1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop Walkthrough By Dragonkyrie Email: Dragonkyrie@gmail.com Started September 13th, 2008 Last revised September 17th, 2008 Version 0.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ====================INTRODUCTION=============================================== This game is basically just playing with a Tamagotchi partner. You work at several different shops and try to upgrade them. You can also take care of your Tamagotchi and decorate their room by unlocking items. You're gonna have to do the same things repetitively in shops with little variation which could turn out to be quite boring. It's usually amusing in the beginning though. ^^" If anyone has questions, comments, or anything to contribute to the parts I've completed in this guide, feel free to email me at dragonkyrie@gmail.com. Notifying me about any errors or corrections in this guide is also welcome no matter how small, even if it’s just a typo. Oh, and please include the words 'Tamagotchi Connection', or 'Corner Shop 1' so I can tell which guide for this game you're talking about. Also, it makes sure that it's not spam. X3 =============================================================================== ====================TABLE OF CONTENTS========================================== To search for a specific item or part, just use Ctrl + F and stick in whatever you’re looking for listed below. Be sure to include the +’s, -‘s, or < >’s. +General Stuff -Main Menu -Your Menu -Saving -Shops +Patchi Forest -Takoyaki Shop -Spa -Accessory Shop -Florist Jeweler +Mame City -Dentist -Cleaners -Music Club -Dental salon +GuruGuru Town -Beauty salon -Bakery -Flower shop +Item List -Snacks -Clothes -Room -Music -Secrets +Possible Customers +Passwords +Credits =============================================================================== =============================+GENERAL STUFF==================================== ----- -Main Menu ----- Nothing much really, there's no fancy introduction or music, only a screen with the title of the game and the options to 'Load Game' and to start a 'New Game'. When you start a new game, you will choose which save file to save on. Then you must choose your partner, which is either Mametchi (Yellow), Memetchi (Orange), or Kuchipatchi (green). Once you choose, you will then make your own name, which will always end it '-tchi'. You get four letters at most so your name will end up being "_ _ _ _ -tchi". You can always just use one, two or three letters though. Simply select the game file that you want to play...of course, you should have started a game already. ----- -Your Menu ----- Yes, your menu. On the top screen, you will notice that it will say "Cute Little Shops for 'your partner's name here' and 'your name here'. This screen will contain the 'Care', 'Shops', and 'Demo' options. This will allow you to add decorations to your Tamagotchi's room and even feed and dress it up! You will need to unlock the items first though. After that, you'll have to pay for them too. There are several tabs on the right side of the screen: Snacks, Clothes, Room, Music, and Secrets. Snacks: Feed your partner. Clothes: Change the clothes of your partner. Room: Use these to decorate your partner's room. Music: Changes the music in the room. Secrets: You can send or receive gifts here or input secret codes. Oh, and you may poke your partner to your own content. xD This will take your to the shops. There are three sections known as 'Patchi Forest', 'Mame City', and 'GuruGuru Town'. Each has three or four shops. Only the Takoyaki and Spa shop are unlocked in Patchi Forest though. You can send a demo of this game to someone else's DS. Every time you send the demo, you will get 1 gotchi. Not exactly the best way to make money. Playing at a store will be much faster. ----- -Saving ----- Don't worry about saving, the game saves itself. ----- -Shops ----- There are a total of 11 shops in this game. All shops can upgrade up to three times by getting taller. Your customers will also pay more gotchi if a shop is upgraded. You can tell when your shop will upgrade when your partner's 'parent' shows up as a customer. You will get a rating of 0 to 3 happy faces depending on how well you served the customer. Funny how you will still be paid even if you get a rating of zero. =============================================================================== ==============================+Patchi Forest=================================== When you first start, there will only be two shops for you to play at. The Takoyaki store and the Spa. Later the Accessory shop and Florist Jeweler can be unlocked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Takoyaki Shop- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prerequisites: None *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Putchi | Unlocks: Nothing | Customers pay: 5 Gotchi | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Metchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 10 Gotchi | *==============| -Blue wallpaper |---------------------------------+> | -Orange floor | | -Peach floor | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Gotchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 15 Gotchi | *==============| -Dentist |---------------------------------+> | -Flag | | -Green window | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Royal | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 20 Gotchi | *==============| -Flower picture |---------------------------------+> | -Forest doll | *---------------------------* I realized that the instructions given in this game aren't exactly the very best. It took me a few tries before I understood how to use the tabs. I will do my best to explain throughly on how to score 3 happy faces. In this shop you will be making...takoyaki. If you don't know what those are, you'll see soon enough when you make some. On the right side you will see the following tabs: 1) Oil 2) Dough 3) Ingredients 4) Pick 5) Layout You will be using every single one and everything contained in each tab. If you don't, you won't get a perfect score. 1) First pay attention to the customer to find out exactly how many pieces they want. 2) Use the oil and hold your stylus over each circle you need. For example. if the customer wants two, then you oil two of the circles. 3) Now use the dough tab and hold it over the circles you have oiled. Each should now be filled with some dough. 4) In the ingredients tab, there are five choices. First use the octopus, which is on the top right corner. Simply tap your stylus over each space you have filled with dough. You should now see a piece of octopus on each one. Simply repeat this process with the other four ingredients. 5) Now use the pick and cut the spaces between each takoyaki to separate them. Wait until each one has a golden brown rim or edge. 6) Use the pick again and use it to circle each piece of dough until it gets rolled into a nice sphere. 7) Use the pick again and circle the sphere to flip it over. It should look darker now. 8) Finally, use the layout tab and select the thing that looks like the pick. Just tap your stylus down and drag it over up to three takoyaki balls to spear them. Drop them into the container below. Continue this until you have removed all of the balls on the heater. 9) Use the brush with the sauce in the layout tab and spread it over all of the takoyaki. Then take the other ingredients and add them to the takoyaki balls until all of them are covered. Actually, order doesn't matter as long as you use all of the toppings. 10) Finally, just select the 'Done' tab on the left. If you followed these steps, you should get a perfect score or 3 happy faces. *Note* The customers are strangely obvious in how many takoyakis they want. The first customer will want two, the second will ask for three, the third will ask for four, and so on. Eventually, the count will start all over again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Spa- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prerequisites: None *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Putchi | Unlocks: Nothing | Customers pay: 10 Gotchi | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Metchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 15 Gotchi | *==============| -Yellow floor |---------------------------------+> | -Green wallpaper | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Gotchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 20 Gotchi | *==============| -Accessory Shop |---------------------------------+> | -Red table/chair | | -Blue window | | -L. green window | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Royal | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 25 Gotchi | *==============| -Kimono |---------------------------------+> | (Kuchipatchi) | *---------------------------* You'll be serving customers at the spa. The tabs are.... 1)Firewood 2)Water 3)Bath-powder 4)Shampoo 5)Drink Your customers will simply ask for shampoo, bath-powder, and drinks. Just make sure to use the right colors. 1) If they want shampoo, simply select the color you see in the thought bubble from the shampoo tab and tap the shampoo over their head. 2) If they want bath-powder, simply select the color you see in the thought bubble from the bath-powder tab and tap the water they are sitting in. 3) If they want a drink, just use the drink tab and choose the right drink. Make sure to drag the drink over to them. 3) Continue serving them until all the people are standing on the wooden platform. 4) Select 'Done' to finish up. ----- Have you noticed the meter? It tells you how hot the bath is. The longer the bath takes, the cooler it gets, meaning the arrow will tilt towards the left. To warm up the water, you need to cut wood. You can tell if the water is too cold if you see customers shaking and a thought bubble with an ice cube. 1) Select the firewood tab. 2) A tree stump with a log on it will appear. 3) Slash at the wood with your stylus until it splits in half and flies into the fire. 4) If you ever make it too hot, or the arrow is pointing too much to the right, you can use the water tab to cool it down. Simply select the water tab and tap the top of the water pump. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Accessory shop- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prerequisites: Spa must upgrade twice. *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Putchi | Unlocks: Nothing | Customers pay: 10 Gotchi | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Metchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 15 Gotchi | *==============| -Cherry |---------------------------------+> | -Curtained window| *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Gotchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 20 Gotchi | *==============| -Bakery |---------------------------------+> | -Cherry wallpaper| | -Flask and box | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Royal | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 25 Gotchi | *==============| -Fried Chicken |---------------------------------+> | -Blue carpet | *---------------------------* You'll be making accessories for the Tamagotchis here. The tabs are.... 1)Necklace 2)Brooch 3)Stones 4)Nuts 5)Threads First, you need to pay attention to what kind of jewelry and how the Tamagotchi wants it to look like. If you're making a Brooch... 1) First choose the shape in the brooch tab that matches the one the customer wants. 2) Now use the stones or nuts that are the same shape as the one depicted in the Tamagotchi's thought bubble. Place them in the right circles. 3) Now use the thread tab and draw a line that touches all of the stones. You can tell that the thread worked because then the stones or nuts will look very neat now. 4) Simply select the 'Done' button. Anyways, you will know if you used the right stones and nuts if the thing rearranges itself after you select Done. ----- If you're making a Necklace... 1) Follow the exact same steps as making a Brooch, except this time you use the Necklace tab and choose the right shape. After that, just continue on as if you're making a Brooch. =============================================================================== ==============================+MAME CITY======================================= This place has four shops and contains the Dentist, Cleaners , Music Club, and the Dental salon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Dentist- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prerequisites: Yakotaki shop must upgrade twice. *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Putchi | Unlocks: Nothing | Customers pay: 5 Gotchi | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Metchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 10 Gotchi | *==============| -Banana |---------------------------------+> | -Light | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Gotchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 15 Gotchi | *==============| -Beauty salon |---------------------------------+> | -Green tea | | -Green flower | | -Guru guru shelf | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Royal | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 20 Gotchi | *==============| -Stuffed rabbit |---------------------------------+> | -Light bulb | *---------------------------* You'll be looking at Tamagotchi mouthes and cleaning their dirty teeth. The tabs are.... 1)Toothbrush 2)Treatment 3)Wadding 4)Implant 5)Injection In the beginning, all you need to use is the toothbrush. 1) Select the color matching the stuff on the teeth in the toothbrush section. Now just simply tap at the dirty stuff on the teeth until it sparkles. 2) Simply select the 'Done' button. ----- Now, some may be more complicated. If you see an 'X' on a tooth, follow the instructions below... 1) Go to the Treatment tab and select the drill. Now use the drill on the 'X' until a colored hole appears. 2) You will see some weird bacteria germ thing come out. Use the tweezers in the Treatment tab to grab it and drop it in the trash can icon in the bottom left corner. 3) Now choose the Wadding tab and choose the color matching the hole on the tooth. 4) Place the wad over the hole. The tooth should now look it just needs some brushing. 5) Use the toothbrush tab and choose the color matching the stuff on the tooth and simply rub it away until the tooth sparkles. 6) Now just select 'Done'. ----- Follow these instructions if you see a tooth outline but no tooth. 1) Go to the Implant tab. 2) Simply place the tooth in the empty dotted area. 3) Select 'Done'. ----- If the Injection tab is available, use it by tapping the Tamgotchi's mouth. Then their tears should go away. =============================================================================== ==============================+GURUGURU TOWN=================================== This place has three shops and contains the Beauty salon, the Bakery, and ?. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Beauty salon- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prerequisites: Dentist must upgrade twice. *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Putchi | Unlocks: Nothing | Customers pay: 15 Gotchi | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Metchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 20 Gotchi | *==============| -Blue shelf |---------------------------------+> *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Gotchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 25 Gotchi | *==============| - |---------------------------------+> | - | | - | | - | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Royal | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 30 Gotchi | *==============| - |---------------------------------+> | ( ) | *---------------------------* You'll be making the Tamagotchis look prettier. A weird aspect of this shop is that you can move the Tamagotchis' facial features around like their eyes. o_O" 1)Move 2)Makeup 3)Eyebrows 4)Eyelashes 5)Accessories If you see odd grey lines that do not show up in the thought bubble, then you need to get rid of them. 1) Select the makeup tab and select the bow with a circle around it. 2) Use it on the grey marks until they are gone. 3) Simply select the 'Done' button. ----- If you see that the Tamagotchi's face is messed up... 1) Select the move tool and use the shift button to move their eyes, mouth, etc to the right spots as depicted in the thought bubble. 2) Select 'Done'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Bakery- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prerequisites: Accessory shop must upgrade twice. *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Putchi | Unlocks: Nothing | Customers pay: 10 Gotchi | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Metchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 15 Gotchi | *==============| -Bread |---------------------------------+> | -Blue flower | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Gotchi | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 20 Gotchi | *==============| - |---------------------------------+> | - | | - | | - | *==============*---------------------------*---------------------------------+> | Royal | Unlocks: | Customers pay: 25 Gotchi | *==============| - |---------------------------------+> | ( ) | *---------------------------* You'll be baking for Tamagotchis here. You kind of need to make the cake almost exactly as it looks in the bubble to get full score. 1)Flavor 2)Topping 3)Cream 4)Icing 5)Knife The only thing you'll be baking is cake. All the cakes have a certain name and so it's possible to get the same cake request. Pay attention to the colors and toppings of the cake. 1) First you will choose the flavor of the cake base by using the flavor tab. 2) If there are decorations (flower, strawberry, leaf, mushroom, star)... Use the topping tab to choose the right kind and number of decorations. Remember to try to place them in the exact spot depicted on the bubble. 3) If there is cream on the cake (swirly puffs or fat lines)... Now use the right color cream and hold it in place so it gets bigger. Lift the stylus to stop. Remember not to use too much or you will run out! If you're just making a line, just drag the stylus. 4) If there is icing (thin lines or drawings)... Use the icing tab and choose the right color. Simply draw what is shown in the customer's bubble. 5) If you see dotted lines... Use the knife tab and carefully trace along the dotted lines that show up. Lift the stylus once you're done and the cake should be cut in the shape that is wanted. 6) Once you finish, use the 'Done' tab. ~~~~~ Possible Cake Requests: Contrail cake ----- Flavor: Mint Topping: --- Cream: 1 White line Icing: White, Yellow Knife: --- Cream topping cake ----- Flavor: Banana Topping: 1 Leaf, 1 Strawberry, 1 Star, 1 Flower, 1 Mushroom Cream: 5 White Puffs Icing: --- Knife: Yes Fan cake ----- Flavor: Vanilla Topping: --- Cream: 4 Blue puffs Icing: Blue Knife: Yes GuruGuru glasses cake ----- Flavor: Vanilla Topping: --- Cream: 1 White line Icing: White Knife: --- Many flowers cake ----- Flavor: Strawberry Topping: 7 Flowers Cream: --- Icing: --- Knife: --- Many hearts cake ----- Flavor: Mint Topping: --- Cream: Pink Icing: Brown Knife: --- Many strawberries cake ----- Flavor: Strawberry Topping: 8 Strawberries Cream: 1 White puff, 4 White loops Icing: --- Knife: --- Makiko ribbon cake ----- Flavor: Mint Topping: --- Cream: 9 White puffs Icing: --- Knife: Yes Playing card cake ----- Flavor: Vanilla Topping: --- Cream: --- Icing: Brown Knife: --- Short cake ----- Flavor: Vanilla Topping: 1 Leaf , 4 Strawberries Cream: 4 White puffs Icing: --- Knife: --- sunny-side up cake ----- Flavor: Vanilla Topping: --- Cream: 2 Yellow puffs Icing: --- Knife: --- Super Chocolate cake ----- Flavor: Chocolate Topping: --- Cream: 5 Brown puffs Icing: Brown Knife: --- Tiara cake ----- Flavor: Mint Topping: --- Cream: 6 White puffs Icing: --- Knife: Yes With love cake ----- Flavor: Banana Topping: 1 Flower Cream: Pink line Icing: --- Knife: Yes =============================================================================== =============================+ITEM LIST======================================== Keep in mind that you must pay Gotchi everytime you want to purchase something even if you have already bought that item before. ----- -Snacks ----- You can feed these things to your Tamagotchi. ----- -Clothes ----- Dress your Tamagotchi up with these. The clothing depends on which partner you chose. *==========*====================== || | *==========*====================== __________ |Eyeglasses\ *-----------*-----> | |How to unlock: |Price: 100 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ____ |Suit\ *-----*-----> | |How to unlock: |Price: 100 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ______________ |Kung-fu clothe\ *---------------*-----> | |How to unlock: |Price: 100 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ________ |Lab-coat\ *---------*-----> | |How to unlock: Already unlocked |Price: 50 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ________ |Overalls\ *---------*-----> | |How to unlock: |Price: 100 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ____ |Chef\ *-----*-----> | |How to unlock: |Price: 100 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* *==========*====================== || | *==========*====================== ________ |Waitress\ *---------*-----> | |How to unlock: Already unlocked |Price: 50 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* *=============*=================== || | *=============*=================== __________ |Party ware\ *-----------*-----> | |How to unlock: Already unlocked |Price: 50 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ______ |Kimono\ *-------*-----> | |How to unlock: Spa Upgrade 3 (Royal) |Price: 100 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ----- -Room ----- _______________ |L. Green Carpet\ *----------------*-----> | |How to unlock: Send the demo to 1 person. |Price: 300 Gotchi | *------------------------------------------------------------------* ----- -Music ----- These are already available in the beginning. There are three different songs, each one featuring each possible Tamagotchi partner. -Memetchi's song -Mametchi's song -Kuchipatchi's song ----- -Secrets ----- Send enough gifts to someone else and you can unlock some items. =============================================================================== =============================+POSSIBLE CUSTOMERS=============================== This is an alphabetical list of all the Tamagotchis that can visit your shops. *A* ----- Afropapapatchi Androtchi *B* ----- Babytchi (black) Babytchi (white) Bukutchi *C* ----- Cherrytchi *D* ----- Debatchi Darumatchi Dododotchi Dokukinotchi Dorodoritchi *G* ----- Gumatchi Gozarutchi Gurugurukitchi *H* ----- Hanatchi Hinatchi Hinotamatchi Hitoditchi Hearttchi (white) Hearttchi (red) *I* ----- Imotchi Ichigotchi *K* ----- Kinakomotchi Kuchipatchi *M* ----- Makiko Mamametchi Mamapatchi Mametchi Mamehakasetchi Marutchi Memetchi Mememamatchi Memepapatchi Mimitchi Mr. Canvas Mr. Dentaku Mr. Flask Mr. Kokuban Ms. Flower Mushikuitchi Morikamitchi *N* ----- Nazotchi Nikatchi *O* ----- Octoputchi Oniontchi *P* ----- Petitchi (white) Petitchi (black) Papapatchi Papamametchi Princess Tamako Princess Tamago Principal Mimizu *R* ----- Ribbotchi Ringotchi *S* ----- Spicy Onetchi Sumopapapatchi *T* ----- Tobiishichi Tomatchi Tengutchi Tarakotchi *V* ----- Violetchi *Y* ----- Young Mimitchi Young Oyajitchi Young Mametchi =============================================================================== =============================+PASSWORDS======================================== Use these in the Secrets section on your Tamagotchi's care menu to unlock certain items. 4957050328 Unlock Hamburger 1359678841 Unlock Apple Pie 0265745901 Unlock Steak 9463780207 Unlock French Fries 6487792064 Unlock Donut 1678405478 Unlock Hotdog 5449149607 Unlock Pizza 9702643570 Unlock Popcorn 3705468902 Unlock Tacos 6654179018 Unlock Turkey 5973098764 Unlock blue sofa/desk 2068994292 Unlock Roller skates =============================================================================== =============================+CREDITS========================================== None =============================================================================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This guide is copyrighted by Dragonkyrie. Please tell me if anyone else is taking credit for this guide. Websites with given permission to have guide on their site are listed below: -GameFaqs.com -Gamesradar.com -Cheatplanet.com -Supercheats.com -Neoseeker.com -Cheatcc.com -Gamershell.com If you would like to add this guide to your website and your website is not listed above, please contact me FIRST at dragonkyrie@gmail.com to get my approval FIRST or I will not allow it... ...and here's the pro way to say it. xD This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Copyright 2008 Rachel Chen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>