INTRODUCTION Of all the various incarnations of Gohan, none of them are more bad ass than Teen Gohan. The victor of the Cell games, Teen Gohan was a true hard core brawler. While he would sadly grow up to become a complete dork (who would screw up so badly that his father would have to come back from the dead to clean up his mess), there is no denying the lasting impression that Teen Gohan had the on the DBZ fanbase. Thankfully, Teen Gohan has been portrayed fairly accurately to the series in Shin Budokai Another Road. He is quick on the draw and is one of the harder hitting characters in the game. The only catch is that he is more of a defensive character than anything else, but with his short arms, it shouldn't come off as a surprise to anyone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEEN GOHAN ADVANTAGES - Soaring Dragon Strike is an amazing physical death move. It comes out fast, hits hard, and can be canceled giving Gohan a variety of follow up options. This is one of the few moves in the game that can be used twice in a single combo and link directly into an ultimate. Don't feel guilty if this is the only death move you use in SSJ2, it is that good. - Teen Gohan is a very powerful character, hitting for 3050 damage with his best combo. - Mixed Blood Power is a good ABC, giving a free 20% attack and defense boost just in case you get knocked out of SSJ. - He can combo off of his throw. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEEN GOHAN DISADVANTAGES - Teen Gohan has a poor rush down game. His best slam starter is only a single hit and launches on counter hit making it very hard to start combos. Gohan's reach is very poor so rushing strings are suicidal to start combos with unless you are at point blank range. Teen Gohan can use Soaring Dragon Strike to rush down the opponent, but since he needs to have the ki advantage, it doesn't make up for his lack of good starters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEEN GOHAN MAIN STRATEGY If you want to get anything out of Teen Gohan, you should always fight in his SSJ2 transformation. Soaring Dragon Strike and Father Son Kamehameha are too valuable to Teen Gohan's arsenal to be left out. Without them, Teen Gohan's rush down game becomes worthless and his damage potential is almost cut in half. *Rush down* As stated before, Teen Gohan's rush down game is terrible. His only slam starter is a single hit and launches on counter hit making it extremely unreliable to use as a combo starter. Since he has poor reach, his rushing strings are easily overpowered unless the opponent is right in his face. The only way Teen Gohan can safely rush the opponent is with Soaring Dragon Strike. That said, Teen Gohan can only rush down the opponent when he has the ki advantage. Teen Gohan can combo off of his throw, but his reach prevents him from linking into any death moves afterwards. The only follow ups Teen Gohan has after a throw are his SSSS and RRS strings. *Punishing and Defending* While Teen Gohan's rushing strings don't have enough reach to mount an effective offense, they are perfect for punishing at point blank range. Teen Gohan's RRRRS, RRS* rushing strings are fast enough to interrupt a good deal of slam strings at close range making it very hard to effectively rush down Teen Gohan. In case the opponent has quick slam strings with multiple hits, SSS has enough priority to create an opening and even puts the opponent at optimal range for a Soaring Dragon Strike. If SSS isn't cutting it, just go for a quick >S and send them sliding along the ground resetting what ever momentum they had built up into their offensive game. Teen Gohan may not be the best character to rush down with but he has what it takes to stop everyone else's offensive game cold. *What to do when the opponent has the Ki advantage* Teen Gohan has no problems fighting the opponent when they have the ki advantage. Teen Gohan's >S has a surprising amount of reach and pretty good priority making it a good tool for breaking the opponent's offense and creating that much needed gap to charge ki. Teen Gohan kicks forward during his >S moving him far enough away to prevent any sort of punishment from a teleport counter and he can energy cancel it immediately in case the opponent blocks it. As long as the opponent doesn't dodge >S entirely, they can't punish it. To prevent the opponent from dodging >S, mix things up with Gohan's throw and SSSS string to keep them on their toes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMBO SECTION *Super Quick Guide to Combo Canceling* All combo cancels are done by holding down the last S in a regular combo string then tapping guard to cancel the animation. When done fast enough, the character returns to their neutral state and can immediately start another combo string. Once mastered, the charge on the canceled S doesn't show and the full combo looks fluid without any noticeable breaks or pauses. Side Step canceling can be done by tapping down or up with guard but only works with certain combo strings. The advantage to side step canceling is that if done properly, the combo continues from the opponent's back where damage is greater. Energy attacks can also be canceled by holding down E then tapping guard, but only a few characters need use this method to cancel a string. Since energy canceling uses a small amount of ki, it isn't recommended unless it is the ONLY way to cancel a certain string for that character. Finally, the most advanced combo cancel is the Aura Cancel. While holding S, tap Aura Burst, release S, then tap S again to trigger the character's Aura Slam. This is by far the most difficult cancel to pull off but opens a whole new range of damage. After a successful Aura Smash cancel, you are granted a free Aura Rush attack so use that to close the distance and continue the combo. *The Golden Rule of Combo Canceling* NEVER under any circumstances attempt a combo that puts the opponent in ki advantage. That means that no combo should EVER go over 2.5 bars worth of ki gain for the opponent since it leaves you open for a teleport counter (which can be canceled into a combo). That also means that no combo should end in an attack that can be recovered from quickly leaving endless possibilities for a counter attack. Basically, no on the ground attacks since break fall can lead into a combo just as quickly as a teleport counter cancel. Finally, absolutely NO PURSUIT FINISHERS!!!!!! I can't stress this one enough, although they look great each pursuit attack gives the opponent back 1 whole ki bar. That means that getting a complete Pursuit combo ending in a finisher is next to impossible against anyone who knows how to teleport counter. A single pursuit attack is okay once in a while to show off, but trying for 3 is asking for trouble. All combos in this guide follow are safe to use but incase you try building your own, just keep in mind the golden rule and you should be okay. Legend: R = Rush attack S = Slam attack >= Towards opponent < = Away from opponent >> = Dash to opponent ^ = Up on the D-pad E = Energy Button - = Cancel * = Stun ~ = Side Step Cancel ' = Fully charge upcoming move [AB] = Aura Burst -[AB] = Aura Cancel ***ALL COMBOS ARE DONE AT MAX KI AGAINST GOGETA AT MAX KI*** All combos performed on the ground without booster cards in SSJ2. Beginners Section No cancel knowledge needed 1) S*, RRS>R, RRSRRS>R, S*, RRSS-, >>R, S*, RRRRSRRSS-[AB]S, [AB]R, S*, RRRRSE, just learn how to combo and you'll be able to take out 3 or 4 enemies without losing a single bar of life. No I'm not exaggerating, the A.I. in Budokai simply doesn't know how to deal with extended combos from charge canceling. Once you master combo canceling, stat boosting removes all difficulty from Another Road since a combo that hits for 2000 damage normally could hit for well over 4000 damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? ADVICE? You can email me at if you have any questions or comments regarding this guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL THANKS Dimps and Atari - For caring enough to improve the series with each game. Nnamz - For all of your support and permission to use your faq layout Zejitox, philff138, cml64, Brogeta, Goryus, Sjsman, vegeta1, kekken5, EVIL CAPTIAN AMERICA, SuperShinySonic, superior13, kevinlim123, 1ssj4gogeta1 - and everyone else on the Another Road board (specifically the tier topics) who know how to play the game and continue to contribute to the community ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGAL INFO This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 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