WCW Mayhem Faq Version: 1.0 Written By: cookinwiththerock E-Mail: ddoyle@tconl.com AOL Screen Name: Cwtrock ICQ: 41909042 Last Updated: September 5th, 1999 This FAQ was made for and exclusive to WCW-Mayhem.com by cookinwiththerock. All material is copyrighted © wcw-mayhemcom All Rights Reserved. If using this FAQ this header must not be removed. Please visit http://www.wcw-mayhem.com/ for the latest versions. ******************* *Table O' Contents* ******************* 1. Introduction 2. Updates 3. How To Play 4. Wrestlers Regular Characters A. Alex Wright B. Barry Windham C. Bobby Blaze D. Bobby Duncum Jr. E. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton F. Booker T G. Bret Hart H. Buff Bagwell I. Chavo Guerrero Jr. J. Chris Benoit K. Curt Henning L. Diamond Dallas Page M. Dean Malenko N. Disco Inferno O. Eddy Guerrero P. Ernest "The Cat" Miller Q. Goldberg R. Hollywood Hogan S. Horace Hogan T. Juventud Guerrera U. Kanyon V. Kaz Hayashi W. Kenny Kaos X. Kevin Nash Y. Billy Kidman Z. Konnan AA. La Parka BB. Lash LeRoux CC. Lex Luger DD. Lizmark Jr. EE. Norman Smiley FF. Prince Iaukea GG. Psychosis HH. Randy Savage II. Raven JJ. Rey Mysterio Jr. KK. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker LL. Perry Saturn MM. Scott Norton NN. Scott "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner OO. Steve McMichael PP. Stevie Ray QQ. Sting Black and White RR. Wrath Hidden Characters A. Arn Anderson B. Bam Bam Bigelow C. Chris Jericho D. Doug Dillinger E. Eric Bischoff F. Jimmy Hart G. Mean Gene Okerlund H. Ric Flair I. Rick Steiner J. Scott Hall K. Sonny Onoo L. Wolfpac Sting 5. Create-A-Wrestler With Wrestlers To Create 6. Create-A-PPV 7. Moves 8. Modes 9. Secrets 10. Credits ***************** *1. Introduction* ***************** This is the First WCW Mayhem Faq On The Net! When the game is released this faq will contain moves, secrets, and other stuff. This game is revolutionary because it is the ONLY game to allow you to fight in the backstage area. Wrestlemania 2000, WWF Attitude, and even Fire Pro G doesn't allow you too. Currently the game is slated for release on The N64 on September 21st and September 24th on the Playstation. ************ *2. Updates* ************ Version 1.0- Everything is new. **************** *4. How To Play* **************** Controls: Unknown at this time. Momentum Meter: Instead of a Sprit Meter ALA Revenge and WM2000 or Power Bar ALA Warzone and Attitude, WCW Mayhem uses a momentum meter. What this means is that The more moves you do the more it goes up and the more devastating your moves become. When the crowd cheers you it goes up when they boo you it goes down. To Fight Backstage Go up the entrance way but make sure you get back within the allotted time or you will be disqualified unless you are in a hardcore match. ************** *5. Wrestlers* ************** Alex Wright Height: Weight: From: Finisher: German Suplex WCW Titles Held: Barry Windham Height: 6' 5'' Weight: 273 pounds From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: Bobby Blaze Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Northern Lights Suplex WCW Titles Held: Bobby Duncum Jr. Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Alabama Jam WCW Titles Held: Booker T Height: 6'3'' Weight: 258 pounds From: Harlem, New York Finisher: Harlem Hangover WCW Titles Held: Bret Hart Height: 6'0'' Weight: 234 pounds From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Finisher: Sharpshooter WCW Titles Held: Buff Bagwell Height: 6'1'' Weight: 240 pounds From: Marietta, Georgia Finisher: Blockbuster WCW Titles Held: Chavo Guerrero Jr. Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Tornado DDT WCW Titles Held: Chris Benoit Height: 5'10'' Weight: 218 pounds From: Alberta, Canada Finisher: Crippler Crossface WCW Titles Held: Curt Henning Height: 6'3'' Weight: 257 pounds From: Finisher: Fisherman Suplex WCW Titles Held: Diamond Dallas Page Height: 6'5'' Weight: 260 pounds From: New Jersey Finisher: Diamond Cutter WCW Titles Held: Dean Malenko Height: 5'9'' Weight: 216 pounds From: Tampa, Florida Finisher: Texas Cloverleaf WCW Titles Held: Disco Inferno Height: 6'1'' Weight: 240 pounds From: Atlanta, Georgia Finisher: Last Dance WCW Titles Held: Eddy Guerrero Height: 5'8'' Weight: 221 pounds From: Finisher: Froggy Splash WCW Titles Held: Ernest "The Cat" Miller Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Super Kick WCW Titles Held: Goldberg Height: 6'4'' Weight: 285 pounds From: Tulsa, Oklahoma Finisher: Jackhammer WCW Titles Held: Hollywood Hogan Height: 6'8'' Weight: 275 pounds From: Venice Beach, California Finisher: Leg Drop WCW Titles Held: Horace Hogan Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Full Nelson Slam WCW Titles Held: Juventud Guerrera Height: Weight: From: Finisher: 450 Splash or Juvi Driver WCW Titles Held: Kanyon Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Flatliner WCW Titles Held: Kaz Hayashi Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Senton Back Splash WCW Titles Held: Kenny Kaos Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Power Surge WCW Titles Held: Kevin Nash Height: 7'1'' Weight: 356 pounds From: Phoenix, Arizona Finisher: Jackknife WCW Titles Held: Billy Kidman Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Shooting Star Press WCW Titles Held: Konnan Height: 5'10'' Weight: 237 pounds From: Finisher: Tequila Sunrise WCW Titles Held: La Parka Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Chair Shot, Moonsault or Top Rope Splash WCW Titles Held: Lash LeRoux Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: Lex Luger Height: 6'5'' Weight: 265 pounds From: Atlanta, Georgia Finisher: Torture Rack WCW Titles Held: Lizmark Jr. Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Asai Moonsault WCW Titles Held: Norman Smiley Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Norman Conquest WCW Titles Held: Prince Iaukea Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: Psychosis Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Guillotine Leg Drop WCW Titles Held: Randy Savage Height: 6'2'' Weight: 245 pounds From: Sarasota, Florida Finisher: Top Rope Elbow Drop WCW Titles Held: Raven Height: 6'1'' Weight: 235 pounds From: Finisher: Evenflow DDT WCW Titles Held: Rey Mysterio Jr. Height: 5'3'' Weight: 140 pounds From: San Diego, California Finisher: Top Rope Hurricanrana WCW Titles Held: Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Flying Knee Drop WCW Titles Held: Perry Saturn Height: 5'4'' Weight: 234 pounds From: Boston, Massachusetts Finisher: Rings Of Saturn WCW Titles Held: Scott Norton Height: 6'3'' Weight: 340 pounds From: Finisher: Shoulderbreaker WCW Titles Held: Scott "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner Height: 6'2'' Weight: 285 pounds From: Bay City, Michigan Finisher: Steiner Recliner WCW Titles Held: Steve McMichael Height: Weight: From: Finisher: 3-Point Stance WCW Titles Held: Stevie Ray Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Slap Jack WCW Titles Held: Sting Black and White Height: 6'3'' Weight: 253 pounds From: Venice Beach, California Finisher: Scorpion Death Lock WCW Titles Held: Wrath Height: 6'6'' Weight: 292 pounds From: Finisher: Meltdown WCW Titles Held: Hidden Wrestlers Arn Anderson Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: Bam Bam Bigelow Height: Weight: From: Asbury Park, New Jersey Finisher: Greetings from Asbury Park WCW Titles Held: Chris Jericho Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: Doug Dillinger Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: none Eric Bischoff Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: none Jimmy Hart Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: none Mean Gene Okerlund Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: none Ric Flair Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Figure-Four Leg Lock WCW Titles Held: Rick Steiner Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: Scott Hall Height: Weight: From: Finisher: Outsider Edge WCW Titles Held: Sonny Onoo Height: Weight: From: Finisher: WCW Titles Held: none If you have any more info please e-mail it to me for full credit. *********************************************** *5. Create-A-Wrestler with Wrestlers to Create* *********************************************** If you have a full list of the options available please e-mail them to me for full credit. ***************** *6. Create-A-PPV* ***************** Send in a complete list of things available in this mode and/or Send it some of your own ppvs. ********** *7. Moves* ********** If you have any moves please e-mail them to me. Regular Characters Alex Wright Barry Windham Bobby Blaze Bobby Duncum Jr. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton Booker T Bret Hart Buff Bagwell Chavo Guerrero Jr. Chris Benoit Curt Henning Diamond Dallas Page Dean Malenko Disco Inferno Eddy Guerrero Ernest "The Cat" Miller Goldberg Hollywood Hogan Horace Hogan Juventud Guerrera Kanyon Kaz Hayashi Kenny Kaos Kevin Nash Billy Kidman Konnan La Parka Lash LeRoux Lex Luger Lizmark Jr. Norman Smiley Prince Iaukea Psychosis Randy Savage Raven Rey Mysterio Jr. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker Perry Saturn Scott Norton Scott "Big Poppa Pump" Steiner Steve McMichael Stevie Ray Sting Black and White Wrath Hidden Characters Arn Anderson Bam Bam Bigelow Chris Jericho Doug Dillinger Eric Bischoff Jimmy Hart Mean Gene Okerlund Ric Flair Rick Steiner Scott Hall Sonny Onoo Wolfpac Sting ********** *8. Modes* ********** One-On-One- Standard matchup where first man to score a pinfall wins the match. Tag Team- You and a partner against 2 other wrestlers. You must tag your opponent before he can enter the ring legally. Triangle- 3 wrestlers in the ring at once. You win by scoring a pinfall on either of the two wrestlers. Triple Threat- You must pin both wrestlers to win the match. Raven's Rules- Hardcore match where anything goes. You can use weapons and can pin anywhere in the arena. Quest for the Best- You start off as a jobber(Horace Hogan) and work your way up in the rankings until your the WCW Heavyweight Champion of the WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD! ************ *9. Secrets* ************ If you know any secrets please e-mail them to me. ************* *10. Credits* ************* Jake Lawson and WCW-Mayhem.com- For hosting my faq and being the best mayhem site out. EGM- for all the info from their mag. 1999 Copyright cookinwiththerock and GA-Wrestling. This faq must not be reproduced in anyway.</p>