak, Garrett moves his foot to his left to the glyph ring around him. It hisses and glows as he approaches. He moves his foot away. He remains seated and silent, but still fixing Orland with a dark stare.) Keeper: ...don't forget that Garrett killed Constantine! Yes, and Karras, as well! His hands... long stained with blood! Keeper: ...yes, a thief, and no stranger to murder is he... Keeper: ...does not match the manner in which Caduca was killed. How could Garrett have been the one that committed this act... Artemus: ...remember that we asked Garrett to join us, to share his knowledge and skill, but now we turn on him without proof as if we have put aside... Keeper: ...broke in and destroyed the Clocktower! Petty vandalism, as one might expect from a... Keeper: ...noticed that the Clocktower does appear that way from some angles. We must consider the implications. If that prophecy refers to one of us... Keeper: ...any discussion about the Clocktower is irrelevant! The matter at hand is murder! Done by one who we accepted as our guest and brother, who... (The voices trail off as the camera focuses on Orland, who does not seem to be paying any attention to the proceedings. Focus now on Garrett, still resolute. Two figures are out of focus some distance behind Garrett. The camera now focuses on these figures. They are cloaked like Keepers, but are also covered in strange vine-like armor. They also have white masks with only eye-holes covering their faces. One raises a curved knife in front of its chest.) Keeper: ...seems to me that these proceedings are highly irregular. Should we not... Orland (standing and interrupting): I have heard enough! (throws papers down) Garrett, do you have anything to say before your sentence is passed? Garrett: You haven't listened to anyone else, yet, Orland... Why start now? Orland: Silence! You are declared guilty of Interpreter Caduca's murder! Your punishment will be determined by the Council. Now, remove him! (Shadows move in front of Garrett. Cut back to Orland. The scene of Orland fades to him once again standing at the balcony in the window.) Keeper (from behind Orland): I regret to inform you that Garrett has... escaped... Orland: Very good. Call together the Keeper Enforcers. They will track him down and... erase our problem. (The camera begins to pan back, then cuts to a wider angle, showing the full extent of the Clocktower wreckage. The tower has fallen in such a manner that the spire has landed nearby, with it and the wreckage looking suspiciously like an arrow, pointing straight at the window in which Orland is standing.) --- NEW OBJECTIVE: Get to your fence here in Old Quarter to see if he can help you before you are killed by the Keeper Assassins. Ramien's place is to the east. Looks like your contract with the Keepers isn't up for renewal. Not only are you on the run from the Keepers, but you're also in unfamiliar territory. Your impromptu escape from the Compound has dropped you in Old Quarter, which you haven't been to, yet. You're right outside the Compound gate, behind a bush. Two Enforcers are now coming out of the gate to stalk you. Feeling paranoid, yet? It gets better, but let's not get ahead of ourselves... It's worth it to note that no one seems to like Enforcers. They move like you, so generally, people won't see them until they're almost on top of them. When they are spotted, they're easy to see by AI (just like you). Citizens will bolt, and anyone armed will attack. The Enforcers have the advantage (with projectile weapons), but they can be overwhelmed. Don't think, though, that killing all the Enforcers will get you off the hook, because more will spawn. Right, now that all of that's out of the way, let's get outta here... Your only way out is east; either run ahead of the Enforcers or club them when they start walking away from you. Note the Door Glyph nearby, and note that it's red: NEW NOTE: The Keeper Door Glyphs aren't working right now. You'll need to find alternate routes. How depressing. Keep moving east. Once you get to a split in the road, you'll find that north leads to another Enforcer. Let's not go that way. Continue east. If you wish, you can duck into the nearby tavern. Hey, you may be hunted, but that's no reason to go off the clock. There's a Health Potion in a box behind the bar, and, in the upstairs room, another Health Potion and a SILVER GOBLET (50). Now, you have a bit of a choice here. It's not a critical one, but it adds to the fun of this. Out the western window up here is a ledge. You can use this ledge and several others in the Old Quarter to make your way across the roofs, coloquially known as the "Thief's Highway". The ledges will lead to Fort Ironwood, the north gate to Stonemarket, the Auldale gate, and Ramien's house, so keep it in mind, because this isn't the last time you'll be hunted. However, for the sake of this walkthrough, we'll stay on the ground, because there's more down here. From the tavern, it's worth it to point out that Fort Ironwood, the Hammerites' HQ, is to the south. If you're buddy buddy with them, then you can hang with them while they clean up Enforcers. Either way, they'll go after them. Also, City Watch are on patrol, so keep an eye out for them. Anyway, head further east, and duck into the guard station, marked by the eagle insignia. Inside, you'll find some Broadheads, a Flash Bomb and a bottle of VINTAGE WINE (150). Like that vintage? Then, grab the note on the table: NEW NOTE: Haukor, a City Watch guard, is extorting the Old Quarter Tavern for an expensive bottle of wine every night. How awful. You'll just have to teach that man a lesson about being a villain by stealing from him every night. Leave the watch station and head north. The Auldale gate is blocked by a guy arguing with a guard. In his cart nearby are TWO SILVER PLATES (75, 75). Also, west of this scene is a door leading to Carmen's Place, the store that sells Gas Arrows. Once done here, head straight south and climb the stairs at the end of the street here. Pick open the door (or drop in from the roofs if you decided to use the Highway, as previously described), then head inside. Looks like your friends got here, first: OBJECTIVE CANCELLED: Get to your fence here in Old Quarter to see if he can help you before you are killed by the Keeper Assassins. Ramien's place is to the east. NEW OBJECTIVE: Search for clues in your fence's shop about what you should do next. Raid Ramien's place of gear, he won't be needing it. He's got Flash Bombs, Gas Bombs, Oil Flasks, Noisemakers, and a Fire Arrow in the fire just for good measure. What you really need is the piece of paper on top of the shelf in the southwest corner of his bedroom: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Search for clues in your fence's shop about what you should do next. NEW OBJECTIVE: Go to your building in South Quarter, as instructed by the mysterious note. NEW OBJECTIVE: After you enter your building, search for clues about what's going on. Okay, so leave Ramien's place and head east to the southeast portion of the Old Quarter. The game doesn't give you a Note to tell you, so I will: the quarantine has been lifted, so you don't need to use the Door Glyphs to move around town right now. Veer south to the gate to the Docks. From there, quickly make your way to the South Quarter gate. Once there, make a beeline for your place, avoiding Enforcers. Head inside: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Go to your building in South Quarter, as instructed by the mysterious note. The guard's there as normal, so everything seems kosher so far. If you're still in the mood, go to your Landlord's office. Today, he has a SILVER BOWL (125) on his mantle. Head to your apartment to find, horrors, another Enforcer, as well as one on the ground, dead (at least someone's making headway against these guys). Deal with the Enforcer, then head to the back of your place, near the dummy, to find another note: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: After you enter your building, search for clues about what's going on. NEW OBJECTIVE: Meet with the mysterious note writers in the graveyard in Old Quarter. NEW NOTE: The mysterious note says to look for something unusual in Black Alley. It may help you evade the Enforcers temporarily. Well, now. You can go to Old Quarter the hard way, or you can use the shortcut offered by your mysterious benefactors. Head to Black Alley (unload and restock while there). Surely, this "unusual thing" couldn't be that blue swirly thing at the end of the alley, could it? Head through it. You're now in the Graveyard west of Fort Ironwood. Head northwest from the monument you're at into the clearing. --- Cutscene (Whispering permeates the air as Garrett approaches a group of three people.) Garrett: Keepers... Taking a break from trying to kill me? Keeper #1: Not all Keepers believe you are guilty, Garrett. Keeper #2: But neither had we the evidence to alter the outcome of your trial. Keeper #3: The trial was a disgrace. Orland is not fit. He knows he must replace Caduca, so he plans to promote that... that child, Gamall, to the position of Interpreter. Garrett: So, you formed your own little club. Keeper #2: There are others, too. The Keeper hierarchy is... in flux. We know Orland tried to frame you, but cannot discern his motives. Garrett: That's easy. Orland is the Brethren and Betrayer. He needed to kill her before she announced his name, and thought he could get rid of me at the same time. Keeper #2: That is only one of many possibilities, Garrett. Keeper #3: He has suppressed all inquiries into the Clocktower prophecy. Have you heard? From above, the rubble forms an arrow... and it points directly at the Keeper Library. Garrett: The evil one will be pointed to... Keeper #3: It is as if someone actually seeks to bring the Dark Age upon us. There is... a corruption... whenever the Glyphs -- Keeper #2 (interrupting): Keeper Artemus has not been seen since before the trial. He confided in me that he no longer knew who to trust... He acted strangely, so secretive... Keeper #1: But, he was right, there is no way to know who to trust. The degree to which the Glyphs -- Keeper #2 (interrupting): Orland fears you, still, and he will until the Enforcers bring him your corpse. Keeper #3: He has used a binding glyph to steal away the Glyph Doors in the whole City. He is watching all of us. Until you are found, no one is allowed to enter or leave the Compound. Keeper #1: We've been usin Orland's own secret tunnel. It connects the Compound to his office in the Library. There is much danger, but it is the only way to meet without being overheard... Keeper #2: Perhaps we can help you. The Keeper Assassins won't have given up, and... Garrett (interrupting): You've helped me already. Keeper #1: Why? What do you intend to do? Garrett: Find some proof that Orland is guilty. That shouldn't be too hard. (He steps away.) Keeper #2: Oh? Where do you think you will find this... proof...? Garrett? (Garrett has departed.) --- NEW OBJECTIVE: Return to the Keeper Library in Stonemarket Plaza, then find the secret tunnel which leads to the Keeper Compound. All right, head northwest and exit the graveyard and you'll be in the Old Quarter west of Fort Ironwood. From here, you can either take the long way to the Docks and South Quarter, or the more direct (but more dangerous) way through the north gate through Stonemarket Proper. Either way, you'll end up in Stonemarket Plaza. Go to the glyph you normally use to enter the Library. Sealed like all the rest. However, look up. See that window. Scale the wall and you're in the library. All right, there are are two Acolytes in the first room (and a Scribe), and patrolling the hallway near the elevator is another Acolyte. Your destination is Orland's office, on the second floor. If you haven't done so yet, now would be a good time to go to the Forbidden Library's second floor to get the map of the Keeper Compound. It'll be difficult, because there are guards positioned well to intercept you, but once inside, there are only Acolytes on the second and third floor. Also, you have the advantage (this time) because your Restriction about harming Keepers has been lifted, so do whatever you want to them. The map's on the second floor. If you want to completely raid this area, check the large paragraph in the Day Three section detailing this (just ignore the parts about enemies, there are only those mentioned here). Once you're ready, head to Orland's office on the second floor (the path leads straight there), and pick open the door. Your entrance to the mission is the grate in the back-right corner. End Walkthrough *************** ============================================== 6N. Mission 8 - Of Brethren... and Betrayers = ============================================== Briefing - Orland's tunnel was right where I was told it would be. I haven't been in the Keeper Compound since my trial. It's a sprawling complex, right in the heart of the City, hidden by Glyphs. Orland has the compound on alert, so they'll be armed and ready for intruders... ME, that is. So much for working together. I know I didn't kill Caduca, but someone did, and my money's on Orland. He fixed the tiral and sent the assassins after me, and the fallen Clocktower points right to his office... "Brethren and Betrayer" suddenly makes sense, but suspicions aren't enough, so tonight I'll have to do some snooping. And if a little Keeper wealth ends up in my pockets... all the better. Orland's place is on the top floor. No surprise. He's always liked looking down on people. Artemus has a room near the dormitories; I should search there, too. And I'd better check the scene of Cadcua's murder. One last thing -- the Keeper Council meets tonight. If I can stay awake, I might learn something... Objectives - - Search Orland's quarters on the top floor for information that might implicate him. - Search Artemus' quarters in the dormitories for a clue to his whereabouts. - Lastly, visit Caduca's murder site in the Lower Libraries to investigate the cause of her death. - When all your objectives are complete, leave the Keeper Compound through the Old Quarter passage in the Lower Libraries. Note: Caduca was murdered in here chambers in the Lower Libraries. Until Orland's binding seal is destroyed, the Lower Libraries will not be accessible. Loot - 47 pieces totalling 4825 Enemies - Keeper Acolytes, Keeper Elders, Statues Recommended Items - Water Arrows, as usual, plus some Fire Arrows and Mines. --- Mission Notes Your jaunt in your former home will be interesting. It's so fun to find out what everyone thinks of you when they don't know you're hearing. Also, the Council meeting is interesting, in the sense that you can alter the votes. Finally, you'll meet a new type of enemy here, so be forewarned. ***************** Begin Walkthrough Keeper Compound - You'll begin in the North Tower area of the compound, having entered by a vent. Just below you in the grating are three Water Arrows. Open the vent and leave to the tower proper. You'll see two Keepers discussing the Council meeting, and that they intend to vote the same way. Garrett mentions swaying the vote in his favor. This isn't really as important as it may first seem, but we'll go through the motions. The two Keepers head upstairs, one to a third floor alcove, and the other to a fourth floor alcove. If you wish to stop them from voting, knock them out. Once they're in place, and you enter the council chamber (by an alcove or the ground floor doors), then the meeting will begin. The first order of business is whether or not to put a guard in Caduca's chambers. If you didn't knock out the two Keepers, they'll vote yes, otherwise, the vote will be no. Oddly enough, regardless of this vote, nothing will change at all in this mission. The second order of business concerns a piece of special loot in the compound, and its placement. If the council votes yes (no knockouts), then it will be moved to the Scribe room, otherwise, it will stay in the Elder Library. Head back to the North Tower after the meeting's over. In the big blue flame in the middle of the room are two Fire Arrows. Also, head up to the top floor to the desk and grab the FINE PORTRAIT (150, 3%) on the wall and the GOLD BELL (150, 6%) near it. Head down to the ground floor of the tower, then take either one of the doors to head to the floor of the Council Chamber. There's an Elder pacing around down here, so club him and grab the Heatlh Potion on the chair. Also, start scaling the north wall to reach the statue up here. Take the SILVER BOWL (175, 9%) in front of the statue, then hop back down to the main floor. Head south and smack the Acolyte here with an unreasonable fascination of that particular statue. You can take either the southwest or southeast passage out of here, as both will lead to the Elder Library. There's an Acolyte pacing around down here, so deal with him. If the council voted against moving the book, you'll find, on the southern table of this room, the IMBRIS ANALECTS (100, 11%), Special Loot #1 (for the purpose of the percentile, we'll assume the book wasn't moved). Note the south wall, which has a Door Glyph. This leads to the Lower Libraries, but clearly, you can't go there, now. Scale this very wall and climb up to the ledge, whereupon rests the GOLDEN SCALES (450, 21%), Special Loot #2. Now, I suggest going to the northeast corner of this room and climbing the stairs leading south. Patrolling this entire upper hallway is an Acolyte with a torch, so be wary. On the desk in the southeast corner of this floor is GOLD COINS (75, 22%), and above it, a GOLD BELL (150, 25%). Head south into the Scribe Room. If the council voted to move the book, it's over here, on the podium, in sight of both of the Scribes in the room. Anyway, in this room, regardless, are TWO SILVER CANDLESTICKS (50, 26%; 50, 27%), one on the barrel in the southeast corner, and the other on the shelf on the west wall. Once done here, head west and take out the two Elders in the hallway, here. Enter the Dining Room through a door on the west wall. In the Dining Room are an Acolyte on the floor, and an Elder, patrolling the stairs. On the tables here are TWO RUBY GOBLETS (100, 30%; 100, 32%), a COPPER CANDLESTICK (25, 32%), and a second copy of the IMBRIS ANALECTS (100, 34%), which is Special Loot #3. Also, over the fireplace is a FINE PORTRAIT (150, 37%). There's nothing upstairs for you, right now, just a passage to an alcove in the Council Chamber, so let's leave and head for the equivalent door on the east side of this floor. This door leads to the dormitories. In the dorms, you'll find a Scribe and an Elder. Deal with them. On the table in the south end of the room is a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 38%). The chest on the west wall has a HANDFUL OF GEMS (200, 42%) and TWO GOLD COINS (75, 44%; 75, 46%) inside. The door on the north wall leads to Artemus' room. Read his journal to learn not much: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Search Artemus' quarters in the dormitories for a clue to his whereabouts. NEW NOTE: Artemus' Keeper Ring can be used to open passages leading to Orland's quarters. However, open the chest by his bed to find his Keeper Ring and THREE JADES (100, 48%; 100, 50%; 100, 52%). Now, leave the room and head upstairs to the second floor. Search the west wall up here to find an indentation that seems to lead nowhere. Look for a hole in the wall and use it to use the ring and open the door. Head up the stairs. You're now outside Orland's room. To the north is his alcove to the Council room. Feeling daring? Let's take a little trek to some hard-to-reach loot. Step to the edge of the alcove, then edge to the east around the thin ledge. Go two alcoves over to the eastern alcove on this floor. In it is a box with a HANDFUL OF GEMS (200, 56%) and GOLD COINS (75, 57%). Head back to Orland's alcove, then enter his chambers. Poke around the room to find a letter by his bed, another in the bookshelf on the east side, and a journal on the desk. The journal is the important part: OBJECTIVE CANCELLED: Search Orland's quarters on the top floor for information that might implicate him. NEW OBJECTIVE: To make the Keeper Door Glyphs usable again, destroy the binding seal in Orland's quarters. NEW NOTE: The binding seal must be destroyed with fire. First, let's loot the room. Take the SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 58%) on the table, then open the chest in his room and take the SILVER GOBLET (50, 59%) and TWO DIAMONDS (150, 63%; 150, 64%) inside. Now, for that glyph thing. Well, the easy way would be to shoot a Fire Arrow at it, but you can also pick it up as a junk item and toss it in the fireplace in the dining room. The red seal will melt: OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: To make the Keeper Door Glyphs usable again, destroy the binding seal in Orland's quarters. Now, we're done in this section, so head to the Elder Library and activate the glyph on the south wall to go to the... --- Lower Libraries - There are no enemies down here, so don't sweat about sneaking. Caduca's chambers are to the west (your right), but let's go east first. Why? Because I said so! Head east all the way to a table and grab the COPPER BOWL (100, 68%). From here, head south to the Hall of Statues. There's a chest in the southwest corner that has a HANDFUL OF GEMS (200, 72%) and GOLD COINS (75, 74%). While here, I suggest dousing all the torches in the room, then those in the northern room... because I said so. Head north and east from the Hall of Statues to enter a library. Put out the chandelier and the torch to the north. The table to the north has a GOLD PLATE (100, 76%) and a GOLD CANDLESTICK (75, 77%) on it. The nearby chest has GOLD COINS (75, 79%) inside. Head to the east-most shelf and look on it to find a RARE BOOK (100, 81%). Also, head to the southeast shelf to find a SILVER STATUETTE (50, 82%). Now that our preparations are complete, head back to the entrance to this area and head west into Caduca's chambers. Don't be afraid of that figure seated at the table. Approach to find that the figure is completely stone. This *might* be Caduca, but the cutscene showed her in quite a different state than stone. Anyway, who cares. On the table is a GOLD GOBLET (75, 83%). Head south to find the jackpot room. On the shelf is a PURSE OF COINS (50, 84%), and on the mantle above the bed in the southeast corner are TWO JADE GOBLETS (75, 86%; 75, 88%). Open the chest to find GOLD COINS (75, 89%), a GOLDEN DAGGER (50, 90%), and a DIAMOND TIARA (200, 94%). Now, head north into Caduca's actual room. On the table to your right (and underneath) are TWO SILVER CANDLESTICKS (50, 95%; 50, 96%) and a GOLD GOBLET (75, 97%). Next to the bed is another SILVER CANDLESTICK (50, 98%) and a JADE RING (50, 100%) on the bookshelf. Now, that the place is cleaned out, check out the statue. Odd place for one, isn't it? What's more odd is the note in its mouth, which seems to be a personal invitation for you... OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Lastly, visit Caduca's murder site in the Lower Libraries to investigate the cause of her death. NEW OBJECTIVE: Go to the Hall of Statues to meet whoever left you the note. Well, head on over there, now. --- Cutscene - (Garrett enters the hall, holding the note left for him.) Garrett: This is the place, all right. Why do I smell a rat? (Garrett moves to the shadows to conceal himself. He scours the room and notices a cloaked person, wide and hunched over, in front of a statue, making gestures.) Hag: Terminus, animus, take the power, the glyphs, the bindings. Live, walk, talk, and obey! Yes, my will, my desires... Terminus, animus, awake! (Serious rumbling surrounds the room. A statue's eyes light up.) Statue: What... is... your... will? Hag: Garrett is here among you, somewhere. Seek, fetch, find him out. Crush him 'till breathing stops. Cut him 'till bleeding stops. Do not let him escape. Statue: Yesssss... (The hag turns to a wall and begins to scribe a glyph on the wall. Garrett draws an arrow from his hiding place.) Hag: I must leave you, my helpers, my minions, my stone warriors, and secret myself away. Yes, must keep secret, must remain hidden a little while longer. Oh, so many secrets... (The hag departs through the glyph she scribed.) --- Well, now you may realize why I had you douse all the torches and collect all the loot between here and the exit. If you didn't, well, then you can do it now, or just fight the Statues. You'll need two Fire Arrows or a Mine to destroy them. There are two Statues in this room, and another in the hall to the north, and a fourth to the library to the northeast. Head to that library, then head up the stairs and hit the glyph here. Head through and up the ladder to your escape. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: When all your objectives are complete, leave the Keeper Compound through the Old Quarter passage in the Lower Libraries. End Walkthrough *************** Debriefing - I found more than I bargained for; a hideous old woman who makes statues walk... who is out for blood and knows me by name. Orland doesn't seem to have a clue, so I don't think he's my man after all. Artemus didn't leave me much to go on, either. I managed to escape the ambush, but the Keepers still think I'm the enemy. In fact, I only know of one person who might be able to help me: a Hammerite inspector named Drept. --- Loot List - Keeper Compound - 1. Fine Portrait (150) - In the North Tower, on the highest floor. 2. Gold Bell (150) - In the North Tower, on the highest floor. 3. Silver Bowl (175) - In the Council Room, on the second floor in front of the big statue (climb up to it). 4. Silver Coins (50) - Just northeast of the Scribe Room, on a desk. 5. Gold Bell (150) - Just northeast of the Scribe Room, near a desk. 6. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the Scribe Room, on a barrel in the southeast corner. 7. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the Scribe Room, on a shelf on the west wall. 8. Ruby Goblet (100) - In the Dining Room, on one of the tables. 9. Ruby Goblet (100) - In the Dining Room, on one of the tables. 10. Copper Candlestick (25) - In the Dining Room, on one of the tables. 11. Fine Portrait (150) - Above the fireplace in the Dining Room. 12. Silver Candlestick (50) - In the Dormitory, on a table near the door. 13. Handful of Gems (200) - In a chest on the first floor of the Dormitory. 14. Gold Coins (75) - In a chest on the first floor of the Dormitory. 15. Gold Coins (75) - In a chest on the first floor of the Dormitory. 16. Jade (100) - In the chest in Artemus' room. 17. Jade (100) - In the chest in Artemus' room. 18. Jade (100) - In the chest in Artemus' room. 19. Handful of Gems (200) - In the Council Room, in the eastern alcove on the fourth floor, which can be reached from Orland's alcove near his room. 20. Gold Coins (75) - In the Council Room, in the eastern alcove on the fourth floor, which can be reached from Orland's alcove near his room. 21. Silver Candlestick (50) - In Orland's room on the table. 22. Silver Goblet (50) - In Orland's room, in the chest. 23. Diamond (150) - In Orland's room, in the chest. 24. Diamond (150) - In Orland's room, in the chest. Lower Libraries - 25. Copper Bowl (100) - On a table in the room north of the Hall of Statues. 26. Handful of Gems (200) - In a chest in the Hall of Statues. 27. Gold Coins (75) - In a chest in the Hall of Statues. 28. Gold Plate (100) - On a table in the north end of the Lower Library. 29. Gold Candlestick (75) - On a table in the north end of the Lower Library. 30. Gold Coins (75) - In a chest in the Lower Library. 31. Rare Book (100) - On a shelf in the east end of the Lower Library. 32. Silver Statuette (50) - On a bookshelf in the southeast end of the Lower Library. 33. Gold Goblet (75) - In the main room of Caduca's Chambers, on the table. 34. Purse of Coins (50) - In the south room of Caduca's Chambers, on a shelf. 35. Jade Goblet (75) - In the south room of Caduca's Chambers, on a shelf. 36. Jade Goblet (75) - In the south room of Caduca's Chambers, on a shelf. 37. Golden Dagger (50) - In the south room of Caduca's Chambers, in a chest. 38. Gold Coins (75) - In the south room of Caduca's Chambers, in a chest. 39. Diamond Tiara (200) - In the south room of Caduca's Chambers, in a chest. 40. Silver Candlestick (50) - In Caduca's bedroom, on a table. 41. Silver Candlestick (50) - In Caduca's bedroom, under the table. 42. Gold Goblet (75) - In Caduca's bedroom, on a table. 43. Silver Candlestick (50) - In Caduca's bedroom, on the nightstand. 44. Jade Ring (50) - In Caduca's bedroom, on a bookshelf. Special Loot - 45. Gold Scales (450) - In the Elder Library, on top of the south wall. Scale the wall to reach it. 46. Imbris Analects (100) - In the Dining Room, on one of the tables. 47. Imbris Analects (100) - If the council voted to move it, in the Scribe Room on the podium. If the council voted against moving it, in the Elder Library on the south table. ========================= 6O. The City, Day Seven = ========================= Objectives - - Find Inspector Drept in Auldale to learn about the hag who set a trap for you in Keeper Compound. Enter Drept's workshop through his window. Note: Drept's workshop is near the pub in Auldale. Enemies - City Watch, Thugs, Hostile Factions, Keeper Enforcers, Zombies, Hammer Haunts --- Mission Notes You're still being dogged by the Enforcers, and now you'll be entering a couple of new areas: Auldale and the catacombs in Fort Ironwood. ***************** Begin Walkthrough All right. There's stuff to do all over the place, but let's start by just heading straight for Auldale. You've begun in a small apartment on the north end of Old Quarter. Head outside and cross the roofs to see where you are. Drop down to the street when it's clear (rememeber, the Enforcers are still out there). Head east and north to the Auldale gate. Use a Flash Bomb or Moss Arrow on the guard to occupy him, then run inside. --- Auldale - Briefing - This is Auldale, one of the richest districts of the City. Where high society types take strolls in the park or visit the Museum with all their... leisure time. Every thief in town knows there's plenty of wealth and baubles to be stolen among the opulence... only a few know how to get at it. But, I've got other things on my mind. It's not enough that every Keeper in the city is trying to kill me, but now there's a mysterious old woman after me as well. So, I've come to Auldale to find Inspector Drept. From what I've heard, he's obsessed with the fable of a murderous hag, and I'm sure there's a connection. I hope he has a lead for me, because if he doesn't... then I'm at a dead end. There's a conversation in front of you about the park and how the Pagans have taken over. Head north (avoiding the Watch) and east to the plaza. You'll hear another conversation between Fogerty and Jimmy the Knife: NEW NOTE: Fogerty the gold smith can't open his shop back up as long as Jimmy the Knife is alive. Jimmy the Knife is usually lurking in Auldale Plaza. Now, they say to kill him, but all you need to do is knock him out, then leave and come back to Auldale to find the boards in front of the goldsmithy (the building opposite the plaza's monument) removed and Fogerty inside. Pick open the door and knock out Fogerty, then clean off his shelf, which has a DIAMOND GOBLET (150), a GOLD FORK (75), a GOLD SPOON (75), a GOLD BOWL (125), and a DIAMOND NECKLACE (100). Also, pick your way into his back room to find a CAT STATUETTE (100). Now, there's another time to do this, and without doing the subquest. Later on, you'll drain the canal, and you'll find a path leading to the back of his house. If you wish to do it that way, then you won't have to take on Jimmy. Now, that's all there really is to do in this area at this point. You can head to the Museum to hear two people planning to break into the Museum. You can also visit the Pagan Camp in the park on the east side, if you're in good with them. Once you're done exploring, head to the southeast corner of the district (near the pub), where you'll see some Hammer motifs. Walk up to the yellowed window in the corner... --- Cutscene - (A figure moves past a window from inside. A desk inside the workshop. Drept is poring over his papers. A flash of Garrett in the window.) Drept (not looking up from his work): This place hath nothing of value for thee to steal. Garrett (standing in the office): I'm more interested in those papers of yours... if they can tell me anything about a... a crone that talks to statues. Drept (turning around): Thou hast seen the hag?! Garrett: Not just seen; she tried to kill me, but I hear you've been tracking her for years. Drept (standing): Yea, I hath followed her trail, but it hath not been clear. I hath ever doubted anon that her crimes were no more than mine own imaginings. But, that thou hath seen her as well... (A book is shown with an image of a building.) Drept: Twas in my boyhood in the orphanage known as the Shalebridge Cradle that I spied her. I didst play at a game with mine friend. (Picture of a young Drept in the book as well as a girl) I was hidden and my friend sought me... Then a hag (picture of a cloaked being with glowing eyes), a bent and evil apparition, came from the darkness, near enough to touch, and my friend did scream, but I was a child, and afraid. And then, twas over... (The hag and girl disappear from the book. Picture of the orphanage again.) Drept: The orphanage grew a dark and haunted place, and none dare enter. (Back to Drept and Garrett.) Drept: When came I to mine manhood, and was saved by the Order of the Hammer, I sought the hag again. (Blue flash of the picture of the hag from the book.) Drept: The hag wears death about her as a cloak. Some who meet her doth vanish. Some perish with bloody work done upon their bodies. There are hints of creatures made of stone, and ever the tale of a hag, a bent, old woman. Ever old, but growing no older, in a span that hath taken me from boyhood to mine own age. Garrett: Can you tell me how to find her? (Map of the city, rushing towards Auldale.) Drept: She finds her prey now in Auldale, but twas in Shalebridge that her murders didst begin. Seekest thou to start upon her trail there. T'is the only place I hath spied her for certain, but I dare never return to that place. Garrett: It's a good place to start looking. I have no interest in being the latest in her string of murders... (Garrett departs.) --- NEW OBJECTIVE: Go to the Shalebridge Cradle, to see what you can learn about the hag. The Cradle is in Old Quarter, near the gate to the Docks. Now, before you go busting down the orphanage, there are several sidequests to pick up on. The first is to go to Old Quarter, then to Fort Ironwood (careful if you're not Allied). The southwest corner of the temple proper has a note on the table (if not Allied, I suggest sneaking in through the graveyard). Read the note: NEW NOTE: The Hammers are trying to bury someone in the Old Quarter graveyard, but they can't as long as the zombies keep regenerating. Now, head to the southeast part of the district (near the Cradle) and head down into the sewers. This is Pagan-occupied territory, but it's really small, and only one guy's there. Sneak by him if not Allied and read his journal: NEW NOTE: A Pagan Shaman wants to activate the Pagan cornerstone in the Old Quarter graveyard so that plants will overrun the area. Okay, this is one of those "do for one Faction, but not the other" sidequests. To perform this sidequest for the Hammers, steal the NECROMANCER'S WAND (200), either by picking it off him or dropping him and taking it. To perform the sidequest for the Pagans, do as the note says and fire a Moss Arrow at the cornerstone in the graveyard. Whoever you do it for will get faction points. In either case, Zombies will no longer be in the graveyard of Fort Ironwood. --- Here's another sidequest. Go to Ramien's place to find a note tacked next to his door: NEW NOTE: Derk wants Ramien to hire someone to go to the Tavern in Docks, clean up the blood, and drop the body into the water without having it spotted by anyone. He'll drop off payment in Ramien's drop box. This task has to be done tonight. If you're up to it, head to the Tavern, then to the second floor to find the body. Water Arrow the stains, the pick up the corpse. It'd probably help to knock out the patrons in the tavern at this time, then head for the locked south door on the first floor of the Tavern and pick it open. Sneak out quietly without anyone seeing you and dump the body. Head back to Ramien's to find THREE GOLD COINS (75, 75, 75) in your drop box. --- Oh, and check the Landlord's for your daily new loot from him, which is just a simple TWO COPPER COINS (25, 25) today. --- Lastly, I'll bet you want a map of the Cradle, right? Well, go to Ramien's again, and this time crawl under the angled roof north of his door. In this crawlspace, you'll find a note: NEW NOTE: A map of the Shalebridge Cradle is kept in the architect's grave in the Catacombs under Fort Ironwood. Aren't you glad you have a reason to go there? Okay, puff up your chest, because we're going grave-robbing! Consider it warmup for the next mission. Head to Fort Ironwood and sneak (or walk if friendly) to the southwest corner of the temple to the door and head downstairs to the catacombs. The first room has a Zombie wandering around. Dust him, then take the RUBY GOBLET (100) on the coffin in the back of the room. Head south to find another Zombie to dust. The east crypt has TWO SILVER STATUETTES (50, 50) flanking it. Head west to find your first Hammer Haunt. Backstab him, then explore this crypt area. In particular, head to the northeast crypt for a chest with some Broadheads and a GOLDEN DAGGER (50) on a nearby shelf. Head west from these crypts to find another Hammer Haunt and a glyph. Activate it to find some supplies, including a BRONZE STATUETTE (50) and a GOLD BOWL (125). Down below you in this mausoleum room are a couple of Zombies. Toss some Flash Bombs or Holy Water down there from this safe point. We don't need to go down there, yet, though. We'll circle back around. Go back to the first room, then head north to an area with a couple more Zombies, one down the stairs, and the other further west, in the room with elevator leading back up to the fort. Keep going west down the stairs to find another Hammer Haunt, as well as a chest with THREE COPPER COINS (25, 25, 25). Now, go back to the room with the large stairs leading down north, then curving back south. Down these stairs, you'll find a table with a SILVER CANDLESTICK (50) on it. Head south into the lower floor of the mausoleum area from before. Take out the Zombies down here if you haven't already. In the northwest corner of this room is a GOLD NUGGET (150). Finally, check the open coffin on the east side of the room to find the Cradle Map. Finally! We're ready to get freaky! Head to the Cradle's door (southeast corner of the Old Quarter, it'll have a glyph) and bust in. End Walkthrough *************** ****************************************************************************** 7. STANDARD GUIDE STUFF ****************************************************************************** =========== 7A. Legal = =========== This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2004 Scott "CyricZ" Zdankiewicz. You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your own. 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Version 0.8 - 06/11/04 - Four more sections, including two missions. ==================== 7E. The Final Word = ==================== If nothing else, this game has made me nostalgic. I so missed the days when I was called a "taffer" by the local law enforcement.</p>