Tomb Raider FAQ by Mark Stephenson. =================================== Revision 2 ---------- This is NOT a walkthrough, it is simply a guide to help people get past a few of the tougher sections. Throughout this guide I will be referring to different types of jumps by using some acronyms. Here are their meanings... GJ - Grab Jump(Hold Action button + UP) SJ - Standing Jump(Jump + UP) SJG - Standing Jump Grab(Jump + UP + Hold Action button) RJ - Running Jump(UP/Jump + Direction) RJG - Running Jump Grab(UP/Jump + Hold Action button) When I mention Left or Right, they are in relation to Lara. ================================================================================ Weapon Code for Playstation --------------------------- On title screen - L1 Tri R2 L2 L2 R2 Cir L1 Hidden Moves and buttons ------------------------ Diving - Hold down WALK button and then Jump forwards. Lara can dive off medium height platforms and she will roll when she lands. Handstand - I haven't been able to do this but maybe you can. As you are hanging onto something, press Walk, Jump and Up. In Water - Press the sidestep buttons to swim sidewards. While Hanging - Release ACTION button and press again to catch onto a lower ledge. Doesn't work for high ledges. Skipping Scenes - Press LOOK button. Skipping FMV - Press Start. Jumping Strategies. ------------------- Tomb Raider is based on square blocks, jumps are either 1,2 or 3 blocks apart. This is how to jump them. X denotes Laras position. 1 Block apart. ============== +-------+ +-------+ | | | | WALK to the edge and do a Standing Jump. | X| ----->| | | | 1 | | +-------+ +-------+ 2 Blocks apart. =============== +-------+ +-------+ | | | | WALK to the edge and do a Standing Jump Grab. | X| -----> ----->| | OR | | 1 2 | | WALK to the edge, tap backwards, run forwards +-------+ +-------+ and press jump before you reach the edge. 3 Blocks apart. =============== +-------+ +-------+ | | | | WALK to the edge, tap backwards, run |X---->X| -----> -----> ----->| | forwards and press jump before you | | 1 2 3 | | reach the edge. As you are in the air +-------+ +-------+ press ACTION to grab the edge. Diagonal Jump. ============== +-------+ | | Use the WALK button to position Lara in the corner | | of the block nearest the platform you are jumping | | to. Use LOOK to line Lara up and then tap backward. +-------+ Run forward and press Jump before Lara reaches the edge. +-------+ | / | | / | -----> | X | 1 +-------+ Long Diagonal Grab. =================== +-------+ | | Quite tricky this. The trick is to | | use the LOOK button to line Lara | | up with the opposite block and do +-------+ +-------+ a RJG. Line Lara up so that she is | | as square to the opposite edge as | | -----> -----> -----> possible. | | 1 2 3 +-------+ Things to remember. 1. Lara can move slightly to the left or right whilst jumping. 2. If you hold down the Jump button while jumping, Lara will land take a step and then jump again. This can be done to jump 3 1 block spaced platforms. ================================================================================ Monster Strategies. ------------------- Little Bat - Easy, aim, fire. Big Bat - Same as above. Wolves - Mostly attack in packs. Either run around shooting OR backflip and sideflip whilst shooting. Bear - Quite fast. Shoot from high up or use Wolf strategy. Red Raptor - Fast and vicious but can be seen from miles away giving plenty of time to shoot. Also stops to roar at you. T. Rex - Fast, big and eats you whole. Run away and find a safe place to shoot it from. Lion - Slow but very lethal. Hunt in prides so can surround you like Wolves. Find a safe place to shoot from or a large area. Crocodile - Can be either on land or in water(but not both). Suprisingly slow in the water and so easily avoided, suprisingly fast on land. Takes few shots so can be taken one to one. BEWARE, sometimes they play dead and Lara doesn't lock onto them. Gorilla - Can jump up ledges so you can't hide(except on high ledges). Shoot with Shotgun. Rats - Irritating. Fast and nibble alot. Sometimes attacks in groups of 3-4. Use Shotgun or Pistols from high up. Panther - Fast and very lethal. Rarely attacks in groups. Find high ground to shoot from. Mummy Horus- NASTY!, fast and lethal. Fires fireballs which take alot of energy. Either find a large area and use the Wolf strategy or find higher groung than usual to fire from. Explodes when killed, which takes energy. Horseman - Slow but fires alot of fireballs. Rarely attacks head on so you can sideflip from side to side avoiding the fireballs whilst shooting. Explodes. Demon Bat - Usually attacks by coming directly down at you. Wait for Lara to aim high and then back off firing. Try to hide in corridors as they rarely follow. The monsters found in Atlantis onwards are variations of the monsters found in the Egyptian levels so use the same strategies. To kill the Men that shoot at Lara either just stand and fire and heal when low OR find a safe place to shoot them. They will leave after they have been shot a few times, don't chase them as you cannot kill them before the Natlas Mine level. If Lara locks onto an enemy and it hides behind a pillar, Lara will continue to lock onto the enemy even though it can't be shot at(but Lara doesn't fire). This is a good way to kill things if they are hiding and appear now and again. For this to happen you must hold down the fire button and Lara will fire when she can see the enemy. ================================================================================ The many deaths of Lara Croft. ------------------------------ Animation | Cause(s) -------------------------------------------+------------------------------------ -Collapses to ground, groaning. | Run out of energy. (killed by monster, spikes, blade) -Swallowed whole. | Eaten by T.Rex. -Jerks convulsively and floats to surface. | Drowning. -Falls to ground, screaming. | Falling off a high platform. -Head first into ground. | Diving off a high platform. -Squashed. | Killed by boulder. -Turned to Gold. | Standing on Midas's hand. -Burned. | Falling into Lava. -Grabbed and then banged on the floor. | Getting caught by Pyramid Monster. ================================================================================ The first 2 levels are easy and therefor don't need a guide. If you're stuck on Level 2, remember you can push things(use action button on the grey block in the room Lara gets trapped in), and either RTFM :) or buy the original >( ================================================================================ Level 3 - Lost Valley. ---------------------- The Shotgun is located near the Cog Mechanism, which is near the source of the river. To kill the Tyrannosaurus Rex, find an entrance in the cliffs and shoot from safety. To do it in style run to the place where the 2nd Cog is located(on the broken bridge) and shoot it at leisure. You now need 3 cogs. Here is where they are situated: 1st Cog - Go into the Temple entrance(at the end of the valley). Dive down to the bottom of the waterfall, on the righthand side. 2nd Cog - Climb up to the entrance located to the left of the temple entrance. Do a RJG to get to the other side of the broken bridge. 3rd Cog - Find the waterfall which has water at the base. Swim underneath and then climb up to the highest platform. Secret 1 - Find climbable rocks located to the right of the temple entrance. Climb to the highest point and then jump onto the temple entrance roof. To get down slide down the slopes on the lefthand side of the temple roof. Secret 2 - By the 3rd Cog, in the corner of the rocks. Secret 3 - By the 3rd Cog, instead of swimming underneath the waterfall find the climbable rocks on the lefthand side. Climb up and then shimmy across the crack, you will be at the top of the waterfall. Secret 4 - By the Cog Mechanism. Drop off the lefthand side of the bridge and shimmy across the crack to the rivers source. Secret 5 - Use the 3 cogs on the Mechanism and swim to the end of the redirected water. Don't forget to collect the Shotgun. The entrance to the Tomb is behind the Waterfall at the beginning. ================================================================================ Level 4 - Tomb Of Qualopec. --------------------------- Easy, just operate the switches and make the jumps. The switch next to the collapsing platform cannot be switched(it's a trap). Look out for the boulder trap located straight ahead as you enter/exit the main Tomb entrance. Secret 1 - After switching all the switches and opening all the 3 doors head over to the area where there are poison darts. Sideflip over the darts until you get to the steps. On the left side climb up to the statue and a door will open in front of you. Run over the collapsing platforms and get the item. Secret 2 - Right underneath the 1st secret. Jump back to the doorway. This next jump is TRICKY. At the entrance Walk right up to the edge and then sidestep left until you are next to the wall, now sidestep right ONCE and turn to face the item under the platform. Still holding the Walk button take 1 STEP backwards. Now do a SJ towards the object, if you've done it right then Lara will land JUST after the spikes. To get out Walk(DON'T run) through the spikes and jump to the exit. AMAZING!, Lara walks on air(bug).SATURN Version ----------------------------------------------- After getting both secrets go back to the room with the 2 tall moving blocks(left of the first save point) and go through the doorway next to the switch. Carry on over the blocks and Lara will walk on air!!. You see the collision detection has been reset but the graphics haven't. Crazy!. As you come out of the Waterfall entrance you will be shot at, if you carry on and climb over the rocks as if you were going to the Lost Valley you will find another MediKit. This isn't a secret. You must shoot the Man. ================================================================================ Level 5 - St Francis Folly. --------------------------- To open the doors either side of the big room push the block onto the Ankh switches. Secret 1 - Door above block and switches. To reach the higher ledge position Lara with her feet next to the bottom of the sloped block on her immediate left as she walks through the door. Jump onto the slope and she will backflip onto another sloped block, she will now jump forwards towards the ledge, hold down the Action button to grab hold. Watch out for the weak platform at the top. Secret 2 - When you have opened the second locked door carefully walk around the corner and slide down the slope. Just before you reach the bottom jump so that Lara hits her head and falls onto the sloped platform, wait for Lara to reach the bottom of the slope and JG to the opposite door. Secret 3 - Instead of operating the switch to drain the water(right after Secret 2), fall into the water and find the other room in the ceiling. Secret 4 - Behind the door at the very bottom of the Gods Hall, in the dark corner. If anyone knows how to open it please contact me. The next part has Lara climbing down a tall room(Gods Hall), don't walk off any platforms without looking first, it's a long drop to the bottom!. Occassionally Bats will attack Lara, hold down the Walk button to prevent her from walking of a ledge whilst shooting them. Flick all the switches on the way down and they will open the doors to 4 sections. These are: Damocles - As soon as you collect the key the Swords will be activated. Either walk slowly through the columns(walk one step, STOP, and repeat). or run and heal quickly any damage, be careful though as 1 sword can take 3/4 of your health if it hits you perfectly. Don't forget to collect the items above the Damocles Key. Pick up the Medikit located above the Damocles doorway. Thor - Run straight through the electricity. Stand on the switch until you hear a click, and then MOVE. Push the blocks to reach the high door. If you do these 2 first then Pierre will appear and try to shoot you. make your way to the bottom again to shoot him. Atlus - After killing the Gorilla walk through the gate. If you walk close to the boulder it will roll towards you. Quickly turn around and drop backwards(holding Action button) off the ledge at the bottom of the slope. The boulder will roll over the top of you. Neptune - Dive down and operate the switch, you cannot return to the surface without doing this. After operating the switch return to the surface for more air, and then collect the key from the end of the underwater corridor. Put all the keys in the locks at the bottom of the main room. ================================================================================ Level 6 - Colosseum. -------------------- To get into the Main Colosseum, go to the back of the Entrance Building on the left side and then climb up the 2 balconies. Secret 1 - Instead of going through the entrance to the Crocodile Pit jump over to the right of it(to the left of the water). The jumping is very tricky and one wrong jump will send you right back to the beginning. Shimmy across the crack above the Crocodiles to get past. Secret 2 - Climb up in the middle of the crack above the Crocodile Pit. Lions Den Puzzle - Timing is the key to this. The plate at the back opens the 2 gates. As soon as you walk over this RUN to the left gate and quickly pull the switch, turn around and quickly run to the next room. Timing is very tight so cut every corner. If the door is closing then try and jam yourself in it, it will reopen if you get caught in it. Secret 3 - Instead of leaping across to the platform that leads to the Gorilla Room, turn around and climb up the rocks behind. To avoid the rolling boulder fall into the hole. The KEY to the gates is hidden behind the moveable block, near the switch which opens the door at the end of the Gorilla Room. ================================================================================ Level 7 - Palace Midas. ----------------------- Objective is to get 3 Lead(Gold) Bars, from 3 of the 4 rooms detailed below. Don't step on Midas's hand, it will turn you to Gold(hint). The doors by the 5 switches can be opened by matching the symbols above the door to the switches. Y means ON(down) and the Ankh means OFF. YOOOO - This room is VERY tricky. The objective is to jump across the platforms and collect the Lead Bar at the end. The first 3 platforms can be made easily by running and holding down the Jump button. The last platform requires a RJG and this takes time to do. The flames will reignite whilst you are on the last platform, setting you alight. Quickly grab the Bar and then jump into the water, use a MedKit if your Health gets low. YOOOY - Save point. This is where you must take the 3 GOLD bars to. OOYYO - Pull block(with purple dots) and return to the room before. The roof will have collapsed making a slope. An easy way to get onto the pillar in the middle is to jump onto the steep slope next to the pillar and slide to the bottom of the pillar. Face the pillar and backflip, you will now jump forwards towards the pillar, hold down the Action button to grab onto the pillar. Make your way across the slope to the exit. Jump across to the T-Shaped water area. Secret 1 - Below you now(see above). Secret 2 - Swim down the centre of the T-shaped water area and swim under the ledge. The item can be obtained by going down the right side of the room. Position Lara at the bottom of the first V-shape(at the bottom of the first steep block) and then jump forward twice. It takes a bit of practise!. The next lead bar is located by going down the gap between the doorway and the T-shaped pool. After killing the 3 Gorillas in the arches(look for the Medikit) you will have to do a RJG to the opposite side. Look for the lowest point of the crack and aim for it. Look out for the weak platforms ahead. OOYOY - Pull back the block to find the switch. Carefully check every jump you make. The last jump is tricky, take 2 STEPS backwards and then do a SJG. Find MIDAS by going to the Garden Area and find the entrance above the Sundial. Secret 3 - By entrance to MIDAS. ================================================================================ Level 8 - The Cistern. ---------------------- 1st Key - On the HIGHER platform in the corner of the main room(above the bit where you have to shimmy across the crack). 2nd Key - In the room next to the Cistern(located off the Main room). Dive down through the grill floor and climb up to the top of the next room. Secret 1 - Look in the dark areas of the pool in the middle of the Main room. Secret 2 - Climb up the to the top of the Cistern room. Use the Cistern to change the height of the water. This will help you to get to the room containing the Gold Key. 1st & 2nd Grey Key - Located in the rooms found by going through the entrance in the pool in the Main room. Use the Switch to open the gate to the 2nd Key. Secret 3 - After going through the Gold Key door push the moveable block through the doorway(opened by operating the switch). Use this block to climb up to the high ledge. Exit by falling down the hole by the moveable block. ================================================================================ Level 9 - Tomb Of Tihocan. -------------------------- Go through the LEFT door at the top of the second tall room, timing the Swinging Blade. Find the way forward by pulling the switch(after shimmying across crack) and then falling into the water and swimming right. Look out for the Crocodile. Gold Key - Find the switch(behind the room with the spikes) and then go through the door. Jump for the crack not the door, when exiting do a SJ. The doors in the next section are opened by pushing the moveable block over the floorplates. Climb onto the block after pushing it, as Gorillas and Rats are released. Look out for the Double Boulder Trap in one of the rooms(look for the room with a MediKit near the doorway). Collect the Key. Collect the other Key by going through the high door. Walk slowly until the Metal Teeth start, walk as close as you can(1 STEP away is enough) and run when the teeth are withdrawing(right after they've snapped shut). Use the Keys on the 2 locks and slide down the slope(look to the right through the door to see an unused switch texture map). Kill the Crocodile by climbing onto the nearest platform. Continue forward from this platform to find an important Switch. To find the door opened by this Switch swim directly underneath the Main Entrance to the Tomb(look for the lit area). As soon as the Main Door to the Tomb is opened a Stone Statue will come to life and attack you with Fireballs. Run into the Tomb to protect yourself, try and shoot it from inside the Tomb. If you've lready completed the game then 2 Stone Statues will attack. Shoot Pierre to get the Scion and a Gold Key. Secret 1 & 2 - ? ================================================================================ Level 10 - City Of Khamoon. --------------------------- Use the lower moveable block as a bridge to drag the other across. Find Key behind Sphinx Head. Look out for the Boulder Trap, by the Crocodile and the Cat Statue. The way forward is through the underwater corridor, in the pool by the Cat Statue. SECRET 1 - Long fall(by the switch that operates the floor under the Cat Statue). Back off and grab the ledge to lessen the fall. Look out for the Spike Trap underneath the Cat Statue(CERTAIN DEATH!). SECRET 2 - By the 6(!) Panthers in the pit. Do a RJG to the opposite side. SECRET 3 - ?. Use the Switch to operate a Trapdoor which lets grain through a hole revealing the exit. ================================================================================ Level 11 - Obelisk Of Khamoon. ------------------------------ Quite easy this one. There are lots of surprise attacks, so tread carefully. As you come through the doorway, by the Keyhole, there will be 2 doorways(behind blocks) on Lara's left. The left door holds a Key and the right is a red herring. The doors straight ahead as you come through the door are both dead ends. The one on the right holds a Panther and a MediKit. The Key opens both the door next to the Keyhole and the high doorway. The objective of this level is to find 4 switches which operate the bridges in the Central room. These bridges enable you to collect 4 artifacts(Eye Of Horus, Scarab, Seal Of Anubis and an Ankh), these artifacts are to be taken to the Obelisk(reached by swimming down the long tunnel under the bridges), which is next to the Sphinx(seen on the previous level). The best weapon to use is the Shotgun or Magnums. Use switches to change the slopes to steps. Secrets 1, 2 & 3 - Go back to the previous level(by falling down by the switch that lets the sand through the hole)?. ================================================================================ Level 12 - Santuary Of The Scion. --------------------------------- Find the 2 Ankhs and put them into the slots in the Sphinx's head. Look out for Winged Demons whilst finding the important switches located up the sides of the rocks. Take care when jumping, it's a long way down. To enter the Underwater Statues, go to the statue on the right and swim between the feet, and operate the switch(a lever switch NOT the Gold one) which will suck you in. ================================================================================ Level 13 - Natlas Mines. ------------------------ The switch to operate the door behind the moveable block is located behind the waterfall. A secret entrance is located on top of one of the cabins. Push the moveable block directly underneath the hole in the ceiling to be able to jump to the roof of the cabin. After operating the switch to move the boat, use the boat to jump over to a new area. Find the moveable NATLA blocks. Find the batteries to operate the crane which lowers the cabin which contains a gun. Battery 1 - On the conveyor belt. Find switch to open the door which leads to the switch which turns on the conveyor belt. The switch is located by the "nothin personal" boss, above the block you just pushed through the door. Battery 2 - By the "it ain't nothin' personal" boss. Battery 3 - In the boulder trap area, by the cabin with the secret entrance. If you don't make it, then climb up to where the boulder came from and return to the beginning. Drag the TNT block to the next room and then operate the switch beyond to blow it up. revealing a new area. Look out for the Triple Boulder Trap after the Skateboard boss. 1 comes down the middle, the other comes down the right and the other comes from the left at the top. Move the sandstone blocks to make room to push other blocks around. Climb up the Pyramid entrance(using the not so steep platforms) to find the switch which operates the door to the Pyramid key. ================================================================================ Level 14 - Atlantis. -------------------- The rounds objects smash open revealing monsters in the first area. If you hear gurgling and see the tubes at the sides of the globes moving then if you go close to it something will come out. You have to go right next to the first door(left of the middle door) for it to open. Look out for the Steel Jaws Trap by the jump in the very tall room(where you first meet a Demon Bat). STOP as soon as you land on the other platform. Use the crack to find the switch which operates the door after the long jump. To do this jump do a RJG. Use the pushable block to block the rolling boulder that blocks the door. Secret 1 - Just before the Trap(below), I'm not sure what you have to do, but I think it's a timing puzzle linked with the second switch(by the area where there are lots of jumps and Lava at the bottom). A door opens just before the trap, look for a green stripe. Boulder/Dart/Steel Jaws Trap. ----------------------------- Tricky this, if you run straight up the slope a boulder will crush you. The best way to do it is to face the slope and then sidestep right, now run up to the wall avoiding the darts(be careful of the first dart as it can catch you and take all your energy). Still facing the wall turn left so you are facing the side of the slope. Now hold down the Action button and climb up onto the the slope and quickly walk forward until you drop of the other side. The boulder will now roll down the slope and you'll be safe. Now just turn around and climb onto the slope again and go through the jaws, which are now deactivated. In the Throne Room, one of the blocks can be pushed. There are switches on either side of a door, as soon as you operate a switch the floor underneath you will open. ONLY operate the left switch. The easiest way of doing this is to backflip IMMEDIATELY after you pull the switch and then, with your back to the door, walk backwards off the ledge and grab hold as you fall. When you land at the bottom immediately jump forward to jump over the spikes. Easy:) Clone Puzzle. ------------- When you come into this room you will notice a monster ahead, DO NOT SHOOT. The monster is a mirror image of you and will do everything you do, in mirror image. To do the puzzle you have to find a switch that opens a trapdoor, now run to the opposite side of the room to where the trapdoor is mirrored. On this side there isn't a trapdoor so you are safe. However, your clone will fall down the trapdoor. Remember to do it quickly as the trapdoor closes after awhile. Later you will find a nasty timing puzzle. On one side is a switch to open the door and on the other is one to operate a bridge to that door. Operate the Door switch(right) first and then operate the Bridge switch and then RUN, because it is timed. ================================================================================ Level 15 - The Great Pyramid. ----------------------------- This levels contains no nasty problems to solve but it has plenty of tricky jumps, timing problems and hard to get to secrets. How to kill Monster. -------------------- The easiest(!) way to kill this monster is to run around it. If you get the right angle then Lara will shoot with one hand at the monster while running. It takes a while but I find this is the best way. After killing the monster the way forward is to jump off the bridge(through the door) and negotiate the tricky timing jumps ahead. After dying many times I've perfected the few traps after the save point(at the bottom of the sloped platforms). Also there is secret above the save but it is very hard to get to, requiring a perfectly timed JG off one of the sloped platforms. Look out for the bits of lava shooting out of, um, the lava. How to do the traps after the Save Point. ----------------------------------------- After jumping to the next platform after the save point, edge slowly to the edge of the collapsing platforms(careful as you can walk onto them). Face the door way(use the look button to aim)with the swinging blade. Press Forward as soon as the blade is vertical with the doorway and swinging away from you. With a bit of luck you should make it. DON'T STOP!. As soon as you go through the doorway run down the slope and turn right, ignoring the MediKit. Once the boulder has finished rolling you can jump over the boulder to collect the MediKit. Stand at the very top of the next slope facing the swinging blade, use the walk button to get to the edge. As soon as the Swinging Blade is at it's highest point swinging left, press forwards. At the bottom of the slope jump over to safety, avoiding the boulder. The next bit is a pain. As you go through the doorway STOP, as soon as you walk forwards Lava will start pouring into the room. You have to run down the centre and avoid it. The last 2 Lava flows are tricky because the easiest way to get through is down the middle but the entrance is on the right. The best way to do it is to jump while you are inbetween the last 2 Lava flows. The next bit is also a bit tricky. It's a double Boulder Trap. Run straight forward to the edge ahead and STOP right at the edge. The first boulder will have rolled over the top of you. The next is easy, just stand at the edge and do a SJG, you will jump and grab the opposite ledge, the boulder will then roll over you(r fingers!!). There are a few more boulder traps but they are quite easy(except for one). The NASTY Boulder trap!. ------------------------ You'll know this one when you meet it!. The problem with this one is that it is activated very late leaving you little time to avoid it, and adding to that is the minimal room available. I find the best way is to walk slowly untill the boulder activates and then flip over and RUN for the doorway. It takes a few practises but you can do it with millimeters to spare. The rest of the level is quite easy. Watch those high jumps!. ================================================================================ At the end you get infinite ammo and the next time you play the game it gets harder(more monsters in some areas). I don't know what happens if you find ALL the secrets. ================================================================================ Any queries, additions or corrections please Email me. Thanks. Please ask if you want to use this FAQ on your webpage. This FAQ is based on the Saturn version. (the one that has rippling texture maps underwater, not like PSX or PC) ================================================================================ Thanks to CORE for making such a brilliant game. Thanks to Adam K Rixey( for the Qualopec secret. -*O*- © Mark Stephenson ( -*- (The following is NOT to be removed from this FAQ) This FAQ originated at... -----=====+++++*****************************************+++++=====----- P.S.X.F.A.Q.H.Q- -----=====+++++*****************************************+++++=====----- *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>