Worms Armageddon Aug. 16/1999 Version 1.0 --------------- ~!~Contents~!~ 1) Intro 2) What's New 3) Rankings 4) Weapons A) Weapons B) Super Weapons (Coming Soon) 5) Cheats 6) Tips ~~~~~~~~~~ 7) Contacts 8) Credits 9) Legal Stuff ~~~~~~~~~~ --------------- ~!~Intro~!~ Hey there, this is my Faq to Worms Armageddon, one of the best games of the world. When I first saw this game, I thought it sucked. But it took only one try to make this so addictive and fun. Everyone should think of getting this game. This is like Worms 2 except with more stuff. The new features are cool and you have to earn your cheats now. The cheats are worth getting. Not all of this FAQ is done, so just wait for the next update. --------------- ~!~What's New~!~ 1.0 - New- Everything. Updated- Nothing yet. --------------- ~!~Rankings~!~ ~Single-Player~ Gold - Beating the level 1st try. Silver - Beating it 2nd try. Bronze - 3rd try or more. ~DeathMatch~ You Win - Up 1 rank You Lose - Down 1 rank 1) Absolute Beginner 2) Beginner 3) Inexperienced 4) Rookie 5) Novice 6) Average 7) Reasonable 8) Above Average 9) Fairly Competent 10) Competent 11) Highly Competent 12) Veteran 13) Distinguished 14) Highly Distinguished 15) General 16) Major 17) Field Marshall 18) Hero 19) Super Star 20) Elite --------------- ~!~Weapons~!~ Bazooka - A bazooka that fires a missile. Homing Missile - A missile that homes, make sure you fire it far or it will explode on the first thing it hits, like the ground below you. Mortar - It is just like the Bazooka, except it doesn't do much damage but it drops more explosives when it explodes. Hand Grenade - A regular granade. Cluster Bomb - This grenade will shoot out more grenades when it explodes. * Skunk Bomb - You can set off fumes by pressing spacebar and making it explode by pressing Space Bar again. Petrol Bomb - This will explode on contact and will keep the ground burning for a long time. Banana Bomb - Like the cluster bomb except does more damage. Hand Gun - A dinky gun. ** Shot Gun - This is a powerful gun, it can do up to 25 damage per shot. Uzi - A fast firing gun. Mini Gun - This gun is great shoots fast and does a lot of damage. ** Long Bow - The thing that Robin Hood uses ***Air Strikes - Send missiles down from the air. ***Napalm Strike - Sends missiles from the air, but they explode leaving fire to rain down from the sky. Land Mine - A mine that will explode when you go near it. Dragon Punch - Punches straight up, burns straight through landscapes. Dragon Ball - A ball of energy that does 30 damage. Kamakaze - Your worms sacrifices itself to fly a explode in the direction you aimed. Prod - Just pushes the worm you touched. Does no damage, just used to push guys into water. Axe - Cuts enemies life by half. Blow Torch - Burns through landscapes Pneumatic Drill - Drills down. Girder - A bridge that you can place where you want, you can change it by pressing <- or ->. ** Ninja Rope - A rope that you can shoot and hang on things. Dynamite - A stick of dynamite. * Sheep - Sheep that bounces around. Baseball Bat - A Baseball bat. Parachute- A way going down easily. Bungee - Another way of going down but more exciting. Teleport - The best way of traveling ling distances Flame Thrower - A cool weapon that does a lot of damage and burns through landscapes Homing Pigeon - Like the Homing missile, but more dumber. Mad Cow - Releases 3 cows that roam around and explodes 1 at a time. Holy Hand Grenade - Like a grenade it explodes, but does more damage. Old Women- An explode old granny. * Sheep Launcher - Launches a sheep with a helmet. * Super Sheep - A flying sheep that you can control. * Mole Bomb - A bomb that jumps up and explodes. ~Legend~: * - You manually explode it (With SpaceBar). ** - You get 2 shots with it. *** - You can change where it comes from by pressing -> or <-. --------------- ~!~Cheats~!~ ~Weapon Options~ Laser Sight - Complete Level 4 Jet Pack - Complete Level 8 Fast Walk - Complete Level 13 *Invisibility - Complete Level 16 Low Gravity - Complete Level 20 Upgrades: Super Banana Bomb - Complete Level 33 **Aqua Sheep - Gold on Super Sheep Racing **Longbow - Gold on Euthasia **Shotgun - Gold on Rifle Range **Grenade - Gold on Artillery ~Game Options~ **Blood - Gold on Basic Training **Sheep Mode - Gold on Crazy Crates **Invincible Worms - Elite on Death Match Indestructible Landscapes - Complete Level 25 ~Game Setups~ **Full Wormage- Gold on Everything Elite Ranking ~Legend~: * - Only works on the net. ** - You need earn this medal or earn this ranking. --------------- ~!~Tips~!~ - Sheep can collect crates and stuff. - Think of the wind when firing. - Burrow at least one worm. - Use strikes and super weapons if you are sure you are going to win. - Try to shoot them into the water on island maps if you can. - Try to conserve ammo. - Make every shot count. - Losing one worm doesn't mean anything if you kill 2 worms with it. --------------- ~!~Contacts~!~ Hi, my name is N.A.P.A.L.M., here is where you can contact me for anything you want. My ICQ(UIN) - #36991746 (I don't mind if you add me to your list and vice versa) My E-mail - NapalmX@IgnMail.com My Name on WormNet - I don't got one yet. --------------- ~!~Credits~!~ Me - For making this FAQ. You - For reading it. Team 17 - \ MicroPose - } For making Worms Armageddon. Hasbro - / My cat and dog- They inspired me to do this Your name here if you add something to this FAQ. --------------- ~!~Legal Stuff~!~ This is N.A.P.A.L.M. Copyright 1999, please DO NOT steal anything from this FAQ without my permission. If you want to use this FAQ on your page, please ask me first. I won't turn you down, so just ask.</p>