DDDDDD Y Y N N AA M M IIIII TTTTT EEEEE D D Y Y NN N A A MM MM I T E D D Y N N N A A M M M I T E D D Y N N N A A M M M I T EEE D D Y N N N AAAAAA M M I T E D D Y N NN A A M M I T E DDDDDD Y N N A A M M IIIII T EEEEE DDDDDD EEEEE K K AA 22222 D D E K K A A 2 2 D D E K K A A 2 D D EEE KK A A 2 D D E K K AAAAAA 2 D D E K K A A 2 DDDDDD EEEEE K K A A 2222222 A.K.A Dynamite Cop 2 FAQ Copyright 1999 B. Petersen E-Mail Hachimitsu@Earthlink.Net Other guides by B. Petersen: Blue Stinger Version 2.0 Where to find this guide and others: members.tripod.com/dreamcast9- An excellent fan site www.cheatcc.com- An excellent resource for codes www.gamefaqs.com- THE best place for FAQS and other game related data www.seganet.com- A very friendly site for anything Sega. Excellent site. www.segaweb.com- Another excellent site for sega news, good editorials, friendly. Version History: Version 1.0 The basic FAQ, about 80%-90% complete. Introduction: This guide was created as a helper for everyone who cannot read Japanese. It is not a walkthrough. I will list weapons in each area and also the pictures you can get on each level. I will provide a translation for the menu's, etc. I will add secrets as I find them. I will also list character moves and various other things. Foreword: Welcome to my Dynamite Deka 2 FAQ. This is my second FAQ, my first being the Blue Stinger guide. I write my guides without giving away the plot and enemy locations unless it is necessary. Don't you just hate it when you use someone's guide and you are reading how to get the key or whatever, and you out an important plot peice? A guide should be made to help you through the tight spots, not tell you the story before you beat it. I will NOT answer any gameplay questions etc. I will however respond if you contribute or make a suggestion to improve the FAQ. As usual, I am a married man, me and my wife share this E-Mail. I know that sounds funny, but I got alot of mail asking for dates and the such when I put out my blue stinger guide. I would just like to add, I am NOT a game tester, I am an independent person, I know of know release dates, etc..., please do not ask such stuff. Thanks alot! Q&A: Q: How 'com I can't do a certain move, etc...? A: Try tapping the buttons fast or count how many hits connect byt the SFX. Q: Why can't I find this or that picture? A: When your VMU beeps, you've walked over the spot the picture is at. Just try to stand directly over it and the card will beep repeatedly. If you look at the VMU, it will have a circular ping coming from the middle. Just push punch, it should appear. If you have no VMU, tough luck. Mini Review: Just a quick note, I sometimes view guides first to get an idea on the length, secrets, replayability of a game before I buy it. Anyway, I really enjoy Dynamite Deka. It has an O.K. story, very good graphics, O.K. music, very good sound effects, and an excellent overall atmosphere. The graphics have nice effects and add to the environment, especially when hitting an enemy with a toilet plunger or urinal. The story is pretty run of the mill, but then again, we're not really here fo the story. Music, EH, that's why I have a C.D. player. I love the sound effects, crunching bones, crashing glass, explosions, and taunting enemy's all make it an experience. My one beef with this game is the length, it has only 3 missions, albeit, lots of extra's. If you have a partner, then it is an excellent choice, if you are going solo, think first. Graphics: 9 Sound: 7 Replayability: 6-9 (depending on if you have a buddy to play it with) Overall: 8 Contents: Version History Introduction <--------------Read this first Foreword <--------------Read this second Q&A <--------------Read this third Mini Review 1. Menu Translation 2. Button Settings 3. Moves List 3a Extra Moves 4. Level Structure 5. Weapon\Item List <------------Coming Soon 6. Secrets 7. Credits 8. Copyright\Disclaimer AKA Legal Ish 1. Menu Translation: 1ST Menu: Dynamite Deka 2 (Arcade) See A Mini Games. See B Gallery. See C Etc.../Extras. See D Menu A: Dynamite Deka 2 Carribean Pirates (Arcade) Hardr Levels Menu B: Mini Games Tranquilizer Gun (80's Sega Game) V.S. 100 Person Challenge Menu C: Gallery Illustration's By Tony Online Comic (A button to exit, B button back to online comic, Left or Right to browse pages) Menu D: Etc.../Extras Use source of detective. (Dreamcast Internet Access Required) Options. See DD Menu DD:Options: BGM Volume Stereo--> Stereo Mono Attack Partner (During Co-op) Yes No Control Setting Visual Memory Card Sound (To find Secret Pictures) 2. Button Settings: You can use the control stick or Control to move the character. BU U FU \ | / B- N -F / | \ BD D FD F=Froward B=Back D=Down U=Up BU=Upper Left FU=Upper Right BD=Lower Left FD=Lower Right So when I say D, you walk down, when I say say U you walk up, FU is diagonally right and up, etc... Y Button: Kick X Button: Punch A or B Button: Jump L Button: N\A (if used alone) R Button: N\A "" "" 3. Moves List: General Moves Run- Direction Times 2 Grab- Push Direction towards Enemy (Close) Hold Enemy Over Head- Grab Enemy While Dizzy Eat Food That You Are Holding- Y (Cake, Apples, etc...) Throw Weapon- Jump+Y (Most Weapons) While Getting Up: Short Upper- X Side Kick- Y Bounce Kick- A or B *NOTE* I translated most of the names from the manual, some I could not translate, so I made them up. The extra moves that I figured out, I made up the names. Barehanded Everyone: Avoid Attack- X+Y+B or L+R (takes energy off power meter) Quick Upper- X+B Jumping Kick- Y+B Juping Punch (Souryuken)- Direction+X+B Belly Flop- Direction+Y+B Backhand- B,B,X Sweep Kick- B,B,Y Rocket Kick- While Running Y Somersault Kick- Hold Y for a couple seconds then let go Air Punch- While Jumping X Drop Kick- "" "" Y Down Attack- "" "" X+Y Elbow Explosion- When Landing X Spinning Smash- "" "" Y Grab Moves: Giant Swing- 360 Circle+X (All) Double Arm Suplex- Direction+X (Bruno) Brain Buster- Direction+Y (Bruno) Arm Flip- Direction+X (Jean) Frankensteiner- Direction+Y (Jean) Shoulder Flip- Direction+X (Eddie) Leg Flip- Direction+Y (Eddie) While Holding Enemy Above You: Throw- X Kick (Without Throwing)- Y Jumping Piledriver- X+B Jumping Boston Crab Piledriver- Y+B When Holding Enemy's Legs: Slam- X Throw- Y Holding The Handgun: Arrest- Grab the enemy and push X To steal from the enemy, Grab them and push Y (Up to four times) Super Moves: Crazy 7 Shot- (With Handgun) Push X 7 Times (Bruno) Super Stick Roll- (With Stick Like Weapon) Push X 7 Times (Bruno) Maverice 12 Grapple Combo- (Grab) Push X 4 Times, Y Times 8 (Jean) Golden 13 Leghold Combo- (Grab) Push Y 4 Times, X 9 Times (Jean) Asian 11 Flash Combo- Push X 11 Times (Eddie) Tai Boxing 9 Kick Crash- Push Y 8 Times, X 1 Time 3a Extra Moves These are moves I figured out, I made up the names. If you find any I have not found please tell me the move and what you call it (nothing tastless)(if you do not name it, I will), and I will give you full credit. Eddie's Extra Moves: Deadly Jabs- X,X,X,X Quick Feet- Y,Y,Y Deadly Ghetto Combo- X,X,X,X,Y Migraine Combo- (Grab) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Shoylder Flip- (Grab) X,X,X,X,X Gut Punch Shoulder Drop Combo- (Grab) X,Y or X,X,Y or X,X,X,Y or X,X,X,X,Y Gut Kick Shoulder Snap Combo- (Grab) Y,X or Y,Y,X or Y,Y,Y,X or Y,Y,Y,Y,X Super Ghetto Combo- (Super) X,X,X,X,Y Super Tranquility Combo- (Super) X,X,X,X,X,Y Peaceful Zen Combo- (Super) Y,Y,Y,X,X,X,X,X Grapple Combo- (Grab Super) X,Y,Y,Y or X,X,Y,Y,Y or X,X,X,Y,Y,Y or X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y Payback Combo- (Grab Super) Y,X,X,X,X or Y,Y,X,X,X,X or Y,Y,Y,X,X,X,X or Y,Y,Y,Y,X,X,X,X Bruno's Extra Moves: Die Hard Combo- X,X,X,X Die Harder Combo- Y,Y,Y Die Hardest Combo- X,X,X,X,Y Shoulder Slam- (Grab) X,X,X,X,X Contraceptive Smash- (Grab) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Contraceptive Combo- (Grab) X,Y or X,X,Y or X,X,X,Y or X,X,X,X,Y Contraceptive Head Smash- (Grab) X,Y,Y or X,X,Y,Y or X,X,X,Y,Y or X,X,X,X,Y,Y Backdrop Combo- (Grab) Y,X or Y,Y,X or Y,Y,Y,X or Y,Y,Y,Y,X Super Punch Combo- (Super) X,X,X,X,X,X,X Super Kick Combo- (Super) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Punch Spin Kick Combo- (Super) X,X,X,X,Y Punch Drop Kick Combo- (Super) X,X,X,X,X,X,X,Y Spin Toss- (Grab Super) X,X,X,X,X Super Face Smash Combo- (Grab Super) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Ultimate Itai Combo- (Grab Super) X,Y,Y,Y,Y or X,X,Y,Y,Y,Y or X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,Y or X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,Y Chiropractic Therapy Combo (Grab Super) Y,X or Y,Y,X or Y,Y,Y,X or Y,Y,Y,Y,X Jean's Extra Moves: Rotating Punch- X,X,X,X Toe Kick- X,X,X,X,Y Tricky Toes- Y,Y,Y Tricky Elbow- Y,Y,Y,X Nose Buster- (Grab) X,X,X,X,X Spine Cracker- (Grab) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Arm Punishment- (Grab) X,Y,Y,Y or X,X,Y,Y,Y or X,X,X,Y,Y,Y or X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y Leg Punishment- (Grab) Y,X,X,X,X or Y,Y,X,X,X,X or Y,Y,Y,X,X,X,X or Y,Y,Y,Y,X,X,X,X Spinning Angel- (Super) X,X,X,X,X,X Super Spinning Kicks- (Super) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Super Tricky Toes- (Super) X,X,X,X,Y Super Spinning Limbs Combo- (Super) Y,Y,Y,X,X Spinning Toss- (Grab Super) X,X,X,X,X Super Face Smash- (Grab Super) Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y 4. Level Structure: This section contains the level structure for the first three levels. I will add the other three levels when I clear them. They are the same but with restrictions. I will put a list of weapons\Items\Pictures. If you cannot find it, just try to destroy something in the area to make it appear, or attack the enemy without killing them to make them drop it (weapons). As for pictures, just attack the area where you hear the beep. Also, I will not list power ups, as they are obvious. When you kill enemys they will drop stuff like pictures or health. I will not list the pictures the enemys drop. Sometimes the enemy's will drop items, it may be random so I will put drop next to it. The QTE's (Quick Time Events) are also random, so I will just put QTE and if possible the move when it happens. If you find something, please tell me how and where so I can give credit. Mission 1 1. Top Deck Weapons\Items: Handgun Clip (Drop) 2. Bar Weapon\Item: Iron Pipe Sports Drink Microphone Stand Handgund Arcade Machine Lighter Vitamin (Drop) QTE (Direction) 3. Pool Side Weapon\Item: Stinger Missle Laser Gun Machine Gun Deck Chair Table Handgun 4. Hallway Weapon\Item: Apples Spear Chair Table Health (Drop) QTE (Button Press) 5. Hair Salon Weapon\Item: Chair Hair Model Stand Manequin QTE (Button Press) If you pass, go to #7 6. Bedroom Weapon\Item: Chair Vitamin (Drop) 7. Dining Room (French) Weapon\Item: Chair Cake French Bread Shishkabob Axe Health (Drop) QTE (Button Press) 8. Kitchen (French) Weapon\Item: Barrel Grenades Iced Tea Apples Destroyed Refrigerator Health Pack (Drop) 9. Catwalk Weapon\Item: Machine Gun Wooden Box (the items from the boxes appear to be random) 10. Freezer Weapon\Item: Frozen Beef Slab Beef Chunks QTE (Direction) 11. Engine Room Weapon\Item: Stinger Missle Hand Gun Missle Launcher Health (Drop) 12. V.S. Octopus Weapon\Item: Incindiary Plug Monkey Wrench Harpoon Gun QTE (Left or Right) 13. Pirate Hangout Weapon\Item: Machine Gun Clip (Drop) 14. Torture Room Weapon\Item: Spear Health (Drop) 15. Recreation Room Weapon\Item: Chair Pepper Vitamin (Drop) *NOTE* You can attack the slot machine and somtimes dollars will fall out. QTE (Button Press) If you pass go to next QTE 16. Dock Weapon\Item: N\A (The enemy may drop something)???? QTE (Direction Press) 17. Pirate Ship Weapon\Item: Bow And Arrow Cannon Handgun Clip (Drop) Axe QTE (Direction Press) 18. Pirate Ship Weapon\Item: Axe 19. Crow's Nest Weapon\Item: N\A (The enemy may drop something)???? Mission 2 1. Bedroom Weapon\Item: Health Drink Potted Plant 2. Life Boat Bug Spray Deck Brush Handgun Clip (Drop) QTE (Button Press) If you pass, go to 4. 3. Walkway Weapon\Item: N\A (The enemy may drop something)???? 4. Middle Deck Weapon\Item: Stinger Missle Machine Gun 3 Chamber Bazooka Vitamin (Drop) First Aid (Drop) 5. Hallway Weapon\Item: Vacuum Cleaner Chair Table Health Drink (Drop) Vitamin (Drop) Spear Iced Tea Vending Machine Lighter QTE (Button Press) 6. Restroom Weapon\Item: Wet Floor Sign Bow And Arrow Urinal Shoe Shine Chair Toilet Plunger Clip (Drop) Health Drink (Drop) QTE (Button Press) If you pass, go to 8 7. Bedroom Weapon\Item: Chair Vitamin (Drop) 8. Dining Room (Japanese) Weapon\Item: Bow And Arrow Chair Axe Pepper Health Drink (Drop) First Aid (Drop) QTE (Button Press) 9. Kitchen (Japanese) Weapon\Item: Frozen Tuna Tuna Chunk Rice Cooker Apples Grenades Ice Tea Health Pack (Drop) Destroyed Refrigerator 10. Catwalk Weapon\Item: Machine Gun Crate (The items from the crate appear to be random) 11. Freezer Weapon\Item: First Aid (Drop) Harpoon Gun Frozen Tuna Tuna Chunk QTE (Direction Press) 12. Engine Room Weapon\Item: Missle Launcher Handgun Stinger Missle Health Drink (Drop) 13. V.S. Octopus Weapon\Item: Incindiary Plug Monkey Wrench Harpoon Gun QTE (Right or Left) 14. Casino Coin Bucket Spear Wood Stick (Anyone know the real name? It's used for pushing chips in the table) *NOTE* You can attack the slots and sometimes dollars will fall out. QTE (Button Press) If you pass, go to next QTE 15. Poolside Weapon\Item: Table Deck Chair Health Pack (Drop) Machine Gun Vitamin (Drop) QTE (Direction Press) If you pass, go to 17 16. Top Of Stairs Weapon\Item: Clip (Drop) 17. Bar Weapon\Item: Arcade Machine Spear Medicine Broken Bottle Microphone Stand Vitamin (Drop) Health Pack (Drop) QTE (Direction Press) 18. Bar Weapon\Item: Axe Health Pack (Drop) 19. Top Deck Weapon\Item: N\A (The enemy may drop something)???? Mission 3 1. Loading Bay Weapon\Item: Forklift Clip (Drop) 2. Catwalk Weapon\Item: Machine Gun Oil Drum QTE (Button Press) If you pass, go to 4 3. Catwalk 2 Weapon\Item: Clip (Drop) 4. Engine Room Weapon\Item: Stinger Missle Machine Gun High Powered Rifle 5. Reception Desk Weapon\Item: Vacuum Spear Kiss Tape??? Ice Tea Umbrella QTE (Button Press) 6. Weight Room Weapon\Item: Bicycle Machine Handgun Metal Pipe Lighter Barbell Vitamin (Drop) Clip (Drop) QTE (Button Press) If you pass, got to 8 7. Bedroom Weapon\Item: Vitamin (Drop) 8. Dining Room (Chinese) Weapon\Item: Axe Pepper Chinese Meat Buns Chair Health Drink (Drop) Health Pack (Drop) Bow And Arrow QTE (Button Press) 9. Kitchen (Chinese) Weapon\Item: Grenades Destroyed Refrigerator Sports Drink Apples Gas Cylinder Health Pack (Drop) 10. Lifeboat Weapon\Item: Machine Gun QTE (Button Press) 11. Lifeboat 2 Weapon\Item: Oildrum Deck Brush Bug Spray Clip (Drop) 12. Middle Deck Weapon\Item: Stinger Missle Machine Gun Health Pack (Drop) 3 Chamber Bazooka 13. V.S. Octopus Weapon\Item: Harpoon Gun Monkey Wrench 14. Pirates Hangout Weapon\Item: Swordfish Machine Gun Clip (Drop) 15. Torture Room Weapon\Item: Spear Health Drink (Drop) 16. Recreation Room Weapon\Item: Hammer Red Axe Bow And Arrow Vitamin (Drop) Hand Gun Clip QTE (Button Press) If you pass, go to 18 17. Dock Weapon\Item: Vitamin (Drop) QTE (Direction) 18. Pirate Ship Weapon\Item: Axe Bow And Arrow Cannon Vitamin (Drop) Health Drink (Drop) QTE 19. Pirate Ship Weapon\Item: Axe Vitamin (Drop) 20. Crow's Nest Weapon\Item: N\A (The may drop something)???? 5. Weapon\Item List: <----------Coming Soon 6. Secrets: Beat all three mission and you will have acces to the harder levels. See Menu Translations On some stages, you will see a slot machine, attacking it will spin the slots. Sometimes items will come out, I have only gotten $1 bills. If anyone else can find anything, please tell me what combo, and what item. 7. Credits: Thanks Alot! To: My Girlfriend Game Gallery The Gallery-Lower Level Philadelphia PA 19103 215-546-1615 8. Copyright\Disclaimer AKA Legal Ish: This FAQ is Copyright 1999 B. Petersen. You can use this FAQ on a web site, as you tell me the site address, please. If you do use it do not change the content or my E-Mail address. It is not to be sold, traded, bundled with games, or bartered etc... If you do than you are a peice of DoDo. Dynamite Deka and all characters, logo's, and similarities are trademarks and\or copyrights of Sega and the respective companies.</p>