=============================================================================== ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Cabela's;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;BBBB;;IIIII;GGGGG;;GGGGG;;;AAA;;MM MM;EEEEE;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;B;;;B;;;I;;;G;;;;;;G;;;;;;A;;;A;M;M;M;E;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;BBBB;;;;I;;;G;;GGG;G;;GGG;AAAAA;M;;;M;EEE;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;B;;;B;;;I;;;G;;;G;;G;;;G;;A;;;A;M;;;M;E;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;BBBB;;IIIII;GGGGG;;GGGGG;;A;;;A;M;;;M;EEEEE;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;H;;;H;;U;;;U;;N;;;N;;;;;TTTTT;EEEEE;;;RRRR;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;H;;;H;;U;;;U;;N;;;N;;;;;;;T;;;E;;;;;;;R;;;R;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;HHHHH;;U;;;U;;N;N;N;;;;;;;T;;;EEE;;;;;RRRR;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;H;;;H;;U;;;U;;N;;NN;;;;;;;T;;;E;;;;;;;R;;R;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;H;;;H;;UUUUU;;N;;;N;;;;;;;T;;;EEEEE;;;R;;;R;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;2005 ADVENTURES;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; =============================================================================== Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2: 2005 Adventures Complete Guide Version:1.85 =============================================================================== Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Version History III.Items A. Weapons/Bows B. Optics C. Calls and Lures D. Equipment E. Clothing IV. Animals V.Career Hunt A. Forest B. Marsh C. Desert D. Grassland E. Mountain F. Tundra VI. FAQ VII. Glitches VIII.Legal Information IX. Email Policy (Updated) X. The Hall of Shame (Updated) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction Hello! Welcome to my second FAQ that I have made. This Cabela's game has a little more realistic feel to it than Cabela's:DH (See my first FAQ), and has a brighter and cheery feel. I Hope my FAQ develops even more, and that it will (hopefully) help you in the future. Contact me for any questions at: Netsrfer8@Netscape.net Like last time, (New) and (Updated) will be marked accordingly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Version History Version 0.25 Completed:11/12/04 Added The Intro, Complete Items Section, and started the Career Hunt Section. Version 0.50 Completed:11/13/04 Finished the Forest and Marsh sections, began the Desert Section. Improved ASCII art. Version 0.75 Completed:11/14/04 Finished Desert, Started Grassland. Version 0.95 Completed:11/16/04 Finished Grassland and Mountain, started Tundra. Version 1.0 Completed:11/17/04 FAQ in it's first complete stage, finished Tundra. Version 1.05 Completed:11/17/04 Added in Cheatcc.com in Leagal Info, because DaveA begged me so... Version 1.1 Completed:11/18/04 Added my site to Legal Info.(Well, I don't want to be charged copyright violations for my own site, now, do I?) Version 1.2 Completed:11/20/04 Started the Animals section. Version 1.25 Completed: 11/21/04 Added in Cattail Mire for Marsh Version 1.3 Completed: 12/2/04 Added in updated site URL. Added in a few animals. Version 1.4 Completed 12/5/04 added in a few animals Animals Section, added in three extra tournaments. Added in Email Address. Version 1.45 Completed 12/7/04 Added in a much-needed part of LEGAL INFO. Version 1.55 Completed 12/28/04 Made the Email Policy, The HoS, and Glitches sections. Version 1.6 Completed 12/29/04 Updated site domain (Switched to freewebs.com) Version 1.7 Completed 12/30/04 Added in the FAQ section. Finished Animals section. Updated ASCII Art. Version 1.8 Completed 1/1/05 Added FIRST Hall of Shamer, added another question in the FAQ. Version 1.85 Completed 1/1/05 NEXT Hall of Shamer added in. Updated Email Policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. Items Here is a list of all the Items that can be used in the game. A. Weapons/Bows 1. .234 Compact Bolt-Action Rifle 2. .270 Bolt-Action Rifle 3. .280 Bolt Action Rifle 4. .30-30 Lever Action Rifle 5. 7mm Magnum Rifle(Semi-Auto) 6. .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle 7. .30-06 Rifle(Semi-Auto) 8. .300 Magnum Bolt Action Rifle 9. .308 Rifle (Semi-Auto) 10. .308 Bolt action Rifle 11. .416 Bolt Action Rifle 12. .45-120 1874 Replica Rifle 13. 10 Gauge Pump Shotgun 14. 12 Gauge Shotgun (Semi-Auto) 15. 12 Guage Over and Under Shotgun 16. Semi-Auto Slug Gun 17. .44 Magnum Revolver 18. Single-Shot .30-30 Long Hunting Pistol 19. .50 AE Handgun (Semi-Auto) 20. .500 Magnum Pistol 21. Recurve Bow 22. Compound Bow 23. Crossbow B. Optics 1. Alaskan Guide 3.5-10AO Scope 2. Alaskan Guide 4.5-14AO Scope 3. Alaskan Guide 6.5-20AO Scope 4. Alaskan Guide (10x42) Binoculars 5. Alaskan Guide (20-60) Spoting Scope 6. Laser Rangefinder C. Calls and Lures 1. Doe Estrus 2. Urine Scent 3. Scent Cover 4. Rattleing Antlers 5. Grunt Call 6. Bleat Call 7. Predator Call 8. Moose Call 9. Deer Feeder 10. Salt Lick 11. Decoys D. Equipment 1. Light Tent 2. Medium Tent 3. Heavy Tent 4. Tree Stand 5. Tripod 6. Ground Blind 7. Med Kit 8. Hydration Bladder 9. Daily Rations 10. Self-Heating Meal E. Clothing 1. Light Forest 2. Light Orange 3. Light Desert 4. Medium Forest 5. Medium Orange 6. Heavy Forest 7. Heavy Orange 8. Full Camo Forest 9. Full Camo Orange 10. Full Winter 11. Full Winter Orange ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Animals In this section, I will show each animal and show where they can be found, by EXACT area. Name Area Arctic Wolf | Narssurssuk, Ice Flats Bighorn Sheep (Desert) | Raspy Gulch Bighorn Sheep (Rocky Mt.) | Seanner Pass Bison | Bison Ridge Black Bear | Red Cedar, Jade Grass Lowlands, Moose Hoof Bobcat | Paper Birch Paths, Bald Bog, Cattail Mire Brown Bear (Common) | Hemlock Path Brown Bear (Kodiak) | Three Glacier's Ridge Caribou (Barren Ground) | Tuktu Caribou (Mountain) | Triplet Peaks Caribou (Woodland) | Big Antler Clearing Columbian Blacktailed Deer| Balsam Trail, Black Spruce, Treesap Glen Cougar | Black Spruce, Acorn Knoll Coyote | Krueger's Folley, Shining Prairie Dall's Sheep | Vertigo Pass, Icy Pines Elk (Rocky Mountain) | Washing Downs Elk (Roosevelt) | Treeroot Trail Elk (Tule) | Muskeg Moors, Tule Feilds Grey Wolf | Wide Water Plains Grizzly Bear | Hemlock Path,Spruce Woods Javelina | Blistered Dunes Lynx | Highland Divide Mountain Goat | Billy Goat's Bluff Moose (Northwestern) | Pinion Point, Moose (Shiras) | Dewlap Cliffs Moose (Yukon) | Big Bear, Akuliakat Mule Deer(Desert) | Riptorn Valley Mule Deer(Rocky Mountain) | Spiked Rock Creek Musk Ox | Shaggy Point,Piaraq,Lichen Fields Polar Bear | Nanuk Pronghorn | Dead Man's Crossing, Blowingleaf fields Stone Sheep | Mile-High Bridge Timber Wolf (Eastern) | Five Firs Peak Timber Wolf (Northern) | Pinecone Gulley, Spruce Woods, Brislecone Grove Whitetail Deer | Woody Creek, Wolverine | Needleleaf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Career Hunt This Section includes all 6 Regions, and a referance of all the goals in each area. Lodges are marked as (CHECKPOINT) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A. Forest /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. Needleleaf This lace is choked with wolverines. Avoid the southwest corner of this area, Unless you want to face 3 wolverines that want you dead for distubing them... Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Wolverine Secondary Goals -Take the wounded Columbian Blacktail Deer Next Area: Balsam Trail /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2. Balsam Trail Lots of friendly deer just blissfully ready to walk right in front of you... Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Columbian Blacktail Deer Secondary Goals -Take the 8x8 Columbian Blacktial Next Area: Paper Birch Paths /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3. Paper Birch Paths Many sheer clifes to contend with while hunting bobcat. they're harmless, as long as you scare them away and don't follow them. Primary Goals -take at least 1 Bobcat Secondary Goals -None Next Area-Treeroot Trail /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 4. Treeroot Trail A hilly area with lots Elk. Not a very exciting area. Promary Goals -Take at least 1 Elk (Roosevelt) Secondary Goals -Find and report the sick Elk. *DO NOT SHOOT THE ELK, OR THE GOAL FAILS!* Next Area-Black Spruce /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 5. Black Spruce A hilly area with some steep cliffs with Couger and Columbian BT deer to hunt. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Cougar. Secondary Goals -Participate in the hunting contest Next Area-Hemlock Path /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 6. Hemlock Path *shudders* This stage is NOT fun. I don't think it was a great idea to make a densly wooded and mountainous area a home to only brown bears... Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Brown Bear Secondary Goal -Save the TV reporter from the Grizzly and report to the Warden. Next Area-Red Cedar /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7a. Red Cedar An area with a creek,valleys, and hills. I've noticed the Male bears hang around the valleys, and the Females hang around the hills..keep this in mind! Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Black Bear Secondary Goals -If you talked to vincent at the second checkpoint, visit his cabin along the northern part of the map. -Go to Pinecone Gulley to talk to Luke. Next area-Woody Creek Alternate area-Pinecone Gulley /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Alternate Area! 7.b Pinecone Gulley After speaking with Luke, kill the 3 Timber Wolves in the area. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ 8.Woody Creek Mostly open with a steep mountain where you exit. Try to snipe the Whitetail deer before you leave. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 WT Deer Secondary Goals -None Next area-Big Antler Clearing /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 9. Big Antler Clearing Not much of a clearing..pretty mountainous area with Caribou in it... Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Caribou Secondary Goals -None Next area-Spruce Woods /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 10. Spruce Woods Mountainous area where Grizzlies and Timber Wolves roam...Come on, you know the song! wait..d'oh! that's not it!... Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Grizzly Bear Secondary Goals -Kill the three wolves in this area to lower the overpopulation of them Next area-Brislecone Grove /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 11. Brislecone Grove Gradual hills with a wolf pack roaming around. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Timber Wolf Secondary Goals -None Next area-Pinion Point /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 12. Pinion Point Mostly flat, dense forest with a few moose to hunt. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 NW Moose Secondary Goals -None Next area-Treesap Glen /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 13. Treesap Glen Columbian Black Tailed Deer have made thier home in a steep- hilled area with a small flatland in the NE part of the map. Primary Goals -Move to next region-Marsh -Talk to the Warden about the hunting tournament Take the biggest Columbian BT Deer with a shotgun no less than 50 yards. Clean kills only. Secondary Goals -None Next area-Muskeg Moors xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx B. Marsh /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. Muskeg Moors A giant swamp lake with an island in the middle with Elk. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Elk(Tule) Secondary Goals -Save the injured man on the small island.(only reachable by boat) Next area-Swampy Britches /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2. Swampy Britches Dense woods in a swampy setting. Moose seem to like it around here, too. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 NW Moose Secondary Goals -Participate in the tournament at Quagmine Lodge. Next area-Bald Bog /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! !TOURNAMENT!-Win Trap Shooting Tournament at this lodge. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3. Bald Bog Fairly flat area with a few hills. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Bobcat Secondary Goals -None Next Area-Murky Fen Alternate area-Cattail Mire /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Alternate Area! 3b. Cattail Mire Kill 3 Bobcat after speaking with Allen. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ 4. Murky Fen Whitetail Deer wander the flat, slightly dense area. Primary Goals -Talk to the Warden about the tournament. Take the largest WT Deer, with a Bolt-Action Rifle, clean kills only. Secondary Goals -Take the monster buck deer. Next area-Raspy Gulch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx C. Desert /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. Raspy Gulch Hilly, desert area with bighorn sheep. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Bighorn Sheep Secondary Goals -Find 3 Man-Made lakes. Next Area-Riptorn Valley /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2. Riptorn Valley This area has a sheer cliff on one side, making a "bowl" shape leading to the next area. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Desert Mule Deer Secondary Goals -Participate in the contest. take 1 (10x11)Mule Deer before 6 P.M. Next area-Dead Man's Crossing /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3a. Dead Man's Crossing A very hilly area with Pronghorn. Be VERY careful driving an ATV here. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Pronghorn Antelope Secondary Goals -Go to Mike's land Next area-Blistered Dunes Alternate Area-Krueger's Folley /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Alternate Area! 3b. Krueger's Folley After speaking with Mike, kill the 3 coyotes on his land. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 4.Blistered Dunes A bowl like area with a giant rock to the south of the area. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Javelina Secondary Goals -Find the Archaologist. Next area-Fire Pit /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 5. Fire Pit Another bowl like area, this time with Deer. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 WT Deer Secondary Goals -None Next area-Hot Hearth Canyon /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 6. Hot Hearth Canyon A large, open plain with a pillar like rock in the center. Primary Goals-Talk to the Warden about the contest. Take 1 Desert Mule Deer with a clean shot from within 100 yds. Secondary Goals -None Next area-Blowingleaf Feilds xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx D. Grassland /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. Blowingleaf Feilds The REAL place where the Antelope roam... Primary Goals -Take 1 Pronghorn Secondary Goals -None Next area-Waving Green /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2. Waving Green Open and hilly area. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 WT Deer Secondary Goals -None Next area-Washing Downs /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3. Washing Downs Open and even more hilly area. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Elk(Rocky Mountain) Secondary Goals -Enter the tournament-Take the biggest Elk Next area-Shining Prairie /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 4. Shining Prairie Open area with a river going through the middle. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Coyote Secondary Goals -None Next area-Rolling Hills /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 5. Rolling Hills Open very hilly area...again. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Grizzly Bear Secondary Goals -Take 1 Grizzly Bear in the tournament with a shotgun. Next area-Acorn Knolls /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 6. Acorn Knolls A small, open, less hilly area. Getting tired of hilly, open areas? I am. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Cougar Secondary Goals -None Next area-Jade Grass Lowlands /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! !TOURNAMENT!-Win the Skeet Shooting Tournament at this lodge. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7. Jade Grass Lowlands Steep hills with a plain-like area Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Black Bear Secondary Goals -Seek shelter from the rain by going to the campsite. Next area-Wide Water Plains /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 8. Wide Water Plains An open area with a river on the North/East side of the map. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Grey Wolf Secondary Goals -Take 1 wolf within 100 yds. in the contest. Next area-Bison Ridge /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 9. Bison Ridge Gee, I wonder what kind of animal resides here.Mabe...Bison? Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Bison Secondary Goals -Kill the diseased Buffalo Next area-Tule Feilds /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 10. Tule Feilds A few hils that can get annoying hunting Elk here...Especially when your firearm is not sighted right. Primary Goals -Talk to the Warden about the Tournament Secondary Goals -None Next area-Seanner Pass xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx E. Mountain /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. Seanner Pass A very steep valley to one side, with mountains on the other side. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Bighorn Sheep(Rocky Mountain) Secondary Goals -None Next area-Triplet Peaks /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2. Triplet Peaks Very mountainous...dumb caribou...HAD to come here... Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Caribou(Mountain) Secondary Goals -Take one within 100 yds. Next area-Cloudy Mountains /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3. Cloudy Mts. Hey, this mountainous area is better than HEMLOCK PATH, Right? Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Grizzy Bear Secondary Goals -Find a way around the blocked path(more of a Primary Goal, though) Next area-Spiked Rock Creek /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 4. Spiked Rock Creek Still many steep areas, but more open than the others. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Mule Deer(Rocky Mountain) Secondary Goals -Find the radio collared Deer. Next area-Highland Divide /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! !TOURNAMENT!-Win the Clay Shooting Tournament at this lodge. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 5a. Highland Divide A small ridge with a lake in the middle of the map. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Lynx Secondary Goals -Find the injured hunter Next area-Dewlap Cliffs Alternate area-Kitty's Vale /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Alternate area! 5b. Kitty's Vale Kill 3 wolves in the area. Stupid varnments! always medling with other people's crop! \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ 6. Dewlap Cliffs Many valleys that are densely forested. Moose huntin' time! Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Shiras Moose Secondary Goals -None Next area-Open Sky Pass /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7. Open Sky Pass A slope leading to a wide plain with some foliage. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Black Bear Secondary Goals -Hunt 1 Black bear within 100 yds., clean shots only in the tounament. Next area-Billy Goat's Bluff /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 8. Billy Goat's Bluff 3 Guesses to what you hunt here. Anyway, some small hills next to a steep cliff. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Mountain Goat Secondary Goals -None Next area-Mile-High Bridge /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 9. Mile-High Bridge This place is literaly a maze of steep mountains and cliffs...watch your step! Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Stone Sheep Secondary Goals -None Next area-Shaggy Point /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 10. Shaggy Point A river carving between gentle hills. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Musk Ox Secondary Goals -None Next area-Seven's Divide /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 11. Seven's Divide Gradualy steep mountains, with a little cave to the south. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Elk (Rocky Mountain) Secondary Goals -Go to the cave(It's the only way to the next area, so go there) Next area-Five Firs Peak /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 12. Five Firs Peak A fairly flat plain between some mountains. Explore the abandoned mine while your there. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Eastern Timber Wolf Secondary Goals -None Next area-Vertigo Pass /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 13. Vertigo Pass A chasm with paths winding through it and the mountains at the top. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Dall's Sheep Secondary Goals -None Next area-Greenhorn Heights /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 14. Greenhorn Heights A winding path leading to an open area with Caribou. Primary Goals -Talk to the Warden about the Tournament. Take a mountain Caribou With a bow. Clean shots only. Secondary Goals -None Next area-Nanuk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 6. Tundra /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 1. Nanuk A frozen lake with snowy hills around it. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Polar Bear Secondary Goals -Find the baby Polar Bear. -Find the injured meteorologist. Next area-Akuliakat /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 2. Akuliakat Steep valleys leading to an open area. Don't fear the broken part of the river at the end of the course. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Yukon Moose Secondary Goals -Take the big Moose (Talk to Whitmore First) Next area-Narssurssuk /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 3.Narssurssuk A barren plain with a lake. High tail it out of there in your getaway boat after taking your wolf. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Arctic Wolf Secondary Goals -None Next area-Piaraq /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 4a. Piaraq After exiting your boat, you will find a snow covered, hilly forest. Primary Goals -None (I know you're thinking What the...??!!) Secondary Goals -Take 1 Musk Ox in the Tournament. Next area-Tuktu Alternate area-Ice Flats /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Alternate area! 4b. Ice Flats Kill 5 Arctic wolves. No more varnments...PLEASE! \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 5. Tuktu Mountainous, snowy area. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Barren Ground Caribou Secondary Goals -Seek shelter from the blizzard Next area-Lichen Fields /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 6. Lichen Fields A plains like area with Musk Ox. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Musk Ox. Secondary Goals -Take the wounded Musk Ox. -Investigate Next area-Three Glaciers Ridge /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7. Three Glaciers' Ridge A small hill wiyh a lake to one side. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Brown Bear(Kodiak) Secondary Goals -None Next area-Sheet Ice Riffs /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CHECKPOINT! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 8. Sheet Ice Riffs Open hillly area with a river on the Eastern side. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Northern Timber Wolf Secondary Goals -Go to the Rift with the bear. Next area-Icy Pines /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 9. Icy Pines flat, wodded area where Dall's Sheep hang out. Primary Goals -Take at least 1 Dall's Sheep Secondary Goals -None Next area-Moose Hoof /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 10. Moose Hoof Another fairly flat area, this time with Black Bear. Primary Goals -Take at leat 1 Black Bear Secondary Goals -None Next area-Big Bear /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 11. Big Bear A wide valley with smaller valleys leading into it. Primary Goals -Talk to the Warden About the Tournament. Take 1 Moose with a clean shot from a bow. Secondary Goals -None Next area-Your Cabin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CCC OOO N N GG RR A DD U U L A TTT III OOO N N SS !!! C O O NNN G GG RRR AAA D D U U L AAA T I O O NNN S ! CCC OOO N N GGG R R A A DD UUU LLL A A T III OOO N N SS ! YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME! NOW GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! OR, START ALL OVER AGAIN! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. FAQ Hey, my first REAL FAQ. Cool. This will answer questions that I've been getting Emails about, so DON'T EMAIL ME ANYTHING COVERED HERE!!! ///////////////// GENERAL QUESTIONS ///////////////// Q. How mutch memory does this game use? A. About 200 KB of memory. Q. How much does this game cost? A. The current price is $29.99 Q. Where can I get it? A. The nearest game store near you. >_> ////////////////// GAMEPLAY QUESTIONS ////////////////// Q. Are there any cheats for this game? A. No, No, and NO. There are merely glitches only.(see next section) Q. Can I use a Guncon-type Gun with this game? A. Pft, I wish. Q. Why do the red dots change different colors?/Are there different colors for different animals? A. There are three different colored dots in the game. They are: Red = Living Animal Purple = Wounded Animal Blue = Dead Animal EVERY Animal has the SAME colored dot for each of the colors above. ///////////////// IN-GAME QUESTIONS ///////////////// Q. What are these "custom" weapons? A. Custom weapons are basically a different look from the original, and have slightly (very slightly) better aim than the original. Q. How do I get out of Hemlock Path? I keep going in circles! A. Go to the spot where the TV reporter gets mauled by the grizzly. Then look in the direction of the steep walled canyon. Go to your left when facing the canyon, and you should see a sign for the next area. Go up the hill and cross the bridge until you can go to the next area. Q. I went to the cave in Seven's Divide, but I still can't get out! A. Go into the water in the cave and go downstream until you can go into the next area. Q. I can't find any animals! Where are they?!! A. The Animals are where the red dots are. Walk towards them and shoot whenever the chance if you're completely new to the series : ) Q. How do you site your firearm? A. To site your firearm, fire into the target using the siting booth. then, where ever the bullethole is, use the directional pad to estimate how much you need to make the firearm fire into the center. (ex. up-aight to the up direction, left-sight to the left) when you have done so, leave the sighting booth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. Glitches I hope that this section will grow, as people have been asking me: "are there any cheats?", "are there any cheats?" So I'm doing the next best thing: telling glitches that I find. 1) Hemlock Path: Bring along the ATV for this level.go to where the TV reporter (would) get(s) mauled by the bear. go down the steep walled canyon until the cliff. Drive off of it. You fall THROUGH the bottom, and everything turns blue as you fall into an infinite abyss. You eventually get sent back to the top of the cliff, without the ATV... DUN DUN DUUNN.... 2)Sheet Ice Rifts: Go to the rift where you would find the cub bear. go into the rock formation from the far right. You can go through one of the walls into a cave like system here! Please tell me more glitches if you find any. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIII. Legal Information This document shall not be reproduced under any circumstances exept for private use.If you plan to usethis FAQ on your site, you MUST, MUST notify me via Email. NO part WHATSOEVER may be PLAGARISED, ALTERED/EDITED, SOLD, and USED without my writen permission. It may not be used without my permission on any site except for: 1)www.gamefaqs.com (most trusted site) 2)www.neoseeker.com 3)www.ign.com 4)www.cheatcc.com (under close watch because of reputation) 5)www.freewebs.com/faqfiles (my very own FAQ site) If you see a sight using my FAQ without MY permission, Email me(see Intro), and I will do one of 4 things: 1) Completely ruin the site that violated my copyright rules.-50% 2) Take legal action-30% 3) Sick my killer dog on you, your family, and the server supporting your site-15% 4) Send you constant virus-infested email mail-5% So, in other words, respect the fact that I made this FAQ, and you can go about your life without fear of lawmen coming after you for stealing MY FAQ. Thus officialy concludes my exclusive FAQ for Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2005 Adventures. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IX. Email Policy Here are my nice simple rules for emailing me. You are ALLOWED to Email me: 1) Questions on the game. 2) Compliments on the FAQ. 3) Additional things that should be added in my FAQ 4) A request to use this FAQ on your site. (It will probably be YES) 5) Any glitches you find You are NOT ALLOWED to email me: 1) how much you hate the game/FAQ. It's just plain rude, man. 2) problems with this FAQ (eg. grammar mistakes). I can find them myself. 3) Questions asking for cheats. there are NONE as far as I'm aware. 4) False glitches (duh, I'm gonna check it!) 5) ANYTHING covered in the guide OR the FAQ. READ THE WHOLE THING! If something is missing, and I say it's in the FAQ, tell me! Violate the 5 latter rules, and your email will be sent to... THE HALL OF SHAME!!! DUN Du...you get the point. OR, if it's #3 or #5, I'll just ignore you. : ) Also include something like "BGH 2005 FAQ" in the subject. Otherwise, BOOM! Instant deleted email. AND, you won't be heard. Also try not to write in 1337 or AIM speak, as I have a hard time trying to translate What you're saying to me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X. The Hall of Shame If you send me such an outrageous Email that violates my Email policy, lie, use 1337 or partial 1337, your Email will be sent here for all to see. I'm a nice guy, I'm just using this as a tool for examples on what NOT to email me. Here's my first victim so far... --- From: Kaiba1441@wmconnect.com Subject: You bluff so bad Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 11:20:22 AM EST Message: You will sick your dog killer on us, what is he a pussy kat! Send infested e-mail not like I'll open it. signed your nightmare Author's Comment: IT'S CALLED A JOKE!! literalists... Don't ya hate 'em? You violated, for one thing, possibly the simplest of all my rules: Putting "BGH 2005 FAQ" in your subject. AND, you said something bad about my FAQ. READ FIRST!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! --- Next up is... --- From: WhosYoDaddy6996@aol.com Subject: about walkthrough Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 7:24:12 PM EST Message: this walkthrough was really gay and did not help me at all i HATE it i hate you in fact u can post me on ur stupid website i really dont care P.S. do you have any cheats Author's Comment: Alright, 1) How can a walkthrough by gay? It dosen't live. 2) you violated My DON'T MAKE BAD COMMENTS ON MY FAQ, DON'T ASK FOR CHEATS and PUT BGH 2005 FAQ IN SUBJECT policies, and 3) I don't care about you enough to mention YOU on my site. And why hate me? I have NO idea who you are. :p --- I warned ya! and you didn't listen. Now your dumb and/or offensive Email is put up for all to see, to your embarassment. XD =============================================================================== Copyright 2004 Netsrfer8 ===============================================================================</p>