Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Guide (PC Version) By Twinkie Version 1.0 Created: 11/24/00 ------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction 2. Legal Junk 3. FAQ History 4. Story/Characters 5. Suggested Game Controls/Options 6. Basics 7. Weapons 8. Difficulty Levels 9. Single-Player Walkthrough 1. Borg Cube 1. The Escape 2. Incursion 3. Tactical Decision 2. Repairing Voyager 1. Condition 2. Unavoidable Delays 3. Hazard Duty 3. Invasion 1. Defense 4. Data Gathering 1. Hazard Ops 2. Data Retrieval 3. Deep Echoes 4. Encounters 10. Multiplayer 11. Credits 12. How to Contact Me ------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------- This FAQ is on one of the best FPS's (or games, for the matter) I've ever played- Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. This hell of a game smashes the infamous "Star Trek curse" on games; it's the beginning of what I hope will be a flood of Star Trek goodness from Activision. So... Here's the guide! ------------------------------------------- 2. Legal Junk ------------------------------------------- Copyright: Copyright 2001 Twinkie. This may not be stolen, altered, or sold for Any FORM OF PROFIT. It MAY be reproduced electronically, and used for PRIVATE and PERSONAL use. It MAY NOT be put on a CD-Rom or printed in a magazine or any other from of publication. If you would like to put this on your web site, please email me at bssackett@yahoo.com. If this document is found taken without permission, altered in any way, or used for profit, legal action will be taken. C'mon, people, it's not that hard to ask, is it...? ------------------------------------------- 3. FAQ History ------------------------------------------- 7/9/01: Decide to submit the FAQ, even though it's a bit incomplete. 7/8/01: Working on some more of the walkthrough.. 6/16/01: I realize that Word's auto-formatting has completely messed my guide up. I spend an hour or two working THAT out... 6/15/01: Add some more level walkthroughs... 6/10/01: I add more level walkthroughs... 6/9/01: I get off my lazy rear and continue writing. Whoa, this has been a long break! o_O 11/24/00: FAQ begins being written. ------------------------------------------- 4. Story/Characters ------------------------------------------- Story: The starship Voyager is returning home after being zapped to the Delta Quadrant, 70000 light years from home, the Federation, (a 70 year journey) when an unknown ship hails them and then attacks. Voyager is severely injured but manages to destroy the hostile ship. However, the shockwaves from the destroyed ship sent Voyager into a starship graveyard... Characters: Coming soon! ------------------------------------------- 5. Suggested Game Controls/Options ------------------------------------------- Controls: I suggest using the mouse and keyboard (keyboard moves, mouse aims), not a joystick or gamepad. Luckily, the controls can be configured however you want. Just take a few minutes and find what works for you! Options: -Free Look: Allows you to use the mouse to look freely around. -Mouse Speed: How quickly the mouse responds/moves. -Invert Mouse: Switches between regular (no) (ie: pushing the mouse forward makes you look up) and opposite (yes) (ie: pushing the mouse forward makes you look down; my personal choice). -Smooth mouse: ??? (if you know what it does, give me an email!) ------------------------------------------- 6. Basics ------------------------------------------- First off, use the mouse-keyboard combination. This is a regular first-person shooter (you walk around shooting enemies!); it's nigh-impossible to play with a regular joystick or gamepad. Secondly, concentrate fire on one enemy at a time. Also, don't be afraid to retreat. You'll usually be able to get a few good shots in while they turn a corner or the like. Be sure to run all the time, not walk. Finally, save after every level and after hard areas. Believe me, you won't want to have to redo it! ------------------------------------------- 7. Weapons ------------------------------------------- I'll give a rundown of each weapon (in the order they're received), with its primary and secondary functions: Phaser- the famous phaser is most well-known Star Trek weapon, so it makes sense for it to be your default and first weapon. The energy level slowly recharges, making it have effectively unlimited ammo. The phaser is probably the most useful default weapon in any first-person shooter I've ever played. The primary function is a beam of energy, which slowly lowers the energy level. The secondary function is a wider beam, which is much more powerful and also lowers the energy level more quickly. Compression Rifle- the compression rifle is another fairly well-known Star Trek weapon, and your second one. The primary shot is a bolt of energy that is mediocre in power, but costs only two ammo. The secondary shot is tight beam that instantly disintegrates normal enemies, but costs a heck of a lot more ammo. Infinity Modulator (I-Mod)- this is a specialized weapon created by Seven of Nine. It shoots a bolt of energy that is a bit more powerful than the compression rifle, and Borgs can never adapt to this. So, it's always the weapon of choice when fighting them. Primary fire is a little more powerful than the compression rifle; secondary fire is much more powerful but uses more ammo accordingly. Scavenger Rifle- the potpourri group of scavengers uses this cobbled-together rifle. Unfortunately, it's extremely inaccurate and not a good choice to use. Primary shot is machine gun fire; it's very inaccurate and uses ammo fairly quickly. Secondary shot is an energy grenade. It's more useful than the machine gun, but still not the best. Stasis Weapon- it's a living weapon found on the Etherians' ship, and works best against them. Unfortunately, against other enemies, it's only mediocre. The primary fire is one beam of energy. Secondary fire is a spread of five shots, and should be used most often. *To Be Continued* ------------------------------------------- 8. Difficulty Levels ------------------------------------------- The only difference I've seen in the difficulty levels is the number of enemies and their level of intelligence. The difficulty levels don't have different objectives, or anything like that; they're not like, say, Perfect Dark in that respect. By the way, the walkthrough is for Challenging difficulty, the "medium" difficulty level. ------------------------------------------- 9. Single-Player Walkthrough ------------------------------------------- 1. Borg Cube 1. The Rescue You start out in a hallway facing an area infested with Borg. First, press "tab" to get the flashing red crap off your screen. Forward and to your left, there's a distribution node, which'll disable all of the Borg in this area. Two shots from your rifle will take care of it. Use your phaser to eliminate all of the fried Borg, and continue down through the hall forward and to the left. At the end of this hallway, there's a plasma filter; shoot it from a distance. See the little hole it opened up? Crouch-walk through it. On your right is a weapon energy terminal-if you press the use button when in front of it, you'll regain 100 ammo. Get the ammo, and crouch-walk back out. Sprint up the hall which is now on your left (hold the run button) and continue running through the area on your right at the end of the hall with Borg. Don't shoot any now, but get to end of this area. On your left there's a distribution node; quickly destroy it, and then use your phaser to destroy all the Borg you just passed. Go through the doorway to the right of the area with the Borg you just shot, and ignore the one that you pass as you run by the right of the large obstacle. Turn left; there you now be a plasma filter on a small ledge on your left. Shoot it, jump up on the ledge, and go through the opening. On your right is a ladder; climb it and proceed through the tunnel, push the obstruction at the end down on the Borg below, and jump down a level. A level below is an opening through which you can see a Borg working on something. Nail him, and go down through the elevator. Pick up the thing the Borg was working on, the I-Mod (!), and hightail it back to the elevator. There should be Borg beaming in from where you just were. From now on use the I-Mod's Secondary fire- it uses the same amount of ammo that would be needed to kill a Borg, but is much quicker. And always use the I-Mod. When that area's cleaned up, press the control panel (the "use" button) and use the health and ammo terminals. Biessman, the guy you just rescued, should be following you now. Walk through the doorway and through the hall until you see a Borg on your left; shoot it. Continue and you'll see two of your teammates and a Borg pop through the opening on your left. Help them by eliminating the Borg- your teammates will then beam out. In front of you, three Borg should now come for you. Same procedure- just pick them off. Go through the opening from which your teammates came, and up the hallway. Quite a few Borg will pop up in front of you. Quickly nail them, and turn around. Shoot the Borg sneaking up behind you. Sneaky little *******s. While Biessman blabbers on, go down a level on the elevator and take out the three Borg. Use the weapon energy terminal. On your right, there should be a little opening with a small square piece on the top. Shoot off the square piece and go through the opening and to the end of the two tunnels. At the end, above you, are a few plasma filters. Take one out and go back to where you came through the opening, but don't go all the way through the hole. Four Borg'll beam in, but won't attack you! Sitting ducks. Pop 'em all and go back up the elevator, and shoot the Borg up there. The plasma filter you just destroyed opened the door that used to have the force field; walk through it. Press the control panel down the hallway, go through the newly opened door, and the stage is over! ******************************************* 1. Borg Cube 2. Incursion (Note: continue always using the I-Mod and its alternate fire) On your left are health and ammo terminals. Use them, and walk down the hallway until Borg beam in. Hightail it back past the two Borg behind you, and pick off all of the *******s. Use the health and ammo terminals if there was still some left in them, and continue down that hallway, and at the junction, go right. Walk forward until Borg appear, and walk backwards and pick 'em off as usual. Go around the wall in front of you and shoot the distribution node and get the ammo. Remember the other hallway at the junction? Go down it now, until you get to the plasma filter. Borg should appear, but you've got a trick now. Back up, and shoot the filter when they're right next to it. Cool, huh? Clean up the remaining guys, and proceed down the hallway. You should reach a Borg in his "bed". Pick him off- you're doing him a real favor killing him in his sleep. Walk a bit further and two Borg appear. Shoot them. Use the weapon terminal at the left, and press the control panel to bring down the elevator; ride it up. Walk to where Chang is sitting down, and pop on of the plasma filters on the right wall to make the two Borg fall to their doom. Ha. Suckers. Anyways, after Chang beams out, jump on the green thing sliding up and down at your right, and ride it up to the level above you. Immediately shoot the two Borg in "bed" in front of you, then the two behind you. Get the ammo from around the corner, and walk to the end of the other end of the platform. Three Borg'll beam in-destroy those techie freaks. Another sliding green thing is on your left. Ride down on it. Shoot the Borg in front of you. If you wish, you can get the ammo by walking on the little ledge on your right. In any case, walk forward and nail the two Borg which beam in. Walk to the edge of this platform, and immediately turn around. Two of those annoying sneaky Borg are behind you! "Take care" of them, and "take care" of all of the freaks on the level below you from above. Ride the elevator down, and use the ammo terminal on the left. Press the control panel, and ride up the other elevator. Shoot the Borg in bed in front of you, then continue down the hallway until two icky slimy alien beings (AKA Borg) appear behind you. Nail them like you've done about fifty times by now. Turn around, and you'll see two Borg in bed ahead of you, to the left and right. Eliminate them, and go to the other side of the area and shoot the two Borg in bed. By now, two other Borg should have beamed in- get them too. When you're done, ride up the elevator thing in the middle of the area and pop the two/three Borg in the hallway, and walk down the hall and ride down on the elevator. If there were three Borg in the hallway just before, there won't be one in the area now. If there were two, shoot the Borg there, and walk though this hall and turn right and jump off the ledge. The stage's over! ******************************************* 1. Borg Cube 3. Tactical Decision Go behind the wall on your right, and eliminate the three Borg. Go back to where your teammates are imprisoned, and press the control panel. Now the stage's over. Wow. This was REALLY short, wasn't it? But it's nothing compared to the next stage... ******************************************* 2. Repairing Voyager 1. Condition Turn around and walk into the turbolift behind you. Press the control panel. Stage over! I told you it was short, didn't I? ******************************************* 2. Repairing Voyager 2. Unavoidable Delays For this hallway, here's where you'll need to turn at the junctions: left, left, right, right, left. Now you should see a hall in front of you with a guy desperately running, and a control panel. Once the guy gets through the doorway, press the panel to stop the explosion from destroying the ship. Turn left and walk down the long hallway, and turn left to see your teammates. When they start freaking out about a power surge, hit the panel. The ship saved yet again by you, go back halfway down the hallway you just came through to the Jefferie's Tube on the left. Crouch-walk through it- chunks of crud will fall, making it so that you cannot pass. Turn around and go into the newly opened room, and up the ladder, into the Jefferie's Tube. Go through and jump down to the level you were on before the crap fell. Continue through the tube and into a room with two panels. Press the one on the left, and retrace your steps back to where your teammates were. Walk down the hallway that just had its force field removed, and turn right at the junction and walk into the door on your left. Go down the ladder, and the stage is over. ******************************************* 2. Repairing Voyager 3. Hazard Duty Continue down the ladder, and down to the beige door-thing that is closed. Turn around and crouch-walk through the tube that you can now see. You should now be in a room that fills with green water as you open it- jump down to the ramp on the left. Jump again to the two boxes ahead to your left, and then up to the ladder and onto the platform. Press the red, blinking panel and wait for the green junk to drain, and jump down to the floor. Hit the panel by the door, and walk through this hallway and left to help B'Elanna. Now you have to get the warp core offline! When the force field is removed, press the red panel 2nd down on the left, and then the red panel in the small room/opening. Run back to the first panel, press it, and climb up the ladder left of the core. Sprint over to the 2nd panel on the left (the red one!) by the red rectangular railing. After the short cutscene, go to the turbolift down the hall on the left and hit the control panel. Voila! You have saved the Voyager! ******************************************* 3. Invasion 1. Defense Change will run over and give you a phaser; take it and follow him to the door. After the short cutscene go in immediately and take cover next to Foster by two boxes. Fire at anything that fires red bullets or gives your crosshair a red color. Once Foster moves after a bit, follow him. If you find a concussion rifle along the way, it's definitely worth picking up. Continue taking out the invaders until Tuvok calls. Then, follow Foster to the lift and take it up. Trail him across the catwalk (watch out for an enemy which beams in next to you) and to another door. Once Foster opens it, proceed to the elevator, but DO NOT take it down. It's an excellent vantage point for shooting all the enemies. Do just that, until you can't see any more from your current position; then, ride the elevator down, and take cover next to your Hazard Team teammates and continue taking out the invaders until Biessman yells out, and a cutscene commences. The level is now over! ******************************************* 4. Data Gathering 1. Hazard Ops Watch the lengthy cutscene about the Voyager's current situation, and the details of your next mission. After it's over, go to the equipment room on your left and then out the door to the hallway. Proceed right, down the hallway, to the locker room. Pick up all the guns allowed. If you wish, you can go to the holochamber and play a game called "High Noon" after hitting the panel. It's really simple; just shoot all the enemies! Once that's over, leave the weaponry chamber and go right, down the hallway, to the transporter room on the right. Wait for Chang, Foster, and Biessman to teleport off, then get on the transporter and beam up. ******************************************* 4. Data Gathering 2. Data Retrieval After the small cutscene, wait for Chell to find a data terminal and start downloading. You'll hear the other team yell about an "ambush" for a bit, then some winged creatures will attack. They go down after a few shots from the rifle or scavenger gun, but there's quite a few of them. Avoid being cornered; if you are, it's near INSTANT death. Keep moving and you'll defeat them with ease. After the battle, you can use the health or ammo terminals if need be. Follow Chell to a door on the right. Proceed through the hallway, and watch out for enemies on the other side. Go forward to start a cutscene, and shoot even more baddies that show up behind you. Step on the transporter to beam to the other side afterward. Some MORE baddies show up! There's a trick here, though. Shoot the portals which the creatures beam in through, and you'll not have to worry about nearly as many. This only works in a few places without the repairing fireflies, though. After shooting the portals, take care of the remaining enemies. Once they're all gone, go to the door on the other side, picking up the ammo crystal as you go. Proceed through the hallway and another door, then step on the transporter. Watch out for the flying creatures again, and follow the same portal-destroying tactics as just before. Pick up some ammo crystals and go through the door. In the middle of the room is a ladder of sorts; climb all the way to the top then jump onto the edge at the upper level. It's important to go ALL the way to the top, as if you're lower, you'll often fall down to the ground and lose lots of health. Anyway, go to the side of which you came in and press the control panel. Go back down the ladder, and when winged creatures beam in, go right back up it. You can go back onto the edge and take them out for above. All you'll need to worry about is the balls of energy they fire. After they're all gone, go back down the ladder and through the next door. Here you can permanently destroy the portals, so do that, then destroy the enemies. Use the health and ammo terminals, then proceed through the next door, and a hallway. Watch out once you reach the big room you beaming into at the beginning of the level; enemies will beam right in on top of you, very quickly. Take care of them, and step on the transporter that was just lowered. Go through the hallway, and Telsia will say something about "taking out the heads". To do this, step right behind to the door so that it opens, and shoot some of the balls on the large tree thingamabob in the middle. Once they shoot back, hug the wall to the left. After destroying them all, use the terminals in the room to replenish. Next, start going up the circular stairway, shooting the white floating sentries as you go. Go through the door at the end and step on transporter; a cutscene commences. After it ends, go to the left and pick up the Stasis Weapon. TONS of winged guys will beam in, so watch it; the Stasis Weapon's secondary fire does quite well at taking them out, though. Afterward, proceed through the next door, and the level is over. ******************************************* 4. Data Gathering 3. Deep Echoes Telsia will say she has point; let her take it. Follow her, shooting more of those irritating flying creatures. Be sure not to shoot her, though! Go through the hallway on the left after the enemies are all gone. A cutscene happens, and Telsia disappears; after it, shoot the pod to reach the transporter. Step on it to beam to another area. Watch out for the white sentries and a small green flying object; shoot them and press the control panel in front of you. Jump down and step on the transporter you just activated. Follow Chell to the computer core and press all four control panels around it, collecting the nearby ammo crystals as you go. Chell will open a door after he talks for a bit; go through it, and watch out for the winged enemies. Proceed down the hallway, shooting them as you go. At the end of the hallway, use the two terminals and go through the door. Shoot the green flying object, but beware of the many winged enemies that come in after it dies. Shoot them, and go through the door at the end of the room. Destroy the annoying green flier across the room and the white sentries. Use the ammo terminal, and step on the transporter to go to the other side of the room. Next, destroy the orb-plant to make the floor accessible. After that, take the crystals at the left, and go through the door on the right. Shoot the generators then the remaining enemies in this corridor, and continue to the next area. Press the consoles to your left and forward to shut down the computer core, and the level is completed. ******************************************* 4. Data Gathering 4. Encounters Walk through the door and into the next area. Use the terminals to the left if need be, and shoot the sentries to the right and go down the hallway they were in. More flying enemies are in the next room; once they're taken care of, Chell will reveal that he accidentally shot the transporter. To lure in the fireflies to repair it, shoot the terminal in the hallway closest to this room, and then the purple terminal near the entrance. The fireflies will make their way to it; once it's repaired, walk on it. Walk down the corridor, taking care of the enemies. More enemies and a green flier await; again, take care of them too and use the terminals to the left. To reach the next area, Chell has to stay behind to keep the door open. Walk up the stairway and take out more winged creatures. Next, get some of the crystals scattered about the room and step on the transporter at the other end. Shoot the green flier and make your way across the narrow walkway to the other transporter; step on it. Destroy the purple terminal near you, then the orb-plant in the middle of the room. Run quickly across the room to safe ground; the fireflies will repair the orb-plant fairly quickly. Use the two terminals and make your way down the winding corridor; at the other end is Foster! Shoot the enemies to help, then accompany him down the next hallway, killing baddies as you go. In the next room go to the right and listen to Foster talk for a bit; after he's done, walk through the door and get the health and ammo from the terminals. Go straight to the transporter; don't worry about the enemies, since once you reach it, a cutscene starts and the level ends. *To Be Continued* ------------------------------------------- 10. Multiplayer ------------------------------------------- I'm only going to give you a few general tips here; multiplayer isn't exactly a complicated affair (it's very similar to Quake and the like). First off, keep the sound volume up. Most of the time you'll be able to hear footsteps and get into a good position to shoot. Also, however tempted you may be to camp, DON'T. Keep moving. Try to master shooting while moving; you'll be much better for it. Don't be afraid to be sneaky, either. If you see two people fighting, feel free to take the most damaged one out. If you do find a good vantage point, take a few shots, but don't stay there. The others WILL eventually find you. Finally, always use the secondary fire of the phaser, instead of primary, if it's the only weapon you have. It's the default weapon, so you'll always have it when you respawn. If you want to find me, go to "Search for Server". There's usually only a couple games going; I'm "Chase". Don't be afraid to say hi if you see me! ^_^ ------------------------------------------- Credits ------------------------------------------- Thanks goes to: my parents for putting up with me while I've been spending time doing this, and CJayC for making gamefaqs.com, the best gaming site in the world! Special thanks: Activision for publishing Elite Force, Raven for developing it, Paramount for the great sounds in it, the cast of Voyager for the great acting, and Gene Roddenberry for thinking up Star Trek! ------------------------------------------- How To Contact Me ------------------------------------------- To webmasters wishing to use my guide OR comments, suggestions, or critique about my guide contact me at bssackett@yahoo.com. DO NOT send advertisements to this address. If this happens, I will take this address off. Other than ads, I'm happy to accept your thoughts on this! Just one other thing, though: please look through the guide first to find what you need. I won't answer if it's something I've stated in here, so realize that. Thanks! -Twinkie</p>