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E-mails in ALL CAPS, using improper grammar (this does not mean that if you make a few mistakes I won't answer. I'm talking "u no were 2 lvl nao?" and stuff like that) or that contain insults WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. Please, be respectful and don't waste my time. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hi. I am Matt Greene (CocoaArcher on Gamefaqs). Admittedly, this is my first guide. I’m trying my best to complete it to meet the needs of all Clerics/Future Clerics of Maple Story. I made this guide due to the lack of Cleric Guides that use proper English ^^. Well, on we go, and I hope you enjoy my guide. ***************** Table of Contents ***************** 1) Legal Stuff 2) Version History 3) Clerics vs. Other Classes 4) Ability Point Allocation 5) Starting off: Maple Island 6) Becoming a Mage 7) Skill Point Allocation <1st Job> 8) Training Spots <1st Job> 9) Becoming a Cleric 10) Skill Point Allocation <2nd Job> 11) Training Spots <2nd Job> 12) Becoming a Priest 13) Skill Point Allocation <3rd Job> 14) Training Spots <3rd Job> 15) Equipment 16) FAQs, Skill Details, Etc. 17) Suggestions Corner (New! Yay!) 18) Credits, Finishing Stuff -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1) Legal Stuff This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal/private use. It may not be placed on any of the sites not listed below without written permission. Use of this guide on any other or as part of a public display is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright. Sites that have permission to use this guide: Gamefaqs.com Hidden-street.net Neoseeker.com Gamerstemple.com Supercheats.com blog.swagvault.com cheatplanet.com (gamesradar.com) NOTE - I am no longer allowing any more sites to use my guide...submitting it to these 7 for every update is more than enough. Sorry! NOTE - If you see this guide on ANY other sites than the ones listed above, then please notify me. You should give me a few days though - it may just be that a new site got the guide and I haven't released an update as of yet. Give me a few days, then e-mail me, as it's a violation of copyright. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2) Version History Version 1.0 – First complete version of this guide. Began 7/12/06. Finished 17/12/06. Version 1.1 - Updating a lot of things here. Fixed Formatting, my first guide wasn't quite finished, now it is fully complete. Apologies to all who read it. Updating Skills Section, fixed some minor typos and ... yeah. I don't remember much else. A big update due to formatting. (18/12/06) Version 1.11 - Really a teeny tiny update. Allowed www.neoseeker.com to use the guide. Same day too! (18/12/06) Version 1.21 - A major update. Re-generated (hehe) ASCII at beginning. Fixed typos I missed on 1.1. Also added Priest Skill Chart (not the word format I had at the beginning - the real thing). Probably last update for awhile, Christmas is approaching. Happy Holidays! (19/12/06) Version 1.22 – Small Update – allowed gamerstemple.com to use the guide. (20/12/06) Version 1.32 - A good update IMO. Completed Training Section in Priest Section, fixed typos that were STILL present, as well as finally changed the version number at the top. Very pleased with my guide now. Ok this really IS the FINAL update until AFTER Christmas. Don't count on that though ... I tend to lie to myself. (20/12/06) Version 1.42 - Not a huge update, but my last for a long time. Fixed typos, grammar and other little mistakes. Changed some things suggested via email. Once again changed ASCII, still generated. Happy Holidays (28/12/06) Version 1.43 - Small update. Allowed supercheats.com to use the guide. (30/12/06) Version 1.44 - I dare not say this is my final update, but it may well be. Added notes here and there. Happy New Year! (20/1/07) Version 1.54 - Good update. More notices, added that I quit Maple Story =[. Allowed 8bitGFX.com to use the guide, as well as putting in some e-mail suggestions. (2/2/07) Version 1.64 - Switched from 8bitGFX.com to theoreX.net. Added more suggestions and notes, etc. Guide is now free of typos, to my knowledge. (25/2/07) Version 1.74 - It's been awhile hasn't it? I'm into Gunbound now and e-mails have been less frequent lately. Some of you may have heard via e-mail that I had to reformat (reboot, whatever it is) my PC due to a virus and all my data was lost, including this guide. Thus I sort of neglected it for awhile until I had enough suggestions from other maplers to copy and paste it from GameFAQS and bring it back to Notepad to edit it. Thanks guys, I appreciate the e-mails. About changes - I put a lot of suggestions, "Yet Another Note" at the beginning of the guide...and that's about it. This isn't a big update but I felt like bringing it up a tenth so I did. One more thing, I was unable to locate a theoreX.net, and the person who submitted the website was notified about this and I hope it'll get cleared up. Enjoy! (7/5/07) Version 1.75 - I now started playing MS again, and this guide is well overdue for an update anyway. I felt it was the right time. Now I don't think I've gotten any guide-worthy suggestions since last time - if I'm wrong, e-mail me and I'll put em' in. This is just to commemorate me restarting MS. Edited the Clerics vs. Other Classes section, with some stuff I realized while playing. (8/23/07) Version 1.85 - Updates are less frequent - only for suggestions now, usually. I added a ton of them and fixed typos, etc. Happy Mapling! (1/10/08) Version 1.95 - Every time I check back there are more typos. Anyways, I added the Suggestions Corner and transferred all the suggestions throughout the guide to there. Enjoy, please read, there's a lot of useful info there. (2/8/08) Version 2.05 - Yay! I'm in the two's. More suggestions, note at the beginning and in the training section (CPQ!). (13/4/08) Version 2.06 - The only updates you will see are ones with suggestions from now on, or possibly notes about a new PQ I have tried out. Also, an Archer (Hunter) Guide is on the way, so expect a decrease in updates. (22/5/08) Version 2.16 - More suggestions were added and despite myself I allowed another site to use the guide, though they were very nice about it and curteous. Take that as a lesson! =) (23/10/08) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 3) Cleric vs. Other Classes Why would you want to become a mage (and later a cleric)? First of all, mages benefit from being able to attack from afar and from close up. Although the first 10 or so levels may be hell, from levels 15 to the mid-30’s, you will far out-damage other classes. Mages are easily accepted into PQs (from Kerning PQ, where mages are powerful, to Ludibrium PQ, where clerics are one of the most desired party members). Yes, mages have the worst Defense and HP of all characters. However, they get ridiculously high MP. You will also get a skill that transfers HP Damage into MP Damage, which makes up for you low HP. Of course, clerics get the awesome skill Heal, which, as the name indicates, will heal you and your party members, but will also inflict damage to Undead Monsters. In addition, clerics are the best partiers, because they have buff skills (skills that increase your stats such as defense, accuracy, etc.). The best think about clerics in my opinion is this. You can: A. Heal your own HP. B. Regain your own MP C. Damage Monsters D. Gain Experience All with one skill - Heal. Well, sort of. If you get MP Eater to a decent level, and heal to a decent level, you'll do all that on your own. And, of course, you'll gain EXP from healing if you're in a party. Clerics become very rich this way since they buy no HP potions, and very few MP potions. Clerics are stable characters and are really fun to play. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 4) Ability Point Allocation Maple Story is a game that is very stat sensitive, meaning that it depends heavily on stats. Should you “mess up” one of your stats, your character will be ruined for ever and will deal lower damage than if it wasn’t “messed up”. The first step to creating a mage is to roll those dice. When you select “Create a Character”, choose your hair, clothes, etc. Pick a name for your character, and roll the dice. A perfect roll would be: STR: 4 DEX: 4 INT: X LUK: X Int and Luk are listed as “X” because these stats do not matter when you are rolling. STR and DEX are your two stats that do not affect your damage. You will NEVER add to these stats, nor will you add to your HP or MP. You want your STR and DEX to be as low as possible so that your LUK and INT will be respectively higher. The ideal STR and DEX is 4, however you could settle for a 5 in one of them, or, if you’re really impatient, a 5 in both. In the end, it doesn’t RUIN your character; it just means you will have a little lower damage. On Maple Island, most prefer to get their LUK to 11 right off the bat, and then dump all their points into INT until level 8. You do not need to do it this way, it is just simpler. For every level after this, you will want your LUK to be your level + 3. For example, if you are level 22, your LUK should be 25; if you’re level 45, your LUK should be 48. To become a mage, you will need 20 INT. Also, since you become a magician at level 8, your LUK should be 11 at this time (but it isn't NECESSARY). You will have more INT than 20, just a reminder that you need that much. All you need to remember about Ability Points (AP) is that your LUK should be Your Level + 3, and that all other points should go into INT. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 5) Starting Off: Maple Island Once you have created your character you will find yourself in a map. Customize your controls the way you think is right for you, and continue. There are some quests you can do on the way to the Training Grounds. Personally I find these a waste of time. You could spend 2 minutes clicking back and forth between NCPs (Non-Player-Characters) or you could kill a Snail (which takes 5 seconds), and get the same reward. The only quest you may want to complete is Roger's, because the reward is a much needed 3 Red Potions. Press the UP arrow to go through portals. From levels 1-7 you will be staying at Snail Hunting Ground I to train on Green Snails. Other snails take too many hits, because your raw damage is only 1-3 now. When you’re level 7 and about 50%, travel to Amherst. Complete all the quests you can and you should level to 8. You are now ready to leave Maple Island. Travel to Southperry and pay the 150 meso fine to travel to Victoria Island. A little reminder that your LUK should be 11, and that your INT should be at least 20. If you followed the Ability Points Allocation section, your INT should be well above that. NOTE: After a very cool update, you now go through "Training Camp", which I think is awesome, and you get dressed up as a little apple. The quests are easier to do now, so I suggest you do them. It's also a very fun experience, so enjoy yourself here. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 6) Becoming a Mage After taking the ship to Victoria Island, you will arrive in Lith Harbor. Talk to the guy in the Ticket Booth and tell him “Please take me somewhere else”. Pay the 100 mesos to go to Ellinia. This is the mage town, and you will be going here a lot to buy equipment. Travel to the very top of Ellinia and enter the building. Talk to Grendel the Really Old, and if you’re level 8 with 20 INT (which you should be) he will make you a Magician. You will notice that your stats have increased. He also mentions something about SP (Skill Points). We’ll find out what that is and how to use it in the next section. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 7) Skill Point Allocation <1st Job> Every level after level 8, you will receive 3 Skill Points. You can distribute these however you like. With mages, where you put your SP (and when) can greatly affect your stats later on. I have made 3 Skill Paths. The first is for the first timer mage, who will want to conserve mesos. The second is for the funded mage who will want to become as powerful as possible, as early as possible. The final build is the “perfect” mage build, which will allow you to have slightly more MP, at the cost of having to kill snails for another 5 or so levels (which, in my opinion is not worth it). Well, it’s your choice. I will list the skill point(s) acquired at each level and where to distribute them for that level. The one SP you receive at level 8 is from the Job Advancement. BUILD 1 For the First-Timer Level 8: +1 Energy Bolt Level 9: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 10: +2 Improving MP Recovery, +1 Improving Max MP Increase Level 11: +3 Improving Max MP Increase Level 12: +3 Improving Max MP Increase Level 13: +3 Improving Max MP Increase (MAX) Level 14: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 15: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 16: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 17: +2 Improving MP Recovery (MAX), +1 Magic Claw Level 18: +3 Magic Claw Level 19: +3 Magic Claw Level 20: +3 Magic Claw Level 21: +3 Magic Claw Level 22: +3 Magic Claw Level 23: +3 Magic Claw Level 24: +1 Magic Claw (MAX), +2 Magic Guard Level 25: +3 Magic Guard Level 26: +3 Magic Guard Level 27: +3 Magic Guard Level 28: +3 Magic Guard Level 29: +3 Magic Guard Level 30: +3 Magic Guard (MAX) For those who prefer it in words: Energy Bolt > 1, Improving MP Recovery > 5, Improving Max MP Increase > MAX, Improving MP Recovery > MAX, Magic Claw > MAX, Magic Guard > MAX At level 30, your skills should look like: Improving MP Recovery: 16 (MAX) Improving Max MP Increase 10 (MAX) Magic Guard: 20 (MAX) Energy Bolt: 1 Magic Claw: 20 (MAX) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BUILD 2 For the Funded Mage Level 8: +1 Energy Bolt Level 9: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 10: +2 Improving MP Recovery, +1 Improving Max MP Increase Level 11: +3 Improving Max MP Increase Level 12: +3 Improving Max MP Increase Level 13: +3 Improving Max MP Increase (MAX) Level 14: +3 Magic Claw Level 15: +3 Magic Claw Level 16: +3 Magic Claw Level 17: +3 Magic Claw Level 18: +3 Magic Claw Level 19: +3 Magic Claw Level 20: +2 Magic Claw (MAX), +1 Improving MP Recovery Level 21: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 22: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 23: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 24: +1 Improving MP Recovery (MAX), +2 Magic Guard Level 25: +3 Magic Guard Level 26: +3 Magic Guard Level 27: +3 Magic Guard Level 28: +3 Magic Guard Level 29: +3 Magic Guard Level 30: +3 Magic Guard (MAX) For those who prefer it in words: Energy Bolt > 1, Improving MP Recovery > 5, Improving Max MP Increase > MAX, Magic Claw > MAX, Improving MP Recovery > MAX, Magic Guard > MAX At level 30, your skills should look like: Improving MP Recovery: 16 (MAX) Improving Max MP Increase 10 (MAX) Magic Guard: 20 (MAX) Energy Bolt: 1 Magic Claw: 20 (MAX) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BUILD 3 To Maximize MP (makes levels 8-13 EXTRMEMELY hard – you must continue to use your physical attack, because your first point goes into MP Recovery, which means slightly more MP later since you max MP Increase earlier. In my opinion, this is not worth it. I just put it here for you “different” people ;). I also assumed you are not a first timer if you are using this build, meaning you max Magic Claw before finishing Improving MP Recovery. Level 8: +1 Improving MP Recovery Level 9: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 10: +1 Improving MP Recovery, +2 Improving Max MP Increase Level 11: +3 Improving Max MP Increase Level 12: +3 Improving Max MP Increase Level 13: +2 Improving Max MP Increase (MAX), +1 Energy Bolt Level 14: +3 Magic Claw Level 15: +3 Magic Claw Level 16: +3 Magic Claw Level 17: +3 Magic Claw Level 18: +3 Magic Claw Level 19: +3 Magic Claw Level 20: +2 Magic Claw (MAX), +1 Improving MP Recovery Level 21: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 22: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 23: +3 Improving MP Recovery Level 24: +1 Improving MP Recovery (MAX), +2 Magic Guard Level 25: +3 Magic Guard Level 26: +3 Magic Guard Level 27: +3 Magic Guard Level 28: +3 Magic Guard Level 29: +3 Magic Guard Level 30: +3 Magic Guard For those who prefer it in words: Improving MP Recovery > 5, Improving Max MP Increase > MAX, Energy Bolt > 1, Magic Claw > MAX, Improving MP Recovery > MAX, Magic Guard > MAX At level 30, your skills should look like: Improving MP Recovery: 16 (MAX) Improving Max MP Increase 10 (MAX) Magic Guard: 20 (MAX) Energy Bolt: 1 Magic Claw: 20 (MAX) Really it is just the order in which you acquire skills that makes the difference in these builds. The overall outcome is identical in all 3. If you have a question on anything skill-wise, chances are it is in Section 16 (Skill Details). =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 8) Training Spots <1st Job> Now you’re probably wondering... where do I train? Well, ultimately, the choice is yours. I have listed here some tried and true training methods, some suggestions from our fellow maplers (thanks a lot, everybody!) and I’ve thrown some of my own into the mix. Please note that some are more for funded mages because they consume more MP and HP. This will be listed, so not to worry. At the bottom of each level section there is a monster/area listed in caps. This is basically to summarize what I’ve explained, in one or two words =]. TRAINING AREAS Level 8-14 You’re going to want to go with slimes at this level. You should 2 or 3 hit KO them, and at 10 exp apiece, they’re good for leveling. In terms of where to find them, I suggest either Henesys Hunting Grounds I (from here on referred to as HHG), The Tree That Grew or the Slime Tree. The Tree that Grew is 2 maps north of Ellinia, while the Slime Tree is one map south, inside a tree in the far south-western area of the map. All of these options are high-spawn (except possibly The Tree that Grew), so you shouldn’t have a problem. For the funded mage I suggest HHG I because of the high spawn rate. >SLIMES Level 14-18 This is really where the funded and non-funded split up. The non-funded will want to stick with slimes until level 16 or 17, at which point they will switch to Orange Mushrooms, at Kerning City Construction Site (one map left or Kerning City) or at HHG I. The funded mage has just acquired Magic Claw, so they will definitely want to switch to Orange Mushrooms right at 14. You can stay here until around level 21 for non-funded and 18 or 19 for funded. >ORANGE MUSHROOMS Level 18-22 Here the non-funded and funded are divided as well. The non-funded will be sticking with Orange Mushrooms until about level 20 or 21. Then they will switch to Pig Beach. Assuming you are starting from Henesys, Pig Beach can be found by first going 4 maps left of Henesys. You will end up at a map called Split Road. Here you will take the LAST ladder you see (meaning the left-most one) up. Travel a little bit to the right and you will see a patch of Yellow Flowers. Press up on these and you will be warped to Pig Beach. The funded mage is going to change to Pig Beach at level 18 or so, because by now Orange Mushrooms aren’t giving you as much experience. >PIG BEACH Level 22-26 Here there are a few options and the funded and unfunded start to merge toward each other. The non-funded will want to stick with Pig Beach till level 24 or even 25. At this point they will switch to the Ant Tunnel, which can be found on the right most side of the Dungeon-town Sleepywood. The funded mage will switch right at 23 or even 22, for experience sake. You WILL use A LOT of potions here, so be warned; however, you are literally right beside a town, so restocking shouldn’t be a problem. The second option here is PQ, also known as Party Quest. Because you are a mage you are accepted into parties more frequently than a warrior of the same level. However, even though you are a mage, you aren’t suitable (and thus people won’t accept you) until about level 24. You may want to wait for level 25 for a PQ; most parties like to have members at or over that level. PLEASE do not ask me how to PQ, there are many guides for that and this is not one of them. >ANT TUNNEL or PARTY QUEST Level 26-30 I would have to say, the best option here is PQ. Now that you’re level 26 or so, everybody will want to accept you (well, most of them). Party Quests are also fountains of money, but be warned: they can make you rich (like giving you a 10% Overall DEX scroll, worth a lot) or making you lose some money by giving you something like ores. Really it depends. Personally, I think you’ve trained hard enough to get to level 26 or so, and PQ is one of the most fun things in Maple Story. You deserve some fun, right? ...Right? Nearing level 28, you will be accepted in a matter of minutes (or seconds) because mages really are THE most powerful character at this level. So all that hard work DID pay off! The second option here is to stick with Ant Tunnel. You will be coming back here later, and if you’re funded chances are you’ve been here for a few levels. This place will get REALLY boring later, so my advice is to PQ. It is your character, so if you want to go from 22 to say 35 in one place, be my guest. >PQ or ANT TUNNEL You’re finally level 30, and it’s time for the Second Job Advancement! Along with a new title for yourself, you get new skills and new equipment. It’s time to advance! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 9) Becoming a Cleric Yes, it’s finally time to become... a cleric! Journey to Ellinia and meet up with your (old) friend Grendel the Really Old. Talk to him and you will acquire a letter. This time it’s a little more than a walk in the park to make the advancement. You will need to travel 3 maps north of Ellinia, to a map called “The Forest North of Ellinia”. Venture to the very top and you will find an NPC called “Mage Instructor” or something along those lines. Make sure you have a good amount of potions, as the monsters here do not drop them. Talk to the instructor and you will be transported to a map. It is similar to the Curse Eye tree if you have been there. The monsters here are different. They drop nothing except Black Marbles, and they don’t give experience. Although all you have to fight is Horny Mushrooms and Curse Eyes, their stats are raised (including HP and ATTACK), so be on your toes and keep an eye on your HP (MP if you are using Magic Guard, which you should be). Once you have collected 30 of these, exit via talking to the Instructor. He will reward you with the “Proof of a Hero”. Back in Ellinia, talk to Grendel once again, and this time, he will make you a Cleric! Your stats are raised and you get an extra ETC. row in your inventory. He’ll also give you SP just like before, along with a new set of skills. Where to put the SP is explained in the next section. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 10) Skill Point Allocation <2nd Job> Here I have listed two skill paths. One of them is for the Cleric who wishes to conserve mesos, which means you get MP Eater and Max Teleport earlier (this is not necessarily a non-funded path). The second is for the Cleric who is leaning towards being a party cleric, meaning you get Bless and Invincible first. As was with the 1st job builds, the outcome is identical. BUILD 1 For the money-saving Cleric (also a path suited for Solo Clerics [clerics who train mostly on their own instead of partying]). Level 30: +1 Teleport Level 31: +3 Heal Level 32: +3 Heal Level 33: +3 Heal Level 34: +3 Heal Level 35: +3 Heal Level 36: +3 Heal Level 37: +3 Heal Level 38: +3 Heal Level 39: +3 Heal Level 40: +3 Heal (MAX) Level 41: +3 MP Eater Level 42: +3 MP Eater Level 43: +3 MP Eater Level 44: +3 MP Eater Level 45: +3 MP Eater Level 46: +3 MP Eater Level 47: +2 MP Eater (MAX), +1 Teleport Level 48: +3 Teleport Level 49: +3 Teleport Level 50: +3 Teleport Level 51: +3 Teleport Level 52: +3 Teleport Level 53: +3 Teleport (MAX) Level 54: +3 Invincible Level 55: +2 Invincible, +1 Bless Level 56: +3 Bless Level 57: +3 Bless Level 58: +3 Bless Level 59: +3 Bless Level 60: +3 Bless Level 61: +3 Bless Level 62: +1 Bless (MAX), +2 Invincible Level 63: +3 Invincible Level 64: +3 Invincible Level 65: +3 Invincible Level 66: +3 Invincible Level 67: +1 Invincible (MAX), +2 Holy Arrow Level 68: +3 Holy Arrow Level 69: +3 Holy Arrow Level 70: +3 Holy Arrow For those who prefer it in written form: Teleport > 1, Heal > MAX, MP Eater > MAX, Teleport > MAX, Invincible > 5, Bless > MAX, Invincible > MAX, Holy Arrow > 11 NOTE: If you would like, you can put your 1st point on Heal and save Teleport till after MP Eater or after Heal. However, I suggest 1 point on Teleport for Ludi PQ, which you (probably) will be doing. If you do not plan on Ludi PQing, I still suggest your 1st point on Teleport, because Level 1 Heal is useless. NOTE: If you would like, you can max Teleport before MP Eater. Some chose to do this - it is a good idea if you use teleport frequently (in this case it saves more MP than MP Eater). MP Eater is better for the solo trainer who likes to hunt. If you follow my non-PQ path, MP Eater and Teleport are both useful, MP Eater slightly more so because you will be mob-killing with heal. NOTE: If you would like, you can finish off Invincible then max Bless. Personally I did Bless first, because I was in need of some nice Buffs after maxing Heal/MP Eater/Teleport. In the end you will end up with: Heal: 30 (MAX) MP Eater: 20 (MAX) Teleport: 20 (MAX) Invincible: 20 (MAX) Bless: 20 (MAX) Holy Arrow: 11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BUILD 2 For the Cleric leaning towards being a Party Cleric. In this build, you WILL use a lot of potions (not many more than other classes would, just more than other clerics would) because you do not Max Teleport early, and you do not get MP Eater early. You probably should be funded for this build, however it is not necessary. Level 30: +1 Teleport Level 31: +3 Heal Level 32: +3 Heal Level 33: +3 Heal Level 34: +3 Heal Level 35: +3 Heal Level 36: +3 Heal Level 37: +3 Heal Level 38: +3 Heal Level 39: +3 Heal Level 40: +3 Heal (MAX) Level 41: +3 Invincible Level 42: +2 Invincible, +1 Bless Level 43: +3 Bless Level 44: +3 Bless Level 45: +3 Bless Level 46: +3 Bless Level 47: +3 Bless Level 48: +3 Bless Level 49: +1 Bless (MAX), +2 Invincible Level 50: +3 Invincible Level 51: +3 Invincible Level 52: +3 Invincible Level 53: +3 Invincible Level 54: +1 Invincible (MAX), +2 Teleport Level 55: +3 Teleport Level 56: +3 Teleport Level 57: +3 Teleport Level 58: +3 Teleport Level 59: +3 Teleport Level 60: +2 Teleport (MAX), +1 MP Eater Level 61: +3 MP Eater Level 62: +3 MP Eater Level 63: +3 MP Eater Level 64: +3 MP Eater Level 65: +3 MP Eater Level 66: +3 MP Eater Level 67: +1 MP Eater (MAX), +2 Holy Arrow Level 68: +3 Holy Arrow Level 69: +3 Holy Arrow Level 70: +3 Holy Arrow For those who prefer it in written form: Teleport > 1, Heal > MAX, Invincible > 5, Bless > MAX, Invincible > MAX, MP Eater > MAX, Teleport > MAX, Holy Arrow > 11 NOTE: If you would like, you can put your 1st point on Heal and save Teleport till after Heal. However, I suggest 1 point on Teleport for Ludi PQ, which you (probably) will be doing. If you do not plan on Ludi PQing, I still suggest your 1st point on Teleport, because Level 1 Heal is useless. NOTE: If you would like, you can max MP Eater before Teleport. However, MP Eater isn’t very useful as a Party Cleric (really the only reason you get it is for the lack of something better. If you think Holy Arrow is better refer to Section 16) because you can’t absorb MP from your Party Members. The reason you get it is because later when you ARE soloing (which you WILL have to do) it comes in handy. Teleport is far more useful in this case, but if you feel like maxing MP Eater first, go ahead. NOTE: If you would like, you can finish off Invincible then max Bless. Because you are a party cleric, this isn’t really a great choice (Bless being a PARTY skill and Invincible being a SOLO skill...) but it’s your character. In the end, you will end up with: Heal: 30 (MAX) MP Eater: 20 (MAX) Teleport: 20 (MAX) Invincible: 20 (MAX) Bless: 20 (MAX) Holy Arrow: 11 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 11) Training Spots <2nd Job> Ok, here it really depends on you. There is more freedom during the second job, and really where you train depends on your style. There isn’t a division between funded and unfunded because by now you don’t max attack skills earlier or later. I also have not listed locations; really you should now the world of Maple Story well enough now. Hidden Streets that are hard to find ARE listed. These spots are based on my experiences and my friend’s. Some of the credit here should go to XxXAmandaXxX (no longer actively plays) because she helped me with a lot of these spots. Thanks! -A Little Note About CPQ: CPQ, or Monster Carnival Party Quest, is one of the very best sources of experience from levels 30-50. It's simply amazing. Basically, you get yourself a party of 2-6 members and kill a ton of monsters for 10 minutes. To give you an idea of how amazing the EXP is... at the earlier levels of CPQ, win 5 and you'll level up. I was levelling twice a day and I play for an hour and a half or 2 hours. There's a guide for it on Hiddden Street too, but the best thing is to get a friend who knows how and let them teach you - it's easy to learn, and the EXP is amazing from 30-40. At 40, it slows down, but you also get "Ranks", and a higher levelled party means a higher rank - which means more EXP for you! It's the best option from 30-40 if you can find a party, and after 40 it retains its top spot, although a little less OMGWTF than before. TRAINING SPOTS Level 30-35 Here you can go two ways. You can either chose Ant Tunnel (I know, you’ve been here before), which is my personal favorite, or Wild Boars. Basically, in the Ant Tunnel you can make use of your new skill Heal, and you should also OHKO everything that is here. Stick to the 1st Floor at the bottom. You may want to go to a crowded channel such as Channel 1, because the spawn rate is much higher. For me boars were slower. Let's do a tiny bit of math here. If I kill boars (consistently) in 2 hits, that would mean that I get 42 EXP for 2 hits, 40 MP used. When at Ant Tunnel, I get 84 EXP for 2 hits, because I can kill Zombie Mushrooms in one hit. I also save MP because I use 20 MP : 42 EXP rather than 40 MP : 42 EXP. Trust me, Ant Tunnel is better. >ANT TUNNEL or WILD BOARS (I took out LPQ because it just plain sucks compared to CPQ. There is no other way to describe it). Levels 35-41 Here you have quite a few choices. Now you should usually OHKO Boars, making them a fairly good option. If you’re sick of them, you can also try Jr. Wraiths at the 3rd Map right in the Subway. Your heal is a decent level now, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. You CAN stick with Ant Tunnel but I don’t suggest this. You will be thoroughly bored of it by now. > JR. WRAITHS Levels 41-50 Here you have quite a nice option. Zombie Lupins, which give 90 EXP apiece, are great. You can mob-heal them too, and if you took the Meso build, you’ll have MP Eater by now and you can efficiently drain the lupins’ MP. In terms of where to fight, any old Tree Dungeon will do. Try going into Monkey Forest I, then going to the bottom and entering the centre tree. Yes you MISS these occasionally. No it doesn’t REALLY matter. As you level, you will notice less misses. You will level very fast from level 41-44, at which point you will slow down a little, but not too noticeably. This is a great place because the drops (Curse Dolls) are also very valued. You can sell them at 200 apiece which can easily add up. I love this place for its good EXP and money. If you feel it’s getting just too slow at 48 or so, feel free to switch to Wraiths, explained in the next section. > ZOMBIE LUPINS Levels 51-60 Whether you PQed or not, you’re on the same path now. Now is when most people got to Wraiths. Not the Jr.'s like you may have hunted earlier – the big ones. Their drops are decent and now that your heal is doing good damage they shouldn’t be a problem. During your upper 50’s you have another option. Teleport is maxed out now (if you used the Meso Build) and this can really help you out. You can easily teleport up and down the Tree Dungeon at Monkey Forest, and you can 2HKO the Zombie Lupins here, making this a favourable option after level 58 or so. Wizet/Nexon will probably come up with many other PQs and I will NOT update my guide every time they do. Just judge it yourself - personally I love PQ so I'd do it at most opportunities, but the decision is yours. > WRAITHS, and later ZOMBIE LUPINS Level 60-70 Now is Zombies. Yes you will go here past level 70. I know it’s boring, I know there’s tons of KSers here. Tough luck. There’s a reason that so many people come here, and that is because it is such good exp at this level. 60 is the very earliest you should come here, just because otherwise you’ll get KSed. If you feel that you’re too weak, stick with Wraiths or Z. Lupins for another 2 or 3 levels. Yes you are level 70. It is finally time... to become a Priest! > ZOMBIES =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 12) Becoming a Priest It is finally time. Journey to El Nath at speak to Robeira at “Chief Residence”. Head back to Vic and talk to your BFF Grendel. Go to the Door of Dimension, which is at Forest of Evil II. You will end up at “Path of Glittering Crystal”. Be ready for your first real boss, excluding PQ. You have to fight your (ex) BFF, Grendel. Apparently this is his Dark Side (...). He isn’t all that difficult, but he's pretty beefy, and can inflict some good damage, so keep on your toes. Remember to acquire the Black Charm he drops. Go back to Grendel (the real one) and give him Black Charm. He will then give you Necklace of Strength. Back in El Nath, give the Necklace to Robeira. Mosey over to Holy Ground at the Snowfield (Sharp Cliff II). Remember to bring a Dark Crystal (refined) Answer the 5 (really easy) questions to get the Necklace of Wisdom. Back to Robeira... and you’re a Priest! You get some nice skills, more MP... and the mandatory one SP. Where to use it next. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 13) Skill Point Allocation <3rd Job> Hi! I cannot say that I have experienced being a Priest personally, so it is with limited information that I delve into this SP Chart. This path is the one I believe is correct, and the one I will use when I do become a priest. For those of you who like it in charts... It's (finally?) here! I've made a chart! . Thanks to an e-mail from Simon, I realized I had made a mistake in the build - too many points were put on Dispel. Thanks for noticing this - it has been changed. Level 70: +1 Dispel Level 71: +2 Dispel, +1 Magic Door Level 72: +3 Holy Symbol Level 73: +3 Holy Symbol Level 74: +3 Holy Symbol Level 75: +3 Holy Symbol Level 76: +3 Holy Symbol Level 77: +3 Holy Symbol Level 78: +3 Holy Symbol Level 79: +3 Holy Symbol Level 80: +3 Holy Symbol Level 81: +3 Holy Symbol (MAX) Level 82: +3 Shining Ray Level 83: +3 Shining Ray Level 84: +3 Shining Ray Level 85: +3 Shining Ray Level 86: +3 Shining Ray Level 87: +3 Shining Ray Level 88: +3 Shining Ray Level 89: +3 Shining Ray Level 90: +3 Shining Ray Level 91: +3 Shining Ray (MAX) Level 92: +3 Summon Dragon Level 93: +3 Summon Dragon Level 94: +3 Summon Dragon Level 95: +3 Summon Dragon Level 96: +3 Summon Dragon Level 97: +3 Summon Dragon Level 98: +3 Summon Dragon Level 99: +3 Summon Dragon Level 100: +3 Summon Dragon Level 101: +3 Summon Dragon (MAX) Level 102: +3 Elemental Resistance Level 103: +3 Elemental Resistance Level 104: +3 Elemental Resistance Level 105: +3 Elemental Resistance Level 106: +3 Elemental Resistance Level 107: +3 Elemental Resistance Level 108: +2 Elemental Resistance (MAX), +1 Dispel Level 109: +3 Dispel Level 110: +3 Dispel Level 111: +3 Dispel Level 112: +3 Dispel Level 113: +3 Dispel Level 114: +1 Dispel (MAX), +2 Doom Level 115: +3 Doom Level 116: +3 Doom Level 117: +3 Doom Level 118: +3 Doom Level 119: +3 Doom Level 120: +3 Doom Basically: Dispel > 3, Magic Door > 1, Holy Symbol > MAX, Summon Dragon > MAX, Elemental Resistance > MAX, Dispel > MAX, Doom > 20 (You can put these points into any skill you want). Like I said before, I wouldn't rely on this 100%. It is, really, a very simple build, considering it's 3rd job. Just a few rough guidlines to follow. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 14) Training Spots <3rd Job> Really, most of the training here is up to you. Unlike earleir sections, I haven't made a list of where to train for every level. Instead I'll list where to train, and you decide when you want to switch. After level 78+, you will be partying and PQing, so there isn't a lot in this section to begin with. First off, you're going to want to finish off your 5 or 6 levels at zombies. These are the last few levels of solo-ing for a priest, so for all you hard core solo-ers, this is (sadly) the end. At level 76, your Holy Symbol is giving good experience and you'll want to start partying. Find yourself some Dragon Knights or other warriors (preferably Dragon Knights, because of Hyper Body, a skill that raises HP). You can let them chose where to go, because it really is their choice. You're the tag-along, healer and buffer who is the life force of these walking suits of armor. Dont kill any of them ;). Really you can decide when you want to Zakum PQ. You will want to be level 100ish to perform it. You'll have maxed Shining Ray and Holy Symbol by now, so it shouldn't be too tough. Have fun ZPQing, and have a great Priest-hood. Pianus and Papulatus (and whatever other bosses Wizet manages to come up with in the future) are yours to conquer if you so wish. Have a good time beating up anything you want. Good luck! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 15) Equipment There isn’t really a need for this section, but I’m putting it in for all you first-timers our there. I hope you enjoy. Really for the first 15 or so levels, all you need to do is buy what you need at Ellinia. If you can afford it, I would strongly suggest a Magic Shield at level 22. Now I’m going to break things down... Please note: Why I do not list equips that add LUK when you could get one that adds INT: think about it. If you get an equip that adds LUK, you will not add into LUK. Instead, where will those points go? INT. If you get a 3 LUK bonus, in the end it is a 3 INT bonus. When you change equips though, if your new equip gives less LUK than the previous one, you'll have to add to LUK, and if you add AP before equipping stuff, this is a serious problem. In adddition, you'll just have to put LUK back on anyways, so it won't make a difference. When given the option, I strongly suggest equipment that adds to INT, because your damage is directly increased. A(nother) side note: I always prefer to stick with Staffs (staves?) as oppose to wands, in general. They look better, and it isn’t all that meso efficient to get a new weapon every 2 or 3 levels. You may want to get a Wand at level 48+ but before that all you need is a Staff. Despite the above, I just realized that Staves are SLOWER than Wands... and quite noticeably too. I still use staffs, but wands are probably better now. Sorry if this was already a well-known fact -.- Level 30+33 Here you’re going to want to get a set to reward yourself for becoming a cleric. A Brown Jester is almost a must, and a CircleWinded staff is nice as well. MagicShoes are a good buy, you will be keeping these until level 40. Another thing you may want to get at 33 is a Black Chaos Robe. You may wish to get a Lutia (glove) but it isn’t really worth it. Level 35+38 Oh... you’ve gotten past the low 30’s, an annoying little section... you deserve a reward. Get yourself a Matty as well as new gloves (Noel). You may want to get new shoes, but it’s not worth it because 35-40 goes by fast enough. In terms of overalls, you will DEFINITELY want to get a Dark Starlight (note that you need 20 fame to wear it. Why, I do not know...) because you don’t get a new one for 10 levels. Don’t get the Crystal Wand, it’s bloody expensive, instead get a Petal Staff. Level 40 (48) I love these equips - you get a reward here too! You’ll want to update your whole inventory now. New hat (Guiltian; preferably white), Gloves (Dark Arten, a nice INT bonus), Shoes (Dark Moon Shoes) and a Hall Staff. In addition, get Blue Moons and scroll them with 100% Earring INT x 5. It only costs 175kish, and you get a nice 5matk bonus. Don’t get Pansy Earrings at 45, they’re ugly anyways. You will want to get a decently scrolled Cromi because you aren’t getting anything else for 7 levels. From here on in, you really can do it yourself. Get yourself a nice level 50 set. If you get a really good one it can add up to 15 INT, which is a wicked bonus. Here on in get what you can really afford. You should be manually scrolling your Staffs/Wands from levels 55 and up, or buying them pre-scrolled. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 16) FAQs, Skill Details, Etc. Here is the reasoning behind all of my Skill Builds, along with a FAQ (mostly on skills). Some good stuff here (my fave section). Please read! A little side note: I know I say "Monsters with *Blank* Attack" and Monsters in Maple Story don't always have a set attack (do they...wow I don't know enough about this game as I should). Anyways, it's only for demonstrative purposes. SECTION I - Magic Armor, etc. -Why don't I get Magic Armor? The reason is because it becomes useless after a certain amount of levels. Magic Armor gives a 40 DEF Bonus when maxed. Let's say you're level 20, and you're training on a monster that has 50 Attack. The monster will do significantly less damage to you. However, once you start leveling, the skill becomes less and less useful. At level 30, you're fighting a monster with 250 Attack, and 40 less isn't all that much. At level 40, you'll fight monsters with over 400 attack, and Magic Armor isn't going to do anything. There are 1st Job skills that are much more useful. -Well then, what's so much better about Invincible? Isn't it the same thing? No. When Invincible is maxed, it gives a 30 PERCENT Weapon Damage Decrease. This way, whether you are fighting a 200 Attack Monster or a 10,000 Attack Monster, the decrease will still be significant. This skill is useful, and it stays that way throughout your Cleric/Priest life. SECTION II - Holy Arrow -Why don't I get Holy Arrow? Well, I will tell you why. The normal cleric training path goes like so (whether you refer to my guide or not): Ant Tunnel > Jr. Wraiths > Zombie Lupins > Wraiths > Zombies. At NO POINT IN THAT PATH do you EVER fight a monster that is susceptible to holy, but not Heal. Holy Arrow is completely useless, especially because by the time you get it, you'll almost be a priest, and Shining Ray, with a better BA when at level 11 than Holy Arrow is when maxed, is far better. SECTION III - Bless -If I didn't get Magic Armor because it wasn't percentage, then why am I getting Bless, which isn't percentage either? I know, I used to think the same way too. You do not get bless for the Weapon Defense or Magic Defense; you do not get for YOU. You get it for the DKs and other warriors that you will be partying with later on. They need that accuracy that Bless gives. SECTION IV - Teleport - Why do I max Teleport? The reason is this. You will use Teleport throughout your life; it will never become useless or overshadowed by another skill. Teleport, when at level 1, uses 60 MP, and while at level 20, uses 13 MP. It is so necessary to max this skill, otherwise you will be using MP 5 times faster. It's a HUGE MP saver, almost (or surpassing, depending on your style) MP Eater in how much MP you will save. Please remember, additional questions, please contact me in game or email me (listed at top). =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 17) Suggestions Corner You may have noticed that I already have one of these in my assassin guide - unfortunately it's not very full at all. This guide still seems to get WAY more suggestions, so I thought it'd be better if I did this. I meant this as a section you just read through, so I'm not going to categorize them in anyway right now (they're in the order in which they appeared in my guide). If you feel there's a better way, feel free to e-mail me (contact at the top). Also note that I did capitalize/correct some words, but I kept the same meaning so don't worry about that. Also stopped listing e-mails, instead just names. I don't want these people getting the spam I get -.- -SurfieRox833: You should advise people to stay at training camp until level 4-5 at least. It will take about 15 minutes to level from 1-5 there and you can't die either making things much easier and the monsters in training camp die with 2-3 hits for a mage while the ones on Maple Island take at least 5-15+ shots since you are only able to do about 1-2 damage on them. -Anonymous: When you are level 7+, travel to Lith Harbor and answer a number of questions from a guy on the right hand side (Olaf). This gives you a certain amount of exp and you get a quest. To finish this quest, just talk to the Grendel the Really Old. Careful on this quest, as if you do it at Level 8 and 80%, you'll probably level up to 9 before advancing, which would NOT be good. -Marks: When my friend tried to use the MAX MP build he only got 9 MP extra so I don't think it's worth it. -Joey: If your a funded mage, level 8 to 13 is a great place to train in the slime tree. Near levels 14 to 17, I trained at the Pig Beach. Finally, I trained at the Mushroom Dungeon in Ellinia (with the horny and green mushrooms) until level 20 before switching to the Ant Tunnel. If you're funded, leveling up should be much faster, and you wouldn't use too much pots either. I personally used about 300 orange potions and mana elixirs, which isn't a lot for the funded. -Garrett: Have you tried leveling in Ant Tunnel at level 18? I was able to train there quickly and easily with the level 15 equips and not many potions, and on my own. -Elliot: Third job clerics go REALLY well with Dragon Knights, but I've just experimented and found out second job clerics do too. If a cleric wants to power-level and he has a Dragon Knight friend who's willing to help, he's in a lot of luck thanks to this new patch, which makes clerics gain EXP from healing. You'll need max Heal for this, or close. Have your DK spam Dragon Roar on a small map, which will make him lose huge amounts of HP. You spam heal to recover him. My DK friend is lvl 134, I am 46, and in addition to the minor experience from the enemies, (I got 20+2 party xp per Panda he killed,) I got roughly 60 xp every time I recovered my friend from his Dragon Roar, which was basically every two seconds. In I think a half hour I gained 25% experience, which for lvl 46 is not half bad. At my level a full Ludi PQ will get you maybe 6-8% in 45 minutes or so, so this is much better. -SurfieRox833: You should mention that you can either Orbis PQ or Ludi Maze PQ. Orbis Smug PQ is faster, but if you want to Maze PQ, feel free. They both give quite good exp. The only bad thing about Ludi Maze PQ is that the exp you get ranges from 0-15000+ exp per 7 mins or so if you only do rooms 6 and 7. However, Orbis PQ assures you that you will get 21000 exp every 11 mins or so. So in the end, Orbis Smug PQ turns out to be better. The bad thing is that Orbis Smug PQ will probably be patched with the next patch. -Sanyishka: Ludi Maze PQ Runs usually take 1-2 minutes to complete when you do just rooms 6 and 7. If you're in a slow group runs are still under 5 minutes. On average I get 7500 xp per round. Getting 0 xp is VERY RARE. I've lost count of the times I've gotten 15,000 xp in a round, but I've only received 0 exp twice. So really, expect to get between 2,500-15,000 xp every 1-2 minutes. Seriously. -Yoshimichi: I was just reading your guide, and I have some Priest training suggestions. 70~73 Continue Zombies 74~78 DT's, even without HS warriors are still begging for you to come with them. 78~83 MDT's with a DK that can kill rather fast is about 15~20% an hour. 84~100 Heres the real freedom. You can either start at gobies, which is extremely good exp, or you could go to spirit vikings and squids. Recommend Gobies though. 100~120 I've heard that Grim Phantom Watches are nowhere near as good exp as gobies are, so you either stay their or find a party at those new undead monsters all the way at the end of Mu Lung. -BawangLover: So I tried out your max mp build and just from getting from lvl 9 to 10 was driving me insane. I thought I would never reach it. Then I realized I actually had a way around not having bolt. From lvl 9 on I just spammed three snail shell skill from beginer's book. I had maxed it lvl 3 and then just began hording red shells, as well as asking people for their spares. For the most part, it deals 40 dmg per shot which is enough to easily farm again slimes. My suggestion is just farm acctual red snails with it for a while and move on when you want to. It made the process so much easier and acctually made the little extra you get worth it. -Loopiez: Around level 18 or 19, Magicians can start making their way out of Orange Mushrooms and towards "Over The Wall". You should know that Over The Wall can be reached by going into the middle of the three doors in The Land Of Wild Board 1. You can find Stumps, Axe Stumps, Dark Stumps and Dark Axe Stumps. It's not a very big map, and the experience : # of hits it takes to kill ratio is quite good, for me at least. I breezed through my late 1x's over here. Once you hit 20, instead of sticking to Ant Tunnel or pig beach., you can also head to Dungeon, Southern Forest IV, the famous Horny/Green mushroom dungeon. Each should take around 2-3 hits to kill. Another option is to head to Shanghai via the world tour guide for 3,000 mesos and go after Roosters and Ducks. The experience is around the same as Horny Mushrooms, and they have some awesome drops as well. At level 25 or 26, I tend to head towards PQing alot, but I get bored and head back to *sigh* Ant Tunnel. The new Excavation Sites show that Wooden and Rocky Masks are and EXCELLENT source of income. The drops are brilliant, the best I've seen in an under - 30 monster. More adventurous late 2x's can head to Aqua Road for some Masked Fish and Krips. These two are known for being the bearers of the Petal Staff and Circle-Winded staff respectively. 26 onwards are some of the funnest times in your Maple Career, because as Magicians you are recognised as being the strongest 1st -jobbers and thus your opportunities are endless. Another thing I would like to suggest is this interesting build I followed a couple of times. I like to think of it as a build for the "semi-funded". Basically, you Max out Max MP increase as always, then put seven points into Magic Claw, Max out MP Recovery, Max out Claw, then Magic Guard. It's basically to help speed the 1x's. -SecksyDemon: At slime tree and in ant tunnel 1 (and probably other places), there are weakened bosses that are worth it to kill. They're not that hard and they drop cakes which sell for about 2k each. I got to 2mil from them, and i didn't kill many, because they drop so much. --Note: SecksyDemon plays MapleSEA - these bosses may not be out in Global yet. -Yue:I have another way to build up a priest, this only work if you have a lot of high level “trainers” to level you. Personally, I have 1 lvl 120+ DK, 2 lvl 110+ sader and a lvl 100 ice mage to lvl me, also a handful of random trainers from guild, so I don’t need to kill anything >.< basically. OK, back to topic, for me I lvl HS to lvl 20 first, since it give 140% exp for party at lvl 20, and only add 1% each lvl after it, so lvl 20 is ok for start. Then go for Elemental Resistance, add it to lvl 10, since it decrease 30% of mdmg at lvl 10, and only add 2% ea lvl after lvl 10. In this way its much easier to start training at gobies at lvl 80, the exp is godly there for lvl 80 priest, I did around 15~20%/hr most of the time, and if they kill faster it’s around 25%/hr, which is really nice. And those 30% less mdmg save me a lot of money! With a nice skill of hidden from the att of horse and bone fish, it only cost around 100 mp pots a lvl (I use 60% mana from NLC). And for lvl 80~90 max HS then ER, coz at lvl 90 you can start to train at himes. After that max SR > Dragon > Dispel > Door(or Doom). And by lvl 105 I think you can start at Jr.Nest at leafer. That’s my way of training, just for the suggestion. AznAriez: You should try monster carnival when your level 30~50. Rank Win Exp Lose Exp A 30,000 10,000 B 25,500 8,500 C 21,000 7,000 D 7,000 1,000 While your fighting, you can earn maple coins. You can exchange them for great rewards. Myrakio: noticed that you mentioned we should max SR after HS, but that isn't necessary. Unless your planning to be a solo priest in the later levels, SR isn't necessary until 10X areas. I suggest maxing Elemental Resistance instead after HS, because it will save you pots and save you from dying where it be of training with DK's/sins/etc. Most high-leveled monsters you train on with a DK/sin/etc. will have magic attack, so ER would effectively negate some damage done from that. (Except for Himes/Dreamy ghosts where ER isn't necessary because there magical attack is actually physical.) Anywho, a quick summary is that SR can be maxed after ER, because most of the time your going to be following around a person of higher leveled healing and HSing them. Maze69: From lvs 76-82 you should go to MDTs with a dk that use a spear not pole arms(spear is much stronger) u can also go to squids and train with a sniper/ranger-even without max hs theyr always happy to party a priest because u can heal them 82-95 u should be at gobis-try to get a party with at list 1 dk for hb- you lose alot less potions, and if the attakers are less than lvs 140 u should have 4 atakers in your party u can get around 30% an hr at lv 82 at lv 95 u should go to himes with a DK-himes are at mushroom shrine and the monsters are called dreamy ghost they give around 3.5kexp wich is alot it works the same as mdt only thr spawn is ALOT better in order for u to train at himes u need a dk for hb and u need max invincble, max element resitance. himes are the best exp u can get until lv 120 where u become a Bishop and u can go to leafre and own any map with genesis if u can find a 4th job mage with maz blizzard than gobis are sti good exp as the mage can breake the goby houses of half the map with 1 blizzard and kill the gobis with the next blizzard. AHemlocksLie: There's a map in Aqua Road called Aqua Road: The Dangerous Cave. Getting there requires dark sight to avoid the various monsters that are only fit for killing after 70+. They'll easily one-shot someone of my level. So, inside The Dangerous Cave, there's only one monster. Flyeyes. Tons of them. If you go to the far right, there's a platform with a portal on it. The portal takes you to Pianus, so for the love of god, do NOT go in there. If you stand on the platform with the portal, however, you have an excellent spot to spam the flyeyes. The respawn is amazing, they're 95 exp a pop with 1600 hp, and they just keep flying at you. Not many people seem to know about it because I almost never get anyone coming in there to train, although a high levels do pass through frequently trying to find a channel with Pianus in it. The only problem is that if you hit one and don't kill it, it'll obviously come after you. Being a flier, and a rather speedy one at that, it can be a bit difficult to kill it, especially without accidentally punching or shooting something else. It takes a bit of practice to get used to shaking them off, but once you get it down, it's excellent. I was leveling there with one set of steelies, two tobis, and the rest kumbis, and I had no problem. I also use warrior pills from ludi, though, for +5 atk for 10 minutes, and that's an awesome boost. Not huge, but definitely noticeable and helpful. Even at 54 (the last level I spent training there, just hit 55), I occaisonally two-shot them, though, so that was a bit of an issue. As my steelies and tobis wore out, it became slightly more of an issue, but with a few levels of booster to speed up my attacks, it wasn't too much of an issue. Unless I wasn't paying attention and punched one or shot one that was already right next to me, it rarely got to be a problem. WazuStrife (Khaini): At level 11+, you should buy your armour from lith harbour. It gives you more weapon defense than mage equipment. I myself am level 26 and still use it, though at what level you should switch to mage armour is up to you; when you start fighting enemies that use magic attacks instead of physical is the most viable. At level 25 or so there is a starry bandana available in the Kerning city armour store. This gives 18 weapon defense, a significant amount more than mage caps. LightCelbi: I think you should add in V/Hoodoos I am doing that from 55 to probably 70. Then another good training spot from 60-70 is Master Soul Teddy and Soul Teddy. If people get sick of Wraiths then they can go to Ludi and train on Master Chronos I liked the set-up of the map alot better and now with the jump down you don't have to waste mp on teleporting down. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 18) Credits, Finishing Stuff A small but incredibly important section. Everyone who deserves thanks is here. Thanks to: Wizet, for making this game. Nexon (grudgingly...) for...whatever they do. GMs - You guys have gotten so much better since I last played. I haven't seen a single hacker yet, and the whole atmosphere seems better. Congratulations GMs, keep up the awesome work. CJayC (GameFAQs) for hosting this amazing site. Cloud3z/Saigo (Hidden-Street) for hosting this amazing site. All you hosts of guide-hosting sites (sorry). XxXAmandaXxX for all her help with... well... everything. All my buddies, Ramez, Minna <3, Jere, Lucy, Kels, everybody! All the people I missed. And... You, dear reader, for reading, and (I hope) enjoying my guide. <> Ok, that wasn't actually the end...did you really thing my guide was over? Haha, you make me SiCk. You DISGUST ME, YOU VILE PIECE OF ... *Ahem*. Goodbye. >>The End<< (in a better-looking sign!)</p>