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This FAQ is not to be used for profitable or promotional purposes. This includes being incorporated, reprinted, or otherwise used by magazines, books, guides, etc., in ANY way. This FAQ was created by Ignacio de Lucas and Kao Megura. Currently, it is being mantained by Ignacio de Lucas . All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Both authors respectfully ask that this FAQ not be used by any publishing company of any sort. It's happened in the past with some other FAQs, and we'd just as soon not see it happen again, okay? Xenogears is (c) Square Soft and (c) Sony Entertainment of Japan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ, and future revisions of it, can be found at: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kao Megura's Home Page kao.home.ml.org GameFAQs www.gamefaqs.com =================================== T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S =================================== 1. U P D A T E S / I N T R O D U C T I O N 2. D I S C O N E W A L K T H R O U G H 3. D I S C T W O W A L K T H R O U G H 4. S E C R E T S A N D C O D E S 5. P L A Y I N G T H E G A M E - Characters - Controls - Main Menu - Sleeping and Shopping - Battles 6. L I S T S A N D C H A R T S - Item List - Character Equipment List - Character Weapon List - Gear Equipment List - Gear Weapon List - Skills, Ethers and Gear Options Lists - Status Ailments 7. M A P S - Yggdrasil Map 8. L I N K S 9. S P E C I A L T H A N K S 10. A U T H O R ' S N O T E ========================================================================= 1 . U P D A T E S / I N T R O D U C T I O N ========================================================================= UPDATES ________________________________________________________________ Version 0.7 (June 11, 1998) Did you miss me? OK, I won't be able to update until I finish my exams, so be patient. Also, since I've had no time to play the game, there's no update to the walkthrough yet. But don't worry, because K.M., who has finished his exam season, will be able to continue the FAQ in the meantime. Made a LOT of corrections to item names and effects (all that were missing) thanks to Tatsushi Nakao, which incidentally is the Uni I mentioned in the last What's New. Also added some elusive items to the walkthrough thanks to him, as well as the Music Select and Sandman's Desert tips. Added some warning notes on the Debug Waza, Party Select and Save Anywhere Action Replay codes. Added Yggdrasil's Reverse Gear to the tips section (I discovered this back on revision 0.2, but kept forgetting about adding it ^_^;). Corrected the Status Ailments section a bit. Added the fact that HP-recovering Ethers restore lost armor (defense) when inside a Gear, thanks to Zhou Tai An. And finally, although most of you will already know by now, Square has announced that Xenogears will be released in the US! Oh joy! Also, and since judging from SaGa Frontier, their translations' quality has improved, it most likely means that I'll be purchasing the game, and make a US version of the FAQ. Depending on numerous factors, I might even delay the rewrite of the walkthrough in order to base it upon the US version instead. Version 0.6 (April 28, 1998) Well, I decided to continue the walkthrough after all, even if I didn't receive more than one mail asking for it ^_^ I'll also be making the complete monster list, with HP, Experience and G. That's because I've found a complicated but easy way of doing it (confused? ^_^). Made quite a lot of item names corrections thanks to Uni (uni@dragonfire.com). Cleaned up Accesory list under the Accesory Select code. Added Links section. Added Maps section... with just one map (the Yggdrasil). Added Gear Armor, Engines and Frames to the item lists; they're incomplete, but I'll do them as I write the walkthrough (there's no other way). Version 0.5 (April 14, 1998) Not that big a update. I'm still debating whether to make a detailed walkthrough or not (read the walkthrough section for details). Added item costs to the item/weapon/accesories lists. Zhou Tai An and I have decided he'd best send his translations to Gamefaqs on his own. Since he updates about once a week and I do once a month at best, it makes no sense to keep people waiting for them. If you haven't them yet, and don't know Japanese, go to and get them. Do it NOW! Added some clarification on Gear combat and Skills, how to learn them, and how Infinity Attack Level works. Added the following Action Replay codes: Fast Level Up (Fei), Enemies have 1 HP, Enemy Gears have 1 HP and Infinite Money (at reader's request). Also added the musics list below the Music Select code and cleaned up the item list under the Item Select code. Added info about the third Gear Skill in each Level, thanks to David Johnson (johnsonr@compuserve.com). Version 0.4 (March 21, 1998) Ignacio here. K.M. has unfortunately left the project due to lack of time :(, so expect a lot more errors and such, besides slower updates. Well, a quite big update anyway. The items, Ethers and skills lists are all completed now. I also reformatted them so they would be easier to handle. Zhou Tai An not only has continued his translations, but he has even revised what he had written. I would strongly reccomend re-reading the first part, because a lot of things are much clearer. I've made quite some Game Shark codes too. They are in the tips section. Additions and clarifications to the Attributes, AP store bar and Gear combat sections, among others, have been made. Lastly, there's a handy tip to get into / out of your gears quickly in the tips section, by Jego Herve (hjego@hotmail.com). Version 0.2 (March 2, 1998) The walkthrough and Lists sections have been expanded upon. Also, Zhou Tai An will now be aiding both Ignacio and myself by providing storyline translations. Give him a hand! Version 0.1 (February 26, 1998) The first release! Just basic information here and nothing too in depth. Version 0.0 begun on February 10, 1998 INTRODUCTION ___________________________________________________________ Well, K.M. is back, and I'm out of the picture until next month, which means the FAQ will be more confusing than ever ^_^; Each "I" could be either him or me, but if you really need to know who's speaking in which moment, just check the number of the revision in which that was added. As for mail, you can contact either of us, but for the moment you're better off with him, since I'll be studying. This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of Xenogears. I've changed my mind about making a US version: considering that Square seems to have improved their translations, I'm pretty sure I will make an US version. Again, if they mess up this one too, I'll be too depressed to do so (or keep breathing for that matter). Now that I'm on the subject, ALL information in this FAQ applies to the Japanese version of the game only, ESPECIALLY the Action Replay / Game Shark codes. They will NOT work in the US version. I'll redo them if and when I get the US version. Don't worry: even if I don't get it, I'll most likely be able to borrow it, so I would put an Action Replay US update like in FFT. Since this guide is for a Japanese game, Japanese text is used, mainly in the various lists. All text is encoded in New-Jis and can be viewed using various Japanese word proccessors, among them the excellent NJSTAR utilities which you can find at . My reccomendation: download NJWin, install it; open the FAQ in Word, WordPad or anything similar (import from DOS text); select the whole document and change the font style to Courier New, eight points. It looks awesome. If you MUST use DOS (like me!), then you'll have to download NJStar. The problem is that, as far as I know, it can't handle files greater than 64Kb, so you'd have to chop this somehow. Besides that, it looks just as cool. If you decide to go on without getting any of these word processors (boo!), note that every time Japanese text appears, it will misalign things horrendously (maybe even wrapping the line around... ugh!). Also, if you have problems viewing the Japanese text, try getting the FAQ from Kao Megura's homepage. It seems that Japanese text gets misconverted rather easily when sent by e-mail / handled, but Kao Megura seems to do it just fine. Well, remember that I'm Spanish, which means English is my second language. So expect errors. Tons of them ^_^;. And BTW, I don't know almost any Japanese either. Finally, I won't answer questions by e-mail. Believe me, after two weeks of spending 1-2 hours a day answering mail, I just had to say "enough". I don't really mind replying, but it takes way too much time, which I can't afford. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ask: if I'm able, I'll answer your questions in the next revision of the FAQ. You can contact me (Ignacio) at: And Kao Megura at: ========================================================================= 2 . D I S C O N E W A L K T H R O U G H ========================================================================= Well, I finally decided to actually write the detailed walkthrough. The reasons for my decision are varied, and funnily enough they aren't related to receiving any fan mail (I only received one!), but rather, my absolute loving of the game and the awesome plot translations from Zhou Tai An. Beware, though, that it will take a ridiculous time to finish it, and I might change my mind before finishing it. Remember you still can find David Johnson's complete walkthrough at: Lastly, for those of you that actually care about it (if there's anyone), I decided to write the complete enemy list (yes, with HP, Exp and G), the reason for it being that I've found a way to have active the AR software and the walkthrough at the same time. While I will sometimes make references about what is actually happening in the game, all the info I provide has been obtained from Zhou Tai An's translations of the game (since I don't know Japanese). Therefore, if you have intention of understanding anything about the story, you should really get them. Anything there concerning the plot overrides anything you can find here. About the monsters: Most of the info I provide is self-explanatory. The line below the HP, etc... is the description of the enemy, precceded by whether if it is a character-sized, drawn enemy or a Gear sized, polygonal one. L a h a n T o w n Items in this area: Aquasol x3 After the FMV showing the crash of a huge ship into your planet long ago, and the non-interactive sequence showing a glimpse of the present, you'll find yourself reconstructing the sequence of events that led there. In other words, you begin playing a flashback. Your main character is Fei. Fei's initial equipment: Warrior Clothing, Warrior Hat, Stamina Ring. Fei's initial items: None Fei's initial money: 100 G. The control switches to you after Fei finishes his picture. You can check the nice pictures he's done in this very room. In the northern room of this very floor you can talk to a maid who will tell you of your arrival to Lahan town. In the westernmost room there are two barrels containing one Aquasol each. Up the stairs then. Here you can talk to Timothy (Alur's fiancee and your friend) and old man Lee (sorta foster parent) among others. When you try to leave, Dan (Alur's brother) will come in and ask you to talk to him outside. Talk to Dan outside. I don't know what difference each choice makes to the game, though. You can also talk to the woman by the cow and choose the second option to receive another Aquasol. There are quite some buildings in the town outside. For one, there's a shop which sells: Character Items: AquaSol 20 RoseSol 100 OmegaSol 50 Survival Tent 150 BTW, never EVER buy Survival Tents. Get OmegaSol instead. The reason for this is that they have the same cost/effect ratio (since the Tents heal all three characters, but cost thrice as much), but Tents MUST be used on all characters AND they can only be used in save spots! There is also a bar, though there isn't much of interest here. Another house has a guy playing paper, scissors, rock, but you always seem to lose (15 GP). You can talk to the woman downstairs and choose the first option to receive 150 GP. There's a beginner's house too, but since (surprise!) the game is in Japanese, it's not too useful. There's a Memory Cube (save point) here, but you could just as well go to the world map to save. Now that we're onto it, you might want to wander outside the town (not by its northern side) to check the world map. Since you'll have to go out of the town later anyway, enemies you can find there are explained later. You can also go to the mountain North of Lahan if you want, but you'll have to go later anyway, so... When you're done, go to the house which has a woman at its door and talk to her. Go through the door and up the stairs to meet Alur. Once the scene's over, go to the mountain north of the village. This is the first "dungeon" of sorts. L a h a n M o u n t a i n Items in this area: AquaSol x2, Bird's Egg Enemies in this area: $B$D$A$N$3 (J (Tsuchinoko) (type 1) HP 15, Exp 2, G 0. Leaves Tsuchinoko Meat. Leaves Tsuchinoko steak if defeated with a fire-elemental attack. Character-sized. Potato-like thing ^_^; $B$5$$ (J (Sai) HP 14, Exp 3, G 0. Character-sized. Blue wolf-like creature. Now that we're talking about that, the bit about roasting the Tsuchinokos to get Tsuchinoko Steaks is extremelly useful, specially when yo uget Ellie later on. Tsuchinoko steaks recover 150 HP (outside battles) and can be sold for 150 G. In the first crossroad where the save spot is, take the West path for the shortest route, or the East for a longer one (including a jump) during which you can get an Aquasol. Anyway, you'll end up in a platform with a boy on it. Here, you can go back East and drop to the ledge with a tree, then jump up to grab a Bird's Egg (choose the first option). However its owner won't be too pleased about it, and it will follow you to the end of this section demanding you to return the egg. Each time you answer no (bottom option), it'll peck you for 1 damage. Anyway, you'll have to drop back down and repeat your way until the platform with the boy. He'll tell you to make a running jump across the ledge. Do so, then cross the bridge. After that you can jump down to get (you guessed it) another Aquasol. Then climb back up and exit North. S h i t a n ' s H o u s e Items in this area: AquaSol, Midori's Ring Head to the back door of the house. There will be some flowers there, leaving a small space between them and the wall of the building. Well, jump over to that space, then search the flowers from that side to receive Midori's Ring (it doesn't show up in the item list). You can also check the top of a rock near that: there is bird food over it (it doesn't serve any purpose, though). After that, check the door in the middle floor of the observatory. A chicken will pop up ^_^ but if you search where it came from, there's an Aquasol. Elsewhere, you can explore the place at your leisure. The top floor's room has a ladder that leads to a telescope, with which you can check a bit of the world map. Inside the room at ground level of the building, you'll meet Shitan's wife, Yui, and daughter, Midori. Talk to Yui, and, if you have it, Fei'll give her the Bird's Egg. Note that Fei won't give Midori her ring, though! ^_^; Now head to the building with the Land Crab over it (that insect / helicopter machine). Enter it after the sequence, and touch the music box in there. After the sequence, it will be at night. Head back to Lahan through the mountain. There are no monsters now. Save at the Memory Cube if you want. L a h a n T o w n After another sequence, a Gear battle will ensue. Refer to the appropriate section for controls, etc... Battle : $B%`%7%cI4<0 (J (Fighter Type 100) x2 HP 150, Exp 90 (each), G 50 (each). Gear-sized. Somewhat old-looking war Gear. Really easy. You'd have problems trying to lose against them. Once the sequences are over, you'll find yourself in the world map again. W o r l d M a p Enemies in this area: $B$D$A$N$3 (J (Tsuchinoko) (type 1) $B%[%C%Q!< (J (Hopper) HP 100, Exp 8, G 0. Leaves Swordman Clothes. Character-sized. Two-legged green creature. You can't enter Lahan (rather, there's not much Lahan left to enter to), but you can go to the mountain instead. Don't, though. Head for the forest West of where you are, and find an entrance on its north-easthern border. F o r e s t o f t h e B l a c k M o o n f i r s t s e c t i o n Items in this area: Aquasol Enemies in this area: $B$D$A$N$3 (J (Tsuchinoko) (type 2) HP 30, Exp 13, G 0. Leaves Tsuchinoko Meat. Leaves Tsuchinoko steak if defeated with a fire-elemental attack. Character-sized. Looks like a Tsuchinoko. In fact, the only difference seems to be the amount of Exp it gives. $B$5$$ (J (Sai) $B9C!)Cn (J (Armor ? Insect) HP 7, Exp 35, G 0. Leaves Strange Fruit. Character-sized. Armored insect-like creature. All physical attacks inflict 1 damage (including Skills), so use either Square attacks or the "Finger Bullet". During this dungeon, you will find Tsuchinoko's around. You can "talk" to them to fight them, but beware that you won't be able to run from these battles. $B$D$A$N$3 (J (Tsuchinoko) (type 2) Proceed SW until the crossroad. Take the leftmost (easthernmost) path. Jump to the small rock, then to the big, stepped one. Jump up the steps to the fallen tree-trunk. Walk over it until you come across another tree-trunk over which this is leaning. Jump down to its left (SW) side and grab the (sigh) Aquasol. Go all the way to the SW and climb the rock with the tree roots on it to reach the Memory Cube. Continue through the winding ledge to reach another tree-trunk. Fight the Tsuchinoko group standing before the rock. You have three options now: A) Get rolled over by the boulder (-5 HP), B) Run Indiana Jones-like all the way through the tree only to realize there's no more tree and you have to jump down to almost the start, or C) jump to the ledge you came from as soon as you see it moving. You guessed it: C) is the right answer. After that, jump back and continue through where the boulder was. There'll be an anime scene introducing Ellie now, after which you'll fight two enemies. Battle : $B%U%)%l%9%H%(%k%U (J (Forest Elf) x2 HP 41, Exp 21 (each), G 0 (each). Leaves ZetaSol (each). Character-sized. Blue humanoid. Again, it'll take less than two rounds. After this, there'll be another scene, then you'll be in the next part of the forest. F o r e s t o f t h e B l a c k M o o n s e c o n d s e c t i o n Items in this area: Aquasol, Survival Tent, Signal Rod Enemies in this area: $B%S!</p>