World of Warcraft Warrior Guide (\/)This is bunny (oo)He is the closest thing I can make to ASCII art (o)o)This is why the title is plain text --------------- Version History --------------- V1.0: Guide started v1.01: Guide submitted with the margins fixed v1.1: 29/05/06 Improved layout and put contact details at the start of the guide Updated legal info so sites that advertise gold can’t use the guide Added guide for shamans and updated some others. Began the equipment section Added the universal aggro macro Began adding the date to updates If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for this guide, E-mail You will receive full credit in the guide. If you want to contact me in WoW, I am on Chromaggus server, on the horde. My Char is a level 60 Tauren warrior called Pangobos. I am currently doing UBRS/scholo/strat baron runs and I will pay good money for 5,6,8 of warlords. -------- Contents -------- ()1. Why be a warrior? ()2. What race? ()3. Abilities ()4. Talents ()5. Soloing ()6. Tanking ()7. PvP ()8. Professions & secondary skills ()9. Quests ()10.Macros ()11.FAQ ()12.Equipment ()13.Special Thanks ()14.Legal mumbo-jumbo The () before each number are designed to help navigate this guide. Press ctrl-F and type in ()# to get to that section of the guide ---------------------- ()1. Why be a warrior? ---------------------- In virtually every fantasy RPG game I have played, I have intended to play a mage. However, after reading the manual on the way home or starting to play I found that mages were generally a difficult class to play and decided to play a warrior, at least until I got the hang of it. However, by the time I had got the hang of the game, I was already used to being a warrior and I didn’t want to start again. The warrior in World of Warcraft is very different from the warrior of other RPGs. Rather than only be able to hit things with a sword/axe/mace and wear very heavy armour, warriors in WoW have a variety of abilities to improve their attacks and do nasty stuff to enemies. They can also use different stances to affect how much damage they deal and receive and are defiantly a big step forward for RPG warriorkind. As a result, warriors are not an easy option for a first time player. Many people say that warriors are underpowered. While they receive some disadvantages, when played well they can be just as powerful as any other class. +-------------------------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Advantages of being a warrior | Disadvantages of being a warrior | +-------------------------------------+-------------------------------------+ |It’s usually easy to find instance |Some people whisper you with group | |groups because every group needs a |invites without checking where you | |tank. |are. | |Armour drops that you need are only |You have no transport abilities until| |ever needed by you, shamans (up to |you get a mount. | |level 40) & paladins).These classes |Being equipment heavy means you need | |are relatively uncommon in PvE groups.|to replace equipment regularly. | |You can equip any weapon type (except|Your job in groups is the most | |wands) with training. |difficult job of all- tanking. | |Against green level enemies, you can |Grinding is slow as you have a low dps| |sometimes sit back and watch your |If you change weapon types, you must | |character hack away at something and |grind weapon skill before you can use| |win. This is very handy if the server|it properly | |lags |People generally want the tank to be | |Because you are gear heavy, you get |the highest level in the group. This | |more effect from epic gear. |means you often can’t go to instances| |Warriors make excellent battleground |until you are 1-2 levels higher than | |twinks |the minimum. | |You don’t need to buy water | | |Warriors can be any race | | +-------------------------------------+-------------------------------------+ -------------- (2).What race -------------- As warriors can be any race, I would recommend picking your favourite race without worrying about the abilities. However, if you really care about having racials that help your class then all the races and what is good about them is here. The stat differences have little effect later on in the game. -------- Alliance -------- Humans -Perception helps against rogues but as warriors are good against rogues anyway, this doesn’t help too much -The spirit bonus is small and doesn’t help warriors much -The reputation bonus is always nice but nothing special -Sword and mace bonuses help but they become less noticeable at high levels and tend to make players avoid otherwise good axes. Night Elves -Shadowmeld is great because it allows you to avoid battles you don’t want and allows you to hide and get the first hit with charge. +1% dodge is more noticeable than you would think, and makes revenge available more when tanking -Wisp is nice but to be honest, if you need wisp a lot then you’re doing something wrong -The nature resistance bonus is low but great for mara and AQ Dwarves -I haven’t played as a dwarf before but if stoneform dispels bleed, poison and disease then it is good -Gun skill doesn’t help much as your primary combat style is melee. You only need range attacks for pulling -Frost resistance would be great if it wasn’t such a small amount, as frost spells often bring a variety of slow and immobilise effects. -Treasure finding is not much use as chests are easy to see and addons such as gatherer can mark them on the map anyway. Gnomes -Escape artist gets you out of roots. This is good as often if you can’t move, you can’t hit. -Intelligence is useless as a warrior -Arcane resistance isn’t very useful -The engineering bonus is useful if you choose engineering as a profession, useless if you don’t. ----- Horde ----- Orcs -Blood fury changes its effect so often, I’m not sure what it does anymore. However, it generally helps melee attacks -Hardiness is good against rogues and when tanking. Combined with the Iron Will talent you can get 40%? resist chance for stuns. -The increase in pet damage is useless as you don’t have a pet -The axe skill increase is useful as axes are used in the PvP crit spec. Just remember that you don’t have to use axes if a good sword/hammer drops. Tauren -War stomp interrupts spells, stops the enemy fighting for a bit, reveals rogues, needs no rage, can help you escape enemies and needs no rage. It more than makes up for ‘got milk’ jokes. +5% hp makes you even tougher than other warriors. The bonus can be quite a bit later on as it is a percentage increase. -The herbalism bonus is obviously good if you do herbalism, useless if you don’t. -The nature resistance is the same as the bonus for night elves- good in AQ and Mara but a bit low. Trolls -Berserking gives a nice attack bonus towards the end of a battle but requires rage to use -The regeneration bonus helps reduce downtime and when tanking allows you to continue regenerating at 1/10 speed. Try combining it with other regen gear and Bloodthirst and you can be as tough as a loladin. -Beast slaying gives a good bonus when fighting beasts and is useless when you aren’t -Throwing weapon skill doesn’t help much as thrown weapons are often less effective than guns/bows. Even rogues stop using them. Undead -Will of the forsaken is often considered to be one of the best racials in the game as it dispels fear, charm and sleep. However, charm and sleep are rare and warriors can dispel fear with berserker rage so this ability is only good when tanking and in defensive stance. -Cannibalise can reduce downtime as you don’t need to wait for mana. -There are very few situations when underwater breath helps. -Shadow resistance is useful against locks and priests. -------------- ()3 Abilities -------------- Instead of using mana to use abilities, warriors use rage. Unlike mana, rage is generated throughout a battle and gradually resets to 0 after it. If you quickly engage another enemy then you can keep the rage left over from the previous battle. Rage is generated by: -Dealing damage with normal attacks -Taking damage -Blocking (with a talent) -Charge -Bloodrage -Berserker rage (generates extra rage when hit and with a talent generates instant rage Warriors have the ability to use different stances in battle. Some skills can only be used in certain stances. The stances are: Battle Stance- A balanced stance that allows a wide selection of skills. It is a good stance to use when solo or about to attack something Defensive stance- Acquired from a level 10 quest, defensive stance reduces damage dealt and taken by 10%, increases threat generated and allows the use of defensive abilities. It is the best stance for tanking or travelling. Berserker stance- Learnt via a level 30 quest, berserker stance increase your chance to get a critical hit by 3% but increases damage taken by 10% and reduces threat generated. This stance is good when dps in groups, PvPing and often soloing. Heroic strike- Effect-Increases the damage of your next melee attack by x and causes a high amount of threat. Also causes that attack to generate no rage. Requires a melee weapon. Cost-15 rage (reduced to 12 with talent) All stances +------+--------------+----------------+---+ |Rank |Level required| Training cost | X | +------+--------------+----------------+---+ |1 |1 |Learnt at start |11 | |2 |8 | 2s |21 | |3 |16 | 20s |32 | |4 |24 | 80s |44 | |5 |32 | 1g 26s |58 | |6 |40 | 1g 98s |80 | |7 |48 | 4g |111| |8 |56 | 5g 80s |138| |9 |60 | Book |157| +------+--------------+----------------+---+ This is a good attack early on but later attacks such as mortal strike end up rendering it obsolete. It doesn’t use the global cooldown so it can be used when you are generating too much rage. The threat generated is less than sunder or revenge so it is not great for tanking unless you need a rage dump. Battle shout- Effect- Increases the attack power of you and all party members within 20 yards by x for 2 minutes. Shouts do not need a melee weapon but can’t be used when silenced. Cost-10 rage All stances +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |Rank |Level required | Training cost | X | +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |1 |1 | 10c |15 | |2 |12 | 10s |35 | |3 |22 | 60s |55 | |4 |32 | 1g 26s |85 | |5 |42 | 2g 88s |130| |6 |52 | 4g 86s |185| |7 |60 | Book |232| +------+---------------+---------------+---+ This ability gives a serious boost to the amount of damage you deal and when used in groups with rogues in, is even more effective. Try and keep the effect on at all times when fighting. If the group has a dps warrior, he/she should use battle shout so the tank can conserve rage for holding aggro. Charge Charges at an enemy 8-25yds away, generating x rage and stunning them for 1 second. While charging, you move at about double speed that can be affected by slow but the enemy can’t escape from the charge. Charge can’t be used in combat or when immobilised. Cooldown-15 seconds Battle Stance +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |Rank |Level required | Training cost | X | +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |1 |4 | 1s |9 | |2 |26 | 1g |12 | |3 |46 | 3g 60s |15 | +------+---------------+---------------+---+ Charge gets you into combat quickly so you don’t get shot, generates some rage and gives you 1 second of stun to use it. The rage generated is great for applying a battle shout, hamstring or sunder. Rend Rend wounds the target and makes them bleed, causing X damage over Y seconds. Some enemies are immune to bleed effects. Rend can be used with a mace but not while unarmed. Cost-10 rage Battle stance or defensive stance +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ |Rank | Level required| Training cost | X | Y | +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ |1 |4 | 1s |15 |9 | |2 |10 | 6s |28 |12 | |3 |20 | 40s |45 |15 | |4 |30 | 1g 20s |66 |18 | |5 |40 | 2g 20s |98 |21 | |6 |50 | 4g 20s |126|21 | |7 |60 | 4g 96s |147|21 | +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ Many players consider the damage from rend too low for it to be worth it. However, warrior damage is quite low in general. Rather than using it for damage purposes, the bleed effect counts as a hit every 3 seconds for spells and unstealths rogues that use vanish. I try and keep it on enemies anyway unless another ability effect is more important. Thunder Clap Blasts up to 4 nearby targets with thunder, slowing their attack speed by 10% for x seconds and causing y damage. Thunder clap requires no melee weapon. Cost-20 rage Battle stance 4 second cooldown +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ |Rank | Level required| Training cost | X | Y | +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ |1 |6 | 1s |10 |10 | |2 |18 | 27s |14 |23 | |3 |28 | 1g 10s |18 |45 | |4 |38 | 2g |22 |55 | |5 |48 | 3g 60s |26 |82 | |6 |58 | 6g |30 |103| +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ While the rage cost of thunder clap is high, the damage is quite good if you hit the maximum 4 targets and it slows their attack speed, giving you more time to live. It generates aggro on all 4 targets but as it is battle stance only, it should be used immediately after charge. The final use of this attack is unstealthing rogues, but it only really works against vanish. Hamstring Slows the opponent to x% of their movement speed and causes y damage for 15 seconds. 10 rage Battle or berserker stance +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ |Rank | Level required| Training cost | X | Y | +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ |1 |8 | 2s |60 |5 | |2 |32 | 1g 40s |55 |18 | |3 |54 | 5g 60s |50 |45 | +------+---------------+---------------+---+---+ Hamstring is one of the best PvP abilities warriors have. It is hard to dispel and prevents the enemy form getting any distance to fight from. In WSG, hamstring can be used on flag carriers to stop them running. The final use of this spell is escaping. Use it on an enemy that is going to kill you and run, as it walks after you. Bloodrage Converts 7% of your health into 10 rage and generates 1 more rage every second for 10 seconds. For these extra 10 seconds, you count as being in combat. If you use this out of combat, a bug can cause you to count as being in combat after it finishes. 1 min cooldown Level-10 Training cost-4s 80c Bloodrage used to cost 20% of your health but now it only costs 7%, it is a great ability. The 10 rage is enough for a hamstring, shield bash or battle shout and when tanking, it can give you enough rage to get some serious agro at the start of a battle. Bloodrage can’t be used to commit suicide- if you have less than 7% health it can’t be used. Sunder armour Reduces your targets armour by x for 30 seconds. Because you are wrecking their armour, this causes a lot of agro from the target. Sunder armour can stack up to 5 times. Each time it is used, the countdown for all the sunders on the target resets. If 2 warriors sunder the same target, the sunders will stack as one debuff, as long as they are the same rank. Different ranks can’t be combined. Cost-15 rage +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |Rank |Level required | Training cost | X | +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |1 |10 | Quest |90 | |2 |22 | 60s |180| |3 |34 | 1g 60s |270| |4 |46 | 3g 24s |360| |5 |58 | 6g |450| +------+---------------+---------------+---+ Sunder armour should be your primary ability when tanking. As well as allowing you and rogues to deal more damage, the threat generated is apparently equal to 5x the armour loss. Unfortunately, sunder armour is rarely worth using when solo, as heroic strikes and rends will usually do more damage. Taunt Taunts the target, causing it to attack you. There is no effect if the target is already attacking you. Level 10 10 second cooldown Defensive stance Learnt from the defensive stance quest No global cooldown Taunt requires no rage and is useful when tanking because it will get an enemy off someone no matter how much they have agroed it. Once it is taunted, you will have an equal threat to the person with the highest threat. This means that if you don’t hit it with a sunder, it will often go back to attacking the other target again. Overpower Overpowers the enemy, instantly dealing weapon damage plus x. Overpower can only be used if the enemy has dodged within the last 5 seconds and it must be used on the enemy that dodged. Overpower cannot be blocked, dodged or parried but it can miss. Cost-5 rage Battle stance 6 second cooldown +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |Rank |Level required | Training cost | X | +------+---------------+---------------+---+ |1 |12 | 10s | 5 | |2 |28 | 1g 10s |15 | |3 |44 | 3g 40s |25 | |4 |60 | 6g 20s |35 | +------+---------------+---------------+---+ Overpower is yet another reason why warriors own rogues. You should always use overpower when possible as it is basically a free attack for 5 rage. Once you get the hang of quickly changing stances, learn to switch to battle stance, use it and switch back. With the improved overpower talent, the crit chance is increased by 50%, making it more powerful than the dodged attack. There are many addons that can be downloaded that make sound effects when the target dodges. Statistics for the abilities from this point are not included because it takes too long. They will be added in a later update so don’t worry.:) Shield bash Bashes the target with a shield, interrupting spell casting and preventing spells from that class from being casted for 6 seconds. It causes a pitiful amount of damage. 10 rage Requires a shield 12 second cooldown (shared with pummel) Battle or defensive stance This is a really nice skill to use against casters, particularly healers. You can’t stop everything with this as the cooldown is twice as long as the effect but it limits what the enemy can throw at you. When fighting healers, only bash healing spells. Demoralising shout Shouts at nearby enemies, reducing their attack power for 30 seconds. 10 rage This is worth using. It makes enemies less powerful so you live longer and generates a small amount of agro on all of them. It isn’t the best ability but it is cheap to use and can be improved by talents Revenge Revenge instantly counterattacks a target, causing damage and a lot of threat. It can only be used after you block, dodge or parry but doesn’t have to hit the target that strikes you. 5 rage 5 second cooldown Defensive stance Revenge generates the most threat of any ability and only costs 5 rage. It is only useful when tanking. It should be used as an alternative to sunder when possible. As with overpower, there are addons that indicate when it should be used. Mocking Blow A mocking attack that causes damage and forces a target to attack you for 6 seconds. 10 rage 2 min cooldown Battle stance I’m going to be honest here, while I know mocking blow, I have NEVER used it. This is because it is battle stance only when it is a tanking move. If you have tactical mastery and know how to stance dance then it is ok but the 2 minute cooldown limit its effectiveness. Shield Block Increases your chance to block by 75% for 5 second, but only blocks one attack. With talents it can block 2. 10 rage Requires a shield 5 second cooldown No global cooldown Defensive stance Shield block is a good ability to use when tanking if you have the spare rage but the rage is better spent on a sunder. Another use of this is when running, you can reduce the damage you take. Disarm Disarms the targets weapon for 10 seconds, causing them to do very little damage and look very foolish. It can even be used if you get disarmed first 20 rage 1 min cooldown Defensive stance Disarm is another powerful PvP skill. It is only worth using against melee classes as casters are hardly affected. It is possible to get immunity to disarm with some gloves or by getting a weapon chain from a blacksmith. NPCs receive less of an effect from disarm and most don’t have weapons equipped. Cleave Causes your next attack to hit your target and its nearest ally for slightly more than weapon damage 20 rage Cleave affects your next attack in the same way that Heroic Strike does. As a result of this, it isn’t affected by the global cooldown. It works better with big slow two handed weapons than with faster weapons. Last stand (talent) Instantly heals you by 30% of your maximum hitpoints. After 20 seconds, these hitpoints are lost. If you have less than 30% hp when this happens, you are reduced to 1hp. 10 minute cooldown I don’t use this because of my talent spec but it looks good for emergencies. Piercing Howl (talent) Causes all nearby enemies to be dazed for 6 seconds. The daze effect reduces their speed by 50%. 10 rage This could work for escaping from more than one enemy. In PvP hamstring is usually better except for one thing- Druids. Druids can shift between cow/elf and transport form to get immunity to hamstring and most other movement impairing effects. They can’t shift out of daze. Retaliation Instantly counterattack all melee attacks from in front of you for 15 seconds. Up to 30 attacks can be countered in this way. Battle stance 30 minute cooldown (shared with shield wall & recklessness) Even with the recent nerfs, retaliation is still a great ability to have in emergencies. In groups, challenging shout followed by retaliation can sort out a bad pull easily but the 30 minute cooldown means you should only use it if someone will die otherwise. Intimidating shout Shout, causing the target to cower in fear and up to 5 nearby enemies run in fear. Lasts 8 seconds 25 rage 3 minute cooldown While the new limit in targets stops it from scaring AV groups :( , it now affects the target. It can be interrupted by damage but you can still get a good amount of time to deal damage or get cooldowns back. Just one warning though, NEVER use this in a dungeon. Execute Attempts to finish off the target, instantly causing a lot of damage and converting each additional rage point into more damage. It can only be used on enemies with 20% hp or less. 15 rage (but all rage is used for bonus damage) Battle/berserker stance When an enemy is below 20% hp, spamming execute allows you to outdamage rogues. It does burn all your rage so sometimes it isn’t the best technique. While tanking, it is possible to hold aggro on bosses with execute. Execute crits can cause the highest damage for one ability in world of Warcraft. The picture linked below is old and was engineered to produce the high damage but it still shows what execute can do. Challenging shout A shout that causes all nearby enemies to attack you for 6 seconds. I think it generates threat in the same way as taunt so if you do nothing, the enemy will return to their original targets after 6 seconds. 5 rage 10 minute cooldown Challenging shout is an emergency skill for instances. Combined with retaliation, it can be devastating. Shield Wall Reduces all damage taken by 75% for 10 seconds. Requires a shield Defensive stance 30 min cooldown (shared with retaliation & recklessness) Shield wall has the same uses as retaliation but it works against range attacks. I don’t use it much because retaliation seems so much better, but when tanking or running with the flag in WSG, it can be useful. Concussive blow (talent) Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds. A very powerful PvP ability as 5 seconds is a surprising amount. Not as useful in PvE as many enemies are immune. Death Wish (talent) Increases physical damage dealt by 20% but reduces armour and resistances by 20%. Also dispels fear and provides immunity. This counts as a debuff so you can’t dispel it I’ve never used this but I can see how it could be very powerful, particularly if combined with recklessness. The penalty is minimal as 20% armour loss doesn’t mean 20% more damage. It’s worth getting for fury warriors. Intercept 10 rage Berserker stance 8-25yd range 30 second cooldown Charges the opponent, causing damage and stunning the enemy for 3 seconds. Combined with hamstring, intercept makes you almost immune to kiting, as you can get to melee range of anyone. This is always worth using. Slam 15 rage 1.5 second cast Melee range Slams the enemy for weapon damage + a small amount (less than heroic strike) Slam has very limited uses. If you are being hit, it takes ages to cast so it sucks. If you are using a slow weapon, it does less damage than melee attacks and sucks. I use it after intercept and war stomp if I have the rage but even then it’s still not great Sweeping strikes (talent) 30 rage Battle Stance 45 sec cooldown Your next 5 melee attacks or abilities strike an additional opponent that is within attack range of both you and your target. Only the damage is applied to target 2 and the attacks must be used within 15 seconds. Whirlwind and cleave now only receive one additional strike but can hit an enemy twice. Sweeping strikes is a good ability if you are against 2 enemies as it effectively gives you 5 free attacks for 30 rage. Berserker rage Berserker stance 30 second cooldown Dispels fear and incapacitate, provides immunity and increases rage generated when hit for 10 seconds. When fighting anything with fear/incapacitate, I save this so I can dispel it. When fighting anything without it, I use it anyway for the extra rage. Whirlwind attack 25 rage Berserker stance 6 second cooldown Attacks up to 4 nearby enemies, dealing weapon damage to each. This is a great ability for PvE if you go DPS and battlegrounds. It as also good for instant damage if you have lots of rage and need to spend it. Pummel 10 rage Berserker stance 10 second cooldown Interrupts spellcasting and prevents casting of spells from that school for 4 seconds. Also cause a small amount of damage Pummel is the PvP version of shield bash because it uses berserker stance and no shield. See the PvP strategy for more details. Bloodthirst (uber fury talent) 30 rage 6 second cooldown Instantly causes damage equal to 45% of your attack power and causes your next 5 attacks within 8 seconds to heal you by a small amount. Bloodthirst and mortal strike are often the subject of debates as to which is better but in my opinion, they are both as good as each other when used with that tree. Mortal strike favours 2h weapons for the damage while Bloodthirst favours dual-wielding so you can get all the healing effect. Mortal Strike (uber arms talent) 30 rage 6 second cooldown Instantly attacks the enemy for weapon damage + a small amount and reduces healing on the target by 50% for 10 seconds. See Bloodthirst. Shield Slam (uber protection talent) 30 rage 6 second cooldown Requires shield Causes damage and has a 50% chance of removing a magic effect from the target. Also causes a high amount of threat. Recklessness Berserker stance 30 min cooldown (linked with Retaliation and Shield wall) Increases crit chance by 100% and makes you immune to fear effects for 15 seconds. Also increases damage taken by 20%. Normally, this doubles your damage output. However if you charge full rage up, use deathwish, have flurry and impale and maybe even troll berserker orc blood fury, this is even more powerful. You can solo elites with this method. ------------ ()4.Talents ------------ This section contains various talent builds. If you know of a good build, E-mail it to My spec ------- Minimum Required Level: 54 Required Talent Points: 45 Arms Talents - 35 points Deflection - rank 5/5 Improved Rend - rank 3/3 Improved Charge - rank 2/2 Tactical Mastery - rank 5/5 Improved Overpower - rank 2/2 Anger Management - rank 1/1 Deep Wounds - rank 3/3 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization - rank 5/5 Impale - rank 2/2 Sweeping Strikes -rank 1/1 Polearm Specialization - rank 5/5 (can be replaced with axe specialisation) Mortal Strike - rank 1/1 Fury Talents - 5 points Cruelty - rank 5/5 Protection Talents - 5 points Shield Specialization - rank 5/5 This talent setup is designed to deal damage while still being able to tank. The damage dealt is quite high so it works well for grinding. Because this is designed to deal damage with crits, equipment should be agility/crit chance fist and strength/stamina second. It favours a 2h weapon when solo/PvP. ------------ ()5.Soloing ------------ Soloing as a warrior is quite easy, if a little slow. However, there are some tricks that make it faster and easier. 1- Bring a 2 handed weapon or dual wield. While you may do slightly better overall with a shield, it makes battles very, very long. 2- Pull enemies back. If you charge in and stand in the same place, you are likely to aggro more enemies. While warriors are able to take on two things at once, its not advised. The other advantage is if you want to run, you don’t have to run as far, or through swarms of other enemies. 3- Hamstring is nice for escaping. If you try and run without hamstring, the enemy will daze you and you won’t survive. 4- Retaliation/recklessness will work on nearly anything. If you have to kill one high level enemy/elite for a quest or you get attacked by 3+ enemies at once, use one of these. 5- Bring food. While you don’t have to worry about mana, health regeneration is still an issue. 6- Beware of casters. Anything that uses a non physical attack such as mages of fire elementals will not be affected by armour. This means that unless you have resistance gear, you will die quickly. 7- Don’t try to solo elites. The full rage bug got removed.:( ----------- ()6.Tanking ----------- Warriors are special because they are the only class that can tank well. Feral druids can use bear form if they have to and paladins can tank if they can get aggro but a warrior is always preferred. Unfortunately, there are many warriors that do not know how to tank and result in the deaths of healers, themselves and the other group members. When tanking, you MUST use a shield. The reasons are listed below: -A shield adds 10-15% to your damage reduction and gives a 5-10% block chance. This makes you much tougher. -While your attacks with a 2h generate more aggro and rage, you will need healing more. This means that the healer generates more aggro so both your jobs are harder. -Shield bash requires a shield. -Revenge doesn’t require a shield but a good block chance can allow you to use it every time the cooldown is ready. I have 10% parry, 5% dodge and 12% block. This means that each attack gives a 27% chance to allow revenge. At one attack/second, I can get the maximum number of revenges. -If your 1h/shield is too weak, buy a new one. It makes things so much easier. I have tanked with a 2h before and done it relatively well (I have screenshots to prove it) but when I switched to using a shield, it became much easier. The other essential for tanking is defensive stance. It will reduce all damage taken (physical, magical, fall and any other way you manage to injure yourself) by 10% and gives a boost to your threat generated which is much more than you will lose from the -10% damage. If that wasn’t enough, you get taunt and revenge to generate even more aggro. To get defensive stance, do the level 10 quest from your class trainer. Equipment --------- When tanking, you should use a 1h & shield as mentioned before and mail/plate armour (depending on level). The stats on equipment should be (starting with the best): Appropriate resistance (Go to BRD/MC without fire resistance and you will see why) Increased defence (makes you harder to hit) Stamina/+hitpoints (Everyone loves hitpoints) Armour (50% damage reduction is easy to get with plate) Strength/Agility (Both are good but if you are a crit spec, go for agility) Don’t bother with: Spirit (Out of combat heals are rare as you should have a priest) Intellect (You use rage) Strategy -------- Your tanking strategy will depend on the type of pull. You should start in battle stance if you aren’t pulling. The single basic elite pull If you are lucky, you will only be facing one enemy. Begin by charging in if possible, sunder and switch to defensive stance. When in defensive stance, use bloodrage and use revenge when possible and sunders when it isn’t. This should keep agro until the enemy is killed. Simple bosses, (those with no adds/stuns etc) may need some time for you to build aggro. Just tell everyone to wait until you have 2 or 3 sunders. The multi elite pull It is not always possible to fight enemies one at a time. If you must face multiple enemies, mages/priests/rogues should use crowd control when possible. If only one enemy remains, aggro it as shown above and move on to the next enemy. If you end up fighting 2 or 3 enemies without CC, the difficulty will largely depend on how the group acts. Ideally, a hunter should put hunters mark on the enemy that is the main target. Everyone should attack this while you focus your attacks on it, making sure you hit the others enough to keep them aggroed. If you don’t have a hunter, make sure everyone knows which enemy the are fighting. If the group starts hitting different things, there is a trick that can keep everything aggroed. Target one enemy, hit it with a sunder and use the global cooldown to target another. Hit revenge or sunder on it and move on. If done right, this can aggro 3 or 4 mobs at once. If anything breaks free and runs for a healer or mage, quickly taunt it and get 2 sunders. If things start to go wrong, prioritise the people you need to keep safe. The healer should be first, followed by anyone else who can resurrect. Mages and warlocks are easy to kill and need to be kept safe but rogues & hunters can take hits and can safely be left for a bit. The desperate measures pull If the situation looks desperate, use challenging shout and retaliation. Begin sundering and revenging. This should hold aggro on most enemies and do a lot of damage. With a 30 minute cooldown, it should be used only when you have to. The swarm pull Sometimes you will be facing a swarm of enemies with very low hp. These should be aoed by anyone who can while a priest shields them. Challenging shout-retaliation is fun in this situation but it’s like using napalm to light a cigarette. I back the party up by war stomping the enemies in place but you might as well use berserker stance and whirlwind because you won’t take aggro. The mixed pull When elites and non elites are pulled at the same time, begin by charging and using thunder clap and focus on the elites. The no-elites will die quickly from aoes and if you try and show of by tanking them, you could lose the elites. The Boss and henchmen pull Many bosses will have a normal enemy to each side of them. They are easy if you keep the boss aggroed and the group focuses on the adds. Sometimes, you may need to use shield wall as bosses can deal high damage. Special bosses Coming soon... ------- ()7-PVP ------- Ignore what anyone says, warriors are a good PvP class. There are some classes that are hard to beat but the same goes for every class. Just remember that before you get berserker stance/intercept, you will be kited by everyone. ALWAYS bring an Insignia of the Horde/Alliance. One on one/Duels ---------------- Every class has a tactic that you should use against it, although these may need to be modified to suit your build. Don’t be afraid to use retaliation/shield wall/recklessness if you have to. Hunters ------- Difficulty- Easy (past lvl 30) Try and start the battle by charging before you get hit or you can end up losing 30-50% hp. If you do get hit, switch to berserker stance and intercept. Once you are in melee range, use hamstring and make sure the enemy stays hamstringed. Now all you need to do is battle shout and dps, switching to battle stance if the enemy dodges. Ignore their pet as it is just giving you more rage. Rogues ------ Difficulty- Easy-Medium Chances are, you won’t be ably to get a charge in because the rogue will stealth. When you get stun locked, trinket out of it and hamstring the rogue. Switch to defensive stance to disarm and then use battle stance and hit them with an overpower every 5 seconds. If you really want to destroy the enemy, use retaliation and watch as every butter knife stab that they use is retaliated by a powerful attack. If they use vanish, run forward to where you think they are and thunder clap. Druids ------ Difficulty- Easy-Medium/Hard A bad druid will fight by either remaining in an animal form or fighting you in elf/cow form as a healer. In bear form they are a weak warrior and are easy to beat In cat form they are a weak rogue (see above for rogue killing strategy) In elf/cowform they are a priest with low dps, no damage shield and a heal that takes ages and can be easily pummelled. Just trinket out of roots and watch out for them pretending to heal by using a hearthstone. Stop this by hiting them with a normal attack (or any instant that deals damage such as hamstring) and pummelling them if they keep casting. A skilled druid is much more of a problem. They will use stuns and roots to heal and will switch between forms. Trinket out of anything they try to heal with and remember that intimidating shout can be used to interrupt casting at short range. As with any ranged enemy, keep them hamstringed. Warlocks -------- Difficulty- Medium (easy if you are undead, even easier if you have resistance gear.) The warlock strategy works by causing the enemy to run around with fear cast on them while DOTs kill them. This is less effective against warriors because of bloodrage. Begin by charging and IMMEDIATELY switch to berserker stance and stay there, even if your opponent dodges. Pummel or otherwise interrupt anything they try and cast and berserker rage out of fear and return to battle with intercept. Keep a hamstring on them just in case. Recklessness will completely destroy locks because it gives you 15 seconds of fear immunity and causes you to deal at least double damage. Warlocks can use soulstones to get back up again after dying. They have a 30 minute cooldown and give them low hp and no demon but if you aren’t prepared, they will kill you. Warriors -------- Difficulty- Medium Warrior fights will usually start with both warriors charging. Use the charge rage to cast battle shout and switch to berserker stance and berserker rage. Switch back to battle stance if it suits your stance and start using damage moves. At some point, your opponent will disarm you. Switch to defensive stance and either run if you have hamstringed your opponent, or if you don’t use rend/deep wounds, use intimidating shout. Bandage if you don’t consider it dishonourable or get to a distance and prepare to intercept. When you get reduced to about 30% hp, disarm the enemy. This is the best time to disarm as it will stop them using execute. Use this opportunity to reduce them to 20% hp and execute. One thing you may want to try is duelling a warrior and both using retaliation... Priests ------- Difficulty- Medium-Hard (shadow resistance recommended) Begin by charging or, if you get hit first, bloodrage intercept. Keep in berserker stance but after using hamstring, try and save rage. If they psychic scream, use berserker rage and intercept. They both have a 30 second cooldown so you can use it again if necessary. When your opponent shields and tries to heal, unleash all the rage you have built up, possibly with recklessness activated. Hopefully, this will break the shield and allow you too pummel them. Shield can now be cast every 15 seconds so you need to kill them in that time. Loladins -------- Difficulty- Hard They fight like and afk warrior but when reduced to low health, the can godbubble,stun or incapacitate and heal. However, these techniques can be countered. Stun can be removed by trinket Incapacitate can be removed by berserker rage Godbubble can’t be countered but if you bandage and start running until it goes, you can gain health when they use it. Disarm is good to use when the enemy isn’t trying to heal but overpower is not recommended as battle stance makes you unable to berserker rage out of incapacitate effects. However, only a skilled player would react to a stance change so you should be safe from loladins. Finish with /spit. Mages ----- Dificulty-RUN Every class has a class that beats them. In our case, it is mages. Their spells cause full damage unless you are clad in resistance gear and many instant so you can’t pummel them. If you get the first hit with charge so the have to blink, intercept them, hamstring and trinket out of any immobilise effects and possibly use shield wall you might win but mounting and running is so much less painful. Shammies (Because I don’t know the plural of Shaman) ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks to info about shamans from Unholyburn. Difficulty- Hard As a horde player, I never considered Shamans to be overpowered. However, the information I have seen has made me reconsider. Despite wearing mail and carrying shields, shamans can deal good dps in melee and magic, heal themselves and self res. When fighting them, get a hamstring in immediately . If you don’t, frost shock and earthbind will prevent you getting a hit. Disarm helps as their melee can hurt. When the use magic, consider saving pummel for a heal as it has a 10 second cooldown and only 4 sec duration. When dealing with totems, don’t bother switching targets. Instead, use hamstring on the totem for an instant 10 rage attack and immediately switch back to your opponent. If you do kill the shaman, bandage and watch the corpse until they release. They can self res using reagents with a 40 min cooldown. They get low hp from it but it can catch you out if you aren’t prepared. ------------------------------------ ()8 Professions and secondary skills ------------------------------------ The section is about how useful secondary skills are from a warrior’s point of view. Gathering skills ---------------- Herbalism Useful with- Alchemy Herbalism is probably the least profitable of the three gathering skills and the variety of herbs at the same level means it can take up a lot of inventory space. If you’re a Tauren or an alchemist, this can be good but for a money generating profession, stick to mining/skinning. Mining Useful with- Blacksmithing/Engineering/Enchanting/Skinning Blacksmithing is a good money making profession, and can be combined with blacksmithing or engineering. If you don’t take blacksmithing, you can sell the metal and get another blacksmith to make weight/grinding stones from them. With mining and/or herbalism, it is a good idea to get a gathering mod. Skinning Useful with- Leatherworking/Enchanting/Mining Skinning is even more profitable than mining if you can sell the leather and allows you to gain experience while training it. In groups, you can make a fortune if you are the only skinner. Production skills ----------------- Alchemy Useful with- Herbalism Alchemy allows you to make your own potions which can be invaluable as you can’t heal yourself. However, I haven’t seen any BoP potions and the profit margins are low so you may be better off buying them. Blacksmithing Useful with- Mining Very few trainer items from blacksmithing can break even, let alone make a profit. However, accessories such as weapon chains, shield spikes, etc can make money with a little investment to get them plans. Weight/sharpening stones would also make money but you would have to convince people that they worth using and can be used by non-blacksmiths. Items from plans can also be profitable but can take a while to pay back the money for the plans. The main reason to get blacksmithing is some of the BoP items. Enchanting ---------- Useful with- Mining/Skinning Enchanting is actually a very good warrior profession for two reasons- 1.You will have to replace your equipment a lot and have a lot of disenchantable items that otherwise have to be vendored 2.When you replace equipment, you have to re-enchant it. This way, you don’t have to pay enchanters and you get a lot of opportunity to train enchanting. While most enchanters take tailoring because it needs no gathering profession, warriors are better off taking a gathering skill and selling the items to buy enchanting mats. Engineering ----------- Useful with-Mining Engineering is fun and some of the array of gadgets benefit warriors. For example, bombs that incapacitate can be used to interrupt canters from a distance. However, there is virtually no potential for profit until you can make stuff for other professions. Leatherworking -------------- Use with Skinning While leatherworking is a good skill if you are a class that can use the products, warriors can only use bags from leatherworking. The profit margins a poor-zero so there is very little point taking this. Tailoring --------- Tailoring is just as useless as leatherworking, but it uses up expensive cloth that can be sold or used in first aid. Secondary Skills ---------------- Fishing ------- Fishing is frustrating, time consuming and pointless. The only use I have found is fishing in WC and the oases nearby for deviate fish to make deviate fish delight. Cooking ------- While the materials are rarely sold so you have to gather them yourself, cooking can be worthwhile because of the well-fed buffs. First aid --------- The bandages are great for a non-healing class and the best thing is, they can be used in battle if you disable the opponent. Intimidating shout works well if you don’t use rend/deep wounds). The horde recipes for expert first aid can be bought in the Duskwallow marsh village with the ogres. The artisan recipes are in Hammerfall, Arathi. I’m not sure about the ally recipes but they are probably in the ally towns in those areas. ---------- ()9 Quests <-------------------------Read this bit for defensive stance ---------- Someone is going to E-mail me about this whether I put these quests in or not but they’re here anyway. At the moment, only the defensive and berserker stance quests are here but more will be added Level 10- Defensive stance -------------------------- The defensive stance quest that teaches you sunder, taunt and defensive stance is found from your class trainer in:- Humans -Goldshire Dwarves/Gnomes-The place near ironforge that I don’t know the name of. Night elves -Dalanar Orcs/Trolls -Razor Hill Tauren -Bloodhoof Village Undead -Brill I think you can get these quests from the city trainers but I’m not sure. The quest will tell you to talk to someone, but their location is fairly obvious from the quest description. Level 30- Berserker stance -------------------------- This quest starts from your capital city trainer and requires you to go to fray island to defeat some enemies. Fray island is located east of the barrens although you can swim to it from Durotar. The boss can be defeated at level 30 if you bring a good 2 handed weapon and use retaliation. ------------ ()10 Macroes ------------ Easy taunt /script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(2); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Taunt()"); else CastSpellByName("Defensive Stance()"); end; This macro checks for defensive stance. If you aren’t in defensive stance it puts you in it. If you are, it uses taunt. Easy Overpower /script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Overpower(Rank 3)"); else CastSpellByName("Battle Stance()"); end; This macro is the same as above only with battle stance and overpower. Replace rank 3 with a different number if appropriate. Easy disarm /script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(2); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Disarm()"); else CastSpellByName("Defensive Stance()"); end; Defensive stance or disarm Easy Charge /script texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1); if isActive then CastSpellByName("Charge(Rank 3)"); else CastSpellByName("Battle Stance()"); end; See above but with Charge/ battle stance Now pulling /cast Shoot Bow /cast Shoot Crossbow /cast Shoot Gun /cast Throw /s Now pulling %t. Get ready. This will shoot an enemy with whatever range weapon you have and announce it to the group. Quick item heal /target YourNameHere /script UseContainerItem(Bag#, Item#); /script TargetLastEnemy(); This macro uses the item in the slot on you. The bag numbers are 0-4, where backpack is 0 (I think) and the item numbers go across like this- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Beware of the ownage /cast retaliation /s Retaliation activated- BEWARE OF THE OWNAGE Since blizzard added the animation, you might as well use this. Matrix /s Wake up %t /s The matrix has you /s Free your mind Use this as three separate macros and use when someone is afk/dced Resistance gear /script PickupInventoryItem(14); /script PickupInventoryItem(16); /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item1 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item2 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item3 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item4 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item5 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item6 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item7 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item8 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item9 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item10 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item11 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item12 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item13 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item14 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item15 /script UseContainerItem(Bag4, Item16 If this is too long, remove some of the end lines. There need to be as many as your number of resistance gear pieces. To use this macro, put all resistance equipment in bag4 and click. It will replace everything, including both trinkets and rings if possible. Even better, it will replace your original equipment if clicked again. Just don’t put consumable items in the bag or you will use them. Universal Aggro generation /cast Revenge /cast Sunder Armor /cast Heroic Strike Tired of choosing between different abilities to generate agro? This macro gives the most aggro possible. If available, it uses revenge If not, it uses sunder armor If you have enough rage, it uses heroic strike ----------- ()11 F.A.Q. ----------- Will be added when someone frequently asks questions. E-mail -------------- ()12 Equipment -------------- This section is for any equipment that is particularly useful for warriors. If you have any suggestions for equipment to add (of any level). All items are BoP unless mentioned if a specific monster or quest is mentioned. World drops are BoE and can be found on ah. Under level 20 -------------- Stinging viper (blue) Requires level 19 One-hand mace Drops from Lord Pythas 21 elite(WC) 30-57 damage, 2.8 speed= 15.5 dps Proc: Poison for 35 nature damage over 15 seconds This is a great tanking weapon but to get it, you need a competent WC group to get it. It is also very popular with rogues, druids, paladins, shamans and priests so you need to be lucky with rolling. 20-30 ----- Corpsemaker (blue) Requires level 29 Two hand axe Drops from overlord ramtusk, 32 elite (RFK) 88-132 damage,3.8 speed= 28.9 dps +15 strength +8 Stamina This is a great PvP and solo axe until you get your whirlwind weapon. 30-40 ----- Chain of the Scarlet crusade (blue/green) Requires level 30-38 Mail Legs are BoP and drop from Herod (SM arm) Other items are BoE and drop from various enemies in SM 1001 armour (+10 for set) +44 strength +12 agility +56 stamina +1 defense +5 shadow resistance +15 attack power against undead +1% hit chance I never used the whole set but the legs and chest are worth getting. Combined with Herod’s shoulder, raging berserker helm and ageis of the scarlet commander, this is one of the best looking sets in the game. Herod’s shoulder Requires level 37 Dropped by Herod (SM Arm) Mail shoulder 196 armour +6 strength +15 stamina Raging berserkers helm Dropped by Herod Mail helm 213 armour +13 strength +8 Stamina +1% crit chance Aegis of the scarlet commander Level 39 Dropped by commander morgrain (SM cath) Shield 1548 armour 23 block +7 strength +8 stamina +7 spirit A good shield that looks like a Canadian flag. Whirlwind weapons Aquired from the berserker stance follow-up which requires killing about 50 lvl 38-39 elementals, loads of trolls and a lvl 40 elite. The quest is obtainable at level 30. There are 3 weapons available- the axe which everyone takes, the hammer which I took and the sword. All give +15 strength and +14 stamina Axe gives 102-154 damage and 3.6 speed= 35.6 dps Hammer gives 97-146 damage and 3.4 speed= 35.7 dps Sword gives 82-124 damage and 2.9 speed= 35.4 dps 40-50 Icemetal barbute Level 40 Dropped by the lich at the end of RFD Plate helm 383 armour +15strength +10 stamina +7 spirit +5 frost resistance 50-early level 60 Battlegear of valor Items drop from: Bracers-BRS (upper and lower) random enemies. BoE Belt-LBRS Highlord Omok about 7% chance. BoE Gloves- Strat- Rivenstein the gorger, 12%. BoE. IF YOU HAVE THESE ON CHROMAGUS, Legs-Strat- Baron riverdare, 7%. BoP CONTACT ME Boots-Scholo, Kitonos the herald, 12%. BoP Helm- Scholo, Dark master gandling, 7%. BoP Spaulders- UBRS, rend blackhand, 12%. BoP Chest- UBRS, general drakisath, 7% BoP The set gives: 3622 armour (+200 bonus) +110 strength +56 agility +131 stamina +35 spirit +40 attack power +8 all resistances Chance on melee attack to heal you by 88-132 Draconian deflector 2153 armour 40 block +7 stamina +10 fire resistance +10 defense With stamina, defense and fire resistance, this is THE tanking shield. It drops from drakisath so chances are, you’ll get it when trying to get the valor chest. ------------------- ()13 Special thanks ------------------- Blizzard for making such a great game. Everyone in my guild ‘Deck a dwarf’ on Chromaggus server who didn’t leave after we became PvP for a bit. My family because I got this guide done because of their support (and their Computer) Thottbot for some of the factual information Anyone who plays as a priest or resto druid on the horde The Loladin who repeatedly attacked me and got owned while I was grinding to lvl 60. Most of the Loladin killing info comes from killing him. Unholyburn for the shaman guide My char, Pangobos is a lvl 60 tauren warrior on chrommagus. /w me ---------------------- ()14.Legal mumbo-jumbo ---------------------- This guide is copyright 2006, Stuart Brooks. Currently, are allowed to use it. If you want to put it on your site then: 1. You must e-mail me at so I know and can check your website 2. Nothing may be added, removed or edited from this guide, although the text may be formatted. 3. Full credit must be given to me. 4. The guide must be available to all users of your site. It must not be part of a subscription, unless you are willing to give me a share in the profits. 5. Your site must not advertise gold or account sales, whether from sweatshop labour or dishonest players. Adding this guide to your website without permission is a violation of the copyright and may result in legal action. If you see this guide on any site without permission, please tell me.</p>