========================================== Manhunt FAQ/Walkthrough For the Playstation2 Video Game Console Version - 2.02 R1 (Most Recent Update: 01/08/03) By Calypso Kincaid (poly-54c[at]spray[dot]no) Copyright (c) 2003/2004 to Calypso a.k.a. Aldrahn ========================================== --------------------------------- This FAQ/Walkthrough is specially made for my family, my love Jessica Lim, and all the gamers who love to KILL, in a video game. Let the killings begin! --------------------------------- ==================================================================== Table of Contents 1. Copyright Stuff 2. What Happened? 3. Options in the Game 4. Controls and Actions in the Game 5. In-Game Screen 6. Items in the Game 7. Grading System 8. Differences between Fetish Mode and Hardcore Mode 9. Tips and Tricks before playing 10. Walkthrough 11. Frequently-Asked-Question 12. Cheats 13. Credits ====================================================================== =================== 1. COPYRIGHT STUFF =================== ==================================================================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON COPYRIGHT ISSUES ==================================================================== THIS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH WAS CREATED AND PRESENTLY BELONGS TO CALYPSO KINCAID. NOTHING FROM THIS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH IS TO BE REWRITTEN, REPRODUCED OR SOLD FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES WITHOUT MY CONSENT. FEEL FREE TO PRINT IT FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH ABOUT THE SPELLING, MISTAKES OR EITHER HAVE ANY NEW WAYS TO COMPLETE THE GAME, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME. I WILL HAPPILY IMPLEMENT IT INTO MY FAQ/WALKTHTOUGH AFTER RESEARCHING AND RETESTING IT. I WILL, THEN, GIVE FULL CREDIT TO THE RESPECTED PERSON. AND SHOULD YOU FEEL LIKE HOSTING THIS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH ON A WEBSITE OR EVEN THOUGHT OF USING THIS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, DO HELP YOURSELF SENDING ME AN EMAIL TO OBTAIN MY PERSONAL PERMISSION. IF YOU ARE LUCKY, I'LL LET YOU HOST/SELL IT BUT IF YOU ARE NOT, THEN DON'T EVEN DREAM ABOUT IT. PLEASE KEEP THE PROFESSIONALISM IN THE ATMOSPHERE. ====================================================================== ================= 2. WHAT HAPPENED? ================= 12/28/2003 - Started writing everything on the game including part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Still on scene "Doing Time". 12/29/2003 - Continued on part 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Added the "What Happened?" section. Added some formatting. Added some more weapons and corrected a lot of typos. Added the "Grading System" section. I am now on scene "Press Coverage". Yay! The walkthrough will follow suit. 12/30/2003 - Started writing the walkthrough. Corrected a lot of typos. Included some FAQs. Added some more missing Weapons. Currently proof-testing the Walkthrough by playing Hardcore Mode using it. So far, so GOOD! 12/31/2003 - Finished up the walkthrough until Scene 4 - White Trash. Corrected some typos. Added the "Tips and Tricks Before Playing". Still proof-testing the walkthrough. Improvised some of the walkthroughs ESPECIALLY WHITE TRASH. Damn it! Its so complicated! 01/08/2004 - Happy New Year everybody! Well, I wrote some stuff on the headset option (Thanks Gabriele Giuliani). Still proof-testing and digging out more cheats from the game (Not yet included in FAQ). Corrected some typos. Extended the "Tips and Tricks Before Playing" section. Next revision will come down very soon! ====================== 3. OPTIONS IN THE GAME ====================== Once you start the game, you will be greeted with the main screen. There is 5 main options which is: PLAY SELECT SCENE LOAD GAME SETTINGS BONUS FEATURES PLAY The play option is, well, the only option that you need to choose if you want to play the game for the first time. After that, you will be greeted with a new screen with the brightness level setup. Once you have chose the level of brightness which suits your mood, press X and you're ready for some ruthless killings! However, if you have saved your game before, if you select "Play", the game will load the recent saved game and will have you start where you saved recently. SELECT SCENE This option is only available, once you have finish at least one scene. If you have, then, this option will show you the game's scene that you have recently completed for you to play it again, in case you want to achieve a higher rating and get all the bonus features. LOAD GAME Enough said, the Load Game option is an option where you can select which game saves (if you saved a lot of files) that you want to load. SETTINGS In the "Settings" option, you will find several options for the game. They are: 1. Difficulty - You can choose between two difficulty settings from the "Difficulty" option which is, either Fetish or Hardcore. Fetish provides the player with normal rate of toughness, with enemies having normal traits for all their stats (sense, health, roam). Meanwhile, Hardcore provides veteran players with much bigger challenge. All the enemies seem to be taking steroids for breakfast as their stats are highly upgraded than the Fetish difficulty. 2. Controls - In the "Controls" option, there is two more options which is, Invert Y and Vibration. The Invert Y option will invert the way the cursor (for guns) move simultaneously with the analog control. If it is turned on, then, the cursor will move up when you pull the stick down, and move up when you pull the stick up. If it is not turned on, the cursor will move exactly how you move the stick (Stick up, cursor up. Stick down, cursor down). The Vibration option is used to toggle the joystick's vibration or not. 3. Languages - You can choose between 5 different language in the "Languages" option which differ from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish. CHOOSE ACCORDINGLY TO WHAT YOU DO UNDERSTAND! 4. Audio - In the "Audio" option, there are 4 more options which is Sound Options, Music Volume, SFX Volume and Subtitles. In the "sound options", you can choose what mode of sound that you want the game to use. There are Mono, Stereo and Pro Logic II. If you have a good sound system, you should choose Pro Logic II to increase the level of excitement in the game. As for Music Volume and SFX Volume, you can set how loud the music and SFX should sound in the game. The subtitles option, if turned on, will show subtitles on every cut scene in the game. 5. Headset - This option will only be enabled when you use the Logitech USB Headset device for the PS2. Although still unknown to me, the device will let you hear the Narrator, Starkweather, voice through the headset and will enable you to use your voice via the mic to attract the hunters. (Info on this whole option was provided by Gabriele Giuliani from Italy, Kyle Mason and Elijah Richmond) 6. Video - In the Video option, you will be greeted with 4 more options which is, Noise FX, Ratio, Screen H and Screen V. Noise FX is used to create a noise effect on the game's graphics for reality purposes. If you turn it off, it will be smoothed out and will not look as real as in reality world. The ratio option lets you choose the ratio for the game. 4:3 should be used if you play it on a normal television set while Widescreen should be used if you are playing on a widescreen television set. The screen H is used to correct the position of the screen by moving it up or down a bit while screen V is used to correct the position of the screen by moving it to the left or right a bit. 7. Brightness - The brightness in the game can be set by setting the brightness level on the Brightness options. Enough said. 8. Default Settings - By selecting the Default Settings option, all the settings in the game will be defaulted to what Rockstar has set. BONUS FEATURES This is where you can find all the bonus materials that you get. However, there is a catch to get these bonus materials. In every scene, you need to get three stars for you Style Rating. To get three out of three stars, every time you execute the Hunters, you need to do, at least, a Violent execution or better still, a Gruesome execution. To do this, all you need to do is sneak up behind any Hunter and press L1. You will then see a pointer on the Hunter's head. Press and hold, either Square or X until the pointer turns either, Yellow to execute a Violent execution, or Red to execute a Gruesome execution. Good luck in achieving that! =================================== 4. CONTROLS AND ACTIONS IN THE GAME =================================== Gladly, the controls in Manhunt are probably the easiest on any game. All the functions are assigned accordingly to a button to maintain flawless game play and to avoid desperate moments that will dissipate your full attention to this marvellous game. The controls are divided into 2, on foot and during weapon usage. Some of the controls also need you to be in a special position to execute it. These and other details will be discussed later in this section. Type: On Foot _________________________________________________________________ | Button | Action | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | Triangle | Lean, Perform Special Actions | | Circle | Change Weapon | | Square | Hard Attack, Execute | | Cross | Quick Attack, Execute | | D-Pad Right and Left | Peek Right/Peek Left | | Left Analog Stick | Move | | Right Analog Stick | Look | | L1 | Lock-On Target | | L2 | Strafe Left | | L3 | No Usage | | R1 | Sprint | | R2 | Strafe Right | | R3 | Look Behind | | L2 & R2 | Rotate 180 degrees | ------------------------------------------------------------------ Type: During Weapon Usage __________________________________________________________________ | Button | Action | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | Triangle | No Usage | | Circle | Change Weapon | | Square | Reload | | Cross | Shoot | | D-Pad Right and Left | Peek Right/Peek Left | | Left Analog Stick | Move Character | | Right Analog Stick | Move Cursor/Change Target | | L1 | Lock-On Target | | L2 | Strafe Left | | L3 | No Usage | | R1 | Sprint | | R2 | Strafe Right | | R3 | No Usage | | L2 & R2 | Rotate 180 degrees | ------------------------------------------------------------------ EXECUTING Executing is a way to kill a hunter in one blow. To execute a hunter, you will first need to sneak up on the hunter FROM THE BEHIND. When you are in position, press either, the X or Square button to execute the hunter. In order to do a Violent execution, after you have sneaked up on the hunter, press L1 to lock on. After that, press and hold X or Square until the Lock-On Cursor turns yellow and release the button. To perform a Gruesome execution, repeat the same steps but hold the X or Square button a bit longer until the Lock-On cursor turns Red and release the button. Only melee weapons can be used to execute hunters PERFORMING SPECIAL ACTIONS Later in the game, you will have to do some special actions to progress. Some of them are like cutting a fuse, refuelling a crane and signalling your friend to follow you or not. To recognize whether you can perform these actions, approach the desired object. The character status beside your health and stamina bar will change, either it looks like calling or carrying. In this case, when the character status changes shape, press Triangle. Your character will then perform the special action. HIDING In some places, you can hide yourself from the hunters. In these special places, you will become invisible to the hunters (unless hunters that are Red when you already hide). These places are usually dark with no light touching it. To know that you are hidden, check your status on the screen and notice that your status is now blue in color. These places are essential if you are going to execute a hunter. Just attract him and hide. He will be searching for you and when he has turned his back, just sneak up unto him and execute him gracefully. ATTRACTING HUNTERS Hunters that does not move around can be attracted to move in an area near you so you could execute or kill him without noticing the other hunters if they are in groups. Attracting hunters can be done by either leaning on the wall or boxes and hitting it using the attack key or throwing a lure item near the hunter or shooting anywhere as long as the hunter can hears it. The hunter will then move towards your area and when the hunter has turned his back, sneak up on him and do your job. HEALING There is only one way to heal your self which is by picking up painkillers. Painkillers are portrayed as white colored bottles in the game. The painkillers do a very good job at healing you. Each painkiller you take will heal about 50% of your health. The amount of painkillers is plenty in Fetish mode whilst scarce when in Hardcore mode. TARGETING WITH A GUN When using the gun, you can target your gun by holding the L1 key and move the crosshair by moving the right analog stick. If you are near the hunter, when you press L1, the game will target the hunter's head. It is best that you lean somewhere near the enemy and attract him. Then, move yourself towards the end so you could see your character's head extending past the box or wall. After the enemy is very near you, quickly press L1 and shoot his head to score a one hit kill. This tactic is very useful later in the game. EXLODING GAS CANS In the game, there are a lot of cans. Gas cans are blue colored ones. Gas cans explode if you shoot at it. These gas cans provide very good tactical attack on you enemies especially when you are fighting large groups of hunters. Simple lure them to the gas can and when they are near it, shoot the gas can and watch the sparks fly (with brains). UNLOCKING A LOCKED GATE Sometimes, there are gates in the game that are locked. They either are locked with a pad lock or electronically locked. To unlock a pad locked door, you will need a crowbar. Once you have it, move near the gate. Once your status has changed, simply press triangle and your character will start hacking on it. But beware! Destroying a pad lock produces sounds so be sure you are not near any enemy while destroying it. Electronically locked gates are unlocked using a special switch. You will have to find the switch which is, well, usually where a lot of enemies are and turn it off. ================= 5. IN-GAME SCREEN ================= Imagine that this is your TV Screen when you are playing Manhunt. Now, I am going to explains all the stuff on it! ================================================= | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | IIIIIIIIIIII | | IIIIIIIIIIII | | | |MMMMMMMMM CCC HH SS | |MMMMMMMMM CCC HH SS | |MMMMMMMMM CCC HH SS | |MMMMMMMMM CCC HH SS | |MMMMMMMMM CCC HH SS | ================================================== THE MINIMAP =========== ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WHEN PLAYING HARDCORE MODE, YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN ACCESS TO THE MINIMAP. JUST USE MY WALKTHROUGH TO GET THROUGH THE SCENES ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In the area labelled with M, is your minimap. It acts like a GPS and displays Scene Objective and Hunters. These objects are displayes with a dot or V shape (for hunters only) Scene objectives usually are colored dots. Green represents a weapon whilst purple represents a place and blue represents a gate. When you find these kind of dots, your job is quite simple. If it's a weapon, then pick it up and follow the instructions. If it's a place, simple run to that place and follow the instructions. Hunters are labelled with yellow, dots or V shaped thingy on the minimap. Hunters displayed as dots are hunters that are very far from you whilst hunter with a V Shape is a hunter that is near you. Hunters only appear on minimap if you can see them, or if they make any noise. Silent hunters that you can't see will not be displayed on the minimap. Hunter labels can change colors. They can either change to yellow, orange or red. Yellow hunters are unalarmed hunters. They are relaxed and often "don't do anything". They are the easiest prey and sneaking up on them is easy as pie. Orange hunters are attracted hunters. They can be attracted by making sounds or by using lure items. They are actively searching for you. Red hunters are hunters that are attacking you. When you encounter a red hunter, simply run away and hide. It'll eventually change to orange, then to yellow. THE ITEM STATUS =============== The area which is labelled with I is the Item Status. Weapons or lure items that you are currently using is shown here. There are 5 types of items/weapons in the game which is your fist, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Execution only Weapons and Lure Items. You can select between them by using the Circle button. Your fists are labelled with a fist and are yellow in color. When using this, you can only use your fist to kill hunters. Nevertheless, you can't execute hunters using your fists. It's better than nothing though. Be reminded that once you picked up an Execution Only Item, you cannot use your fists anymore. But that wouldn't bother anyone since fists are dreadfully weak. Light Weapons are labelled with its respected weapons and is Blue in color. Light weapons deal small amount of damage. Light Weapons can be used to execute hunters. However, guns cannot be used to execute hunters. Just aim for the head with guns! Heavy Weapons are labelled with their respected weapon and is Red in color. Heavy Weapons deal enormous amount of damage to hunters that you will use only seconds to kill them. Heavy Weapons can also be used to execute hunters. However, pretty much like Light Weapons, guns cannot be used to execute. Once again, just aim for the head! Execution-Only Items are items that you can only use to execute hunters. They are labelled with their respected item and are Green in color. Its usage is self-explainotary. However, once you use one item, you will permanently lose it and will have to find another if you enjoy killing using it. Lure Items are items that make sounds when you throw it and attracts hunter to it. They are labelled with their respected items and are Yellow in color. If you want to use them, simple press Square or X. To throw these items farther, hold Square and X much longer and the items will fly far away. CHARACTER STATUS ================ The area labelled with C is the Character Status. It is a logo of your character with white outlining. This status can change depending on what you are doing. If you are sprinting, the character status will change like a man running. If you are beside a wall or box, it will change into XXXX meaning that you can lean on it by clicking the triangle button and tread slowly. If the outlining is blue in color, it means that you are hidden from the enemies' sight. When it is pulsing with Red, it means that a hunter has spotted you and is going to kill you. Sometimes, the character status can change into several types of forms. To keep it simple: |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |Position |Action when Triangle is pressed | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| | Near a pad locked door |Break the pad lock (crowbar only) | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a switch |Turn it off/on | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a fuse box |Break the fuses/replace the fuses | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a circuit breaker |Turn it on | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a crane |Get into the crane and use it | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a crane's gas tank |Fill it (if you have a petrol can) | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a petrol can |Pick it up | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a video player |Play it | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Near a Tramp |Ask him to follow or stop | --------------------------------------------------------------------- HEALTH BAR ========== The area labelled with H is the health bar. It shows your health condition and is green in color. This is self-explainotary. STAMINA BAR =========== The area labelled with S is the stamina bar. It shows your stamina status. When you press R1 and sprint, your stamina bar will decrease. When you are out of stamina, you cannot run anymore so use it wisely. Your stamina bar will recover when you are in an idle position. ==================== 6. ITEMS IN THE GAME ==================== There are not too many items in this game, which makes our lives easier to complete it. Items are divided into subgroups of Execution -Only Items, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Lure Items, Painkillers. Here is this list: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | Types | Items | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Plastic Bag | | Execution-Only Items | Wire | | | Glass Shard | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Hammer | | | Knife | | Light Weapons | Black Jack | | | Night Stick | | | Sickle | | | Axe | | | Six Shooter Revolver | | | Light Pistol | | | Meat Cleaver | | | Machete | | | Crowbar | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Baseball Bat | | Heavy Weapons | Shotgun | | | Tranquillizer Gun | | | Sawn-Off Shotgun | | | Sniper Rifle (scoped) | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Brick | | Lure Item s | Bottle | | | Head | ----------------------------------------------------------------------- =================== 7. GRADING SYSTEM =================== In Manhunt, each time you complete a scene, you will be graded on 3 different aspects. Those aspects are: Time Rating - 1 star points Overall Rating - 5 stars points Style Rating - 3 starts points (4 stars for Hardcore Mode) All these ratings have their own ways to be fulfilled. Time rating can be achieved by making your way through the scene as quickly as possible. Each scene has its own "Par Time" to be completed. If you play and your play time does not exceed the "Par Time", then you will get 1 star. If you don't, well, try again later. Overall Rating is rated by the way you play the game. Please be informed that if you are playing the game on Fetish Mode, the highest star points that you can acquire is 4. However, if you play on Hardcore Mode, you can acquire up to 5 points. This rating will be based on how you walk, how many times you have been encountered by the enemy, how much health you have when you finish your game and how much damage you have taken from the enemy. Style Rating is rated by the way you kill the hunters. In order to get the highest set of rating, always kill your enemy by using a Violent execution or Gruesome execution. You will also need to kill the enemy as fast as you can to get a higher rating. =============================================== 8. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FETISH AND HARDCORE MODE =============================================== The game will serve you with two kinds of difficulty. One is Fetish and the other is Hardcore. Beginner players should begin with Fetish as it's the easiest one to complete without much hassle. The enemies have their default stats on strength, roam and sense. On this level of difficulty too, the amount of painkillers are enormous so you won't have any difficulty diving in. On Hardcore mode however, it seems like you have been cursed to lose from the beginning. All the enemies will have heightened stats and tend to walk in groups. They will roam always and are attracted by the slightest sound. The amount of painkillers scattered throughout the game is scarce. This is also applies to weapons in the game. Not only that, you will not have access to a minimap too!!! WTF??!! You should at least finish Fetish mode before jumping to this. However, if you get 5 stars for overall rating for Hardcore Mode, you will be awarded with a cheat code. Check out the Bonus Features. ================================== 9. TIPS AND TRICKS BEFORE PLAYING ================================== i. ALWAYS SPRINT - One tip for obtaining a star for the Time Rating is to keep on sprinting. In any way possible, keep sprinting through those alleyways. However, be sure to stop when you see a hunter nearby. He will know that you are near and go for the KILL! We don't want to end up as a dead meat now don't we? ii. SAVE ALWAYS - At every save point that you encounter, please do yourself a favor and save your game. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Don't act like you the Odin or Thor (or figuratively speaking, GOD) of any game. Saving will help you a lot in obtaining the Time Rating star. Example, if you mess something up, say you tried to kill a hunter but the hunter realized and to ice you himself. If this happens, just load the game again. Remember! Patient is a virtue. iii. TRY NOT TO GET INTO A FIGHT - Getting into a fight just means eating more time. By any means, please, do yourself a favor and don't start any fight with those hunters. It is better that you execute them, which miraculously consume little time. iv. ALWAYS EXECUTE IN VIOLENT OR GRUESOME - Executing enemies in either Violent or Gruesome will definitely help you to get a higher rating for your Style Rating and undoubtly, the Overall Rating. If you execute a hunter with a "LAME" execution (neither Violent nor Gruesome) will only get you a 2 or 1 star for your Style Rating. Trust me! I've been through it. However, let me stress you that opting to do a Gruesome execution over the Violent execution is not NECESSARY. Why? Because it consumes a lot of time and will get you in trouble. Try to do, at least, 1 Gruesome execution in every scene. v. LOAD IF YOU GET KILLED OR MESS SOMETHING UP - Do not believe what the Game Over screen says (press X to Continue). Instead, exit and load the game in the usual manner. Continuing the game will make you lose a lot of time. This will definitely inhibit you from obtaining the Time Rating. vi. EAT YOUR PAINKILLERS - Please lose the overgrown ego of "IM THE GREATEST GAMER IN THE WORLD" and eat the painkillers if you are damaged. Do not run around with yourself damaged because you never know when a hunter might pop out of a door near you and shooting his shotgun at point-blank range thus resulting INSTANT DEATH! vii. SHOOT THE HUNTERS IN THEIR HEADS - As proven in the real world, shooting at someone's head is lethal. This is basically self-explainotary. It is best that you attract a hunter and slowly sneak up on him whilst holding L1. The crosshair will automatically point to the head when you are near him. viii. ALWAYS HIDE - Really, this is a No-Brainer. When you are seen by any hunter and the hunter would start chasing you like Tom chasing Jerry, DON'T RUN AROUND TOO FAR. It consumes time. Instead, run around until the hunter's icon in the minimap turns orange and quickly hide in the nearest shadow. You'll live. =========================== 10. WALKTHROUGH =========================== ============================================================ PLEASE BE WARNED THAT MY WALKTHROUGH WILL NOT POINT OUT EVERY SINGLE PAINKILLERIN A SCENE. IF YOU ARE USING MY WALKTHROUGH, YOU WILL BE EXECUTING THE HUNTERSONLY. SO, I AM ASSUMING THAT YOU WON'T EVEN LOSE A SINGLE BIT OF HEALTH.HOWEVER, IF I HAPPEN TO FIND A PAINKILLER, I WILL HAPPILY TELL YOU WHERE I FOUND IT FOR YOUR CONVINIENCE ============================================================= Scene 1 - Born Again PAR TIME: 10 Minutes --------------------- Sprint straight ahead past the streets. Later, pick up the Plastic Bag and sprint again until you see a "Street" sign on a building. From here, walk normally and then sneak up onto the hunter on the alleyway. Execute him in anyway you like. After he is dead, be sure to hide his body in a dark room just straight ahead of you, on the right. Sprint yourself again and pick up the plastic bag and sprint up to the set of stairs. After that, walk straight ahead and hide in the dark corner to your left. A hunter will come by soon. As usual, sneak up on him and execute him. Hide his body in the dark corner and continue walking straight past the gate and past the streets. Walk down the set of stairs. Don't bother turning right because it is just another dark corner. Walk up the set of stairs. There is a painkiller behind the trash disposer. Use it if you need it. But if you don't, walk down past the broken fence. Walk straight to the end of the court and face the broken fence. A hunter will come and you will have to fight him. A good way to fight is to utilize the 1-quick-and-2-heavy-punches style. But you can use any way you find best. As always, hide the body in the dark corner past the gate that just opened when you killed the hunter. Don't forget that there is one painkiller in the basketball court, to the end and DON'T FORGET TO SAVE TOO! Walk through the street and pick up the glass shard (DON'T SPRINT!). There is a hunter waiting for you on the set of stairs, left of you. He'll eventually walk back up the stairs. Sneak up on him and execute him. Hide the body on the dark corner just in front of you. After that, turn right and walk straight to the gate. Pick up the glass shard. Walk to the right until you see an ambulance. Go hide yourself on the dark corner. Lean on the ambulance and press Square or X to attract a hunter. The hunter will come by your area. Sneak up on him after he has turned his back and execute him. Hide his body behind the ambulance. After that, go back to the gate that you went through but instead of going back into the gate, pick up the plastic bag behind the van. Once more, lean on the van (Make sure you are hidden) and attract the other hunter. Execute him and hide his body. There is a painkiller on the most left side, behind a truck and on the most right side, behind a trash bin. Use it if you need it. Then, make your way through the opened gate. Pick up the tape and save your game. After you go straight, make a left turn and another to get onto a set of stairs. Walk up it too and pick up the glass shard. Walk through the door in front of you and through another to end up at a dark corner. Lean on the wall and attract the hunters. Two hunters will come but wait for a while until their status is back to Yellow. Then, they'll separate. Sneak up on the hunter that is going to your LEFT. Execute him and hide his body in a dark corner. Go back to your hiding place. Remember the second door you walked through to get to the hiding place? Pick up the plastic bag near the counter. After that, walk back to you hiding place. Attract the other hunter. Sneak up on him and execute him! Hide the body. From your previous hiding place, walk straight up and go right until you see the Chute Door with 2 tongs on fire with it. Walk past it and you are done! Be sure to save. My Rating (Hardcore Mode): Time Rating - 1 star - 9:47 Style Rating - 3 stars - 1 killed, 7 executed Overall Rating - 5 stars Scene 2 - Doorway Into Hell PAR TIME: 10 Minutes --------------------------- WARNING - FROM THIS TIME ON, I WILL USE "S. E. H." for Sneak, Execute and Hide the Body. Keep running straight and get the plastic bag. Turn right at the end. Stop running. Make a left turn. A hunter will be there and will take a piss. S. E. H. the hunter. Pick up the Blackjack. Walk up the stairs on your back and enter the door to the right. There is a painkiller on your back and a glass shard in front of you. Pick up the glass shard and turn right into the room. Hide within the corner of the stairs and attract him. After that, S. E. H.. Walk up the stairs and make your way through the crushed wall on your back, to the right. There are 3 crushed walls. A hunter is present after the second crushed wall so don't run. After you have entered the first crushed wall, hide within the dark corner and attract the hunter. S. E. H. the hunter. Go straight ahead until the end and turn right. Go into the room and then turn right again into a crushed wall. Jump through the crushed wall, onto the street. Walk to the door on your upper most right. Go into it and go through the next door to your front. There is a painkiller on the back, to the left. Turn right. Smash the window and walk past the door. Pick up the save tape and save your game. Turn right and go straight ahead. See the locked door? You'll need a crowbar to bust it open. Now, go straight. Lean on the last wall past the small gap. Hit the wall and run back to the small dark corner behind the gap, to your left. When the hunter is near, S. E. H.. Pick up the baseball bat that the hunter dropped. From the crushed door, go straight, past 2 trash bin. There is a hunter nearby. Hide behind the second trash bin. Attract the hunter and then S. E. H.. From behind the second trash bin and turn right on the second junction. Start walking and turn left. Do not turn left on the crushed wall, instead, run to the door in front of you and hide on the stairs. There is a hunter nearby so attract him and S. E. H.. Walk up the stairs and pick up the save tape. Save your game. A hunter will jump out of a room. Now, run back towards the set of stairs. The hunter will abandon you. After this, run back where you saved your game and walk straight into the dark corner. Attract the hunter and S. E. H.. Pick up the crowbar (Press and hold Circle to get the Crowbar and lose the Blackjack). On the room the hunter was in, there is a painkiller to your left. Now, you can't just run back to the locked gate because there will be more hunters nearby. Simply go down the stairs and keep straight. Turn right and the take a left into a dark alleyway. There is a hunter nearby so attract him and S. E. H.. Continue straight past the previously-passed-by 2 trash bin. Continue straight. See the dark corner in front of you. Hide in there. Attract the hunter and S. E. H.. Continue to the gate. Equip yourself with the crowbar and press Triangle when you are near the gate. The gate will be busted after that and you'll be able to get through. Get the tape and save your game. Take a right turn and walk into the door. Keep going and go down the stairs. Go through the door. A hunter will come in. You must fight him so use your baseball bat and beat the hell out of him. Just remember after you are done killing, smash his head. Pick up his body and walk through the opened door. Scene done! Be sure to save. My Rating (Hardcore Mode): Time Rating - 1 star - 9:49 Style Rating - 3 stars - ?? killed, ?? executed Overall Rating - 5 stars Scene 3 - Road to Ruin PAR TIME: 10 Minutes ---------------------- Quickly, go to the trash can and pick up the Plastic Bag. Quickly too, go hide in the dark corner near the trash bin and attract the hunter. When the hunter is near, S.E.H.. After that, go through the door into the alleyway that the hunter went through (NOT THE ONE UP THE STAIRS!). Go straight and then take a right turn. Whichever way you take, make your way to the crushed wall on the upper most right of you. Then, go through another crushed wall on you left. Go straight and turn right. Strafe to the right a bit and you should see a set of stairs. Don't walk up the set of stairs, instead RUN past the stairs and quickly turn left to end up a dark corner. You don't have to attract the hunter because he's already on you....but you are hidden so no worries there. S.E.H. the hunter and walk up the stairs. You'll end up beside a truck. See the tree? Remember the place. Now, run to the alleyway but be prepared to turn back. A hunter will be onto you. Remember the tree? Hide behind it and you'll lose the hunter. As usual, S.E.H.. After that, walk straight through the alleyway again and turn right. And take another left right. The gate in front of you is locked. Use your crowbar. Go inside and quickly get yourself to the door on your left side. Go straight and take a right turn, down the stairs and turn right. Go further straight. When you are near the light bulb, be ready to run because there will be a hunter that will pop out from no where. So, find yourself a dark corner (preferably the one beside the gate you just busted). The hunter will go there. When the time isright, S.E.H.. Go back down the stairs. Proceed and make a left turn. Pick upthe tape and save your game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE USE THE CROWBAR AT THIS POINT OF THE GAME. THE OBJECTIVE: BECAUSE IT IS MUCH MORE SILENT THAT THE BASEBALL BAT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Pick up the lure. Instead of using the lure, quickly run to your right and go inside the building. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- THERE SEEMS TO BE A GLITCH HERE. IF YOU RAN TOO QUICK INTO THE BUILDING, THE HUNTERS WILL DISAPPEAR. TO AVOID THIS, WAIT FOR A FEW SECONDS BEFORE RUNNING INTO THE BUILDING. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE BUILDING, SIMPLY WALK OUT THE DOOR AND THE HUNTER WILL BE THERE (BE SURE TO RUN UPSTAIRS AND HIDE WHEN THE HUNTER SEES YOU!!!!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Quickly, run upstairs and look at the window. Hit the wall and quickly hide in the corner just near the stairs. After the hunter is near you, S.E.H.. Now, go back downstairs and to the door you entered the building with. Look front and you will be able to see a trash bin. Run to it. Go straight a bit further and you'll be able to see a door. Go inside. See the dark corner on your right? Hide and attract the hunter. Then, S.E.H.. Now, run back to the building that you entered before (the one with the glitch). Instead of going in it, take a right turn and then another left turn into the alley where you found the Brick. Hide and hit the wall. A hunter will come by. S.E.H.. Remember the trash bin? Go there. Turn left and you'll see some stairs. Go down the stairs. Break the lock on the door and pick up the tape. Save your game. Go through the door on your right and quickly to the dark corner straight ahead. Hit the wall and a hunter will come by. S.E.H.. Go to the door in which the hunter used to come to you. Take a left turn and another left turn at the end. You'll end up in a place with a crushed floor and hanging men. Ignore them and make your way through the crushed wall. Slowly ascend the stairs but don't go until the end. Face yourself to the end wall and peek left. See those two hunters? Now, run back to the hangmen's place and hide. Those two hunters will come to the room but don't fear. When they exited the room, count until 4 and throw the brick in front of you. One of them will come to check. S.E.H.. Go to a dark corner and hit the wall. The other hunter will come by. S.E.H.. Walk up the stairs. Look through the alleyway. See those trash bins? Hide in front of the first one and hit the trash bin. S.E.H. the hunter. Continue walking and make a left turn at the end. Break the lock and run straight ahead to complete this scene. Save your game! My Rating (Hardcore Mode): Time Bonus: 1 star - 8:50 minutes Style Bonus: 4 stars - 1 Killed, 10 Executed Overall Rating: 5 stars Health: 100% Scene 4 - White Trash PAR TIME: 15 Minutes --------------------- At first, take the right turn. Walk straight and let the hunter pass first. At the end, take a right. Walk straight until you see a trash bin. Make a right turn. Inside there is a wire and bottle. Now, go to your back where there is a dark corner. Attract and then S.E.H. him. Take the baseball bat. See the entrance with two tongs on fire beside it. Go through it. Make a left turn. Go straight. See the bulldozer? After you hit the truck beside the bulldozer, hide under the bulldozer. A hunter will come soon so be ready to S.E.H. him. Hit the truck again but this time at the end of it. Hide again under the bulldozer. Count until 5 and hit the bulldozer again to attract the other hunter. Once again, S.E.H. on him. Get out of the bulldozer. Go straight and make a right. See those blocks of marble? (WTF??!!) Go in the narrow gap which has 2 gas tongs beside it. Take the first junction to the right. After you reach the wall, on your left is a door. Slowly go through it. Go up the stairs. See that bigot? S.E.H. him. Hit the wall beside the bigot (from the inside that is) for 3 or 4 times. Then, quickly turn back to the dark corner on your left because a hunter will hear you. He will come and look at the dead hunter. S.E.H. NOW!!!! Now, go through the door and down the stairs. See the locked door to your left? You'll need a blade to cut the thick rope. Now, from the locked door, go straight and make a left turn when you see a bulldozer. See the huge Hangar-like building? There is a hunter with a blade in it. Now, run into the hangar-like building but quickly run back outside and hide beside the bulldozer (the dark corner) that you passed by before. S.E.H. the hunter. Pick up his knife. Run to the locked door. Equip your knife and press triangle when you are near the rope. Take the save tape and save your game. Just run straight on top the debris and you'll fall to another place. Turn left and go straight. You should see a trailer. There is a hunter shitting in it. Go to the end of the trailer and you should be able to see the window where a hunter that is shitting can be seen. Break the window and run behind the trailer to a dark corner. The (quite embarrased and very pissed off) hunter will search for you. Hit the trailer to attract him. As usual, S.E.H. him. Then, go inside the trailer and pick up the Nail Gun. As soon as you pick up the gun, 2 hunters will come by. See the painkiller in front of you? Go to it. See the desk near you. Get up on it. Attract those hunters and quickly change to your nail gun. The hunters will go into the trailer. Quickly tap L1 and start nailing the hunter's head. The other will rush in too but as soon as you see him, tap L1 again and fill him with lots of nails. Now, get out of the trailer and start running to the left until you hit a wall. Keep straight and make a right turn. Keep going straight and you should be able to see a gas canister. You can play with your new gun by shooting at the canister but I suggest you conserve ammo. Now, look at the entrance with 2 tongs on fire beside it. Go through it. Pick up the nails. Go straight. You'll need to find the switch for the door. Ignore the door and keep straight that you eventually end up at a dark corner (under piles of cars). Hit those cars and a hunter will come by. S.E.H. him. Now, return to the dark corner, facing the locked door. Look right and you'll see a burned down car. Run and hide behind it. Hit the car until you hear some voices. Another hunter will come by. You know what to do, S.E.H.. From the car, face front and keep running straight. Make a right at the end and keep straight. You should end at a small opening (dark corner). Go through it. As soon you pass the opening, turn right. Run straight until you end up at an opening. Hide under it and hit the wall. A hunter will come by. S.E.H. him. After the hunter is wasted, walk out of the opening and turn left. A bit later, you should be able to end up at a pile of cars with a dark corner beside it. Hit the cars. The hunter has a gun, so equip your gun too. He will be looking for you but he will not walk far. After he turned his back, sneak up on him. Aim for his head and fill it with nails. See that building where the hunter you just killed likes to guard? Walk into it. See the switch? Walk to it and press Triangle. The locked gate will be opened. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- USE THIS OF THE HUNTER APPROACH YOU FROM OUTSIDE THE COMPOUND WHERE YOU TURNED ON THE SWITCH After this, a lot of hunters will be present at your place. Simply walk out of the building and go to the small opening that you walk through to get inside the compound. Hit the wall until the music changes. But keep hitting it until you hear voices. and a hunter will come for you. S.E.H. him. Go back to the small opening and start to hit the wall until you hear voices. A hunter will come for you so be ready to S.E.H. him. Go back to the small opening. Now, just go straight until the end and make a left. Hide behind the burned down car and hit it. A hunter with a gun will come looking for you but he will not go anywhere near. Instead, equip your gun and when the hunter turned his back on you, start sneaking on him and aim for his head. Fill it with lots of nails and walk through the entrance to complete the scene. Save your game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- USE THIS IF THE HUNTER IS ALREADY IN THE COMPOUND WHERE YOU TURNED THE SWITCH ON From the door, take a right and go until the end. Hit the wall and a hunter should be coming for you. When he is near, S.E.H. him immediately. Now, remember the building you turned the switch off? Remember the door? In front it is a car with a dark corner. Run to there and hit the car. Another hunter will come by and you should be able to S.E.H. him. Now, go back to the small opening that you used to enter this compound. Remember the burned down car? Hide behind the burned down car and hit it. A hunter with a gun will come looking for you but he will not go anywhere near. Instead, equip your gun and when the hunter turned his back on you, start sneaking on him and aim for his head. Fill it with lots of nails and walk through the entrance to complete the scene. Save your game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- My Rating (Hardcore Mode): Time Bonus: 1 star - 14:34 minutes Style Bonus: 4 stars Overall Rating: 5 stars Health: 100% Scene 5 - Fuelled By Hate PAR TIME: 10 Minutes ------------------------- To be continued.... =============================== 11. FREQUENTLY-ASKED-QUESTIONS =============================== Q: I got this weapon but I can't use it. Instead, I still use my fists to attack the hunter. WTF? A: You've acquired an Execution-Only Weapon. The only way to use it is to sneak up on a hunter and execute him. Q: How do I perform a Violent or Gruesome execution? A: Sneak up on a hunter. Press L1 to trigger the Lock-On. Then, using a Light Weapon (excluding guns), Heavy Weapon (excluding guns) or an Execution-Only Weapon, press and hold Square or X button. Wait until the lock-on changes its color to yellow (for a Violent execution) or Red (for a Gruesome execution). Q: Any cheats? A: I do not condone any use of cheats in a game. It destroys the fun of the game. However, I've included some cheats that I acquired in the game. USE IT WISELY! ========== 12. CHEATS ========== First of all, I do not condone anyone to use cheats in order to complete the game. I hate cheats. They destroy the fun of the game. But, I think it is ok if you use these cheats if you have finished the game just for the fun of it. Cheats can be obtained and USED if you play through the game with Hardcore Mode (it is the only way....) and achieved full 5 stars for your overall rating. Good luck in achieving that! You can use these cheat while on the main menu. If you typed it correctly, something will pop up under the screen. RUNNER (Always Stamina) - R2, R2, L1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right SILENCE (You make no sounds) - R1, L1, R2, L1, Right, Left, Left, Left =========================== 13. CREDITS =========================== I thank myself for making this FAQ/Walkthrough. Without me, it would not even exist in the face of the world. I would like to thank my mom and pops for reading this FAQ/Walkthrough for me, even though they never played (or even touched) the PlayStation2. I would like to thank Jessica Lim for just waiting and being with me. Its an honor to be with you and keep on KILLING! I would like to thank Rockstar for making the best games in the world! GTA, Midnight Club 2, Manhunt, what's next Rockstar? I would like to thank CJayC for creating the best website in the world a.k.a. Gamefaqs.com and for hosting my FAQ/Walkthrough. I would like to thank Mr. Gabriele Giuliani from Italy, Kyle Mason and Elijah Richmond for providing me with a lot of needed information on the Headset option in Manhunt. Lastly, I would like to thank the people in this world for reading my FAQ/Walkthrough. Without you, this FAQ/Walkthrough wouldn't even have any sense of purpose in its life. Thank You! [GTA, Midnight Club 2 and Manhunt are the trademarks for Rockstar Games. Any other trademarks are owned by their respective owners] "Killing is absolutely cool, if it's in a video game" Calypso Kincaid a.k.a. Aldrahn poly-54c[at]spray[dot]no 2003/2004</p>