GAME: Fallout 3 By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard) Email: Information Help From If you want to use this on your website or such, email me and ask first. This Document is copyrighted by me. The Fallout 3 Achievement FAQ is Copyright (C) Feb. 1, 2009 Kenneth Stubbs Special Thanks to Bethesda for making such a great game. Thanks to all my readers that have enjoyed my achievement guide(s) and send me compliments as well as tips and fixes. First Update - March 26, 2009 - Added New Achievements Second Major Update - May 18, 2009 - Added Broken Steel achievement walkthrough - Added another way for quick experience to gain level 30 Third Major Update - June 27, 2009 - Added Point Lookout achievement walkthrough My guides are only updated on, so if you are viewing this on another site, it may not be fully updated. *This guide can be used for the Xbox360 version of Fallout 3 as well as the PC Windows For Live Version.(For PC version, you must enter the code that came with the game in order to gain achievements.)* *Does Contain Spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT!* *If you are looking for an achievement inparticular, just search the word* Contents -------- I. Recommended Stats in certain skills. II. The Achievements A. Vault 101 Citizenship Award B. The G.O.A.T. Whisperer C. Escape! D. The Power of the Atom E. The Wasteland Survival Guide F. Following in His Footsteps G. Galaxy News Radio H. Scientific Pursuits I. Tranquility Lane J. The Replicated Man K. The Waters of Life L. Trouble on the Homefront M. Strictly Business N. Rescue from Paradise O. Big Trouble in Big Town P. Picking up the Trail Q. Finding the Garden of Eden R. Blood Ties S. Tenpenny Tower T. Oasis U. The Superhuman Gambit V. You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head W. Reilly's Rangers X. Head of State Y. Stealing Independence Z. Those! AA.Agatha's Song AB.The Nuka-Cola Challenge AC.The American Dream AD.Take it Back! AE.Slayer of Beasts AF.Doesn't Play Well with Others AG.Weaponsmith AH.Psychotic Prankster AI.Keys are for Cowards AJ.Data Miner AK.Silver-Tongued Devil AL.One-Man Scouting Party AM.The Bigger They Are AN.Protector AO.Mercenary AP.Reaver AQ.Ambassador of Peace AR.Pinnacle of Survival AS.Harbinger of War AT.Last, Best Hope of Humanity AU.Paradigm of Humanity AV.Scourge of Humanity AW.Yes I play with dolls AX.Vault-Tec C.E.O. Downloadable Content Achievements --------------------------------- III.Operation: Anchorage Pack --------------------------- AY.Aiding the Outcasts AZ.The Guns of Anchorage BA.Paving the Way BB.Operation: Anchorage -------------- IV.The Pitt Pack --------------- BC.Into The Pitt BD.Unsafe Working Conditions BE.Free Labor BF.Mill Worker ----------------- V.Broken Steel Pack ----------------- BG.Death From Above BH.Shock Value BI.Who Dares Wins BJ.Devil BK.True Mortal BL.Messiah --------------- VI.Point Lookout --------------- BM.The Local Flavor BN.Walking With Spirits BO.A Meeting of the Minds BP.Bog Walker VI.Closing Statements/Contact I. Recommended Stats - Helpful Notes -------------------- Explosives need to be at 25, level this up the first time you level up which will be when you leave the vault. You want both your lockpick and Science to be at least 50, level this up over time, the earlier the better. You may want to level up your small guns as well because that is mainly all you will use in the game. You will also need a pretty decent Speech skill. Around 80 just to be safe, the higher the better. Having a high sneak skill will make it easier to get around building in stealth. Note 1: If you decide to blow up Megaton instead of disarming the bomb. You may not be able to complete the Wasteland Survival Gude quest because Moira will not always survive the trip to the Underworld and you will miss a bobblehead if you don't collect it beforehand. Note 2: If you miss the bobblehead inside Vault 101, you will have another chance to collect it during the Trouble on the Homefront quest. Note 3: If you miss the bobblehead in Raven Rock, there is no returning to get it. You must get it before reaching the room leading up to President Eden. Note 4: To get DLC to work, you must first download it off the Xbox Live marketplace for 800 MS points a piece. There are a total of 3 different packs. So a total of 2400 MS points. You must then update your game with the required update prompt that you usually get sometimes while playing online on Live. Same goes for PC users except you will get it off the main menu of the game. You will then have to activate it in the Data File Menu when you first load up the game. Note 5: For DLC to appear in game. Operation Anchorage will give you a radio broadcast telling you to help the Outcasts. The Pitt will give you a radio broadcast about a slave in need of help. For Broken Steel, this will start after doing Taking It Back. Point Lookout will give you a pop up message saying there is a ship docked in the south. PC Note: You can use user made mods and the in game cheats and still earn achievements. To open the in game cheats menu. Press your pause key which is Esc by default. Hit the ~ key above Tab and a command prompt will come up. You may enter the codes there. II. The Achievements ------------------- Fallout 3 has 50 Achievements worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore points. It also currently has 2 DLC packs worth another 200 gamerscore which costs 800 MS points each. Broken Steel is worth 150 more gamerscore. Making Fallout 3 a total of 1350. A. Vault 101 Citizenship Award - Got the pip-boy 3000 10G - This is the first achievement in the game, there is no way possible to miss it. You get your pip boy at your birthday at the start of the game. B. The G.O.A.T. Whisperer - Took the G.O.A.T 10G - After your birthday party and you learn how to shoot, you will skip some time until you are 16. Your father will ask you if you are ok or sick. Say you are fine and you will be able to take the test. Saying you are sick will make you miss this achievement. C. Escape! - Completed "Escape!" 20G - You will get this as soon as you leave the Vault. This cannot be missed. You will level up, make sure you put your explosives skill up to 30, so you can get another achievement. D. The Power of the Atom - Completed "The Power of the Atom" 20G - As soon as you leave the Vault, make your way to Megaton. Talk to Sheriff Lucas. Ask about the bomb and about defusing it. Once you defuse it, talk back to the sheriff and you will get this achievement. Your explosives must be at 25 to defuse the bomb. You can go in the Bar and talk to a guy about rigging it to blow, but you will miss quite a few achievements if you take this path. E. The Wasteland Survival Guide - Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide" 20G - This quest is started in Craterside Supply in Megaton. Talk to the shop owner Moira and she will want you to do a bunch of research for her. There are 3 chapters total with 3 objectives in each. - Chapter 1 1 Find food at the Super Duper Mart - Go there and dispose of the Raiders. You will find food in the back and some medicine in a medicine box. 2 Contract Radiation Sickness - Just go to the big bomb in the middle of Megaton, stand in the water until your radiation sickness is high enough. 3 Traversing a Mine Field - Go to Minefield and explore a little bit, there is a sniper on the tower there. If your explosives skill is high enough, disarm a mine for Moira. - Chapter 2 1 Test the repellent on Mole Rats - You must go to the location that is given and use the replellent stick on a few mole rats, then return. 2 Place an observer unit inside a Mirelurk nest - If you want to do this one right, make sure you have a high sneak skill and move slowly past the Mirelurks until you reach their nest. Then put the unit in an egg sack. It doesn't matter if you go in guns ablazing, but you won't get the bonus reward. 3 Injure yourself for more than 50% of your Health - Just walk outside and fall off the edge of a high platform. - Chapter 3 1 Research Rivet City's History - Travel to Rivet City and speak to Belle in the Bar. She will tell you to talk to Pinkerton. Speak to him and gain access to his terminal. 2 RobCo Production Facility Mainframe - You have to get to the mainframe in the Robco Building. The robots there are very hostile so be on guard. Make it to the top floor and hack the terminal. 3 Arlington Public Library - Just go to the Arlington Public Library and use the card catalog at the front desk. F. Following in His Footsteps - Completed "Following in His Footsteps" 20G - Talking to Moriarty in the Megaton Saloon. He will point you to Three Dog at GNR. Go there and talk to Three Dog. G. Galaxy News Radio - Completed "Galaxy News Radio" 20G - As soon as you make it to Three Dog, ask him about his messed up satellite dish. He will tell you to go to the Museum of technology. Go there and take care of the Super Mutants and retrieve the dish. Install the dish and then go back to Three Dog. H. Scientific Pursuits - Completed "Scientific Pursuits" 20G - Once you complete the dish for Three Dog, he will tell you to look for your father at Rivet City. Go there and go to the labs. Speak with Doctor Li. She will tell you to go to Project Purity which is the Jefferson Memorial. There are a few Super Mutants here, so be on guard. Look for your dad's tapes, once you find them, they will tell you to go to Vault 112. Go there and enter the Simulation Pod. I. Tranquility Lane - Completed "Tranquility Lane" 20G - Once you are inside the Simulation in Vault 112, this quest will start. Go to the middle of the simulation and talk to the little girl. It will want you to do a bunch of bad deeds. If you do not want to mess up your karma, look for an abandoned house and go inside. Once inside click on the radio, glass pitcher, gnome, glass pitcher, cement block, gnome, and then click the soda bottle. This will open a hidden terminal. Access it and click on the Chinese Invasion program. Then walk outside and to the door in the middle of the playground. J. The Replicated Man - Completed "The Replicated Man" 20G - You can start this quest in Rivet City, speak to Dr. Zimmerman. He will tell you to ask around about a missing android. Talk to Victoria in the Marketplace and she will give you a spare part. Take it back to Dr. Zimmerman and this quest will be completed. K. The Waters of Life - Completed "The Waters of Life" 20G - After you save your dad from the simulation, go to Rivet City. Talk to the people in the Science Labs and they will tell you to back to Project Purity(Jefferson Memorial). Go in and clear out the Super Mutants so it is safe for your dad and the scientists. You will then have to get power running again. You will then get put in a cutscene and then must escape through the sewers. L. Trouble on the Homefront - Completed "Trouble on the Homefront" 20G - This quest will start on the main Wasteland World Map. After you have done a few things in the Wasteland, teleport back to Vault 101 and you will hear a distress signal on your radio. Go inside the Vault and you will learn that the Overseer is really corrupt. You can talk to the Overseer or you can kill him, but either way once you leave the Vault, you will never be able to return, so be sure to grab that bobblehead on your dad's desk. M. Strictly Business - Completed "Strictly Business" 20G - You may want to save this for one of the last quests you do. You must enslave people needed for other quests and could ruin your ability to do the other quests. This quest starts in Paradise Falls. The guy at the gate Grouse, wants you to enslave a few people. He will give you a Mesmotron and a slave collar. The people you must enslave are - Flak From Rivet City - Red From Big Town - Susan Lanchester From Tenpenny Tower - Arkansas From MineField (the guy sniping) If someone is dead, they will not be on the list, you must enslave at least one or two for the quest to be completed. N. Rescue from Paradise - Completed "Rescue from Paradise" 20G - For this one, you must get into Paradise Falls. There are kids being held captive in a fence inside. YOu can go in guns ablazing and kill every guard in the town or you can do the alternate route which makes you hack Eulogy's terminal. O. Big Trouble in Big Town - Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town" 20G - This quest starts in Big Town. When you enter the town you will find out about a girl named Red being kidnapped by Super Mutants. You will be instructed to go to a prison Camp overrun by Super Mutants to rescue her. Once you have went there and killed everything and rescued her, this quest is completed. P. Picking up the Trail - Completed "Picking up the Trail" 20G - After escaping the sewers and making your way into the Citidal. You will get a layout of all the Vaults. You will be instructed to go to Vault 87 which is totally covered in Radiation. The only way in it through Little Lamplight which is a town ran by kids. Once you get there, talk to Mayor MacCready. Convince him to let you in the town and make your way to Murder Pass, speak with Princess and then go find MacCready again and convice him to let you into Murderpass. Once in, this achievement will pop. Q. Finding the Garden of Eden - Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden" 20G - You must make your way through Vault 87 in search of the GECK. The Vault is over run by Super Mutants, so be on guard. You can make friends with one Super Mutant named Faux that is in the experiment cells. You can lead him to the GECK since the room is filled with radiation or you can be hardcore and make your own way in and get it, but be sure to bring lots of Radaway. Once you have the GECk, make your way out. R. Blood Ties - Completed "Blood Ties" 20G - This quest starts in Arefu. Speak with the Sheriff. Then check the houses and you will find one that is full of dead bodies. Report back to the sheriff and he will tell you to investigate some of the northern places. Go to the Metro Station and you will run into two ghouls that are friendly. You can talk to them or you find the mini room full of toxic containers. Look at the floor and you will be able to enter the sewer lid. Once inside make your way to the lair of the wannabe vampires. Talk to them and convince them to let the Ian go. Then talk to Vincet and convince him. You will then have to talk to Ian and he will make a choice. Then report back to Evan in Arefu. S. Tenpenny Tower - Completed "Tenpenny Tower" 20G - When you get to Tenpenny Tower, you will see a ghoul outside the gate. After the ghoul leaves, speak into the intercom. Once you gain access you will be instructed to deal with the ghouls at the trainyard sewers. You can either go and kill all the ghouls or help them. If you help the ghouls whether its convince everyone the ghouls are nice and can live there or opening the hatch to let the ghouls in, the people will die either way, it's your choice. T. Oasis - Completed "Oasis" 20G - This quest starts in Oasis which is like in the northern middle part of your map. It is the only place in the Wasteland that has trees and is green. When you get there you will have to be clensed. Afterwards you will be put in an area with a talking tree named Harold. Apparently this character was in Fallout 1 and 2. So I guess that is some history trivia. Harold wants to die. He doesn't like being a tree, and wishes you to go into a cave and find his heart and kill him. You have to talk to some of the Treeminder people and get a key to the cave as well as some medicince to either kill Harold or make him grow faster. Doesn't matter which you choose, the quest will still complete. U. The Superhuman Gambit - Completed "The Superhuman Gambit" 20G - This quest starts in Canterbury Commons. When you get into town, you will see two super hero type people fighting. One using robots and the other using Giant Ants. Talk to the town people and they will request your help to get rid of them. The super hero's lairs are right near the town. The Antogonizer is easier to get rid of, but if you want some adventure, the Mechanist is at the Robot Repair Center. To dispatch of him, you must fight your way through robots and get to the elevater at the end, and must have a lockpick skill of 75 to face him. Once you dispatch of either superhero, return to Canterbury and talk to Uncle Roe. V. You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head - Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" 20G - This quest starts in the Museum of History Underworld. Once you enter the Museum of History, go straight and to the basement. Speak with Mister Crowley. He will tell you some people to kill and retrieve their keys off of them. The list of people are... - Dave - The Republic of Dave - Ted Strayer - Rivet City - Dukov - Dukov's Place - Allistair Tenpenny - Tenpenny Tower You can just pick pocket these people and take their keys if you do not wish to kill them and lie to Mister Crowley. Bring the keys back to Mister Crowley and if you come back to him later, you can kill him for some really good power armor. W. Reilly's Rangers - Completed "Reilly's Rangers" 20G - This quest is started in the Museum of History Underworld. Go to the Chop Shop in the Ghoul Underworld. Reilly is laying unconscious in a hospital bed. Talk to the doctor and he will wake her up. She will tell you about her Rangers being trapped in the Statesman hotel. Make your way to the Hotel and take care of the Super Mutants. Her Rangers are located on the roof, so fight your way up there and help out the rangers. This quest can also be activated by hearing the emergency Ranger broadcast on the radio when near the hotel. X. Head of State - Completed "Head of State" 20G - This quest starts at the Temple of the Union by Hannibal. He wants you to go to the Lincoln Memorial and clear out the Super Mutants. So go there and clear them out and return. He then wants you to find a picture of Abraham Lincoln. Go to the Museum of History. Instead of making your way to the Underworld. Make your way to the left or right and clear out the feral ghouls. You will find the poster along with a few other of Lincoln's possessions which can be sold to Hannibal. After recieving the poster, return to Hannibal and then fast travel to the Lincoln Memorial. Y. Stealing Independence - Completed "Stealing Independence" 20G - This quest starts in Rivet City. Talk to Abraham Washington. He runs his own American Museum there. He wants you to find the Declaration of Independence. You must go to the National Archives and make your way through. When you get to the end you will find robots with President's minds encoded into them. You will have to convince one that you must take the Declaration of Independence or you can kill it. Return the Document back to Abraham Washington. Z. Those! - Completed "Those!" 20G - This quest starts in Grayditch. A boy named Bryan will run up to you and ask you for help. You will find that his town of Grayditch is overrun with giant fire breathing fire ants. He first wants you to find his father. So make your way to his house and find the shack key and then go into the shack to find Bryan's dad's body and Dr. Lesko's equipment. Read the notes and such and then go to Marigold station. Take out some fire ants and find Dr. Lesko. He will give you some orders to kill the fire ant protectors. Once you have done this, return to Dr. Lesko and he will reward you with some perks. Leave the Station and return to Bryan. He will want you to find him a home, you can just tell him you don't have time or couldn't find anyone and the quest will complete or you can talk to his cousin in Rivet City. AA.Agatha's Song - Completed "Agatha's Song" 20G - Agatha's House is located Northeast of Meresti Metro Station and west of the Scrapyard and can be hard to find since it is surrounded by rocks. Once you do find it, talk to her and she will want you to retrieve a violen for her. Make your way to Vault 92. Vault 92 is infested with Mirelurks so be on guard. Make your way to the Sound rooms and look for the violen. Once you have found it, return to Agatha for this achievement. AB.The Nuka-Cola Challenge - Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge" 20G - This quest starts in Girdershade, speak to Petrovita. She wants you to locate 30 Nuka Cola Quantums. Her body guard will want you to give him the Nuka Cola Quantums for double the price Petrovita is paying. If you do give them to him, you will not get the achievement. - This achievement takes a little while to do because it is collecting the rare Nuka Cola quantum. You must collect a total of 30 of them. There is usually 1 in every location you explore. Not always but almost everytime. There are 5 at Eulogy's Pad. 3 in the Nuka Cola Factory. A few in the Super Duper Mart. Start working on this achievement from the start of the game. Nuka Cola quantums shine a bright purple so they are easier to spot except on the PC version which they are the same color as normal Nuka Colas. There are according to Falloutwiki, 110 Quantums in the game. AC.The American Dream - Completed "The American Dream" 20G - After making your way through Raven Rock and speaking with President Eden. Leave Raven Rock and fast travel to the Citadel. Make your way to the head of the Citadel. AD.Take it Back! - Completed "Take it Back!" 40G - Make sure you save before starting this quest because there is no way to get out of it once you start it. This is the last story mission of the game. After you speak to the head of the Citadel, tell him you are ready. He will then bring a massive robot up the middle elevator and the mission will start. You will fight your way to the Jefferson Memorial and then you or Lyons will have to activate the purifier. The password is 2-1-6 if you decide to activate it. AE.Slayer of Beasts - Killed 300 creatures 20G - This will be gotten overtime, doesn't take long at all. Killing Radroaches is a quick way to get it faster. Super Mutants, Mirelurks, dogs, ants, molerats, deathclaws and Yao Guais all count as well. AF.Doesn't Play Well with Others - Killed 300 people 20G - This make be one that you have to come back to once you have completed all other quests. Make a save and then go wipe out everyone in the cities. If you are a massive explorer, you will run into a lot of Mercs, raiders and Enclave officers and that will get you 300 people kills fairly fast. AG.Weaponsmith - Made one of every custom weapon 30G Here are all the weapons, schematics and Items needed. - Bottlecap Mine - Items Needed - Lunchbox, cherry bomb, Sensor Module, Ten caps - Schematics - -A quest reward from Moira in Megaton after the Minefield quest. -Jacko's Pop & Gas Stop, northwest of Tenpenny Towers and east of Girdershade. -Dashwood's safe, in Tenpenny Tower. -One can be bought from Knick Knack in Little Lamplight. - Dart Gun - Items Needed - Paint Gun, Toy Car, Surgical Tubing, Radscorpion Gland - Schematics - -Schematic can be obtained from Hannibal Hamlin for completing the Lincoln Memorial quest for the slaves. -A schematic is at the Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower. -A schematic can be found at the MDPL-05 Power Station next to the skeleton of a dead engineer. - Deathclaw Gauntlet - Items Needed - Wonder Glue, Leather Belt, Medical Brace, DeathclawHand - Schematics - -Scott Key Trail and Campground, inside a trailer vehicle. Near a picnic table. Usually guarded by a Deathclaw. -Do the Council Seat Quest in Rivet City in favor of Banon. - Nuka Grenade - Items Needed - Nuka cola Quantum, Tin Can, Turpentine, Abraxo cleaner - Schematics - -Complete The Nuka-Cola Challenge, you can obtain a schematic for this weapon. -The traveling caravaner Doc Hoff also sells the Nuka Grenade schematic. -At the very end of the Deathclaw Sanctuary, there is one. -Also in the Cliffside Caverns. - Railway Rifle - Items Needed - Fission Battery, Pressure Cooker, SteamGaugeAssembly Crutch - Schematics - -Tulip (General Goods Vendor) Underworld -Control Room (On the Workbench) MDPL-13 Power Station -Reward for Stealing Independence from Abraham Washington - Rock-It Launcher - Items Needed - Vacuum Cleaner, Leaf Blower, Firehose Nozzle, Conductor - Schematics - -Can be bought off Moira Brown in Megaton for a price of 799–1200 bottlecaps (depending on Barter skill). -In the armory of Rivet City, ship's bridge tower. -Bought from the traveling merchant Crazy Wolfgang. -Can be found in the "Framed Quote" within Vault 101. - Shishkebab - Items Needed - Motorcycle GasTank, Motorcycle Handbrake, Lawnmower blade, Pilot Light - Schematics - -Can be obtained from Vance at the end of Blood Ties. -Lucky Harith, the weapon specialized Caravan Merchant. -Workbench in a red Brotherhood Outcast shack, to the south-west of SatCom Array NN-03d. The shack does not appear on the map, but is at the base of the hill the A array is built on AH.Psychotic Prankster - Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing 10G - Just while pickpocketing someone, this is when you crouch and check someone, put a mine or grenade in the person's pocket. AI.Keys are for Cowards - Picked 50 locks 20G - You will get this early on if you pick every lock you come to. Try to get your lockpick skill to at least 50 so you can pick locks up to medium. You can pick locks on doors medkits and ammo boxes. I know there are at least over 400 locks in the game. AJ.Data Miner - Hacked 50 terminals 20G - This achievement is gonna take some time. There are over 100 terminals in the game that you can hack. It is just finding them. This achievement will require you to pretty much look through every area and hack every terminal you find. Again you need to have a Science skill of at least 50 so you can hack computers up to Medium. You have 4 attempts to hack a terminal. If you fail all 4 times, you will not be able to hack the terminal. If you are impatient, when you go to hack the computer, pick the first three word options and if they aren't right, back out and re hack the terminal and keep trying the first three over, repeat if the next three doesn't work. Don't forget to hack terminals in towns just don't get caught doing it or you will be attacked. AK.Silver-Tongued Devil - Won 50 Speech Challenges 20G - Whenever you are talking to someone and you get an option with a percentage in front of it, that is a speech challenge. The higher your speech skill, the higher the percentage will be. Recomended that your speech skill is at least 80 or better. Talk to everyone and everything. AL.One-Man Scouting Party - Discovered 100 locations 20G - There are way over 100 locations in the game. You can either go on a blind scouting for the location, just watch your compass and go to the arrows that aren't shaded in or you can reach level 20 and get the perk for letting you see all locations on the map but you still have to travel to them, you just have a better view point of where they are. AM.The Bigger They Are - Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths 20G - There are 5 total Behemoths. They are hard to miss since they are like 3 stories tall. - One you will kill by default while going to GNR Radio. - One is in the Basement of the Capital Building. - One is outside of Takoma Industrial. - One is in a cage in the middle of Evergreen Mills. - One is found to the West of Jury City Metro. Travel until you find some tipped over traincars. You will see a cage with a teddy bear in it. Open the cage and take the bear. The Mutant will appear behind you. AN.Protector - Reached Level 8 with Good Karma 10G - See Scourge of Humanity AO.Mercenary - Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma 10G - See Scourge of Humanity AP.Reaver - Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma 10G - See Scourge of Humanity AQ.Ambassador of Peace - Reached Level 14 with Good Karma 20G - See Scourge of Humanity AR.Pinnacle of Survival - Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma 20G - See Scourge of Humanity AS.Harbinger of War - Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma 20G - See Scourge of Humanity AT.Last, Best Hope of Humanity - Reached Level 20 with Good Karma 30G - See Scourge of Humanity AU.Paradigm of Humanity - Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma 30G - See Scourge of Humanity AV.Scourge of Humanity - Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma 30G - For all level achievements, you want to keep good karma since it is the hardest to obtain if you are evil. Right before you hit a level that gives you an achievement, make a save and then get the achievement for good. Then reload your save, kill a few people until your karma is neutral. Get the achievement, then reload and kill more people until you are evil. Get the achievement. You can check your karma status on your pip boy. Here is an eperience glitch so you can level up faster. AW.Yes I play with dolls - Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads 10G - See Vault Tec C.E.O. AX.Vault-Tec C.E.O. - Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads 30G - There is a total of 20 Bobbleheads. Only two can be missed and you can't return to them. The first one is in Vault 101, before you leave the vault, grab it off your dad's desk. The second is at Raven Rock. It is on Level 2 in colonel Autumn's office on the table. Only 1 chance to get that one. - Stat Bobbleheads -Strength - Megaton - Lucas Simms House -Perception - Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave -Endurance - Deathclaw Sanctuary - Near Entrance -Charisma - Vault 108 - cloning Labs, room with many beds -Intelligence - Rivet City - Science Labs, on table -Agility - Greener Pastures Disposal - Office -Luck - Arlington Cemetary North - Arlington House, basement - Skill bobbleheads -Barter - Evergreen Mills - Market Bazaar, very back on shelf near to Smiling Jack. -Big Guns - Fort Constantine - CO Quarters in Basement -Energy Weapons - Raven Rock - Colonel Autumn's Office -Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station - Sealed Cistern, sewer manhole behind station, tucked in some rocks. -Lockpick - Bethesda Ruins - Bethesda Offices East -Medicine - Vault 101 - Dad's Desk, grab before taking GOAT. -Melee - Dunwich Building - Virulent Chamber, center of room near exit. -Repair - Arefu - Evan King's house, requires lockpick skill 50 -Science - Vault 106 - Living Quarters, on a shelf, east most room -Small Guns - National Guard Depot - Armory, must activate switch after going through the offices to access the armory. -Sneak - Yao Guai Tunnels - Yao Guai Den, near big pool of water -Speech - Paradise Falls - Eulogy's Pad, table next to terminal. -Unarmed - Rockopolis - Next to Argyle's body Downloadable Content Achiements (DLC) ------------------------------------- III. Operation:Anchorage Pack - 800 MS Points AY.Aiding the Outcasts - Completed "Aiding the Outcasts" 20G - As soon as you load up your game with the DLC, wait around for a few minutes and you will get an emergency broadcast on your radio from the Outcasts. Make your way to their location. It will be marked on your map. You will have to help the Outcasts fight some super mutants and you will come to their base. They will want you to help them with a simulation they are doing. You will be required to go into the simulation. AZ.The Guns of Anchorage - Completed "The Guns of Anchorage" 20G - Once inside the simulation, you will find you have no weapons or items. You will be given a gun and armor. Be sparce with your guns and health, you cannot pick ammo up off dead soldiers, you must find ammo and health dispencers. You will get this achievement as soon as you destroy the big cannons firing at the Americans. BA.Paving the Way - Completed "Paving the Way" 20G - After destroying the huge cannons you will be teleported to the American camp. Choose some fire power on the terminal and talk to the General outside. He will give you your choice of guns. The make your way to clearing out the Chinese bases. As you continue on, you will reach an area surrounded by a fence. Destroy the enemies and the big armored tanks. Then plant the explosives on the two gas tanks and move back, once they explode you will get this achievement and be teleported back to the camp. BB.Operation: Anchorage - Completed "Operation: Anchorage" 40G - At the start of this mission, you will start making your way through the trenches. watch out for chinese officers around every corner. You will come to a field that is full of electricity. Make your way around the side into a tower and deactivate the electricity field. Then make your way to the main chinese base. If you speech skill is high you can tell the general to kill himself, if not you will have to face him. Kill him and be teleported out of the simulation. Once outside, the outcasts will award you with a trip to their armory. Once you open the door to the armory, this achievement will unlock. IV. The Pitt - 800 MS Points ---------------------------- BC.Into The Pitt - Completed "Into The Pitt" 20G - This will pop as soon as you officially enter the Pitt. When you first play the game with The Pitt DLC, you will get a radio broadcast that will start the quest. You will then have to travel to the very top center of the map. You will help a guy named Werhner fight off some Pitt Raiders. After the fight, Werhner will ask for your help and that you need a slave disguise to get into the Pitt. He tells you where to obtain the disguise which is a location near where you currently are. BD.Unsafe Working Conditions - Completed "Unsafe Working Conditions" 20G - AFter getting into the Pitt. Find Midea. She will tell you to go fetch 10 steel ingots. You may find all 100 if you want but that is up to you, it will help you later if you go ahead now. After you obtain at least 10, give them to Everett. After this you will be told find Midea again. Then you are required to listen to a speech and you must fight for your freedom in the Arena. After you win 3 matches, this achievement will pop. BE.Free Labor - Completed "Free Labor" 40G - After you are freed, you must visit Ashur. There are a few pathes you can take. Either help Ashur or Werhner. Either way you will get the achievement at the end, but it is your choice how you want it to end. Visit the link below if you want to know the path outcomes. BF.Mill Worker - Found All 100 Steel Ingots 20G - This is not made by me, Thank Assassin for making this really helpful guide to all 100 Ingot locations. You will need a lockpick skill of 50 to find a few of the steel ingots. - Here is another link, this one doesn't have pictures. V. Broken Steel - 800 MS Points ------------------------------- BG.Death From Above - Completed "Death From Above" 30G - This quest will start as soon as you wake up inside the Citadel after the Take It Back quest. Go speak with Scribe Rothchild and you will find out about the Enclave forces attacking Brotherhood camps. You will then be pointed to Rockland Car Tunnel. When you arrive you will meet Tristan and get the layout of the mission. You will then follow Liberty Prime (giant robot) to your distination. When you get to the building, Liberty Prime will be shot down and you will be told to enter the base and get anything you can. Make your way in and kill off the Enclave soldiers until you find a computer with the information you need. Exit and return to the Citadel and give the data to Scribe Rothchild. You will then be pointed to Lyons and after talking to him, the quest will complete and start Shock Value. BH.Shock Value - Completed "Shock Value" 30G - After finished the chat with Lyons, you will be sent back to Tristan. He will then tell you to retrieve the Tesla Coil from the remians of Olney Powerworks. Tip, you may want to ask Tristan for extra help. He will point you to Scribe vallincourt. She will give you a device that will make the Enclave's Deathclaws protect you. Wild Deathclaws will still attack you so watch out. That is optional but very helpful. Travel to Old Olney and follow your map marker to the sewer. Make your way through the sewers to find the Old Olney Powerworks. You will eventually meet some ghouls. Continue past them until you reach the entrance of the Old Olney S. Wilson Building. Be on guard for Enclave soldiers. After dealing with them you will enter the Olney Powerworks. It has Sentry bots guarding it so be on guard. It is useful if you have a high Science skill so you hack the terminal here and turn the power to the coil off. Otherwise you are going to get electicuted bad when taking the coil. You can also jump into the generator and activate the three switches to turn the power down and take less damage. After you have it, a ladder nearby can be used for a quick exit. Return to the Citadel and give the coil to Tristan. Quest completed moving on to Who Dares Wins. BI.Who Dares Wins - Completed "Who Dares Wins" 30G - This is the final mission of the Broken Steel pack. Tristan will send you to Pennsylvania Avenue, where the White House would be if it wasn't a crater in the ground. Enter the sewer and you will see that you can go further into the sewer than before without the DLC. You will make you way into the Presidential Sub Level. Talk to M.A.R.G.o.T. and find out how to get the power back on. If you have a high speech skill you don't need the Senate's ID to get on the Bot's side. If not then you either find the ID or fight the Sentry bots. If you get on the bot's side, you will have to take out some ghouls to get the fuse to power the train back up. If you are in a hurry, just kill the main Sentry bot at the end of the station. It has a different name than just Sentry Bot, search it and collect the fuses and power the place back up. Hop on the train and ride it to a New Area on the map. You will be able to pick up a Tesla Cannon in a crate which is really powerful. You will now have to fight your way to the giant mobile Enclave tank. You will first have to lower the ramp that allows entry into the tank. You do this right across the way, should be your map marker's destination. After this, make your way to the tank and fight your way up to a computer that will allow you to blast a target. You can pick your own but for good karma and the true main goal. Blast the mobile tank. You will then have to make it out and you will be met by a chopper which will take you out of there and back to the Citadel. BJ.Devil - Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma 20G - See Messiah BK.True Mortal - Reached Level 30 with Neutral Karma 20G - See Messiah BL.Messiah - Reached Level 30 with Good Karma 20G - You recieve experience for discovering places, killing enemies and completing quests. You want to keep good karma since it is the hardest to obtain if you are evil. Right before you hit a level that gives you an achievement, make a save and then get the achievement for good. Then reload your save, kill a few people until your karma is neutral. Get the achievement, then reload and kill more people until you are evil. Get the achievement. You can check your karma status on your pip boy. Also with the Broken Steel DLC, you get new perks. Three which automatically set you karma balance to Good, Neutral and Bad. You get these perk choices at level 24 and can wait and use them at level 29 or 30 to get the achievements. Here is an eperience glitch so you can level up faster. - Another way to do this is after you complete Who Dares Wins, you can talk to Tristan and gain the ability to get Super Mutant blood samples. Turning these in will net you experience. Now just set your difficutly to Very Hard and go to the Downtown DC area and kill off super mutants and collect their blood samples(check the bodies). After killing a lot of them, return to Tristan and turn in the samples. Killing on Very Hard nets you more experience for killing enemies. VI. Point Lookout - 800 MS Points ---------------------------- BM.The Local Flavor - Completed "The Local Flavor" 20G - Go to the boat that is instructed to you from the pop up message. Once you get there, talk to the guy on the boat and buy a ticket. You will then have to rest on a bunk on the boat to travel to Point Lookout. Once there, follow your quest marker to the mansion. Inside you will meet a ghoul named Desmond who needs your help killing off the tribal people attacking the mansion. After fighting off all waves of attackers, this quest is completed and you will then start Walking with Spirits. BN.Walking With Spirits - Completed "Walking With Spirits" 20G - You are required then to join the tribals at their cathedral. Go there and you will notice you can't enter the gate so talk into the intercom. They will tell you to pass their test by going to their sacred ground. Go there and enter. You will have to fight off some Mirelurks and Swamplurks. You will then find a giant Punga Plant. Activate it for some funky side effects. After you wake up, make your way back to the cathedral and gain entry. Talk to Nadine inside to have your scar removed and to learn the location of the tribal leader. BO.A Meeting of the Minds - Completed "A Meeting of the Minds" 20G - Return to Desmond and then Go to the location of the tribal leader to find who the real leader is and why he wants to destroy Desmond. Report back to Desmond. You will then have to go back the the dock where you started in Point Lookout. You can either choose to put Desmonds Transmitter on the Ferris wheel or throw it in the trash. If you put it on the Ferris wheel, you will then have to fight off a bunch of tribals. Afterwards, return to Desmonds mansion to see if blow up. You will find Desmond unharmed in a secret trap door where the mansion used to be. He will lead an attack of just you and him to the lighthouse to kill Calvert(Tribal Leader). Fight your way through the lighthouse until you get to Calvert. He will tell you to choose either to kill him or to kill Desmond. If you choose Desmond, you get a key to Calverts armory and can take whatever you want. If you kill Desmond, Calvert orders you dead and you have to kill off some robots. Just choose to kill Calvert and shoot the brain tank a few times until cracks and dies. Loot the armory and then make your way out. BP.Bog Walker - Discovered all locations within Point Lookout 40G - There are a total of 31 locations in Point Lookout. Only 29 need to be discovered for the achievement. VI. Closing Statements ------------------------- This FAQ is only allowed on,,,,,,, and if you would like to use my Guide on your site, just ask. Information Help from, Don't send me friend requests on my xbox360 gamercard. They will be declined. My Gamercard is OmegaMustard My Website is My email is Thanks for using my Guide. Hope This Helps</p>