FANTASY WORLD DIZZY SOLVE First, give the apple to the troll, now pick up the bread and throw the water onto the fire. Collect the heavy boulder. Now give the bread to the rat, hop-skip over the crocodile pit and pick up the heavy boulder on the other side. Cross back over and drop the boulders on the staircase. Go up to the switch and press fire, jump up and then jump right and don't bother with Denzil! Jump onto the table and walk left as far as you can go without falling off, then jump left, jump right and walk right, jump to collect the key. Jump back and into the attic, collect the bone and proceed to the portcullis at the bottom of the castle, walk through it and jump into the Amorog's den. Quickly walk right and pick up the boulder, then drop the bone jump out of the pit then walk back and pick up another boulder, jump over the Amorog, walk left, drop the rocks in the water and go back to collect the other one. At this stage the water will rise so cross over to the other side and collect the potion from dozy. Travel back to the crocodile pit, jump over it and walk over to the dragon. Now get close to it and drop the potion quickly. Go past the dragon and pick up the sack. Go to the bottom of the treehouse and pick up the cow, then climb up to Grand Dizzy to get a pickaxe and a crowbar. Go right and collect the doorknocker and proceed right to the base of the volcano to collect the third key. Now go to the well and use the crowbar. You will fall into a strange new world! Get on top of the barrel and jump onto the church roof, go inside the church and get the final key. Go into the market square and give the shopkeeper the cow. He will give you a bean, then go back through the well and go to the lift house. Put the keys down by the boxes and when a message comes up four times go down to the dragon and pick up the egg, put the egg back down and use the pickaxe to break through the rubble, now collect the carpet. Go up and drop the bean in the manure and return to the castle dropping the door-knocker at the door. Pick up the bucket and go back to the base of the volcano, fill the bucket in the water and drop it on the manure. Climb up the beanstalk that sprouts and jump across the clouds. Go to the cloud castle, drop the rug on the spears and jump up, then walk right, jump left, dodge the spikes then jump up right, fall right then walk over to Daisy's cage and press fire. When she comes down, go over to her and press fire once again. Happy ending!</p>