Chrono Trigger Table of contents 1. Version History----------------[vh] 2. Introduction-------------------[intro] 3. Getting Started----------------[gs] 4. Millennial Fair----------------[mf] 4a. Going to the Fair-----------[gttf] 4b. Learning the Basics---------[ltb] 4c. Leveling in Guardia Forest—-[lgf] 4d. Fair Games------------------[fg] 4e. Lucca's Invention-----------[li] 5. The Queen Returns--------------[qr] 5a. Truce Canyon----------------[tc] 5b. The same, but different-----[tsbd] 5c. Guardia Castle--------------[gc] 6. A Vanished Princess------------[avp] 6a. Manolia Cathedral-----------[mc] 6b. Into the Lair---------------[itl] 6c. The Inner Sanctum-----------[tis] 6d. Yakra-----------------------[ykr] 0. Techs--------------------------[tch] 0. Bestiary-----------------------[bst] 0. Item Encyclopedia--------------[itm] 0. Legal--------------------------[lgl] 0. Contact------------------------[cnt] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Version History [vh] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 12/4/2008 Version: 0.01 Added legal and contact information. Also filled out first part of version history. Added Introduction section, and putting in the first five items from the bestiary and item encyclopedia. Added Getting started. Started the faq wrote till leveling up in Gaurdia forest within Millennial Fair Section. Added Tech Section. Date: 12/6/08 Version: 0.05 Added a little more to the main faq, finished the Millennial Fair. Added Duel tech within Tech section. Added more to Bestriay and Item Encyclopedia, to entry 15. Cleaned up some of the guides look. Date: 12/8/08 Version: 0.05 Cleaned up the guide to make it more readable. Split the Millennial Fair section into parts a,b,c,d, and e. Date: 12/9/08 Version: 0.06 Finished boxing the Bestiary and Item Encyclopedia. Added the Truce canyon portion to the section The Queen Returns. Date: 12/11/08 Version:0.07 Updated shops section of The Queen Returns. Added part of the The same, but different subsection. Date: 12/17/08 Version: 0.08 Finised the same but different section, added Guardia castle subsection. Date: 12/18/08 Version: 0.09 Started A Vanished Princess section. Added Manolia Cathedral subsection. Put in some of Luccas’ techs under single techs. Date: 12/19/08 Version: 0.10 Finished Manolia Cathedral subsection, completed Into the Lair subsection from start to finish. Added The Inner Sanctum subsection. Date: 12/23/08 Version: 0.10 Started more on The Inner Sanctum subsection. Now I have help from Whyerd Neighme, who is my Advisor, Editor, stratedy research and tester person thing. Lol I’ll let him pick what he wants. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Introduction [intro] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "When a newly developed teleportation device malfunctions, young Crono must journey through time to rescue a mysterious girl from an intricate web of past and present perils. Enhanced with dual-screen presentation, stylus controls, and a host of great new features, the classic tale transcends time once again!" - Back of game case So, sounds like some fun huh? Well, whether you just picked up Chrono Trigger for the DS because you just heard about it, or you've played it on the SNES and PS1, its my job to help you through! After all, you aren't just reading for the heck of it right? Well I'll try not to give up to many spoilers and if I do it will say "SPOILER!!!", and put it in a box so you know when you can keep reading! I'll try to go into detail about side things like the Arena of Ages, but I don't think that I will have time, and there are several other, not to mention better, In-Depth faqs for those. I would advise you to take a look at those. The sections are broken down as follows: The heading that the game has when you save, and then my random titles as subsections. Each section will usually contain Items, which are the items that you should obtain going through, shops, shops that you can buy from (usually I will only put new shops in so that the repeated info doesn’t take up space) and enemies that you encounter. In the section will just have an over view of all the items you get from all the subsections, the enemies names that you encounter, and new shops that you can access. Also, the section will contain the level (written as Preffered Level) I went in with, though I might make it a bit higher if I have a difficult time. The subsections will have the same things relative to that section, along with all the info on new enemies. This is my very first faq, so I'm sorry for anything I mess up, also I'm sorry for the boring wall of text, I don't know how to ASCII art or whatever. Also, for the sake of saving spoilers and keeping the document small, and moving, I will try to refrain from throwing too much of the story in. Well enough of my blabbering, time to get into the game!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Getting Started [gs] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright! The games on!!!! Once you arrive at the title screen, select new game. It will then take you to customize your game play. These CAN be changed later, so go ahead and experiment if you would like. The game goes into it, but if its confusing, hopefully this will help: Game mode: Ds: Use the stylus or buttons to navigate the battle menu (displayed on the bottom screen with character health and stuff). I usually just utilize the buttons, however I like the top screen to be open. Maybe I'm claustrophobic. XP Classic: Choose whether to just use buttons and see the friend and foes status on the bottom screen. I haven't tried this yet. If people would like to tell me which they prefer and why, then I'll be happy to add that here! :) Battle made: Active: Wow boy! Here they come! The enemies throw themselves at you when the can, whether your thinking or not! Just like a real fight! But then again, in a real fight, you don't have to sift through menus to attack XD. This is the mode that I prefer. Wait: When your character can make a move, the game stops the action so you have time to pick your moves. Great to form a strategy, or for people new to Chrono Trigger. Movies: On: When the story progresses, the anime cut-scenes that were added in on the PS1 version will be see. I recommend this, since they are usually really short anyhow and interesting. Though the same thing happens in-game also. Just lower graphics XD. Off: You will not see the added in anime cut-scenes. I guess if your sick of them cause you've played through the game too much then it would be a good idea. But then I don't know why you would read this. But hey free will, do what you want! :D Or maybe you just really don't like anime, and when you see it then you go into a feral rage, nibble your Ds corner and jump out your window to wreck havoc on the city. XP Once you are satisfied with you're choices, press start to advance. Here you will be asked to name Crono, the main character. I left it Crono (I usually leave all the names in.) but my gf put my name in for Crono. Your choice! Yay, I love choices!!! It just can't be more than six characters long. Buckle up! You're in the game now!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The Millennial Fair [mf] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Times: 1000 A.D. Present Items: 200G Potion x 1 100G 300G Strength Capsule x 1 Shops: Armor (Blue Tent at the fair): Bronze Helm: 200G Defense 8 Padded Vest: 300G Defense 10 Items (Red Tent at the fair): Potion: 10G Panacea: 10G Athenian Water: 200G Shelter: 150G Weapons (Melchoir): Bronze Blade: 350G Attack 7 Silver Sword: 4000G Attack 20 Enemies:| No. 002 Amanita | No. 003 Scarab | No. 004 Gilded Bellbird | No. 001 Gato ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4a. Going to the Fair [gttf] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: 200G Rise and shine sleepyhead!!! After you watch the opening scene, head down the stairs where your mother will inquire you. Poor Mom, must be getting old, can't even remember you best friends name! T_T Once you fill in Lucca's name, your mom will remind you that you promised to go see Lucca's new invention. But don't run off without talking to your mother again! Since you're so sweet and take time to talk to her, she remembers to give you your allowance! SCORE!!! 200G! Off to the fair! Go out your front door and straight on till morning! Err.. wrong quote sorry! XP Looking past my constant bad jokes, head upward to the fair you saw earlier in the opening cut-scene. Press A to go in when the words "Millennial Fair" pops up. Once inside, look around and talk to people if you would like. To the left is a strength contest. To the right is the tent of horrors, along with a race tent where you may guess the next winner. Scattered around the middle are several shops. When you're ready to go to the next screen, head north. FREEZE!!! WALK up to the bell and you should get run over buy an exuberant girl. After the dialogue TALK TO HER BEFORE GETTING THE PENDANT FOR HER! (Well it's your choice but a few things that you do or don't do will affect something a bit later. It changes the story outcome little, but seeing your previous actions have consequences makes this game great!) When she asks for it back, say YES. Then choose SURE to walk around with her. Note: Some (actually a lot) of people in the game have a different name than what is given to them by default. This usually has to do with their background story. If you want to name them their proper name, than I will put it in a spoiler box, that way people who don’t want to know won’t have to look. Alright, finish up naming Marle, and you're on your way! (Don’t forget capitals! I don’t put capitals in the name in the box so people don’t accidentally spy it scrolling by.) --------------------------------- | SPOILER!!! Marles’ Real Name | --------------------------------- | So wanna know what her real | | name is? Well let me through | | some words in here so people | | don’t know that her name is | | actually nadia. Ofcourse you | | won’t know the significance | | of that yet, but if your ocd | | like me than you want the | | names for people. | --------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4b. Learning the Basics [ltb] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Potion x 1 100G 300G Head out of the fair and back to town. Go to the fountain and head south. You should be at the bottom left part of the town, and able to enter the Mayors Manor. Here you can get the in-game tutorials that can teach you a lot better than I can! A few more important things in here are a free potion, 100G, and 300G! To claim your prizes, Go into the kitchen and open the chest next to the.. trash can? It's some form of pot thing. Then, skip up the stairs and open the treasure chest between the beds. Then turn around and talk to the old man behind you. He will tell you about techs. Talk to him again when you finishes, and he will give you a whooping 300G! If you need guidance with the game controls, battle screens, or just some random tips, then talk to the people in here. You may also visit the other two residences and Truce inn if you would like. Truce inn has a chest you cannot open at this point(contains either a blue vest or a blue plate. Right now I don’t know how to get the plate.). The residencies just give you more info about the game story. Nothing you can't gather from the people at the fair, however, if you're like me and like to talk to every person three hundred times, then feel free to pop in and say high to them. Also, you can go across the port outside the mayor manor to the right and go to the ferry office. One lady in there will say something about her dearest Fritz being gone. Now... Decisions, decisions, decisions. My suggestion would be to go and level up. If you agree with me, then keep reading. If not, then skip the next section, however, you will miss out on a strength capsule. You can get it later, but I might forget to tell you to XP. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4c. Leveling in Guardia Forest [lgf] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Strength Capsule x 1 Enemies: ----------------------------------------- |No. 002 | |Amanita | | | |HP 14 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 16 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Charge | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 003 | |Scarab | | | |HP 12 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 15 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Gaurdia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Charge | |-Wing Flap | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 004 | |Gilded Bellbird | | | |HP 45 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 4 TP 1 Gold 18 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Ding-a-ling/Confuse | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- From the Mayors Manor, go left and up into the forest. The words "Guardia Forest" should pop up. Enter and walk up to the T intersection. Go right. At the fork in the road, choose the lower path and go all the way to the right. See that shiny thing on the ground? Pick it up, you just got a strength capsule! Walking south, run into the three mushrooms. Holy Crap they move! And attack! If you would like to know what they are, they are three Amanita. Info for new enemies (otherwise, its just names to save room) found in each area are at the top, in the order you encounter them following the guide. Simply attacking them will defeat them (though at this point in the game you don't have to many other options XP) Go up to the last fork in the road and take the upper path. Charge at the yellow guy! Poor guy, he was just taking a stroll through the forest! This frightened rolly polly thing gets freaked out and runs into a tree, dropping down three scarabs to keep you occupied while he finishes his get away. These too can be dispatched with the attack command. After you finish, you probably just learned the move Cyclone. Now you have a little bit more flexibility with your attacks! Walk after the yellow guy (he ran up and left incase you missed his get away) and keep going until you see a right turn(relative to your character, it's probably better if I say a turn north) and a flying bird with a bell. Charge! This little Gilded Bellbird will summon two scarabs with its bell once he sees you. Take out the closest scarab with Marles regular attack, and then use your new tech that Crono learned to attack the Bellbird and the other scarab. The scarab should die and the bellbird should be badly wounded. A few more hits and he goes down. Alright! One level down, however many more you want to go! Head north past where the Bellbird used to be where you will find three more Amanita. Dispose of them as you will, and you will learn the tech Aura! Hooray for healing spells!! Nothing much else up here. Just up and all the way to the right in the next screen is a box like the one in Truce inn that you can't open yet (this one has a Power Ring). However it's still good to make a mental note of it. The road to the north splitting from the afore mentioned path only leads to the Castle, which you can't do anything in there anyway, so lets go south again. Back at the intersection where you defeated the Bellbird, swing west and follow the path downward. Dispatch the last batch of Amanita, and you're outta here! Looking at the map on the bottom screen, you should notice that you have come full circle and if you follow the path right just a bit more than you arrive at the first T intersection. Go south from the T intersection and you're outta the forest! If you would like to level up more then walk back in, rinse, and repeat. However, I'm going to write some more about continuing the game, so have fun okay? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4d. Fair Games [fg] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Kilwala doll Crono doll Kitty Now that we are done with leveling (or just ready to move on) lets go back to the fair. Now is the time to play some games, and rack up Silver Points! While they don't do too much, there are a few things you may do with them. 1.Change them to gold! The exchange rate is 10 Silver Points for 50G. Interested? Stop by the purple colored tent in the second part of the fair (The screen where Crono ran into Marle) and chat with the merchant. 2.The Tent of Horrors! Here you can play more mini games and win different prizes. I will go into a little more detail when I describe the various games that you may do. So you know what you can do with them, now how do you get them? By playing Fair games of course! Here is a list of games you can play and where you can find them. -Strength Test: Located in the first screen of the Fair all the way to the left of the screen. Walk up to the machine and press A. When Crono gets all the way to the back tap A again. He will go back and forth till you press A, so keep your cool and time it correctly. For your effort, you get 1 Silver Point every time you win! -Betting on the Races: In the first screen of the Fair, on the middle right, talk to the man in the blue tent. He will most likely tell you to be quite while the race is going on. Follow his instructions and talk to him again while the runners are lined up in a line after the race finishes. Then he will ask you who you think will win. Choose one and hope for the best, because to me, it seems like its random every time. TIP: There is an old man on the very bottom right hand of your screen. He IS NOT correct 100% of the time, but he definitely wins more than I do! Talk to him during, or after, the runners line up. He will predict the winner of the next race. Walk to the tent and place your bet on his choice. If you are correct, then you get a whooping 20 SP! That's the most Silver Points that you can get at anyone time in a mini game! -Chugging: On the screen where Crono ran into Marle, go down the flight of stairs on the right to a young man at a table. Here he will tell you to chug 8 sodas(atleast we hope its soda..). MASH THE A BUTTON!!!! It's tough, I don't win all the time, but it is possible! If you manage to drink all 8, you are rewarded 5 SP. Was it worth the tired arm? P.S. The screen above where you are now features prehistoric dancing! You don't get anything for it, but you can do it just for fun! -Fighting Gato: Lucca has a bi-pedal singing/fightingrobot. You can face him if you like. If you win(which is likely, however you HP will NOT go back up after the fight.) then you will obtain 15 SP! If you would like to cross metal with this battle bot, head to the second screen of the fair (where Crono ran into Marle) and take the left hand flight of stairs. Ignore that pink thing on the table.(It's the pacing old mans lunch. It heals your HP and MP, however eating it has repercussions later.) And follow the path up and to the next screen talk to the big robot, and start the fight. Here are his stats: ---------------------------------------- |No. 001 | |Gato | | | |HP 76 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 10 TP 1 Gold 0 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: Ambrosia | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Leene Square | | | |Techs: | |-Punching Glove | |-Gato's Song of Love | | | |Counters: | |-Multi-punch | ----------------------------------------- Losing to Gato should leave you with 1 HP each, in which case, it would be wise to visit the Truce inn. I DON'T advise eating the old mans lunch, however, you still may if you don't want to walk to the inn and spend the gold. You will just miss out one thing later. -Tent of Horrors: You will NOT get SP here. However, you can spend them to play three different mini games and three different prizes: 10 SP: Mix and Match. Three soldiers walk out and tell you there names. Biggs, Wedge, and Pierre. They walk around and shuffle themselves and then they ask you to find one person. The first person they asked me was Biggs, and he was in the middle, but I don't know if all games are the same. For your efforts, you get a Kilwala doll for your room. If you press A on him, then the song will change. 40 SP: Crono Says. A clone of Crono comes out, and you have to match his actions. The controls are (for default): L: raise left hand R: raise right hand Y: Laugh A: Surprised He will get progressively harder to follow, but keep your cool. Also don't over think it. If the clone raises his hand that's on the left side of the screen raise you left hand. It's just like looking in a mirror. When you win, you will have a Crono clone in your room. Pressing A on him will change his pose. 80 SP: Fiend Attack. Man this is expensive! Here's what happens, three monsters (Kilwalas) come out. You throw bean bags at them to push them back into the cage. However, they take Marle hostage and lower her into the fire, and you have to press the blue light on the wall all the way to the left when it appears to keep her from burning. Sound tough? Want some help? What else am I here for? Okay to start, by running up to the bean bag (little crystal looking thing on the ground) on the right. Press A while facing it. Run to the middle one and do the same thing. Now go back to the right and press A again. If you did it quickly enough, then you have on of them in the cage. Immediately after, throw the middle one again. Two down one to go. Uh oh! Marle is getting close to the fire, so run over to the left and press the blue light (stand in front of it, facing it and press A) to raise her up from harm, throwing the bean bag on the left at the monster if you think you have time. After that its cake. Just keep pressing A in front of the last bean bag so that it is ready to be thrown again. Just keep throwing it and keep an eye out for the blue light, hitting it when necessary to save Marle. You are rewarded for your efforts with a kitty! After you beat any level once, you can do it again to get cat food for your cat(s) at home. You can check the bin in Crono's room to see how many grams of cat food are left. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4e. Lucca's Invention [li] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that you know about the games, its time to get on with the story. Heading back to where Crono and Marle met, head north and talk to the two boys. I guess Lucca is still setting up. That's okay, we have business of our own. Head south down the LEFT flight of stairs past the old man to a cat sitting by itself. Speak to it and listen to it meow. Then walk away, it should follow you. Walk back up the flight of stairs (walking should make it so the cat doesn't get stuck behind stuff. If it does, simply go back so it will follow you and get unstuck) all the way across and down the right flight of stairs. Near the Soda chugging table is a little girl who lost her kitty. Imagine that! Talk to her and she will thank you. Now go back to the first screen and talk to Melchoir. He is the sword crafter to the left of the race tent. Look at his selection (though you shouldn't buy anything, you can find the steel saber in a chest in a bit.) and exit. He will ask you if he could buy Marle's pendent. Reply with Sorry. Now go directly to the left and talk to merchant in the blue tent. Buy if you would like, however I think you will be okay for the moment. When you are done, he will tell you that Lucca's device is ready. NOTE: Now is a great time to get the Crono doll. This is an EXTREMELY important item near the very end of the game. You will have most the game to get it, however, I would suggest getting it now so you do not forget. If you do not know how to obtain the Crono doll, see the FAIR GAMES section just above and look at the Tent of Horrors section. You must complete the game that cost 40 SP. Once it is ready north to see Luccas device. You will notice those two boys are gone and you are free to go. Or are you? Marle pleads to go look at some candy. Listen like a good little boy, and don't move. She will then say she is done in a bit (about 10 seconds). Now proceed to see Lucca. Listen to Taban, Lucca's father, rave about the new invention. If you would like, talk to people and when you are ready, have Crono take a go at it. Seems Crono is the only one who wants to go first. Follow their instructions, and do it again if you would like (though its not necessary). Go talk to Marle and she will boldly step up. Watch the cut scene and pick up the pendant to try the teleporter again. Hold on to your hats, cause its about to get crazy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. The Queen Returns [qr] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preferred Level: Crono: 2 Items: Potions x 1 Power Glove Strength Capsule Shelter x ? Ether x 2 Bronze Armor Shops: Market- Items - Potion: 10G Panacea: 10G Athenian Water: 200G Shelter: 150G Weapons-Bronze Blade: 350G Attack: 7 (Crono) Pea Shooter: 800G Attack: 7 (Lucca) Helmets-Bronze Helm: 200G Defense: 8 Armor – Padded Vest: 300G Defense: 10 Enemies: |No. 015 Blue Imp |No. 017 Roundillo |No. 016 Green Imp |No. 020 Roundillo Rider |No. 021 Blue Eaglet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5a. Truce Canyon [tc] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Potion x 1 Power Glove Enemies: ----------------------------------------- |No. 015 | |Blue Imp | | | |HP 13 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 2 TP 1 Gold 12 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | | |Techs: | |-Kick | |-Jump Kick | | | |Counters: | |-Pebble Punt | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 017 | |Roundillo | | | |HP 24 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 25 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | - Guardia Forest | | - Magus's Keep | | | |Techs: | |-Spin | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- Once you emerge, you find yourself in a small cleft with one exit to the west. However, walking over there(or just waiting for a bit) makes three Blue Imps ambush you. You should be able to dispatch them with regular attacks one hit per monster, especially if you leveled up in Guardia forest. Afterward, head over to the next screen. On this screen, you see a path downward and a ladder. Nothing is on the lower path, so climb the ladder and follow the path left across the bridge. Hooray! Two more friends wanna play. Dispatch these two Blue Imps as you did the other ones. If you continue left, you can open a chest, which contains a Potion. Travel south from where you fought the two Blue Imps, and walk east where the path splits. In lucky chest number 2 is a Power Glove. This accessory boost your power by 2. I would change this out for Crono's Headband that only grants speed + 1. Go back west to the intersection and head southwest until you get to a ladder. Climb on down and watch the entertaining game of kick ball between the two Blue Imps. Although the ball looks funny, and turns out to be a Roundillo. I would fight them, but I have blood lust, so it's up to you to continue southwest past them or to kill them. They can easily be dispatched, especially if you equipped the Power Glove. A well-placed Cyclone tech on the Roundillo when the Blue Imps are close can end the match in one hit. Regardless of your choice, head southwest when you are ready to exit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5b. The same, but different ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Strength Capsule x1 Shelter x ? Enemies: |No. 017 Roundillo ----------------------------------------- |No. 016 | |Green Imp | | | |HP 32 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 4 TP 1 Gold 24 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Jump Kick | |-Pebble Punt | | | |Counters: | |-Jump Kick | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 020 | |Roundillo Rider | | | |HP 30 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 5 TP 2 Gold 40 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Charge | |-Roundillo Shot | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- |No. 021 | |Blue Eaglet | | | |HP 16 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 32 | | | |Treasure dropped: Panacea | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Peck | |-Wing Flap | |-Dive | |-Screech/Slow | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- Turning around and facing where you came from reveals that you came out of Truce Canyon. Truce??? That’s Crono’s hometown! And walking south reveals our little town! Hmmm.. but it’s different, older looking.. and the map on the bottom looks different.. Walking into the residence on the top right of the town adds more to the twist, they have no clue what your talking about! Heading to the residency at the bottom left of the town you can see a man working on a bell.. Such mystery! Lol. Walk over to Truce inn, and upon entering talk to the solider in front of you. Yep, we’re still in Guardia. Walk to the right and talk to the solider. Apparantly their queen had been missing, but they found her in Truce canyon. That’s where you came from! After the conversation, a man named Toma walks in. Talking to him and giving him 10G reveals that he thought he had a lead on the queens whereabouts. I thinks twice about his suspicions about the cathedral to the west when he is told that they found the queen. Nothing much else here, except another chest you can’t open on the second floor (containing a blue vest), and a nice place to stay for 10G. It would be wise to stay the night since you health is probably low. When you have heard enough about Queen Leene and the Fiendlord, proceed west to Guardia forest, the same place you found it before. Looks, the same. Go north to the first T section and continue east from there. At the next intersection, you are ambushed by two Roundillo and a Green Imp. Another good use for a well-placed Cyclone on the Green Imp. Walking down the familiar southern path, you see a shiney thing on the ground (Don’t confuse this with the one on the rock further south.) Holy crap! Another Strength Capsule! Down south a bit more is another shiney object, however when you touch it, you get AMBUSHED!!! Two Roundillo Riders come to get ya, however, you can take them down with a hit or two each. To our dismay, there is nothing left behind to grab, just a cruel joke T_T Go back to the intersection and go north. Remember this place? Looks like the same place where the yellow roundillo ran away. For the people who didn’t go trough Guardia Well the bush at the top left of your screen has three Roundillos, and approaching it will make them fight you. Hugging the far trees will let you evade them, however, I just like to kill them, more exp! Walking a little more west you can see another bush. Approach that one and press A; A little Kilwala will pop out and run away, leaving a Shelter behind. You can exit and come back in as many times as you would like, and it will still be there. You can do this at any time throughout the game. Continue west. Here at the intersection another bush moves around. However, pressing A on this one prompts a battle with two Roundillo Riders. After you eliminate this threat (or pass it by) you have two choices A) Continue north towards the castle, or B) continues southern bound around the circle to takedown the three Blue Eaglets. They are fairly easy and can be taken out with one hit, however, they can cause slow with screech. It’s a nuisance but easy to deal with either with a Panacea or just waiting until the battle ends. If you went to destroy the Blue Eaglets, head back to the intersection and go north. Otherwise, just go north. Follow the path until a small clearing. If you are running low on life, then stay to the left and you won’t enter a fight. However, if you would like, then stay towards the right and three Roundillo Riders will come to be your victims. Proceed until you see a sign that says “Guardia Castle, No trespassing”. Guess that means Welcome? Take that path out of the forest. If you are curios as to what is at the end of the other path, it is just a dead end (different than the one before) with a different unopenable chest. This one has a Speed Capsule, so keep it in mind for later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5c. Guardia Castle [gc] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Ether x2 Bronze Armor After you’re out of the forest, walk forward to Guardia Castle. Enter and watch the scene that follows. Looks like you have friends in high places already! Once you have control look around a bit. I suggest heading left first. You will find a staircase, and after that is a stair well going down with two guards. They will tell you it’s the knights’ quarters, and that you are welcome to use them. Take their advice and go down the stairs. On this screen go south down the flight of stairs where you will see the commander at a table with four other soldiers, a maid, a wounded soldier and another soldier taking care of him. Talk to the maiden to get some rest. Talking to the knights at the table reveals a few important things, though aren’t crucial to advancing, I would suggest talking to them to get into the story more. Now go to the opposite side of the castle (go back to the entrance and head right and take the staircase down to the kitchen). Here is another alternative to restore your HP and MP, food! If you want some chow, then walk directly down until you hit the left table, and stand in between the table and the chair closest to you. Press A and a maiden will come to take your order. Your three options are: Refreshing salad: Heal MP Power stew: Heal HP Spiced roast: Heal HP and MP In the upper left corner of this room is a guard lying on the ground. Talk to him for some comic relief. Heading left and down will take you to the cooks area. Here a chest sits, waiting for you to take the Ether inside. Talking to people here is trivial, but still interesting. On your way out, the captain of the knighthood comes in and a small scene develops. Talking to the knights and cooking staff now is different, and explains a little of what just happened. When you are ready to proceed, go back to the entrance of the castle and take the central staircase past the two guards who harassed you when you came in. Walk forward through the door and the other set of guards into the kings audience chamber. Talk to the king. The guards in the back just give you directions. Go up the flight of stairs by the knight on the left. Go up the stair well two screens and stop. In this little room is a treasure chest with 100G in it. On the next floor is a crested chest (you know, the annoying ones you can’t open XD) This one has a Red Vest. Continue up into the kings quarters. Here you see the chancellor, talk to him. Suspicious? Walk down to the hall, go right, and talk to the guards. They seem to think so, regardless, walk into the kings room. The maiden tells you the Chancellor goes to the church everyday. Finally, look behind the chair in the kings room. A chest! And inside is some nice Bronze Armor. Equip that to Crono and head back down to the audience chamber. Head to the right side this time. You’re going up to see the queen. Like before, head up two flights of stairs and stop in the room to grab a potion out of the chest on the right. Then continue up the other two. Talk to the guard standing in the doorway to the hall and he will let you pass. Talk to the handmaidens if you wish, and grab the chest behind the chair like in the kings room. Inside this one is an Ether. Go talk to the queen and do as she says. Then watch the cut scene. After this strange turn of events, go out the hall like nothing happened. Talk to the maidens (the one on the left is particularly funny) and listen to the knights wise words. After that small comic relief, go back to the audience chamber. Lucca! Yay, the genius should be able to fill us in as to everything that’s happened so far. Go through this dialogue and the search is on. Now where to begin...? Lets look at our evidence: Toma the explorer says he had suspicions about the new cathedral. The Chancellor has been acting strange, and goes to the cathedral everyday. And since the cathedral has been built the fiends have disappeared from that area. I guess we know where we are going to next! To the Cathedral! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. A Vanished Princess [avp] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preffered Level: Crono: 4 Lucca: 3 Items: Potion x 3 Athenian Water x 1 Maiden’s Suit Ether x 2 Strength Capsule x 1 100G Shelter x 1 Panacea x 1 Iron Sword x 1 Enemies: |No. 022 Naga |No. 024 Diablo |No. 025 Underling(Blue) |No. 026 Mad Bat ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6a. Manolia Cathedral [mc] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: None Enemies: ----------------------------------------- |No. 022 | |Naga | | | |HP 60 Defense 180 Magic Defense 10 | |Exp 8 TP 1 Gold 80 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: Lightning; Fire | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Guardia Castle | | | |Techs: | |-Scratch | |-Nagamour/slow | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- Head out of the Castle and save. Then navigate your way back to the other side of Guardia Forest, remembering to pick up a shelter from the kilwala in the bush. I’ll leave it up to you how many people you want to kill on the way. However leveling Lucca up would be a good idea. A few things: Lucca has an accessory called Sight Scope that shows enemy HP. Handy, though its not neccasary. I personally like it, but you may consider equipping the headband instead. Also, the Sight Scope doesn’t work on bosses. Pick up the shelter! Its always good to get free stuff :)! Luccas attack does NOT go up with strength, rather Accuracy. This goes for all long range attackers, such as Marle. Alright, once you are out of the forest, head west toward the building sitting in a clearing (just south west from the castle). After that short walk, enter the cathedral Hey look! Nuns! Let’s talk to them! Nothing interesting, they just say weird suspicious stuff. I guess sitting in a forest that was filled with fiends could do that to a person... Go all the way up to the alter and talk to the nun at the piano on the left. After she’s finished talking, LOOK A SHINEY THING! Go touch the shiny light that’s on the stairs in front of the alter. But beware, cause when you do, you get ambushed. Now we know why they acted so strange. You’re up against four Nagas. A fire whirl should be able to take out three of them, if you get lucky enough for them to get close that is. Then three or four regular attacks on the last one should do. However, if they aren’t in range when both Lucca and Crono are ready to attack, then just use Lucca’s flamethrower tech to kill two in a line, (remember to aim for the far one) while Crono beats one of the remaining two. Then finish up the last one with whatever method you see fit. Once that’s over, watch the following dialogue. We have a new friend! :) When Lucca asks, choose to “Go with frog”. If your curios as to the other option, “Refuse” Lucca simply says it would be risky to go alone, and you are forced to pick “Go with frog”. After some stuttering from Lucca, you will be asked to name Frog. The default is Frog, but as usual, he has a secret name. --------------------------------- | SPOILER!!! Frog’s Real Name | --------------------------------- | Well this is weird, a giant | | talking frog. Would never | | think that he has a kinda | | normal name like glenn. Ya | | his background story is really| | interesting, and not to far. | --------------------------------- Well time to move forward. To find the secret passage, play the piano by pressing A while facing it. A door will open up to the right. Heal up with Frog’s slurp tech and lets go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6b. Into the Lair [itl] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Potion x 2 Athenian Water x 1 Maiden’s Suit Ether x 2 Strength Capsule x 1 100G Enemies: ----------------------------------------- |No. 024 | |Diablo | | | |HP 50 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 10 TP 1 Gold 60 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Medina | | | |Techs: | |-Sobat | |-Whirling Kick | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 023 | |Viper | | | |HP 90 Defense 127 Magic Defense 10 | |Exp 8 TP 1 Gold 70 | | | |Treasure dropped: Athenian Water | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: All | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Guardia Castle | | | |Techs: | |-Bite | |-Bite/Poison | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 025 | |Underling (Blue) | | | |HP 49 Defense 200 Magic Defense 10 | |Exp 11 TP 1 Gold 135 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: All | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Medina | | | |Techs: | |-Punch | |-Hammer Punch/Knockback | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- Alright, we’re behind enemy lines! Are you pumped? Adrenaline rush? Starting off, you find yourself in a long corrider stretching to the left, and a door across the hall from you. First start off by going left down the hall. You will see a Diablo sliding left and right here. Charge! You will fight three Diablos, the one you see, the one behind it, and one that dances out of the ceiling. They will take about two regular hits each, save from Lucca’s, who has weaker attacks. Continue left past the two chest and confront the other Diablo. One more will come from the ceiling to his aid. Dispose of them and claim your two chests. The chest on the left contains a Potion, and the chest on the right has Athenian Water. Go to the East side of the hall and go through the door way. Run up the stairs in front of you and enter the door at the top. Yay loot! In the chest on the left is a Maiden’s Suit. I suggest equipping that now. The middle has a bit less valuable, but still handy Potion. Then the chest on the right contains an Ether. See that podium with an egg looking thing to your left? Go check that too. You will get a hidden Naga Bromide. Uh-oh! Seems like trouble. An underling will burst in and call two more to his aid. Simply using attacks will work, you can kill one by attacking with all three of your people. But you may also want to consider using an X strike or Fire Whirl to speed things up. So what’s this bromide thing we fought so hard to get? Well, nothing actually, it turns out that it doesn’t show up in your inventory at all. I don’t even know the definition of bromide. XP I’m sure it’s some sort of comic relief though. It just went over my head. XD Walk out of that room, go right, and follow the handrail up to a chest containing your very own Steel Saber! Yay! Equip this to Crono, and walk south western to the door surroned by spikes. Hug to the wall across from the door and slip around the spikes. See that skull on the wall? Go press it. Two guards? Are they real? Or just monsters? Don’t fret, they are really captured soliders. Talk to them and they will tell you some important info. 1. They have the queen in the back 2. They have treasure at the Fiendlord’s alter somewhere in this place Look a shiny thing! Before you leave the room, look in the pot for a Strength Capsule. Then be on your way. Go all the way back to the stairs you climbed and go down. Then instead of going into the hallway, go to the right. Here you will fight two Diablos. With your new toy that you found for Crono, you should be able to almost, if not instantly, kill them in one hit using Crono’s regular attack. Continue to the right and there should be another stair case. Only this one contains two Vipers. A hit from Crono and Frog each should do the trick, just watch out, because they can poison you. Be swift and you should be ok. Remember to keep your Health up using Frogs slurp tech, or any extra potions, your call. Go up the stairs and straight into the door. Uh oh! There are three fiends sitting in here. But no fight? Ofcourse, they still think you are in your “disguises”! Talking to them yields some information about how the Queen’s kidnapping came about. Then as you are leaving, the Diablo says he’s going to pay respects to the Fiendlord’s statue. Remember the soldier saying there was treasure? I think it’s time to follow our little fiend friend. Follow him out the door, up around the left into another room. Hey, what’s going on here? Imposters, that’s what! Talk to the “Royalty” in the room, and when you try to leave, you get stuck into fighting three Vipers. However, if you just grab the chest on the left (containing 100G) and the one on the right (containing an Ether) then you can be on your merry way without a fight. However, you know me, I suggest that you kill anything and everything insight at least once. Also, if you do kill them, you can get access to more treasure. After they are disposed of go to that alcove on the right. It is a hidden door that you may now pass through. Inside are three Diablos, and two Nagas singing praises to the Fiendlord. I guess he has done a lot for them. After they finish there song. Talk to the Diablo in the middle to initiate a fight. My suggestion is to use frog to attack the Naga while Crono and Lucca use a Fire Whirl to eliminate the Diablos. Then finish the Naga as you wish. When you finish the fight, then go up to the statue. Here you get your first glimpse of the fiendlord. Ofcourse, we just want the loot so grab the right chest containing a Guardian Bangle, and the chest on the left holding a Speed Belt. Equip these as you wish, but it all depends on preference. The Guardian Bangle grants + 2 Stamina (the base Defense stat) so it will increase Defense. The Speed Belt grants + 2 Speed, so if you have a headband equipped, time to trade up. I personally have Crono and Frog equipped with Power Gloves and it would be a good idea to have Lucca equipped with either the Speed Belt or the Guardian Bangle, depending on what you value more speed or defense. Or, if you really like to see the enemies HP, you can leave the Sight Scope on. Head back out of the room when you are finished, and back down the stairs. Time to drive up the middle! Walk to the center, dodging the Diablos if you so please and walk upward towards the two Vipers. They spot you and are smart enough to alert others. Two Diablos come from the second floor and block your escape backwards. Take out the Vipers first so they cannot poison you, then kill the Diablos. Continue north. Just before the door, two more Vipers await you. Dispose of them as you will, keeping in mind they are close for a cyclone tech, and are susceptible to magic. It’s your choice if you want to wait for a fire whirl, but I would personally use cyclone and then kill them off with regular attacks from there. Go through the door and your one step closer to saving the queen. But hurry, because time is running out! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6c. The Inner Sanctum [tis] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items: Shelter x 1 Potion x 1 Panacea x 1 Iron Sword x 1 Enemies: |No. 025 Underling(Blue) ----------------------------------------- |No. 026 | |Mad Bat | | | |HP 18 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 6 TP 1 Gold 75 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | | |Techs: | |-Blood Drain/Absorbs HP | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- Alright, on your left is a save point. If you still have a lot of MP left, then just use Frog’s Slurp tech to Heal everyone and then save. Other wise, use a shelter to fully heal your party’s HP and MP When you are ready to commence your search, Go up the stair case and to the left. Continue until you get to the chest. It holds a Shelter for you. Hurray! You’re going to need one later. Here you have two options: 1)Fight the least amount of monsters possible, and quickly get through it, grabbing items along the way. 2)My favorite, kill everything. Note: Frog has a Weapon in a chest in the middle room. If you go through with Option 1 at first, then read back through and follow option 2 in order to level up, it could save you some HP. I’m going with option 2. However, for everyone who wants to get this done fast, I will have the two options for you to choose from. Go down the nearby staircase. Uh-oh! It turns into a slide and you fall down. Note: If you go to the staircase on the other side, then the same thing happens. I just go to the left to get items. Nothing that you can’t get going down the right side first ofcourse. SHHH!!! An underling is sleeping here. Obviously if you want option 2 then go up and talk to it to start a fight. It’s just one Blue Underling, you should be able to kill it before it attacks you. Otherwise, if you like to avoid the fight just walk through the door. Once you can see yourself again, and prefer option 1, then go either left or right and sneak up the sides to avoid the Mad Bats. Don’t press the skull on the wall, rather continue on through the door Option 2: Run straight into the Mad Bats and start a fight. They can be eliminated by Frog and Crono in one hit. Then push the skull switch to call two more Mad Bats. Eliminate these as well. Then continue through the door. Option 3: wait, there’s an option three? Yes there’s an option 3 now. Show off! Sneak up the side, push the button, then attack all four Mad Bats at once. Not recommended, but if your bored you can do it that way. Maybe opportunity for a cyclone attack, but that would be a waste of MP since they only have 18 life and can get killed in one hit. Then go through the door. Another East to West hall. Heal if necessary. If you follow the carpet, you get ambushed. But you may hug the southern wall and be able to avoid the fight. Otherwise a bat, and three Blue Underlings attack. If you have the MP to spare, use a Fire Whirl on the middle Underling to take out those three, then have Frog kill the bat. Collect the two treasure chests containing a Potion and a Panacea. Then read that random note on the wall that says “No entry within”. That’s weird. Continue right and you will see a Blue Underling rolling North to South in the hallway. Hiding in the shadows are two Mad Bats. Option 1: Go to the bottom of the screen and walk past the Underling when he passes. Option 2: Round one, FIGHT! Lol Upon agitating the enemy, another Blue Underling comes through the door and attacks. My suggestion is have Crono and frog attack the Underlings, while Lucca kills the Mad Bats. Option 3: No, you don’t get option 3 no more, it was just a random one. Go through the door and you will see a Diablo, and a Mad Bat. Option 2: Run into them. On the South end of the room there is another Diablo, so you must fight two Diablos, and a Mad Bat. Have Crono and Frog take out the Diablos. Frog may need help from Lucca to kill the other one, if so kill the Diablo first, then take out the Mad Bat. Option 3 ? No. That switch doesn’t call more people. In fact, it puts the spikes down in the middle room. Option 1: Hit the switch and go out the bottom door. Sneak around the Diablos. A little trickier, since the Diablos stay around the outside. Continue through the south door. Be carful, on the other side by the staircase is a Mad Bat. Sneak around it if you so wish. Engaging in a fight causes a Blue Underling to come to its add. Like before, have Crono and Frog kill the Underling while Lucca kills the Mad Bat. Dash up the stairs and to the left and, you’re where you started? Walk down the central staircase, and save at the save point. You should be okay on health for now right? If not, either use a shelter or Frogs slurp tech. Now go back up the central staircase and through the door at the top. Three Blue Underlings and two Diablos await you. Try to eliminate the Underlings with a Fire Whirl while frog kills the Diablos. Your reward? An Iron Sword to the chest on the right, and a nice piano to play in order to open the way. Equip Frog with the Iron Sword. Unless you saved, turned off your game, and then came back to it, (or followed option 1) all the enemies are gone, and you can just walk straight back to that note on the wall. It will now read “If you’re that determined to get through, by all means...” Take that as a welcome sign and trod right in. PAUSE THE GAME. Okay, if you still want to dodge enemies, go ahead. Here is how to do it. Run between the two Blue Underlings you see there (after they meet in the middle then turn around to walk to the edges again), left past the Naga, and up sliding out of the narrow walkway before the last two Underlings close you in. I told you to pause the game because otherwise the Blue Underlings walk upward and block your path. Not a problem if you want to bust through anyway, but for the ninja readers, you had to act quick. DO NOT HESITATE! If you would rather not risk it and fight them in pairs of two, then engage the first pair of Blue Underlings BEFORE they start up the walk way. A round of attacks from each party member to both Underlings should do the trick. Next are the Naga. Remember, they are susceptible to fire. It’s okay to blow any remaining MP you have (although I would save one last Fire Whirl for the next two Blue Underlings), you are about to use a Shelter anyway. If you are out of MP, then use Frog and Crono to concentrate on killing one, while Lucca kills the other one. Frog and Crono should bring the Naga down with one round of attacks. Finally, finish the last pair of Blue Underlings with a Fire Whirl. Out of MP? Beat them to a pulp! Go to the save Point and use one of your Shelters and save. Your about to kill your first boss! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6d. Yakra [ykr] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This coming in a bit. I’mma taking a break. XP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Techs [tc] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Techs are special attacks that use MP. Some are special maneuvers, while others are spells. Here I will list how many TP you will need to unlock them, what they do, and how much MP they cost per use. Crono: |Tech Name | TP Needed| MP cost| Description |Cyclone | 5 | 2 |Whirl about enemy, striking others | ---- | ---- | ---- |nearby. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- |Wind Slash| 87 | | Marle: |Tech Name | TP Needed| MP cost| Description |Aura | 10 | 1 |Restore a small amount of HP to an | ---- | | |ally ----------------------------------------------------------------------- |Allure | 47 | | Lucca: |Tech Name | TP Needed| MP cost| Description |FlameThrower | 10 | 1 | Burn enemies along a direct line | ---- | | | (fire) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- |Hypnowave | 56 | 1 | Put all enemies to sleep ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Glenn: |Tech Name | TP Needed| MP cost| Description | Slurp | 0 | 1 | Restore a small amount of HP to | ---- | | | an ally ----------------------------------------------------------------------- |Slurp Slash | 15 | 2 | Snag enemy with tongue, then | ---- | | | slash it ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dual Techs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I figure this is still in the tech section, but I thought I would separate it and explain a bit. Dual techs are two of your characters using their turns and putting their techs together to create a more powerful move. Here I will put the name of the tech, the two prerequisite techs, the MP cost for the characters, and it's description. |Tech Name | Prerequisites | MP Cost | Description ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Aura Whirl| Cyclone, | Crono: 2 |Restore a small amount of HP | ---- | Aura | Marle: 1 |to all allies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Fire Whirl| Cyclone, | Crono: 2 |Attack all enemies in circle | ---- | Flamethrower | Lucca: 1 |with fire (fire) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bestiary [bst] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game makes writing faqs easy! It has an easy access bestiary for all the enemies you have encountered. This straight from the game! I will put in what I have from my game here for all you peoples enjoyment.(Did I say that right? Maybe y'all would have been better!) Also, I added a little * for notes to defeat them easier. P.S. The charm item is the item you can get from an enemy by using Ayla’s Charm ability gained later in the game. It's the same thing as steal in other RPGs P.S.S. If you want to find a certain monster, just type the name in the search and you will find it, or you can look for the No. you are missing! WHEEE!!!!! But I don't know how to do the search.. ---------------------------------------- |No. 001 | |Gato | | | |HP 76 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 10 TP 1 Gold 0 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: Ambrosia | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Leene Square | | | |Techs: | |-Punching Glove | |-Gato's Song of Love | | | |Counters: | |-Multi-punch | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 002 | |Amanita | | | |HP 14 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 16 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Charge | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 003 | |Scarab | | | |HP 12 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 15 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Gaurdia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Charge | |-Wing Flap | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 004 | |Gilded Bellbird | | | |HP 45 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 4 TP 1 Gold 18 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Ding-a-ling/Confuse | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 005 | |Royal Guard | | | |HP 60 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 10 TP 1 Gold 70 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Prison Towers | | | |Techs: | |-Strike | |-Smash | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 006 | |Sentry | | | |HP 24 Defense 253 Magic Defense 100 | |Exp 11 TP 1 Gold 45 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: Potion | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: All | | | |Location: Present - Prison Towers | | | |Techs: | |-Smoke Bomb | | | |Counters: | |-Smoke Bomb | | | |*Wait to attack until it moves its | |shield | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 007 | |Gaoler | | | |HP 218 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 22 TP 1 Gold 55 | | | |Treasure dropped: Ether | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: none | |Absorbs: none | |Immune: All | | | |Location: Present - Prison Towers; | | Market | | Middle Ages - Magus's Keep | | | |Techs: | |-Hammer | |-Crushing Blow | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 008 | |Lancer | | | |HP 67 Defense 127 Magic Defense 0 | |Exp 12 TP 1 Gold 90 | | | |Treasure dropped: none | |Charm: none | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: Light; Fire | |Absorbs: Shadow | |Immune: none | | | |Location: Present - Prison Towers | | Middle Ages - Magus's Keep | | | |Techs: | |-Stab | |-Flying Stab | |-Jump | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 009 | |Cave Stalker | | | |HP 80 Defense 200 Magic Defense 30 | |Exp 28 TP 1 Gold 35 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Present - Heckran Cave | | | |Techs: | |-Flame (Magic)(Fire) | |-Clamp | |-Ink/Blind | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 010 | |Djinn Bottle | | | |HP 97 Defense 253 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 34 TP 2 Gold 50 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: Shield Sphere | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Present - Heckran Cave | | | |Techs: | |-Osmose/Absorbs MP | |-Drain/Absorbs HP | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 011 | |Rhino Weevil | | | |HP 88 Defense 255 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 32 TP 2 Gold 45 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Present - Heckran Cave | | | |Techs: | |-Gore | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 012 | |Boundillo | | | |HP 50 Defense 230 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 31 TP 1 Gold 50 | | | |Treasure dropped: Mid-Potion | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Present - Heckran Cave | | | |Techs: | |-Spin Jump | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 013 | |Cave Bat | | | |HP 108 Defense 255 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 28 TP 1 Gold 40 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: Athenian Water | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Present - Heckran Cave | | | |Techs: | |-Sonic Wave/Sleep | |-Bloodfeast/Absorbs HP | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 014 | |??? | | | |HP ?? Defense ??? Magic Defense ?? | |Exp ?? TP ? Gold ?? | | | |Treasure dropped: ??? | |Charm: ??? | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: ??? | |Absorbs: ??? | |Immune: ??? | | | |Location: ??? | | | |Techs: ??? | | | |Counters: ??? | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 015 | |Blue Imp | | | |HP 13 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 2 TP 1 Gold 12 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | | |Techs: | |-Kick | |-Jump Kick | | | |Counters: | |-Pebble Punt | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 016 | |Green Imp | | | |HP 32 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 4 TP 1 Gold 24 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Jump Kick | |-Pebble Punt | | | |Counters: | |-Jump Kick | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 017 | |Roundillo | | | |HP 24 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 25 | | | |Treasure dropped: Potion | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | - Guardia Forest | | - Magus's Keep | | | |Techs: | |-Spin | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 020 | |Roundillo Rider | | | |HP 30 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 5 TP 2 Gold 40 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Truce Canyon | | - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Charge | |-Roundillo Shot | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 021 | |Blue Eaglet | | | |HP 16 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 3 TP 1 Gold 32 | | | |Treasure dropped: Panacea | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Guardia Forest | | | |Techs: | |-Peck | |-Wing Flap | |-Dive | |-Screech/Slow | | | |Counters: | |None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 022 | |Naga | | | |HP 60 Defense 180 Magic Defense 10 | |Exp 8 TP 1 Gold 80 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: Lightning; Fire | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Guardia Castle | | | |Techs: | |-Scratch | |-Nagamour/slow | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 023 | |Viper | | | |HP 90 Defense 127 Magic Defense 10 | |Exp 8 TP 1 Gold 70 | | | |Treasure dropped: Athenian Water | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: All | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Guardia Castle | | | |Techs: | |-Bite | |-Bite/Poison | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 024 | |Diablo | | | |HP 50 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 10 TP 1 Gold 60 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Medina | | | |Techs: | |-Sobat | |-Whirling Kick | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 025 | |Underling (Blue) | | | |HP 49 Defense 200 Magic Defense 10 | |Exp 11 TP 1 Gold 135 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: All | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | Present – Medina | | | |Techs: | |-Punch | |-Hammer Punch/Knockback | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- |No. 026 | |Mad Bat | | | |HP 18 Defense 127 Magic Defense 50 | |Exp 6 TP 1 Gold 75 | | | |Treasure dropped: None | |Charm: None | | | |Elements: | |Weakness: None | |Absorbs: None | |Immune: None | | | |Location: Middle Ages - Cathedral | | | |Techs: | |-Blood Drain/Absorbs HP | | | |Counters: None | ----------------------------------------- More Coming Soon! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Encyclopedia [itm] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the items from the game. Yay!!! Like the Bestiary, the info game straight from the game. Here's how it's broken down No. 001-032 Usable Items No. 033-114 Weapons No. 115-142 Hats No. 143-181 Body Armor No. 182-227 Accessories No. 228-259 Key Items Each item has these descriptions: Effect: What it does Purchase: How much gold to buy it Sell: How much gold you get from selling it Chests: Where you can find it in chests* Shops: Where you can buy it* Won: What enemies you can win it from* Charm: What enemies you can charm to get it *These have etc. afterward. My best guess is that it shows up in chests/shops/enemies after that point. The items may be in enemies past those ones until there higher form appears. That's just my guess though. XP ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 001 | |Potion | | | |Effect: Restores 50 HP | |Description: Medicine that restores a small amount of HP. | |Purchase: 10G | |Sell: 5G | |Chests: Manolia Cathedral, etc. | |Shops: Leene Square, etc. | |Won: Amanita, etc. | |Charm: None | -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 002 | |Mid-Potion | | | |Effect: Restores 200 HP | |Description: Medicine that restores a moderate amount of HP | |Purchase: 100G | |Sell: 50G | |Chests: Prison Towers, etc. | |Shops: Trann Dome, etc. | |Won: Boundillo, etc. | |Charm: Edible Frog | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 003 | |Hi-Potion | | | |Effect: Restores 500 HP | |Description: Medicine that restores a large amount of HP. | |Purchase: 700G | |Sell: 350G | |Chests: Reptite Lair, etc. | |Shops: Kajar, etc. | |Won: None | |Charm: Mutant, etc. | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 004 | |Ether | | | |Effect: Restores 10 MP | |Description: Medicine that restores a small amount of MP | |Purchase: 800G | |Sell: 400G | |Shops: Kajar, etc. | |Chests: Prison Towers, etc. | |Won: Gaoler, etc. | |Charm: Dondrago, etc. | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 005 | |Mid-Ether | | | |Effect: Restores 30 MP | |Description: Medicine that restores a moderate amount of MP| |Purchase: 2000G | |Sell: 1000G | |Shops: Surviving Village, etc. | |Chests: Manolia Cathedral, etc. | |Won: Sorcerer, etc. | |Charm: Ruin Stalker, etc. | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 006 | |Hi-Ether | | | |Effect: Restores 60 MP | |Description: Medicine that restores a large amount of MP | |Purchase: 6000G | |Sell: 3000G | |Shops: Black Omen | |Chests: Sunken Desert, etc. | |Won: Ghost Knight, etc. | |Charm: Macabre | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 007 | |??? | | | |Effect: ??? | |Description: ??? | |Purchase: ???G | |Sell: ???G | |Shops: ??? | |Chests: ??? | |Won: ??? | |Charm: ??? | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 008 | |??? | | | |Effect: ??? | |Description: ??? | |Purchase: ???G | |Sell: ???G | |Shops: ??? | |Chests: ??? | |Won: ??? | |Charm: ??? | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 009 | |??? | | | |Effect: ??? | |Description: ??? | |Purchase: ???G | |Sell: ???G | |Shops: ??? | |Chests: ??? | |Won: ??? | |Charm: ??? | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 010 | |Panacea | | | |Effect: Remove status ailments | |Description: Medicine that cures a variety of aliments | |Purchase: 10G | |Sell: 5G | |Shops: Leene Square, etc. | |Chests: Manolia Cathedral, etc. | |Won: Bellbird, etc. | |Charm: None | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 011 | }Athenian Water | } | }Effect: Revives KO'd ally | }Description: Water that restores life to the fallen | }Purchase: 200G | }Sell: 100G | }Shops: Leene Square, etc. | }Chests: Manolia Cathedral, etc. | }Won: Viper, etc. | }Charm: Cave Bat, etc. | ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 012 | |Shelter | | | |Effect: Fully restores HP, MP at save point | |Description: A portable shelter providing a safe night's rest. | |Purchase: 150G | |Sell: 75G | |Shops: Leene Square, etc. | |Chests: Manolia Cathedral, etc. | |Won: None | |Charm: None | |Event: Guardia Forest (Middle Ages) | | | |*Well never seen that before now have we? An event is a special| |case. For shelters, in the Middle Ages in Guardia forest, there| |is a bush you can shake and a little Kilwala will come out and | |run away dropping a shelter for you. If you exit and come back,| |it will happen again. | ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 013 | |??? | | | |Effect: ??? | |Description: ??? | |Purchase: ???G | |Sell: ???G | |Shops: ??? | |Chests: ??? | |Won: ??? | |Charm: ??? | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 014 | |Lapis | | | |Effect: Restores 200 HP to entire party | |Description: Medicine that restores HP to all party members| |Purchase: ---- | |Sell: 250G | |Shops: None | |Chests: Fiendlord's Keep, etc. | |Won: Vilepillar, etc. | |Charm: Volcanite, etc. | ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- |No. 015 | |Barrier Sphere | | | |Effect: Casts Barrier | |Description: A sphere that erects a magical barrier | |Purchase: 5000G | |Sell: 2500G | |Shops: Lost Sanctum | |Chests: Fiendlord's Keep, etc. | |Won: Version 4.0, etc. | |Charm: Freelancer, etc. | ------------------------------------------------------------- Keep posted for more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal [lgl] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and companies. Don't ask me about all that legal stuff, fine print is the reason I wear glasses! :) If you ask my permission you may reproduce this faq on other sites (for what its worth anyway XP). But I will say yes anyway. It's just nice to know where it is going, if anywhere. If I don't respond in, oh say 7 days, then you may post this guide on another website. Always give me credit if you post it on another website. Incase you forgot (or never knew!) my alias to use for credit is uhmmm Untitled1991. Thank you very much! :) I have extra help from a nice person who goes by Whyerd Neighme. He noticed that my guide is a little empty (unfortunately I was sick on the days I had time, and was planning on, big updates. Actually my head is still a little foggy) so he offered to help with concentrated tasks such as Boss stratedies. Though I still hold all legal power, I would like his numerous contributions to be recognized. You will see them more as this guide becomes more developed. Wow, I didn’t expect so many people to want to use my faq... it’s shocking! Well heres a list of sites that my site is on: Gamefaqs GamesRadar CheatPlanet NeoSeeker Cheatcc SuperCheats Gamershell ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact [cnt] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may reach me at with any questions, tips, concerns, ads for turkey dinners, or just to chat, or anything else you want! I'll be sure to note your contributions if I add them, and if I don't I will tell you why I didn't. And I'll invite my friends for the turkey dinner. :) Speaking of friends, I am getting some help with the guide. His name is Whyerd Neighme (ya that’s an awesome name). You may contact him at or on Msn Messenger. You may ask either of us any questions you have.</p>