BIOSHOCK Power to the People guide FAQ/Walkthrough Author: ShadowsDieAway Mike Merin Email: TeamObsessed at hotmail dot com (if you want to email me, replace at with @ and dot with . this is so bots do not send me any unwanted emails) Website: www.RBFgaming.com Would you kindly visit our site FAQ first posted on 8/26/07 ================================================================================ This is a list of all 12 Power to the People machines for the weapon upgrade achievement. Note that there is no way to check which machines you've visited already, so if you're looking for that one you've missed, unfortunately you must check them all. Good luck finding them! Just as a hint, if you are missing one machine, most likely it is #5. Also, DON'T KILL COHEN IN FORT FROLIC. If you do, you'll never see #9. ================================================================================ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome To Rapture - - Medical Pavilion (Medical Pavillion Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Welcome to Rapture=== Would you kindly grab that short-wave radio. ===Medical Pavillion=== none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neptune's Bounty - - Smuggler's Hideout (Neptune's Bounty Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Neptune's Bounty=== 1. Freezer Bottom Floor Go through Fontain Fisheries (where Peach Wilkins asked for the 3 spider splicer pictures). As you go down the stairs from the second floor to the first you should see the PttP machine right in front of you. ===Smuggler's Hideout=== none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arcadia - - Farmer's Market (Arcadia Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Arcadia=== 2. Tree Farm Go to your map, see where the vending machine icon is right under the words "Tree Farm" (the clown)? The PttP machine is just to the left. ===Farmer's Market=== 3. Winery Cellar Bottom Floor Take the stairs from the top floor to the bottom floor, and keep going straight once you're done descending the stairs. The PttP machine should be right in front of you in the water. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fort Frolic (Fort Frolic Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Fort Frolic=== 4. Cocktail Lounge (Le Marquis D'Epoque) If you see the U-Invent machine on the left-most part of the map then head there and skip this part of the walkthrough. Start from the Circus of Values machine in the Lower Atrium. With your back to the machine go forward (south) into the Southern Mall. Make a right at the end towards the Gene Bank, then make a left and quick right then another left and another right to go into Le Marquis D'Epoque. Go straight upon entering and go down the stairs. You'll see a U-Invent machine in front of you. Go right and make a quick right to see a room filled with cigars along with the PttP machine. 5. Sinclair Spirits Once you enter the room turn left. You should see water falling from the ceiling with a door behind it. To open this door, go the the counter on the opposite side of the room, and there should be a button behind the counter. Press it to open up the door, then go downstairs and the PttP Machine should be right there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hephaestus - - Rapture Central Control (Hephaestus Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Hephaestus=== 6. Hepaestus Core Right across from the Gatherer's Garden. on the SW corner of the core. 7. Kyburz's Office In the back of the room on the north side. ===Rapture Control Center=== none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olympus Heights - - Apollo Square (Olympus Heights Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Olympus Heights=== 8. Mercury Suites In the main square on the opposide side of the elevator's doors on the center pillar. 9. Suchong's Apartment This is the room where you get the achievement for entering Sander Cohen's personal quarters. *NOTE* You MUST have let Cohen live at Fort Frolic to be able to get into this room, otherwise it will be locked and you will not be able to access the PttP machine at all. If you look on the map, in the lower left you'll see Suchong's Apartment. Which is where the room is. Basically, go into Cohen's apartment on the first floor, which is on the west side of the square. Go to the second floor (right side of hallway) which leads to Suchong's private quarters. At the top of the stairs, you'll be in a room with a bunch of freaky rabbit masks with the eyes glowing red (reminds me of Donnie Darko). Turn left at the top of the stairs and you'll see the PttP machine right there. ===Apollo Square=== 10. Hestia 4th Floor To get to the 4th floor, you need to go to the 5th floor's room and then go down the stairs, beware of the security camera. The PttP machine should be on your right as you enter the room. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Point Prometheus - - Proving Grounds (Point Prometheus Bathysphere) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===Point Prometheus=== 11. Atrium The PttP machine is right next to the big daddy where you pick up the Suit Control System (south side of Atrium). 12. Optimized Eugenics Eugenic Analysis: the last PttP machine is right next to the Gene Bank. ===Proving Grounds=== none ================================================================================ Closing Stuff ================================================================================ I hope you found this guide useful. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _____ __ __ / ___// /_ ____ ____/ /_____ _______ \__ \/ __ \/ __ \/ __ / __ \ | /| / / ___/ ___/ / / / / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / |/ |/ /___ \ /____/_/ /_/\_____\____/\____/|__/|__/_____/ ___ _ / _ \(_)__ ______ ________ __ / // / / _ \ / __ \ | /| / / __ \ | / / / // / / __/ / /_/ / |/ |/ / /_/ / |/ / /____/_/\___/ \_____\__/|__/\_____\ / / / /__/ ShadowsDieAway -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This guide is free for distribution, but please don't leave out this part of the guide where credit is due, thank you and enjoy!</p>