Bust a move ghost - psp ___ _ / __\_ _ ___| |_ __ _ /\/\ _____ _____ /__\// | | / __| __| / _` | / \ / _ \ \ / / _ \ / \/ \ |_| \__ \ |_ | (_| | / /\/\ \ (_) \ V / __/ \_____/\__,_|___/\__| \__,_| \/ \/\___/ \_/ \___| ___ _ _ _____ ___ ____ / __)( )_( )( _ )/ __)(_ _) ( (_-. ) _ ( )(_)( \__ \ )( \___/(_) (_)(_____)(___/ (__) ______ (+|¯¯|:) ¯¯¯¯¯¯ Bust-A-Move Ghost for Sony Playstation Portable Created by Rob Lane aka Lanerobertlane (LANEROBERTLANE at Gmail * COM) *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* +This BAMG FAQ can be used Without Permission on 3 sites only: - + - - *WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM * +FAQS.IGN.COM + -NEOSEEKER.COM - * * +If you want to use this FAQ on your site, e-mail LANEROBERTLANE at GMAIL COM.+ - - *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* CONTENTS *-+*-+*- 1. INTRODUCTION 2. VERSION 3. GAME OVERVIEW 3.1 The aim 3.2 Controls 3.3 Terms 3.4 characters 4. THE SCREEN 5. GAME MODES 5.1 Classic 5.2 Ghost 5.3 See-Saw 5.4 Blind 5.5 vs Count 5.6 Colour puzzle 5.7 Running Launcher 5.8 Mix'em up 5.9 Shot 5.10 Time warp 6. VS MODE 6.1 Multiplayer 6.2 Computer 7. GUIDE TO BUBBLES, BOBBLES and EVERYTHING 8. HISTORY 9. UNLOCKABLES 10.AKNOLEDGEMENT *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 1. INTRODUCTION *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* "The bust-a-move games are back. This one is on the PSP, it has great new ways of playing that the other versions didn't have. The new modes are great and they all have so many levels, This game won’t get boring. If you’re lost on how to play this game then you've come to the right place. The idea of this FAQ is to explain how to play the game and what everything means. I hope you enjoy this game, I have!" - Rob lane *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 2. VERSION *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-= =Version 1.2= 26.07.07 - corrected some minor errors and spellings. =-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-= =Version 1.0= 23.07.07 - version 1. =-=-=-=-=-=-= *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 3. GAME OVERVIEW *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-= =3.1 The aim= =-=-=-=-=-=-= There are lots of different coloured bubbles at the top of the screen. Your job is to control the bubble cannon at the bottom of the screen which can fire coloured bubbles towards the wall of bubbles. When you get three or more of the same colour touching they disappear. The aim is to clear all the bubbles in time before the bubbles fall below the danger line and you cry lots. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =3.2 Controls = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= D-pad - Moves the launcher left and right x button - fires the bubble from the target. Square button - Nil Circle button - Cancels out of the menu screen Triangle button - Cancels out of the menu screen L button - slowly adjust launcher left R button - slowly adjust launcher right Start - Pause the game =-=-=-=-=-= =3.3 Terms= =-=-=-=-=-= Board - The playing field of the game. it varies in width but not height. Launcher - this is the arrow shaped cannon at the base of the screen controlled by you. Deadline - This is the line at the base of the screen above the launcher. if any bubbles pass this line then the game is over. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =3.4 Characters = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BUBBLEN - the green dragon. The main character, also called Bub, from the original taito game, bubble bobble. BOBBLEN - the 2up character from bubble bobble, also called bob, is the Blue dragon MONSTA - This character is the terrifying ghost whale, once evil, now tame. In Europe this character was called Beluga in previous titles BANEBOW - A Head on a spring, this character can be evil or good. In europe he used to be called Coiley. DORANK - This old character is now a wizard, he used to be called "drunk" in Japan, but Political correctness for kids changed that. In Europe he has always been called Bonner. HIDEGONSU- A furby on acid. This evil character used to be called Hidegons but in Europe was called incendo, based on its old ability to shoot fire. CHACK'N - Perhaps the oldest character that started it all, he originated in the 1983 game "chack'n pop" and is considered to be the game that started bubble bobble off in 1985. Many monsters also appear in this game but chack'n was the first playable character. Hes only 2 years younger than the also still going character "MARIO" but not as popular. PURUPURU - This character is chack'n's little brother but wasn't in chack'n pop In earlier games he was known as pulpul and hulluaballoon. In Europe his name was BoaBoa. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 4. THE SCREEN *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* ____________________________game mode | v ___________________________________________________ |SCORE classic | score> | 452 ___________________________ | | / OOOOOOOO \ | | | O O | | | ____ | OO OO | | character>| /@ @@\ | O O | ROUND | | | @@@ | | | | | \_@_@/ | | 1 |<--round number | | | | | | | | | | ^ | | | | / \ | | | |--------------|--------------| | <--Deadline | | @@@ -|- | | |___________|_______*______|______________|_________| ^ ^ | | Character----/ \------Launcher *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 5. GAME MODES *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.1 Classic= =-=-=-=-=-=-= This mode has the original 500 bust-a-move puzzles. Just follow the rules to combine 3 or more bubbles of the same colour together to pop them before the bubbles or blocks pass the deadline. If bubbles pass the deadline it is games over, however you can continue from the level you lost on by selecting yes when asked to continue or you can use the stage select option. NB: you earn more points for dropping bubbles then you do for popping them. =-=-=-=-=-= =5.2 Ghost= =-=-=-=-=-= Ghost mode is a new mode that gives the same game play as classic mode but adds a few new challenges. BUBBLES - These must first bounce off the exterior of the playing field before they will stick to anything and create chains. Bubbles that don't hit the sides will just pass through the other bubbles on the field. GHOST EFFECT - This happens when a select number of balls have been dropped from the board. It causes a ghost to appear and cover up your opponents playing field for a time. HEART METER - Every time you don’t create a match or a chain in this mode you will cause the heart meter to increase. when it reaches maximum the game will be over. Every match or chain of bubbles will slow the meter down. =-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.3 See-Saw= =-=-=-=-=-=-= This mode is like classic mode except that the playing field moves like a see-saw. Meaning that if the left half of the field has more bubbles the playing field will tilt to the left. The object of the game is still to clear the screen of bubbles, however, if the field tilts too far in 1 direction it will tip over and result in the round being lost =-=-=-=-=-= =5.4 Blind= =-=-=-=-=-= This puzzle starts with the bubbles being hidden by a clear bubble with a "?" instead of a colour bubble. When a bubble is fired at the hidden bubble it will reveal what colour the bubble really is. The aim here is to expose all the bubbles and pop them. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.5 vs Count = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Players take it in turn, head-to-head, using the same launcher to out do each other as to which can drop the most bubbles NOT pop the most bubbles. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.6 Colour puzzle= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Similar to Count mode, except you get another turn if you manage to pop a chain of bubbles after firing your bubble. The player that knocks the pre-set number of bubbles down is crowned with winner. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.7 Running Launcher = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Just like classic mode, except (as the name suggests) the launcher continuously moves along the screen from left to right. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.8 Mix'em up= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This mode is like classic mode except the bubbles in play will randomly change colour. =-=-=-=-=-= =5.9 Shot = =-=-=-=-=-= This is a test of skill. You have one bubble and one shot to clear the entire playing field. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.10 Time warp = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In this mode, bubbles will move at different speeds across the playing field. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 6. VS MODE *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =6.1 Multiplayer= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In this mode, players play against each other over a local or ad-hoc connection (Refer to your PSP manual for help with this). The Goal of multiplayer mode is to beat your opponent - NOT CLEAR THE BUBBLES. The following modes are available to play VS another player:- classic ghost count colour blind running launcher time warp mix'em up =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =6.2 Computer = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You can play against the computer in this multiplayer mode and see if you can beat it. The following modes are available to play VS the computer:- classic ghost count colour blind running launcher time warp mix'em up *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 7. GUIDE TO BUBBLES, BOBBLES and EVERYTHING *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* There are different types of bubbles you can come across:- NORMAL BUBBLE - This bubble is the main bubble. 3 of the same colour of these will cause them to explode. RAINBOW BUBBLE - This bubble will get its colour from the first coloured bubble that it touches. e.g. if it lands on a red bubble it will become red STAR BUBBLE - This bubble is great. When it comes into contact with a coloured bubble it will cause all other bubbles of that colour disappear. BOMB BUBBLE - This bubble will pop any ball it comes into contact with BOWLING BALL BUBBLE - When fired this bubble will pop any bubbles it rolls past however it will disappear once it hits a block. There are 2 types of blocks you may also come across:- NUISANCE BLOCK - This block can’t be popped, it can only be destroyed by popping all the bubbles that are attached to it. FULCRUM BLOACK - This block supports the bubbles and can only be destroyed by popping all surrounding bubbles. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 8.HISTORY *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* This is one of many games in the Tiato series. Others are- Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble Part 2 Bubble Symphony Bubble Memories Revolution Evolution Double Shot Rainbow Islands Revolution Evolution Parasol Stars Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move 2 / 2X Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move 3 Puzzle Bobble / Bust-a-Move 4 Millennium Pocket Super 3000 (All-Stars) Azumanga Daioh DS (Hippatte!) Bash! Chack'n Pop Fairyland Story Puzzle De Pon *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 9.UNLOCKABLES *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* Unlock Character "Doggie": -------------------------- Choose VS CPU mode. Then choose VS Classic puzzle mode. Beat the game on this mode to unlock the character. Play as Brave: -------------- Select Vs. CPU mode then Vs. Ghost Puzzle mode. Successfully complete this mode to unlock Brave. Play as Zaulen: --------------- Successfully complete all 300 Ghost mode levels in single player mode. Level 2 drop patterns: ---------------------- Select Vs. CPU mode then Vs. Blind mode. Successfully complete this mode to unlock a level 2 drop pattern for the character used. Note: Not all characters have a level 2 drop pattern. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 10.AKNOLEDGEMENT *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* I'd like to thank the following people......................................... Crazyreyn.......For editing and correcting my FAQ and enforcing me to do an FAQ ......................(http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/27600.html) GameFAQs.................for giving me the opportunity to post FAQs and reviews Taito..........................................for making the 80's a great time Ascii Generator.........................They done my ASCII for the Frogger logo ..........................................(http://www.network-science.de/ascii) *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =And A final word!= The Legal stuff! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= By Lanerobertlane (lanerobertlane@gmail.com) This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their Respective trademark and copyright holders. --END OF DOCUMENT---</p>