___ ___ _ _ __ ____ ___ ____ ___ __ _ __ | |_) | |_) | | | |\ | / /` | |_ | |_) | |_ | |_) ( (` | | / /\ |_| |_| \ |_| |_| \| \_\_, |_|__ OF |_| |_|__ |_| \ _)_) |_| /_/--\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|THE FORGOTTEN SANDS|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ________________________________ | PoP: The Forgotten Sands Guide | | Created by: Axel7174 | | FAQ and Walkthrough | | Copyright 2010 Ryne Gardner | |________________________________| Version History --------------- Version 1.00 - 5/21/10 - 5/30 --Welcome to the guide. I've got the first full version of it completed. I'm hoping to do a bit more as time goes by. Hopefully what I have here will suffice and prove helpful. Table of Contents------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction................................................... [itro] * About This Guide * Using This Guide 2. Basics......................................................... [bscs] * Controls....................................................... [bc01] * Combat Basics.................................................. [bc02] * The Prince's Powers............................................ [bc03] * Platforming.................................................... [bc04] 3. Walkthrough.................................................... [fs00] * The Ramparts, The Fortress, and The Palace Courtyard........... [fs01] * The Treasure Vault, The Stables, and The Works................. [fs02] * The Palace Courtyard and the Fortress Gates.................... [fs03] * The Prison, The Sewer, and the Baths........................... [fs04] * The Royal Chambers and the Observatory......................... [fs05] * The Throne Room, The Terrace, and The Rooftop Gardens.......... [fs06] * The Aqueducts and Solomon's Tomb, and The Ruins of Rekem....... [fs07] * Rekem's Throne Room and the Sacred Fountain.................... [fs08] * The Rekem Resevoir, Solomon's Hall, and The King's Tower....... [fs09] * The Palace and the Final Climb................................. [fs10] 4. Extras......................................................... [exra] * Hidden Sarcophagus Locations................................... [ex01] * Challenge Mode................................................. [ex02] * Trophies/Achievements.......................................... [ex03] 5. Miscellaneous.................................................. [misl] * Frequently Asked Questions..................................... [fak4u] * Credits/Special Thanks * Contact Info * Legal Brouhaha ___ ___ _ _____ ___ ___ | _ \___| _ (_)_ _| __/ __| | _/ _ \ _/_ | | | _|\__ \================================================= |_| \___/_| (_) |_| |_| |___/ Introduction ============================================================================== [itro] About This Guide ---------------- Welcome to the guide. The game is Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and the name is Axel, that is, my name or pseudonym rather. In any case, this is my guide and it's my sincere hope that it is helpful in some way. This marks my second guide of 2010 for what that's worth. This new Prince of Persia is a worthwhile experience for PoP fans, though it might not be the most grand experience in the series. Still, it was enjoyable for me to play and so I bring this to you. Using This Guide ---------------- If you'd like to navigate quickly around this guide, you can use the quickjumps, those little codes at the end of the items in the Table of Contents (above) and copy them into the ctrl+f function of your web browser to jump around. You can do this for certain keywords you may wish to look up as well. If you have any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section first before sending me an e-mail. If you wish to bring something to my attention or request to add something, then I implore you to read the Contact Info section. I have certain rules on people e-mailing me tips/strategies so please read this. Otherwise, enjoy your stay, whether you're just stopping by for a quick tip, or if you plan on going through the walkthrough for a while. ___ ___ _ _____ ___ ___ | _ \___| _ (_)_ _| __/ __| | _/ _ \ _/_ | | | _|\__ \================================================ |_| \___/_| (_) |_| |_| |___/ Basics ============================================================================= [bscs] ---------------------- | Controls || [bc01] | ---------------------- ______________________________________________________________ |Action | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Movement |Left Analog Stick |Left Stick | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Slash (hold for Power) |Square |X | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Push/Kick |Triangle |Y | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Dodge/Drop from ledge |Circle |B | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Power of Memory |L1 |Left Button | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Power of Flow |L2 |Left Trigger | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Power of Time (Rewind) |R1 |Right Button | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Wallrun |R2 |Right Trigger | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Stone Armor |D-Pad Up |D-Pad Up | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Ice Blast |D-Pad Left |D-Pad Left | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Trail of Flame |D-Pad Right |D-Pad Right | |-----------------------|---------------------|----------------| |Whirlwind |D-Pad Down |D-Pad Down | '--------------------------------------------------------------' --------------------------- | Combat Basics || [bc02] | --------------------------- COMING SOON ---------------------------------- | The Prince's Powers || [bc03] | ---------------------------------- Once you get far enough and acquire the powers of the Djinn, the Prince is able to use new abilities in combat and while platforming. The powers that help him do platforming sequence I will cover in the next section. This section will cover the four elemental powers the Prince uses in combat. [Trail of Flame] This power causes a trial of fire to follow the Prince's movements. Enemies that step on the trail or get too close to the Prince will be burned, slowly dealing damage for a limited time. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 [Ice Blast] The Prince's sword slashes are charged with an icy cool blast of Ice. Each slash deals extra damage by sending a blast of Ice toward foes. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 [Stone Armor] The Prince calls upon Mother Gaia itself to shield him from his enemies. He will become clad in stone that will make you temporarily impervious to all forms of damage. This power does not prevent the Prince from being staggered or knocked down but it will prevent damage. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 [Whirlwind] Blow your enemies away with the Whirlwind power. The Prince hits the ground with his fist and it sends out a powerful gust of wind that knocks down all nearby surrounding enemies. This lets the player get a breather in tough battles and also lets them perform easy finishers before the enemies get up. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 ------------------------- | Platforming || [bc04] | ------------------------- Defying gravity, making spectacular leaps of acrobatic grace, all while challening a player's reflexes. This has become a staple in the Prince of Persia series. Platforming is still just as satisfying in The Forgotten Sands but has a new dynamic. [What You'll Deal With] Wallrunning gaps ---------------- Wallrunnings is a staple of the Prince of Persia franchise since Sands of Time. This ability, activated by holding R2 as you run beside a wall, allows the Prince to run along and traverse large gaps. Climbing Walls -------------- To climb up short wall to a ledge, face the wall and just hit R2 to go straight up. If there's anything in reach that the Prince can grab, he should grab it. Getting to greater heights on walls ----------------------------------- Sometimes you will leap toward a wall straight on from another object such as a beam, pole, or even another wall. You're not yet high enough to get to the ledge above, so what do you do? Well, when you hit a wall in mid-air, you can hit R2 just like you would climbing up a wall from the ground and the Prince will go straight up for a few steps before losing momentum. This is enough to reach higher ledges or give the Prince more height to reach other objects by jumping. In the guide, when I say "climb up" after hitting a wall, this is usually what I mean. Poles ----- Jumping to a pole will allow the Prince to swing. These often serve as an interlude between other platforming objects but you can often find many in succession. To swing, push the Left Stick in the direction the Prince is facing and then you can hit X to jump. Beams ----- Beams, like swing poles, are usually just steps that link large platform sequences. Tops of walls also count as beams as the Prince behaves the same on them. There is no balancing act necessary so beams are really self-explanatory. Columns ------- When you're up high and need to get across, columns will often be there for you to use. When the Prince jumps to a column, he then has the ability to shift around it. Basically the column has four possible sides and therefore four potential directions the Prince can jump to from it. You can move around with the Left Analog Stick. If you wish to quickly jump, just point the stick to where you want to jump and hit X. Tapestry -------- You won't see it quite as much, but tapestry is usually found at the end of a platforming sequence. You'll usually wallrun or jump to it. That's all you need to do and the Prince will slide down using his sword to cut through it. On a few occasions though, tapestry won't always be the end, requiring you to jump before falling off the tapestry so you can continue platforming. [The Powers] The Prince will acquire powers from the Djinn that will assist in platforming, accomplishing feats that would be otherwise impossible. These powers make the platforming in this PoP game rival that of almost any other in the series. The Power of Time (Rewind) -------------------------- Rewind returns in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Holding R1 lets the Prince turn back time and undo a certain stretch of time. The time that can be undone is displayed by a meter near the Prince's life bar and energy slots. This can be applied to platforming, where mistakes will probably happen relatively often. It can also be used in combat too however, allowing you to prevent large losses to your life bar. The Power of Flow ----------------- Easily one of the most impressive abilities I've ever seen in a Prince of Persia game. Flow lets the Prince freeze time for water. It therefore freezes the motion of flowing water, not freezing it into ice, but making it motionless and somehow, solid. Holding L2 activates this power. When you hold L2, a blue meter under the Prince's life bar and energy slots will start decreasing. When it runs out, Flow deactivates. It recharges quickly when Flow is not being used. Flow turns vertical water spouts into columns that the Prince can climb. It turns horizontal water spouts into poles he can swing from. It also turns waterfalls into solid walls he can run along. The Power of Flight ------------------- Earn those Persian flyer miles by using the Power of Flight. Some gaps will just be too big no matter what acrobatic feats you attempt. Flight allows the Prince to zoom over a large gap. The only requirement is that there is something on the other side he can lock onto. This will always be an enemy of some sort. So therefore, using Flight, the Prince will fly over a large gap in a boosting sort of movement, and collide with an enemy on the other side. This traverses the gap and more often than not, kills the enemy. The Power of Memory ------------------- With the power called Recall, the Prince can materialize sections of the fortress and underground city that were once standing in the past but are now gone. This merely recreates other platforming objects but the skill is in doing this on the fly when there are mutliple objects to Recall. The Prince can only Recall one object at a time. ___ ___ _ _____ ___ ___ | _ \___| _ (_)_ _| __/ __| | _/ _ \ _/_ | | | _|\__ \================================================= |_| \___/_| (_) |_| |_| |___/ Walkthrough ============================================================================== [fs00] Welcome to the walkthrough. Here is where most of the guide's bulk comes from. My aim is to provide detailed assistance in getting a reader through the game. I'll provide tips, strategies, and anything else to assist you along the way. I don't claim to be perfect, but I hope that this section will prove useful in some manner or another. I'll be highlighting certain sections that you should notice as you read to point out more important things. This guide also contains no plot spoilers. It is not 100% spoiler free as names are mentioned and so on but they are usually never mentioned before you, the player would meet them. I will not spoil cutscenes or anything like that so have no fear! Now, let's get to business... ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE RAMPARTS |------ [fs01] \___________________________________________/ As you gain control for the very first time, like an infant learning to crawl, you are greeted by--what else?--tutorial messages. I won't repeat what they're saying unless necessary to help you out. So, without wasting any more time, run down the staircase in front of you. Just as you approach the gap that was created by a flaming mortar, hit X (or A for you 360 players) to jump. Do it again as you near the next gap to hop into the following room. Engage the soldiers, using Square (X) to attack with your sword. It's really easy since there's only two of them. Once they're dead, you can break the pots and barrels in the corners of the room for red energy to restore your health. Approach the top-right corner of the room and hold R2 as you hold the Left Analog Stick near the wall to run up and climb it. Break some more vases if you wish, then head to the left. Watch more soldiers become toast, then hug the right wall while still going forward and hold R2 as you're moving to wallrun. If you're even fairly familiar with past Prince of Persia games, you can probably pull this off without a hitch. At the next battle site, you'll learn that to knock enemies down, you just need to hit Triangle. This is a good way to balance battles out and focus on certain enemies, allowing you room to breathe and strategize. Try it out and then slash and kill them to finish. Another section of the platform ahead is destroyed. Wallrun again to make it across. Then, run straight up the following wall to reach the fissure. To maneuver across this, merely move the Left Analog Stick left or right. Thankfully, the Prince moves fairly quickly doing this. When you go as far left as you can go, hit Circle (B) to drop down. Now continue moving to the left. When you see another ledge or fissure above you, hit R2 without using the Left Analog Stick to run straight up to it. Go left again, and then when you're out of ledge, hold the Left Analog Stick to the left and hold R2 to wallrun to the adjacent fissure. Continue going to the left, then wallrun to the platform to get a quick scene. A whole group of enemies comes out to attack you, and you're told about Dodging which is simple enough. It may not seem useful at first, but it can come in handy when the odds are stacked against you. Use variations of slashes and kicks to keep the enemies from attacking you all at once. Dodge when their well advertised strikes are about to hit you. After you have defeated them all, continue forward. Smash the vases and barrels to get some red energy and gain entrance to this room. Inside, go to the top-right corner and climb up the wall to reach the fissure. Shimmy to the right and run straight up to reach a higher fissure. Now, without hitting the Left Analog Stick, press X to jump away from the wall to the opposite fissure. Take this fissure to the left, around the wall and then jump away from it to the next one like before. Take this one to the Prince's left. Wallrun to the corner and another fissure. Go as far left on this one as you can and then run straight up to yet another. Wallrun to the next, shimmy left, then jump away to reach a platform. There are plenty more vases and barrels to break for red energy so get them to recharge your life bar. Wallrun across the gap and then keep going. Inside the next room, get on the fissure and wallrun to the next one. From there, wallrun to the red tapestry and you'll automatically slide down. Go up, toward the far wall and then Wallrun to the fissure ahead of you. Wallrun to another and then shimmy to get above the tapestry and drop down with Circle to ride it to the floor below. You'll see an obvious pressure switch in the center here. Step on it to open the door which lets some enemies in. Whoops... It's not too many though, so it shouldn't be too troubling. Just mind what you have learned (says Yoda) and save you it can. Once they're all dead, step on the switch again. You'll notice the diagram on the left of your screen, which shows how long you have until the door closes. This time you're afforded so much time you could take a big bite or two out of a sandwich and still walk through in time. Hmm... a sandwich sounds really good right now........ Anyways... you'll drop down a ledge to a corridor below. Take it to the corner where you'll want to run up the wall to climb onto that platform. From here, wallrun on the right-hand wall and you'll reach a fissure. Go as far to the end as you can, then jump across to the opposite one. Go to the end of this one and wallrun to the next platform. This next part is a tiny bit trickier. You want to wallrun long enough so that you hit the pressure switch on the wall. As soon as the Prince is about to touch it, hit X to jump away. From here, just run forward to easily make it through before the door closes. Climb up one fissure in this next room, then use R2 to climb straight up to the next. Take this one around to the left and climb up when you're clear to get to the above platform. A cutscene will take over as you step forward. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE FORTRESS |------ [fs01] \___________________________________________/ After the scene, walk across the beam (no balancing act necessary) to the subsequent platform. Another short beam is on the other side. Step out onto this and then jump to the tapestry to slide down. The room next to the one you land in has two more soldiers. The tutorial chimes in with finishing moves. When an enemy is down on the ground, get near them and hit Square (X) to finish them off with one strike. Although it appears to leave you vulnerable, you can't take any damage during the attack except for the very brief second when it's over. You should be able to roll away and avoid an attack though. Try it out by kicking the soldiers down, and then finishing them off. Go into the corner now and climb up to the fissure. There's another fissure above it to the left, so climb up to that one. Shimmy around and then wallrun to the beam. Walk left across the beam to the wall with all the door shapes and bars. Climb up this as you would any other wall and the top part, you'll find, is also like a beam. Go left, then out on the beam that is sticking out. Jump to another beam, then another. From the following beam, jump to the tapestry. Another group of enemies, another tutorial. The Power Attack will come in handy time and time again as you progress. Well, it's quite simple, actually. Just hold Square (X) to charge your attack and then unleash for a much stronger blow. These soldiers won't exactly give you the freedom to use it as you please, so just dodge their attacks by rolling and then wind up a Power Attack after that and you should be able to get it in. Be mindful of other enemies though and vary your kicks, dodges, and so on. Walk into the next room and try to notice the stones on the wall jutting out. Run up the wall to reach these and just use the Left Analog Stick and you can guide the Prince along wherever the stones are. Climb all the way up, and then left as the stones allow. This puts you in a position to wallrun to the pressure switch. The switch brings up a section of the wall, which you can then wallrun across to the other side. Move forward and around the corner for a scene now. After that's over, wallrun on the left wall and climb onto the beam. Take this to the right, and run up to the fissure above. Shimmy around to the front and use R2 to run straight up the wall to the stones. Climb these just as you did before, guiding the Prince along. Go up and to the right until you can't go right any further. Lean to the right and wallrun across. Take this set of stones down the wall. Drop down on the beam. Go across and out on the section pointing at the next wall. Jump from there to the stones and drop from one set of stones to the next. When you get to the bottom, look for the broken section in the wall that you can roll underneath with Circle (B). On the other side--you guessed it--more soldiers. Only five this time, although one may not come out of the next room. Dispatch them all; it really doesn't take much strategy at this point. Proceed into the that room they came out of and climb up the wall on the left side. Go to the right and climb up two fissures, then wallrun to the right and when you're parallel to the beam, jump away from the wall in the middle of your run. Once on the beam, go to the adjacent wall and climb up using the stones. This is easy enough. Just wallrun from section to section, climbing up, until you can wallrun to the platform at the top. In this next open area, wallrun on the left wall and when you get to the near end of your run, jump away to reach the beam. Jump from one beam to the next and at the last one, jump to the next balcony. Jump from the beam in the next room to the stones on the wall. You have to climb up and around, then down to reach the floor. Go through the door and then jump from beam to beam to reach the next platform. Wallrun to the left to reach yet another beam. Walk toward the wall and climb up the stones. Hit R2 again at the top to climb over the side. Move forward for a scene. When you regain control, move toward the screen and look for the two pressure switches on the walls on the left and right. Hit one and the timer starts. Go to the other one either by walking across the beams or jumping across and run up the wall to hit it. Once both are active, return to the center and jump across to a beam that is reachable now. Wallrun up to get the next switch and a scene. Next, jump back across and then go through the opened door. Jump from the beam ahead to the fissure. Shift over to the right and wallrun to the stones. Climb and drop down to the next platform. Wallrun across a gap and enter the next corridor. Wallrun to the stones, and from there, wallrun and jump away to reach the next platform. The two enemies up ahead have shields, and therefore, add a new dynamic to combat. Kick them with Triangle (Y) and you'll be able to attack them straight on. On the left side of this room is another switch on a wall. Run up it to press it down. The door on the other side opens, so step on through. Now get ready for your first real challenging fight. You've got a whole mess of enemies here to deal with. The challenge is focusing on one and not getting pummeled by the rest. Attack and dodge repeatedly. Try to attack soldiers away from the rest. Kick some down, dodge again and again, stay out of their reach. If possible, charge a Power Attack to take down multiple foes in one swing. Be cautious but aggressive and you'll win this one. Find the pressure switch in one of the corners of this room, then run up and hit it. It opens a door on the other side of the bars. Run all the way around and you should easily make it. If for some reason it's a closer call, you can roll to just make it under the door. In this room, jump onto one of the columns and then climb up and jump away and to the other one. From here, you can climb up and reach the ledge at the top of the room. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE PALACE COURTYARD |------ [fs01] \___________________________________________/ On the balcony in the next room, jump to the column here and then to the next. You can do this easily by pointing the Left Analog Stick toward the next column and hitting X. From here, just a few more columns will take you up to the high ledge where more soldiers await. Wait for them to draw near as you charge up a Power Attack. That should take down at least a few of them. Deal with the rest with the moves you've learned. Know that if you attack enemies that are standing in front of balcony railings or in front of walls, you can do quick finishers on them. Go to the other side of the balcony and wallrun. Get as much out of your run as you can, and as the Prince begins to fall, jump away to grab the column. Jump down across all the columns here to the end. On the last one, slide down and you'll be leve with the tapestry. Jump to this to reach the floor. Here you'll encounter more soldiers that will slowly creep down the stairs toward you. Charge up Power Attacks to take them down. When they begin to surround you, kick and roll. Try to attack ones that are more separated from the pack, and then dodge the other attacks. Once they've all bitten the dust, go up the stairs and approach the door for a scene. Walk on the debris next and climb up the stones. Run up the wall from one section to the next. Jump away from the wall to grab the column. Jump to the next column, but be careful on the third as the lower section is missing, so you want to jump from a high point and not a low point or you'll die. Jump all the way around until you can reach a balcony ledge from the last column. The next gap is traversed by jumping to the swing pole and then jumping to the next ledge. To keep swinging, hold the Left Analog Stick forward. Next, you'll have two consecutive poles to swing across, followed by a break. The next pole is too far to jump to. Instead, wallrun to reach it. Swing from here to a hole in the wall. Jump from the edge to the tapestry to gain entry. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE TREASURE VAULTS |------ [fs02] \___________________________________________/ Go down the stairs to the beam. Step out and jump to the wall. As the tutorial instructs you, hit R2 when you hit the wall to climb up. It might seem weird to defy gravity as such, but trust me, this technique will be very helpful as time goes by. Wallrun on the left wall and then jump away to a swing pole. Swing and jump to the next, and then from there to the wall. Hit the wall and hold R2 to climb up. Up here you need to put this new skill to use. Start with one wall, climbing up with R2, and then jumping away. As soon as you hit the opposite wall, hold R2 again and you'll go higher. Jump away again and repeat until you reach the top. Wallrun to the tapestry. Wallrun down here to another piece of tapestry. At the bottom, go down the corridor a bit, then wallrun on the left wall. As soon as you get far enough, jump away and when you land on the opposite wall, again hold R2 to climb up. After the scene, dispatch the enemies that attack. When you get surrounded, dodge or better yet, perform an Aerial Slash on an unshielded enemy. Kick the shield guys, then swipe them to finish them off. Just avoid being surrounded and you'll be fine. To get out of here, find the large cube shaped platform that is made of metal grating. Climb onto it, then jump toward the center of the room to grab the column. Jump to the next column in front of the pole. Jump to said pole and swing across to the next column. Jump to the column on your right and from there you can easily jump to the platform ahead of you. Jump from the end to a swing pole. From here, each time you jump to a new pole, you'll have to turn around and reach jump to the next one. Jump from the last one to a ledge high above. Jump to a gold bar that is actually a switch. It opens the following door. Swing on it like a pole and jump to the next platform. Pass through the open doorway and go up the stairs for a scene. Once all is said and done, you'll be in a new corridor. The floor will crumble and fall away in certain sections so be ready. The first two are easy to jump over. The next several gaps you'll have to wallrun across. Keep doing so until you reach a room and a scene. Enter the portal once you have control and then go up the staircase for a scene. Once that's over, return from whence you came. Back in the corridor, you won't go far before an interjectory scene gives you a look at your new power: Rewind, baby! Oh yeah! That same section of the floor will crumble again, so be ready and wallrun over it so you don't fall. If you fall again, Rewind time again by holding R1 to go back as far as you want to or are able to. Vases and barrels will now carry blue energy on top of red energy so be sure to replenish your stock by breaking them open. The corridor is lined with more pitfalls so be ready to wallrun over and undo your mistakes if you make any. Just hug the walls and when you see the floor begin to sink, enter a wallrun. At the end of the corridor, wallrun and then jump away to reach the other side. Enter the next room. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE STABLES |------ [fs02] \___________________________________________/ "Why is it so quiet?" Yes, what you saw in the cutscene IS lurking about. If you go behind that wall, sure enough, you'll be attacked by sand creatures! Before you know it, you're totally surrounded. Retreat to the center of the room and let them come to you. Again, your strategy should be to vary your attacks from target to target, using slashes and kicks so that you can avoid damage. When too many enemies start to prepare their swords, dodge or use an Aerial Slash to get out of the way. When you can get a few enemies away from the crowd, take them out and then prepare Power Attacks. With your new powers comes the chance to get... well, more power! Killing all the enemies gives you enough new XP to get an upgrade. Hit select to see your Upgrade Menu. The game lets you go about how you want, but you are forced to make certain choices to open up even more choices. There's still a lot of freedom, just... not yet. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Your only choices are Health Increase or a new Energy Slot. I| |would go with Health Increase, especially if this is your | |first time through the game. This opens up more selections | |for later. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Hit Circle when you're done and it will ask you if you want to save the upgrade you've made. Select "Apply Changes and Exit" to do so or go back and do something different if you change your mind. Go back behind that wall again where the enemies attacked. Climb up the wooden wall and jump across the top to the next wall. From there, jump to a swing pole and swing and jump to the following platform. After a quick scene, run to the wall and climb up to the fissure. Wallrun along and then jump away at the end to reach the column. Make your way all the way across the room using the columns. You'll reach another fissure. Wallrun to the Prince's right and jump away to get to yet another column. Make your way back across and reach another fissure. Wallrun to the Prince's left to land on the platform. Go up the stairs and you can now jump to the bar which opens the door across from you. Swing to the next several poles and you can make it across. Go through the door and down the corridor. Roll under the opening in the door and you get a quick scene. Getting by these traps is pretty simple. Wait for it to move toward you, then follow it as it moves back and away. Once it stops again and is about to return, have the Prince perform a roll and you'll come out unscathed. Might take a try or two to get used to it, and you can Rewind if you want. Break vases to restore red and blue energy. In the next room, more sand creatures attack. There's 20 of them again, but they're still not too tough if you apply all the tactics and moves you've learned. If you end up taking too much damage, you can again, Rewind if you please. You get 20 more XP for beating them all. Go to the top right corner, where there is a swing pole hanging. Wallrun straight up the wall that is parallel to the pole and jump away so you'll grab onto it. This weighs it down, activating a switch, bringing more swing poles into play. Go to the other corner and do the same as before. This time, turn around on the swing pole and use it to reach the fissure on the wall. Go to the right on the fissure. This puts you in position to wallrun straight up and jump away. You'll land on another pole. Now swing and jump your way across to the far wall. Wallrun from one fissure to the next, then to the climbable stones. Jump up to the next section of stones, then jump away to get onto the beam. Jump to the next beam, and then to the swing pole. Jumping from that lands you on another beam. Move over to the right and leap to yet another pole, then another beam. From here, you can take your pick, jumping to either piece of tapestry you wish. In the next corridor, after the scene, you're presented with a switch that opens the door at the end. It's timed and you have to dodge all the swinging axes. You have the luxury of being able to stop if an axe is right in your way, waiting for it to pass, but you won't be able to do it more than just a couple times. You want to judge all the swing paths and try to make it through as fast as possible. Approach the crank in this next room and grab it with R2. Holding it down, turn the crank once, counterclockwise. Now go over to the top-right corner where a section of a wall folded out. Wallrun up the wall here and jump, then hit R2 to run up the section that folded out. You'll climb onto it and can now reach a hanging bar. Jump to it to raise a platform near the front. Swing and jump to the tapestry now. Engage the crank again, turning it twice more counterclockwise. This will make a different wall fold out. Run up the wall in that corner and jump to the pole. Use that to jump onto the wall and climb up by holding R2 when you hit it. Again you can jump to a bar that will weigh down and raise another platform. As you drop down via the tapestry, the door that you've no doubt noticed has been shaking, will burst open, allowing the entry of yet more sand creatures. There's 25 of them, but again, not much to worry about. Watch them closely, dodging when you see too many charging their strikes. Back away, let them come to you and charge up Power Attacks. Kick some large groups to thin their numbers temporarily. When you're surrounded, dodge or use Aerial Slash. You'll get 25 XP, more than enough for another upgrade. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Now this I will leave entirely up to you. I will just make | |suggestions but you're free to choose how you do it. For now | |I went with the Energy Slot upgrade. You're free to opt for | |the start of your elemental powers though if you so choose. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Wallrun and jump back and forth between the two sections you raised up and you can reach the top. Go through the doorway here for a scene. The game shows you one of the many Hidden Sarcophagi. These contain extra XP and also red and blue energy. It takes a Power Attack to break it open. That's the easy part. The hard part is finding them, all 21. Many are well hidden. You will usually know one is nearby though, by the telltale blue particles in the air. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (1/21)-------------------------------o |This first one couldn't be easier. Wallrun up the wooden door| |in front of the frozen soldiers and jump away. You'll grab a | |beam. Pull yourself up and then jump back to that wall to | |reach the stones. Climb up just a bit and then wallrun up to | |get up into the opening with the Sarcophagus. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Drop down and enter the adjacent corridor. Go across the first beam, then turn the corner. The next beam is protected by the swinging axes. Time your movements and you'll be fine. Time your jumps as well, as you make your way across. Once you're through safely, enter the next room for a scene. From the balcony, jump to the tapestry. On the lower level, wallrun and then jump away to reach the bar. This weighs it down, allowing you to traverse the gap using the column that rises up. Jump to it, then jump to the left side of the room. You can wallrun and jump again to weigh down another bar. This raises another column in front of a pressure switch. Wallrun on this back wall and as soon as you hit the switch, jump to the column. Now quickly jump across to get to the door before it lowers. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE WORKS |------ [fs02] \___________________________________________/ Watch for all the moving parts in this room. Start by wallruning on the left when the section of wall recedes, flattening it out. The next part has the wall slide down so wallrun when it's down. Don't jump away too early so you can reach the adjacent platform. Jump onto the fissure near the spinning gear. Wait for the gear to turn and it will create an opening, allowing you to wallrun through. Two sections of this wall will allow you to wallrun across so do so when they're down. Use the stones to wallrun up to a fissure. Wait for the openings in the two gears to align and wallrun across. Now, wait for the sliding wall to recede and you can wallrun to the fissure on the front side of it. Hang here as the wall extends out again. Once it's out, jump away to the column. Wait for the wall here to slide up and jump to the fissure on that one. From here, wallrun to the left when the wall has slid up and you'll reach a swing pole. Swing through the opening in the gears after it turns and then keep swinging through to reach the exit. In the next chamber, jump to the platform in the center. Rotate the crank once counterclockwise. Use the long beam to reach the platform it's pointing toward. Wallrun across, being mindful of the spinning saw trap on the wall. As you go across, the Prince talks and makes one of the very few references (sadly) to the original trilogy that this game is set between. Jump across the gap when the spinning trap has descended. Climb up the wall here and wait. The rotating section changes. Wait for it to be flat, and then wallrun straight up to the next fissure. Jump straight across to another fissure. Take this to the Prince's right and you'll be able to pull yourself onto a platform. Run up the wall and jump to reach the bar. This raises the center platform. Jump to the platform and rotate the crank so the beam goes 180 degrees behind you. Jump to the following platform. Wait for the first saw blade to get high enough, then start your wallrun. When the two spiked logs descend, jump across that gap as well. Wallrun up and again wait for the flat section to appear to get higher. Jump from one fissure to the next, then go around. Wait for the saw blades to rise, then wallrun over and pull yourself up. Wallrun and jump to grab another bar. The platform rises again. You'll want to pull the crank toward you, rotating the platform counterclockwise. This will line you up with a pressure switch on that wall. Jump to the wall, hold R2 to go up, and immediately jump away as the Prince hits the switch. Quickly engage the crank to rotate the platform 180 degrees. Jump from the beam to the platform and get under the door before it closes. This room had me confused for a minute. Rotate the crank once in either direction. It aligns a pair of beams and a swing pole in between. Use them to get to the far corner. Jump the gap by grabbing the hanging bar. This also raises a platform near the entrance. Go across and then use another pair of beams and poles to get across, being sure to hold R2 when you hit the wall to climb up. Here you find crank #2. Rotate it once. Now, use the swing poles ahead of you to reach the tapestry, taking you back to crank #1. Rotate this one once as well. Pay attention not to the gear, which is what I did, but to the columns in the center. The top column should land on the bottom one. This is your way out. You raised a platform earlier with the hanging bar. This platform is now under crank #2. So instead of going around the room again, just jump back across and run up the wall. Ignore the crank if you already rotated it before. Just jump across, using the pole to reach a beam. From the beam, go right and jump to the column that was lowered. Jump to the beam on the other gear and you'll be able to reach a swing pole which lets you jump to the platform... where the sand creatures are waiting for you. Not too many, and the close quarters can let you deal with them more efficiently hopefully. Knock them down with a kick if they bunch up, then plunge your blade into them for easy kills. You should get enough XP for another upgrade, so go ahead and make your pick. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I went with my first elemental power upgrade finally: Trail | |of Flame. Choose what you want though, you should have a few | |options. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Break open the vases and barrels to get back red and blue energy. Enter the next corridor and leap over the trap. Around the corner is a gap you must wallrun over on the right side. Wait until the trap is at the bottom or the top before going. Jump over the next, then quickly roll under the one coming toward you. Don't sit by and wait for it to stop and go away as this one and the previous one converge, leaving you no room. Do it in one motion, then jump over the lower one as well. Wallrun on the left when the next trap is pretty much at the top, then jump away to reach the adjacent ledge. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE PALACE COURTYARD |------ [fs03] \___________________________________________/ You'll get a cutscene. After that, a whole horde of enemies will ambush you. This group will come with some newcomers, larger sand creatures that are much more ugly (if that was possible). They take a lot of hits and can't be knocked down with kicks. Power Attacks will come in handy. Again, your strategy should be relatively the same. Slash, kick, roll. When you are surrounded, turn to dodges or Aerial Slashes. Assuming you did pick up an elemental power, this will also add some new dynamics to your combat. The most useful now are probably Stone Armor and Whirlwind. Trail of Flame and Ice Blast also are decent but may not be as efficient just yet. Feel free to use either power at least once or twice. Many of the enemies will drop red and blue energy to replenish your stock. Definitely watch your health in this fight, and Rewind if necessary to prevent big losses of that life bar. Once they're all down, go into the top-left corner and wallrun up and jump to the pole. Swing all the way across to the fissure. Wait for the blades to move down a bit, then wallrun and jump away from the wall to the column. Use these columns to jump to the stones on the wall ahead. Go as high as you can, then watch the two saw blades. When they pass each other, just wait about another second and perform your wallrun. Jump away and use the swing pole to reach the balcony. Wallrun when the next two blades move up, then use the next few columns to jump to another ledge. More enemies wait for you, the same new ones as before. There's a few ways to go about taking them down. Although you can't kick them onto the ground normally, you can perform the Aerial Kick which will do it. Do this like the Aerial Slash, but instead of hitting Square, hit Triangle. This way, you can approach them for very easy finishes. You can also just charge up constant Power Attacks since there's not too many of them, or whatever you want. The XP you get should be enough for yet another upgrade. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Not sure what to get? Well, depending on how you're handling | |combat so far may help you decide. If you're really having a | |hard time, you may want to consider Stone Armor or the next | |Health Increase. Whirlwind is also a very useful ability for | |battle. I decided to get Whirlwind. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Roll under the spinning trap. Make your way across the gaps, past the traps. Wallrun past the two sawblades, then jump away to reach the beam. Swing across a pole, then jump to a beam and finally, some tapestry. Down here, you'll notice the blue particles. You know what that means! o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (2/21)-------------------------------o |Near you is a door that is closed with a gate. Across from | |this is a broken staircase and a gap due to the loss of said | |staircase. Jump across this gap and you can clearly see the | |Sarcophagus. Bust it open for more XP. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Jump back across and return to where you got off the tapestry. Wallrun on the left wall here. Wallrun again but after the sawblades go up high enough. The very moment the Prince hits the pressure switch, jump away to grab the swing pole and then jump to the platform so you can get through the door. If you mess up, Rewind and try again. After the scene, hug the left wall as you go up the stairs. Just after the stairs, a section of the platform will drop away so prepare a wallrun. After you turn the corner, another section will drop so wallrun on the left again. Just past the doorway, you'll get to fight more enemies. Nothing new here. If you have Whirlwind, that can help knock down surrounding enemies and you can get some breathing room or finish a bunch of them off. Charge Power Attacks when you can and just avoid being overwhelmed. The next door is closed by a gate. Wallrun up the wall opposite the balcony and jump to the hanging bar. Now you can get through. Immediately wallrun as the next section decides to drop out on you. In the next room, wallrun after the sawblades move, then jump to the platform. Wait for the next pair of blades to go up, then wallrun onto the switch. Let the Prince drop down and go through the now opened doorway. Break open all the vases and barrels as you proceed into the next room. After the scene, you get your first (sort of) Boss fight! This juggernaut-like creature is the most important player here. Keep your eyes on it at all times and just avoid the swarms of sand creatures around you. Slash at them as you go if you want, but just stay out of the path of the big guy. When he's distant, he'll raise his arms. This means he's about to charge in your direction, so move to the side quickly. Attack him head on and he will bring his arms in toward his body. This means you need to move away as he does a ground pound attack. Your only option is to get in close and attack. You'll only have time for about two strikes, so try to make one of them a Power Attack. After that, get out of there to avoid the shockwave of his attack. Get back in, rinse and repeat. After that, finish off any remaining sand creatures, if any are left. Go over to the pressure switch and run up the wall to hit it. This shoots the wall outward, so just as you lose your momentum, jumpt away and hit the opposite wall. Hold R2 to climb up. Now wallrun and jump to the columns. Take them across to a beam. Jump to the next platform and wallrun from there so you can jump to the bar. From here, you can just swing all the way across to the opening of the next corridor. Waiting inside are more traps. Again, follow the spiked log as it moves away from you. Then, as it starts coming back, roll underneath it. Around the corner are two right next to each other so as you clear the first, back up immediately to avoid getting clubbed by the second. Then, just time this one like the others and you'll be fine. The next one is over a gap that needs to be jumped over. Stand out on the edge of the beam. Wait for the log to come to you and then jump over it to the swing pole and you can reach the other side, no problem. The last one around the corner is also different. This is a straight beam with a spiked log swinging over it. Just go almost halfway across, wait for it to come near you and then jump over it. In the next room there are plenty of vases to break for blue and red energy so stock up. Go outside and you'll notice the layout of the floor is different. PoP fans might recognize what devious trap this is. Yes, spikes. They'll spring up if you linger for even a second so just run straight across to avoid getting skewered. The moving vertical spiked logs are very easy to get by so no worries. More sand creatures attack once you arrive in the next room. Again, just use the moves you've been honing, along with the elemental powers you may have. If you get surrounded, just use Whirlwind/Stone Armor or Aerial Slash or just dodge. Go outside to the next area when you're ready, but don't go too far. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (3/21)-------------------------------o |Cross the first patch of spike tiles. There is a little safe | |ground in between the sections of traps. Hang over the edge | |here and drop down with Circle. Drop down to the bottom | |fissure and take it over to the right. Wallrun to the next | |fissure, and then to the last section also by wallrunning. | |Climb up to find your prize. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Head back and get around the rest of the traps to the next room. This houses one of the trickiest puzzles in the game. Trying the pressure switch would activate the gears, but unfortunately, a device is hanging down preventing them from turning. The crank however, saves the day. Turn it to free the gears. Now try the switch and it brings you a platform. Jump to it and it will take you over to the far wall. Jump to it and climb up. Another switch and stuck gear, but this time, with two cranks. You have Crank #1 on the left, Crank #2 on the right. Do as follows: 1) Turn Crank #1 once clockwise. This rotates an L-shaped device. 2) Turn Crank #2 twice clockwise. This moves the gear along that device. 3) Turn Crank #1 once clockwise, again moving the L-shaped device. 4) Turn Crank #2 once counterclockwise. This lets the large gear turn. Step on the switch now and another platform moves into position. You have to get to it first and you're timed so let's move! Jump to the wall across from the switch and leap to the stones. Climb up, then wallrun to the left to more stones. Make sure you climb to the top of these so you're level with the fissure just to your left. Wallrun over to that and then wallrun from it and jump at the end of your run to reach the platform. It'll swing you over to the next platform and your exit. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE FORTRESS GATES |------ [fs03] \___________________________________________/ After the scene you have a job to do, and a puzzle necessary to completing that job. This one is more devious than the last, as you have three cranks to worry about, but never fear! Facing the wall with all the gears and stuff on it, the cranks from left to right are Crank #1 (all by its lonesome) and Cranks #2 and #3 on the right. 1) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once. 2) Turn Crank #1 clockwise twice. 3) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once. 4) Turn Crank #1 counterclockwise twice. 5) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once. 6) Turn Crank #2 counterclockwise once. 7) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once. 8) Turn Crank #2 counterclockwise once. 9) Turn Crank #1 counterclockwise twice. 10) Turn Crank #2 counterclockwise once. 11) Turn Crank #1 clockwise once. Boy, that was a bit... tedious. Anyways, after the scene is over, jump to the platform that is opposite the gears wall. To the left are some stones on the wall, so jump to those and make your way up. Above you is a pressure switch. Wallrun up as high as you can and you'll press it down. Immediately jump away to grab the swing pole. Swing and jump to the now raised platform. You'll weigh it down and turn the giant gear, sealing the gates. Hooray! But now you're locked in with the sand creatures. Boooooooooo! Grab that sword and go to work. As you leave the large opening to the more open courtyard, be VERY warned. On your left and right, not in your visible range right now are two armored juggernaut enemies. They will come rushing at you from both sides making you a Prince of Persia sandwich. Just run straight ahead past all the enemies to avoid their charge. Now you have to deal with them above all else. If you're lucky, the two big guys will continually run into each other, doing all the work for you. If not, use your Power Attacks but be patient and duck out of the way constantly to avoid damage. If you have Stone Armor, it will really come in handy here. Once they're all dead, you can upgrade again, but do so after the cutscene. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I decided to finish tier 1 for the Elemental powers and got | |Ice Blast. Invest in Stone Armor or Whirlwind if you don't | |have them yet. Otherwise I would strongly recommend the next | |Health or Energy Slot upgrade. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o The next corridor is lined with more traps. Time the vertical bladed columns and run straight through, over the spike tiles. The following gap requires you to wallrun. Either side doesn't matter, just time your wallrun so that when you start it, the vertical blade column is about to move to the opposite side. Run straight over the spike tiles and just swerve around the columns to avoid their blades. Pretty easy. Turn the corner, go past one bladed column, then wallrun and avoid the other, and run straight over more spike tiles. As you wallrun over the next gap, look for an opening amongst all the columns. Favor one side, left or right, rather then moving through them all. Wait for an opening and go. After that, you'll spy another portal on your left. Your curiosity is no doubt piqued. Go on and enter and get a scene... and something else. Introducing what I feel is the single most impressive PoP power since Rewind. Rewind still gets an edge ever since its introduction in Sands of Time. Using a time power called Flow, you can freeze time only affecting water. Strange, yes, but it is amazingly cool and it opens awesome platforming sequences. As you leave Razia's realm, go to the left and you'll see two water spouts. Hold L2 to freeze time, making the water solid, but not ice solid. You can now treat them like swing poles, so make your way across but don't let go of L2. The next corridor has larger water spouts coming from the ceiling. Freezing them with Flow turns them into--yep--columns. Jump across these to the other side. After that, the following corridor has a pressure switch. Step on it and the spouts appear, but step off and they're gone. Stand on the switch, then activate the power of Flow and hold L2. Now get off the switch and make your way across and the water will stay frozen so long as you keep your finger on L2. The next two corridors have their spouts activated by a swing bar. Hold L2 and make your way through; it shouldn't be too hard for you to do on your own. Enter the chamber at the end with water coming down. Stand underneath for a refreshing bath. Ahh, that feels good, it's so damn hot.... Anyways, turn that spout into a column and climb out. Follow the next corridor to a spike tile trap. Step on the pressure switch first, then make your way across, but duck under the arrow trap that shoots out at you. Roll under the door and you'll be in... ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE PRISON |------ [fs04] \___________________________________________/ Wallrun along the outer wall and make your way along the fissure, then drop down via the tapestry (moving a little faster here with directions). Another fight. This time, shielded enemies will come into play. The strategy is the same as before. Kick them once to make them vulnerable. You'll likely want to focus on the skeletons first since they are easier to take down and are larger in number, so continue the tactics you've been using and rely on your powers in a pinch. You can also kick the shielded creatures twice to knock them down for finishers. There's only one way to go. Go to the back of the room and hop on the column. Climb up and jump to the fissure, then wallrun and jump to the bar. This turns on the water spouts. Use the power of Flow and make your way across. I won't detail the entire length of this platforming sequence (it should be getting easy for you by now) but it takes you all around the perimeter of the room. Keep Flow activated and you'll make it easy. When you get to a fissure, keep the water frozen, then wallrun to the first spout, swing, jump, then swing and jump again from the second to reach a ledge. Go to the right and climb the tower using the fissure and stone blocks on the side. Jump to a bar that activates a switch, then swing and jump to the fissure ahead. Take this all the way around and wallrun to the next section. Now, from this small fissure, you can see ahead, to the Prince's right, a column on a platform and that platform has spike tiles. You want to wallrun, getting a lot out of your run. Then jump away and grab the column. Freeze the water spouts to make them columns for you to get across. From the last actual stone column, jump to the hanging prison cage. After the short scene, shimmy around and jump away to the next one. Shimmy around, freeze the water spout, then jump to it. Jump the cage above. Use Flow again to cross two more water columns, then jump to the adjacent cage. Jump to the wall, wallrun from one fissure to the next, then jump to the cage behind the Prince. Shimmy around one cage, jump to the next, shimmy around that one and jump to a spout you can freeze. Make your way to the tapestry and then desceend to yet another fight. You get each type of enemy here. Use Whirlwind to keep them at bay, or Trail of Flame/Ice Blast to get a bit more damage in. Stone armor will keep you protected for a while and helps a lot. Rewind undoes any large health losses. I won't repeat the same tips again here, but I'll still be repeating them as the guide rolls along. You should know though, I've said them many times. Once all is said and done, the problem is figuring out where to go from here. The answer lies in where you came down from. Facing the tower that had the tapestry on it, on the right side, that wall has a pressure switch. Wallrun up it and immediately jump away after hitting the switch. You'll land on an extended platform. Jump to a bar and this turns on two water spouts. Use Flow to freeze them, then jump across, using the water column to get to another bar that also acts as a switch. The room changes around a tiny bit and more enemies enter the fray. Drop down and deal with them. It's a small but dangerous group. I'd recommend using Stone Armor if you have it. Try to focus on either type of enemy first, whichever you prefer. Kicking the shield guys twice knocks them down and lets you stab them for easy kills. Just watch the big guys and avoid their attacks. Aerial Slashes let you avoid this as do any emergency powers. Go toward the top left corner now and wallrun up, then jump away as you activate Flow to freeze the water spout. Swing from it and jump back toward the wall to reach a fissure. Wallrun across this wall, using the fissures and then jump away, hit L2 and use Flow to swing across the spout to land on a beam. You can now jump to the central spout by freezing it into a column and reaching the other bar. Land on it to trigger one more change. This one appears trickier than it actually is. Go to the top-right corner now and wallrun up, jump and land on a water spout that will serve as a pole if you use Flow. Now, swing and jump back toward that wall you jumped from and hit it, gain some height by holding R2, then jump away again to reach the higher spout. From here, you can swing across pretty straightforwardly. Just keep in mind to deactivate your Flow temporarily at some point (on the beam or in between jumps--just be sure to reactivate it before you land on another water spout). Reason is, the Flow Meter will probably run out unless you moved really fast. At the end, use the wall to gain height as you use the two water spouts to climb up. You'll finally be able to reach the beam and the platform at the top. Step on the pressure switch here. The following corridor is dangerous, especially if you came out of the previous battle with low health. You need to move quickly past arrow traps and spike tiles. I recommend just having the Prince roll on the ground repeatedly after stepping on the switch. If you run, you might not make it and you'll likely need to hit Rewind. Rolling will get you in much faster. After clearing the gate, don't go too far. First, break open the nearby vases for some red energy (hopefully). After that, look on the wall to your right. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (4/21)-------------------------------o |This is right after clearing that gate with arrow/spike tile | |corridor. Immediately on your right, there is a hard to see | |section of climbable stones on the wall. Wallrun up to reach | |them and start climbing and you'll reach a fissure. Wallrun | |to the right to reach another. Wallrun from here to the bar | |which opens up the gate with the Sarcophagus. Swing to the | |pole and then jump in to claim the XP and energy inside it. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o To get down from there, drop over the edge and slide down the tapestry. This (sadly) takes you back to the pressure switch and trap corridor. Get through it again and then continue on once you get clear of the gate again. Before going any further, the extra XP should have put you over for a new ugprade, so... what are you waiting for? o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |With all the elemental powers covered, I was only given two | |choices. Health or Energy. I went with Health Increase 2. | |This opens more choices for later. Same with Energy Slot if | |you get that. Choose what you want or need. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o In the next corridor, you'll likely notice the water spout here changes every few seconds from a lot of water to little water. The idea here is that when there is a lot of water, you can use it as a column with the Flow power. You can't grab it when there is little water. You need to time it but it's as easy as waiting for when the water is at its biggest amount and holding L2 to turn it into a column. This trend continues shortly ahead with two columns this time. Easy though. Around the corner, wallrun shortly after the two saw blades pass each other. Wallrun on the left side next, waiting for the saw blades to go down. Jump away from the wall to reach... ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE SEWER |------ [fs04] \___________________________________________/ Go down the slide and into the chamber below. More sand creatures appear. You have two waterfalls as your backdrop and it can actually come in handy. Not known as a combat power, Flow can actually help you here. If you hold L2, you can turn the waterfalls into solid walls, allowing you to temporarily block off some enemies from reaching you. With a wall in play, you can also force enemies into it and get easy kills. It might be tricky to focus on holding L2 while fighting, but it could help. Once that's done, you can probably figure out what you need to do. Use Flow to turn the waterfalls into walls and climb up one, jump to the other, climb up, etc. You want to pull yourself onto the left platform. A fissure on the wall ahead of you can be reached and from there, you'll want to watch the blades and wallrun across. On this fissure, go to the left side and wait for the blades to pass you going to the right. Climb straight up and go left on this fissure to approach the waterfall. Freeze it with Flow, then wallrun across like you would a normal wall. Oooh, nifty! Shimmy around the next corner to reach another. Freeze it, then wallrun across. You'll reach a fissure opposite a water spout. Jump away, use Flow, grab it, swing, jump, and land on the beam. Enter the next corridor. Down here, you just want to go straight across. Wait for the water spout to intensify, then freeze it and use it as a column. Climb up to get some height, then jump to the horizontal beam across from you. There are two more water spouts in front of you. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (5/21)-------------------------------o |From that horizontal beam you see two more water spouts. Use | |Flow and freeze them. Jump to the first one but stay right | |there. Climb straight up to the near top and now jump away | |as if you were going backwards into the previous room. You | |should see a horizontal beam way up here. You'll also see the| |Sarcophagus which you can reach by jumping to said beam and | |then to the platform ahead of it. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Use the two water spouts as columns with Flow to make it across and into the next chamber. Here you get a scene. Meet the Summoner, a real bastard. He will conjure up endless sand creatures for you to fight. It might sound awesome, but before you get all excited, know that the XP is not unlimited. It will stop pouring in rather early. Any fighting beyond that should just be for Trophies or Achievements and beyond that, it's pointless. Once the XP stops flowing, aim your sights on the Summoner. He has a really annoying "force push" attack that knocks you away. Use Whirlwind near him or jump at him with Aerial Slash. When they're all dead, you'll be shown a crank on a high platform. There are two walls just below the crank that are close enough to wallrun and jump between. Do so to get up there. Rotating the crank once brings vertical water spouts. That's not what you need right now, so turn it again until you get the horizontal water spouts, the one that serve as swing poles. Use Flow to jump across these and then to the wall to get more height and jump to reach the bar. Weighing this down opens a gate. Now, return to the crank and turn it back so the vertical water spouts appear. Freeze then into columns and make your way through that opened doorway. Jump to the beam, then go to the left and climb the stones on the wall. Wallrun to the right and jump away to reach more stones. Climb straight up and jump back to the first wall to reach another section. Climb up and to the right, wallrun, jump, climb, wallrun, and finally, climb down. Wallrun at the end of the stone path to reach a beam and the next chamber. Another Summoner so more baddies. There's a lot more, including the big guys so be careful. Milk it for all its worth in XP but once it stops coming, go after the Summoner. Your elemental powers will really help here more than likely. Once they're all dead, you can probably upgrade again, so go ahead and so if you'd like. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I went with symmetry here, choosing the Energy Slot Upgrade | |to make things even. Seemed to make sense. But go with what | |you want. If you chose Health before, you can upgrade your | |Flame/Stone powers one more level. If you chose Energy last | |time or earlier, you can upgrade Wind or Ice to level 2. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Aside from where you came in, there's only one wall you can climb up. It has a bar hanging over it so wallrun and jump to get onto it and pull it down. This turns on the spouts. Climb up the wall that you used to get here and jump across the spouts using Flow and you'll reach the platform holding a crank. Rotating the crank rotates the spouts. Do this just once and then return to that previous platform and you can freeze the spouts and jump your way out to the exit. The next corridor has a floor of spikes so jump across the beams to stay puncture wound-free. As you leap from the swing pole, you'll see those blue particles again. Hmm, what could that possibly mean? o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (6/21)-------------------------------o |After getting off the swing bar, go straight ahead and step | |out onto a beam. You'll see two water spouts. When one is on,| |the other is off. Use Flow when the closest one is on and | |jump to it. Now you may be worried because you need to jump | |to the second, but it isn't on. Don't worry though. Jump and | |IMMEDIATELY turn off Flow and the water will shoot out. As | |soon as the second spout appears, use Flow again and you'll | |grab it. Swing across to get the Sarcophagus and your XP. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Return and enter the next room. Climb the wall near the waterwheel to get onto the platform above. Freeze the waterfall and wallrun across. Cross another waterfall the same way, this one on the Prince's left. The third one is trickier. You need to wallrun across the waterfall, then jump away to reach a platform. This platform is guarded by another waterfall though and if Flow is activated, you'll crash into it and fall down. So what you need to do is after the Prince runs across the first waterfall, let go of L2 and jump and the Prince will easily pass through the water. It might take a moment to get your brain and fingers in coordination, but it's easy. Now, on the other side, freeze that waterfall and use it to jump back and forth as you climb up to the platform above you. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE BATHS |------ [fs04] \___________________________________________/ Step on the pressure switch in front of you. This will activate a waterfall that only stays active if you stand on the switch. Freeze it with Flow before stepping off and run over. Wallrun up and jump away to the bar. This opens a door... and lets in all the bad guys. Damn it! Another tough fight, but you make it tougher by not going after the Summoners, of which there are three in this fight. Expect a lot of enemies too because of that. Whirlwind and Stone Armor are big helps here. When you get enough XP, target the Summoners. They can be tough to get through, swimming through the sea of enemies. They also have those annoying push attacks. You can try jumping across the heads of the enemies until you reach them and do an Aerial Slash, followed by some Power Attacks. Try to kick them if you can for finishers. Once all the enemies are finally dead, proceed through the door they came out of. Inside you'll see two large sets of doors on your left and right. Climb up either and jump away from the wall to hang on the bar and activate a waterfall. Go to the opposite side and do this with the other. With two waterfalls, jump and climb back and forth after you've frozen them. At the top, go forward and wallrun on the right wall to a fissure, then wallrun again to the next platform. Go through the doorway and down the stairs. Wait for the water spout to appear, then freeze it in place and jump across and land on the swing pole. Deactivate Flow and wait for the next two water spouts to shoot out. Use Flow again and make your way across these. Stay at the next platform and watch carefully. There is a waterfall that lets you wallrun. You also need to wait for the water spout to shoot out as well, making a swing bar. When it appears, activate Flow and wallrun, then swing and jump across. You get a scene, a rather troubling one at that. Activate Flow when the spouts are active and swing across. When you're on the solid swing pole, deactivate it and wait for the following spout to activate. Freeze it, swing, and jump to the wall, then hold R2 to climb up. Wallrun across the left wall and jump to the bar. This activates two water spouts sandwiched around a solid column. Wait for the water to be more intense, then freeze it. Swing and jump to the first one. Climb up this spout first and then jump to the solid column. Deactivate Flow and let the meter recharge, before jumping to the next water column you also need to freeze. Jump to the bar to activate more spouts, then swing to the platform ahead. Wallrun to the right and when you see the water spout intensify, freeze it and jump to it to grab on. Make your way across a few to reach a solid column. Turn Flow off, wait, then activate it again when the next spout intensifies. Continue this routine and you'll make it out without any problems. In the next room, jump to the swing pole. Start swinging and activate Flow to freeze the waterfall. Jump to it and climb up, then jump away and you'll grab the higher pole. Turn around and start swinging back toward the waterfall. Deactivate Flow, turning it back into running water, and jump through to make it. In this next corridor, wait for the bladed log to get really high up before jumping. Around the corner, wait for the center vertical log to be close to you and then go around it and down the center easily. Keep running as the tiles have spikes. Start wallrunning over the next gap when the two logs pass each other. For the group of vertical bladed logs, follow one down a single lane, staying away from the others, and when the others pass you, go around the one you were following and just slip by. For the final group, wait for an opening to appear in the center and just run through, timing it properly. From where the frozen guards are, wallrun to the left and grab the tapestry. Before you slide all the way down, jump away from the wall to grab the pole. Swing across to the opposite wall and another piece of tapestry. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE ROYAL CHAMBERS |------ [fs05] \___________________________________________/ Go up the stairs and break the vases, hoping to replenish any energy you may have expended in that corridor. Go to the left now to a larger room that has what looks like a big pool. Near it is a pressure switch. Let's give it a press shall we? This activates water spouts. Before stepping off, freeze them with Flow. Now jump across them and then land on the wall and hold R2 to climb up. You find another switch. This one activates more spouts so freeze them first before steppin off the switch. Swing across to reach a fissure. Climb straight up to another, then shimmy to the right onto a beam. Jump onto the pole and observe what's ahead. You have a waterfall and a spout on the other side of it. What you want to do is jump through the waterfall and immediately activate Flow so you can grab the spout. Swing from it to reach a beam, and then another pole which lets you jump to a balcony and a scene just a few steps away. Once you gain control, go to the Prince's right, toward the red rug on the floor and turn that corner. Ratash will destroy the floor ahead so wallrun on your right over the gap. Freeze the water spout ahead with Flow and swing from it to a beam. Jump to a vertical spout you also should freeze and slide down this. Jump away when you slide to the bottom. When Ratash destroys another section, wallrun on the left, as far as you can go, then jump to the column. Jump to the next one, and then activate Flow. You have to cross a water column, three water swing poles, and one more column. Keep your finger on L2 as you make your way across. When you get to the last column, notice the waterfall ahead of you. Jump off the column and immediately let go of L2 to deactivate Flow and jump through the water. If you mess up, Rewind. In the next room, wallrun, then jump away to the column. Use this to jump to a beam in front of a wall. Climb up that wall to a fissure, shimmy around, then jump to another. Drop onto the beam, jump to another column, then jump to the tapestry. You'll drop right into another fight. The numbers are, like always, against you. Whirlwind and Stone Armor still help a lot, but Trail of Flame and Ice Blast aren't useless by any means. If you dodge a lot, Trail of Flame will definitely help. Keep up the tactics you've been developing so far and this fight shouldn't be much of a problem. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (7/21)-------------------------------o |Go to the side of this room that has a vertical water spout. | |Freeze it with flow and climb up. You'll notice two pressure | |switches on either side of you. Get enough height and jump to| |one, then jump off the wall back to the water column. Jump to| |the other and hit that one too. Return to the column and now | |jump into the newly opened door to find the Sarcophagus. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o If you didn't have enough to upgrade before, you more than likely do now. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I went with Trail of Flame Level 2. You should definitely | |upgrade at least one of your elemental powers to level 2. Or | |you can go after the next Health/Energy Slot upgrades if that| |tickles your fancy. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Now find the exit and you'll come to another small room. This one has two water spouts and a waterfall. Freeze them with Flow and after you jump off the first spout, you want to unfreeze everything so you go through the waterfall and can then land on the second spout once you freeze it all again. In the next corridor, Ratash attacks again so wallrun on the right, then use Flow to swing across two spouts. Once the next section is destroyed, wallrun on waterfall after using Flow then jump to the column. Freeze the next two water spouts into more columns and use them to get across. From the next balcony, run straight ahead and wallrun to the beam. This next part will definitely text your ability to control your new power. You have several spouts interspersed by waterfalls. You need to freeze them when you're swinging, but unfreeze when you jump, then quickly freeze them again so you can grab the next spout. Go around the next corner for another fight. This one has Summoners so you want to target them early. Whirlwind helps a lot to knock everyone on their feet, including the Summoners so you can get easy kills. Fend your way through them and use what you need to and you should be fine. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (8/21)-------------------------------o |At the end of this bath, there are two waterfalls. You need | |to freeze and climb these two get out. Using Flow, wallrun up| |one and jump to the first spout in the middle, use this to | |swing and jump to either side and hit the wall, go up, and | |jump away to reach the second spout. Now, instead of using | |either frozen waterfall to get up higher, swing toward the | |waterfall on the right side and as soon as you jump, unfreeze| |the water so you can pass through, grabbing onto the ledge. | |Pull yourself up to find the Sarcophagus. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Use the falls to get all the way to the top now and go over to the left side of the screen and cross a beam. Go all the way into the corner and you'll see some swing poles. Wallrun and jump to them to swing across. Go to the left on this new balcony, then wallrun and jump to reach the pole and then the bar. This opens the door ahead so pass on through. Ahead, ugly greets you yet again. Wallrun on the right, then jump and freeze the water. Cross the columns, then the swing poles and then deactivate Flow before jumping through the waterfall. Freeze that waterfall again and use it to jump back and forth between the walls, climbing up each time you hit either wall. Ratash destroys another section, turning the top of the right wall into a beam. Jump to a water spout which you'll need to freeze into a column. Jump to the real column on the left and then to a piece of tapestry. After the scene, go through the doorways and up the stairs. You come to a trapped corridor. Jump past the swinging axe and run straight through, rolling under the arrows if needed, but keep going to avoid the spike tiles. Stop after the tiles and wait for the next axe to swing by before jumping. Keep going, avoiding the traps and especially the axes, timing your jumps well. Around the following corner, run past the spike tiles, then jump through the opening left by two axes, and run or roll past the arrow trap. In the next room you get a fight. It should be getting easier by now and you might be able to do it without powers. Although if you want the four elemental trophies, keep incorporating your powers into combat. Still, this fight is not difficult by any real means unless you've struggled to get this far. Go up the stairs after that and into the next room. You'll see a giant waterwheel. Climb up to the fissure beside it. Wait here a moment and read the next section below. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (9/21)-------------------------------o |When you're hanging on the fissure beside the waterwheel, | |look above you. There are some stones you can climb up so go | |ahead and climb straight up. Jump away from the top to swing | |on a pole and jump again to reach another fissure. Shimmy to | |the Prince's left as much as you can, then drop down to land | |safely on the platform holding the Sarcophagus. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o To get out of there, jump to the tapestry and you'll return to the waterwheel. Climb back onto the fissure and use Flow to freeze the water when there is an opening in the wheel. This lets you wallrun straight across. Climb the fissures on the other side to get out of here. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE OBSERVATORY |------ [fs05] \___________________________________________/ This area is pretty cool. Before we get too wide-eyed, let's upgrade shall we? o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I went with Whirlwind Level 2 this time. Again, your choices | |are not gonna be too different than mine, but you're | |obviously free to pick what you want from what's available. | |These are just suggestions. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o On your right is a water spout ripe for the Flow power. Use it to swing across and reach a fissure. Shimmy around and jump away to swing across two more spouts that you will also need to freeze, obviously. When you land on the next platform, enter this little alcove and run up the doors and jump. Grabbing the bar changes things arond and raises a crank. Swing across the next two spouts with Flow and you'll find that crank. Turn this in either direction, just bring that yellow object on the astrolabe over so that it's in front of the previous platform and that one half of it folds down making it a solid platform. Return across the water spouts and jump on that yellow platform. You'll see a vertical water spout right nearby. Jump to it after you have activated Flow. Just to the left are several more spouts that will serve as swing poles. Cross all of them to reach a fissure. Activate Flow again to wallrun across the waterfall to the Prince's right. Next, wallrun again to a water spout that you can swing from to get to the platform ahead. The wall here has climbable stones so what are you waiting for? Go up and then wallrun over to the right. Wallrun again to the next platform and then notice the hanging bar. Run up the doors and jump to grab this. It messes with the astrolabe again and raises another crank on a previous platform. Wallrun once more to the next subsequent platform to find another crank. Turn this one to move the yellow platform of the astrolabe again. Bring it over to the front of the platform that had the bar above it that you just grabbed. Run back over there but don't jump onto the yellow platform yet. Wallrun back to one more previous platform. There's a crank here now. Turn it so that another spinning platform on the astrolabe is lined up right behind the yellow one. Go back and now hop across to the center of the astrolabe. Use the crank you find. Turn the crank twice and it should reposition both of those platforms on the other side of this one. Cross them and jump to a pole, then a fissure. Wallrun to the left and use Flow to swing on the water spout. Jump to the fissure, shimmy over, climb up to another fissure, then wallrun to the balcony. There are a bunch of vases here to break if you want some red and blue energy. There's also another bar here so run up the wall and jump to it and let's see what it does! It shifts the astrolabe yet again and also produces two cranks right below you. You want to manipulate these cranks so that all the platforms are aligned. It's really not hard at all so I won't waste space doing a step by step. You want the big yellow platform in front of you, followed by the red flat one and that should be all you need to activate a cutscene. The Prince will speak a clue aloud. Water drives the machine. If you thereby stop the FLOW of water, then you can stop the machine which is now in motion. Wait for the yellow platform to come to rest in front of you. Immediately activate Flow and jump to it. Now, it's hard to see but there should be a very short stalk of water frozen in front of you. While still holding L2, jump to it and then use it as a column and jump to the thin platform in front of you. Deactivate Flow and the platforms will move. When you see the yellow platform in front of you (it will be half folded), jump to it again or you'll die. The yellow one will take you around the room before stopping as the thin platform appears again. Jump to it immediately and then wait for the red platform to move into position and jump to that. Finally, jump to the yellow platform when it appears again and this will take you to the balcony. Jump to it and you're done! From where you exit, go to the right and run up the wall to the fissure. Take this over and drop down to the tapestry. Run along the wall here to a rather large crack. Shimmy around this and climb into the doorway above you. In the next room, prepare to take a few leaps of faith. There are a few vertical water spouts in here, but when one is on, the others are off. Wait for the one closest to the far wall to be on and activate Flow. Wallrun and jump to it. Now, point yourself to the next one and as soon as you jump away, deactivate and then recativate Flow. Unless you do this way, way too fast, you should be able to grab the second water spout as it forms and then freezes. Jump across to reach the tapestry. When you finally reach the bottom, you recieve a scene. After that, you have a tough fight on your hands. This juggernaut enemy is protected by armor. It can't be damaged unless you use Power Attacks. Since these enemies will do a ground pound when you get close, you'll only have time to do one attack most of the time, so be patient. What you may want to consider doing however is taking out the other enemies first. Reason is, once you kill the big guy, the others disappear. So if you want the XP, take the rest out first. You'll do yourself a huge favor by using Stone Armor here to protect yourself while you take on the minions or the juggernaut guy himself. Whatever you choose to do, when you handle the big guy, keep Stone Armor on, reactivating it when necessary and just hack away at him with Power Attacks. No sweat. Climb up the wall using the fissure. Wallrun along the next wall to a fissure. Take this around and watch the arrow trap ahead. Timing this is really simple so just wallrun when it's safe. Jump across to the next fissure, then climb up from there to the next one when the saw blade moves far to the left. Time the arrows again and wallrun to the next fissure. Drop down when the saw blade moves to its left again. Time the arrows here and wallrun then jump across again. For these two saw blades, climb up after they split and go left and right. After doding more arrows, drop past the saw blades and shimmy over and jump to the next platform. Dodge more arrows, rolling if necessary and this corridor will take you to... ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE THRONE ROOM |------ [fs06] \___________________________________________/ You may notice the doors on your right. Ignore them for now. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (10/21)------------------------------o |Turn left as you enter this little hallway and you'll see | |beside a closed door, there are some stones you can climb. | |Use these to get up to the very top where you'll see two | |spouts. Activate Flow and then wall run to the left and jump | |away. Swing across the two spouts and you'll reach the hidden| |platform that has this Sarcophagus. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Wallrun to the tapestry to return. Now approach those doors for a scene. After that, use Flow when the nearest water spout is on to freeze it. Jump to it, then jump, deactivate Flow to make the second one appear, immediately reactivate Flow and you'll grab onto it. With Flow still active, jump to the frozen waterfall and hold R2 to climb up to a beam. Jump across to the other one, then up to the fissure. Wallrun from this to the tapestry on the right. Drop to the fissure next. Down here, wait for the spout to appear, then freeze it, wallrun to it, and use it to jump to another beam. Jump from this across two columns, then to the area below the staircase. Climb up the stones for a scene. ===================== BOSS FIGHT - RATASH ===================== Ratash is big and he is mean, but he is not that tough. Since he towers over the Prince, you're stuck with attacking his legs. Ratash's attacks consist of a wide sweeping slash he makes the ground, a straight downward slash, a foot stomp, and a wave of his hand that produces a small shockwave. His sword attacks are by far the easiest to avoid. Just stay underneath his legs and you'll pretty much never get hit. If you want to be safe, time his attacks and roll when he executes them. He advertises them well so they're easy to time but rolling shouldn't be necessary as long as you don't go out in front of him. His hand wave attack can also be avoided in the same way. The foot stomp is trickier. Keep reading. Your attack plan is simple. Stay underneath him and just savagely attack his legs with your sword. Vary between many normal slashes or fewer Power Attacks which you must charge. The key thing you want to keep in mind is not to get too trigger, or perhaps, arm happy. Don't continually mash the entire time. You want to give yourself the chance to escape should Ratash raise his foot. This means he's about to stomp. Getting away will be harder if you're still blindly slashing away. Look for him to raise his foot and quickly get out of there by rolling continuously. Ratash tends to not do the stomp attack too soon after another so you can sort of get a gauge on when to expect it. Just don't mash the attack button and stay underneath him and you'll be fine. After you take out half of his health, you'll be given a prompt to perform an Aerial Slash on Ratash. After that you get a bit of a scene. Once you have control again, make a beeline for the stones on the wall. Climb up and to the top, then wallrun over to the platform. Ratash will be sending energy blasts your way. As long as you keep moving though, they'll never hit you. Ratash will destroy a part of the platform. Stay there and wait for a water spout to appear. Immediately use Flow and swing across to the next platform. Here, look for some stones to the left of a door. Run up and climb these. Then, wallrun over and pull yourself up. Jump to the bar, but be careful of Ratash's blast. Also do NOT just jump straight off this bar after swinging. Let the Prince weigh the bar down first, then swing. Swing and jump to the slide. Ratash will run away (bawk-bawk-bawk!). The camera shifts, showing him and the path to him which requires you to cross some vertical water spouts. Jump to the first one. The second one needs you to deactivate Flow in mid-air so jump and deactivate it, then reactivate it. Jump from here to the hanging blue bar. At this point you need to be very mindful of Ratash's blasts. Wait for him to move his arm as he shoots them and then move. Time them like this and you should be ok. Don't jump too early. Wait until he actually moves his arm to shoot them at you. Go from the blue bar to the next water spout. Jump and then deactiave-reactivate Flow to make the next one appear and freeze. Then just jump to Ratash to get another scene. Thus begins the second part of the fight. First you'll notice all the sand creatures in the fray. Don't worry. Let Ratash do this for you. The best way is to get close to him. If you hit him with Whirlwind, Ratash will get dizzy and start waving his sword like a madman. If you run straight to him at the start, you'll lure the sand creature minions in front of him, so hit Ratash with Whirlwind and he'll kill a lot of them for you. The best way by far is to get Ratash to do a foot stomp, killing a lot of them easily. Once they're all dead, focus on Ratash himself. As I said before, Whirlwind or other elemental powers will stun him for a moment. Just don't accidentally get in front of him. Otherwise, the same tactics will still work. Stay under him and watch out for the foot stomp attack. You only have to knock off another quarter of his health bar and he kneels. Do another Aerial Slash to finish it off. After that startling cutscene, go forward. Waiting for the bladed logs to open up a path in the middle of this corridor so you can pass through is simple enough. Next, step out on the beam and watch not just the axe, but more importantly, the horizontal blade log in front of you. It is directly over the beam in front of you, so if you stand on it, the log can knock you off. Wait for the log to start getting near the top of its route, then jump across to the beam and quickly jump again to the following platform. Next, time your run across the spike tiles, starting to move once you see the front pair of blade logs ahead of you converge together. You'll be able to time it so that when you start running, a path through the middle will be open to you. In the next corridor, dodge the axes as you jump--really easy, then hug the left or right wall and pass the logs. Jump past two more axes and turn the corner. The last group in your way starts with spike tiles, then axes and blade logs. Again, time your movement so that you start running when the first set of blade logs come together. The only thing that messes you up is the second axe in the middle of them, so stop and let it pass you, then quickly move on. On your left, you'll see that familiar portal again. You know what that means. Go through for a scene. When you come out, go left and you'll get your first chance to try out your new power, Flight. Jump into the gap, but quickly hit Circle to zoom across and knock into one of the sand creatures. This is how Flight works; it requires an enemy be on the other side of a large gap. Beat up the rest of them and move on. Jump past the axe and onto the beam, then jump again and use Flight to reach the sand creatures. Dispose of them and move on. The next chance comes after more beams interspersed by more axes. There's also a swing pole involved, but this is too simple so I won't waste time detailing it, you should be able to do it with no problem. Use Flight again to make it to the enemies and defeat them. Just past the next axe to the swing pole now, and then jump and use Flight again. Move on. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE TERRACE |------ [fs06] \___________________________________________/ Zoom across the next gap with Flight and use some slashes and Power Strikes to take care of the skeletons. They're small in number and easy for you by now, I would assume, so don't waste your powers on them. Wallrun ahead and the Prince will run over a pressure switch, shooting a platform out of the wall that you'll gracefully land on. Jump and use Flight to make it the rest of the way across and then beat up on the enemies. Some shield guys are in on it but they're nothing to worry about. Kick them twice, then perform finishing lunges on them. Approach the top corner where you see a pressure switch on a wall that is set back a little. Wallrun up this wall and it extends out so immediately jump away and grab the swing pole. Turn around on the pole and use it to jump back toward that wall, hold R2 to go up, and jump away again to reach a set of stones. Go across some fissures and columns and finally, use Flight to reach the next batch of enemies. After you whoop them, wallrun across a pressure switch and quickly traverse the two swing poles that move into position and finish with a burst of Flight to reach the next group of sand creatures. These ones are tougher since the big strong ones are in the mix, but still not much to worry about. If you want, you can kick them off the edge for easy kills and also tally toward the "This Is Persia!" Trophy/Achievement. You'll find another one of those set back walls with the pressure switch here. Wallrun up, hit the switch, jump away and use the swing pole. Jump back at the wall, run up, and jump to the beam. Jump to a beam and from there, jump and use Flight to reach a very lonesome sand creature. Turn the nearby crank counterclockwise until the platform goes all the way to the bottom. Cross this gap using Flight and beat up on the sand creatures. Go to the top right and get up to the fissure. Wallrun to the right across the switch and this brings down a mechanism that has a fissure in it. Wait right there and it will shoot back up, letting you continue. Wallrun across the next switch, landing on the second mechanism. Drop down to the fissure below and wallrun again to the right. When the third mechanism takes you up, climb up to the higher fissure and wallrun to the Prince's left for another pressure switch. Jump away immediately, onto the column. Jump to the next one and then to the mechanism. Wallrun to the pressure switch nearby. Another mechanism will drop you down to yet another pressure switch. Wallrun across this to another mechanism. It takes you up so jump to the column across from you. Climb this column to the near top, then jump to the next one. Climb this column as well and jump to the pressure switch and jump back. Now you need to quickly retrace your steps--or jumps--rather. Go back across the columns and jump to the fissure on the mechanism. Shimmy to the right side of the fissure and quickly wallrun straight up to the stones. From here, you can climb and wallrun to the balcony. Phew! After the scene, you've got two juggernaut-like enemies and the other lower sand creatures to deal with. Focus on the big guys, using Stone Armor to protect yourself. If you let them charge you and perform a little "Ole!" on them, they sometimes run into the walls and will be stunned. Unleash some Power Strikes on them to wither them down. Just watch out for the other enemies surrounding you. Use Whirlwind if they get too close or just roll out of there. Before moving on, let's upgrade again. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I figured it would be nice to keep things even, so I went | |with Stone Armor Level 2. Choose what you're in the mood for | |and let's continue. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Leap the next gap with the help of Flight. After easily defeating the skeletons, turn right and and jump to the pole. Swing and jump to the fissure. There is a pressure switch above. Run up to it and then let the Prince fall back to the fissure. Immediately drop down to the lower fissure and take this around the front of the wall. Wallrun up to the mechanism that moved into place. Wait for it to move back and then drop to the next fissure. Drop again, then go around until you enter this narrow space with two walls. Climb up from the fissure and then jump away from the wall, climb up the second, jump away, etc, etc, you know the drill. Hit the pressure switch and jump away again. Get on the mechanism and wait for it to move back. Climb up, jump away, hit another presssure switch, jump away again and land on the next mechanism's fissure. Jump away to the next fissure, take it around, then wallrun up to the next switch. Jump away to get to the pole and very quickly make your way across each of these poles to the end. Do it without swinging on any of them and just jump from one to the next. End it with Flight to reach the next platform. In the next room, go past the frozen guards and jump to the tapestry. Ride it down but not all the way down. When you see the pole, jump to it and swing and jump to the next piece of tapestry. Take it down further and repeat the process. You'll hit a third piece of tapestry. Let this take you down to a fourth one, from which you will jump away from. Immediately hit Circle after you jump away to activate Flight and you should make it. Another phew! Dealing with these enemies is simple enough. Use Stone Armor if you're worried about health. Take advantage of the death pit here though. Knock the enemies in with kicks or with Whirlwind and that will make things easier. Otherwise, slash and kick the rest until you're done. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (11/21)-------------------------------o |You may have seen this one on your way down, but you might | |have forgotten in the battle. On the same platform that you | |just fought all those enemies on, look at the wall adjacent on| |the right of the exit doorway. Climb up to the fissure on it | |and climb up to the next one. Finally, climb up to the alcove | |with the Sarcophagus. Easy, easy. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o In the following corridor, you'll need to dodge several spiked swinging logs. You should remember how to do this, I'm sure. It'll get trickier with having to jump over them from beams, but still very simple. Just jump over them when they begin to swing toward you. You'll be introduced to a new enemy after this. I don't know it's name, but let's just call it "Fodder". Or how about "Bullseye"? You'll see why in a moment. Use Flow to freeze the nearby water. Now, wallrun across the waterfall and run until you reach the spout that serves as a pole. Swing across both of them here and after jumping from the second, activate Flight and you'll kill that enemy. Bullseye! Step on the pressure switch here and freeze the two waterfalls. Run, jump and climb your way up, going back and forth, and you'll reach a high ledge above. Wallrun across the next waterfall after activating Flow, then swing from the water spout to the wall. Hit R2 and gain some height, then jump away to the second spout. Flip around on this spout and jump back toward the wall, climbing higher again to this time, reach the ledge. You'll take a quick slide down, turn left, and jump to a water spout which you will freeze and swing across to another slide. Jump the gap at the bottom and move on. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE ROOFTOP GARDENS |------ [fs06] \___________________________________________/ Outside, go down this slide and hit Circle to use Flight and crash into that enemy type again. Jump to the right and climb the wall. Then wallrun up and jump away to hang onto the bar. Swing straight ahead to the platform after the camera pan. Freeze the water spout ahead and swing across to the next platform. You'll be interrupted by a scene. After it's over though, use Flow to freeze the next two spouts and swing across and use Flight again. Use Flow on the waterfall next and wallrun across, going as far as you can, then jumping away and using Flight yet again. These guys only live to die. Jump the next gap and use another of these enemies as your personal crash pillow and jump from the wall to get onto the bar, activating more spouts. This next part is a little trickier, but nothing too serious. Start by activating Flow when the two spouts are on. Wallrun across the waterfall and jump to the first one, swing and jump and immediately deactivate Flow to make it through the waterfall, then just as quickly reactivate it to grab the second spout. Jump from there to the water column. Climb up and jump to the adjacent ledge. After the scene, use Flow when the nearest water spout is active. Wallrun over the waterfall to grab it. Jump from it then quickly deactivate and reactivate Flow to grab onto the second once it appears. Jump from here to the platform safely. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (12/21)-------------------------------o |I really don't even have to point this one out, it's obviously| |a freebie. Not only is it not even hidden, it's right along | |the path you have to take anyway. Crack it open for the XP, | |just the same. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o With that, you might be able to upgrade. I was at least. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Still favoring symmetry, I got Ice Blast Level 2. I'm not | |going to repeat what I've been saying the last several times.| |Have fun. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Back outside, jump to a slide and at the end, jump and use Flight. Run up the wall and jump to the bar. Swing and jump to the next platform. Climb up a wall to the left, then jump the gap on the left and hit the enemy with Flight. This next part will again, require you to think a little, but it's no problem really. Activate Flow when the nearest spout is on. Wallrun over the waterfall, then jump away from the wall and grab the spout. Swing, jump, deactivate and reactivate Flow, swing and jump again and quickly deactivate Flow and now, this time, quickly activate Flight and the Prince will zip through the waterfall and kill the enemy there. As the game tells you, you can initiate a wallrun even while sliding. So as you go down this next slide, hug the left wall. Activate Flow and wallrun across the waterfall (I'm gonna stop saying "activate Flow" soon because I really won't need to, you know what you have to do by now, right?). Use Flow properly to make it across the changing water spouts and land safely. Cross the next gap with Flight, courtesy of your next fodder enemy. Here, you want to time the water spout correctly, freezing it with Flow and wallrunning up the right wall to jump to it. Once you grab on, swing and jump and use Flight again. From here, activate Flow to swing across a spout. When you hit the wall, hold R2 to go up higher, then deactivate and reactivate Flow and jump away to grab the next spout. Turn around, swing again, and jump back to hit the wall. Hold R2 again to reach the fissure. Wallrun across the waterfall when the water spouts are active so that you can grab on when you activate Flow. Jump through the waterfall by deactivating it of course and reactivate it afterwards. Jump again from the second spout to get into a position to use Flight, yet again. Go down the slides in this next corridor, using the tapestry to slide down to another slide. When you reach the end of this slide, hug one side of the wall and prepare to wallrun after activating Flow. Wallrun, then jump away, and bound between the two waterfalls until you get onto the ledge on the left side. You'll need to get past more traps in this next corridor. The first two axes are so simple I won't even bother writing it down. Even as you turn the corner, timing these things is so easy. Just swing on the poles until the axes are out of your way and then jump. Simple as that. Turn the corner again and these two axes are, again, simple. They swing at relatively the same position, so just wait til they move away from one side and wallrun over. Ah, enemies! I was getting a little bit bored. Well, no, I wasn't, but hey, enemies! The group is small and you're used to them by now, I'm sure. There's a new added annoyance to this fight though, and you're going to be encountering it for a while from here on. Those enemies that you've been crashing into with Flight, well, they're all around here and they'll be on nearby platforms, pelting you with their energy blasts. It becomes annoying as you try to fight the other enemies, so if you can, try to listen to the blasts and time them, so you roll out of the way and hopefully dodge them. It's by no means pivotal to winning the fights, but they're just annoying. For this group of sand creatures, I recommend trying to speed things up (because of the aforementioned nuisance) by using Ice Blast or Whirlwind to knock the enemies off. Wallrun from this balcony so you can jump away from the wall and reach another platform. Jump and use Flight to rid yourself of that pest. Now battle with the lower sand creatures, but note that yet another one of those bastards will be shooting at you. Again, Whirlwind helps and after you use it, perform finishing lunges on the bigger guys since they're harder to kill obviously. Jump the next gap with Flight and kill the enemies here. No more worries for now about being attacked by those energy blasts so deal with these guys calmly and try not to use your powers if you're skilled enough. After that, use Flow when the nearby water spout is intensified and climb it as a column. Climb up and basically to cross this gap, you'll need to jump from spout to spout, deactivating and reactivating Flow to get each one to solidify. It's good practice if you've been having trouble with that, and remember that you can always Rewind. Make your way across and use Flight again. The same applies ahead, so time the use of Flow correctly to make it over these perilous gaps and use Flight at the end to crash into the enemy. When you get to the platform with the waterfall at the end, jump through it, climb up the wall as you turn Flow on, then jump away and climb up the waterfall. This next part is arguably tough but it just can take a few tries. First, you have yet another one of those guys shooting at you, and that can mess you up here, so if you have enough blue energy, Rewind can help. Secondly, you have to wait for the nearby vertical water spout to intensify, then activate Flow. With that in place, wallrun over the watefall and jump to it. If you can, try to time it so that the energy blast from the enemy will land where you were previously, and not hit you as you land on the water column. From here, jump, deactivate/reactivate Flow, land on the next water column, then quickly jump again and use Flight. Welcome to the center stage, and here you have another fight. This one can be tough, but you don't have to let it be that way. You have a few Summoners and they will endlessly spawn skeletons and shield guys. Kill them until the XP stops coming, if you're able to endure that. Stone Armor and Whirlwind work wonders. Ice Blast is also helpful to carve through the crowd. Eventually, you want to target the summoners. They're hard to get to, so using Whirlwind to knock them down, then going in for finishing lunges is a good strategy. If you don't have much blue energy coming into this fight, kill the skeletons and shield guys to get some. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (13/21)-------------------------------o |The path out of here is fairly obvious. Look for the energy | |blast throwing guy, you know, the annoying one. Do not jump | |to him yet though. Stay on the large center platform you just | |had that big fight on. Look to the wall adjacent to that guy. | |There is a fissure and a waterfall above that fissure. Jump | |to the wall and climb up to the fissure. Climb up from there, | |passing through the waterfall. Climb the stones on the wall in| |this nook. All you need to do is just climb up the wall above | |these stones and you'll reach the ledge with the Sarcophagus. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o You should have more than enough to upgrade again by now. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |There's one ability that you may have noticed earlier. You | |may very well have picked it up earlier because it's very | |helpful. To the left of Trail of Flame Level 2 is Battle Rage| |and this makes your basic sword attacks stronger. This helps | |a lot so I decided to get it now. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Jump back to the center platform and then use the enemy by hitting it with Flight to get across. Here, use Flow to run up the waterfall and jump away to the water spout. Here, every single spout should be active and solidified with Flow so make your way across. If you're quick enough, you can even do it without having to deactivate Flow in between jumps. From the fissure you land on, shimmy around, then jump to the pole. Swing and jump to the ledge and your exit. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE AQUEDUCTS |------ [fs07] \___________________________________________/ Pay attention to the vertical water spout at the bottom of this ramp. Slide down it and when it intensifies, freeze it with Flow. Jump to it, then do your usual trick of deactivating and reactivating Flow as you jump from one water column to the next. End this trip by crashing into the enemy with Flight. Jump to the water spout ahead and swing across with Flow. Hit the wall, climb higher, jump away, and now swing across all these spouts to reach a fissure. Freeze the waterfall and wallrun across to the other side. Climb up shortly after the saw blade above starts moving away from the right side. When you climb up, follow the blade until you're underneath the stones. Climb up to those and continue on. Climb around to the side of the waterfall, then wallrun across to the spout. Swing and jump to the bridge. Take this to another vertical spout. Wallrun up the nearby wall and jump away. With Flow on, grab the column after jumping and then climb up just a bit. Jump to the enemy and hit it with Flight. Slide down and hug the right wall. Watch the spout and freeze it when it's gushing water. Wallrun from the slide and jump to the spout. Again, time your uses of Flow here to make it across from column to column. Climb the final one to the top and jump to another bridge. A scene starts. Jump the newly formed gap with the power of Flight, then enter the corridor here. Getting past the traps here is really not a challenge at all. Just judge the best openings for yourself, wallrunning past the axes, running over the spike tiles, and so on. Here you get a new way of using Flight. You can use it to jump to the flying vultures you see. They'll serve as mid-air stepping stones for you. You can only hold onto a vulture for a few short moments so move quickly. Make your way across these gaps using Flight and land on the tapestry. Go left when you touch down and cross more vultures to eventually come to a platform and a somewhat dramatic scene. Well, that's not good... After the scene, an enemy will already be attacking you, so dodge or jump on it immediately. Soon, a whole army will show up so get ready. Again, Summoners are at work here, so you'll want to target them early after you've had your fill. Getting to them is no easy task. Dodge your way through, or simply use Whirlwind to knock all surrounding foes down, including the Summoners hopefully. You can also jump across the enemy's heads and when you land on the Summoner, use Aerial Slash, then follow it up with more slashes. Ice Blast also is useful but of course, Stone Armor may be the most helpful. I came out of that fight with the exact amount necessary for a new upgrade. You might not have though so keep going if you're close. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |To get elemental powers up to Level 3, you need Health | |Increase and Energy Slot ugprades of level 3 as well. I went | |with Health Increase 3 for now. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (14/21)-------------------------------o |After that fight, face the vultures that appeared and go to | |the left. Where the edge of this large platform meets the left| |wall, look down. There should be some water spouts down here. | |Hang over the edge, then jump to the first one, activating | |Flow first of course. Swing and jump to the second, then just | |drop down safely below. Walk foward and enter the waterfall | |here to find the Sarcophagus. To get out of here, keep going | |foward on this platform and use Flow and the waterfall and | |waterspouts to jump back and forth and climb out. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o Using Flight, jump from one vulture to the next. Activate Flow and jump to the two water spouts, then the next vultures. Eventually, jump from the last vulture to the fissure on the wall. Climb to the fissure above and observe this next part. Some moving lifts that catch the water will appear and rise up. Since water is involved, you should be able to surmise that Flow will help. As soon as one of these lifts appears from the water, activate Flow. Jump to it now and try to grab the edge. Now, let go of L2 and let the lift carry you up just a bit until you're just a bit higher than a nearby hanging cage. Freeze the water again and jump away to the cage. This cage and the next move up and down every few seconds. Wait until the second cage is lower, then jump to it. Shimmy around here and you'll see another one of the water lifts. For best results here, wait until the water lift appears and let it rise up just about a few feet before freezing it. Jump to it, shimmy aroumd, then jump to the stones on the adjacent wall. Climb down, then wallrun across using Flow and swing and jump your way over, using Flight to crash into the enemy waiting below. A group of ambushers appear so just deal with them. The railing might get in your way if you try to do Aerial Slashes, making the Prince hang over the railing instead. If possible, try to avoid too much energy usage. Jump across two vultures with Flight. From the second, jump to the wall in between the water lifts, running up it with R2. Jump away and grab the next vulture with Flight. From here, it's pretty straightforward. After landing (on the soft cushiony corpse of the previous enemy), turn left and enter another trap corridor. Jumping over the log and running past the swinging axe is laughably easy. Run under the next two logs when they're up high and run past another axe. Also easy. You can even do the rest of this corridor in one straight one, just adjusting your left-to-right movement so you run around an axe or two in your way. After that, wallrun on the right, then use Flow, and jump to the waterfall. Climb up, jump to the opposite wall, climb again, then jump back and you can pull yourself up. Slay the small group of enemies here with Power Attacks, then use the vultures to make your way to the very large platform which is going to serve an obvious purpose. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| SOLOMON'S TOMB |------ [fs07] \___________________________________________/ ===================== BOSS FIGHT - RATASH ===================== His form may have changed, but his attacks have not. He still has his standard sword attacks, his energy blasts, and his arm sweep, all of which are avoided by standing underneath him. The foot stomp also returns. So, for the most part, the previous strategy still applies handsomely. Stay under him and just slice away. Mix in some Power Attacks if you'd like, just keep attacking. Remember not to go button mashing crazy, knowing that a foot stomp could come up at any time. As long as you don't button mash constantly, you should be able to see the stomp coming, and roll out of the way in time. After he takes a few hits or after enough time passes, Ratash will float above the arena and charge up an attack--that you can probably tell--is going to hurt a lot. Run to the edge of the arena. There is a wall on each side. Hide behind it and this will protect you. After that, get back in there and underneath Ratash and keep slashing away. You're best off not worrying about the minions. If you remember from the last fight, using Whirlwind will stun Ratash and he will slash his sword around blindly. It'll never hit you if you're under or behind him. It will usually kill or damage the minions though. This is also a good tactic to use to get in some extra hits while he is stunned. Run to the walls for cover when he uses the explosion attack, then go back and give him some more punishment. When he goes down to half health, he blows a part of the platform away, sending you with it. This next part is just an interim to the next half of the fight. It's more like a bit of a chore though. It involves jumping from vulture to vulture to swing pole to platforms using Flight and normal jumps. Along the way you'll fight skeletons. I won't detail this because it's not necessary. It's all stuff you're used to so just go at it. Jump from vulture to vulture at the end and take this path all the way back up to the arena. When you leap from the final vulture, use Flight to smash into Ratash. Round 2! After hitting Ratash with Flight, he'll be stunned. Get in some free shots, using Power Attacks if you want. Again, the strategy is simple. Stay underneath and if you feel you must, roll from his well advertised attacks, but it shouldn't be necessary most of the time. Keep slashing and when his health drops down to almost nothing, he uses that attack again. Only this time, there's nowhere to run. Uh-oh... --- When you have control again, cross the bridge and enter the next corridor. Wallrun across the waterfall, then slide down, and wallrun across another waterfall, jumping away to the ledge. This ascent here is lined with saw blades. Again, I don't think it requires much precise detail on my part. Just be sure to get the maximum height each time you jump back and forth between the walls. Time the saw blades by going to the far side of each fissure you climb on, then wallrunning up when they move away. It's harder if you climb up from the middle of the fissures, rather than from the side. When you get to the top, you're presented with a narrow corridor of saw blades and spike tiles. Obviously, you have to time it right and run straight through. It's possible to run exactly down the middle, missing the saw blades entirely, but that may just be luck. Otherwise, time the blades and just run. Wallrun over the spike pit, then jump to the slide. As you reach the end of this slide, hug the right wall and wallrun and jump again. For the final slide, hug the left wall, and use Flow to wallrun across the waterfall and over the gap. Walk through the next doorway. After the scene, you'll encounter a brand new enemy. Sand beetles. Far from terrifying, but occasionally annoying. IF you got Battle Rage, they should go down in one slash. The problem is they swarm you in immense numbers. This makes them easy prey for Whirlwind though, so... give it a whirl? Yes, let's go with that. There are vases around here to break if you need the energy. When you're ready to proceed, find the crank. Turning it will rotate the middle section of a statue. The statue needs to have its sections properly aligned. The key is the staff the statue holds. Align the middle section with the others, by aligning the staff together. This raises some stairs. Go up the stairs and find yet another crank and statue. This one turns all the middle sections, but since they're not aligned, this just won't work. Notice the water spout though. Using Flow, you can solidify it and prevent a section from moving when you rotate the crank. Get it? So with this knowledge, rotate the crank so that the top section of the staff is to the left of the water spout. Now, activate Flow and turn the crank to rotate the statue toward the spout. The top section won't move and will be rotated backwards, aligning it with the other staff pieces. Now, deactivate Flow and rotate them together to align them with the rest. Not too bad. This brings forth a bunch of potential water columns. Again, this is the case where each one will activate right after the other, so you need to turn Flow off and back on in mid-air to make it across each one. Not a problem by now I would assume. Eventually, you'll make it to the next crank. This last one is the toughest, but I wouldn't call it difficult. Just keep in mind that when Flow is on, the Spout will move all sections with a staff or other object back. Using this knowledge, align the pieces together. You'll need to rotate the statue through the water a few times, to get around and keep moving the top section back one side by using Flow. It may seem confusing at first, but it's still relatively simple once you get the idea. Once you've accomplished that, wallrun to the tapestry. Back down below, approach the long spiral staircase and run down. Soon, it will begin to collapse and you'll end up sliding down. When you near the end, wallrun along the wall to reach the next section, then again after that to reach some tapestry. Slide down a short section, wallrun, then jump to some hanging tapestry. At the bottom of that tapestry, jump across to another piece. This will drop you down on another slide. Wallrun across the sections and you'll eventually get to the big one. This one drops down and fast. Continue to slide and don't panic. Hug the right wall and just pay attention to your sliding. When you reach the end of the slide, that is when you will make your move. Wallrun and you should safely make it to the platform. Phew! In the next corridor, of course, more traps! Time the spiked log like you have a bunch of times already, running after it, then rolling underneath as it comes back. Around the corner is a spiked log, spike tiles, and arrows trap combo. Just base your move on the spiked log again, running forward as it moves away, then rolling under. The next one is noticeably more difficult, but it's easy to get by. You have some spike tiles before the next jump with a spiked log. The trick is to just run past the spike tiles and stop. There is a safe spot at the edge so just stand there. Wait for the spiked log to come back and jump over it. The next few jumps over the beams, dodging the axes, well, that's just too easy. After that though you have several more tricky jumps over the spiked logs, including two that swing back and forth toward each other. Your timing needs to be a bit more precise so have Rewind ready if you can. Try to run after the first log as soon as it moves away from you. Roll underneath and then chase the second and repeat. In the clear, enter the portal on your left and you'll get a scene. After this, you will be rewarded with another new platforming power. What is it? Well... The Power of Memory, or rather, Recall, allows you to bring back structures that were once standing in the past. You can see them as translucent and sort of gold objects in the enviornment. Hit L1 when nearby and it will recall that object into this time, allowing you to use it. Try it out as you hang a left from Razia's place, recalling the platform and letting you jump a gap. At the corner, you'll notice another structure that can be recalled. Hit L1 and this one will form. Turn around though and look at the previous structure. It's now gone again. You can only recall one at a time so be aware of that. In the next part of the corridor, recall two separate walls that you'll need to wallrun over. After the second wallrun, that platform leads to a gap and another platform that needs to be recalled. This is a case where, kinda like with Flow, you need to use your power in mid-air. Jump and then hit Recall again to make the previous platform disappear and the new one in front appear. Continue by going across two more walls you need to materialize with Recall. Jump from the second wall into the opening for a fight. Standard stuff here, nothing to worry about. The Sand Beetles, which are more new, are still really easy. Whirlwind may help here. Otherwise, just do what you've been doing. Watch the scene. Welcome to... ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE RUINS OF REKEM |------ [fs07] \___________________________________________/ Immediately you'll start off between one wall and a wall that needs to be recalled. Wallrun up the right wall, use Recall, jump away, then climb up the second wall to the ledge. Wallrun from a narrow passage to a piece of tapestry. Another scene and then a fight. This enemy, called the Titan, is a mini-boss but is really just Retash rehash. The Titan has the same exact moves with the exception of the energy blasts, and it can be defeated the exact same way. Yeah... I know... It can also be stunned with Whirlwind. If you need energy, take it from the enemies that will pop up soon. Let the Titan kill most of them for you if you'd like to not take too many risks. Otherwise, stay underneath it and take it down with your sword slashes, chipping away slowly but surely. You only have to bring it down to half health and it kneels. This is your opportunity to perform an Aerial Slash and finish it. With all the XP you hopefully earned from that fight, you can afford to upgrade again. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Easy pick for me. I went with Energy Slot 7. You should be | |looking at this point for that or the Health Increase if you | |didn't get it, or powering up your elements to Level 3. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o There should be a corner of the room nearby where it's missing the walls and such. Use Recall to bring it back and wallrun up and jump to reach the swing pole. Swing and bound your way across poles and beams, recalling another section as you go along. After you swing from the last pole to the wall, hold R2 to climb up, just like you always have. Recall a swing pole, jump to and from it to a beam. Recall the next pole and jump and swing on that one to the next platform. Wallrun along a recalled wall and jump to a column. Jump from there to the next one. The next three need to be recalled, but they're all in one set so you don't need to do it invidivually. Make your way from each column to the next and then jump to the stones on the wall ahead. Climb down and wallrun over to the Prince's left. On this platform, wallrun up the right wall, use Recall to bring back the other wall and hit it, perform another wallrun, then jump back to the first wall, landing on a fissure. Wallrun across a recalled wall, then jump to a column. These swing poles need to be recalled individually so hit L1 in mid-air as you jump to each one. Then jump to a beam far below and recall that before you land. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (15/21)-------------------------------o |From the beam you see two translucent platforms. One on your | |left and one on your right. Jump toward the left one and | |use Recall to bring that one back. Step inside the doorway | |here and Recall a part of the platform in front of you. There | |are some beams here you need to Recall. You'll need to jump | |from one and Recall the next in mid-air, all while dodging | |the axes which is, by the way, pretty simple. Just take your | |time and you'll reach the Sarcophagus at the end. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o Jump back to the beam, using Recall to bring it back into the picture. Jump to the other platform, recalling that in mid-air. There's another beam to Recall, so jump to that and then finally to the corridor opening ahead. Jump to the tapestry at the end and slide down. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (16/21)-------------------------------o |Yes, another one already. After sliding down the tapestry, you| |see a door and next to it, a large structure that needs to be | |recalled. Well OPPOSITE that, there is a railing on the left | |side of the screen. Hang over this railing and drop down. Run | |through the waterfall and there's the Sarcophagus. Crack it | |open, then use a combination of Recall and Flow to climb out | |of here by jumping back and forth between the walls. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o Return and now Recall that large structure and use it to wallrun and jump back and forth between the two walls to get on top of it. Wallrun from here across a pressure switch and then slide down the tapestry. Easily make it through the closing door and into a trap corridor. Timing the three saw blades is as easy as waiting for the closest one to head up from the halfway point. The next two are also easy to wallrun past. For the next set of three, again, wait for the first one to be almost near the top, then go, and at the end of your run, jump away and reach the fissure. This time, wait for the blades to go down, then wallrun and jump. Immediately as you land, run across the spike tiles and you'll make it to a dead end with some stones. Climb these and climb out to enter the next room. Walk up the stairs and approach the throne for a scene. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| REKEM'S THRONE ROOM |------ [fs08] \___________________________________________/ Before you can do anything, a bunch of sand creatures and beetles pop up out of nowhere. I recommend descending the stairs to where it's a bit more open. The beetles will also surround you first, while the other enemies take a little while longer. While Whirlwind does a great job of taking them out, they're just so easy to kill with a sword slash or two, so take your pick. When the other enemies come into the fray, consider using Whirlwind or Stone Armor. Trail of Flame might also help out big with the vast number of enemies here. Once they're all down, go back up the stairs and turn left. Climb the stones on the wall here. Use Recall to bring in a swing pole, then wallrun to it. Swing and jump across a few more that you need to Recall, and then to a beam you also need to Recall. Jump from the beam to the wall and wallrun up, jump away and use Recall again to grab the pole. Turn around, swing and jump back to the wall and grab the fissure. Wallrun to a small section that you need to Recall which has another fissure. As you wallrun from this fissure, hit L1 again to Recall the platform ahead of you. Climb up two fissures here, then wallrun to the Prince's left and jump away to grab another one. Shimmy far over to the Prince's right then drop down to a lower fissure. Hit Recall and drop onto the platform. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (17/21)-------------------------------o |You most likely saw it before you dropped down on the Recalled| |platform. Once you land on it, stand near the center and hit | |L1 again to drop through and you can now get the Sarcophagus. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o Turns out this is also right on track on the path you need to go along. So now, step out on the beam sticking out from this lower platform. The camera will shift, showing you another. Jump to it, then jump across to another which you need to Recall. Wallrun up this column to a fissure. Recall the platform here and you can just simply shimmy over to the railing, then climb over. Roll under the space in the gate here. On the other side, climb the fissure just to the side of the gate you just rolled under. Climb up to another fissure, incomplete due to a missing structure but that's where Recall helps. Shimmy over, then drop down and wallrun, jump and grab the bar here. This opens the exit. Now use Recall to make your way down and across some fissures to a piece of tapestry. Drop down the front side and then drop from the stones. Down here, wait for the first saw blade to pass the halfway mark going toward the screen. Climb up to the fissure above it and immediately shimmy over and then when the next saw blade is clear, wallrun over. From here, carefully follow the top saw blade as it goes over to the right. Watch the one below you now. When it moves far enough to the left, drop down to the lower fissure. Shimmy over, watching the axe. When it moves toward the wall, jump to the beam. Make another simple jump to a smaller beam, then wait. For this one, let the saw blade move toward the left and jump to the fissure. Sometimes this jump gets a little buggy so have Rewind prepared. Shimmy over immediately, and as the saw blade closes in on you, you should have an opening to wallrun through. You'll get a safe point on some stones, so wait here and then wallrun through another opening past the next set of blades. Then again, and again, and once more to reach the platform. Step on the switch, then just roll forward constantly, going under the arrows and avoiding the spikes from the tiles. In this next room, a swarm of beetles will attack. There's also one of those magician guys that shoot energy at you, the ones you hit with Flight. Yep, they're back. He'll be trying to pelt you as you work on the beetles. Now, if you used Rewind a few times in that previous corridor, try not to use any elemental powers here, although Whirlwind wipes the beetles out easily. They're really easy to kill though, so if you want to save, go ahead and just use your sword. Keep moving to avoid the energy blasts. Now once they're dead, cross that gap and kill that bastard with Flight. From here, activate Flow when the first water spout is active, then jump, turn it off and then on again to reach the next one and swing, jump, and use Flight. Easy. One by one, more sand creatures pop up on this narrow platform. Wipe them out with some Power Attacks. This next part is a little tricky. What you want to do is, wallrun up the wall, activate Flow, and use the waterfall as your other wall, much like you've done many times already. When you get to the top and see the enemy though, you want to deactivate Flow as you jump away from the wall and use Flight so you can burst through the waterfall. If you don't turn Flow off, you'll fall down and die, so careful timing and reflexes are necessary. Up here you get an even larger fight, but still, just plain skeletons. The only annoying part is the enemies on the platforms still pelting you with energy blasts. Try to listen for them charging, then wait a moment before moving and hoping to avoid them. The blasts can end up killing the skeletons rather easily so that helps at least. Jump to that next platform, using Flight to silence the enemy. Using Flow, wallrun across a waterfall, jump and use Flight again. For this last stretch, you want to use Flow appropriately like you have done, turning it off and on in between your jumps from one water spout to the next. At the end, jump from the last spout, let go of L2 and use Flight to propel yourself through the waterfall and into the enemy hiding there. Stepping out to the center of this platform conjures up a Titan and many beetles. The titan is of course, the one to focus on, but even he is not one to fear. Repeat the same tactics of staying underneath him and hacking at his legs with normal and Power Attacks. Use Whirlwind to stun it and it will probably take out most of the beetles with its wild swings. Use it again and get in more free hits. Just bring the Titan's health down to half and perform an Aerial Slash once it kneels. By now, you should way more than enough to upgrade again so let's take a look. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |A lot of good choices now, but I decided on Whirlwind Level 3| |and I had all four elements ready to be raised to 3. If you | |do as well, pick any one you want, or just go with something | |else I mentioned earlier. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Enter the next room that Razia opened up and you'll get a scene. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE SACRED FOUNTAIN |------ [fs08] \___________________________________________/ This new area starts off with a fight. Three summoners will continually call upon many copies of the big sand creatures. Obviously they take a lot of hits to down, so you want to go after the summoners right away. Kill them by using your elemental powers or Aerial Kicks or what have you to knock them down and finish them off. Stone Armor will really help here as you try to fight your way to them. Once they're all dead, pick off the sand creatures as you wish. I like to use Power Attacks mixed with Aerial Slashes/Kicks and finishing lunges. If you need to, you can of course use your powers but it hopefully isn't necessary. In the following corridor, step out on the beam, and wait near the beginning for one log to come at you. Jump over it, then just run straight to the end. The next pair of logs will descend right on top of the beam here so stay away from the end. Wait for one to move away and then jump to the second beam when it's clear. Roll under the arrows and through the spike tiles. Jump over the first log as it comes at you, then wait for the next one to come and jump over it and to the beam. Easily jump through a large gap between the bladed logs and then roll under the arrows. Ahead, a group of beetles attacks. They don't swarm you but they'll just keep coming for a moment or two. Once you slay them all, use Recall to reform the wall with the waterfall. This makes the waterfall bigger so wallrun across using Flow and then jump away. Here you encounter more beetles. Do I really need to provide tips for these things? Yeah, I didn't think so. Once you kill them all, use Recall and then Flow to freeze the waterfall. Jump to it and wallrun straight up, jump away, wallrun again on the opposite wall, rinse and repeat until you finally reach the top. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE REKEM RESEVOIR |------ [fs09] \___________________________________________/ Use Recall to make the waterfall ahead stronger, then wallrun across with Flow. Jump away and hit L1 again to Recall a column. Use Flow and jump to the water spout, then jump and hit Recall to land on the platform. Approach the opening in the railing. You'll see a pipe overhead with a section missing. Recall will bring it back and water will flow down. Turn it into a column with Flow. Jump to the solid column now and shift around it to the other side. Recall should bring another pipe back and more water. Freeze it, then jump to it, then Recall the next platform and jump to it. Take the tapestry down for a fight. The Titan will not prove to be much of a threat. It's the other guys that annoy you. The skeletons are easy enough for you or the Titan to kill. The shielded guys won't be hurt though so you need to take matters into your own hands, using Whirlwind or kicks to knock them down. Avoid the Titan while dealing with them and then go back once they're dead. The same strategy still applies here, stay underneath, attack the legs, rolling if necessary when it attacks. Once it kneels go for the kill with Aerial Slash. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |By around this time or even earlier, your upgrade choices | |won't have incredible, life-changing effects. Go with what | |you want. I'll still be listing what I pick but they are by | |no means better or worse than what you could pick. This time | |I went with Ice Blast Level 3. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (18/21)-------------------------------o |Ignore the vultures and go toward the two waterfalls in | |between an object that is missing from this plane. Jump | |through the left waterfall and then roll under the small | |opening here. Inside this secret room is the Sarcophagus. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o To begin your exit, Recall that structure in between the two waterfalls. Run up it and jump away. Activate Flight to grab the vulture, jump to the second one, then Recall the column and jump to that. Wait for the water spout to intensify and use Flow. Jump to it, then Recall the next column and jump to it. Use Flow again to jump to another water column, and finally, jump from that and land on a platform that has to be Recalled. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (19/21)-------------------------------o |As soon as you land on this platform after all that column | |hopping, walk over to the ledge edge. Hang over the left side | |and drop down to some stones. Climb these down as far as you | |can go and wallrun to the left and grab a fissure. Simply take| |this all the way to the left and you'll enter a niche with a | |Sarcophagus. Score! | o--------------------------------------------------------------o Climb back up now. On the right side of this platform is a wall that can be returned using Recall. Use it to climb your way up, going back and forth between the two walls. Up here, use Recall to make a water spout appear. Use Flow to swing across and jump. While in the air, hit L1 again to Recall the next platform. Repeat this, swinging your way from platform to platform. At the end, use Recall to make a wall appear. Jump to it and climb up, then jump away to reach a higher platform. Up here you have to use Flow to swing on the spout, then jump through the waterfall by deactivating and also Recall the platform on the other side. That's L2 to activate flow, X to jump from the spout, then letting go of L2 and hitting L1 right after. Whew! Your reflexes will be tested a bit more as you swing across a few more spouts through another waterfall and also to another platform you need to Recall. When you make it, roll under the opening you see if you want to find a secret spot with some extra vases for red and blue energy. That's all there is. Recall a pipe with a water spout and turn it into a column. Jump and then quickly turn Flow off and on again to grab the next one. Jump to the next platform now. Recall another pipe and repeat the process again. In this next corridor, step out onto the beam when the spiked log swings away. Recall the next beam ahead of you and jump to it, going over the log when it swings back toward you. Repeat this, using Recall to bring forth the front beam, waiting, then jumping over the log while using Recall in mid-air to land on the second beam. Some arrows get involved but it's not very complex. At the corner, wallrun on the right, timing it so that the spiked log is about to swing back at you, then hit Recall to make the platform appear and jump to it, going over the log. At the end of the corridor, you'll meet with some sand creatures. They stand precariously close to the edge so if you use kicks or Aerial Kicks, they will fall off easily. Wallrun across a waterfall to get on a slide. Recall a part of it and then wallrun across another waterfall. Recall yet another section, wallrun over a waterfall, Recall, another waterfall, and on and on and on and on. Eventually the slide will deposit you in front of a piece of tapestry. Jump to this and take it down for a scene. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| SOLOMON'S HALL |------ [fs09] \___________________________________________/ You get a worthwhile challenge here. It starts with a whole horde of sand creatures and two juggernaut like ones. The latter are your biggest problem but they can help you out here. First off, if you can keep your eyes on them, you can lure them into trampling over the rest of the sand creatures. You can even try to get them to run into one another. Otherwise, try to take out as many of the sand creatures as possible. As always, Whirlwind helps. Once you've taken out enough that you won't be harassed as easily, target the big guys. They're armored so you need to use Power Attacks. Use Stone Armor so you can fearlessly attack them without having to worry about the others. Continue to apply Stone Armor until they're both dead, then take care of any remnants. After this, a Titan appears of all things. No sweat. No other enemies will bother you so just focus on attacking its legs and avoiding its attacks by staying underneath it. Once it kneels, finish it off. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |This time around. I went with Power Attack Upgrade. After | |getting Battle Rage a while back, I figured I couldn't ignore| |this one much longer either. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Shortly after that fight ends, you'll hear a familiar sound. It's one of those energy blast shooting enemies so move out of the way before you get hit. It may be hard to locate, but there's a wall with a weak water spout flowing down. You need to use Recall on it to make the spout stronger. Wallrun up the wall and jump away to reach it. Climb up a bit and then jump toward the distant shield enemy and use Flight to get over there. Finish that enemy off then look to the vulture. Use it as a bridge to reach the magician enemy. Next, you need to use Recall to make a water spout appear. Wait for it to be active, then use Flow to swing across. While in mid-air, do your typical reactivation-deactivation routine to get onto the water column. Jump from here and use Flight to hit the next enemy. If for some reason you should fall off, the enemies will be regenerated, allowing you to do it again. Use Flight to reach the last enemy and the next room. Here another fight brews up with Summoners. Use Stone Armor to protect yourself as you get to them or knock all the enemies down with Whirlwind. After that, Ice Blast or Trail of Flame will help thin out the ranks. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (20/21)-------------------------------o |Go to the top right corner of the room. You should see a | |pressure switch on the wall. Run up and hit it, then jump away| |immediately and activate Flow to grab onto the spout. Swing | |and jump, then deactivate and reactivate Flow to make the next| |spout appear and freeze. Swing from this and use Recall to | |make the fissure appear ahead of you. Jump to it and shimmy | |over to the right. You'll see a pressure switch above the door| |which you need to wallrun to. As soon as the Prince touches | |the switch, jump away. When he hits the ground, spam the roll | |maneuver to move quickly before the door shuts. This door | |shuts very quickly so rolling is an easy way to make it in | |time. | o--------------------------------------------------------------o I had enough to upgrade. Let's do that again. There is one upgrade for this small puzzle coming up that will really help. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |The next puzzle involves using Flow and it requires you to | |move really fast. If you can sustain Flow longer though, you | |don't have to be lightning fast. Buy the Flow Power Upgrade | |and you'll get just that, more time to use it. This is in no | |way necessary, but it helps. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Once you're done with that, go to the door where the Hidden Sarcophagus was. Use Recall on one wall, run up, jump, use Recall on the other, run up, jump, etc to reach the top. Go up the stairs and to the top-left corner. Wallrun and jump to reach the first of a few columns. The next few need to be Recalled. Jump across to some poles and use these to reach a beam. Jump to the next beam and then to the platform. Here you find a crank and a switch for a rather simple but sort of difficult puzzle. There is a mechanism in place on the exit door that needs water for the door to open. For some reason, it only works when the statue is facing the door. So start with the crank, turning it so that the statue rotates. You want the statue and its staff pointing at the door. Once you've done that, step on the switch. This activates the water and opens the door. Once you step off though, the door shuts. Step on it again and use Flow. Now hold that L2 button as you quickly hop across all those beams and swing across those poles and jump to the first column. As soon as you land on that column, slide down and drop. Now start rolling. Just keep rolling while still holding Flow and try to make it before the door shuts. If you bought the Flow Power upgrade as I mentioned above, this will be a lot easier. If you make it in, you'll get a scene. After that, with new toy in hand, make your way out of here. Use Recall, then wallrun along the right wall and jump. Run past the spike tiles and jump past the axe, using Recall to land safely on the next platform. Run past the next set of spikes, and Recall a part of the wall on the left. Wallrun on it, then jump and use Recall again immediately to land on a beam. Jump past the axes when it's clear. Stand at the very end of this platform and use Recall to make most of the platform (except the safe spot you're standing on) disappear and the next wall appear. Wallrun over it and jump, using Recall to make a beam appear and land on that. Time the three axes easily and jump over. Wallrun again using Recall and land in front of some spike tiles. Run over these, then use Recall to make the next platform appear. Dodge the arrows, keep running, and eventually, you will make it out. Enter the portal on your left for a scene. After that, leave and go left. This next corridor has axes that swing directly over some beams, so you need to time your movements carefully, jumping to a beam when the axe is to the far left or right, then quickly jumping to the next one. In the next room you get a fight, and your first opportunity to try out your new sword. Immediately you'll notice that it kicks incredible ass, decimating most of the enemies in one hit. The shield guys are also staggered by one swing, allowing you to follow up with another swing to kill them. No more kicking necessary if you don't want to do it. Continue on, jumping more beams, carefully timing the axes as you go. In the next room, another fight. If you got Battle Rage, you'll notice that even the big guys go down in one hit. It's easy to feel invincible with this kind of power, but don't forget about dodging and Aerial Slashes to escape attacks. Follow the next hallway to a balcony where a few enemies attack. Slice your way through them, then use Flight to make it over to the magician. More enemies pop up but fall easily to your blade. You can also knock them over the railing without too much effort. Use Recall to make a swing pole appear, then wallrun up and jump to it. Swing and jump to the vulture using Flight. Do so again on the next one and then jump from the last one to the platform below. More enemies means more death and more XP for you. Powers shouldn't be necessary now. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |I went with Stone Armor Level 3 this time. If you don't have | |them, Battle Rage or Power Attack Upgrade are good choices. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Go to the other side of this platform where there's an almost invisible set of stairs. Recall them and jump to them. Jump to the column and vulture next and from the vulture, Recall a platform and jump on it. Wallrun and then jump to a column you must Recall. Jump to another vulture and then another platform after that. Jump to a platform just below this one and you get another fight. A Titan joins the fray along with many other baddies. How does a Titan stand against your new toy? Not well. Just a few slashes and its life bar will just evaporate. Be careful with this. If you're pursuing the "David and Goliath" Trophy/Achievement, don't kill this Titan off before it kneels. Wait for it to kneel, then do the Aerial Slash finisher. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE KING's TOWER |------ [fs09] \___________________________________________/ Once they're all dead, enter the doorway. Recall a staircase on your left and wallrun from it. Jump away and recall a pole to grab onto that. Swing and jump and in mid-air, Recall the next pole. Swing from it to a fissure. Wallrun to the Prince's right and jump between the two walls to get up higher. You'll eventually be high enough to reach a column that you must Recall. Jump from it to the next one, Recalling it in mid-air also. Jump to the next doorway now. You'll be standing inside a structure that used to be there. In front of you is another used-to-be wall. Jump to that one and Recall it. When you hit it, wallrun straight up and jump away. Recall the first one and wallrun up, and continue until you reach the top. Jump to the vulture with flight, then to the next one. Jump from there to a column to be Recalled. Jump and Recall the next column before landing on it. Use Flight to reach a distant vulture and then another column that you must Recall, then jump to another set of vultures. Recall a small platform at the end and jump to it. Recall the swing poles as you are in the air jumping to them and use the second one to reach a set of climbable stones. Wallrun from the top to reach the top. Recall a platform in front of you and jump to it, then enter the next tower. This next part will really test your use of Recall. It's really simple though if you've managed to get this far. Wallrun and recall a column, then jump to it. Jump from there to a wall, Recalling it in mid-air. Now jump back and forth between another wall you must Recall, then from the top, to a swing pole. Jump to a wall you have to also materialize, wallrun up, then jump away and Recall a column. Jump to the next one, and then to a platform, still using Recall in mid-air so you don't fall. Jump to the platform in front of you and Recall it, then climb up. Now spy the vultures and make your way across using Flight on three of them. You'll jump to two swing poles you need to Recall individually as you jump. Take them to a string of more vultures and then finally, Recall and jump to the last platform. o-----HIDDEN SARCOPHAGUS (21/21)-------------------------------o |You may have seen it on your way up. This is the last one! | |After that second string of vultures, you land on a platform | |that you have to Recall. Jump to the right side of the screen | |onto another platform. This makes another set of vultures pop | |up. Jump to the first one with Flight and make your way around| |this tower. Finally, you'll reach the platform and the last | |Sarcophagus. If this is really the last one, you'll get the | |"Got Walthrough?" Trophy/Achievement. Nice! | o--------------------------------------------------------------o A pressure switch opens a gate, allowing you to just jump right back to where you took this little detour. Wallrun up the wall here and jump a gap using the two beams. Recall the platform ahead of you and jump to that. Enter the next corridor. The traps in here aren't too tough compared to all you've been through. There are bladed logs, but they're easy to get by, spike tiles, and arrows. When you come to the large rooms where the floor is filled with spike tiles and there are many bladed logs, just look for your route and plan it, judging the paths of the logs. It's easy to just cut right through the middle or some other route and make it through. ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE PALACE |------ [fs10] \___________________________________________/ Wallrun up this wall and hit the switch, then jump away so you land in front of the door. Simply run through to get to the next room and a scene. Summoners stand safely on a high ledge while you deal with the endless minions. This is a perfect opportunity with you high powered blade to get the "Sand Nemesis" Trophy if you don't already have it. You can easily slay numerous foes with just a few swings. Just don't use any of your powers, relying on dodges and Aerial Slashes if other enemies are about to hit you. When you're ready to get out of this pit, go to the left and wallrun up to the switch. This reveals a second switch. You can try hopping across the enemies' heads to cut across the room, but the shielded guys won't let you so just run or roll otherwise. Hitting the second switch shows a bar. Wallrun up in front of it and jump to it. Now you're in position to reach the Summoners. Jump and use Flight to get to them. Their push attacks are annoying so use Whirlwind to knock them down and finish them. You can jump back down and kill the other enemies you left behind, but they shouldn't give you any XP so you really don't have to. Speaking XP, let's upgrade again. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Again, favoring symmetry, I went with Trail of Flame Level 3,| |thus bringing all my elemental powers to Level 3. If you | |have not been in favor of such equality, you could of course | |have one or even two powers upgraded to Level 4. That is of | |course, your choice. | o-------------------------------------------------------------o Proceed through the door and climb your way up using the two walls. Shimmy over with the fissure to pull yourself up. Carve through these enemies to proceed. Use Flight to get over the gap, then kill the next wave of sand creatures. Use Flight again then enter the next room. Run up the wall to hit the pressure switch. Like before, jump away from the wall so that you land near the door, making it easier to get through before it shuts. Wallrun up the wall and jump to reach a beam. Use the beams and the wall to get up to a pressure switch. Jump away from it and then cross the beams to land in front of the closing door and roll underneath it. Next, jump to the large chandalier and you'll get a scene. This fight is simple. Even these large and armored juggernaut fellows should fall to your blade in two hits. Then just do a kick-slash or slash-slash combo on the shielded sand creatures to dispatch them. Look for the corner of the room with a swing pole hovering above. Run up the wall here and jump to it. Swing and jump to the wall and climb up, then jump and grab the beam. Pull yourself up and jump to the pressure switch, then jump back. Jump across now and exit through the door you just opened. Wallrun to a pressure switch in here and then jump away to a fissure. Quickly drop down to the lowest fissure and wallrun to the platform. Pull yourself up and roll underneath the door. This next fight involves a Titan and many shielded guys. Deal with the Titan first since it only takes a couple of slices to drain his health. Just don't kill him without doing the finisher if you want that Trophy. o-----Upgrade-------------------------------------------------o |Energy Slot 8. That is all I will say here. Umm... so how's | |the weather? | o-------------------------------------------------------------o You see two pressure switches on one side of the room. Start with either one. It brings down a waterfall. Freeze it with Flow before getting off the switch. Wallrun up and jump to a spout behind you. Turn around and swing back to the waterfall, climb up, and jump to the swing pole. Jump and use Flight on the vulture and reach the crank. Turn it and it opens a part of a large door below. Repeat this on the other side to fully open the door. After the scene, wallrun to the fissure. Shimmy and jump over to the opposite fissure. Now make your way into the trap corridor. I won't go into much detail here, because it should be elementary by now. Timing the saw blades is simple enough, waiting for them to go far enough up or down before wallrunning. Some of the axes still swing over the beams, so hug the left or right walls as you jump the beams. Roll under the arrows and yeah, what else can I say? ___________________________________________ PoP: The Forgotten Sands / \ --------------------------| THE FINAL CLIMB |------ [fs10] \___________________________________________/ Here we go. The final climb. You know what's awaiting above. The trouble will be getting there. The first platforming sequence is perhaps the toughest, just due to some strange problem grabbing onto a water spout. I got lucky the first time, but the second time I played through, I could not for the life of me get up the first obstacle. It may take some tries, but here's what I did. Start by hitting the pressure switch in the center of the room. This brings on two waterfalls side by side. Get in between then and activate Flow. Run up the RIGHT waterfall and then jump back and forth as you wallrun higher and higher. When you get to the top, jump from the right one, deactivate Flow, then IMMEDIATELY reactivate it to grab the spout. What I think messed me up time and time again was that I wasn't turning Flow back on quick enough. If you do this quickly, you should be ok. That's the hardest part out of the way. Swing across the frozen spouts to a beam. Ahead of you are not two spouts, but waterfalls. Here's another slightly challenging but fun obstacle. What you want to do is jump through the first waterfall, then quickly activate Flow. Jump off the second one, then jump off the first one, deactivate Flow and reactivate it again to land on the spout. The button sequence would be like this after jumping through the first waterfall: L2 (hold), X, X, let go of L2, press L2 again quickly. Again, you don't want to wallrun up, just jump back and forth. It may take a few tries, but once you do it, you'll feel good about yourself, trust me. Freeze the water spout ahead into a column. Jump to it and then from there, jump across three straight beams. This takes you to another spout which you'll freeze into a column and use to jump over to a new platform. Here you need to bound back and forth between two waterfalls again. So like before, jump through the first one, activating Flow, then hit X to jump away to the first one, hit X again to jump back, quickly deactivate Flow and you'll rush through and grab onto the beam on the other side. Next, use Flow and jump to the water spout. Use the frozen waterfall on the left side to wallrun higher each time you jump from a spout and this lets you get up higher to jump to the next one. Swing and jump from the top one to the balcony on the right. Jump from a beam to a spout and then to another beam. Here you have three waterfalls to jump back and forth through! Jump through the first one, activate Flow and jump off the second. Rebound off the first and deactivate Flow to pass through the second. Reactivate it and jump off the third, jump back off the second one and deactivate Flow to pass through and THEN quickly reactivate to grab the water column. Phew! In all honesty, I apologize if this is confusing to you but you should be able to do this after a few tries. Feel lucky because you're about to do it again! Once you make it onto the second water column, jump from here to the swing pole which is actually a switch that you weigh down to turn on a water spout. Activate Flow once that spout is shooting water and jump to the waterfall. Run up it, jump to the spout, then turn around and jump back to it. Use the waterfall again to get up higher and jump away. Now, the second spout is inactive, so turn Flow off then turn it back on quickly in mid-air and you can grab the second spout. Repeat this for the third spout which is straight ahead. On this platform, step on the switch. This activates the very last obstacle. Several waterfalls that you need to jump back and forth between. The door on the other side is timed by the switch so you need to move at least a little hastily. Just do what you've already done a couple times now. It still may take a while to perfect, but the timing for Flow is not very stingy so long as you don't activate it to early. Be calm and loose and take your time. You have Rewind if you mess up. Keep going back and forth and then passing through each waterfall until you reach the end. Walk through the door for a scene. This next part is more of a nuisance than anything. You have to fight your way up this slope, with endless hordes of skeletons and shield enemies coming toward you. Sure, you can cut through them in one blow most of the time, but that doesn't make it easy to avoid damage. It's also worth pointing they don't give you an XP. Yeah, no XP. This is a good opportunity to refill your Energy Slots if you need to. Other than that, I would recommend you just cut your way through and push forward. Avoid staying in one spot hacking away, just push forward, slashing your way through, rolling when necessary to get by. When you reach the top, you get another scene. After that, look for a vulture on your left. Jump to it with Flight then jump to a spout you need to stop with Flow. Swing and jump and use Flight again, making your way across with the help of a few more vultures. At the end, crash into the skeleton with Flight to land safely. Use Flight to jump from vulture to vulture. You'll eventually come to two waterfalls. Jump from the last vulture and through the first one. Activate Flow and hit the second one, running up. Jump away then wallrun on the first one and you should make it. From here on the ride is relatively simple. Lot of vultures to use Flight on with a few water spouts that you need to turn into columns. Really easy. When you come to the wall with the three waterfalls, that's when it gets complicated again. Use Flow and wallrun over the first waterfall. Jump off it and immediately turn Flow off to pass through the second waterfall. Turn Flow back on and jump off the third one (again, not hitting R2) and then jump off the second one and deactivate Flow to pass through. When you pass through the third waterfall, spam the Circle button until you hit Flight and get to the vulture. Rewind if you mess up. Using Flight, make your way to the lonely skeleton and knock him down to land safely. Here, break all the vases to recharge some energy. After that, step down this ominously long corridor and brace yourself for scene. When you have control again, you'll be surrounded by a small group of enemies. They still fall just as easily under your blade. The way the camera shakes to mimic the effect of the sandstorm, while cool, may make it difficult to judge how close enemies are to you. Other than that though, this is easy. When a vulture appears, jump to it and use Flight. Each time you get to one, a new one appears. Make your way across and you'll eventually land on another platform. Fend off the enemies again, then when the vulture appears, take to the sky. On this third platform, after you defeat the enemies, Ratash will attack you. The platform tilts and you enter a slide. Look for the vulture and jump to it with Flight when you near the end. You'll jump to another slide made from a red piece of some building. Enter Flight again using the vultures and you'll come to another platform with more enemies to fight. Ratash attacks again, turning this one into a slide after you're done. The Vulture will appear so don't worry. Jump to it and be ready to jump to new platforms as they miraculously appear from the sandstorm. After another fight platform, use the vultures again. The jumps you make from some vultures and the obstacles that appear may seem like leaps of faith as new obstacles just appear from the sandstorm for you to slide on or use You'll eventually get to one last platform and one last fight. Fend off all the sand creatures, then get ready for... ===================== BOSS FIGHT - RATASH ===================== He's new and improved this time. His attacks are different and he's a lot uglier too, if that was even possible. The fight actually gets tougher as it moves along, so this could be an interesting challenge. What makes it harder is that you can't use Rewind. Uh-oh... Your two best friends in this battle are Stone Armor and the roll maneuver. Stone Armor will let you avoid any damage, but rolling will accomplish the same when it's not active or if you run out of energy. The fight starts off with him summoning a bunch of sand creatures. Try not to lose any health fighting them. They're easy to take down with just a few swipes but be ready to dodge when necessary. Once Ratash is ready, he'll pound one side of the platform with his fist. You can tell where he is going to hit depending on which fist he rears back with. If he rears back with his right fist, he's going to hit the left side of the platform. If it's his left, it's going to be on the right. Watch his movements and when you see him rear back, avoid that side of the platform. The fist pound hurts tremendously and two hits can kill you. Turn on Stone Armor to avoid damage. When he does the pound, the medallion on his chest will be leaning on the opposite side of the platform (if his fist is on the left, the medallion is toward the right and vice versa). So by avoiding his fist, you'll be in good position to attack the medallion, which is--of course--his weak spot. Try to get in 2-3 good slashes if you can. His other hand attack is just a sweep of the platform. You can dodge this simply by rolling. Stone Armor will prevent damage but if you want to avoid being knocked down, perform rolls. Watch him carefully and when it comes, roll immediately to avoid it. He will sweep with both hands one after another so be ready to dodge consecutively. Once he loses a quarter of his health, he employs a new attack. He shoots an energy blast from his mouth that he aims right at where you're standing. The blast stirs in the ground, then explodes a moment later. You avoid this with incredible ease by just running around the platform. He'll summon new minions and try the energy blasts again. Take out a large chunk of them before he does this. Then try to stop in the middle of the sand creatures for a second so that Ratash's energy blasts land there and then explode later, hurting his own minions. When that's over, Ratash should use his hands hands to sweep the platform. Roll under each swipe and he'll kill his minions off. He may do another fist pound soon, letting you attack the medallion. What you REALLY need to watch out for from this point on is the double fist pound. He'll do it after you've attacked the medallion so you need to get out of there fast. Have Stone Armor on at all times from here on if you have the energy. It's possible to prevent him from even doing this though if you got a good amount of slashes in each time the medallion was exposed. Once he loses about half, he'll try a new attack. Stay in the center of the platform. Ratash will slap both of his hands down on either side. The medallion will be at the front end as he charges up an attack. Ignore all the other enemies and run up to the front and slash the medallion to stop him. He should do this a second time so again, stay in the middle to avoid his hands, then run up and slash the medallion. Ratash will summon a Titan. It falls easily in few strokes from your blade. Use Power Attacks on it. After this, Ratash will probably use the energy blasts again. He'll likely summon more minions, but they're just a distraction. Watch Ratash because he will likely sweep the platform with his hands. Keep using Stone armor and then dodge when necessary. Now be careful here and stay at the back of the platform. Ratash may very well use the double fist pound again so stay back. At this point, Ratash will probably delay pounding the platform by doing more swipes. Roll under these and have Stone Armor still on if you can. Eventually he should do a pound so strike. You'll probably need at least two times to finish him off, so wait patiently for him to do it again and strike. After that, the mighty Ratash will probably retreat. Vultures appear in front of him so you know what to do. Use Flight to get from one to the other. A scene will automatically take over as you deliever the final blow. --- Watch the scene that starts. Watch the credits roll now. Congratulations, you have beaten Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands! ___ ___ _ _____ ___ ___ | _ \___| _ (_)_ _| __/ __| | _/ _ \ _/_ | | | _|\__ \================================================= |_| \___/_| (_) |_| |_| |___/ Extras ============================================================================== [exra] ___ ___ _ _____ ___ ___ | _ \___| _ (_)_ _| __/ __| | _/ _ \ _/_ | | | _|\__ \================================================= |_| \___/_| (_) |_| |_| |___/ Miscellaneous ============================================================================== [misl] Frequently Asked Questions [fak4u] -------------------------- 1) Is there an option to make multiple saves? A) No 2) How do I start a New Game+? A) Select "New Game" not "Continue" like you might think. 3) If I miss any Hidden Sarcophagi on my first run, can I get them the ones I missed next time and get the Trophy/Achievement? A) I'm not sure, but I would assume no, you'd have to get all 21, not just the ones you missed. 4) Which enemy is the Titan? A) The Titan is the really tall enemy that is like a mini-boss battle. It has its sword attacks and a move where it stomps the ground with its foot. 5) Can you activate more than two elemental powers at once? A) No, when you activate one it overwrites any previous element you were just using. 5) Can I undo a previous upgrade to use the point for something else? A) No. You can only undo new changes you make when upgrading. Credits/Special Thanks ---------------------- None yet! Contact Info ------------ If you have questions, please read the FAQ section just above. Also try using ctrl+f to search for a keyword in your question. If you can't find what you need, feel free to e-mail me. My primary e-mail is listed below. If you have something to bring to my attention though, please read my guidelines below. This is very important. First off, I prefer getting e-mails that have clear and helpful subject titles. Things like "Forgotten Sands Guide" "PoP: Forgotten Sands FAQ" will help. "Your guide" does NOT help me at all and neither does "Prince of Persia" since I have two Prince of Persia guides now so please specify. Subjects like "HELP!!!!!" and other ones in all caps like that, I tend to ignore these for a while so avoid it, please. When it comes to submitting information, tips or strategies, please leave me a screen name or other alias you go by in your e-mail. I do not publish people's real names or e-mail addresses in my guides. If you fail to leave me one, I'll try to get back to you afterwards. If you don't reply to me, I will not use your tip, no matter how good. Just how it is. 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