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Legal info============================================================= This document is for personal use only. It may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide/FAQ, you will be punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in anyway. If you see a site charging for this guide in anyway they have probably stolen it without our permission and using this without our permission let us know. ============================================================================= ################ II. Introduction ################ ################ III. Walkthrough ################ Intro Movie ______________________________ | Episode 1: "A Comet Cometh!" | |______________________________| Scene 1. Use the 3 interactive items inside the control room starting with the one to the right of the door out of the control room. Once you have done that leave the control room. 2. Leave the control room and follow the orange glowing ball's instructions. 3. Use the Checkpoint it takes you to. 4. Go down the stairs and get the "Pens". 5. Jump up on the boxes in the center of the room to get the "Sneakers". 6. You now have "Scribble Sneakers". 7. You will need to collect the "Soda Bottle" on a table in the lab, the "Rocket Engine" where Jimmy's vehicles are at and Bicycle Wheels on the table near the stairs you came down. 8. Once you have gotten those three things go to the door that the orange glowing ball is in front of. 9. Follow it to where Goddard is and get Goddard's upgrade ahead of you. 10. Get the Flashlight that is near Goddard. 11. Go over to the door that has the pick up behind it. Near that door is a button on the floor. Have Goddard stand on that button and then use his command "sit" to leave him on the button while you get the "Calculator". 12. Now follow the Orange glowing ball again. Use the Elevator in the lab and then activate the Checkpoint to the left. 13. Continue straight to find the "BluePrints". Go in the other direction to get the "Remote Control". 14. Go into the doorway near the checkpoint. Go to your right and use the tunnel. 15. Get the "skis" that are near you. Use the Safe in this room to get the "Goggles". 16. Use your super invention parts to create the "Strato XXL Rocket Ship". Leave this room by using the door. Scene _________________________ | Episode 2: "Blast Off!" | |_________________________| 1. You will be flying in a meteor storm. Avoid the large objects and shoot the smaller objects coming towards you. 2. Once you have gotten through that you will be at the space station. Get the "Magnet" near you. Combine your "Sneakers" with the "Magnet" to create the "Attracto Sneakers" 3. Use your "Attracto Sneakers" to be able to move around freely. 4. Make your way past those spinning panels to make it over to the door of the space station on your right to find a checkpoint inside. 5. To you right is a colored control panel. Use the Control panel. Here is how to solve this little puzzle: Push the Blue button three times Push the Green button three times Push the Red button three times 5. Quickly go back out the door and continue to your right. Be fast and get across the glass panels quickly. When you reach the other side use all five fuel cells. Once you have all 5 go to the ship that is to the right if you face away from the glas panels you crossed over. Scene 6. Now you are flying through the meteor storm do the same as you did before. Scene _____________________________ | Episode 3: "Crater Capers!" | |_____________________________| Scene 1. Go into the cave ahead of you and get the Goddard Upgrade. 2. Have Goddard Stand over that yellow area on the ground and use his Excavator Mode. Scene 3. Continue deeper into the cave to get another Goddard Upgrade. Scene 4. Go over to the red area on the floor and do the same as before. Scene 5. Pick up the "Diamond" that drops out of the red area. 6. Continue deeper into the cave and you will need to use Goddard's Fetch Command to get through an Ice wall ahead. Be sure to hold down square to power up your throw or else you won't throw it very far. 7. Get the "Crystals" that are ahead of you. Use them to make the "Spectrawarp V4". Use the Remote Control, the Flashlight and the Diamond to create the "Refracto Ray". 8. Use your Refracto Ray on the Broken pillar to the left of where you found the Crystals. Scene 9. Jump up the steps that are now formed on the pillar. 10. Do the same as you did before with the blue mineral area. Scene 11. Go across the ledge that it shows you to a hole to your left. Scene ___________________________ | Episode 4: "Crater Boss!" | |___________________________| 1. Quickly make it to your Rocket while avoding the boulders being thrown at you. Use your Rocket when you get to it. Scene __________________________ | Episode 5: "School Daze" | |__________________________| Scene 1. Get the blueprints on the table and the Rubber Band on a counter near the window. 2. Go into the storage closet and open up the cabinet to get the "Antenna". 3. Use the Remote Control, the Rubber band and the Antenna to create the "Shrink Ray". 4. Equip your Shrink Ray and use it on the mirror to shrink yourself. 5. Leave this room through the door that is blocked by the table. Go down the hallway to your right. Scene 6. Get a Goddard Upgrade "Locate" from the Locker on your left. Use this anytime Goddard has a question mark over his head. 7. use the Goddard Locate mode near the lockers with the white stickers on them. You will get the "Colored Chalk", the "String" and the "Box of Cookies". 8. Go into the Library room at the end of the hallway once you have found those things. Use the Sneakers with the Colored Chalk to create the "Chalky Sneakers". Scene 9. Use the computer near you. Get the Blueprints to your left. Go over to the table with the books on it with the interactive sign on it. Jump on the table and use the book to drop it on the bully. Hit the bully with 3 books to defeat him. If you miss he will throw the book back so watch out. Just time it just right before he is under the book to drop it on him. 10. Go down the stairs and use the computer behind the reception desk. Scene 11. Go and get the "Monitor" from behind one of the stairs. Now go back up the stairs and get the book it showed you. 12. Go down the stairs and through the double doors the bully ran out of. 13. In this hallway use Goddard's Locate Mode near all the lockers with the white stickers again to get the "Fruit", the "Wrench" and the "Purple Flurp". 14. Use the Wrench, the string and the Remote Control to create the "Retrowrench". 15. Once you have done all that go into the Cafeteria door Scene 16. Jump over the counter and go into the kitchen of the Cafeteria. Use the Power switch on the back wall and then the light switch near the door. 17. Use the radio on the counter near the Power Switch. 18. Use your Purple Flurp with your Sneakers to make the "Speed Sneakers" or use the Purple Flurp with the with the Monitor to create the "Moduflurpogator". Use the Box of Cookies with the Fruit to make the "Super Health Recharge" (making food out of fruit that was boucning on the floor Ewwwww). You should get your first trophy at this time. 19. Use the Retrowrench on the vent control box on the far side of the stove. 20. Go back over the counter to check on kids. Use the doors near the fire alarm to continue on. 21. Find the Janitor's closet in this hallway and use the radio inside the closet. 22. Quickly leave the room avoiding the Twonkies and shut the door. 23. Go to Ms. Fowl's room (Room 101). Scene 24. Go out the door with the "Exit" sign over it. Scene _______________________________________ | Episode 6: "Neighborhood Nightmares!" | |_______________________________________| Scene 1. Go into the bathroom and open the drawer to get the "Mr Slick's Hair Gel". 2. Now go to Jimmy's Closet to get the "Backpack". 3. Ump on your bed. Okay that wasn't helpful just fun. Leave your room now. 4. Go into the parents room and look in the dresser drawer for the Blueprints. 5. Go down the stairs. Scene 6. Go into the kitchen and find the "Funnel". Open the fridge to get the "Colander".Open the fridge again to get more genius points. 7. Jump onto the dining table to get another "Purple Flurp". Use it to make whichever invention you didn't make yet. 8. Go into the door to the room that Jimmy's Dad is in. Get the "Blower Vac" on the counter near the door. Use your Backpack, Blower Vac and Funnel to create the "VDR". 9. Capture the Twonkie that appears. You do this by pushing circle if your VDR is not equipped yet and then holding down square plus pushing in the opposite direction on the analog stick until you capture it. 10. Leave this room by using your Retrowrench (be sure to use the correct button on the controller when using the Retrowrench. I say this because I get emails staing it doesn't work only for them to find out they were pushing the wrong button for using it). 11. Capture all the little Twonkies around the house. 12. Leave the house the way you came in. 13. Move towards a little twonkie. Scene 14. Go into the (cootie) house across the street and get the Ultra Curl upstairs. Capture the 2 twonkies in this house. Use your Ultra Curl and Mr. Slick's Hair gel together to make the "Ultra Hair Slicker v2". Go out the window and get the "TV Aerial" on the balcony. You may want to go cindy at the dead end before you get this item because it will start raining and she will not be there when it is raining. 15. Leave this house once you have done that and go to your left. Capture as many of the twonkies that are near by and then talk to Cindy. Go to your far right to find the "Rubber Hose". 16. Go behind Jimmy's house to find the "Sprinkler Head" and some Blueprints. 17. Use the Tv Aerial, the Rubber hose, the Yellow Mineral and Sprinkler to make the "Lightning Absorber v2". 18. Now head for the T intersection. Go to your left and locate the house with the Ultra Lord mailbox. Go inside that house. 19. Capture all the Twonkies in here. Glitch ALERT!!!!! Watch out for the glitch that I ran across here when you use the vac don't get pulled into the table in the middle of their living room or the game will stop working. 20. Go upstairs and get some Blueprints. Go into Sheen's Room. Scene 21. Go downstairs and get the "Speaker" if you didn't already. 22. Go to the Study and find the CD. Use your Remote, the Cd and the Speaker to create the "Sheenograph XL". 23. Use the Sheenograph on all the evolved forms of Twonkie. Once you Devolve them use your VAC to capture the little Twonkies they turn into. 24. Once you have caught them all go down the walkway that the "Cindy's Girls Party Only" sign is pointing at. Scene _______________________________ | Episode 7: "Playground Boss!" | |_______________________________| 1. Dodge his attacks and use your Lightning Absorber v2 to drain his energy. You will need to use it when he is right over it and uses his downard lightning strike attack. This will lower his power bar on the right. Deplete all his power and you will have defeated him. Watch out for the tornadoes he sends your way they are kinda annoying. Anytime you run out of absorbers get the batteries around this playground to refill them. The more you drain out of him the more tornadoes he will throw at you. Just keep absorbing his power until he is defeated. Use the Teeter Totters to launch Lightning Absorber v2 at the boss. You will need to do it fast though as he will electrify them and give you damage if you are still on it when he does it. Scene __________________________________ | Episode 8: "Main Street Mayhem!" | |__________________________________| 1. Get the Plastic Tube to your left and Capture the Twonkies. Go out to main street. Scene 2. If you need to switch between the VAC and the Sheenograph just push circle. Use your Retrowrench on the hydrant that water is gushing out to get one of those evolved twonkies down to capture it (be sure to use the correct button on the controller when using the Retrowrench. I say this because I get emails staing it doesn't work only for them to find out they were pushing the wrong button for using it). 3. Open the police car door to the right of the hydrant to get another evolved twonkie out to capture change/capture them. 4. Continue down the street towards the Candy Bar and capture any other evolved Twonkies that you come upon. Go to the right of the Candy bar to find the Music Store. Go around the back of the Music store on the right to find Goddard and the back door. The door is blocked can you guess what to use. If you guess Play Dead mode on Goddard you are correct. 5. Go inside the Music store and capture all the twonkies. Scene 6. Get the "Oxygen Tank" on the counter. Leave the Music store and go down the street to the right. 7. Get the "Super Oxidizer". Use your Oxidizer, Whipped Cream and Plastic tube to create the "Supa Rusta Spraya". 8. Now go into the Candy Bar. Get the "Whisk" on the counter and then capture all the Twonkies in here. Use your Backpack, the Oxygen Tank and the Whisk to create the "Jet Pack" 9. Turn off the Jukebox and get the "Chewing Gum" near the Jukebox. 10. Use the Purple Flurp Machine in the back of the Candy Bar to get more "Purple Flurp". Use the Colander and Purple Flurp to make the Flurpulator. 11. To get the Twonkie under the glass use your Refracto Ray on the glass to shatter the glass. 12. Head for the TV store that is past the Music store. Scene 13. Go around to the other side of the TV store and Jump up onto the telephone booth and then to the rooftop of the TV store. Capture the Twonkies here and then turn off the speakers. Get the "Grease" inside the toolbox. NOw get down from here and down the alley on the side of the TV store. Get the "whipped Cream" here. Capture any of the Twonkies that you come upon also of course. Use your Grease and Sneakers to create "Slippery Sneakers". 14. Go to the end of the alley where the Twonkie is. Scene 15. Equip your Jet Pack and fly up the ledges above this alley to reach the rooftop Cindy is on. Find the opening for the ledges to the right of where the flower pots are dropping. 16. Once you reach the roof capture all the twonkies up here. 17. Jump up to where Cindy is and talk to her. Scene 18. Go to the Park's Entrance it's past the Tv Store. 19. Talk to Carl's Dad and then unlock the park gate with your Supa Rusta Spraya. You should now have unlocked a Bonus (Artwork)! ________________________________ | Episode 9: "Park Pandemonium!" | |________________________________| 1. Capture the Twonkies running after the one man band. 2. To capture the blue one all you need to do is capture the little blue ones that he turns into once you de-volve him with the sheenograph. (I am unsure why so many are having problems with capture this twonki (and no I didn't turn off the music coming from the fountain). 3. Look around the park and find the "Balloon". Use the Balloon with the Colander to create the "Fantasmogum". 4. Go over to the Hedge that looks like an elephant and use it to get more Genius points. Turn the radio off nearby on a picnic table. Once you have done that talk to Carl. Scene 5. Go to the office doors and use them to go inside. Scene 6. Use the switch on the wall to the left (poor monkey). Get Carl's glasses that are now on the floor. Go back outside and talk to Carl. Scene 7. Go back into the office and look in the cabinet to find the "Jacket". and then you can leave the office by going out the far door of the office. 8. Go to where Carl and the llamas are. Scene (Note: Herding - if you notice the llamas move when you walk up to them that is what is known as herding. This means you need to walk to them and watch with way they go, if they do not go towards the corral change they direction by moving to whatever side you need too so they start going in the right direction. Continue to do this until you get the llamas into the corral.) 9. Capture the Twonkies here and then you need to herd the llamas back into their corral (for you city folk this means you need to walk behind them or chase them and guide them into the corral). Scene 10. Go back the way you came and go into the door to your left. Turn off the radio on the picnic table and then capture all the Twonkies in the area. 11. Go into the door on the far side of this area once you have captured all the Twonkies. Scene 12. Go over towards Nick. Scene 13. Go into the Giraffe Enclosure after the Twonkie. Jump onto the lawnmower and start cutting some grass. Once some twonkies are revealed get off the mower and catch them. Once you have caught some cut more grass until you have finally gotten the last one in this area and also get the slingshot back. 14. Go out to where Nick was and go over to the Bandstand. 15. Get the "Trumpet" and then use the drums. Fill up the Drum bar by making alot of racket on the drums. 16. Go towards that large building in the back of this area and turn off the loud speakers to the left of it. Once you have done that go up the stairs of that building to get the "UV Light". Use the UV Light with the Monitor to create the "Invertulater". Go over to the Bridge to your left and cross over it. _________________________________ | Episode 10: "Frozen Lake Boss!" | |_________________________________| Scene 1. Get the Hockey Puck to your right before you go and deal with him. Use your Trumpet, Slingshot, Red Mineral and Hockey Puck to create the "Energy Puck Launcher. Now go to the Boss. Scene 2. Get the "Cotton Candy". Use your sneakers with the Cotton candy to create the "Sticky Sneakers". Use those sneakers to stop sliding around the ice. Shoot your Puck Launcher while facing a ramp to launch pucks at this monster (you will need to hold down the square button depending on how hard you want to shoot it). The main place you want to hit him is in the feet area.When it is half way down on it's life meter it will start to do a pound attack. Right before he does a pound attack shoot a puck towards him. If done correctly you will see the energy from the puck go back along the pound attacks crask to shatter his ice barrier in front of him. This gives you the option to shoot a puck at his feet. Keep doing this until he is defeated. This takes awhile because most of the time you will be avoiding his attacks compared to actually hitting him. Just keep moving and get your batteries/health when needed. If you do those things you shouldn't have too much trouble with this guy. Scene _____________________________________ | Episode 11: "Sideshow Spectacular!" | |_____________________________________| 1. Get on the ball gun to your right and use it to shoot down 3 Twonkies that are on high places. Once you have done that capture any in the area and also ride the Octa-Puke to get Genius Points. Get the Balloon on the Ice cream cart and put that together with the Jacket to create the "Floatacoat 1000". Locate the Popcorn to the right of where the whack a tack ride is (facing away from the front gates of Retroland) and combine that with the Chewing gum to create the "Spectrapops". Go over to the "Show me the Mummy" and get the "UV Light" in front of the doors. Combine that with the Colander to create the "Infravisor". Now that you have done all that continue deeper into the Retroland through the little maze near show me the mummy. 2. Capture more twonkies here and go to the Ultra Lord stand to get the "Mr. Slick's Hair Gel". Combine the "Hair Gel with the Jacket to create the "Sticky Suit V5". Use the Ball gun you find here to knock more Twonkies out of high places. Go around the fence of the rocket to find the "Glasses" and the "mega-phone". Combine the Mega-phone and the Sneakers to create the "Mega Sneakers". Follow the Purple Footprints you see on the ground towards the arcade. Right before you get to the arcade you will want to get the blueprints to your left. Go into the IQ tester to your right and then head into the Arcade. Scene 3. Use all the Machines that you can in here and beat the high score on the all of them to get alot of tokens. YOu will also want to get the "Spotlight" in the corner. YOu will recognize most of these games are clones of games from the past. 4. Leave the Arcade once you have enough tokens and go over to the Bat outta Heck sign to get the "Mine Cart Wheel" If you haven't gotten it already. Use the Mine Cart Wheel, the Spotlight, the Blue Mineral and the Glasses to create the "Photon Energy Pulse". 5. Go into the Bat Outta Heck ride now. Scene You should have unlocked another bonus. _______________________________ | Episode 12: "Bat Outta Heck!" | |_______________________________| Scene ____________________________________ | Episode 13: "Roller Coaster Boss!" | |____________________________________| 1. Use your Photon Energy Pulse on this monster. Just place it near him fully charged (by pushing and holding square) to create holes in the ceiling. Hit him with it fully charged many times and he will be defeated. Scene ______________________________________ | Episode 14: "Radio Station Rampage!" | |______________________________________| Scene 1. Capture all the Twonkies here and then get the "Radar Dish". 2. Use the Elevator to your right. Scene 3. Use the Power switch near the stage on the right and then get the "Capacitor". Capture the Twonkies around here and then go into the door to the right of the power switch. Use your Capacitor and Jacket to create the "Minimizer". Get the "Disco Ball" in this storage room. Go out to where the Reception desk is and go into the room that the twonkie is throwing around CDs. Dodge the CDs and go towards him until he stops throwing them. Capture him then go into the other door that leads to the meeting room to capture more Twonkies. You will also want to get the "Gaffer Tape". Combine that with the Radar Dish to create the "Indestructodish". 4. Go into the next room to the right of the table and capture all the Twonkies in here before getting the "Turn-table". Use it with the Disco Ball to get the "Disco King II". Go out the next doorway and you will see a staircase plus checkpoint to your left. 5. Go into the door straight ahead of you. Scene 6. Go into the room to your left and capture the Twonkies in there. Go into the room that the Radio Executives are in. Scene 7. Go out to the staircase and go up the stairs. Go into the door directly in front of the top of the stairs. Capture all the Twonkies here and then go into the door to the right of the door you came in from (the Boss's Office). Capture the Twonkies in there and then go into the door near the railing on the left of the door you entered from the stairs. Get the "Insulation Tape" and use it with the Turn-table to create the Spinmaster MK IV". Capture the Twonkie in here and use the Checkpoint. Face the door you came in from and turn to your right. Go into the door directly in front of you. Capture the Twonkie here and then leave this room. Go out the door to your right and go straight into the door in front of you (the door with the "On Air" Sign to the left of it). Scene 8. Use the mixing board to change which twonkie will be affected by the sheenograph. Use your Sheenograph on the Microphone on the mixing board to shrink the big Twonkies. Once the big ones are all small go in and capture all of them. Go and talk to the Radio Announcer. Scene ___________________________ | Episode 15: "Final Boss!" | |___________________________| Scene 1. This boss takes on the form of all of the previous bosses you will need to use whichever weapon you used against the boss he turns into until he is defeated. Congratulations you have now completed Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies. ========================================================================= Only sites allowed to use this at this time (in no particular order): IGN.com Neoseeker.com Gamefaqs.com Cheathappens.com Cheatplanet.com spiderx.servegame.com Supercheats.com Sorry if we missed listing you, but as long as you are not listed below and you got our go ahead to post you are fine. If we find a site that wasn't given our permission they will be added below. 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