Breath of Fire IV FAQ by Jae Church >< revision history May 3, 2000 Started FAQ, Walthrough up to after Boat Ruins Feel Free to do whatever you wish with this FAQ. Just make sure all proper credits and such are given. If you don't bad things might happen to you and your pets. All character names and such are property of Capcom. I can't read most of the names anyway... This FAQ is meant to give all those who imported this game a hand if they get stuck. I've found all the dungeons and puzzles thus far to be very simple and straightforward. So I will leave most dungeon exploration and puzzle solving to you. If any see anything i've missed or has a better way to do something please let me know and I will add it. Eventually i will add a Masters list and lists of combos, items, and whatever else i can muster up. Keep in mind I only can read the menus and whatever is in Katakana. I have no idea what is going on in the story and I don't know many names of things and people The import version has mod chip protection, so use the following code: >thanks to Darklore for the code< d01ce422 1040 801ce422 1000 All the menus and such are icon based so they are pretty self explanatory as is the battle system. Switching Party Members you can use all 6 of your party members at a time in battle, but only 3 can act on a single turn. The other 3 can be switched in at any time simply by selecting them over who you want replaced. Characters not in use will restore AP, fall asleep, or chip in with support attacks and healing spells(occasionally). Combo System(BIG THANKS TO SCYTHE 99) You can link different skills and spells together to get new spells and do more damage. For example you can have Ryu cast Burn(learned from a Red Goo) then have Nina cast Shiga to produce a new spell that does more damage and hits every enemy. The more enemies you fight, the more damage and hits you can do. Example: (this one is later in the game but works very well) Cast Ursula's 6AP fire spell then Nina's 6AP Wind spell against 4 enemies for 8 hits(4 each) and the Explosion spell. Combos are key when the bosses actually get tougher later. Experiment and see what you can come up with. Dragon forms and spells As in all Breath of Fire games our hero will be able to change into a dragon. Both Ryu and Fou Lu will have forms available from very early on. Eventually you will gain more(both automatically and by finding genes). Walkthrough The game will start with scenes of Nina and Cray on a ship in the desert. They are looking for Ninas' Brother. They will be unceremoniously dumped by a giant sand worm and they will wreck. Cray will give Nina a sword and tell her to head to some town. When you leave the area you will be on the world map. Walk to the first ! area. Here you will see an old man running off and a giant monster will appear. He'll dissappear and leave (in typical Breath of Fire fashion..) an ass naked Ryu behind. The two will exchange pleasantries and join up. Ryu will jack some of the old guys clothes and they'll be off. Head out and you will be able to advance to the first dungeon. This area is very simple with ine treasure. The combat is very simple so gain a few levels for level 1 Ryu. Eventually you will camp for the night. The scene will switch to our other main character Fou Lu. After some chatter you will gain contreol of him and his 64 levels(bad-ass.) Look around for an item and head out. Eventually you will run into a couple soldiers and a guy with a huge red nose. Fou Lu will call the beast from earlier and unmleashes some megaton fireworks on them.(Ryu shudders...). When you regain control head out to the map. In the next area you will encounter the first boss. Boss: Kamu(?) Change into a dragon and unload, easy. You will be surrounded by soldiers but will get away. You will be an easy maze with one item. You'lll be caught at the end. Back to Ryu and Nina. Leave the area and head to the town. Do some shopping, do RPG town stuff. Be sure to get some Tonics and Poison cures (12 z item). Head to the bar. The frog guy will give you something if you talk to him. Talk to the hungry guy at the counter to get in a mini game. I didn't get at all. You have to use the buttons to feed him. It seemed easy. You get something when you succeed. Head out and talk to Nina and she will rejoin. Now this next part I have no clue what goes on. Go talk to the guy across from the inn, pick all options. If you have more than 130 zenny you'll get into a weird game that ends in you giving him all your money. He'll tell you about some item. Leave town and keep entering ? spots until you find one with a guy and a black ostrich/chocobo thing. He'll give you the item. You can open the first fishing spot by entering ? in this area also. Head back to the bar and go behind the counter. The barkeep will let you past. After a short event you can go to a new area. In this area you will have to push the captains wheel to get around outside. Work your way to an old man. You will have to pay him to dig. 50z to dig blind, 100z to have his dog sniff out items. When you've found the gear thing dig for other stuff all you want then head back to the town. In the bar there will be an event with some soldiers and a very cracked out guy(name anyone?). Nina will confront him and will be forced into a fight. Boss: Shyo(?) Use Shiga and heal if needed. Not hard. When you're back on the world map head east to ? area. After the event you'll have a new town to go to. Talk the old monkey in the back then head into the northernmost house and talk to the guy on the left. Pick the bottom option twice. Leave town and re- enter(easier way?anybody?) Talk to him again and Master will show up. After talking he will join you. He's powerful but misses alot. Make sure you have a few poison cures and then leave from where Master came from to get to your next area. You'll need to use the party seperately to get around here. You'll have to face a boss in the end. Boss: Skull Fish Thing Your first full party boss can do some damage and can poison everyone at once. Change Ryu into his form and use Masters' punch to do damage. Use Nina as e medic and have her cast Shiga. He'll go down quick. Afterwards head out and you'll be on the world map. Move on to the crash area. After the tearful reunion with Cray and intros and the recap is told you will find yourself in a dungeon with Cray and without Master. I like Cray he does a lot of damage and has some good spells. Whilst exploring be sure to check the shelves for some little items. When you get to the throne room you'll have to sneak behind the curtain. You will then be.. back at camp?? Hmmm.... Go to the new area east of Masters town. Here you will find Rawulf the first master. Apprentice whomever you wish. His requirements are combo hits. First 5 then 10 and so on.(THANKS AGAIN TO SCYTHE 99). Continue on. In the next area go past the locked gate and find a guy who looks like he's weaving baskets. Talk to him then the guys near him to get the key to the gate. Activate the switch and a new path will open. Take it. Advance forward until you get to the next switch. It no work. A woman will come in and tell you how to do it. I smell a minigame! Rotate your controller until the woman gets an ! abovew her head. Hit circle and voila! Keep going and you'll end up back at the weaver guy. Something bad brews, and you'll get the missing part for the empty switch you just passed. Activate the damn thing to avoid demise. In the next area there will be an event with a guy with a sitar and a big ass serpent. Pay 100z to hear a bad song or 50 for something else. The next town is full of traps so beware. Behind the first row of houses is a monster in a box thats scores you a new fist for Master. Fall in the hole behind the parrots' house. You can climb a ladder to avoid the cage trap so you can talk top the bird. Talk to him and pick first, second, third, and fourth option or second, third, fourth options to get done what you need to. (I lost my notes for this area so I don't remember exactly what it was you had to do with the parrot.)Finish your town stuff and head to next area. Talk to the guy to get an item(Ringo?). Use Master to bonk the tree to get more of them. In the next portion there are a bunch of annoying and funny traps. Underground you can get a few items if you fall right. Work your way through until you reach a boss. Boss: Memen? He uses quake to damage everyone and have a tough physical attack. Use the Dragon form and switch between Nina and Master. Try to get some combos. Head back to parrot town. After the event there you will be back to Fou Lu. He will wake up in a small hut with a guy who looks like Bunyan from Breath Of Fire 3. After some small chat you'll be back to Ryu. You can now enter the cave in Parrot Town that was blocked by guard before. Advance and so on and so forth. In the next town talk to the woman chasing the dog-boy to get into a game of tag with the little bastard. Chase him around the perimeter to catch his ass. After the event you will have to find 4 or 5 kids. They are all easy except one. He is in one of the blind stairways. Rotate the camera to see him. Go back to the orphanage to find out the the Dog kid from before has gone into that stairwell you couldn't. (I would leave his troublemaking ass there...)You know what to do. Search the bookcases for items. Pass by the cell he's in and go upstairs. Go into the farther cell and step on the boards. Found him. After the event go and talk to the Zangief looking guy. He'll challenge you.(his name is Kahn i think.) Kick his teeth in. After the event Nina will stay behind. Head out and enter the first ? area. Event. Chase the guy to next area. You will have to use the barrels to block him off. Catch him! He'll become a master afterwards. I don't know his requirements. Back to town with you! Go talk to Nina and the smoking Captain. After events a new town will open. Talk to the human near entrance. There will be a mini game with barrels and pottery. Have Cray push the pottery onto spaces on left side and push the barrels onto the right. Use Master to break the discolored barrels. After you succeed you get... another game. Pick up the crates in front of Cray and place them on spaces. Do well enough and Nina and Cap'n will show up. He'll give you all, ahem, VIP passes for your trip on his vessel. Fou Lu. You have control of him. Head down the path. You will see red nose and have to fight a boss Boss: ??? Change and hammer him. He can do some damage but not much. A chase ensues where Fou Lu gets his ass shot up. Back to Ryu. After your stellar boat ride leave to the left. Shop, talk etc. Be sure to buy some Hi-Tonics that heal 800 hp. They are the 2nd choice for 100z. Go up stairs and enter the dungeon. Use elevators and stairs to get around. On the 4th floor exit and keep going up. The insane man from earlier will show up. He'll summon... Boss: ??? Change Ryu and go for 3 hit combos. They seem to turn him around so you can do more damage. Ryu Dragon Fire spell with Nina's Shiga will suffice for that. After the battle you will jump into the portal and teleport away. Take the elevators down and head for next town. You can only shop and rest here. You can't pass the giant cannon. In the dungeon talk to the little guy when you get to him and pick first option to get elevator. When you get to water jump in it. You'll be in a familiar place. Rest and save. The area is unchanged. Do what you did before. But instead of waking up in camp, your ass is busted! After an event with Cray and a guy with a beard you will regain control of the party. When you try to leave Scias will join. He's badass(for now). Try to go into the castle. You'll get booted. Leave town and head south.(you can't do anything in the northern town yet but shop.) Here you can learn Double Hit from the Nut Troop, be sure to get it. It combos well for now. Take the left path and Nina will be shrunk. Master will laugh until a birds snatches Nina. Look for her until some Fairies appear. Master will use his Super-Fist during this humorous event. You will see Nina in a bird nest. Have Master hit trees until you find the one shes in. You'll control Nina in another cute and funny event. Food for you!:-) MiniBoss: Mommy Bird Use Shiga twice. siiimmmpllle. Climb on down and you'll be restored to size. Leave and to the next town. This appears to be Crays hometown. Go talk to the elders in their house. Get the item in their basement and go talk to our old friend Kahn on the roof. When you try to leave he'll attack again. Boss: KAHN RETURNS! He's still a joke. After the battle his wife will become a master. Her requirements are combo damgage. 1000, 3000,10000, etc. Talk to the girl near the floating snail for a great event. Head out to the new area. This area can be very frustrating if you don't know where to go. It's very similar to BoF3s' Desert of Death or Despair. (MANY MORE THANKS TO SCYTHE 99 FOR HIS ADVICE AND HELP. MOST OF THIS BELONGS TO HIM) What you want to do is go straight unttil you see a bird. Follow that bird until you get to a big rock with white lines on it. For now turn and go NORTH. You will end up at a womans hut. There will be a few events. Talk to the lady and choose all three options to get filled in. Leave and go back to the area you rode the snail in. Head back to the white rock. Tjis time go South, towards the volcano. Dungeon. In the third room the ground will change every time you exit from battle. So use this to get around. On the second level the door to the left has an item, to the right the exit. Enter the house and speak with the Blacksmith. Take the ladder down, get the chest and leave the area. Go to the Fairie Woods. Find the Fairies. you'll get knocked out and will wake up in their village. Agree to help them. Examine the ZZZZ spots to get into fights. After you find them all a boss will emerge. Boss: Monme? He can hurt you. He'll get smaller as you damage him. Use your best combos. After you beat him you'll get an item. Take it back to the guy in the Volcano. He'll make something out of it(a sword that sucks.) Go back to the castle. You'll get booted after some events. Go to the house you got Scias in. Go upstairs and rest. ..Quick scene of Fou Lu... Sneak into the castle. Challenge the guard on the left. You have to beat him in one turn or you'll be caught. Go up the stairs and beat all the guards. At the top Cray will finally rejoin. Leave and go to the womans hut. After the event go to the Snail Riding place. o the White Rock, then west. You'll arrive at an ancient place. Put the item you got from the woman on the pedestal. There will be a straightforward maze then a switch puzzle. Use Cray to push the levers. Pretty easy. The north door houses a chest, west door is the exit. Talk to the guy you see for an item. Head to the new area. In the second screen stepping on the discoloured bords will cause the snakes to move. Use them to get around. There will be 2 new areas. To the right there will be a house with a fairie. Nothing much else? Head to the northern area. Event in camp. You can now begin your Fairie Village. Move on to Wyndia. In the windmill you will find Momo from BoF3. She will become a master. Apprentice whomever. I have no idea what her requirements are. Take the elevator up to the castle. Explore it thouroughly for stuff. Talk to the guy with the long nose to trigger the next event. After talking to the king leave Wyndia and head to the new area. Do your dungeon thing. Be sure to talk to the guy to the left on the first screen. Make your way to the old ladies' house. After the event leave for another event in camp. Scias? Where are you? A new fishing area will open up along with a new area. You can't do anything there yet. Return to Wyndia and speak with the king. You will now have access to the area in the left tower basement that you didn't before. Simple. Avoid the windmill wind or you'll be pushed back. When you get to the area wit multiple blowing fans. Grab the ocarina at the bottom and leave. There will be a short event with some old guys and Scias. Damn him!!! Go to the previously useless area. At the first cross section go rihght for the Homing Bomb weapon for Master. Awesome. He won't miss with this. Head left and out. Jump when the wind blows to go up. Exit out the door on the second level and take stairs around. On the top platform jump up and out. Be careful not to thwack your head. Use the same methods in next area. Just keep going up. On the roof you'll be caught by the old men from earlier. Damn Scias!!! Boss: Three Bastards They are more annoying than hard. The one can put you to sleep so take him out first. More? Hey look who's back. I guess maybe he's not so bad.... Boss: Same as before... Same as before but with Scias as a guest you can't control. Just be careful not to kill him. Afterwards there will be a BEAUTIFUL event with dragons and such. New dungeon. Use Cray to push to snowballs to unblock and create new paths. On to the next town. All kids? Hmmm. Head to the rightmost house for a cool event. Afterwards you have to find Master to enter his mind(?). Work your way up to the lightning and pillars area. Talk to the woman in the the diamond than examine a pillar to instigate a boss fight. Bosses: Four Pillars Each of them are immune to the element their colors represent. RED=fire GREEN=air BLUE=water GREY=earth plan your strategy around this. Combo, combo. be careful not to let your HP get to low. Take out one at a time for the best results. After the battle head back out. Back to Fou Lu. Try to exit the town. There will be an event with the woman from earlier. Back to Ryu, FouLu gets mentioned, back to Fou Lu, there will be a second event with the woman. Head to the direction the noise came from. At the end of the short path there will be a boss. Boss: Vavan(?) Change and use your first skill to fry him. Head back to the vllage for your praise. Back to Ryu+friends. Head to the old womans house again. Pick the top option to enter another dungeon in Master's mind. Work your way to the woman from before. Isn't she living well? Talk to everyone and then leave. Afterwards leave the town. In the next area Master will try to rejoin but will be asked to stay behind. Head to the next dungeon. Here when you get to the room with 2 doors take the lower door. Go activate the eye switch and book out. You have until the timer runs out to make it to the upper door and across the pillars. There are some items in the room behind the lower doors. Jump across and take the upper door to get out. As Fou Lu head to town exit after the small event head out to the dungeon outside the town. Do your thing, get to the boss. Boss: ?? Change, yadda, yadda. You might need to heal but not likely. Afterwards leave. (Of course.) There will be a short event at the exit. There will then be an event with Ryu and a bunch of monsters. When you have Fou Lu again head home. After the events, escape through the stove. More events, Ryu gets a new Dragon Form(YAY!), finally. Leave the area. You will now be back in the village with Master. The insane guy will return and do bad stuff. Master will fight some fights by himself. Be sure to have the Homing Bomb. After the sad events you know where to go. Leave and go north. Explore, leave, rest, event. When you wake up you will have your meeting with Ursula. She will mention Fou Lu and then Insane Guy will return. There will be a boss Boss:Aito(?) You have to lose this battle. When you do sit back and watch the fireworks. As FouLu, head to next area. There will be 2 straightforward dungeons that are mind-bogglingly easy. There will be a weird event afterwards ivolving men with hoods. WTF? Go back to the old ladies' house then talk to Master. VOILA! He will back and full of beans. He rejoins (with new personality in tow) and you will also be able to use Ursula now. She has some good spells and can do moderate damage with a 2-hit gun. Onward ho! Another simple dungeon with a fun rafting mini-game. Head to the town you visited earlier(Shyuto?). Now would be a good time to go and get skill from the masters in the area if you qualify. Head to the bar in Shyuto. Talk to the frog-guy, exit and the Smoking Captain will return. Talk to him to get an item. Take the item back to the frog- guy. You will now have another mini-game involving a speedboat. Just head to the end. When you reach the other side talk to the guy who looks like/is the master from the barrel cave. Then try to use the teleporter. When you can't head back to the ship. Talk to the guy, agree to do whatever he asks, then pick the top option. Head to the end of the course. After the event you get an item. Head to the new area. Easy, don't miss the dragon gene that's here. When you reach the next town the path will be blocked. After vain attempts to get through you will have to have Cray push the carts to jump on. Push the one between the house and chest and jump off the roof to get that, then use the 3 carts on the other side to jump up and over the gat. Why don't they chase or stop you?? In the next town do your town stuff. Go talk to the sailors in striped shirts in the bar in the basement of the bar. Pick the top option when asked a question. Leave town. Head to the next dungeon. Move until you get to two caves. Enter the lower. When you get to the room with 2 doors, the right leads to an item, the left to a crystal. Head back to the small pond near the beginning of this cave. Throw the crystal and go take the upper cave from earlier. Go through the events. They net you a key item. Return to the bar with the sailors. There will be a short event and >GASP!< Kahn returns! Sort of. After he takes himself out ther will be a short mini-game. You have to jump on the guys head then push him in the back to knock him off the end. Use circle to jump and square to run. Talk to captain. In the boat Nina and Ursula will have a few battles, nothing major. Ewww, what are those things? When Ryu and Co. wake up from their cozy night in the inn go talk to the captain. There will be a short event where Ursula drops her pants.(???WHA??) On the ship you will be greeted by some familiar music. Explore, talk, go to where Ursula+ Nina Spent the night. There will be some noise, run to the deck. Well,well,well. Kahn returns! Again! For a total joke he has one of the greatest entrances ever. Period. Boss: Kahn-Take 3 He can poison everyone and can do a ton of damage to everyone. Combo Ursula's Fire and Nina Wind spells and have Ryu go into berzerker mode. Down again! Until next time old friend. Go onto the deck and talk to everyone. You will eventually have access to another dungeon- the ruins of an old ship. Use the blue flame as guide. When it turns red you are close to a broken part. You'll fall to an area with some chattering skulls. Use the ladder to go back up. When you get to the cave part there will be a boss. Boss: Rehash of one from earlier Again, simple, use your best combos. Fire does good damage. He can't do that much to you. Return to the ship and rest. When you wake up you'll arrive. Thats as far as I've gotten. More updates later!</p>