__ __ __ __ / \ / \__|_____ ____ ____ __ ___/ |_ \ \/\/ / \____ \_/ __ \/ _ \| | \ __\ \ /| | |_> > ___( <_> ) | /| | \__/\ / |__| __/ \___ >____/|____/ |__| \/ |__| \/ __________ \______ \__ _________ ____ | ___/ | \_ __ \_/ __ \ | | | | /| | \/\ ___/ |____| |____/ |__| \___ > \/ ____________________________________________________________________________ |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Author: A I e x | | Began: May 27th, 2005 | | Completed: May 27th, 2005 | |____________________________________________________________________________| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O============================================================================O | Table of Contents | O============================================================================O ** In order to navigate this guide I have implemented a Ctrl+f system, which means you press ctrl+f in your browser or word processer to bring up the search menu, then enter the letters in brackets on the right of the section that you're looking for. 1. Introduction........................................................(000A0) 2. Starting Up.........................................................(00000) 3. Controls............................................................(00060) 4. Items...............................................................(00070) 5. Vehicles............................................................(00080) 6. Alpha League........................................................(00010) i - Vineta K......................................................(00011) ii - Modesto Heights..............................................(00012) iii - Chenghou Project............................................(00013) iv - Blue Ridge...................................................(00014) 7. Beta League.........................................................(00020) i - Sinucit.......................................................(00021) ii - Citta Nuova..................................................(00022) iii - Sebenco Climb...............................................(00023) iv - Sol 2........................................................(00024) 8. Classic League......................................................(00030) i - Karbonis......................................................(00031) ii - Sagarmatha...................................................(00032) iii - Manor Top...................................................(00033) iv - Mandrashee...................................................(00034) 9. Gamma League........................................................(00040) i - Staten Park...................................................(00041) 10. Zone...............................................................(00050) 11. Unlockables........................................................(00090) 12. USB Download.......................................................(000B0) 13. The Browser........................................................(000C0) 14. Version History....................................................(000X0) 15. Legal..............................................................(000Y0) 16. Credits............................................................(000Z0) O============================================================================O | Introduction (000A0) | O============================================================================O I don't really know is this walkthrough will be helpful to anyone, I'll be the first to admit this is a very straightforward game that rewards practice and certainly doesn't tailor to well to text best help. I imagine the main purpose of this guide will be for those wondering how to unlock everything in the game, or those who want more information on getting new levels and such, so I've been very sure to include both of those in the guide as well. O============================================================================O | Starting Up (00000) | O============================================================================O Single Player - Gives you all the options for playing the single player game including single race, which lets you take on eight computer players on one track, tournament which lets you take on all the tracks in a particular league, time trial which lets you try for your best times on an empty track, Zone which is explained fully in the Zone section of the guide, and finally free play which just lets you go at your own pace on any course. Multiplayer - Allows you to create or join games hosted by a friend who also has a PSP and a copy of Wipeout Pure (or perhaps not.) Turn on the WiFi switch and get ready for some multiplayer fun. Profile - Has all sorts of stuff including the ability to change game options, load or save your current game, check all the medals you have won, check all your statistics as well and more, even how long you've looked at your stats! Download - Using this option with a wireless router and going online you can download new tracks and such (currently only one track is available now when this walkthrough is being written.) For those who can't get online with this, you can find the level to download normally onto your computer and put it onto the memory card manually. For more info check out the USB download section. -> Single Player -> Single Race -> Tournament -> Time Trial -> Zone -> Free Play -> Multiplayer -> Join Game -> Create Single Race -> Create Tournament -> Create Time Trial -> Profile -> New -> Load -> Save -> Options -> Controls -> Skins -> Music -> Credits -> Settings -> Progress -> Records -> Race -> Time Trial -> Zone -> Broadcast Data -> Receive Data -> Stats -> Download O============================================================================O | Controls (00060) | O============================================================================O O======================o=====================================================O | Airbrake Type | Dual Airbrake | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Airbrake Left | L Button | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Airbrake Right | R Button | O======================o=====================================================O O======================o=====================================================O | Airbrake Type | Single Airbrake | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Airbrake | R Button | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Sideshift | L Button | O======================o=====================================================O O======================o=====================================================O | Accelerate | X Button | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Use Pickup | Square Button | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Reverse Camera | Triangle Button | |----------------------+-----------------------------------------------------| | Absor Pickup | Circle Button | O======================o=====================================================O O============================================================================O | Items (00070) | O============================================================================O Auto Pilot - When you pick up the auto-pilot, the game will drive for you for the next five seconds or so. The game is better than you, don't worry. Shield - The shield protects you from taking any damage however if the shield itself takes to much damage it will disappear before it runs out. Turbo - This is basically just a speed boost, a huge one at that, arguably the best item you can hope to pick up from a pickup icon. Mines - This is the five blue icon that drops five spiked mines behind you. When a ship hits the mines it will be temporarily slowed down. Bomb - An enormous bomb that you can drop behind your ship and blow up the competition behind you. Explodes when hit or when even too close. Rockets - A basic projectile weapon that fires three rockets forward in a somewhat spread out pattern to try and hit the enemy. Missile - A targeting system is included in the missile, wait until the lock on turns red and fire the missile to almost guarantee a hit. Disruption Bolt - Fires a wave of energy at an enemy ship to temporarily reverse the controls and disable the airbrake on their ship. Plasma - Basically this is just a massively powerful attack that shoots forward, the downside is that you need to charge it up first. Quake - When fired this will shake and blast the ground hitting all opponents no matter what they do to dodge, for quite a ways ahead of you. O============================================================================O | Vehicles (00080) | O============================================================================O O===================o============o=============o===============o=============O | Feisar | Speed: 2/5 | Shield: 3/5 | Handling: 5/5 | Thrust: 4/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Auricom | Speed: 4/5 | Shield: 4/5 | Handling: 3/5 | Thrust: 2/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Qirex | Speed: 3/5 | Shield: 4/5 | Handling: 3/5 | Thrust: 3/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | AG Systems | Speed: 2/5 | Shield: 2/5 | Handling: 4/5 | Thrust: 5/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Piranha | Speed: 5/5 | Shield: 3/5 | Handling: 2/5 | Thrust: 2/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Assegai | Speed: 3/5 | Shield: 3/5 | Handling: 3/5 | Thrust: 4/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Triakis | Speed: 4/5 | Shield: 5/5 | Handling: 2/5 | Thrust: 2/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Harimau | Speed: 3/5 | Shield: 2/5 | Handling: 4/5 | Thrust: 3/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Zone | Speed: 5/5 | Shield: 1/5 | Handling: 5/5 | Thrust: 4/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Medievil | Speed: 4/5 | Shield: 1/5 | Handling: 4/5 | Thrust: 5/5 | |-------------------+------------+-------------+---------------+-------------| | Tigron | Speed: 4/5 | Shield: 5/5 | Handling: 3/5 | Thrust: 3/5 | O===================o============o=============o===============o=============O O============================================================================O | Alpha League (00010) | O============================================================================O | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Vineta K | \|/ (00011) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4446 M | 4.45 of tungsten-alum hi-bounce TM snakes past | | Race Height: 222 M | past prime ocean front real estate. Beware of | | League: Alpha | falling Guano. | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o When this course starts out, try to stay with the left wall so you can hit the booster. Let yourself gradually glide right as you approach the next turn for the item pickup there. Stay on the right side, as you enter the tunnel as well. There's kind of a somewhat dangerous S turn coming up, the easiest thing to do is stay left when the path curves right and be ready to slide left as it curves in the other direction again. There's nothing really dangerous about the drop coming up here, just try to remain as level as possible. Around the next corner there's kind of a bumpy section of the track that can be rather nasty on the higher speeds. While you can try to ease the bumps by moving the D-pad up and down a little, the important thing is to remain as straight as possible, even a bit of a curve could bounce you into a wall. Stick to the right for the remainder of the track, through the tunnel as well. At the next drop aim yourself for the centre of the track where both the pickup and the booster can be found. It's an easy curve to the end from here. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Modesto Hieghts | \|/ (00012) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4576 M | 4.58K reinforced rock-crete through the tenements | | Race Height: 211 M | and metro link of the old modesto high-stack. | | League: Alpha | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o This is a more industrial and darker course than the previous one. The race begins with a right hand curve, try to stay on the outside so you can nail the booster coming around. On the downward slope you'll have to sig-zag (easier with the sideshift) to grab all the pickups and then be ready to make a hard right at the turn. At this point get ready to jam on those airbrakes, one of the most dangerous turns you've ever seen is coming up. Hold whatever airbrake button it is you have configured as you come into the left curve, preferably as slow as possible. When you come out of it stay right for the double booster and be ready to sideshift left at this S shaped corner coming up. This whole tunnel kind of sways back and forth so you'll need to kind of position yourself in the middle, if you try to weave left and right too sharply, eventually one of the turns is going to get you. Outside of the tunnel there's a gradual turn to the left, avoid breaking too much, you're actually more likely to oversteer here into the right side rather than the left. Coming up after this is kind of a jump. On the lower speed leagues you can pretty much just hop over the edge but on the higher speeds there's a cool trick you can do. Wile in mid-air tap left-right-left and you'll do a barrel roll, upon landing you'll get a speed boost which can come in handy, that is if you can keep contol. The finish line is just around the corner. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Chenghou Project | \|/ (00013) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4866 M | 4.87K. Feel the pulse at the corporate hear of | | Race Height: 109 M | the mid-town projects. | | League: Alpha | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o You've got quite a large gradual right curve starting at the beginning with items and boosters placed periodically around the track. In fact you're likely going to find yourself enjoying the relaxing light turn when suddenly you're hit by what is almost a U-turn. As you can see it coming, prepare yourself early. Jam on the airbrake left before you even reach the turn and hopefully you can kind of spin yourself on the track so you don't slide forward into the wall, then just accelerate from there without actually crashing. Stick to the centre of the track after this to go over the next little bump. Staying in control here gets progressively harder on the faster difficulties so you'll need to be good at straightening yourself out before leaping. Curve around left when you reach the bottom and once again centre yourself on the track. It's not difficult at this next point but it is the first area of track you'll find that does not have any walls, so you risk falling off the edge if you're out of control (you'll just be thrown back on the track with a bit of damage to your car.) Coming up after this is a larger and slightly sharper right turn then the start. Try to modulate your brake use so you can stay in the middle of the track and grab the pickup as you go along. Hit the booster and watch out for the lack of walls at the top as you get ready for a huge drop. Once again, left-right-left as you fall through the air, just be ready to deal with that speed boost when you have to go through the tunnel and kind of navigate an S shape after that, but it should have worn off by then. Coming up past this is the finish line. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Blue Ridge | \|/ (00014) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4780 M | 4.78K. Like nature but nicer. The Blue Ridge | | Race Height: 163 M | commuter hab-zone welcomes careful drivers. | | League: Alpha | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o A somewhat prettier course than most, this one starts you off with a not-so- pretty, dangerous left, right, left S turn that ends with a nice straightaway. When you get into the tunnel try to stick around the middle since it starts weaving again and then suddenly you're faced with a very dangerous and sharp left turn, you'll definitely need the airbrakes for this one, be ready to put them on early. Coming out of the tunnel soon after is a drop. See if you can barrel rool off the drop and use the boost when you land to boost yourself into the middle of the track and hit the double boosters. Be ready for a sharp, albeit wide, right turn after this, the more you are able to stick to the right the better since you can nail a booster coming out of the turn. The remainder of the track has you weaving though some dangerous back and forths that have become somewhat of a recurring thing on this track. Remember to use the sideshift button as well as the airbrake to try and minimize the amount of actual turning you do, that way you not only get to maintain more speed but you will also maintain better control. It's win-win right there. O============================================================================O | Beta League (00020) | O============================================================================O | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Sinucit | \|/ (00021) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 6117 M | 6.12K. Open 24/7. Navigate the pleasure pits | | Race Height: 141 M | and disco palaces of the upper side. | | League: Beta | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o Quite a lengthy course we have here. Even got some nice rain effects going on. Navigate the first corner and get ready for a fork in the path. The right fork has nothing while the left fork has an item pickup, both are the same length so head left (the right path actually has an item near the end, perhaps it doesn't make that much of a difference.) Around the next turn stick with the left wall so you can hit the double booster rather than the single one. This whole next part has you going along kind of a corkscrewing road, anyone who knows anything about being out on the water knows the the middle of the boat is least affected by the rock of the water, the same applies for the middle of the road and should keep you from losing control. Another fork here, the path splits a bit but both directions have an item and a booster so choose based on your turning preference, personally I always go left for whatever reason. Coming up is a long right turn following by a straight and a somewhat sharper left turn, use your airbrake for that one. At the bottom, sideshift through the S pattern and get ready to do a barrel off the drop toward the finish line, staying in control is no problem here. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Citta Nuova | \|/ (00022) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 5408 M | 5.4K of high density carbo-steel hybrid. The | | Race Height: 151 M | Citta Nuova residents association respectfully | | League: Beta | asks you to fly with due care and attention. | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o At the very start of this track you're hit with a perilous right-left combination that could very well have you dragging the wall coming out of the left turn. It may be early in the race but hit that damn airbrake if you want to avoid the wall here. The straight should give you a hell of a lot of speed, it's followed by a somewhat deceptive S curve that seems light but then the left turn gets a lot sharper. Better to brake sooner than later and begin turning sharper on the left turn to avoid sliding into the wall. Coming up next is everyone's favourite corner. I can't give an exact timing on this since it depends on the speed and the league but let me just say into order to make this corner you need to brake VERY early. Even before those yellow arrows painted on the road, jam right on the analog nub and hold the R trigger and if you're lucky you'll do a 180 and be pointing straight in the correct direction. Get ready to keep your finger on the airbrake as you navigate a couple of sharp S turns leading up to a tunnel. There's kind of a bump in this tunnel that can have a tendency to actually bump you over the edge of the track on higher speeds, be sure to memorize this turn and try to either stick to the right side, or airbrake hard to the left just as you hit it. There's one more difficult C shaped turn you'll have to take before the finish. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Sebenco Climb | \|/ (00023) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4813 M | 4.8K of treacherous icy track circles the lower | | Race Height: 474 M | flank hydro-farms. | | League: Beta | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o My personal favourite course, this one can get pretty extreme. Icy conditions await but you won't really notice yourself sliding around or anything... well... any more than normal at least. Around the first turn you're already lining yourself up for a jump. This one is perfect to do a left-right-left barrel roll over just be ready to airbrake right (or better yet try to land pointing as right as possible) to maximize your speed and avoid hitting the wall. Another couple of corners that can get pretty dangerous, especially the right turn with the windmills and such. After this comes a bumpy section, but it's not just straight up bumpy, the left and right sides are unbalanced so get yourself in the centre otherwise there's almost no way to stay in control. Going into the tunnel, nail the booster and try to land on or near the one on the right side, airbraking right as you hit it to line yourself up with the tunnel exit. It may seem obvious, but even though this part zig-zags back and forth there's no reason for you to do that as well, there's a perfectly easy straight line through the whole thing, over a small drop to the finish. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Sol 2 | \|/ (00024) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4400 M | 4.4K at the top of the world. Don't look down! | | Race Height: 218 M | | | League: Beta | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o Another impressive track that does indeed take place at the top of the world. The whole thing is on a very thin path and is probably the hardest track in the game to play on the higher speed difficulties. After the first corner there's a lengthy left curve that goes around with no walls except for tiny sections which are luckily at the more dangerous parts. After this comes a very sharp right turn that requires early airbraking otherwise you're surely going to slam into the far wall. Timing is critical there, again the path is thin so you'll need quite a bit of practice. Use whatever speed boosters you can get on the straight and be ready for a gradual S shaped curve followed by another hard right that requires early braking. This leads you around to the finish without any big surprises, but practice definitely makes perfect here. O============================================================================O | Classic League (00030) | O============================================================================O | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Karbonis | \|/ (00031) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 3556 M | 3.26K. Neo-Tronic recreation of the classic | | Race Height: 129 M | 2050 Karbonis circuit. | | League: Classic | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o The first of the four digital crazy colour tracks! Try to stay around the middle for the first zig-zagging turn. On the higher difficulties watch out for the booster on the right that follows this section, it has a habit of launching you off the track. More zig-zags follow, the sideshift assigned to the L button really helps for these things, it really lets you keep control of your vehicle. Line yourself up in the middle after this part so you can safely drop over the bumps and jam left at the bottom. Just before the finishing line comes another zig-zagging path, there's no way to just stick it out in the middle and shift, you have to airbrake each one of these turns to the best of your ability, there's just so damn many of them. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Sagarmatha | \|/ (00032) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4544 M | 4.54K. Neo-Tronic recreation of the classic | | Race Height: 135 M | 2097 Sagarmatha circuit. | | League: Classic | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o Surprisingly this is actually one of the simplest courses in the game, but it is by no means easy. There's one basic principal that pretty much applies to the entire course since it's practically the same thing over and over again. What this course is comprised of is a bunch of straightaways followed by a sharp turn. Straight, turn, straight, turn... you get the idea, over and over. For each one of these you building speed and then tap the airbrake along with pushing the analog nub in the direction you're going for each turn. The most dangerous turn is actually the first one but you won't notice until later laps when you come into it with speed, you'll probably need to hold the airbrake for that one. The only other noteworthy thing is a drop at the end which makes a great place to do a barrel roll and gain speed. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Manor Top | \|/ (00033) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4199 M | 4.2K. Neo-Tronic recreation of the classic 2116 | | Race Height: 82 M | Manor Top circuit. | | League: Classic | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o This course is actually really neat, difficult but neat. The thing you will notice most is the parts of the course where the track just ends and you drop down to a seemingly different track going in another direction. To do this you need to airbrake hard and predict which way to turn either my memorization or by the somewhat ambiguous arrows that aren't always easy to read. When the course starts out, make a hard left then curve around the elongated S shape. You have to be ready to make a hard right at the top of the track so you can not only aim yourself for the booster, but also straighten yourself out so you don't fly off the edge in the wrong direction. Drop down and quickly brake right to land on the next part of the track. Another sharp right is coming up followed almost immediately by a sharp left, sharp right, sharp left etc. Finally you're on a normal path again that drops over the edge from a barrel- roll-worthy height and sends you around a corner. There is a BLIND hard left drop coming up that is very difficult to predict if you don't know it's coming, be ready for it. Everything else is simple to the end. | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Mandrashee | \|/ (00034) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 3901 M | 3.91K. Neo-Tronic recreation of the classic | | Race Height: 196 M | 215 Mandrashee circuit. | | League: Classic | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o This is another fairly basic course actually. There's pretty much only two things you need to watch out for, and they're both the same basic idea. You start at the beginning going around a pretty basic curve that leads up to a deceptively difficult right turn of almost ninety degrees. You'll really have to airbrake early for that one. Following it and another few turns there's a long straight path leading right down to a gap with a booster in the middle of the track. After making it across and turning right, ahead of you is the second deceptively difficult turn, a ninety degree left turn that is blocked from view by a number of buildings. Once you make it around this turn then you are home free pretty much, the finish line should be just ahead. O============================================================================O | Gamma League (00040) | O============================================================================O | | ipeout: Pure /---------------------------------------------------------o | | | ------o------\ Staten Park | \|/ (00041) \--------------------------------------------------------o o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Race Length: 4346 M | Designed by committee, run by bureaucrates, raced | | Race Height: 163 M | by professionals. Now 20% less artificial. 4.3K. | | League: Gamma | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o The track you can get by either wirelessly connecting and obtaining, or downloading off the internet and putting on your PSP via USB. Instructions for setting it up can be found elsewhere in the guide. What makes this track difficult is the fact that the walls aren't straight, they zig-zag, meaning you have to stay in the middleof the track to avoid being suddenly attacked by the walls! Well it's not quite that bad. Start out on the right side to hit the double boost and then move toward the middle down the hill and around the gradual right curve. At the top shift over to the left side of the track and get ready to sideshift as the S turn comes up. Tap the airbrake button and you turn right just past the short overpass and it leads around to a downhill staightaway (which happens to make a great place to use the booster item in time trial, the bumps might even let you get a barrel-roll in there.) There's a couple of boosters at the bottom. When you reach the left turn, start turning left but then change to turn right even before you finish the turn so that you're pointing right when you drop over the edge and you're able to land in control and keep going right around the corner to reach the finish line. O============================================================================O | Zone (00050) | O============================================================================O o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Gold: 25 | Pro Tozo - A Neotronic-albino track with a blocky | | Silver: 20 | old school graffiti flavor. Violet. | | Bronze: 15 | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Gold: 25 | Mallavol - A Neotronic-albino track with an | | Silver: 20 | abstract manga graffiti flavor. Cool blue. | | Bronze: 15 | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Gold: 30 | Coridon 12 - A Neotronic-albino track with a | | Silver: 25 | winged mecha graffiti flavor. Steel blue. | | Bronze: 15 | | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o | Gold: 30 | Syncopia - A Neotronic-albino track with an alien | | Silver: 25 | space-bike passed through a wormhole graffiti | | Bronze: 15 | flavor to it. Minty fresh. | o------------------------o---------------------------------------------------o What is Zone? That's a question you might be asking, it's somewhat hard to decipher what's going on, at least at first. Basically Zone is a challenge with no set number of laps, no time, no opponents, just a very very fast car. This car is so fast in fact, that there is no limit to its speed. The car will get faster and faster as the trial continues. The question of course is when does it end? It ends when your car takes enough damage to be destroyed, its health is not infinite. Your score in Zone mode will get progressively higher automatically without you actually doing anything, you score is not based on distance traveled but rather on how long you can stay alive, so you're not looking for ways to increase you speed, on the contrary the slower the better. The problem with this is that you don't even drive, there is no way to take off the accelerator so all you can do is utilize the analog nub and airbrake to try and control yourself on the course as best you possibly can. Every five zones your car will increase its maximum speed by quite a bit making it that much harder to stay alive. Good luck with this one. O============================================================================O | Unlockables (00090) | O============================================================================O o-- Tracks --o Karbonis (Classic) - Win gold in all Alpha and Beta single races Sagarmatha (Classic) - Win 25 Gold Medals Manor Top (Classic) - Win 40 Gold Medals Mandrashee (Classic) - Win 60 Gold Medals Staten Park (Gamma) - Download off the internet Mallavol (Zone) - After 25 Zones of Pro Tozo Coridon 12 (Zone) - After 25 Zones of Mallavol Syncopia (Zone) - After 30 Zones of Coridon 12 o-- Tournaments --o Beta Tournament - Complete the Alpha Tournament Ascension Tournament - Complete the Beta Tournament Classic Tournament - Unlock all four Classic tracks o-- Classes --o Flash Class - Complete Ascension tournament in Venom Class Rapier Class - Complete Ascension tournament in Flash Class Phantom Class - Complete Ascension tournament in Rapier Class o-- Ships --o Zone - Get gold medals in all four Zone tracks Medievil - Win 70 Gold Medals Tigron - Download off the internet O============================================================================O | USB Download (000B0) | O============================================================================O If you want to obtain the new Gamma track Staten Park, along with the new Tigron ship and an additional skin as well all you need to do is the following: Download the zip file from the link below (WinZip or WinRAR required) then simply place it in your PSP's SAVEDATA folder, that's it. http://www.psp-hacks.com/downloads/UCUS98612DGAMMAPACK1.zip I have absolutely nothing to do with this link, if the link is down by the time you are reading the guide, you're free to email me but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm sure it's not hard to find elsewhere anyway, use Google. O============================================================================O | The Browser (000C0) | O============================================================================O I would not presume to speak for one who had used the browser as I have no access to a wireless router, but indeed, it is true that using Wipeout Pure you can in fact surf the internet on your PSP. You can do most things, surf web pages, check your email, even use ICQ if I'm not mistaken. Things like streaming audio/video and java/flash games will give you a problem though. Anyway like I said I'm not expert, but here area couple of links that should get you started. At the time of this guide being written there is a great topic on the GameFAQs Wipeout board stickied at the top that explains all the Q&A's about the Wipeout Browser, you'll surely want to check it out: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=920780&topic=20488619 O============================================================================O | Version History (0000X) | O============================================================================O Version 0.00 - (May 27th, 2005) - Began the walkthrough Version 1.00 - (May 27th, 2005) - Completed the walkthrough O============================================================================O | Legal (0000Y) | O============================================================================O This document is copyright (c) 2007 by A I e x. I am no longer active writing guides for video games, and thus I will no longer any questions or update with any corrections sent through email. It is likely that after this point this guide will never be updated again. I am aware that there are errors occasionally and I apologize for those. Please do not email me any corrections, or ask me for any help with this particular game, as I will not respond. It is also not necessary to send any email to thank me for the work, I will say right now that you are very welcome. Furthermore, please do not contact me about hosting this guide on your website, I will not grant permisson. I am still willing to take action if I find this guide being hosted anywhere other than GameFAQs.com, IGN.com, or a very small number of other select sites. Finally, if you need to contact me for some reason that is not covered above, then you can reach me at StarOceanDC(a.t)gmail(d.o.t)com. O============================================================================O | Credits (0000Z) | O============================================================================O ASCII title is care of: http://www.rootsecure.net/?p=ascii_generator Thanks to CJayC for continuing to keep GameFAQs running smoothly, and the same to Sailor Bacon. Thanks to Sean, Mark and Jeremy here at the University of Guelph, thanks to everyone in the GameFAQs FAQ contributor community for being great people, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to send feedback. Thank you very much finally, to anyone and everyone reading this walkthrough. O============================================================================O</p>