THE PUZZLE BOBBLE 4 FAQ V0.6 by Carl Chavez ( Last updated 13 July 1998. WHEN WAS THE GAME RELEASED? The board I own has this information on the Setup menu: "19 December 1997, v2.04D". I first saw listed for sale in February 1998. WHAT REMAINED IN THE GAME? * All of the colored bubbles. * The anchor blocks from Puzzle Bobble 3, which must have no bubbles attached to them in order for them to disappear. The level cannot end until all anchor blocks are destroyed. * Rainbow bubbles from Puzzle Bobble 2. Rainbow bubbles become the color of the bubbles last popped next to them. * Star bubbles from Puzzle Bobble 2. Star bubbles pop all bubbles of the same color as the bubble which touched it. * Trouble blocks from Puzzle Bobble 2. These blocks must be dropped to get rid of them. They don't pop. WHAT ARE THE NEW FEATURES? There are 10 playable characters to use in puzzle or versus mode. There are pulleys in the single-player game, and chain reactions in the versus game. There is a new block called the anti-gravity block, which causes all bubbles attached to it to drift upwards if the bubble cluster is not attached to anything. WHAT IS A PULLEY? HOW CAN IT BE DEFEATED? A pulley consists of two anchor blocks attached to a rope. If each anchor has an equivalent number of bubbles attached to it, the pulley is balanced. If you add bubbles to one side, it pulls that bubble cluster down and moves the other up. *All* bubbles attached to the bubble cluster will be dropped if the anchor bubble is dropped, even if they're touching other bubbles. The pulley will stop moving if the anchor's bubble cluster is connected to either another pulley anchor's bubble cluster, its own pulley anchor's bubble cluster, or to a stationary anchor. WHAT IS AN ANTI-GRAVITY BLOCK? An anti-gravity block acts like a trouble block. You can't pop it. When you end up in a situation where a group of bubbles would drop, the anti-gravity block pulls that group of bubbles up the board until it sticks to one or more other bubbles. Once the anti-gravity block reaches the top of the board, it becomes an anchor block. HOW DOES EACH GAME END? Each ending starts out like this: "When he collected all the rainbow bubbles. Gmorning returned to ???." Each character has a second, unique screen. The text of each second screen is in the next section. WHO ARE THE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS? ------------------------------- Bubblen/Bobblen - Bubble Dragons ------------------------------- Kurol - Frog Boy Kurol is a baby wearing a frog suit. He attacks with musical notes and a pillow. ------------------------------- Devillun - Dark Bubble Dragon Devillun resembles the Super Dark Great Dragon of Bubble Memories. END SCREEN: "Now I am Master of the Universe!" ------------------------------- Giganto - The Mechanical Knight Giganto is a huge robot. He looks like a knight. His helm has a plume of fire. When he attacks, a huge wave of fire and electricity strikes the opponent. VERSUS QUOTES: vs. Bubblen/Bobblen: "Give. Me. Your. Rainbow. Bubbles." vs. Alkamet: "I. Will. Get. Something. Shiny. And. Round." vs. Marina: "Give. Me. Your. Rainbow. Bubbles." vs. Kurol: "Are. You. A. Frog. How. I. Will. Defeat. You." "I will make an effort. (croak, croak)" vs. Ramadan: "My. Sensors. Detect. Bubbles. I. Shall. Destroy. You." "You should know the anger earth and wind." vs. Kurion: "Tell. Me. Where. The. Bubbles. Are." "I have forgotten. I'm so sorry (heh heh heh)." vs. G: "My. Sensors. Detect. Creatures. Have. Bubbles." "Leave me alone." vs Bramb: "Give. Me. Your. Bubbles! Give. Me. Your. Bubbles.!" "Bubbles, bubbles -- please give me power." vs. Devillun: "Devil. Energy. Very. Dangerous, I. Will. Destroy. You." "I'll show you my power." vs. Giganto: "Hey. People. Make. A. Way. For. Me." "Move. Away. Quickly." vs. Madame Luna: "I. Will. Destroy. You." "Show me how to defeat me." END SCREEN: "These are all mine, how beautiful." ------------------------------- Alkanet - The Ice Princess ------------------------------- Tam Tam - The Shaman ------------------------------- Marina - The Mermaid ------------------------------- G - The Old Man Nice day, isn't it? Ye, it is. END SCREEN: Since the sun has returned to the sky, the laundry dries well, doesn't it, sweetheart? ------------------------------- Bramb - Greedo-like alien ------------------------------- Kurion - Pixie END SCREEN: "But... 'Now I'm the Greatest in the Universe!'" ------------------------------- WHO IS THE MAIN BOSS? Madame Luna Hyper Drunk *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>