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Version 1.06 12/08/02 Added ASCII art and gameshark codes. Version 1.05 11/18/02 WOW, Long time since last update. It needed some changes. Version 1.4 8/15/02 Fixed minor mistakes, added PLANE FAQ by dannyboyx and JaZoNkRoLl, updated Q and A. Version 1.03 8/15/02 Fixed minor mistakes, updated Q & A section, added Point Value Guide section, major formatting, added TAKE THE LOW ROAD walkthrough (route A + B). Version 1.02 8/11/02 Fixed minor mistakes, added acrobatic section, formatting. Version 1.01 8/7/02 Added glitch for unlocking one of the planes, fixed minor mistakes, added updates section, added to the contents. Version 1.00 8/6/02 First version. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS (A-1) ADVENTURE MODE WALKTHROUGHS Take the Low Road Over the Falls The Great Divide Labyrinth The Desert Express (B-1) SKY CANVAS MODE WALKTHROUGHS Stage 1 Stage 2 (C-1) ACROBATIC MINI-FAQ Easy Control Acrobatics Normal Control Acrobatics (D-1) POINT VALUE GUIDE Checkpoint Values For each Level. (E-1) PLANE FAQ List of Planes + Stats + Uses (F-1) SECRETS FAQ Unlocking Extra Planes Gameshark Codes Button Codes Use the keywords in parenthesis ( ), and ctr + f, to find each section in the FAQ/WALKTHROUGH... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A-1) WALKTHROUGHS Each level will eventually have a walkthrough for it. Most of the levels are self- explanatory, so every inch of each level will NOT be covered. If you would like to make one, e-mail me, I will accept more than one walkthrough per level by different authors. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take the Low Road This mission takes you on a wild ride- UNDERGROUND, on a search for the Arcadia Map Piece! Note: This walkthrough is designed for the Swordfish BI-Plane. First take off, and go through the check point. 100% throttle. Take a look at your map, and head off sharply to the right. Slow down when you see another checkpoint to 75%, and go through it. If you look, on the side of the cliff there is an opening, go through it. There is vegetation covering the opening. You should be about 90% throttle through the entire cave to make it in time. When the cave splits horizontally, take the top route. Then turn throttle to 100% so you can make it up, then put it down to 90% once you cleared it. Don't miss ANY checkpoints while you are in here. In the cave, the stalagmites, and rocks fall from the ceiling so be careful. It can get really dangerous in there. Once you are about half-way through, the ruins are spotted. Land at the ruins. You will get the map piece from Arcadia Island. After the cutscene, take off, full throttle. Try to keep it 100% if you can, so you can get more Time Points. But if you need to you can keep it at 90%. There are even more rocks falling from the ceiling now. After a bit, water shoots out the sides of the walls. This won't harm you TOO bad unless you are going really, really, slow, which you shouldn't be doing. Once you are out of the cave, throttle 100%, and head sharply right. The strip is really close. Land. Mission Complete! ----- ROUTE #2 Note: This walkthrough is for ANY plane. Take off, and throttle 100%. Get the checkpoint in front of you. Head toward the center of the tunnel. This will take a little while. Near the center, start looking for a hole into where the ruins are. It is covered with vegetation. When you see it, throttle down, and brake, and then go through it and land on the ruins. You will get the map piece. Take off. There are now two options at this point. 1. Take off and go through the tunnel, following the walkthrough above. 2. Take off and go through the hole in the ceiling. If you choose choice two, read on. Full throttle, and go through the hole in the ceiling. You may need to take a couple laps around the area to get enough height and speed to make it. Once outside, take a look at your map, and head toward the runway. Land. Mission Complete! Note: I completed this mission Route B- and received a B for it. I only grabbed one checkpoint too. So you may want to use this route if you are having trouble on Route A. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Over the Falls A wonderous and creative mission, it takes you on a tour of the western part of the southernmost island. Be prepared for a big surprise at the end! This is defiantly the most arduous mission in the entire game. Route #1 Note: This walkthrough is for the Swordfish. You will notice that you MUST use one of the three original planes for this mission, along with that you must have completed "Stormy Seas" mission. The pontoons will automatically be equipped. Take off and throttle 100%. Climb and turn left, and go up the left waterfall; you will have about 10 meters to spare from the water. Continue climbing so you are a comfortable distance from the water, then turn follow the rivier. You now have to follow the red clay that is in the water. Be careful and make sure you do not go out of control. Be sure to stay as high as possible in the canyon, but still diving and getting the Checkpoints. Stop and look at your map if you ever get confused on where to go. Continue until you reach the Ruins, it will be a BIG orange area on your radar. It looks like you are heading straight into a waterfall, but you must go under it into a cave. If you go fast enough under the waterfall you will not get hurt by the water. Once you are in the cave, land in the orange area, being careful of the rocks. A cutscene will start, and then you can take off again. GET AS HIGH AS YOU CAN!!! SPOILER AHEAD: Your enginge will blow out, and it won't work anymore. Don't worry, this is a planned event. You will have to float down on the river to get to the end. Try stay as long and as far as you can before you hit the river. Once you land on the water, use the R1 and L1 buttons to do gradual steering. To make sharp turns, pull back so the plane is in the air, then make a turn left or right in mid-air. This is the technique you must use on a couple of the sharp turns. The river will eventually start to calm down, and you will automatically come to a stop once you reach the docks near the end of the mission. This missions takes tremendous amounts of trial and error to get it perfect. This is the hardest mission in the entire game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Great Divide This mission is a very difficult one. It takes patience and trial and error if you want to make it over the mountain. In one piece that is... ROUTE #1 Note: This walkthrough is for the Pulse Jet. Keep throttle 100% until landing. Okay, start off by going normal along the path. You will start flying through a snowy area. Keep going. Gain altitude on the way. There 3 different landing pads on this level. One of them has a Shinden-Kai part. Now if have been going higher and higher along the way you should drop fuel to be light enough to make the peak. The peak is about 8000ft tall. When you drop the fuel you have to be quick because you have only 3 minutes to land. Land on the other side of the mountain. Press circle to drop the fuel. Now, if you were unable to make it up the mountain there is another landing pad. It is located on the Right side of the mountain, if you look at the map (start). If you look at the map you will see a little path breaking off to the right. Go to the right. Follow the path you will see a cave. Go there and land on the pad. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Labyrinth This mission is one of my favorites, and I have achieved my highest score on this level, a Circled S. ROUTE #1 Note: This walkthrough is for the Me-262 and the level can be beat very quickly with this method. Okay first you will notice that the paths are very curved and would take a long time if you just went through them. You should first get airborne then go to the right and OVER the paths. The wind will mess you up so don't go to high. Watch out for the water that spurts up it might hit you and damage you. Dodge them the best you can. Now keep going until you will see the message "You Found The Temple LAND AHEAD". Land on the path. Once you get the map piece a cutscene will come and the temple will start to fall and brake up. Just take off and get airborne making sure not to hit the fallen piece of wall that falls in front of you. Just find your way out of the valley. Land at the strip to beat the level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Desert Express I was surprised at the difficulty of only the games second level, but once you complete it once you get the hang of it. ROUTE #1 Note: This walktrhough is for the Swordfish. Throttle %100. In the beginning you need to be very careful and not waste any time or fuel, as there is a fuel leak in your plane and you need to be careful not to waste it. Go through the checkpoint you see straight ahead of you, and then turn right, go through the yellow checkpoint, then turn left and start to catch up to the train. You need to get close to the train, then even your speed with it once you are right above it. A fuel line will automatically connect to your plane. Make sure you don't hit the train and crash. Once you are connected to the train, it is very difficult to get unconnected (which is good). Stay connected to the train until the VERY end of the level, once you get out of the last tunnel. You can go for the last checkpoint if you desire, but you probably will still get an A if you skip it. Land at the runway to complete the mission. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (B-1) SKY CANVAS MODE WALKTHROUGHS Coming Soon! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (C-1) ACROBATIC MINI-FAQ This section shows all the acrobatic maneuvers you can do. Each maneuver has Acrobatic Points, the harder the trick the more points. These points are sort of extra credit, and are added to your score at the end of each mission. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easy Control Acrobatics You cannot perform any normal control stunts in easy control. Note: All tricks performed through a gold checkpoint instead of a white checkpoint get bigger bonus points. Low Altitude- 10 points Fly low to the ground, the faster you go the faster you get points, they go in 10 point increments. Easiest to do over level ground or over water. Low Altitude Through Checkpoint- ??? points *Need Help in figuring points* Fly Low Altitude then go through a check point. Turn- 50 points Do a sharp turn, hold left or right until you make a full circle. I only got it to work with UFO's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normal Control Acrobatics You can perform ALL easy control stunts in normal control. Note: All tricks performed through a gold checkpoint instead of a white checkpoint get bigger bonus points. Barrel Roll- 100 points Hold left or right while flying to perform this. You get 100 points each FULL roll. Barrel Roll Through Checkpoint- 100 points + 500 points BONUS Perform barrel roll while going through a checkpoint. When you get 2 barrel rolls through 1 checkpoint (you start to roll before the checkpoint and maybe slow down a bit to do this), the second roll gives double bonus points. The trick is to finish the first barrel roll just when you hit the checkpoint, this way its easy to get A+ on all missions. The gold checkpoints gives twice as big bonus as the silver ones on barrel rolls. Thanks ENOK for this information. Loop- 300 Points At altitude, sharply go down until you get enough speed, then pull up until you loop around. Takes lots of room. Upside Down Low Altitude- 10 points Perform half of a barrel roll, then over land. Controls are backwards when upside down. You get points 2x as fast as regular low altitude. Barrel Roll Low Altitude- 100 points + 200 points BONUS + Low Altitude points Perform barrel roll low altitude. Quite difficult to master. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (D-1) POINT GUIDE This section shows the point value of each checkpoint on each level. Expect more levels in the coming updates. ------------ Checkpoint Values for Each Level LEVEL INDIVIDUAL CHECKPOINT VALUE The Adventure Begins 800 The Desert Express 1000 Stormy Seas 3300 Take the Low Road 1000 The Labyrinth 2000 Blown Away 500 The Great Divide 600 A Tight Squeeze ??? Valley Of Fire ??? Over The Falls ??? The Great Falls ??? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (E-1) PLANE FAQ In this section we will look at all of the planes, how to get them, and the types of mission they could be used for. The planes that are in Sky Odyssey are- 1. SwordFish 2. Bf09 Custom 3. Test Jet 4. Gold UFO 5. Auto Gyro 6. Corsair 7. Shinden-Kai 8. Shinden 9. MeM262 10. Stealth Jet 11. Silver UFO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Planes + Stats + Uses This section covers all the planes and lists their uses, stats and other important information. -------------------------------------------- SwordFish MK. 1 custom How To Get it- You start with it. Missions You Should Use It For- Missions like The Desert Express and Mid-Air Rendezvous. The reason for this is cause it starts with more fuel, and it burns it at a slower rate. But missions that you have to get somewhere fast, you should NOT use this plane. It is my favorite plane. Info- The Swordfish is a crop duster and can not go above (faster) then 230,Which is very slow. You can get a third wing for it making it a tri-plane the third-wing makes it much more stable but makes it slower. This is also the best plane to do the Sky Canvas levels. (Which if you do good enough to will get the Auto Gyro). -------------------------------------------- BF09 Custom How To Get it- You start with it. Missions You Should Use It For- This is used for missions that you just need to get through quickly, like "Relief From Above" as it is stable and a has good speed. Good choice for missions like the Ancient Forest. Info- The BF09 Custom was in the WW2 era and used by the Germans. It is very Army looking with the camouflage and the propeller sound. All in all, the BF09 Custom can reach medium speed of like 250-330 and is stable. This is the plane for you if you are a WW2 buff. -------------------------------------------- Test Jet How To get it- You start with it. Missions You Should Use It For- Mission that you have a time limit like the mission with the wind funnels.(I forgotten name of the mission). This is the only plane that can have the pontoons put on it. So its the only plane that can do the "Over The Falls Mission". This also the best plane to do the "A Great Divide" level due to the speed and the boost. Info- This is the fastest plane you start with but is much slower compared to the Mem262. It also comes with 3 boost you can upgrade via custom up to five which takes about 3 seconds to recharge. The plane is pretty fast and Stable. -------------------------------------------- Gold Saucer How to get it- You got to get gold's in one round of target mode. Missions You Should Use It For - Well its used for missions that you got to go through a ravine with care. The reasons to this is as follows. The saucer has one of the best handling to it And it is very easy to use. Info- The old saucer it looks like a UFO and its a nice coat of shiny gold. Its easily one of the best lookers The gold UFO has a very good handling. I don't like this because I mess up a lot with this Flyer. -------------------------------------------- Auto Gyro How to get it- Well you have to get at least a 90 on all of the Sky Canvas levels. Missions You Should Use It For- Well this is easily the best for all of the missions with maps in them because it is helicopter and can go through the caves easily. Info- My favorite thing in the game. It is the easiest to land with because it is a helicopter. It also looks the best. It is not all that fast but its faster then the SwordFish. I don't think this is a real plane because it is a helicopter with a Jet moving it. And the blades aren't right. -------------------------------------------- Corsair How to get it- You got to get an A rank plus a circle around your score in 10 missions. To get it you have to get 6000 acrobatic points and an A. Missions You Should Use It For- This can be used for any types of mission. As it speed is good and it is stable. Its an okay plane. Info- I don't like the plane I don't like the way it looks. -------------------------------------------- Shinden Kai How to get it- You got to land on the other landing strips in 4 levels- "Adventure Begins", "The Labyrinth", "Tower Of Terror", and "The Great Divide". Mission's You Should Use It For- This is fast so it is used for mission that you got to get somewhere. You should be used to this by now. Info- This my favorite plane in the game. This is made by Japan And its old. It is very fast. It is much faster then its counter-part, the Shinden. -------------------------------------------- Shinden How to get it- You have to land on the other landing strips in 3 levels- "Adventure Begins", "The Labyrinth", "Tower Of Terror". The Shinden is the Shinden-Kai but with no jet engine. Missions You Should Use It For- You should use this for only 1 mission. The level with the Storm. Because this is a very stable plane and can get a high speed. Info- This is fast stable but it is slower at about 50 Knots less then the Shinden- Kai. It looks just the same as the Shinden-Kai but has propellers instead of a jet engine. -------------------------------------------- Me-262 How to get it- Beat all of the missions in one round of adventure mode once with any grades, making sure you go over the mountain and not going in the cave on "The Great Divide" Missions You Should Use It For - Well the mission with the wind funnel and the one with the storm. And any others with a time limit. You should use this for a lot of things. It looks cool and slick with the color. Info- I have been able to go 800knots without wind funnels. -------------------------------------------- Stealth Jet How to get it- Beat one round of Target Mode in less than 10 minutes. Missions You Should Use It For- Any, this is a very fast and stable jet. This is a very good jet. When you get this use it. Info- This is a very cool looking Jet and I like it very much. Like I said I like this Jet of its look and speed. It's about as fast as the Me-262. -------------------------------------------- Silver UFO How to get it- Get all A's on adventure mode to get this. Missions You Should Use It For - It is the same as the Gold UFO, but it is slightly thinner, and you can see in front of it better. Use it for any mission. Info- This is a cool plane, but unrealistic. Good for doing acrobatics and stuff. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (F-1) SECRETS This section will include how to unlock the extra planes, and some Gameshark Codes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlocking Extra Planes 1. Get Silver UFO by getting A's on ALL adventure missions. (There are 3 ending missions- The Great Falls, The Valley of Fire, and A Tight Squeeze). 2. Get 6,000+ acrobatic points on any 10 missions in Adventure Mode to get the Corsair. 3. Beat one round of Target Mode in less than 10 minutes for the Stealth Jet. 4. Beat Adventure Mode one time to get the ME-262. 5. Collect the parts in Adventure Mode by landing on alternate runways to unlock the Shinden. (There is the Right Wing, Fuselage, Left Wing). 6. Collect the jet engine after you collect the parts of the Shinden to get the Shinden-Kai. 7. Get the Autogyro by getting 90+ points on all Sky Canvas levels. 8. Getting all Gold Medals on one round of Target Mode will earn you the Gold UFO. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gameshark Codes These codes were taken from the official Gameshark website. Use these at your own risk. ------------------------------- (M) Must Be On EC8798041456E60A Freeze Timer 1CBFC0281456E7A5 High Score 1CBFBB581455692C All Levels Unlocked - Sky Canvas 4CAFBFA01456E7A6 4CAFBF9E1456E7A6 4CAFBFA41456E7A6 4CAFBFA21456E7A6 4CAFBFA81456E7A6 4CAFBFA61456E7A6 4CAFBFAC1456E7A6 4CAFBFAA1456E7A6 4CAFBFB01456E7A6 4CAFBFAE1456E7A6 Perfect Scores - Sky Canvas 4CAFBFBE145625DD 4CAFBFC2145625DD 4CAFBFC6145625DD 4CAFBFCA145625DD 4CAFBFCE145625DD 4CAFBFD2145625DD 4CAFBFD6145625DD 4CAFBFDA145625DD 4CAFBFDE145625DD 4CAFBFE2145625DD All Graphics Unlocked 3CAFE9B81456E70C 3CAFE9B91456E70C 3CAFE9B61456E70C 3CAFE9B71456E70C 3CAFE9BC1456E70C 3CAFE9BD1456E70C 3CAFE9BA1456E70C 3CAFE9BB1456E70C 3CAFE9C01456E70C 3CAFE9C11456E70C All Map Pieces 3CAFC2851456E722 3CAFC2821456E723 3CAFC2831456E71E Infinite Fuel 4CA2E6DE145625DD Plenty Of Rings Passed 4CBFC24C1456E781 All Aircraft Unlocked 4CAFC32014566626 4CAFC31E14566626 4CAFC32414566626 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Button Codes There are no known button codes for this game. Any you see anywhere DO NOT WORK! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING Gd49, ChrisV, Meru, Venomlives, Jester777, Iryman2000, ZZ3S57, KillerRabbit, ChiefRockAb, Dtoohey, devilface111, Mystic_Gohan1311, Hawkman1, Jubei04, ccarp15, danny boyx, Albert3667, Enok, EdrickV, Ryan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 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