Advanced Valuable Geo 2 Move list. ================================================= 1998 Jes£s Alejandro Vega ================================================= 30/12/98 Created this file. ================================================= Advanced VG 2 is a great animated fighter with just female characters. I played the game and it really impressed me. Maybe it has not the best graphics or music, but this game has something. I couldn't find much info about this game, so if you have or you know the names of the moves, please e mai, me: ======================================================================== 1. BUTTONS/ NOTATION There are four basic attack buttons: triangle = strong punch (SP) square = light punch (LP) circle = strong kick (SK) X = light kick (LK) R1 and R2 work like two buttons pressed, and are useful to do stronger attacks and do the Supers using a single sequence. (not a double sequence... this works like Capcom's VS games) R1 = two punches (PP) R2 = two Kicks (KK) =================================================================== 2. MOVE DESCRIPTION SPECIALS: just like SF, you do a sequence and a move is performed. They don't require the super gage. SUPERS: They require 1 level of super bar. They can be canceled, using the SF EX style, wich means you can start a super and cancel it with another. The only restriction is that you can use the same super to cancel. "FINALS": The use 2 levels, but inflict heavy damage. They can be canceled and used to cancel. ===================================================================== 3. MOVELIST: *The names of the moves could be wrong... please let me know if you have the original names. I am just using the names I could hear VERY clerly when I played the game. f= forward b= back d= down u= up Any of combination means you have to press a diagonal direction. Example: db= down- back diagonal P = any punch K = any kick ======================== YUKA Shoryugeki: f,d,df + P Kikodan: d,df,f + P ??????: d,db,b + K Supers: Chogendan: d,df,f + PP or double d,df,f + P Ryusan Shoryugeki: f,d,df + PP or double f,d,df + P *Do you get the idea? you can do a double motion or single motion + double button press. I will asume you know this for the rest of the movelist. ????: d,db,b + KK Finals: Cho ryukyoku kikodan: f,b,bd,d,df,f + P Rasengeki: f,b,bd,d,df.f + K ============================================= TAMAO * She has the same specials and supers Yuka has. Finals: Cho ryukyoku kikodan: f,bd,d,df,f + P ============================================== SATOMI b,bd,d,df,f + P (press P again) Kokuensha: d,db,b + K Shorendan: b,d,db + P Supers: d,db,b + KK b,d,db + PP b,db,d,df,f + PP Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f + K =============================== AYAKO d,df,f + K d,db,b + K f,df,d,bd,b + P (can press punch again) *hold the button while doing a standing SP to do a double hit attack. Supers: d,df,f + KK d,db,b + KK Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f +K d,db,b,d,db,b +P ======================= REIMI d,df,f +P b (hold), f +K d (hold), u +K Supers: d,df,f +PP d(hold), u +KK b (hold), f +KK Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f +K ====================== CHIHO d,db,b +P d,df,f +K b (hold) , f +P Supers: d,db,b +PP d,df,f +KK b (hold) , f +PP Finals: b,f,df,d,db,b,f +K d,d + KK (works like a Custom Combo from SF Alpha) ==================================================== JUN f,b,bd,d,df,f +P d,db,b +P f,df,d,db,b +K Supers: d,db,b +PP Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f +K f,df,d,db,b,f,df,d,db,b +P ================================ KAORI b,db,d,df,f +P d,df,f +K d,db,b +K Supers: d,df,f +KK d,db,b +KK Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f +K ====================== ELIRIN b (hold), f +P f + SK d(hold), u +P P,P,P ... d,db,b +K (can be done 3 times continuously to do combos) f,df,d,db,b +P Supers: d(hold), up +PP b (hold), f +PP Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f +K ======================== KYOKO f,d,df +K b,d,db +P Supers: d,df,f +PP f,d,df +KK Finals: f,b,db,d,df,f +K ======================= MANAMI b (hold), f +P b (hold), f +K d,df,f +P Supers: b (hold), f +PP b (hold), f +KK Finals: f,b,db,d,df + P ==================== SAKI f + SK, SK f + SP f,d,df + P f,d,df + K b,d,db + K Supers: f,d,df +PP b,d,db + KK f,d,df +KK Finals: b,d,db +P d,db,b,db,d,df,f +K (not sure... could be... f,df,d,db,b,f +K) ================================================================== 4. FINAL MESSAGE: I don't know much of this game, but I like it. if anyone has info about it, any correction, etc. Please e mail me... I will put the moves for Miranda and Material in the next release. I still have to improve this movelist a lot!!! PLEASE HELP ME! I GOT MIRANDA AND MATERIAL BEATING THE STORY AND NORMAL MODE... BUT I'M NOT SURE THAT'S THE CORRECT CODE TO GET THEM... ANYONE KNOWS???</p>