_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________GEARS OF WAR 2_______________________________ ________________________________FAQ/WALKTHROUGH________________________________ =============================================================================== This guide has been written and is still being written by Sokkus. This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. If you wish to use my guide on another website, please ask me for permission first. =============================================================================== ******************* *********************** *** TABLE OF CONTENTS *** *********************** ******************* 1. Introduction [INTR] 2. Hints and Tips [HNTS] 3. Story Walkthrough [WLKT] 3.1 Tip of the Spear [ACT1] 3.2 Denezens [ACT2] 3.3 Gathering Storm [ACT3] 3.4 Hive [ACT4] 3.5 Aftermath [ACT5] 4. Collectibles [CLTB] 5. Unlockables [UNLK] 6. Achievements [ACMT] 7. Verion History [HSTY] ************************* ***************************** *** INTRODUCTION [INTR] *** ***************************** ************************* Welcome to my guide for Gears of War 2! This is only the second time I have written a guide for a game and I am thoroughly enjoying writing it. I have used many FAQs written by others for help in games during the years and decided it was time to contribute something. I hope this guide will be of assistance to someone out there! As a endnote I would like to add that this guide will most likely contain some spoilers but I have done my utmost to keep things as vague as possible for the purists among you. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! This guide is currently incomplete as of now, it contains: - Full walkthrough from Act 1-2 - Act 2-3 - Achievement List - Small Hits and tips section Date Started 9th November, 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ***Have I missed something? Do you have a handy tactic or alternate route? Do ***you have questions or have you seen any errors in my walkthrough? If so, ***check out my contact section and send me an email. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ************************ **************************** *** Hints & Tips [HNTS] *** **************************** ************************ - Always use cover. You never know when a rocket, torque bow arrow or sniper is going to come and knock your face off. - Learn how to active reload, this will get you reloaded and back in the fight almost instantly. - Only melee as a last resort (excludes wretches) - Try sticking grenades to walls near emergence holes - Always press the 'Y' button to view points of interest, it will save you from getting lost and give you an idea of what to do. - If you are knocked down, crawl to your nearest team mate instead of staying put. - If you ever get lost in a level, wait a couple of seconds, and then follow your squad +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ***If you have an interesting tip or tactic, let me know. If i like it, Ill put ***it in here and give you credit +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ************************ **************************** *** WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] *** **************************** ************************ This walkthrough will provide players with the fastest route for each Act from beginning to the end. Current Version: Walkthrough from Act 1-2 until Act 3-1 Achievement Listing General Tips A few of the collectibles (included in the walkthrough for now) ************************************ *** Act 1: Tip of the Spear [ACT1] *** ************************************ <<<<>>>> << 2 Collectibles >> Coming soon! <<<<>>>> << 5 Collectibles >> After a short story scene, you will gain control of Fenix inside a hospital. After a short chat with Anya and Dom, proceed out the door with the green light above it to the right of the office. Continue through the next room and head up the stairs right of the blue sign on the roof. At the top of the stairs, continue through the door that opens for you and into a room with some patients in it. Go through either door here and shortly after Anya will warn you of incoming hostilities. Make your way to one of the windows overlooking the courtyard, there should be a big stack of fuel bottles below. Wait for the locust patrol to venture close to them, blow them to bits. If you don’t kill them all, finish off any stragglers and then doors at the end of the hallways will open. Continue through the door here and follow the balcony along to the left, as you round the corner, you will be attacked by two grubs on the same level as you and another couple on the ground floor below. Kill them and continue through the door in front of you, here you will be attacked by another two grubs, ventilate them and head through the door on the right. Push over the table in front of you and take cover behind it, kill the grubs in the room and keep going, through the open door. There are some grenades here for the taking, so pick them up and continue down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs clear the room of the locust. Go through the door on the right side of the room and exit the building through the door at the end of the hallway. In the courtyard here, there are some COG soldiers in a gun battle with some grubs, help them finish what they started and head towards the stairs on the opposite side of the room. A Reaver will then land in the courtyard. Defeat it or run up the stairs and enter the door to continue. Follow the hallway and take a left at the end. Continue a short way down the hallway and eliminate all the hostiles in the room on the left. Follow Dom and Tai through the open door and take either hallway to enter a large cafeteria, defeat the grubs and mosey on over to the circular garden in the adjoining room. As you do, a helicopter will fall through the room and some more locust will appear on the floor above you, head up the stairs or kill them and then head up the stairs and take the exit. After a short hallway, you will be in another large room with a conveniently located statue and desks in the middle of it. Cruise down the stairs and enter the central area. The power will go out and the door on the left will burst open. Kill the grubs that enter from here and then another group will enter the room from a door near the bottom of the stairs on the opposite side of the room. Kill them and then wait for Jack to open the door. Exit the building with your now completed team and take cover behind the sandbags, kill whatever locust you can from here and then cautiously make your way down the stairs. Eliminate the locust in the immediate area and a gunship will come in to help you. Straight across from the bottom of the stairs is a store with a white 'Buy, Sell Trade' sign above it. Enter through the window and follow the room. From the windows, take out the grubs in the next area and head back out onto the street. Follow the street to the end, killing anything in the way to finish the mission. <<<<>>>> << 2 Collectibles >> You will regain control of Marcus on top of a moving assault derrick aptly named Betty, and you will be defending said drilling platform until the end of the mission. There is a turret up the front of the vehicle that can be used and a walled lower platform below. Soon after leaving the staring area, the convoy will start getting hit with mortars. After the derrick to the left is taken out and the helicopter in front of you gets hit, Betty is next. So head up to the turret and shoot down the incoming nemecyst before they hit the rig. If you take too much damage, the mission will be over. After taking down around ten nemecyst, the rig in front of you will be attacked and destroyed by reavers. Shoot them down as fast as possible before they take you out too. Then you will have a few moments of silence, leave the turret and go and pick up collectible (1/2) near the unusable ladder on the rig. As you reach the top of the hill the driver will lose control of the vehicle. You have to make an emergency stop and repair. Following a quick scene, Delta will be on the ground and tasked with defending the rig while it gets fixed. As soon as you regain control, run over to the left for some ammo, grenades and collectible (2/2). Then head over to the debris in front of the rig. As you do, an emergence hole will appear. Seal it up with grenades if you can and kill everything that pops out of it. Soon after another emergence hole will appear to the right of the first. Defeat these bad boys and yet another emergence hole will appear, this time on the ledge above and to your right. As you are fighting these guys one last emergence hole will make itself known right next to the first one. As soon as Dizzy says its ready, run back to the ladder to escape the baddies below. <<<<>>>> << 0 Collectibles >> When you start, get Fenix to jump on the turret. Kill as many locust as you can as they stream out of the hole in the ground. Shoot the brumak too if you like. As you are leaving the rocky area, you will be attacked by another rig that has been hi-jacked. Use the turret to kill the locust as they appear on the deck. Try and keep them off of the rigs turret as best you can. After some time, the other rig will drift away from you, making it a little harder to hit those on board. However, you will pass by a small raised area from which a few grubs will jump on board, kill them as fast as you can and when the rigs come back together again, you will now also have the threat of grappling locust. Listen out for a distinct clanking sound, to signify a hook has landed on the rig. Find and shoot the hook or a locust will climb up it onto the deck. When the other rig ventures away, jump off the turret and deal with hooks or locust on board Betty and when it is close use the turret to kill those on the other rig. After a lengthy battle with the scurvy crew of rig G53, Dizzy will spot a bridge up ahead. But its too small for two rigs to cross. Now is the fun part. Get back onto the turret if you are not already there and shoot those on the deck. The rigs should come together pretty hard three times, each time; the window at the very front of the other rig will become more damaged. After the third, you will be able to shoot through the window and kill the grub piloting the rig to send him and his crew plummeting to their doom. Following the bridge, you will regroup with several other rigs and some helicopters. Man the turret and listen out for the stomping coming from your left. It’s a brumak! Shoot it until it is hit by an explosion and then turn the turret forward, shoot at another brumak just further up the road on the left. After you kill it, you should see a large group of locust running in front of the rig. Shoot as many of these as you can. If you don’t shoot them all, they will be using the hooks to climb up onto the deck. Kill off the immediate threat and ignore the brumak, it will take out its anger on another rig anyway. Next up, a corpser will emerge from the ground in front of you, lay into its face with the turret when it rears back and it should retreat back down the hole from whence it came. A shot ways down the path another brumak will approach the rig from the front shoot its face and guns with the turret to take it down and continue on to the next mission. <<<<>>>> << 4 Collectibles >> After the short scene at the start, follow your squad to the first building on the left. Kick down the door and continue inside. You will quickly be briefed about tickers, small spider-like creatures that are used as landmines. Head up the stairs behind the bar for some ammo, grenades and collectible (1/4), which is a newspaper on the ground beside the chair. Return downstairs and continue into the adjoining room. A swarm of tickers will come from the street outside. Take them out by shooting them or if you are up for a challenge you can melee them. Either way, once they are dead continue outside. Head straight across the street and through the broken fence opposite, head around the building to the left and use your lancer to destroy the barricade blocking your exit to the street. This is another open area full of tickers, destroy them all to continue. Head down the street and instead of following it to the left, turn right into a small memorial area, read the plaque to unlock collectible (2/4). Turn around and continue down the street. As you start to climb the hill, look to the sky to see massive numbers of nemecyst. Shoot them down as fast as you can so they do not damage the rig. Shooting the nemecyst will also alert some grubs in the next area to your presence and they will proceed to fire at you with a troika and whatever else they can get their hands on. Take cover and kill the remaining nemecyst, then slowly make your way up the hill and take out the troika on the roof and the grubs at the gas station here. Shoot the gas pumps for an easier time taking down the locust on the ground level. Now take cover from the troika on the left. After it is destroyed head inside the gas station, and enter the back room for collectible (3/4). Return outside and make your way to the rest of your squad. Jump the wall here and exit through the broken fence. Follow the fence round to the left and head through the large, ajar Iron Gate to enter a bitch-black tunnel. Dizzy will follow you in with the grind lift and will provide a limited light source. Move slowly through the tunnel and fight off all the tickers that appear in here. You should hear them before you see them, so when you do here move back closer to the rig so that you can see them earlier. Another option for this tunnel section is to turn brightness up in the game options all the way to the max to make things a little easier. After fighting off quite a few tickers you should see a set of stairs on the left. Before you head up these, check out the small tunnel on the left just before the stairs for collectible (4/4). Continue through the door at the top of the stairs, kill the tickers that appear in the hallway then exit the room to the right back into the tunnel. Dizzy should move up to give you some more light, so keep moving. Soon after this, you should see the light at the end of the tunnel, kill the remaining tickers and head for the exit. As you reach the end a reaver will enter the tunnel and attack you. Kill the two locust on its back and then shoot its face until it blows up. Exit through the now open gate . You will be given a choice to go through the hotel or onto the rooftops. Route 1: The Hotel Head inside and run up the stairs. Kill the grubs here then exit onto the rooftop and kill two more here. Wait until the squad on the other side finishes up fighting and they will blow the door to the next area open for you. Head inside and to the end of the hallway. Kick the door down and kill the locust here. Kick the door on the right of the room open and clear the balcony. Marcus will then radio Dizzy to bring him through. Route 2: The Rooftops Head up the stairs directly in front of you and turn left at the top, follow the wall round the corner and kill the grubs here. Take a right at the end of the passage and climb the ladder at the end. Kill the mortar guys on the roof and then pick up the mortar. Dom will tell you to mortar the building in front of him. The building you are mortaring should be to your right and have a large hole in the roof. Aim at the hole with the mortar launcher and fire at about range 135 to open the door for Dom. Go back down the ladder and Jack will unlock the door to the next area. Kick the door down and run straight through the room and exit from the other side. Hang a left and clear the roof of baddies to continue. As Marcus calls Dizzy to give him the all clear, a brumak will emerge from the tunnel. Kill it using the mortars that are on both rooftops to make it quick. <<<<>>>> << 0 Collectibles >> You will begin the mission atop the grind lift again and after a brief introduction, an emergence hole will appear and locust will start attacking from the front. Get onto the turret and star blasting away at all the enemies as they make their way forward. After a minute or so, a locust mortar crew will appear and start hitting the rig with mortars. At this point it is likely that the turret on the front of Betsy will be destroyed. Luckily there are mortars on the deck for you to pick up. Destroy the mortar crew and continue plugging away at the locust swarm. Soon after, a group of boomers will join the party; take them out using the mortars if you still have some. Next up are a pair of reavers, destroy them, once again the mortars are the best cure for these things. Once they are dead you will have completed Act 1. **************************** *** Act 2: Denizens [ACT2] *** **************************** <<<<>>>> << 0 Collectibles >> From the start, there are three different paths to take. You can go down the ramps to the left or the right of the start area or turn around and head up the ladder behind you. No matter where you go, you will need to make your way to a bridge that leads across the middle part of the area. After crossing the bridge take the ramp upwards. If you are going the right way you will see some grind lifts appear in the distance and then another fall through the ground in front of you. Continue past the hole left by the grind lift and you should reach a checkpoint. Continue though the pillars here until you can see gunfire. Cut down the vines blocking the doorway here and enter the room. Carmine will be on the raised area at the back of the room so you need to help him kill all the locust. Once they are all eliminated, head up the hill and talk to Carmine. After the short cut-scene jack will start to repair a grind lift, in the meantime a few squads of grubs decide to show up. Defend Jack until the grind lift is ready to go. Emergence holes will appear to the left and the right of the platform and after killing a few grubs, they will start spitting out tickers as well, so listen out for their telltale clicking noise and use it as a warning to move if they get to close whilst you are on grub patrol. Once you have exhausted the locust opposition in the room, Jack will finish up with the lift. Head up and press the button on the grind lift, it should start digging through the wall in front of it. Follow it through the passage it makes and exit into the cavern on the other side. As you emerge from the hole, you will see two reavers fly past and you will receive a distress call from farther in the cave. Move down the ramp to your left, as you reach the bottom, you will encounter a gun battle already in progress. Join the fighting and kill the grubs as they appear. From time to time, reavers will fly over head, stay in cover at this time or they will hit you with their rockets. Make your way forward slowly. You will see the locust are coming into the area from a pair of tunnels straight in front of you at the end of the room. Continue to kill the grubs as they appear and then the tickers when they appear. After a short amount of time, a couple of boomers will make his way into the room. These guys have grenade launchers, so as soon as you here them say the word 'BOOM!' get back into cover until you hear the explosion. After you have defeated the boomers, head to the end of the room and through the rock archway into the left hand tunnel. At the top of the ramp here, walk to the pillar in front of you and turn left, follow the trail of glowing beacons to continue. As you reach the second bunch of 'glowy things' a large group of wretches will appear, take them all out and follow the path in the direction that they came from. If you don’t have a lancer, pick up the one at the end of the tunnel and use it to cut through the vines in front of you to complete the chapter. <<<<>>>> As you enter the room, you will see a giant worm made out of rock. It is impossible to kill, but you can use it to take cover behind. They are attracted by the glowing red fruit you often see hanging from the roofs and we will be using them quite a bit from now on until the end of Act 2. Shoot the glowing fruit above the small tunnel in front of you to move the rock worm. Take the ramp next to the pillar nearby down to a new area, to the left here is another grind lift in a room with some ammo behind a vine wall. Return to the main room and continue through it. About halfway down, a rock worm will appear. Shoot the fruit from the ceiling a little further down the passage way to move through and continue on to yet another grind lift sitting in front of a pillar. Here you will split up with Dom and either head down the bottom or take the high road, no matter which way you go, you will have to do exactly the same thing - eliminate the locust checkpoint here. As you get closer to the room, a rock worm will appear; you can then run up and use it as cover whilst attacking the checkpoint to make it much easier to take out. When the objective is completed, head up the ladder behind the sandbags. When you reach the top, turn right, a few tickers will come to get you so sort them out and the blockage here should collapse. Continue down the runnel here killing any tickers you see on the way and enter into a larger room. Anya will contact you here and then an emergence hole will show up. Run up and take cover behind the rock worm, kill the locust and seal the hole. When this is done, continue past the hole into a tunnel. Follow the passage around to the right and Dom will warn about snipers. Run up to the grind lift behind the sandbags and pick up a sniper rifle. Use it to eliminate the sniper on the bridge and the locust troika gunner and snipers on the small outcrop to the right of the bridge - use this only for sniping practice though as there seem to be an unlimited number of enemies here. Venture down the path, hugging the wall. As you do a rock worm will appear and walk down the path to grab some fruit. Get in cover behind it and walk with it. As you do, shoot the glowing yellow barrels on the platform with the snipers to the right. They should disappear and some reavers will fly out of the tunnel at the back of the platform. Ignore them and run to the end of the bridge. At this point you can take either the left or right fork. It doesn’t matter which way you take, they both empty out onto the same platform at the very top of a tall rock structure. The different routes will exit on different sides of the area, making it easier to flank and kill the enemies here. Be careful here and stay in cover as there are a couple of troikas here which can chew through your health in no time at all. After you have eliminated the lot of them a reaver will land and try to give you some grief, take it out to continue. Quickly pick up some ammo and then take cover in front of the very unnatural looking stone door. After a few moments the door will open and several wretches, a few tickers and a couple of boomers will head out to greet you. Eliminate all of them and then head through the door, follow the path to the end and down the ramp to the right. When you reach the bottom you will see some locust raining mortars and troika fire down on another grind lift squad below. Kill the baddies here and then assist the squad in defeating the waves of enemies that come from the right side of the platform they ar on. Defeat all the enemies to complete the objective. Continue up the path and vault the wall in the middle and end the chapter. <<<<>>>> Follow your squad and go down the ramp to the right, enter the water and continue straight ahead through the mushroom filled room until you find a set of stairs cut into the rock heading upwards. Climb the stairs for a cut-scene and afterwards, take cover at the top behind the wall sections here. In front of you is what appears to be the entrance to a locust stronghold. On the upper level is a Kantus Kill him first using the sniper rifle, and then shoot the fruit from the roof to make a rock worm appear. Use this as cover to get close enough to shoot the horde of locust on the ground level with standard weapons. After killing enough enemies, the rest will retreat and you are able to enter through the door in front of you. Follow the tunnel here until you reach a ladder leading upwards. Here the game will give you two options. Option 1: Left Path Continue up the path into a room with a large pillar in the middle and windows overlooking the room with your squad mates below. Go up to the first set of windows and shoot the fruit to summon a rock worm. Wait for Dom and co to take cover behind it, and then run to the third set of windows. Shoot the fruit down here so that they can progress further into the room using the rock worm. Next, head to the window directly opposite the tunnel that you entered from and shoot one, last piece of fruit. As you do, you will be attacked by a pack of wretches, take them all out and then pull the lever beside the door to exit the room. Immediately you will be fired upon by a troika. Either snipe the gunner or wait for Dom to take him out, and then continue on down the ramp to the left. Option 2: Right Path You will regain control just inside the gate. Turn around and pick up some ammo and grenades if you need them and then continue down the path. As you enter the room, you will be attacked by two troika set ups on the bottom floor of the building to the left. To continue through the room run up and take cover behind it. As Dom shoots down the fruit, the worm will continue to move forward towards the next one. Traverse the room using the worm and when you reach the corner with the entrance inside, detach yourself from the worm and clear the troika room. Pull the switch next to the door on the right of the room. Continue through the tunnel and climb the ladder at the end. Take out the troika gunner and head to the end of the platform and go down the stairs. Take out all the enemies in this area and both groups will be reunited and you can continue on through the door to complete the chapter. <<<<>>>> From the start, head forward down the path in front of you, after a little team talk, you will see a helicopter crash down nearby. Keep following the set path and soon you will see your first blood mount. It should run away before you get in range. Keep moving into the next area with lots of burnt out cars. As you approach a stranded man will run past you telling you to run. If you run past him you will meet some resistance, several drones and the blood mount we saw earlier will come and attack. To kill a blood mount, try and keep your distance, they are fast and will try to get close to you. If they do get close they can do a lot of damage. Kill either the rider or the mount, and the other will come at you. Kill both to make sure of the death. After you kill it and clear the remainder of the immediate area of locust, continue n pat the concrete road blocks. You will encounter another blood mount and a few more drones. As you attack these enemies a reaver will also come in to land. Kill everything (the drones, reaver etc.) to proceed. When you reach the giant pit with the burning car inside it, turn right to see a collapsed building flanked by streets on either side. Go up the right street to pick up some ammo and a gorgon pistol. Turn around and look between the flipped car and the concrete block close to the edge to find collectible (1/2). Head back to the building again and this time make your way down the left street. As you do, stay in cover as much as possible. On the ridge up ahead is a pair of snipers. Kill them and you will receive an assistance call over your radio. Continue on the path and you will reach a balcony area overlooking a courtyard opposite the burnt out skeleton of a building. As you enter the balcony, a large wooden walkway will descend from behind the building and a group of drones will run down it and attack you from the building. As you engage in gunplay with these guys, a reaver will swoop down nearby and attack you. Ignore the drones for now and get rid of the reaver, trying your best to stay in cover of course. Finish off the drones and part of the building will collapse. Move down the ramp at the end of the balcony area and cruise through the remnants of the building to the left of the pit. On exiting the building, take a sexy right turn down the street and head into the door to your left just in front of the van. After a quick scene showing us a bit of situational awareness, you will be ambushed. When you regain control move as quickly as possible into cover. All the enemies will be on the second floor of the building. Fend them off and after a minute or so you’ll get a re-enforcement to help you out. After the cut-scene, watch where Dom goes. Instead of heading straight to him, walk over to the part of the room next to him, but on the other side of the wall from him on the left. Examine the body here for collectible (2/2). Head back to Dom to continue with the mission. Follow the path around the building and exit the gate into a graveyard area. Moving about halfway up the hill in this area will invite a reaver to come and attack you. Teach him not to diss your flavor and continue on to the bridge at the top of the hill. As you approach it drones will start running across towards you. Kill them as fast as you can because if you take too long, a few tickers will come over the bridge too to bother you while you’re fighting the drones. Once everything lies in pieces, continue across the bridge to complete the chapter. <<<<>>>> Follow the giant tunnel up until you find a fog-covered room through a smaller entrance to the left enter the area and take the left path. Walk up the ramp and you will see a bunch of giant blue containers, go past these and up the hill to a second area filled with the same type of containers, you will hear someone talking from within one of the pods here, so go and investigate it. After the cut-scene follow the squad through the exit and carry on down the ramp into another large prison-like area. Ahead of you, you should see something Baird refers to as a 'beast barge'. This is our next target. Head forward through the prison area towards where you saw the barge. As you reach its location, it will stop and a couple of drones and a boomer will disembark and head down the ramp in front of you. Kill these and then run up the ramp and board the barge. Once you are on board take cover as soon as possible. At the front end of the barge, a grinder will come down a lift with a mounted mulcher (a very heavy machine gun) and will drill you if you are in the open. Dispatch him, and then take the lift upwards. When you get off, press the switch on the pillar directly in front of you and then head up one of the sets of stairs at the back of the room. On the top deck, kill the two grinders and a reaver will fly in. If you picked up the mounted mulcher, you will finish it off in seconds! When everything is dead or dying, grab some ammo and move towards the opposite end of the deck. You see a troika turret here, do a quick 180 degree turn when you reach it and pull the lever to start up the barge. As soon as you start moving, mount the troika and kill any incoming reavers. After a short, but sweet ride, you will stop next to another barge. Unfortunately for us, this one is filled with locust soldiers. Eliminate the drones on the top deck of the adjacent barge, and then board it. Make your way to the front part of the deck, and descend the stairs. Activate the switch on the pillar in this room for a quick cut-scene. Following the cut-scene Fenix will be on the bottom deck of the barge and there are some bad guys shooting at the squad from a rocky outcrop to the left. After a few seconds, the wooden boarding platform will drop down. Once everything up on the platform is dead, climb up the platform. Follow the passage here around to the right and continue along the path until you reach a large column to the right of the path. Around this area you will get attacked by drones and a grinder heading up the ramp. Fight your way down the ramp killing everything in your way. At the bottom of the ramp, Marcus will contact Anya and report the situation. After said conversation, head through the prison area here until you see a wooden ramp in a vertical position. Ignore it and continue round the corner here to the left and into the fog-shrouded passage way. Follow this and you will be attacked by a kantus and some drones. As you get closer some tickers will also get involved, so be careful. Defeating these enemies lets you continue on until you reach another area filled with ruined buildings. Take cover behind the damaged car and kill the drones that come at you. Polish them off and move up to the concrete barriers blocking the street. Kill the kantus and drones further down the street and then head down the street towards their corpses. Take a left at the first intersection and kill the reaver that comes in to pay you a visit. Take the right hand path here under the destroyed overpass and clear the area of locust. Continue past the burning gas station in front of you to a large building resembling a hotel. We will now be using the roof of this building as an extraction point. Head around the right side of the large building and scale the stairs at the back, take the first left and vault over a fallen concrete block. Continue up the stairs behind it and run to the centre of the rooftop to get a checkpoint. After which Carmine will lay down some green smoke to signal a helicopter for evacuation. Unfortunately, it summons a huge number of locust at the same time. Now all you need to do is hold of the locust for about a minute or so until the helicopter arrives. All you need to do is stay alive! When the countdown reaches zero you will complete the chapter with a cut-scene. <<<<>>>> Welcome to the inside of the rift worm. From the starting spot, head forward a little way and look to the left of the slanted steel support for collectible (1/2). Regroup with the squad and head down into the ramp, through the water and up the other side. At this point you will see some giant teeth gnashing together in front of you. Wait for them to come down and then run across as its going back up to avoid being crushed. Continue past the second tooth and then sprint across the longer third set of teeth, jump to the right as soon as you can whilst crossing it. The next area is a little tough, there are a long series of teeth and you must run (hold the ‘A’ button) the entire way through, but do not stop until you reach the end. Whilst you are running you are crouched so if you stop you will stand up and perish. Make sure you avoid the broken walls along the route here if you get caught on them while you are running you will die. When you reach the end follow the rest of the squad to the right. Follow the passage around the corner until you reach some more teeth. This time, our first challenge is a set of horizontal teeth, much like the vertical variety, the best bet is to wait for them to shut, then run through as they are opening. Traverse the two sets of vertical teeth and exit the room via the last pair of horizontals. Follow this pathway until you see a short cut-scene. After the cut-scene you will be attacked by a number of small spiders that erupt from the floor. Destroy them all and carry on through the room. After another short cut-scene you will be chased through the area with a giant ball of debris chasing you. You want to avoid touching the glowing grass-like sections of the worm as they will damage you. From the cinematic, run forward, then around the corner and up the ramp. Hang a left at the top and follow the path down to a sphincter. Dom tells you to, 'Concentrate your fire on the opening' So do it! Shoot the sphincter and it will open, allowing you through. After the sphincter, take the left path and follow it around to the right as the death grass cuts you off. Head to the wall here and look around for a flimsy mucus membrane and use your lancer to chainsaw through it. Follow the path to the left, until you reach another sphincter. Repeat the previous process to open it and head through, run along the set path and when you reach a dead end, listen out for a car alarm. Look up and shoot the teetering car. It will fall down to your level. Use it as a bridge and continue over to the left, follow the path until you reach a dead end. Once again, find the mucus membrane and cut through it to end the chase. Head up the ramp to the left and stop before the green acid on the floor. Shoot the green piece on the end of the dangling bits to turn them off temporarily. When the acid nozzle is inactive, you need to sprint over the green acid pool on the floor until you are on safe brown ground again. Repeat this process until you reach the big pool of acid at the end, continue along the narrow path around the acid here and then continue up the hill. You will now enter the intestines, this bit is a bit like a maze and is filled with gas, meaning you need to get through it quickly or you will die. Head forward and continue on through the small gap in front of you, take a left when able and you’ll see a tunnel leading farther into the intestines. Follow this to the end and you will come across another mucus membrane, use your lancer to chainsaw your way to safety. After the cut-scene head up the slope and follow the path until you reach another mucus membrane, lancer it again and head through to find a heart. Use the chainsaw to sever the artery and the vein attached to the heart and a passage will open. Exit through here, then climb up the ramp and carry on along this path. You will be attacked twice by the little spider enemies we encountered earlier, they are easy so just exterminate them and keep on going until you reach another membrane. In this room is another heart. Head over to the left side of it and cut the arteries and veins as you head up the ramp. There should be three. When you are done another passage should open for you. Proceed along this path until you reach one final membrane. Cut it and head inside. As you enter, you will be attacked by some of the little spiders again, kill them and head to the far end of the chamber. Here is the heart. You will have to cut four blood vessels this time, two on the left and two on the right. As you approach the heart and as you cut the arteries, you will be attacked by the spiders, ignore them as best you can and focus on the blood vessels. Kill them all and you will complete Act 2. ********************************** *** Act 3: Gathering Storm [ACT3]*** ********************************** <<<<>>>> From the start, turn right and circle around the building until you find a path leading up some stairs into a door below a large bulbous sculpture. Kick in the door and head across the lobby area here and into a long hallway. Follow it to the end and you will be greeted by a security system controlled door. Following the brief cut-scene you will be in a dark room with Jack providing some basic light. Follow him through a couple of tunnels and a storage room and he will stop moving in another, smaller room afterwards with a flamethrower sitting on the floor. Head into the adjacent control room and use the power box on the wall to reactivate the power. Head back to the storage room and turn right, use the control panel next to the door here to open it. Head into the room and you will be attacked by a bunch of wretches. This is a good opportunity to test out the flamethrower if you picked it up. Once the wretches have all been dealt with, continue down the left side of the room until you find a door that has a wall mounted wheel next to it. Head back outside and talk to Baird and Cole. Now for the most annoying part of the level, Marcus and Dom will have to carry the explosive charge between them. This means they are linked together and their movement is encumbered by not only the wieght of the box, but also each other. Cruising around at walking speed not as easy as it was a few minutes ago. You will still be able to use your pistol which is better than nothing. Move forward to the door that you just exited from; there should be a loading elevator directly in front of it. Take it up to the door and continue inside. After entering the room, the door will slam shut behind you and a group of wretches will move in for the kill. Shoot them or melee them to death and Jack will open another door directly in front of you. Follow Jack through the door into the lobby area, defend your self from some more wretches and then make your way into the long tunnel back to the security door. As you move down the tunnel five or six wretches will break out of vents in the ceiling and drop down to attack you. Eliminate them and take the box to the door at the end of the corridor to complete the chapter. <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> ************************ *** Act 4: Hive [ACT4] *** ************************ <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> ***************************** *** Act 5: Aftermath [ACT5] *** ***************************** <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> ************************ **************************** *** Collectibles [CLTB] *** **************************** ************************ ************************ **************************** *** Unlockables [UNLK] *** **************************** ************************ ************************ **************************** *** Achievements [ACMT] *** **************************** ************************ ************************ ***Story Achievements*** ************************ Green as Grass (10G) Requirements: Train the rook (any difficulty). It's a Trap! (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 2. Escort Service (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 4. Girl About Town (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 6. That Sinking Feeling (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 4. Freebaird! (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 5. Heartbroken (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 6. Longitude and Attitude (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 3. Tanks for the Memories (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 4. Water Sports (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 6. There's a Time for Us (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 2. Better Wrapped in Beacon (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 3. Have Fun Storming the Castle (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 6. And the Horse You Rode in On (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 1. You Are the Support, Son (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 2. Brumak Rodeo (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 4. Does This Look Infected to You? (10G) Requirements: Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 5. Tourist of Duty (25G) Requirements: Complete all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty. Guerilla Tactician (50G) Requirements: Complete all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty. Suicide Missionary (150G) Requirements: Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty. Artist of War (75G) Requirements: Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty. ************************** ***Killing Achievements*** ************************** Seriously 2.0 (50G) Requirements: Kill 100,000 enemies (any mode). Variety Is the Spice of Death (30G) Requirements: Kill an enemy with every weapon in the game (any mode). Kick 'Em When They're Down (10G) Requirements: Perform all 11 unique executions on a downed enemy. Crowd Control (10G) Requirements: Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield equipped (any mode). Said the Spider to the Fly (10G) Requirements: Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode). A Parting Gift (20G) Requirements: Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down but not out (any mode). Shock and Awe (10G) Requirements: Kill 30 enemies with the heavy Mortar (any mode). Smells Like Victory (10G) Requirements: Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher Flamethrower (any mode). Takes a Licking (30G) Requirements: Melee 30 Tickers (any mode). Organ Grinder (10G) Requirements: Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted Mulcher (any mode). ***************************** ***Collection Achievements*** ***************************** Collector (5G) Requirements: Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty). Pack Rat (15G) Requirements: Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty). Completionist (30G) Requirements: Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty). ****************************** ***Multiplayer Achievements*** ****************************** One-Night Stand (10G) Requirements: Complete 1 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom). Open Relationship (30G) Requirements: Complete 10 chapters in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom). Friends with Benefits (50G) Requirements: Complete all acts in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom). Back to Basic (10G) Requirements: Successfully complete the 5 lessons of multiplayer Training Grounds. Party Like It's 1999 (30G) Requirements: Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode). Around the World, Again (30G) Requirements: Win a multiplayer match on each map (any mode). Dirty, Dirty Horde (20G) Requirements: Survive the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map). Hoard the Horde (30G) Requirements: Survive all 50 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map). Standing Here, Beside Myself (10G) Requirements: Win 3 matches of Wingman (public). You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine (10G) Requirements: Win 3 matches of King of the Hill (public). Beat the Meatflag (10G) Requirements: Capture 10 meatflags in Submission (public). It's Good to be the King (10G) Requirements: Win 10 rounds of Guardian as the leader (public). ************************ ***Misc. Achievements*** ************************ Crossed Swords (10G) Requirements: Win 10 chainsaw duels (any mode). Photojournalist (10G) Requirements: Submit a spectator photo. Pound of Flesh (10G) Requirements: Use a meatshield to save your life 10 times (any mode). Once More, With Feeling (10G) Requirements: Perform 30 perfect active reloads (any mode). ******************* *********************** *** Contact [CNTC] *** *********************** ******************* If you feel the need to contact me you can reach me at sokkus[at]hotmail[dot]com. Please include "Gears 2 guide" in the subject line. ************************ **************************** *** Version History [HSTY]*** **************************** ************************ Version 0.5 The guide currently contains - Full walkthrough from Act 1-2 - Act 2-3 - Achievement List - Small Hits and tips section Date Started 11th November, 2008 ===============================================================================</p>