ALTER ECHO WALKTHROUGH Version 1.00 - June 2nd 2004 Written by Rupert Breheny Copyright 2004 (all rights reserved) - assisted by squall82003 and Chris Young (aka DocTabasco) Happy for you to use this for your personal use but donÂ’t pass this off as your own. We do not give permission for any commercial reproduction. We request that if you want to host this file then please keep our credit and contact details intact. We will post this solely to which will maintain the current version. 00 CONTENTS 01 INTRODUCTION 02 BACKGROUND 03 REVIEW 04 WALKTHROUGH Rebirth Surface Hunted Power Transit Spaceport Brain Rescue Breach Citadel 05 BOSS GUIDE Gunship Paavo clone Gherran Kess Paavo clones Shield generator defence system Guardian Paavo 06 POWER UPS 07 NODE TYPES Spawn nodes Trap nodes Health nodes Gun nodes Synch nodes Switches 08 UPGRADES Sword Form Gun Form Stealth Form Suit strength Weapons upgrades 09 COMBAT STRATEGY Sword Form Gun Form Stealth Form 10 COMBO LEVEL BONUSES 11 MOVIE TRANSCRIPT 12 CREDITS 01 INTRODUCTION I was intrigued by this game when I first heard about it and was rather dismayed to read some lack-lustre reviews. Still it didnÂ’t take long for me to pick it up at budget price and get stuck in. My initial response was one of disappointment as I immediately found the controls, in particular the camera stick, counter-intuitive. I struggled through only to find that the combat was quite repetitive, but as I progressed through the game I just fell head over heels in love with this beautiful world, the like of which I had not seen before. And when youÂ’re in love you can forgive an awful lot. From an early age I had been fascinated with the idea of biomechanics. I adored the Henry Moore sculptures I saw in our botanical gardens and loved those illicitly glimpsed stills from the Alien film. I wound up studying biology and concurrently spending a fortune on H.R.Giger portfolios. I particularly enjoyed the dissections that formed the backbone of our anatomy course. At some point I was inspired to develop the idea of a living planet, where all the biomass cooperated together rather than competed with one another. I loved the idea of a consciously directed evolutionary process and made some drawings of these enormous organic structures that I imagined would purify the air and spawn exploration units. I reckoned that one day it would make a great animated film. 10 years on and I had done nothing with it, but here we are in the realms of video games, the perfect medium for just such a world. What an excitement - to visit the world I had always dreamed of. 02 BACKGROUND In the future, the most powerful substance ever created can control time and physics. Only a chosen few can control it. But only one can save us from it. In Alter Echo players assume the role of Nevin, a reluctant hero with the ability to alter time and morph his PolySuit between three unique combat forms. Nevin must fight for survival against an entire planet that has gone mad-the actual surface of the planet is alive, and uses its bio-mechanical properties to spawn enemy after enemy, ensuring relentless action. Developed by THQ studio Outrage Games, Alter Echo features innovative action gameplay and a groundbreaking visual style based on pioneering technology. Time Dilation and real-time morphing between three combat modes add tactical depth, and the revolutionary PostFX camera system intensifies the action with spectacular visual effects that heighten the drama of every combo and special attack. Using an advanced real-time skeletal morphing system, players can changes forms during combat: Sword Form - the default mode, used for rapid movement and hand-to-hand fighting, cutting foes down with whirling blades Gun Form - transforms the player into a huge cannon- and grenade carrying giant. Annihilate enemies with torrents of gunfire and grenades Stealth Form - an exceedingly agile form that allows the player to climb walls and assassinate foes while invisible. Time Dilation technology allows players to manipulate time, freezing the action in order to cue up a series of moves and attacks to unleash an unstoppable flurry of attacks with. A totally original world - Alter Echo is set on a complex world whose very surface is alive. It knows you're there, and it wants you dead. Advanced PostFX camera system - Mind-blowing visual effects intensify every action with dynamic camera filters and screen distortions. 03 REVIEW SUMMARY Ambitious but flawed genre piece in a fascinating new setting. THE GOOD The living, organic world you explore is both artistically breathtaking and conceptually fascinating. A great deal of the pleasure of this game can be derived from simply walking around and admiring the scenery. THE BAD The gameplay itself becomes repetitious, comprising of close combat button mashing interspersed with switch flicking in relatively linear environments. There may be 50 levels but they tend to be quite short and easily completed. Boss battles can also get quite laborious. THE BOTTOM LINE If you have ever been inspired by sci-fi bio-mechanics, but tire of H.R.Giger rip offs then this is for you. An average game raised to a compelling adventure, by dint of its superb art direction and atmospheric sound effects. IÂ’m so glad I didnÂ’t listen to the detractors and decided to visit Proteus for myself. 04 WALKTHROUGH Here we have a tourist's guide to the planet Proteus. Rather than hold your hand with step by step instructions for every eventuality IÂ’d rather just give you some rough guidance. The levels play out fairly linearly and it is almost impossible to get stuck or paint yourself into a corner, so really the walkthrough may work better as a memory jogger and give you an idea of how far through you are if you are feeling frustrated. I include a description of the LOCATION to help you get your bearings. I also list the TASKS you have to complete in order to move on. I then include a BIO RATING to give you an idea of which the best levels are for showing to your friends. There are a few tedious levels in there, but those rated with a 5 represent some of the most remarkable and breathtaking scenes ever created in a video game as far as I am concerned. As the game does not allow you to replay levels at will I recommend that you leave the save games on the levels that best represent the world so you can revisit some of the greatest beauty spots at a later date. The highlights to save are as follows : SURFACE - SEARCH POWER - TRANSMIT TRANSIT - OBSTACLES CITADEL - ALONE CITADEL - ENDING You may want to do what I did, and replay the game with the music turned off. The pace is somewhat slower and you can concentrate on racking up those combo bonuses and just enjoying the scenery without a sense of hurry. I amassed over 173,000 excess Plast on my second, more relaxed trip through. REBIRTH A nice easy training level in warm oranges and reds set in cushioned caves just below the surface. NEVIN LOCATION : Quilted interior caverns. TASKS : Complete training objectives. BIO RATING : 3 ECHO LOCATION : Open cradle with raised starfish arms, chamber with armed arches, high ceilinged red room. TASKS : Complete training objectives. BIO RATING : 5 GUNPLAY LOCATION : Room with a dais, then a gun corridor and an arched bowl for shooting. TASKS : Complete training objectives. BIO RATING : 4 STEALTH LOCATION : A loop around a cliff then a room with stalagmites then a jump pad chasm followed by a gun corridor then a chamber with glowing tendrils and jump pads then a room you have to sync a bridge across. TASKS : Complete training objectives. BIO RATING : 2 TIME LOCATION : A bridge to a round chamber for time dilation and then some more stalagmite rooms. TASKS : Complete training objectives. BIO RATING : 1 MASTER LOCATION : A tall room with an alcove with sticky path and an exposed nerve and master node dais. TASKS : You lose both Gun and Stealth forms and must defeat two waves of enemies. BIO RATING : 4 SURFACE Open orange and tan humps of rock with a conical pyramid repeating motif. SEARCH LOCATION : An open area with twisted conical pyramids and sausage link walls TASKS : Kill some spawn nodes and then click a couple of switches BIO RATING : 5 ARANA LOCATION : A path leading to an open area with a cave in a cone mound. TASKS : Jump over energy beams and then assist Arana fighting enemies. BIO RATING : 3 MASTER TASKS : Defeat two waves of enemies - reclaim Gun Form. HUNTED A dark and dingy level, soaked in rain with predominantly blue and grey hunks of rock. REUNION LOCATION : Raining from the start, a gully with glowing tendrils above, and open area with pyramid sentry towers amongst huddled mounds, some interesting looping pathways to a series of stepping stones and then a sync node in a bowl with horns dipping into it then backtrack through a gate and a beautiful looped archway. TASKS : Assist Arana, find a switch, cross the stepping stones, back and through the gateway to kill a trap node. BIO RATING : 4 GUNSHIP LOCATION : Loops by the path like glowing anglerfish lures, stacked hills with snipers at the top, twisted hills all around. TASKS : Clear the hilltop, dodge the gunship barrage, clear a trap node, start a sync node and split up. BIO RATING : 3 PURSUIT LOCATION : An open plateau then into a cave and then a bridge that crumbles into a pond, then another cave and then a pillowed area with a tentacle coming out the ground. TASKS : Clear the cave, cross the bridge, fight out of the new cave, dodge passed the tentacle. BIO RATING : 3 SHOWDOWN LOCATION : An open area with squat plinths picked out with luminous traceries. TASKS : Defeat Boss 1 : Gunship BIO RATING : 4 MASTER TASKS : Defeat three waves of enemies - reclaim Stealth Form. POWER A violet and cyan region midst a sea of purple liquid. TRANSMIT LOCATION : A large bowl around a body of water, many sticky paths weaving around the outside right wall. Lugs project from the side and an interesting hump of mushroom gills towards the end of the path. A series of floating platforms are suspended over the liquid. TASKS : Flick three switches. the first two switches are on islands reached by pounce nubs, the final switch reached by switching to Gun Form and then clearing wall then platforms and then following pounce nubs again. BIO RATING : 5 KESS LOCATION : A long causeway with T-shaped lugs ranged along the left side. A pleasing ocean swell sounds with the occasional spray crashing on the sea wall. Two bladed gates hold shields and the power transformer at the end like a giant peeled Satsuma. TASKS : Negotiate Stealth Form in invisible mode over pounce nubs and through electrically guarded hoops. Once for the first two platforms then three times at the final one. Sometimes Kess fails to push you off the second time you flick the switch, making things easier but less fun. BIO RATING : 2 MASTER TASKS : Defeat three waves of enemies - introduction of Hydra. TRANSIT A fantastic looking level with the characteristic fern leaf twirl growing out of clifftop paths around a sea stretching to the horizon. The most confidently organic of the levels so far and a place I would really like to visit. STOME LOCATION : An open starting location with a serried range of segmented spires around the margins. A path gives off and follows around the flank of a hill under the jutting fern like coils that grow out of the hill flank. Past a cave and around the shoulder of the hill to a passage of energy beams for the Stealth Form to cross leading to an open area with a ceilinged bunker giving views all around. A cave sits opposite with bud like nodules which shield the horn like doors that drop down to prevent egress. TASKS : Kill the first titans then negotiate the energy beams, see off a trap node onslaught then shoot nodules to exit. BIO RATING : 5 AMBUSH LOCATION : A trench passing through thick lipped doorways with swirling textures into an open topped cave. A ledge overlooked by a series of stacked columns with snipers. A large chamber with a cluster of egg pods and two large mounds on the left. TASKS : A new gargoyle, clear the cave trap node, shoot sniper towers, clear drones, trip the switch and get to sync node in time limit. BIO RATING : 4 SEEDLINGS LOCATION : Through a doorway onto a sinuous pathway that winds around two sprouting seedlings overlooked by alcoves in the rumpled walls, ending in a downward invagination into the Cliffside. TASKS : Turn around to find two plasm spores, onwards to jump lasers and then flick a switch, shoot the stone column opposite to clobber the drones and then jump across revolving Stealth platforms to sync node to build bridge to exit. BIO RATING : 4 OBSTACLES LOCATION : A breathtakingly gorgeous track clinging to a wave lashed cliff above the sea. The whole cliffside shot through with whirls and loops and fringed with more fern fronds on the seaward side. A beautiful set of sticky topped columns to hop back up from some lone standing columns in the sea. A thick cabled tunnel used by Stome loops back to an alcove with spores. TASKS : Follow the path disposing of trap nodes and flicking switches, remember to backtrack through the tunnel Stome used for pickups and finally using the Gun Form to pick up a monster chain bonus at the end of the cliff walk. BIO RATING : 5 COOPERATION LOCATION : Another great cliff level with the grooved pathway passing under arches and then half-twisted tongues on either flank, not quite grown across into loops yet. A buttressed cave in the cliffside opens into a dark chamber with long, black fungus like tendrils and a chasm with a roof supported by rib like spans between floor and ceiling. Out to an arena with lobes off the side containing switches and spores TASKS : Kill trap node, hit power switch, kill spawn node, shoot over chasm, shoot rocks, kill trap node, flick switches. BIO RATING : 5 MASTER TASKS : Defeat four waves of enemies. SPACEPORT Some attractive tan and blue rockscapes still around water to begin with. Less organic that some of the other levels but nicely featured and atmospheric. Come across more real world than the previous areas. PLANS 1 LOCATION : A tumbled rock parade leads down from hooped doorways to a cove on a sea inlet. A beautiful sky gives a warm haze to the mist on the horizon. A lovely sunset vibe. At the middle of the cove is a tall island which in fact is hollowed out and has ledges running around it. A gulley towards the right has a series of fat, glowing, power pipes running beneath it into little alcoves beneath the walkway. Notice a crack on the opposite side that reveals glowing nervous system, not only is the whole planet alive, it seems to all have a sense of touch too. A tunnel at the end loops back and brings you to cross a pipe to get to a pass between two rock walls, also access to a crack at the top of the closed cave below. TASKS : Follow the path remembering to jump onto the glowing power pipes to investigate the little caves, engage synch nodes, crack open cave ceiling from above. BIO RATING : 4 PLANS 2 LOCATION : A curved gully roles downhill to a cluster of tall hills, the whole area with a great sense of altitude. Nice looking power couplings feed a gravity lift inside the hollow mountain. Some lovely cave interiors, particularly one at the top of a sticky Stealth loop. TASKS : Solve synch nodes to give access to higher levels. BIO RATING : 3 SHUTTLE LOCATION : A high altitude bridge to the space port. A nice vaginal opening into the growth node on the landing platform. Interesting looking docking bridge also. TASKS : Shape space craft and defeat Boss 2 : Paavo Clone BIO RATING : 2 BRAIN The mood gets darker and more claustrophobic with these purple levels set in underground caves. PLEA LOCATION : A linear walkway around a purple hill flanked by established seedlings. TASKS : New Melters and Burrowers appear, kill spawn node, teleport, kill trap node, synch. BIO RATING : 2 UNDERNEATH LOCATION : AN underground cave with huge curved walls, and floating platforms above the ribbed groins at the base of the cave. Nice deep level corridors with spike everting nubs set in the floor by the doorways. TASKS : New Plast Wraith appears, smash floor, outrun water level. BIO RATING : 3 GHERRAN LOCATION : An enormous stomach like chamber with a drop off filled with glowing yellow nerve fibres. Leads to a large rocky shaft stuck round with Stealth strips to high platforms overlooking the arena. TASKS : Defeat Boss 3 : Gherran BIO RATING : 3 TOXIC 1 LOCATION : Opens with a spiral staircase leading down to an intestine like floor. A large underground cavern filled with toxic sludge. Pads with spiked undersides float like lily pads and allow movement across the level. Lots of switches to raise and lower the liquid. TASKS : Flick switch, jump across pads, pause then flick switch, kill drones and flick switch, jump across room, flick switch 1 then switch 2 then run to synch node. BIO RATING : 2 TOXIC 2 LOCATION : A winding, transparent tunnel spirals down under the water. Lots of shock orbs line the route which ends in a nicely twisted lift platform. TASKS : Lots of Plast to be earned in Gun Form. BIO RATING : 3 KESS LOCATION : A tall chamber above a twisting pit of yellow nerve fibres. A spiral of floating discs wind up to a giant platform at the top of the vault. TASKS : Defeat Boss 4 : Kess BIO RATING : 2 RESCUE A return to the rocky looking levels seen previously in the Spaceport section. ARANA LOCATION : Return to the base of the spaceport again. TASKS : Kill 2 trap nodes. BIO RATING : 3 FORCEFIELD LOCATION : Same level, just spent inside the gravity lift room. TASKS : 3 synch nodes, lift up and one synch then back to outside cave at top of stealth path, then back to complete other synch nodes and return outside to lift. BIO RATING : 3 SACRIFICE LOCATION : The spaceport again. TASKS : Defeat Boss 5 : Paavo Clones BIO RATING : 2 BREACH A darker, purple and pink series of levels that set quite a sombre mood. Again, less overtly biological than previous levels. LANDING LOCATION : A mountain top walk in deep purple and orange. Quite craggy looking with some rocky overhangs at one juncture. Spurs jut out along the side of the drop. TASKS : A new Melter Elite, kill spawn node, watch out for two hidden alcoves in the wall just after this point containing health and plast pickups. Kill spawn node, hit synch node, Kill trap node, hit switch, hit switch. BIO RATING : 2 BARRIERS 1 LOCATION : A series of interconnected gullies all quite rounded and compartmentalised. Pink and purple with some nice pillow shaped walls. TASKS : Jump wall, new Titan Elite, switch, synch node, gun node, shoot wall, dodge lasers, hit switch, kill spawn node, avoid guns, hit switch, switch, switch. BIO RATING : 3 BARRIERS 2 LOCATION : Another clifftop path with a shattered ledge near the beginning. Looking down we see a rounded lip sticking out of an alcove below. A small tunnel leads under the path and then to the rocks above the starting position. Energy beams pass over a nicely humped mound in the path. Later still some monolithic looking gates and then some interesting mounds and depressions giving on to some energy cables stretching over gullies. TASKS : Kill spawn node, jump beams, shoot switch, switch, shoot switches. BIO RATING : 4 APPROACH LOCATION : A high causeway beneath PaavoÂ’s citadel. Bombs rain down on a shattered road. A floating platform coast around a huge seedling ready to launch. A final gate passes through a three horned gate with a couple of plinths either side. TASKS : Kill trap node, dodge bombs, switch, switch, gun node, switch, kill spawn node. BIO RATING : 3 ELEVATOR LOCATION : An underground chamber with looping paths around a pool fed by streams pouring out of cracks in the walls. Dotted around are rocky spindles in little clusters. A small cave winds into the wall at one point, thickly cabled and ending in a glowing iris against the rear wall. Later a floating platform rises up a chimney lined with energy beams and TASKS : Kill trap node, use synch node, gun node. BIO RATING : 4 SHIELD 1 LOCATION : The top of the elevator leads along a crumbled, craggy path surrounded water. Interconnecting path and loops and raised walkways with nooks and switches all around. A final huge door with a sand dollar design blocks the exit. TASKS : three switches need to be turned on, the first near the starting point, the second on a ledge up and to the right that overlooks the first, and the final in a nook at the back right of the level protected by shock orbs. BIO RATING : 4 SHIELD 2 LOCATION : An industrial looking structure set in a giant pond of water underneath PaavoÂ’s shielded citadel. Curves pathways flank a central shield unit. gun nodes at either end and vertically placed barricades afford some protection. TASKS : Defeat Boss 6 : Shield generator defence system BIO RATING : 3 MASTER TASKS : Defeat four waves of enemies. CITADEL A return to more organic looking architecture, this time much of it set inside and with a fair variety of colour schemes, but focusing on rich, dark purples and reds. ALONE LOCATION : A large intro chamber with a great grooved ceiling and vents in the floor. A curved path leads down to the base of PaavoÂ’s tower. Thick lipped apertures give access to lift platforms, then up to a new level to change lifts rising vertically through a cleft shaft affording haunting views into the gloom where a massing of squat, blunt spires lie slanting off towards the horizon. On reaching a plateau, a short battle ensues and then off through an armoured archway towards the tunnel leading into the spine that runs up the backbone of PaavoÂ’s Citadel. TASKS : Kill trap node, catch two lifts, kill trap node, lure beetle to gate. BIO RATING : 5 ASCENT LOCATION : A tall chamber of linked rooms, negotiated by stealth paths running round the inside of the walls, winding through arches laced with shock orbs. A rich red in colour with lots of scarlet parts, sliding platforms set into the walls and topped by a red-lipped barnacle opening for the gravity lift. TASKS : Kill spawn node, up, kill trap node, up, kill spawn node, up, synch. BIO RATING : 4 ASSAULT LOCATION : Outdoors again at the drop off point of the gravity lift. Another high altitude causeway leads to a chamber near the very top of the Citadel. Inside a huge domed space, stealth paths wind up five spurs around the central cradle. A shielded synch node sits at the middle of all this, with a door to its front. TASKS : Fight towards the chamber, hop onto four enemies and Hold Bomb them into the energy stream on either side of the chamber. Switch each of the five switches and then destroy the two resulting spawn nodes. BIO RATING : 3 INSIDE LOCATION : Twisting cyan tendrils and dendrites wind around gappy, organic catwalks and sticky stealth paths loop the loop through jellyfish tubes and narrowed tunnels in this enormous, dark purple chasm. A sensation of the abyssal deep sea and a constant, throbbing heartbeat. TASKS : Kill trap node, synch, down, kill trap node, follow path. BIO RATING : 4 GUARDIAN LOCATION : In a deep underground chamber your are set down to face off against an enormous, flower-like crustacean. A carapaced starfish on a stem, with a central pearl of a weak spot. TASKS : Defeat Boss 7 : Guardian BIO RATING : 3 PAAVO LOCATION : A lift drops down through a puckered sphincter and deposits you in front of Paavo in all his organic glory. TASKS : Defeat Boss 8 : Paavo BIO RATING : 2 05 BOSS GUIDE BOSS 1 - Gunship The first fight! Here we go. First off, you canÂ’t use time dilation. Notice that when the battle starts, there are several pillars around. To your right is a health node. This is going to be destroyed pretty soon (and you thought youÂ’d just heal all through the battle!) O < first gun node O < health node O HAMMER SMASH This is a fantastic technique which first off starts with a BLOCK which shields you from attack and then allows you to lunge over a fair distance to unblockably stun your foe. When followed up with the JUGGLE SLASH the opponent is thrown into the air and if the button is held down and then released when they fall back to the ground you will deliver the strongest sword blow in the game. You can kill many enemies with just one use of this combo. Get used to using it. The huge attack meted out may however lose you some valuable combo bonuses. GUN FORM BOOMERANG > ENERGY GUN Relatively early in the game you find enemies blocking your gun attacks with ease. Getting used to the rhythm of this combo will allow you to juggle the enemy into the air and probably kill them before they hit the ground. A great way of racking up huge combo bonuses near spawn nodes but you have to be careful not to inadvertently hit the node itself and prematurely end your supply of enemies. STEALTH FORM MORPH HOLD > HOLD BOMB This one involves you morphing to Stealth Form, then performing a POUNCE onto an enemy, morphing to Gun Form which jams the enemy into your gun barrel, and then by hitting the GRENADE button you can fire the enemy over a ledge or into a water pool which results in an instant death. Again, not ideal for generating combo bonuses, and only certain enemies can be pounced on, but can be a good way of rapidly dropping the enemy numbers if you are in a fraught situation. Has the advantage of disposing of enemies that arenÂ’t usually vulnerable to Gun Form. 10 COMBO LEVEL BONUSES Combo level bonuses are derived by amassing a large number of hits dealt to enemies in close succession. It can be tricky to keep the combo counter going, since trap and spawn nodes only spawn a few Plastids at any one time. Try maintaining the combo by juggling one newly spawned Plastid and killing another, and then waiting for a new Plastid to spawn. Sometimes it is better to slow your attacks and avoid running out of live Plastids to preserve the chain. Remember that you can also sneak a few hits onto the blackened corpses before they fade away. lv1 no bonus lv2 no bonus lv3 100 lv4 300 ok lv5 500 nice lv6 700 nice lv7 1000 super lv8 1200 intense lv9 1400 superior lv10 1600 well done lv11 1800 first class lv12 2000 marvellous lv13 2200 insane lv14 2500 amazing lv15 2700 splendid lv16 2900 psycho lv17 3100 untouchable lv18 3300 crazy lv19 3500 mad skillz (I kid you not) lv20 3800 perfection +200 each level lv30 5800 perfection 11 MOVIE TRANSCRIPT INTRO SEQUENCE N = Nevin S = Stome A = Arana G = Gherran K = Kess ? = Echo P = Paavo Multiplast - In the year 2850AD, it is the most precious substance in the universe. Psychics, called Shapers, can mold the stuff into anything they can imagine... even spaceships. But it's only found in one place. Proteus... god-dang planet's made of it. S: That's why we needed a Shaper like you, Nevin. N: I know all this! What's our mission? S: You ever hear of a shaper named Paavo? N: Oh, come on! He was just the most brilliant shaper of all time... 'till he died... S: Our company faked his death - set him up on a remote research post on Proteus, where he's been three long years, designing the Plastids that made IMS rich. Two months ago, he began experiments to create a new radical Multiplast with super-charged bio circuitry. N: That's impossible! S: Not for Paavo. He reported success 3 days ago - called the new stuff EchoPlast - but then he sent this transmission... P: For humanity, I reserve my disgust! And so I have become discarded, separated from the flesh without human body, subsumed by new flesh as its voice and shepherd. N: That's really nuts. S: So, we got a lunatic, sitting on the century's most precious discovery. A: No sign of Midas post, just that tower... --- P: Three little lambs to the slaughter! K: I just Love killing things G: And I just love that you love it --- A: Eject! N: Are you fu- NEW LEVEL - NEVIN N: What the hell? I'm still alive?... With a sword? ?: Alive. N: Who is that? ?: You were falling, and I saved you. N: Okay... you have my thanks, but... who are you? I'm Nevin. ?: We have to hurry N: What's with this sword, and the suit? ?: I will teach you how to use them. N: I'm real glad to be alive and everything, but this is actually much weirder than dying. --- ?: Nevin, I have fashioned these drones to be harmless. When you dispatch them, they will keep respawning so that you can practice using your sword. N: Uh... Okay. --- N: This suit is incredible! It's like wearing adrenaline, the biocircuitry is so advanced! ?: So it pleases you? N: Paavo actually did it! He created a new kind of Plast. That's what this suit is made of, right? EchoPlast? ?: Yes, from my flesh it is made. N: From your what? ?: There is more to show you, when you are ready. N: Who are you? --- ?: Father has a presence here. You will see how He uses EchoPlast to hurt. N: Who's this "Father"? ?: Father hurts. N: You have parental issues? --- N: One of Paavo's standard combat models, a Plastid. --- ?: Father has many defences. The trap node is one of them. N: Who is this "Father" you keep talking about? ?: Once active, the trap node will spawn drones until its energy is depleted. --- ?: Each node you destroy depletes the trap node's Energy. When all its protective rings disappear, you may destroy it. --- N: I did it! The trap node's destroyed! ?: Father senses a threat, Nevin. Elsewhere, his defences are gathering strength. N: How do you know this? ?: He shapes his drones and traps from my flesh. I cannot resist him. N: Your "flesh"? The drones were made of EchoPlast, just like this suit you gave me. ?: I am what Father created. N: What, you're the EchoPlast? ?: This health node will heal you. NEW LEVEL - REBIRTH N: Huh... Never saw anything like this on Proteus when I was trained here years ago. ?: You have been here before? N: Tell me who you are. ?: You must keep moving. Father does not know yet where to find you, but he is shaping an army of drones to hunt and kill you. N: Such hospitality! When do I get my complimentary mint? ?: Destroy Father's spawn nodes or they will continue to make drones. --- ?: Father has set up force fields across many important paths, blocking them off N: Everyone needs a hobby, I guess. ?: Most are controlled by trap nodes, but some, like this one, can be deactivated by switches. --- N: Hey, no fair! That one's got a gun! --- N: When I hit drones a bunch of times in a row, it feels like the suit is storing some kind of energy. ?: Yes, when you chain attacks together, your suit collects Plast from enemies. Later, I will show you how to spend that energy to improve your suit. --- N: Look, I'm not going any farther until you tell me who you are. ?: I am the EchoPlast, Nevin. I am all around you. I am the walls of this room, the ground beneath your feet. I am the suit you wear, that I made for you from my flesh. N: That's impossible. Plast doesn't talk. ?: When Father created EchoPlast, he amplified its biocircuitry so much that it became something entirely new. You would best describe it as a nervous system: a huge, living brain. N: Not even Paavo could pull that off! Plast can't think and it can't talk! ?: I speak the truth, Nevin. I am the EchoPlast. NEW LEVEL - GUN N: All right, I've made it this far. What have you got for me now? E: A gift. Stand atop the dais to receive it. N: Uh... What's a dais? --- N: Ho! Hold it! Wait! Woah! What the hell have you done to me? E: It is a Gun Form, Nevin, so that you can shoot Father's drones from far away N: I am going to be so slow in this thing. E: You are a Shaper. You can reshape your suit at will. N: Oh, right. Sure. Easy as-- ...pie. Wow. Just like that? E: Yes. I will teach you how. --- E: Sometimes in strategic places I can create special veins of EchoPlast to increase your rate of fire. N: "Strategic"? Are we fighting a war or something? --- E: The attack is over. N: This suit you shaped for me - very impressive. E: It is pleasing to you? N: What did I just say? NEW LEVEL - STEALTH E: Nevin, I have made a new gift for you, but you must reach the dais to receive it. --- N: What have you got for me now, Echo? E: I have fashioned you a Stealth Form. N: A Stealth Form! Cool! Hit me! Here comes the Stealth Form. Here it comes... Wait up. Am I down on all fours like a dog? E: The Stealth Form has many abilities-- N: It's kind of degrading, isn't it? E: Is it flawed? Father was right. I am stupid, weak and foolish... N: I'm sure Stealth Form is great. How about you show me what it can do? E: Why? It is flawed. N: Come on, show me. E: If you wish. Foremost among the Stealth Form's abilities is the Pounce Attack. E: This glowing blue strip is a Stealth Path. Sometimes I can put them in places to help you, so you don't get trapped in dead ends. E: When father would deny you a path, Pounce Nubs are another way I can make one for you. E: The Stealth Form has another special attack: a Prehensile Tongue. N: You're kidding me. E: Try it. N: You want me to lick enemies to death? E: It is flawed? N: No..No, it's great! I love it. --- E: The Stealth Form has one last ability. N: Is it tongue-related? E: It can become invisible for short periods of time. N: That sounds useful. E: Use invisibility to pass defence turrets unnoticed. N: Invisibility 12 CREDITS General walkthrough written by Rupert Breheny Copyright 2004 (all rights reserved) - Boss strategies provided by squall82003 Movie transcripts and combo level bonus analysis by Chris Young (aka DocTabasco) We are more than happy to receive submissions for updates, and are particularly keen on ENEMY guides, COMBAT strategies and or COMBO button sequences. A big thank you to the girls and boys at for making this terrific game. Matt Long, Andy Crosby, Jerry Berlongieri, where are you now and what are you doing? Your website is defunct and you left us with a cliff hanger ending! IÂ’ve submitted your game to but am sure they would love some more details on yourselves. I can only assume that you poured your heart and soul into a unique game that the uncaring public didnÂ’t look past the cattle market of Christmas 2003 to find. Very similar story to Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, another beautifully formed game, criminally overlooked by a franchise buying public. Thanks for this glimpse of something genuinely magical. OUTRAGE GAMES ARE : ART LEAD Matt Long ART Josh Foreman, Jonathan Hackett, Corey Hall, Mike Haney, Ramey Harris, Sung-Young Hong, Dion Hopkins, Joe Jobst, Bart Kaufman, Maxx Marshall, Nick Owens DESIGN LEAD Andy Crosby LEVEL SCRIPTING LEAD Luke Schneider LEVEL ART & DESIGN Chris Claflin, Darren Dienst, Ben Ridgway, James Zarubin DESIGN & LEVEL SCRIPTING Ryan Evans, John Gonzalez, Greg Heath, Raz Mergian, Erick Wujcik MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS Jerry Berlongieri PROGRAMMING LEAD Chris Pfeiffer PROGRAMMING Marc Hanson, Nate Goudie, Brad Muir, Scott Shumaker, Jeff Slutter, Annie Sullivan, Jeremiah Zanin ADDITIONAL ART Pao Hang ADDITIONAL DESIGN Scott Brodie, Dan Kramer ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING Jason Leighton, Herman Miller, Nate Payne TECHNICAL DIRECTION (ANIMATION) Doug Brooks DEMO VOICES Britta Berlongieri, Scott Fether TESTING LEADS Jason Feyers, Alexander Howlett TESTING Mark Ashton, Ryan Clegg, Cory Dunham, Chris Gorski, Devin Hailes, Parker Hamilton, Phil Harney, Alexander Jacobson, Jeremy Lee, Ryan Romans, Tod Schlegelmilch, Samuel Serrano, Todd Williams WEB DESIGN Tim Jessop ADMINISTRATION Heather Abner, Jeannie Esper, Beth Jarvis, Michelle Pieske SYSTEMS SUPPORT Jason Chrispen Kevin Wilson PROJECT & STUDIO MANAGEMENT Matt Toschlog ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION Tom Rigas SPECIAL THANKS Daniel Behrns, Dave Bollesen, Chad Christopher, John Donham, Jacob Emberton, Yoshi Florida, Phillip Frantzis, Thomas Jakobsen, Douglas Maclennan, Mary Ann Muir, Jason Page, Jason Votavaa, Clavia Musical Instruments, Pluto Post, Roland Corporation, All our friends and families CAST Matt Levin : Nevin Michael Bell : Echo Robin Atkin Downes : Paavo Jamie Alcroft : Stome Debi Mae West : Arana Nika Futterman : Kess Don Gibb : Gherran</p>