aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix DeeJay Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |1a: Legal| Street Fighter is owned by Capcom USA, DeeJay was created by James Goddard, and this is my guide. Please do not take this guide as your own. Please give credit where needed. E-mail me if you would like to host this on your own site. Also, if you would like to ask me to add something, I will! (and give credit) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |2a: Why DeeJay?| To be honest, I only picked DeeJay because I wanted to play as someone different. When HD Remix came out, I started out playing online. I had used mostly Honda, because of how effective he was to use. Of course, I wanted to use someone different. Later, I alternated between Dictator (M. Bison), Boxer (Balrog), Claw (Vega), Guile, E. Honda, DeeJay, and Blanka! It was obvious I would not be that good of a player if I played with just under half the cast. So, I took the Japanese approach. If you don't know, in Japanese tournaments, you can only use one character the whole time! And generally, most players who use only one character generally do better than people who use a few. (Ironically enough, they do have alts. And the best DeeJay players in Japan don't even main him! YuuVega, the best DeeJay, mains Dictator, and yaya mains New Sagat.) So, in the end, I ended up using DeeJay the most. I still use Dictator, Claw, and Blanka, but sparingly. Also, DeeJay is a GREAT character. HIs fireballs are great zoners and give characters like E. Honda lots of trouble. His upkicks are crazy good, with high priority and juggling properties on the Forward and Roundhouse versions. His Dread Kicks have short bursts of invincibility at the feet, giving low attack-friendly players big trouble. His Machine Gun Upper destroys fireballs, and have great combo ability. His normals are some of the best in the game, which I will descriptions on all of his moves later. I hope this FAQ helps you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |2b: Controller Notation| Directions: ______ / \ \ ______/ | | | | | | (joystick just for fun) Up Back Up Up Forward Back Neutral Forward Down Back Down Down Forward From now, it is: UB = Up Back U = Up UF = Up Forward F = Forward DF = Down Forward D = Down DB = Down Back B = Back N = Neutral Buttons: Jab Strong Fierce Short Forward Roundhouse From now, it is: JP/LP = Jab/Light Punch SP/MP = Strong/Medium Punch FP/HP = Fierce/Heavy Punch SK/LK = Short/Light Kick FK/MK = Forward/Medium Kick RH/HK = Roundhouse/Heavy Kick I personally use Jab, Strong, Fierce, Short, Forward, and Roundhouse, so you'll see those and not the Light/Medium/Heavy variety. Other notable notation: Charge x, y + z= Charging a direction, then the other direction plus a punch or kick, like Guile's Sonic Boom and Dee Jay's upkicks QCF = Quarter Circle Forward, like Ryu's Hadoken and Fei Long's Chicken Wing (D, DF, F) QCB = Quarter Circle Back, like Cammy's Spinning Backfist and Dhalsim's Yoga Flame (D, DB, B) HCF = Half Circle Forward, like Ryu's Red Fireball (B, DB, D, DF, F) HCB = Half Circle Back, like E. Honda's Ochio Throw (F, DF, D, DB, B) DP = Dragon Punch Motion, like Ken's Shoryuken and T. Hawk's Upwards Dive (F, D, DF) 360 = 360 Motion, like Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver and T. Hawk's Mexican Typhoon (F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, U or B, DB, D, DF, F, UF, U) 3P = 3 punches, like Zangief's Lariat or Boxer's Turn Around Punch 3K = 3 kicks, like Blanka's Surprise Hop Mash x = Repeatingly hitting a button for a move, like Blanka's Electricity and Chun Li's Lightning Legs xx = cancel. DeeJay's cancellable normals are s. jab, s. short, s. strong, c. jab, c. short, and c. fierce. Boxer = Balrog (US) Claw = Vega (US) Dictator = M. Bison (US) S. = Standing C. = Crouching J. = Jumping ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |3a: Normal Attacks| Your normal attacks come in 3 variaties: standing, crouching, and jumping. I will *try* to rate all on a level of 1 star (don't use) to 5 stars (PLEASE USE) Standing: Jab: Honestly, s. jab has no use to me. It has long reach, yes, but a terrible move for combos and doesn't feel that good. Rating: 1 star (*) Strong: This will be your most used normal. It acts as a high priority anti air for the times you don't have an upkick charged, is used in some of DeeJay's cross-ups, and with decent timing, can be linked into another s. strong. I hear it beats Chun-Li's j. short, too. Rating: 4 stars (****) Fierce: It's a limited use move. It can also anti air, but doesn't do a good job at it. A close standing fierce is a two hit combo, but not a very good one. Its big use is that it has the same animation as a Max Out. So, it acts as a tricky fake fireball. Can be useful against Blanka, Dictator and Honda. Rating: 2 stars (**) Short: Another forgotten move. It can combo into a weak 3 hit combo. Apparently, it can beat Boxer's Low Rush Punch, but that's only by watching a level 8 computer constantly pummel me with 3 hit s. short combos when I do them. Don't use it. Rating: 1 star (*) Forward: Ugh. I never use this. It's not a good poke, and there are better options for you. You can do s. forward, s. forward as a combo though. Rating: 0 stars Roundhouse: You either never use this, or you use it as your other standing anti air. It can be used like Ryu's s. roundhouse in 3rd Strike, constantly stuffing jump ins, but I don't use it a lot. Still useful, though. Rating: 3 stars (***) Crouching (trust me, it looks better here): Jab: Yes. Use this. It has high priority, and combos well with cross-ups. An odd combo with this is c. jab x3, s. jab xx max out. Rating: 4 stars (****) Strong: Better than it looks. It has surprising high priority, and beats Ryu and Ken's c. forward! Rating: 3 stars (***) Fierce: This is one crazy move. Its hitbox goes well under his elbow, hitting such moves as Blanka's and Claw's slide. Also can replace c. jab x2 for cross-up combos. Even anti airs, too, but why would you use it when you have upkicks? Rating: 4 stars (****) Short: Very long and comboable. Stuffs some moves. Probably my least used crouching normal. Rating: 3 stars (***) Forward: When you're a DeeJay player, you use c. forward. No exceptions. It knocks down your opponent, it's very fast, it has move range than you think, and high priority. Also very safe on block. Rating: 5 stars (*****) Roundhouse: Another great crouching move. It slides and moves you forward, it can be used as an anti air, and it does very good damage. Useful against everybody. Rating: 5 stars (*****) Jumping: Jab: YES YES YES. Do use j. jab. AKA the god hand, it stuffs basically EVERY NORMAL in the game, and also beats a few specials, like Honda's Butt Slam and Headbutt. In a few cases, it can cross-up, too. Rating: 6 stars (******) Strong: This move doesn't really have much use. It can stuff Claw's wall dive, but I'm sure how well it works. It's what one would call "the air anti-air punch". Rating: 2 stars (**) Fierce: I really haven't used it that much, although I hear it has decent priority. Wait until next time. Rating: WIP Short: Don't use it. J. jab is much better. Rating: 1 star (*) Forward: Cross-ups. That is the big reason you use this. I don't use it for anything but crossing up. And because DeeJay has some very good cross ups, it gets a great rating. Rating: 4 stars (****) Roundhouse: It has long reach, and can cross-up. However, it is hard to combo with on jump-ins. Still, use it in long air clashes. Rating: 3 stars (***) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |3b: Specials| Max Out (Charge B, DB, or UB, F + a punch): You will use Max Out. It is the meat of DeeJay's zoning game. Slow, and very good when far away. Use the jab version the most, and throw a fierce one every one in a while. It chips and cheeses (haha, that sounds like a snack!). Great move, easily spammable. Rating: 5 stars (*****) Upkicks (Charge DB, D, or DF, U + a kick): Upkicks is god. Short does good damage and beats most attacks. Forward juggles and does better damage. Roundhouse juggles and you can juggle it into a super! Any time you are being jumped into, use it. Also, recently, I figured out if you hit with RH upkicks, you have enough time to fire a short upkick, and get more meter. Rating: 5 stars (*****) Dread Kicks (Charge B, DB, or UB, F + a kick): Not that bad IMO. It starts with foot-area invincibiltiy, and punishes low attack-happy players. It kills Claw and Blanka's choice to slide, as they know if they get too close, they will get a foot (or two) to the face. Also, lots of dizzy. Rating: 4 stars (****) Machine Gun Upper (Charge DB, D, or DF, U + a punch): It breaks fireballs and combos. That's all it does. I generally forget about this unless I am using a combo. Does good damage, though. Rating: 2 stars (**) Sobat Carnival (charge B, DB, or UB, F, B, F): You can also do DF, DB, DF. Crazy safe super. If blocked, ALWAYS throw a Max Out at your opponent. You get good chip. Also, it can be juggled with Roundhouse upkicks. Rating: 4 and a half stars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |4a: Strategy| What should you do as a DeeJay? Usually, I'll start a round by jumping back with a j. jab, do nothing, or throw a Fierce Max Out. J. jab will beat Beast Rolls, Headbutts, and Psycho Crushers. Doing nothing will be effective, because if your opponent jumps in, you can start with good damage on a Forward upkicks juggle. Fierce Max Out will either most likely A) chip or B) miss. But it's safe for the most part. After that, your main focus is to zone your opponent. If you are facing a Ryu, Ken, Akuma, or Sagat, you want to build meter and try to get in range. A well-timed Sobat Carnival will go through fireballs and if in range, some chip damage. Moving with your slide is a good idea, so you can keep your opponent in your range. Against a charger like Dictator or Honda, throw lots of Max Outs and fake them out with s. fierce to react in a bad way. Also, you want to knock down your opponent. You get many choices when you knock down. You can choose to try a cross-up (some people can block them, if they don't block cross-ups, hit em with cross-up forward, c. jab x2 xx machine gun upper and keep repeating.) If they know how to block a cross-up, throw a meaty Max Out instead. (A meaty attack is performing an attack before your opponent gets up. It can lead to more combos, chips with special moves, and other things. The choices for countering a meaty is just blocking and taking damage, or doing a reversal, which is done in a very strict timeframe. They beat most, if not all meaties. And some reversals are better than others.) Usually, you'll figure out your own strategy on playing a character, and here was my strategy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |4b: Combos| DeeJay is THE combo machine in HDR. He has so many combos, it's crazy. I will list some of his basic bread and butter combos. Also, in his cross-up combos, you can replace c. jab with c. fierce. Cross-up j. forward, c. jab x2 xx machine gun upper (If your opponent doesn't block, 50% health dealt and a knockdown! Also, if you are really good, you can add a s. strong after the second c. jab. I believe you put the stick in neutral, press strong, then up for MGU, all, of course in a small timeframe) Cross-up j. forward, c. jab x3 xx rh upkicks (It's a 7 hit juggle with good damage. Also, you can do your super after upkicks for 2 extra hits. With super, it does about 70% damage.) Cross-up j. forward, c. jab x2, s. strong xx rh dread kicks (A 6 hit heavy damage combo. Usually dizzies, too!) J. jab, s. strong xx rh dread kicks (You have to start j. jab deep into your opponent. A simple, decent combo.) C. fierce xx machine gun upper (Just a combo you can use on an open Ryu or Ken.) Block strings (a string of attacks that, when blocked, you are safe) Cross-up forward, c. jab x2, c. forward, c. roundhouse (It keeps you safe from your opponent, but no chip) Cross-up forward, c. jab x2 xx rh dread kicks (chip damage and safe) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |4c: Match-ups| This section will be updated with every release, until I feel it is perfect. Also, I will try to make it 4 characters at a time, so be patient. vs. Blanka (6-4) Your main strategy is to bombard Blanka with max outs. Blanka has a hard time getting through fireballs, and his only decent counter is a Rainbow Roll, which is pretty iffy anyway. His Horizontal Roll is harder to punish on block, so just throw a Fierce max out and see what happens. DeeJay's short upkicks should be utilized when being jumped into by a Blanka's j. short. I'm not sure if his forward and roundhouse upkicks beat j. short, but he falls down so fast that you should only use it against him anyway. Also, NEVER TRY A CROSS UP. EVER. Blanka's Electricity will beat any cross up DeeJay attempts. So, please, just throw a meaty Max Out. Overall, an easy match, unless Blanka gets off a tick. vs. E. Honda (7-3) Easy, easy, easy. Ok, not as easy as people say, but still, not the hardest matchup in the book. DeeJay's j. jab beats basically everything Honda has, so fire away with these. Just don't spam them, or they get predictable and Honda punishes you with an Ochio or a bear hug. Fireballs still work well here, If Honda gets too close with a headbutt, I'm pretty sure a slide will hit it on recovery. Also, short upkicks beats quite a few of his moves, even his super! It also can beat buttslams at the top of the move, and late when he falls down. I also wouldn't go for many cross ups here, because if blocked, Honda will probably go for an Ochio, and then get HHS chip damage. Oh yeah, as a side tip, cross up forward, c. jab x2 xx MGU does not hit all the way, so be careful. Overall, be careful, but still is an easy match in the right hands. vs. Guile (5.5-4.5) I hate this match. Why? IT'S MIND. NUMBINGLY. BORING. Half the match, you'll be throwing fireballs at each other, and the other, you'll wait for one of you to make a mistake and get punished. So my biggest tip? Be patient. If you can destroy Guile's defense (thereby ignoring the above comment I made about the match before this.), then you have this match. Stay close to Guile, and ruin his defense. If you are in range and Guile throws a c. forward, either A) throw a c. strong, beating it, or B) go for a short dread kick. If it hits him, you get a knock down. You can then throw a meaty max out or throw out an early j. forward. A lot of Guile's like throwing this when you are jumping and your are close, but j. forward will cleanly beat it as a cross up. But the best strategy is to pressure him in the corner. Easier than it sounds, IMO. vs. Zangief (7-3 or 4-6, depends on Gief's pressure game) This is easily DeeJay's most unstable match. You will either win slowly, or die fast. Why? The chances of DeeJay getting out of the corner after Zangief gets him in there, there's a low chance of getting out of there. DeeJay's upkicks just aren't good enough reversals to get him away. If by some chance you do get out, stay out. Your main focus is, again, to spam Max Outs. Most Zangiefs lariat out of these, but they seem to forget one thing: they do it at your perfect range. That range is where your slide can hit a lariat. It knocks them down, and allows for another Max Out barrage. Zangief's other, yet underused tool is his Green Hand. This blows through fireballs like nothing and is useful against DeeJay. However, its main problem is a fast DeeJay player gets a free RH upkicks against him. If you have meter, free 5 hit combo (RH upkicks, super). And if you don't, free meter(RH upkicks, SK upkicks). So, if you keep Gief away, then you own this match-up. If he gets you into a corner, be prepared to be owned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |4d: Tick Throwing| Tick throwing is when you use an attack to put your opponent in blockstun, and then proceed to throw them the frame they get out of blockstun. It can be very hard to counter, and very fun to use. DeeJay can have a little hard time against ticks. However, this is for how to tick. J. jab will probably be your tick, as it has high priority, and fast recovery. Now, here's a list of characters, generally, to tick or not to tick. Ryu: NO, he can easily DP out of them. Ken: see above E. Honda: NO, Ochio. Blanka: maybe, sometimes effective and sometimes not. (I'm not sure if his throw range is enough for a reversal throw) Chun-Li: sometimes, upkicks are incosistent. Dhalsim: YES, teleport is a terrible reversal, so (almost) free ticks. Zangief: NO, SPD wins. Guile: NO, flash kick wins. Boxer: not sure, headbutt, but safe jump, and lost throw range Claw: sometimes, still probably no. Sagat: NO, tiger uppercut. Dictator: YES, devil reverse is not a good reversal. T. Hawk: NO, his DP dive and Mexican Typhoon. Cammy: NO, thrust kick/cannon spike Fei Long: NO, flame kick DeeJay: NO, upkicks Akuma: see Ryu So, if you facing a good player, generally, you do not want to tick against them. Howeve against someone you can't consistantly do a reversal, tick the health outta them. I'm sure that will work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |5a: What's to come?| - Match up info (in progress) - More in-depth on reversals - Pros and cons of DeeJay - More combos - More strategy - ASCII art, if I feel like it - An about me section ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |5b: Contact| E-mail me at My AIM is Applejacks1115 (although I never use it) My Xbox LIVE gamertag is NGE KrazyTiger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |6a: My thanks to| My mom, for having me The guys who post on the DeeJay thread on Shoryuken The guys at GameFAQs, for whooping my butt...A lot You, for reading Random sources on the internet A few people I've played on Xbox Live, for helping me get better. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |6b: Versions| 1.0 (04/04/09): The first version is done, at 12:58 AM EST. Yay! 1.01 (04/07/09): Version 1.01 is done. Removed the kara-slide section (I felt it was poorly written), and added 4 match-ups (Blanka, E. Honda, Guile, and Zangief), and a tick throwing section.</p>